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THE HUDDERSFIELD CH rar [rae] T 1 1 v LONI [LION] CLE. [LE] SATURDAY, JULY 13. 1872. 3 here th TIONS TINS] MO CASSET [CASE] TS EE ----- - Readings for the Fireside. those patente [patent] of the detostive [detective] moll SELECTIONS FROM CASSELL'S WIT He Landes [Lands] saya [say] Mforei [Foreign] Auson [Using] is doing well, after a Plagazines [Magazines] for the Routh, ip vat, -The [the] production of . exercise and occasion. -Cassell's Magazine. AND UMOUR. [RUMOUR] The the] bani wa. on Thirs.fay, [This.fay] made no alteration in WO RRR [ERR] nn arn [an] nnn [Inn] none Me. Dion Beuciea [Bessie] ss swe [we Fa ut Arcoh [Arch] na Pogae [Page] THE PRY [PRO] FAMILY. prys [pry] are numerous class, ubiquitous, cosmo- [com- common] In every town and village we find one oF mor' [or] eir [er] business to keep their eyes wide open he proceedings of their neighbours, and jd consider themselves disgraced in their pro- [pro who] who we they did not know as much of all the little i at are being played around them as the actors an Sometimes they know a great deal more. guuts [guts] a Pry among its members, and every n offshoot of the same stock and it er rather as impossible, to escape or to be free of winter mud in he atiwosphere [atmosphere] of the Prys [Pry] Tbe [The] it th sod gxed [gazed] ob as possible, ' in London, ines. as to get out of t may turn. ; read as weeds. they stick like burrs like tter [tater] of eyes they sce [se] round all corners, they examine and not Hermes the uld [old] days of the great Greek gods, was more they in conveying tales of evil augury from we te another. Woe to the matron who flirts, tu ur Be Ad who has afcap [Afghan] and sets it at the Fortunatus [Fortunate] te maiden to the youth who stumbles in the path of 'the me vs Lis [Is] footing, to land in the steep decline and them all if the Prys [Pry] have a lodgment [judgment] vie' 3 mizht-as [might-as] well [] to hide the morn- [mournful] wil bs china land-sereen, [land-serene] us to keep the eyes of the oun [on] tening [tending] oD the delinquent. They scem [seem] to rn eee [see] ense [sense] t00, [tue] a kind of pioneering sense, which an extra wight to the weak spot and when once on nor beagles can beat them for i They watch, avd [and] pry, and listen, and curacy Oo they put two and two togethe. [together] and it always four, and before you know where you are your corues [cures] ak box bas been rifled, and the contents are in A Prys. [Pry] Do not hope to. escape them. h like Ithuriel's [Hurrier's] spear, and they carry like the magic herb moly, [moy] at Ay uper, [per] and all dovrs [doors] wifasten [Western] them- [them hey] hey re as to find out what you want ie ne Cuban hound was sure to trace the tn the swamp; and whether they ur whether thoy [tho] furbesat [Forbes] ae ns use of their knowledge, or tuke a the rtnership, [partnership] You ale eqnally [equally] at merey. [mere] it is Vuplease [Please] nt to have your most eep [pee] tou [to] thint, [thin] if sfe, [se] Keeping ; common property for the amuseme [amuse me] nt of 4 bul [bull] way madness Les. For the ve 'cysclusure [disclosure] is ouly [only] wo certai [certain 3 for a Pry is es Blah he lolds [Lords] the pleaswe [please] of ily [ile] hing if tu it may uot [not] be added that 1 gillage [village] gherever [everywhere] you As widely 5P yewas [Yews] 130 the ma . F to every millstone fr tha [that] ' sve se] i jas [as] th run, no rhe [the] Te Tycy [Toys] lave 1 with ul a touc [touch] i prowel [Powel] ght [t] yut [yet] ue Ther [The] as t ld ia ronas [Jonas] elt [let] fis made 1 nto. [to] it oe t hedting [heating] 7, . the st MUTE [MITE] ysitate. [state] s to all ori [or] ith [it] which b and as they Au lt ibe [be] and the temptation y resist it; by which elao [Eli] 4 es net tow, the Pry #re inventive as A Pry true to his or her rece [race] adds cinal [canal] text, and hangs fringes to he or she deals. Most stories actually occurred, are crade [trade] f rounding off is a she are Tal note aocty [act] fabric W roll yal [al] et. avi [vi] rue Prys [Pry] HEPWORTH DIXON. have been made on a fourth of what the ex-editor of the Atheneum [Athens] has done. In the catalogue of the British there are fifty-four titles bearing Mr. Dixon's name. He has, from his first literary effort-a pliy-to [play-to] his last book of travel, written successively history, biography, essays, and trave [trade] besides having filled the post of editor of the first among literary papers. His books have been translated into several uf [of] the languages of Europe, aud [and] there have been many American editions of his popular eis is] the son of Mr. Abner Dixon, of Holinfirth [Holmfirth] and Kirkburton, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and was ciated [Coated] with Douglas Jerrold and the great writers of the day; and, after publishing some papers in the Dai y [Day y] News on the Literature of the Lower Orders, and on London Prisons, he wrote a Life of John Howard, a book that at once attracted the attention it deserved, and passed through three editions in the first year after its publication-this was in 1849, Robert Blake, Admiral and General at Sea, appeared in 1852. Mr. Dixon was also one of the most energetiz [energetic] and able promoters of the Great Exhibition of 1851. His latest works are New America, Her Majesty's Tower, 'Spiritual Wives, Free Russia, and The Switzers. [Switzer. These works-as their popularity attests- [attests are] are written in a manner very pleasing to the general reader, The style is lively and discursive-one in which new information on topics of the greatest interest is marshalled with the skill of a practised pen, without the matter ever becoming dry er the pages tedious to the reader; who, resigning himself to the spell of the writer's power, visits with him the places and people dic [Dick] has described with so much freshness and origi- [origin- original] nility.-Oncea [nobility.-Once .-Oncea] Week. Selections at AB and FROM PUNCH. Ant-CriticisM.-First [Ant-Criticism.-First] Aberdonian (from the road) the man-nie [man-nine] deein' [indeed' Second ditto (who has eot [not] ever the wall to inspect) 'He's draain' [rain] wi paint. First boy Fat's he draain' [rain' Is't Bonny Second ditto (after a pause, critically) na, its onything [anything] but Bonny HIBERNIAN HIBERNATION.-According to Lord Kim- [Kimberley] berley, [barley] Fenianism is now in a state of suspended anima- [animation] ticn. [tic] Would it weresquelched [were squelched] entirely, the reptile An Irishman might say that the Irish Snake was only Scotched but let us not, even in mere word, insult a loyal and reasonable people. L EMBARRAS L BARRAS] DES RICHESSES. [RICHES. - Vivacious guest (limited income) Don't keep a brongham [brougham] Languid host (thousands a year) Augh Aug What's the use Lots of Hansoms close by f you want to 20 anywhar'. [anywhere] Vivacious guest But a saddle horse or two surely Langaid [Land] host (with a shudder) Augh [Aug bless you. no, my dyar [yard] fllar [fuller Why I should have to wide in the sau [say] Iyek [Ike] fouish [fish] to this day tet estima [estimate fowlers [Fowler] we located, and that te iB nes [ne] pests his not euasesl [eases] in tie land af VO HO via 'i Pays buve [bute] the righe [right] of social sowage [sewage] un Wile ge Das [As] 8 he - Wwe [We] 5 Re classes or familics [families] of the Prys- [Pry- Prise] the open Ther [The] afd [and] ' Sad gist belong tLe [the] anelent [elegant] spinste [spinster] 1 and the sceret [secret] and undiscovered. To the . vy of suiall [sail] societies, that old person who has nothing to do but an ier [er] neighbours, and who docs her work to ie ection [action] atung [eating] belund [Blend] ber [be] window-pan s for reets [reece] n her piey, [pie] as a cal watches the oie [one] sue fussy old fogey whos [who] reuds [reds] lis [is] days in elive [live] 1g as u wountains [mountains] of mice; the vacuous ubinan [Bunion] meanest kind of gossip, and whose satus [status] we hid almost satd [sat] honour--tesides [honour--besides] Ip the bel of stories be can tell, and the precision he verilies [Versailles] aud [and] reputations. ly open and ' t fi ' tr whe [the] Eves on the The types of the Pry fawi [fair] und [and] being so well known they are not 80 dangerous as the other set, They carry their warning with them, ss the rattlesuake [rattlesnake] carnes [canes] his and it is rown [town] tault [fault] if you give them the opportunity of a confessed you Wha [What] knew thot [that] Mies [Miles] Pry is always at that litile [little] side-window of hers, well concealed behind je rhubarhcolotred morecen [moreen] curtains, but actively on all that ymsses, [Misses] was it wisc, [wise] oh, Master Charley, tw pane op and down the village wiih [with] pretty little Mex Flitterling [Fluttering] -with Plitte [Litter] ling ploughing the occan [can] U,outwanl [U,outwardly] bound Jt was tl very well for 'yuu [you] that vou [you] had Lnown [Known] Flitterling [Fluttering] ever 'nce [ne] abe Was a little girl, and chat you only cscorted [scored] her shopping. because her father asked you; tee ya wl no more intention of flirting with her than vot [not] had of flirting with your grandmother, for all that sie [Sir] was pretty enough, and (between ourselves) silly neu, [ne] Ta take a wiser aii [air] than you unsteady. It hay bu all quite true, and might have been as with you as with a Lishop; [Bishop] but Miss Tabitha did not think she took care to let the world know that she did not think so, Mass Tabitha watched, and saw toll a Landsome [Handsome] young barrister, with the reputation ofaneer-de-werl [oftener-de-were] aud [and] the manners of-voung [of-young] England, apouring [appearing] te villege [village] with pretty little Mrs. Flitterling, [Fluttering] whose bataleie [battle] was an offence to the staider taste of Mix 'Tabiths, [Tabitha] and whose elaborate chignen [chicken] was own to weriine [wearing] she saw you both laugh immoderately as you pusso l [puss l] her window DGetter Gutter] be crying for her wisband, [husband, said the ancient spinster severely and then dieaw [dear] you both liagh [light] more immocderately [immediately] still, as you cue hurrying back-Mis. [back-Is] Flitterling [Fluttering] having forgotten Aud [And] by to-morrow Miss Tabitha vindicated hertaime [Hettie] She made out the whole affair, and laid before the public of litth [lithe Pedlington [Wellington] a succinct and well- [whilst] ' of the shameful tlirtation [limitation] being carried M Charley Lightinan [Lighting] and that Mrs. Flit- [Flute] to be ashamed of herself-and her gone more thin a week at most Yea woy [oy] wae [we] thet [the] where there is no Moat trees Tear, mul [mu] that belongs to tle [te] fail, tebust; [trust] but eration [ration] is a valuable ehelant [Ireland] a anty [any] shield by which silshaaglts [skylights] of the Prys. [Pry] 'quiiserable [miserable] ending of that hy ai wlieb [lib] was written when you wed the village shops toge- [toe- tactics] you pussed [passed] her i ever a strong- [strong] uf [of] the report that his wile ib was desirable a Inne [Inn] dt. came likew [like] mauiae [mae] ; watt i Thalia like a savage ; til) finished Miss Slitcerling's [Sterling's] widuw- [widow- widowers] day 2 couple of tet the dy 3, and that two lhe [he] at baaee [bee] of atbsard [absurd] children, stray. appesite [appetite] Miss Prys [Pry] small wsthey [they] tind [tins] co seck [neck] thei, [the] uo hewuel [jewel] of the Pry fauiily [fairly] of which typfea) [type] exanple, [example] the Prys [Pry] open and for well ta need auch [such] description, tte [te] section of the to be con- [county] ty the Prys [Pry] wha [what] pass under other aames, [James] and who by le le, not m [in] ttt [tet] tae [tea] tu the be vou [you] Wouiseil [Wisely] Metin [Meeting] Lug You know as well ay J ' ate Var Poy [Oy] oo Sah, [Has] we 4 attest at ahs [has] whet Yuu, [You] Cree od wt show ther [the] colina, [Colin] but who ace just as active Haye Mange cous [cos] then dhoir [choir] relatives, Se aate [ate] iv. net stieden [dentist] they glide Che te St PET bey tal fk th With nnerring [engineering] accuracy, test cattully [cattle] d sceret [secret] to its otug out] with the theary [there] that every one weretard [we retard] thot [that] ii one's path in life is straight, Ys to the task of fiading [Fading] out what your AE tous [Tours] iy sat what your path deviates, and orc ctl [cl] Muey [May] aa opretry [op retry] sure te make out their What chanee [chance] have you agaiast [against] an . wlpons [weapons] til sealful [self] to which hats of a pnzzle, [puzzle] me one stoue [stone] making up the ee ll 'vane if without a hiteh, [white] place their reach. Your servants, os Your chudcren, [children] your very self, all are pressed ea, Tee of The Hesked [Sketched] Pry, and made the inno- [Inn- Inn] 4) 8 OF that which it was every one's interest Lut [Lu] woo saw the bearing of a few tudoi [Tudor] questions, we which only the Pry him- [hi mat] at key eres [ere] tt wiih [with] . (Mi Went OS SHOW Whim ye Suh [Such] mit [it] kuow [know] wh Ritetiyer [Ratepayer] Lag 8. dud ith [it] wway [way] yesterday, and waniwa [wanna] does Is coudus [cods] back again; and IT an ive liv [li] is, but does. No, s uot [not] beca [bea] bere for more than three OW thot [that] uaster- [Easter- Quartermaster] Myr, [Mr] Simple-does not so taken ai WWaer [Wear] be os wei. UY Iss [Is] Tov I him say so to imissis. [Miss] meee [mere] ob pe 1 Sa Shae [She] te Bes Bo goad Twas quite sorry when with him. I don't know where 20, oY batt De Lads haiful [hail] some three months Water syn Be bus dissupoured [disappeared] dike a stone in the the ag. Wamt [Want] Mi, sucple [Supple] sir He is no longer a ue mis [is] ve ae 'By Ls i 4 Rta [Ra] poinument [Ointment] afew [few] days ago, dress, which I believe you say a af bi on ae Storvis [Visitors] unfolded and Pry is ag sure ML Pour ajy [any] yp tha [that Kiteflyer [Kite flyer] borrowed money The nnd [and] that be has bolted with his enouted United] bill 'end to wear the brunt of the dis- [dist] Sut [St] anil [ail] ketone, &iew [new] ays, as] wf course, the thing leaks Kowledg, [Knowledge] ior [or] the 4 jullie [Julie] property; but the prior few days is us a breath of life in the ued [used] that for which he lives. Cut usi, [us] detection, and he would pine lew. 10 sand in the pure air of the Mibes [Mines] a 'ue as other men die of choke- [choked] id without a secret to discover life would have no charms pains would know no of hy Situ OF fron, [from] his wey [we] a x buln [Bull] Ne OF Tras, [Trays] hata [hats] ay, i whi) [who] park MIALL'S [MILL'S] MISADVENTURE. Miall,the [Mill,the] battle, fought of yore, For reason and for right, Against the Church that overbore, If now another fight. By rigid tasts, [tastes] without the fold Of England's Church when pent, Por [Or] Liberty belief to hold, With good cause strove Dissent. But now by tests there's nothing meant lf what they mean we search, A narrow faction, wars Dissent Against a liberal Church. Dissenters of all shades, O Land, Thy shade may swoon. or wail - The Church, High Churchmen, Low, and Broad, Inclades [Included] within its pale. ' FROM FUN. A REASON, ANSWER AND QUFSTION.-Jane [QUESTION.-Jane] Well, but you might tell us who. Mary IT ain't [in't] a-goint [a-point] to tell you nothin' [nothing] about it, and I'll tell you why, cos why should I Not so BaD [Bad] As 1T LooKED.-Gentle [Looked.-Gentle] Peasant What be wrong we' ye, Varmer [Farmer] Slade Thee looks wonerfull [wonderful] glum Farmer Slade Ah, Jems, [James] t'old ooman's [woman's] gone at last G.P. Is that all Whoy, [Who] I thought thy old horse was dead. ARITHMETICAL.-A contemporary states that M. Faure [Fare] has refused three offers of foreign engagements on the score of patriotism. We don't see what a score of reasons has te do with it. One reason wiH [with] do. Three engagements are not enough for Faure. [Fare] A Knock-DowN [Knock-Down BLow.-Gns [Low.-Ns] (gushing) Hannah, you're the dearest girl in the world Hannah Don't be foolish, Gus, you talk like an auctioneer, or what's- his-name Gus 'Explain, love Hannah Why, don't yousee, [yours] goosey, [goose] you're Hannah-praiser [Hannah-praise] Hat-TITUDE's [Hat-ATTITUDE's] EVERYTHING. -An ingenious American- [American] who has probably seen such things in the strand in old days-has invented and patented a luminous hat. These he says would Preserve the wearers from being ran over by cabs at night, and would to some extent, enable a saving in the lighting of streets with gas to be effected. There is another advantage which he over- [overlooks] looks. Husbands, discovered by their watchful spouses in the act of attempting to unlock the front door with the but end of a cigar, might plead their hats as an excuse for light-headedness. FROM JUDY. A bow-ideal- [ideal cupid] -Cupid. A Wife's Settlement-Her murder. Debts of Nature-Bills of mortality. The Shortest Route-The [Route-the] eut [et] direct. Pis-headed Peas-The [Peas-the] peck that wan't yield a pint. Abus [Bus] is usually oblong in shane; a kiss a-lip-tiekle. [a-lip-tickle] No wonder stolen kisses get bussed about they always travel from mouth to mouth. Tiere [There] are many rasctls [rascals] in the army, why shouldu't [should't] the volunteer service hive it. camp Now-a-days, they c ll pawnbrokers Unele [Uncle] before the fload [load] they were anty-diluvians. [any-Bolivians] When is a murderer like a he's let off. Who've beard lots of these reports lately. TsEFUL [Useful] Hint.-If you want to make your coat Inst, make your trousers and waistcoat first. IMpoOsSIBLE.--A [Impossible.--A] young man, now yachting round the Isle ef [of] Wight, says he gets his mutton from Cowes. A new temperance organ is advertised; it is called a first-glass paper. Surely there must be a misprint somewhere duly sees hy the paper that an hotel-keeper is in need of experienced servants-he must mean inn- [experienced] experienced. It doesn't [does't] matter how watchful and vigilant a girl is if a rude fellow kisses her, it is ten to one he will do it right under her nose. QUARRELLING WITH THETR [THEIR] Breap [Bread] Better. Join Bull What, my friends Quarrelling with capital again Well-try what you can do without it, WoxbDErrFuL.-A [Wonderful.-A] poor man, who had been blind for 10 years. rising an hour earlier than usual the other day, went down to the breakfast-table, and took up acup [cup] and saw, sir. THe [The] Late BEDFORDSHIRE ELEcTION.-Why [Election.-Why] did the so-called Liberals of Belfordshire [Bedfordshire] send Mr. Bassett to Parliament, and not Colonel Stuirt [Stuart] -Beeause -Because] they preferred Whig Qua(c)kery [Qua(c)very] to sound Constitutional advice. Why does a miller weara [wear] white hat -Because white hats, as ordinarily manufactured, are of cheap and peishable [perishable] material, whereas the new everlasting white hat, made only by Messrs. (Hallo this must he meant as an advertisement the rest goes to the waste- [wastepaper] paper basket. -Judy.) . To LretT -Disgusted [Letter -Disgusted] Unele [Uncle] (to young nuteracker, [track] who never can keep a situation anywhere) Tl tell you what it is, my boy. I fancy I know just the thing for you. Plenty to eat and nothing todo [too You've heard the Chimpanzee's dead at the Zoo. Well, I don't think they've got anything yet in his place. FIGARO'S EXCHANGE COLUMN. Mother-in law.