Huddersfield Chronicle (15/Aug/1868) - The Municipal Elections: Nomination of Candidates

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The West Ward.

Yesterday, the following list of gentlemen was issued as candidates for Councilmen of this ward, viz., Messrs. James Booth, Joseph Turner, W. H. Aston, R. Porritt, H. D. Taylor, and D. Eastwood. The friends of these gentlemen are invited to a meeting at the George Hotel on Monday night.

North Ward.

On Wednesday two meetings were held in the North Ward, for the selection of candidates for municipal honours. At the first meeting, which was held at the Fox and Grapes Inn, Bradford Road, and presided over by Mr. J. C. Laycock, jun., the following gentlemen were unanimously proposed:— Messrs. Wright Mellor, merchant; R. Skilbeck, merchant; Joseph Crosland, merchant; J. Fawcett, builder; John Kirk, architect; and John Turner, gentleman.

A second meeting was held in the Assembly Room adjoining the Rose and Crown Hotel, Kirkgate, under the presidency of Mr. Denham. The choice of the meeting fell upon Messrs. Wright Mellor, R. Skilbeck, Hy. Hirst, jun., John Dodds, James Hadfield, and E. Clayton. In case Mr. Dodds refused to stand, it was resolved that Mr. O. Bairstow be invited to come forward.

Moldgreen Ward.

At a preliminary meeting of some of the largest ratepayers, held at the Kayes Arms Inn, the opinion was generally expressed that it was desirable that party politics should not be introduced into the forthcoming election of councillors, to represent this ward, With a view to avoid a party contest, the following names were proposed in the order in which they are reported, via., Messrs. J. Robson, John Day, George Gelder, Jos. Byram, and Enoch Sykes, as gentlemen eligible for councillors, and from which a selection might be made at a future public meeting of the burgesses.

Lockwood Ward.

A preliminary meeting of a number of the ratepayers of Lockwood was held at the house of Mr. Edward Brown, the Red Lion Inn, last evening week, for the purpose of considering the best means of securing proper representatives as Town Councillors in the coming election under the Charter of Incorporation. After considering the question, it was resolved to present a memorial, signed by the ratepayers, to Mr. A. Crowther, the Chairman of the Local Board, requesting him to call a public meeting to discuss the subject. In accordance with this request, a public meeting, convened by placard, was held in the Town Hall, on Wednesday night, for the purpose of selecting fit and proper persons to represent the ward in the Town Council. The meeting was largely attended, the spacious hall being crowded. In the absence of Mr. Crowther, Mr. Thomas Haigh was appointed chairman. In opening the proceedings, the Chairman explained the reason of the meeting being called, and urged upon those who intended to speak, or propose a candidate, to do so with good feeling, and advised the meeting to select as their representatives the best men — men of sound judgment, discretion, and economy.

Addresses were delivered by Messrs. James Crosland, Croft, Ashton, Hartley, Sharpe, D. Gledhill, Noble, and others. The following list of names was proposed and seconded, viz., Messrs. A. Crowther, Chas. Crosland, R. Hirst, J. Shaw, — Dale, Richard Roberts, and W. Burman. Only three candidates being required, the above list of seven persons was reduced to four, viz., Messrs. Crowther, Crosland, Roberts, and Dale, and adopted by the meeting. It was understood that the fourth candidate would be the one selected after the election of Aldermen from the Town Councilmen. It is believed there will be no opposition. A vote of thanks to the chairman terminated the meeting.

Marsh Ward.

A public meeting of the ratepayers of the Marsh Ward was held in the National School, Pad-dock, on Wednesday night, for the purpose of nominating three fit and proper persons as candidates for Town Councillors. About 160 persons were present. Mr. Joshua Whitworth was appointed chairman, and he opened the meeting by reading the placard. He urged that the election should be conducted independent of religious or political feeling. At a previous meeting the following six names were selected, viz., Messrs. James Crosland, A. B. Haigh, B. Hanson, D. Calverley, Joshua Whitworth, and W. H. Dyson. He (the chairman) thought the meeting could not do better than confirm that selection.

Mr. Blakeley proposed, and Mr. Thomas Mellor seconded, that the name of Mr. Thomas Varley should be added to the list.

Mr. J. Thornton wished the meeting to confirm the proceedings of the committee prior to the names of candidates being submitted to the meeting. This caused a little commotion, which, however, wag pleasantly conducted; and the name of Mr. D. Sykes was suggested.

