Huddersfield Chronicle (15/Dec/1900) - Carlile Institute, Meltham

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


Carlile Institute, Meltham.

A large number of people were present at the Institute, on Monday evening, on the occasion of a concert by Mr. W. Beaumont and party. A very enjoyable evening was spent by all who attended, the fallowing programme being gone through in admirable fashion:— Quartet, "A regular royal Queen" (Sullivan), recital, "The little messenger" (Manning), Miss Hornsbey, elocutionist ; song, "The snowy-breasted pearl" (Robinson), Mr. T.S. Iredale, tenor ; song, "Fairy's lullaby" (Needhara), Miss Agnes Sykes, soprano ; piano solo, Fantasie — "Alice" (Ascher), Miss Fitton, solo pianoforte ; song, "Sunshine and rain" (Blumenthal), Miss L. Michelbacher, contralto ; recital, "The last hymn" (Manning), Miss Hornsbey ; song, "Carmena " (Lane Wilson), Miss Sykes ; duet, "Excelsior" (Balfe), Messrs. Iredale and Beaumont ; piano solo, Romance — "Emerald Isle" (Boyton Smith), Miss Fitton ; song, "Farewell to summer" (Johnson), Miss Michelbacher ; song, "The old' soldier" (Bevan), Mr. W. Beaumont, bass ; song, "Idle words" (Adams), Miss Sykes ; recital. Miss Hornsbey ; song, "My Queen" (Blumenthal). Mr. Iredale ; song, "Gleaners slumber song" (Walthew), Miss Michelbacher ; quartet, "Good evening" (Smith), the Misses Fitton. Michelbacher, Hornsbey, and Sykes, and Mr. W. Beaumont were encored for their items, and each responded with other pieces. The duties of accompanist were performed by Mr. A.E. Fitton, organist at Christ Church, Moldgreen. The concert terminated with the singing of the National Anthem.