-I have a mother-in-law who has come on a visit. Wantacab.-A [Vantage.-A] Young Husband. Pictures.-I have a nwuber [number] of rejected pictures. be hanged.-An Unfortunate Artist. Guinea.-I have a guinea. I want another.-Collector I of Coins. Dun.-I heve [eve] several creditors. Want change.-Hard up. . Children, -I have several children. I want quiet Paterfamilias. Cav.-I [Ca.-I] have a part to play in a nautical melodrama. should like a cau .-Actor. [ca .-Actor] . ; wt have a lady's glove. Will exchange for the hand that used to wear it.-Spooney. [it.-Spooner] Money.- [Money] I have lent a large sum to needy people at 25 per cent. I want a conscience.-Usurer. Work.- [Work] I have a situation under Government- [Government hours] hours, ten to four. I want some work to do.-Red ANE [AN ' Fishy.-I have got an aquarium that will not hold water. Will exe ange [age] it for a kippered salmon. Bloater. e a the vat tie, the modus operandi [operate] is widely hoe, Inetubers [Enters] of this great family. clades) [clade] Hy ind out all they want to know hare 5ut [out] eine) [wine] US Biseveral [Bi several] quarters, the answers to ust [us] anole alone] puzzle; others watea [water] manners, arte T surprises. They will intro- [intro] om vets, of which they have shrewd sus- [sand] nd then ts lies behind, quite without an whavious [wharves] take their bearings from the victim's en When, My i You blushed, did you, Mrs. Tose- [Toes] I. axked [asked] 'ilou's [lou's] uame [same] was pronounced, and 'ian t careless but abrupt way if you Se vou [you] pay That scores one against you. Se Une [One] yt ots [its] You did not blush when Mrs. Roseleaf [Rose leaf] Uead [Head] a Timproviste [Improvised] but you affected an Ace Which betraved [betrayed] MUCH aS an ingennon [ingenious] Heanle [Henley] have . azhily [easily] und [and] Std ny thy Fares, AL SEL [SELL] a a Dap [Ap] a) at aa WW Lae [Law] i Mw YOu. [You] us Bey RGus Rugs] confession could have done. wits er tiy [ti] 2 DL start at the i ., Tot wince, Ay em find that the, and suduen [sudden] re they would 18 true thing, anil [ail] Ten) y Saye br they ean be taken sud- [sid- stomach] vouch, siruck [struck] on the tender all evente [event] this branch of the tethod [method] auswers, [answers] and that by questions, they artive [arrive] at the end a tind [tins] out that what they sus- [sometimes] etimes, [times] but very rare 8, and are foiled by 5) 1D getieral [general] or Stee [See] flings, aud [and] guthey [they] ' nhivy [navy] be siya [say] of omed [mode] us. Y. they blunt their razors on they are as Magnets thrust into a ey up the material they WEE tuing [ting the Prys [Pry] know us; Side ont, at their at St ws round aud [and] round, and hey arg [ag] ubiquit, [iniquity] Measmie. [Measure] whether we suspect it or 10. out one de ous. [us] as wus [was] and no househeld [household] is More of them ag inmates; happy then MaVe [Mae] Ftd, [Ltd] iRs [is] to the lynax-eyes [lungs-eyes] warching [watching] leluperainent both so. unching inching] forth of test-words the Mwpenetrability vf their FIGARO'S FORTUNE TELLER. IF YOU DREAM OF oA. Halliday.-You will be sneered at by small wits, because you honestly confess your obligations to the genius of others. . Miss Kate Idateman.-Denotes [Ottoman.-Denotes] such 2 canital [capital] character, that you will always be able to fill any number of places you like. H who meet you will chime in with the opinion that you must be troubled by a ringing in the ears. Lord Derby.-U pon [on] visiting Epsom, you will find that the horse which keeps 2 middle course has a good chance of winning at Just, will make an ample and agreeable meal, but find it diffeult [difficult] toremember [to remember] of what ingredients it was compose . Miss Rose Massey,- [Massey] You will receive a basket contain- [containing] ing a bird of paradise. Signor Nicolini.-You [Colin.-You] will become an artist of high note, and incapable of anything base. Hon. Chichister [Chester] Fortesene, [Fourteen] M.P.-Although of dis- [distinguished] tinguished [distinguished] birth. you will easily be induced io accept a position connected with trade. I i J. R. Planche.-You [Blanche.-You] will gain an enviable reputstion [reputation] for cleverness, 1i.1 b drawn into a snare and deception at last. W. Holland.-You will be puzzled in yuur [your] geographies and political studies, Holland being valed [Vale] Ly William. 'and also by Victoria. Miss Madge Ro ertson.-You [Robertson.-You] will ne- [nee] be surprised to learn that the Galatea is a great fevourite [favourite] wherever she appears. The reputation of a very successful literary man might be We Museum-exeluding [Museum-excluding] his last work, The the] Switzers [Switzer] morrow by the lower one. born June 30th, 1821. Early in life Mr. Dixon was assu- [ass- ass] the Ratner Harp.-A svortsnan [sportsman] who, on the streneth [strength] of 4 general invitation, hud [HUD] gone to pass a week with a fiend the country, soon found, by a gentl [gentle hint, that wid [id] have done better to have waited for a special one. IT saw some beautiful scenery, was the visitor's j first remark, as I came to-day by the upper road. You will see still finer, was the reply, tas as] you go back to- [Toxic] auctioneer, ata sale of a p a helmet, with the following candi [candid] ' This, ladies and gentiem [gentle] n, is a helmet of Rowalus, [Royals] the Roman Founder; but whether he was a brass or iron founder, I cannot tell. MAKING Sure.-Dobbs says he marks his hogs differ- [differently] ently [gently] from other people, and can tell them as far as be casa see them. He cuts three pieces off their tuils [tails] while others cut but one. Mran.-The [Man.-the] man who will k time, for, Dtiquities, [Antiquities] put u 1 observation - eep [pee] a paner [paper] a length of and then send it back refused and unpaid would swallow a blind dog's dinner, and then beat dog for being blind. BELIEF.-An old Laptist [Baptist] preacher, so straight a Calvin- [Calvinist] ist [its] that he leaned over backward, was defending his doc- [doctrines] frines [fines] against a man as ignorant as he was obstinate. At length the preacher said to his opponent, Now look here my friend don't you believe what is to be, will be No, I don't at all. I believe what is to be, won't be. Bratns,-A [Brains,-A] rather grand and style of expres- [express- expression] sion came to a sudden collapse in court the other day. An indignant witness exclaim-d, The the] first time that I ever did such a dishonourable act I would blow out my brains, sir. Very good, said the Q.C.; and what would you do the second time 7 lady, who could not conceal even from her- [herself] self the plainness of her face, boasted that her back was perfect. That is the reason, I suppose, that your iends [ends] are always glad to see it, said one of her listeners. PooR Poor] Woman - During the progress of a late duke's funeral through a small town in Scotland, the fol- [following] lowiug [lowing] colloquy between two women was overheard One, absorbed in the contemplation of the signs of woe, exclaimed, 't Poor woman she will ke sair [Sir] limented. [lamented] Woman said the other, gae [age] wa' wi' ye. it's a man. Gav Gave] wa' wi' ye yourself, rejoined the other with an expression of the utmost contempt; wha what] disna [Diana] ken a duke's the she o' a drake Beocinc [Bronc] with Many Tosevrs.-There [Sevres.-There] is no peoplein [people] the world with whom eloquence is so univeral [universal] a gift as the Irish. When Leitch [Leith] Ritchie was travellingin [travelling in] Ireland, he jassed [passed] a man who was a painful spectacle of pallor, squalor, and raggedness, His heart smote him, and he turned back. If you are in want, said Ritchie, with some degree of peevishiness, [peevishness] why don't you beg Sure it's begging I am, yer honour; but see how the shin is speakin' [speaking] through the holes of me trousers, and the bones cryin' [carrying] out through me skin Look at me sunken cheeks, aud [and] the famine that's starin' [strain] in me eyes Man wlive [live isn't [in't] it beggin' [begin] 1 am witha [with] hundred tongues 2 'Hiseellancsus [Miscellaneous] and Bome [Some] Gossip. The Recordership [Recorder ship] of Wells has been conferred on Mr. T. E. Rogers, late of the Western Circuit, A boy uumed [medium] Morgan, 15 years of age, hunz [Hunt] himself, on Non lay, in a fit of passion, at Coleford, in, Gloucester- [Gloucestershire] shire. Judge Keogh proceeded on circuit on Tuesday under escort, and opened Longford Assizes. Everything passed off quietly. The Earl of Wicklow took the oath and his seat as an Irish representative peer in the House of Lords on Friday week. The departure of the caravan which annually leaves Paris on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is fixed for the 29th August. A very handsome and massive piece of plate is shortly to be presented to Sir Henry Stracey, [Stacey] Bart., on behalf of the Couservatives [Conservative] of Norwich. At the monthly meeting of the Bury Conservative As- [Association] sociation, [association] the secretary gave a most satisfactory account of the increase of members, The Wilts County Mirrovy [Mirror] understands that it is in- [intended] tended to propose a second Conservative candidate for Salisbury at the next election. The miners of Fifeshire [Fife shire] held a meeting on Monday. and resolved to accept the masters offer of 911, per bour, [our] reserving, however, the right to claim a further advance. A watchmaker, named Alexander Smith, was sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment, ut Durham, on Monday, for setting fire to his shop, above which four persons were