The Chairman explained that Mr. Sykes had been named by the Committee, but they had found that he had been named as a candidate for one of the Huddersfield wards, therefore, his name had been expunged from the list.

Mr. Benjamin Quarmby proposed that no other names than the six selected by the Committee, should be submitted. This created confusion, in which cries of "shut up, that’s your liberality," were loudly expressed.

Mr. Blakeley proposed that the name of Mr. Ginnethan Dyson be added to the list.

The meeting was subsequently addressed by Messrs. D. Brook, B. L. Crosland, W. Lee, James Singleton, J. Thornton, W. Siswick, Henry Scholes, D. Sykes, and others, by whom the eight names selected were proposed and seconded seriatim. All who were not ratepayers having been requested to leave the room, Messrs. John Thornton and Mr. Fred. Walker were appointed tellers. Each name was then submitted to the meeting, and the room divided, and the numbers voting for each candidate were recorded as follows:— Messrs. James Crosland, 101; A. B. Haigh, 84; W. H. Dyson, 78; B. Hanson, 77; D. Calverley, 65; J. Whitworth, 63; G. Dyson, 48; and T. Varley, 47.

The Chairman remarked that the two highest on the poll for Paddock were Messrs. Crosland and Haigh, and the highest for Edgerton was Mr. Calverley. These names were then submitted to the meeting, and carried nem. con.

A vote of thanks having been accorded to the chairman for the impartial manner in which he had conducted the meeting, the proceedings terminated.

Ward Meeting. Fartown.

A meeting of the friends and supporters of Messrs. Henry Crossland, James Cowgill, and H. M. Beaumont, three of the candidates who have been named for the office of Town Councilmen for this ward, was held at the house of Mr. Henry Dalton, the Thornhill's Arms Inn, Bradford Road, on Monday night. There was a large and respectable attendance, the room being crowded. The meeting was convened by circular, and was held for the purpose of promoting the election of the above three gentlemen. Mr. Samuel Collinge was unanimously appointed chairman, and advised the conducting of the forthcoming election on independent principles, and that all politics and religion should be eschewed during the contest.

Several gentlemen addressed the meeting in favour of the candidates, discanting upon their respective merits and qualifications.

The three gentlemen nominated afterwards addressed the meeting, and gave their opinions on the various requirements of the ward and the best means of accomplishing them. Mr. Cowgill, in a long address, combatted the various misstatements put forth against him at the recent public meeting and other places, and spoke upon his experience in public matters, and his long connection with the ward. He also pointed out that the many improvements embracing drainage, lighting, and water supply, so much needed in the ward, could not be carried out without considerable expense, and warned the ratepayers against sending incompetent and inexperienced men to the Council.

Mr. Cowgill's claims having been supported by Mr. James Swift and Mr. Henry Marshall; Mr. Hobkirk pointed out the great amount of work required to be done in the forthcoming election, and advised all to put their shoulders to the wheel, and work heartily, but honestly and justly, both to themselves and whoever might be opposed to them. He pointed out that there were more than 900 electors on the burgess list in Fartown, every one of whom would have to be canvassed; and urged upon those who might be appointed canvassers not to let politics influence them in the slightest degree, but to take an independent course. By the use of these means, be doubted not, they would secure the election of the men of their choice. That meeting, be said, could not be charged with partiality, because their opponents had said that one of the three gentlemen was a Whig, one a Conservative, and the other a Radical. He concluded by proposing,

That a committee be at once formed for the purpose of promoting the candidature and election of Messrs. Crossland, Cowgill, and Beaumont, the independent candidates.

Mr. E. Heppenstall seconded the motion, and it was carried by acclamation.

A public meeting of the friends and supporters of Messrs. G. Scholes, J. Stork, and H. Lister, the three candidates nominated at the public meeting of ratepayers last week, was held at the house of Mr. R. Scholes, the Black Bull Inn, Hillhouse, on Thursday night, for the purpose of promoting the election of those gentlemen. There was a large attendance of ratepayers.

Mr. Charles Glendinning was appointed chairman.

Addresses were delivered by the Chairman, Messrs. Lister, Stork, and several others, urging the necessity of joint action in order to secure the election of their candidates. A large committee was afterwards formed to arrange for, and hold meetings at Sheepridge, Cowcliffe, Netherroyd Hill, and Leeds Road. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the proceedings.

Huddersfield Chronicle (15/Aug/1868) - The Municipal Elections: Nomination of Candidates


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