sleeping. Atthe [Arthur] Quarter Sessions held at Beverley during last week, it has been decided, owing to the general rise of wages throughout the country, to increase the pay of the police. At the Warwick Assizes, William Green, a Coventry workman, was sentenced to 1 years' penal servitude for the manslaughter of his daughter, aged four years, by starvation. The Queen has been pleased to signifiy [signify] through Earl Russell her gracious permission that the Histoncal [Historical] Svciety [Society] henceforth assume the style and title of the Royal Historical Society. It is reported that the tricolour flag has at last been remnovel [rem novel] from the steeple at Aletz, [Valet] but it is also said that the climber lost his life in the operation, which was carried out at night. Amongst the prizes at the recent National Archery Meeting was the novel one of a wedding cake, offered for the highest score made by any uamarried [married] lady in Chelten- [Cheltenham- Cheltenham] ham or the neighbourhood. Tue warrant for the promotion of certain officers in the Roy Artillery and Engineers, it is stated, has been approved of by the Treasury, and now only awaits the sign manual of her Majesty. Tie Oxford contribution to the library of the Uni- [University] versity [Verity] of Strasburg [Strasbourg] is much admired for its valuable binding upparently, [apparently] which is recommended to the German trade ag a pattern of solidity. The Ldinburgh [Edinburgh] Courant [Count] understands that the Rev. Ronald Macleod, [McLeod] of Park Chuich, [Church] has been appointed chuj [church] lain to her Majesty, the vacancy being caused by the death of Dr. Norman Muceleod. [McLeod] The storm of Sunday was very serious in Staffordshire, und [and] x portable theatre was destroyed by lightning. At Burslen [Burdens] many houses were flooded. At Hanley the lower stories were five or six feet deep in water - c Hanley, on Tuesday, the body of 2 female child was fouud [found] in the boiler flue of a house which has been lately vacated. It must have been there for more than a year. The body was mustly [justly] in a good state of preservation. The seamen of the Chanuel [Channel] Fleet who are abstainzrs, [abstainers] to the number of 200, have accepted au invitation by the Scottish Temperauce [Temperance] League to a soiree, to be held during the stay of the war véSsels [vessels] in the river Clyte. [Clyde] A barque, named Monn, [Mon] arrived off Queenstown, on Sun- [Sunday] day, from the West Indies, in charge of the second officer. It is reported that the captain was shot dead by one of the crew, who is now inirons. [unions] 'The [the] chief officer died. On Tuesday, at the Durham Assizes, Mr. Child, a cabinet maker, recovered 620 from the North Eastern Railway Company, for injuries ieceived [received] in a collision. A diess- [does- dressmaker] maker, vamed [named] Brown, recovered 250 from the same com- [company] any. ' deputation of volunteer medical officers is about to wait on the Secretary of State on the subject of the new regulations. The War Office, however, has alveady [already] determined to withdraw the objectionable cliuses. [clauses] At the Leicester Assizes, on Tuesday, James Wright, 79, who tottered into the dock with the assistance of gaolers, [gales] pleaded guilty to murdering his son-in-law, by shooting him, Sentence of death was passed, but a reprieve will be asked for. A telegram from Paris states thaton [that on] a recent occasion M. de Lesseps stated that the company, of which he is has, in defiance of all opposition, resolved to increase the rates charged upon vessels passing through the Suez Canal. The Observer expects that consequent on a serious division of opiniou [opinion] in the Conservative camp, Lord Salistury's [Salisbury's] amendment will not be insisted upon, and the Lords will accept the compromise of the ballot with the puwer [power] of scrutiny. An indignation mecting [meeting] was held at on Sun- [Sunday] cay to protest aguinst [against] the Galway judgment, aud [and] an attempt was made to burn Judge Keogh in cfiigy [fig] during the rejoicings at Kilfinane [Californian] in honour of Mr. Gascoyne coming of age, but it was frustrated ty force. At the Leicester assizes,on Monday, Edwin Button was sentenced to 20 years' penal servitude for assaulting. some weeks since, an elderly maiden named burgess for the purpose of robbery. The assault was of exceptional violence. Miss Burgess is niece of Sir Gilbert Scott. On Saturday uight, [eight] three boatmen, named Magrath, [McGrath] Speed, and Foley, employed on the Grand Dublin Canal, quatrelled [quarrelled] whilst under the influence of drink. Foley fell asleep, and the other two it is believed cet fire to the boat in which helay. [Healy] Foley was burnt to a cinder. Magrath [McGrath] and Speed have been a rested. Ata [At] conference of the North Staffordshire mine owners and miners on Monday afternoon, the employers' representatives offered a reduction of Lours to eight per day, and the formation -of a board of arbitration for the settlement of disputes. The men accepted this arrange- [arrangement] ment [men] on cendition [condition] that it held good for three months only. The Potteries testimonial to Mr. Bright was privately presented on Thursday afternoon by a deputation from various towns. An address having been read by Mr. Cooke, Mr. Brigit, [Bright] in reply, referred at length to the Corn Law agitation, the sugar duties, the navigation the repeal of the taxes on knowledge. He believed the newspaper property of this country was worth 10 or 2U times as much as before the recent changes. Passing to the sutirage [steerage] question he said the object of Reform Bill of 18G7 [GEO] was to make the people one nation. 'The [the] Bill was still imperfect, and though they all knew that before long there must be an increase of the franchise in counties and a better distribution of seats, still the Bill was powerful enough to reform itself, but the immediate resuits [results] had been to enable Parliament to establish in Ireland complete religious equality, and to give to the great body ef [of] the peasantry some security fortheir [further] property. Recently, the House of Lerds, [Leeds] which seemed almost the last refuge of political ignorance and i passion, had consented to the establishment of vote by ballot, with a reservation which showed how little they understood the signs of the times a reservation which must hereafter create embarrassment and party strife which all people bad an interest in dis- [dispensing] pensing [pending] with. Coming to foreign policy, the right hon. centieman [maintenance] referred to Lis [Is] opposition to the Russian war. Only last year the Goverument-a [Government-a] Government as liberal, sagacious, and patriotic, whatever their occasional nuy [buy] Government ever was-consented, wisely and necessarily, to surrender what was considered the princi- [Prince- principal] nal [al] fruit of thar [that] war. Inthe [Another] American war he counselled adopted that course, we should have escaped many Hethought [Thought] that the conduct of the Government had been everything the people could re- [retire] anire, [anise] and he believed that 1u all probability the difi- [diff- difficulties] enulties [penalties] that bad arisen would be terminated. There was a party which still complained 'of everything that had ' been done, who appear so ignorant and incapable of dis- [dis] eussing [using] these questions, und [and] absolutely in orrigible. [original] The onty [ont] consola [console] ion, dictated by Chistian [Christian] charity, was that they partake fully of the gvod [good] things provided for them. In conelusion [conclusion] Mr. Lright [Right] expressed his deep sense of the signal honour conferred on him. the official rate of ty 1 OT s Sunday at (Lune Tae [Tea] Babte [Bate] ee . 3 2 Pag [Page] se as read in Jerus- [Jesus- Jerusalem] ; Carey, the was bu el at on Tu by Mrs. Fosa [Sofa] Vats is the atch [arch] vad [ad] fay. About 3.000 ei trend On YS isto [into i Abt [At] 3.000 ened. [end] 41 0 3 On sacl [sack] the inh [in] de Oo Wednesday aftemoun [afternoon] the Euip [equip] ess [es] Eagenie [Eugenie] visite [visit] the Prince sad Princess of Wale The Mordaunt [Mount] cas standing for hearing before the House of Lords, wiil [will] in all probability not be heard till the middle of next session of Parliament. Atthe [Arthur] Liverpool Police Court, on Wednesday, a seaman, named Davies, was remanded on the charge of murdering Captain Drayeott, [Draycott] of the barque Mona, on the high seas. A telegram from Philadelphia, dated Tuesday, says the Government have received information from Madrid that the Spanish Government have o1 dered [deed] the release of Dr. Howard, The Queen, with Princess Beatrice a left Windsor on Thursda [Thursday] The Court will not re of November. At the Tipperary Assizes, on Wednes. [Wednesday] Kirwin [Irwin] were sentenced respectively to penal servitude for shooting the manage National Bank of Nenagh. [Nina] The most severe thunderstorm o s. at Marlborough House, nd Prince Leopold, y morning en route for Osborne, turn to Windsor until the middle lay, Palmer and 20 and 10 years' rand clerk of the f the season visited London on Taursday. [Tuesday] Floods of rai fell i by incessant thander [thunder] and lizhtnj [lightning] itis [its] feared, thet [the] much damage has been done. meee [mere] be Sag A woman named Ruth Hollins bed, in Wakefield, on Wednesd [Wednesday] murderer, a man named T woman lived, has committed The Telegraph states that 45, was found dead in ay morning. The suspected vwnend, [vend] with whom the Lord Chiet [Chief] J c ord Chief Justice Cockbur [Cock] left London on Monday night to attend the arbitration sittings at Geneva, and Lord Tenderden [Tended] and Sir Roundell Palmer will probably leave this evening. The first annual meeting of the Strand Committee of the Charity Organisation Society wag held at the Society of Arts' Rooms, Adelphi, [Delphi] on Wednesday, under the presidency of the Duke of Northumberland. The secretary of the Brighton Railway Company states that the accounts show a balance, admitting payment of a dividend ef [of] 15 per cent on ordinary stock, for the half year Balance of 3,000 carried forward. At the Warwick Assizes,on Thursday, Justice Black- [Blackburn] burn sentenced to penal servitude for lifea [life] man named Frederick Harley, for the attempted murder, last, of Mr, Marr, a Birmingham banker. On Wednesday the master and crew of the Norwegian brig Martin Luther were landed at Greenock by the steamer Talisman. The vessel was wrecked a week ago on the Isle of Skye, but the crew, eight in number, saved them- [themselves] selves by boats. The address signed by Mrs, Faweztt [Fawcett] and 1,783 other Women was presented on Tuesday to Mr. Douglas Straight, the member for Shrewsbury, thanking him for his Bill extending the punishment of flogging to certain cases of attacks on women and chiliren. [children] At Win.bledon, [Win.Bolton] on Thursday, at the 200 yards range, the Lords beat the Commons by two points, making 144 against the Commons score of 142 points. At the 500 yurds [yards] range, however, the Commons beat the Lords by five points, thus winning the match by three poiuts. [points] The case of O'Byrne x. Hartington, which lasted 33 days, closed on Thursday. In this case it was sought to make Lord Hartington, Mr. Burke (the Irish Secretary), and others responsible for the Phuenix [Phenix] Park assault. The jury found a verdict for the plaintitf, [plaintiff] damages 25. The judgment in the speciai [special] case reserved by Judge Keogh for the decision of the Court of Common Pleas in the Galway election petition, has been issued. Justices Lawson anid [and] Morris agreed with Justice Keogh, Lord Chief Justice Monahan [Monarch] being alone in his dissent. A widow and daughter named Squires were found on Wednesday afternoon, with their heads beaten in, and quite dead, in their shop, 46, Hvde-road, [Have-road] Hoxtun, [Hoxton] Lon- [London] (ton, Where they carried on the business of stationers. The perpetrator has not been discovered, but the eldest son of the widow is suspected. A boatman belonging to Shipley, nam2d [named] James Tempest, 26, was on Wednesday fined 40s. and costs at the Leeds Police Court, in default one month's imprisonment, for eruelly [cruelly] flogging a hors [horse of whi [who] ue lau [lay] charge on the canal banks at Armley, on Sunday week. Inspector Peet, R.S.P.C.A., prosecuted. The Post is informed that Sir Alexander Cockburn is ahout [about] to be called to the Upper House as Earl Cock- [Cockburn] burn. It may mentioned that Sir Alexander has more than once refused the offer of a peerage. The Echo, however, says the report is certainly unofficial, and it is inclined to believe that it is unfounded. atthe [Arthur] quarterly meeting of the shareholders of the Conservative Land Society at the offices in Norfolk- [Upholstered] street, Strand, the Midsuinmer [Medicine] quarter was stated to be 27,992 11s. ld., for the three quarters 79,047, and the grand total 1,795.421-the number of 50 shares issued 37.445. The report further added that the demand for houses in the suburban districts had been on the increase. In the forthcoming autumn manceuvres [manoeuvres] the command of the Aldershot force will be given to General Sir Geo. Buller, G.C.B.; and the Blandford army will be under Lieut. General Sir John Garvock, K.C.. Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar, [Sale-Weimar] Sir C. W. D. Staveley, K.C.B, Sir Alfred H. Horsford, K.C.B., and Major General Brown- [Brownrigg] rigg, [Rigg] C.B., will have command of brigades. The manuscript of the judgment delivered by Mr. Justice Keogh is now in the library of the House of Commons. On comparing it with the copy printed by order, the Morning Post says a great number of dis- [discrepancies] crepancies [grievances] have been discovered. Many strong expres- [express- expressions] sions [Sons] and insinuations have been eliminated, while inter- [interpolations] polations [populations] are not unfrequent. [frequent] The Registrar-General reports the mortality for the week ending Saturday, in 21 leading places of the King- [Kingdom] idiom to be at the annual rate of 21 per 1.000 in London, 19; Bristol, 18; Wolverhampton, 17; Birmingham, 17; Nottingham, 21; Liverpool, 26; Manchester, 24; Brad- [Bradford] ford, 22; Leeds, 25; 20; Noweastle, [Newcastle] 22. Births in these 21 places, 4.997 deaths, 2.982. The Rome correspondent of the Daily News telegraphs that fresh efforts are being made tu induce the Pope to leave Rome, Mar. de Merole [Merely] has offered him 2 vast estite [estate] nvar [near] Brussels. The Ltalian [Italian] cardinals ure [re] endea- [end- endeavouring] veuring, [wearing] however, to disuade [dissuade] his Holiness from guing [going] away, ond [and] hope to succeed in checkmating the intrigues of the Ultramontanes. it was stated on Thursday morning that the imbecile sen who was supposed to have murdered his other and sister at Hoxton, on the previous duy, [Du] was in the Shoreditch Workhouse at the time the murder must have been committed. The police have yet no clue to the murderer, and the greatest possible exgi [exile] tem [te] nt prevails in the neighbourhoed. [neighbourhood] The Prince and Princess of Wales, on Monday after- [afternoon] neon, opened a new hospital for convalesce at Ii-ghgate-hill, [Ii-gate-hill] which is a building set apart hy its owner, Sir Sydney Waterlow, [Waterloo] for the reception ef [of] eon- [on- Convalescent] valeseents [volunteers] from St. Bartholomew's Their Royal Highnesses were enthusiustically [enthusiastic] receive. After ths cerenjony, [ceremony] there was a grand party at Sir Sydney Waterlow's [Waterloo's] residence. The Telegraph Company have received the followinz [following] telegram, dated Aden, on Thursday Staul y [Stall y] arrived, wed leaves to-day by French steamer for Suez, with Livinzstone's [Livingstone's] son. He has letters from Livingstone to the Government and friends. He found Livingstone unwell, but determined to go further on, and not to return to England before completing perfectly his work. Mr, Stunley's [Stanley's] men return, and accompany him. The sitting of the International Prisons Congress was resumed on Wednesday morning. Miss Carpenter read a per on the principles and results of English Reforma- [Reform- Reformatories] tories, and the Industrial Schools. She statel [state] the great need there was of supervision after the children were beyond the reach of their former guardians. Among other matters a paper was read by the Rev. Charles Brace, of New York, on the subject of Industrial Schools. The International Prisons' Congress was, on Thursday, divided into three sections-sitting simultaneously. In ene [one] section the proceedings were conducted in French, und [and] in the other two the subjects of the reformatory systems and females were discussed. Aichbishop [Archbishop] Munning, [Manning] speaking of the English prison discipline, said it was in as high a state as possible, but that the moral system was not so perfect. What was wanted was bsolute absolute] religious freedom. Mr. John Bright, in a letter apologising for his absence celebration of American Independence at Liver- [Liverpool] ool, [oil] wrote I have not yet felt myself able to engage gain in public life, and to enter upon public duties. I lope before you assemble, we shall have learned that all difficulties conpected [connected] with the Washington Treaty have Leen [Lee] removed, and that all points of difference between your country and ours are in course of amicable adjust- [adjustment] ment [men] before and by an impartial tribunal. A very severe storm raged throughout South Wales during Saturday and part of Sunday. The village of Twedyrhiew, [Tweed] near Merthyr Tydvil, [Devil] has been submerged to a depth of four or five feet. The damage to property hes been immense; horses and cattle have been washed away, but no lives lost so far as can be ascertained ut present. Two pits have been inundated at in consequence of the bursting of a reservoir. Eizht [Eight] sheep were killed by lightning in a tield [field] at the same place. At three o'clock on Wednesday morning the Channel squadron departed from the Clyde for Louzh [Lough] Foyle [Royle] for orders Queenstown likely. Four of the vessels. Minotaur, Northumberland, Hercules, and Sultan, steamed down first, at a rate whereby they would reach Derry last night at about seven. The Bellerophou [Ballroom] remains at Greenock, having received damage in the collision with the Minotaur, in Belfast Lough. During their week's stay the officers and men were feted extensively by the Greenock and Glasgow corporations, &c., and over 30,000 persons visited the ships. Botanists are said to be endeavouring to acclimatise in Europe a plant from New Grenada, which would become bes a serious rival to manufacturers of ink; this is the coriaria [Croatia] thymifolia, [thimble] The Juice which escapes from it, called chanchi, [chance] may be used for writing. It is at first of a reddish colour, but afterwards becomes a decp [Dec] black, and miay [may] be employed without any preparation, This substance is less corrosive to steel pens chan the coru- [cor- common] mon ink, and resists better chemical agents and the etfects [effects] of time. It is officially stated by the Secretary to the Treasury, that the report of the Pust [Post] Odice, [Office] on the telegraphic establishment, including the classification of clerks, is a document of voluminous and intricate churacter, [character] extend- [extending] ing to 260 closely printed folio pages, and dealing with a variety of questions which require the most careful con- [consideration] sideration. [side ration] It was only received at the Tressury [Treasury] in the course of last month. There has been no ong [on] -Jel-y, [Joel-y] but it is hoped that a decision may be arrived at in the matter before the end of Out of between 3,000 und [and] 6,000 clerks only 20 have left the servies, [services] from all causes, during the year. Oo Thursday afternoon, the Princess of Wales 1 a generous and not unfriendly neutrality, and if we had first stone of un hospital forsick [forsook] chihires, [chi hires] Tke [Te] Princes of Wales was present. and a very 1 Earl of Sha [Shaw] t replied for the Princess. He said the aid requi [require] Bloomsbury was paily [daily] decorated, create in all persons the greatest mytit [mitt] good that has been done, and for th. T I blessing, may still further be then laid the stone. 'kick 116 feet. Gdthe [Gather] Worksin [Work sin] metal of great value as obje [object] arge [are] concourse of people was present. The ftesbury [Shaftesbury] read an address, to which the Prince JeWelte [Jewelled red by the Mme, interesting of the n inmates of the hospital renders them objects of special which the exhibition is divide interest to her, and calls for all ber [be] symp thy [stamp thy ui the 'number of those who have been already receive-l, anil [ail] for whom extended accommodation will be provi [prove] cy weust [West] for the wowhich, [which] under Chul's [Cul's] he Princes Publications of th- [thee] ee Naleus [Nails] Tract Suele [Sale] Syei. [Syria] Ear tiarly [fairly] many of Loci Old and New in referenes [references] to their mews; of receiving andl [and] entertaining strangers, wayfarers, an guests, and shows that hospitality, which was considered such cirdinal [Cardinal] virtue among them, was not confine to those who dwelt in tents, but is equally practised in their cities at the present day. The Rev. J. N. Worsfold [Whitfield] writes aninteresting [interesting] description of A visit tothe [tithe] Valleys of Piedmont. A good wood engraving of Monte Viso, from the Head of the Waldensian Valleys uccumpanies [companies] this sketch. The the] last of the Prophets, Chapters in the Religious History of France, Ancient Musical Instruments of the Hebrews and Christians, The Pulpit in the Family, New Testament Sonnet, good Pages for the Young,' with 'Scripture Exercises, and Enigmas, will show the most casual observer that there is great variety of subject and food for reflection suitable for a Sunday spent at home. The 7'rue Catholic commences The story of an old neighbourhood, an interesting chronicle of London in the time when monks and mendicants in robes of black or white or grey, might be seen at every turn. It glances rapidly at the Morning star 'of the Reforma- [Reform- Reformation] tion, [ion] Wicklitfe, [Wickliffe] and gives some remarkable incidents in the life of his most renowned follower Sir John Oldcastle, Lord Cobham. Coming down to later Parliament times it tells of being held at Blackfriars, instead of Westminster, in blaff [bluff] Harry's times, The Berlin, Madrid, and Romain [Roman] correspondents keep the readers of this perivilical [privilege] well posted up in matters relating to religious conflicts on the Continent, and Facts and Opinions is a brief epitome of subjects of the same nature, both at home and abroad. St. James' Magazine Sampson Low, Marston Low, and Searle, This periodical has several serials. and some good short Stories, also articles of generalinterest. [general interest] Great ae on is given to political especially those affecting our colonial Possessions, an article usually appear- [appearing] ing on this subject. The one for this month is on The debate on the Colonies. Tha [That] Holiday Annual is also out, and will prove acceptable to tourists The stories are light ani [an] cheerful, intersperse l with poems and illus- [illustrious] Crowes [Crowe] pice [price] the latter is an Heliotype [Heliotrope] of Eyre e Jacobite in the International The paper on heart, cannot be read without regr, [reg] immortalised in song by the ne crumbling into hopeless decay. Pinsleys [Painless] Magazine Tinsley Brothers good realable [reliable] subjects this month may noticed Musical recollections of the last h From 1845 to 1849 is the time embraced j paper. A more interesting period to lo can scarcely be imagined. Wh ce, Fairy city of the et that a city so Breatest [Greatest] poets should be Among some especially be alf [al] century. n the present vers [Revs] of music o among us is at the Tueatre [Theatre] Noval [Nova] oi Moa [Ma] success, ins a rani [rain] ritton [written] in the immediate neighbin-). [neigh bin] tee eh is an ex- [excellent] cellent [excellent] one, and cootiin [cotton some scenes, is per- [performed] formed by the New Qu eu'. Th stre [ste] Company, Manchester, who are fer for tens dyes a high reputation in that citv. [city] Mach of ihc [chi] clurseters [clusters] was well represented, that of Michael Feeny, takcu [take] by Mr. Frank we, being perhaps the most appreciated, Miss Lilian arris, [Harris] as Arrah [Area] Mevlish, [Foolish] displayed sumie [sum] tive [tie] slraiuatic [Celtic] powers, while Mr. Augustus Creamer sustained the part of Colonel O'Grady with equal The coulpuny [company] nd gee every evening during the week, wa see gi a performance under the patronage of - 5 ope, Esy., [Es] aud [and] othor [other] distinguished gentlemen, - nog [not] meet ian ee Kiwksate. [Kicks] -On Monilay [Mainly] after- [after] K rkgate, [Kirkgate] by which an whew ee severely injarcd [injured] ina partially lrunken [drunken] ill used Te 'tine ae ing, Kicker and otherwise at half-pust [half-post] three o'clock in the afternoon a number of navvies employed at the Deer Hill Waterworks arrived in Haddersield, [Huddersfield] and at once went to the Dog Tnn, [Ten] Kirkgate, where, after partaking of several quarts of beer, a qtacrel [quadrille] arose between the navvies aud [and] some of the frejuenters [frequented] of the locality which ended ina tight, in which the injured wan Seotcy [Sets] took part. The belligeronts [belligerents] were turned out by the land lod [Lord] and his and when in the streer [street] Seotty [Sort] ws seé [se] upvon, [upon] knocked down, and kicked in a brutal minner. [manner] Five or six of his teeth were knocked out, his head and face kicked and cut frightfully, and his body was bruised in various parts. In an helpless condition from drink and the loss of blood, he was removed to the Infirmary. HUDDERSFIELD ATHLETIC CruB. [Curb] --At the Bradford Moor Athletic Festival, on Situriday, [Saturday] the members of the Huddersfield Athletic Club held their own in all the races in which they competed.' In the running high jump J. B. Vickerman took the second prize, jumpin [jumping] tive [tie] feet. In the two mile walkin [walking] s J. A. thazard, [hazard] with 70 s-conds' [s-bonds] start, won by 60 yuuls. [yells] Toe prize eon- [on- insist] sistul [distil] of a magnificent oxydised [oxidised] tobacco-box, wort scveral [several] guineas, Hizanl [Hazel] showed much unaprovement [improvement] on his Hublerstielhl form. covering the two miles in 16 minutes 15 AL aud [and] C. J. Whitaker micht [might] have come in seed and chird [third] respectively, but, as they considered over ippel, [appeal] they relaxed their efforts, an the me-vlals [me-villas] therefore fell to L. E. Ashby and W. H. Tuke. 'The [the] tirst [first] prize for the 440 yards, open, was borne away hy T. H. Culvert, who won easily by several yards in Su seconds. J.B. Vieker- [Worker- Victor] taar. [Tar] won the 440 yards hurdle rave by six yards from 'T. H. Culvert, who came in second. In the one mile tlat [that] race A. R. Calvert anil [ail] T. Mf. fult [full] came in first and second respectively, Holt led all the Wwayataanod [Whatnot] pace uneil [until] the last lap, when Culvert, putting on a splendid spurt, came away, and won by 10 yarils. [rails] At the Penis- [Penis] Vr wis a great 4 cont, [cut] thre [the] ' there who either from report or tion [ion] has not heard of the memorable year 1847 when Covent Garden Theatre was opened in opposition to Her Majesty's as an operahouse [opera house Who that does not remember Mr. Lumley's gallant stand against this rival, to whom all his company seceded with the exception of Leblache; [Blanche] how he turned the tables on his adversaries by the triumphant debut and success of Jenny Linil, [Lin] 'and successfully brought the season to a close All this, and much more, is brought to mind as of yester- [yesterday] day in these musical recollections. The novel Under the Red Dragon' is drawing to a close. B. L. Farjeon [Darken] still continues to depict scenes of lifelike reality in his work, London's Heart, which might be read advan- [advance- advantageously] tageously [gorgeously] by social reformers. personal recollec- [recollect- recollect] Local yor [or] of village y in connection with the Yorkshire Union of Mechanics' Institutes. ., ACCIDENT TO AN OLD Woman. -Ann Eastwood, aged 61, living at Huddersfield, broke her ankle on Wednesday by stepping on a clog which her granddaughter had inadver- [under- inadvertently] tently [gently] left on the door step. York Convocation.-The [Convocation.-the] York Convocation has been prorogued until Tuesday, the 30th inst., and it is ex- [expected] pected [expected] that there will be no more sittings this session for the despitch [despatch] of business. Mayorat [Mayor] BeNEFICeNceE.-His [Beneficent.-His] Worship the Ma Leeds has presented 50 volumes of hocks to the 1prar [Parr] FALL FroM [From] A labourer named Thomas Cassock, in the employ of Thomas Graham, fell a dis- [distance] tance [lance] of two storeys from the Workhouse at Crosland Mooron [Moor] Wednesday. his shoulder, and very much bruised his face. THUNDERSTORM IN LEEDSs.-A [Leeds.-A] very heavy thunder. storm, accompanied by vivid flashes of lightning passed over Leeds on Thursday afternoon. The rain fell in tor- [torrents] rents, and for nearly an hour the streets were impassable. Many homes were flooded. THe [The] Wootpack [Woodcock] Inn.- [Inn] At the Borough Police Court, on Wednesday, before W. Shaw and Charles Hirst, Esqs., [Esq] the license of the Woolpack [Wool pack] Inn, Hudderstield, [Huddersfield] was trans- [transferred] ferred [erred] from the late Mrs. Hartley to Mr. R. H. Schofield, lately a draper in New-street. Tae [Tea] Hay Harvest.-Wednesday morning opening brilliantly, many farmers in the neighbourhood of Shelley, Kirkburton, Almondbury, Meltham, &c., who had been anxiously waiting a change in the weather, seized the opportunity, and very early sent into their Helds [Held] grass cutting machines, which soon brought down the heavy crops. Others, not being possessed of machines, had to content themselves with the services of the scythe, ander [under] which the grass fell rapidly and very heavy. THe [The] OpenInNG [Opening] or RocnpHay [Convey] Park, Leeps.- [Lees.- Lees] On Wednesday morning, the Mayor of Leeds received an official communication from the Marquis of Ripon, stating that his Royal Highness Prince Arthur will visit Leeds for the purpose of opening Roundhay [Round hay] Park on some day between the 16th and 20th September. The communica- [communicate- communication] tion [ion] further states that the active part his Royal High- [Highness] ness will assume in the Autumn Mancweuvres [Manageress] vrevents [events] an earlier response to theinvitation [the invitation] to visit Leeds, Cuvekcn [Given] Concress.-The [Congress.-the] Church Congress will be held in Leeds on the Sth, [St] Oth, [Oh] loth, and lth [lt] October. The Lord Bishop of Ripon is chairman of the executive. The committee embraces the names of a large number of re- [representative] presentative [representative] Churchmen. The subjects to be brought under the notice of the Congresaare [Congress] of 2 deeply interest- [interesting] ing and vitel [vital] character The the] Lay Co-operation The Chureh [Church] in its relations to the State and to Noneconfor- [Nonconformity- Nonconformists] mists, anil [ail] Church Reform, being among the varie [varied] subjects to be brought under review. Votes OF YORKSHIRE MEMBERS.-In the House of Commons, on Monday. there voted in favour of paying to Mr, Eyre the sum of 4133, the costs of his defence (243) Mr. Akrovd, [Arrived] Mr. Broadley, Mr. Denison, Mr, Forster, Mr. W. H. Gladstone. Mr. Hutton, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Lowther, Sir R. Palmer, Mr. Powell, Mr. Stansfeld, Sir H. Storks, Mr. Sykes, Mr. Wheelhouse and against the payment (130), Mr. Baines, Mr. Carter, Mr. Clay, Mr. Dent, Mr. Dodds, Sir W. P. Gallwey, Mr. Hadfield, Sir if. Johnstone, Mr. Leatham, Mr. Leeman. Mr. Miall, [Mill] Mr. Norwood, Mr. Serjeant [Sergeant] Simon. Royat [Royal] YORKSHIRE REGATTA aT Hetr. [Her] Wednesday was the first day of the Royal Yacht Club and the contests were for prizes of 60 guineas and 20 guineas. For the 60 guinea prize, for yachts above 25 tons, six started. The Christabel, [Charitable] owner Mr. T. E. Gourley, [Burley] M.P., returned at 6 brs. [Mrs] mins. ; the Sirex, [Sire] Sir H. Bacon, at 6 hrs. 21 mins. 30 sees. the Aghia, [Ago] Mr. W. F. Masterman, it 6 hrs. 30 mins, 14 sees, The Aglaia takes the second prize by time, with about two minutes to spare. For the 20 guineas plate, for yachts under 25 tons, four starteJ,and [started,and] the Ivy, owner Captain Cator, [Actor] won. THE Prospects OF HARVEST IN YoRKSHIRE.-The [Yorkshire.-the] prospects of harvest in Yorkshire are generally more hopeful than a few weeks ago could have been antici- [anti- anticipated] pated. [pate] The apprehensions induced by the wet and the continued-cold have been dissipated by the recent more senial [denial] weather, and we are justified in lovking [looking] forward ty on excellent, if somewhat late, harvest. The hay crop, which has been won in fine condition, is spoken of as being the best for many years, and this, no doubt, will have the effect of reducing the very high prices which have of late prevailed. Labour is scarce, end farmers are compelled to pay higher wages, HUDDERSFIELD ATHLETIC CLUB.-The [CLUB.-the] prizes for the football kicking event (which was postponed from the athletic festival, on the 22nd June), were competed for on Wednesday evening in Athletic Field, Trinity-street. There were six competitors, viz., J.C. Wheatley, F. Vicker- [Vickers- Vickerman] man, T. Holt, G. Dewhirst, R. Welsh, and A. Bradley. The first prize, a silver medal, was won by J. C. Wheat- [Wheatley] ley, who kicked the place kick 1524 feet, and the drop kick 152, total 2642. The second prize, a bronze medal, wis won by T. Holt with place kick 124 feet, and drop Vickertnan [Vickerman] came next to Holt. The norking, [working] judging, and measuring were all ably conduct hy Messrs. H. Dransfield, J. E. Cooper, and C. J. Whitaker. Pititions.-In [Petitions.-In] the House of Lords, on Monday, peti- [pet- petitions] ' tions [tins] in favour of the Lords' amendments to the Ballot Hill were presented by the Earl of Derby from Dewsbury, Surderland, [Sunderland] Barnsley, Harrogate, Rotherham, Leeds, ' Yorkshire (East Division, West Hidinz), [Hiding] Openshaw Con- [Con] stitutional [constitutional] Association, and Openshaw Conservative Club. In the House of Commons, petitions were pre- [presented] sented [scented] by Mr. Leeman, from York, for the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts by Mr. Clay, from Huil, [Hull] for equalising the hours of closing public-houses; by Mr. Akroyd, from Ovenden and Southowram, and teachers of the Primitive Methodist Sunday School, Halifax, in favour of the Permissive Prohibitory Liquor Bill; by Mr. Ward Jackson, from the Guardians of the Hartle- [Hartlepool] pool Union, for the repeal of the 14th and 23rd sections of the Poor-law Amendment Acts, 166-68, DRUNKARDS IN THE STUCKS [STICKS] AT BRADFORD, -On Mon- [Monday] day, Alderman M. Dawson and Alderman Law, the 'magistrates sitting in the Bradford Borough Court, , ordered two men to be putin the stocks for the space of six hours for being drank and riotous, The stocks, in front of the West Riding Court-bouse, [Court-Bourse] are enclosed within iron palisading. The two men were put in the apparatus about twelve o'clock, and a large and noisy crowd, attracted by the novelty of the scen [scene] was quickly drawn together. The men, who looked like labourers, at first maintained a dozged [dodged] and defiant demeanour. but the incessant and jeering of the mob proved rather too much for them, and it became evident, despite their great efforts to suppress their feelings, that they were gulled and humiliated by this public exposure, Art Exuiprrion [Expiration] at Bramtry.-The [Barometer.-the] exhibition opened at Bramley by the Mayor on Tuesilay [Tuesday] was of a very superior character. The pictures that live been brousht [brought] ; together are excellent, and a3 many famous artists aie [are] bez [be] presented in the gallery, the collection cannot fail to be From South Kensington there are numerous ets [es] oF a Yt. ancl [anal] there is ulso [also] an extensive collection illustrative uf [of] tion. [ion] The exhibition also comprises many 'books, a great variety of china. i jewellery. One of the inos [ions] are and curious uimerous [numerous] departinents [department] into Weed i il is selection of materials 'seit [set] in the worsted trades, this being contributed by the bradford [Bradford] Chamber of Commerce, This section of the ihition [edition] also embraces spec 1 used in v-riots ube [be] mener [miner] willbe will] devated [devoted] tews [tees] uvon [upon] the Bramley Clarch [Clark] at rds [rd] the payment of the deb chouls. [chills] tone Athletic Sports, last week, C. J. Whitaker took the first prize in the one mile walking mateh. [mate] TReat [Treat] tu -The [the] workpeople, with their wives and friends, to the number of over 1.0, in the employ of Messrs. Kelland [Elland] Co.. merchants, ion-street, enjoyed a day's treat at the expense of their employers on Saturday. An excursion to Kipon [Ripon] andl [and] Stadlvy [Steadily] Park wes [West] arranged, and the lurge [large] party arrived by carriages jtttached [attached] to the ordinary train- [train without] without change-at Ripon about nine o'clock in the morning, an.l were conveyed from that place to Studley in wazgonettes [Vignettes] provided for the occasion, where the beauti [beauty] s of the park, woods, scenery, Xe, were thoroughly viewed and appreciated. The extensive party at the times stated, partook of a splendid luncheon and dinner in the park in true rustic fashion, and after spending a happy and pleasant day, returned to Ripon in the con- [conveyances] veyances [conveyance] that tuok [took] them to Studley in the morning. Arrived at the ancient ety, [et] a knife and fork tea was provided for them at the Cnicoru, [Unicorn] to which full justice was done, the ratoble [ratable] in the pirk [park] aud [and] the pleasant dvive [drive] having prepared the appetites of the ercursionists [excursionists] for the bountiful meal for ther, [the] Toast, song ind sentiment followed each other in quick succession, the health of the firm being feelingly ruspunded [responded] to by the manager to the firm. The excursionists reached Leeds on their way home in time to be conveyed from thenes [then] hy the 9-45 p.m. train, and arrived at Hudlerstiell [Huddersfield] shortly Lefore [Before] eleven o.clock, delishted [delighted] with the day's out, more especially so as they experienced ne rain except while in the railway carriages. Visit OF THE ORIGINAL CHRISTY'S Ty The Prince of Wales' Original Christy Minstr [Minster] 7 MA ls are now paving a visit to this town, They have engaged the Gymnasium Hall, and what with good advertisi [Advertising g anil [ail] the unapproachable entertainment they sive, [side] almost every night this weck [week] greatcrowils [greatcoats] have been unable to obtain admission, the house being erowded [crowded] to long before the hour of commencing. A varied and well selecte [selected progrimme [programme] is exceedingly well gone through each night, and anyone in search of two hours' thorough amnse- [manse- amendment] nent [sent] wud [Wed] hearty fun nesd [ness] bat go tu the Gymnasium Hall to Of the company Mr. John Riwlinson, [Robinson] whose, name is so closely conneese l [cones l] with a happy rendering of 'Oh would I were a bird and Til meet thee at the line, and Mr, Charles Ernest, who made Maggie May id Come sing to me popular a while ago, are two of the greatest favourites on account of their rich tenor voices, but old Joe Brown and his inimitable tambourine cin [in] still stir an auslience [silence] to side-splitting laughter as he did when he first came to this country in 1857. Mr. Henrie, [Henry] Mr. J. Beauinont, [Beaumont] Mr. Talbot, Mr. Andrew Merrilees, [merciless] Mer, [Mr] ask Me. Uhwp- [Hep- Chapman] man constitute the rest of really ond [and] company of Christy Minstrels. A dilfcrent [different] but equally interesting programme has been ai rausesl [Russel] fue [fe] each evening this week, but on M night, on the occasion of our visit, the piece which enllel [eleven] forth the loudest applause waa [was] the (artett [artery] in which Mr. Rawlinson tack. tho sulo. [solo] It was so well as to be lowily [willow] demanded. Mr, Riwlinson [Robinson] lsy lay] sveceeted [succeeded] iy gutting the only other encore of the evening tu his Happy he thy Dreams. Mr, Ernest, however, in his renderins [rendering] uf [of] Come sit by my silo, Little Dirling. [Darling. and Come Shere iny [in] love lies dreamins [remains Neal tr In sutishel [suitable] with the pee frst [first] Mr. 7. possesses a spon [soon] lp cent, in feet, te woizht [waist] the entire cunpiny., [cunning] Tae [Tea] pauy [pay] only remuin [remain] in until this(Saturday) wight. A long line of carriages awnited [United] the of the pur- [our- performance] formance [France] on Tuesday ni bt FPRightech [frighten] Far. Prow a 0. Maniday [Monday] after- [afternoon] bxbourer [labourer] named Patrick (eNoil, [en oil] of Manchest [Manchester] r street, experienced. 2 narrow ese [see] OF ia life by fallin [falling] from a large tnillin [tingling] course of erection at W ' bridge, for Messrs. Ro anit [anti] Wo Hirst. Tt seems that O'Neil was engage at his work, as-istine [as-stone] the ws isons, [Sons] on the fifth sterey [storey] of the huihling, [hailing] when lie overvalanced [overbalanced] hin.self, [in.self] and fell to the brottoriny [notoriety] ve ilepth [epileptic] of more than 40 feet, Falling on the Tou [To] ofa [of] Ret of stunes [stones] first thonght [thought] the nan was Orn [Or] be ing lifted up, although covered with blwul, [bowel] ancl [anal] blecdine [bleeding] pra- [par- profusely] fusely [fuel] from the head and face, uneonscious, [unconscious] it Wuta [What] found he was not dead, and with the utmost cure las was removed to the Infirmary, where it was aseertiined [ascertained] his tight hip was dislocated, which was at once attended to by the house surgeons. i In addition the poor tan wa found to have sustained extensive cuts, licerations, [alterations] znd [and] bruises on the head and face that hal to be stitched, He remained unconscious until Thursday when he died An inquest was held on view of the bo ly yesterday after- [after] 1 00n, [1 noe, 00n] before Mr. W. Barstow, deputy curun [curing] ry cand [and] i pary [part] af Mr. J Taylor, North y be Ww fuse tiie [tie] hi Michael O'Neil, brother to the identitied [identified] the Wody, [Wood] and said deceased was BS years Of ave, aml [all] a labourer. He hal seen him severs at the Iu- [Infirmary] firmary [Infirmary] since the accident, but conll [coll] wor [or] eer [er] any infor- [inform- information] mation [nation] from him now it oceurreil. [occurrence] Charles Norton fore- [foreman] man for Benjamin Graham, contractor for the mt Wen. Hirst, a r I 1 Cu dyads hiss Verte [Vere] aim y olka [ola] cr o atereyil, [illiterate] Tarn 8, millat [Millar] Turnbridge, for Messrs. Rouben [Reuben] saw deceased at hilf [half] past four o'clock on Monia [Mona] afternoon. They were a bean y to the fourth storey, andl [and] he gent the dh ceaseil [cease] along another beam to stenuly [Stanley] the other end Deceased just passed witness and ste on. to the end of a plank, which tilted bottom, a depth of SL feer, [free] was sent tothe [tithe] pped [oped] olf [of] the beam and he fell to the Deceased being insensible he After hearing explanations as to the positions of the beams along which the deceased walked, showing that he had no oce sion [one sion] to have stepped on the plank atall, [stall] the evidence of Mi. Smith, t oon [on] surgeon, was taken, andl [and] went to show tht [the] decensed [deceased] when admitted into the institution was anffering [suffering] from concussion of the brain, dislocation of the hip, anil [ail] other injuries that cause his death carly on Thursday ' Accidental he house morning. The jury returned a verdict of death. Exciting CHAse [Case] arrern [arrears] a Navay, [Navy] Dr SEKTER, [SEATER] T ia not often a deserter from the toyal [Royal] Nivy [Navy] is euptur [rupture] il in this part of Yorkshire, but on afternoon Police-constable Green, stationed at Blackmaor [Black] Foot with the assistance of Police-constable of on . t Slaithwaite section, succevod, [succeeded] he ; Fup [Up] , th , fours Ly the officers . rthen [then] safely lodged in th artillumina- [alumina- alumina] and a collection of practical, and, at the same imens [immense] of cotcon [cotton] warps and ; ki is boped [hoped] by the Pity ur ro tite Sua [Sea] of 1000 will be raised, and this tetr [Tete] te the after a short but smart chase, in apprehending young man namel [name] Michael O'Hara, on a ehsrge [serge] of dusertit [deserted] g from her My The circumstances appear to he these Apnil, [April] her Majesty's ship Bellerophon [Telephone] (ironclad) was at Plymouth, and among the erew [were] Wus [Was] young man of the ubove [above] name, who on that day obtained leave of absence which expired on the 11th of May, but not answering to his muster on that day. he was declired [declared] a deserter and alvertised [advertised] in the (uzette [Gazette] as such. Nothing was heard of his whereabouts until Monday, when Police-constable Green, of Blackmoor Foot, proceeded to the tailor's shop of Mr. Quarmby, and lesrned [learned] that a man answering the description of O' Hara was employed there, and was then at work inan [Inn] upper room. Thither the officer and on confronting O'Hara the youth (at first rather taken aback) exclaimed, Oh, I see how it is, its all right. On this the constable stated his errand, receiving in teply, [reply] Well, Till droca [brocade] and then go with you. Rising from the shop-board (apparently to put on his upper garments) he instantl [instant] darted to the open window, ay l votwithstanding [notwithstanding] it w third storey, leaptout, [leap tout] anil [ail] although the officer Was elo [lo] ' at his heels, and caught him by the shirt, the garm [farm] rat gave way and ns youth fell to the bottom, about 40 eet, [et] Stunner y the all, O' Hara 2 minutes, then juniped [jumped] up and volte [vote] oie [one] ee srle [sale] towards Upper Mill, closely followed t Police. beg ps y t ad by Police- [Policeconstebies] constebies [constables] Creenand [Greenland] aaa number of the inhabit- [inhabitants] ants, who appeared mn hintersstel [honestly] in the chage [charge] fter after] Ong [On] Wo top speed, i a stuce [Sauce] of lealf [leaf] nudity 'Hor [Or] 'more than) yards, aod [and] bing exhausted, he secreted himself la the bracken of a Copse, clas [class] by the mill, where he was ifierwards. [afterwards] He eT uniy [unity] police cells ac Hud [HUD] der-Reld, [der-Red] Ow Tre [Te] id 'iy he (ei to Wakefield chimed by the waval [naval] '. ATTEMPTED MenpDer [Mended] anv [an] St lPosep [Lopes] MURDER NEAR SEVENUAKS. [SEVENTEEN] The laud ul Sevenoaks has been the scene of two crimes t's last day or two. An eld [old] man name Spiekett, [Spiked] wiu [win] was taking care of fi nit ground near the Pulbill [playbill] Aims, was, at an early hour on moining, [morning] attacked) whole asleep, a dreadfally [dreadful] beaten the lew Se ae, sharp stone, that his Jie [Joe] is of. On 'the Bats 8 the dead buly [buy] of the of a fish-hawker af artfordl [artificial] was Fours 'ivting [Irving] the Pilgrin;. [Pilgrim] Josty [Cost] a navy, On the 26th of ue aa st heat Wand ar el ie ' J -L retriever dog drew ep Ns Sk is of about daa [da] Seely gt op. Pt aba [ana] ith [it] Was Culised [Closed] a ys Wah [Was] Culige [Clog] by vied Nhe [He] eutnd [end] nut have more than day. been in the wood