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- hi THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, JULY 13, 1850. RY'S HEALTH-RESTORING FOOD FOR 2 TIC DOLOREUX [DOLORES] CURED. LONDON AND NORTH ws ESTABLISHED 1772. oo DU Bi INVALIDS AND INFANTS. inful [painful] affection of the facial nerve is a MANCHESTER, HUDDERSFIELD, HOLDSWORTH SONS' GENERAL FURNISHING WAREHOUSES, NAHE [NAME] REVALENTA [PREVALENT] ARABICA, [ARABIC] FEE sie [Sir] Lion Ot ne ee affections BETTE Pare S NEW WELLS, WAKEFIELD. T discovered, exclusively grown, and imported by Du in other parts of the body. It is characterised by acute London.......dep. [ e151 [e ey ' Goo furnishing have the opportunity of osleeting [letting] every article Barry Co., 127, New Bond-street, London, sole o'fn6 [o'fan pain, attendant with convulsive twitchings [teachings] of the muscles, Bimmingham--) [Birmingham] 4510 9) 2 9 i blishment [establishment] parties furnishing have the opportunity of selecting every article of Household Furniture, an DR. COCKBURN'S of the Revalenta [Prevalent] es ates, and of team be de- [demand] and continuing trom [from] a tew [te] nfal [fallen] tormenti [torment] Crewe Lol [Lo] advantage not offered to the same extent by any other House out of London. ORIENTAL BOTANICAL EXTRACT, Which slong [long] the a eee [see] breakfast farina (without ommended [commended] to try a e mn is ' The Stock comprises- [comprised] Under theimmediate [the immediate] ee of her most gracious Majesty medicine of any kind, without inconvenience, and without HICK'S CELEBRATED TIC PILLS, Eiverpoel [Liverpool] cs ene CaBIxET [Cabinet] FURNITURE AND UPHOLSTERY. CaRPETS [Carpets] AND HEartH [Heart] Ruvcs. [Rubrics] the Queen, her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians, the Em- [Em expense] expense, as it saves 50 times its cost in other more expen [expense] 1 1, nave invariably been found to produce aspeedy [speedy] and Beps, [Bes] MATTRESSES, AND BLANKETS. ManNTLE, [Gentleman] ToILETTE, [Toilet] &c., GLASSES. PapPeER-HANGINGS. [Paper-HANGINGS] DaMasks [Damasks] AND MOREENS. [MOREEN] aie [are] oe SER [SEE SRNISHING [FURNISHING] HARDWARE, &c. ing Members of the Aristo both of the Engli [English] iarrh [arr] rousness, [roughness] biliousness, afiec- [Africa- office] i Ford, Stalybridge ... PassaGE [Passage] CLOTHS, MaTTINGs. [Mattings] GENERAL FURNISHING g i cracy [Cray] both of the English and fits, heartburn, diarrhoea, nervousness, al To Mr. John Ford, Mossley... ees [see] ; jety [jet] i hn respective d i to the tastes and Continental Courts of Euro sd ion liver d kidneys, tlatulency [flatulence] distension -e recommended Mr. Hick's Pills for the Tick to all 2Y vw Ss Rooms are lete [let] with eve ossible [possible] variety in each respective department, suited trope. tions [tins] of the liver an idneys, [kidneys] y sten [ten 7 Sir,-T have recomme [recommend] Mr ick [sick] Wo a Greenfield ..... of all pnrchasers, [purchasers] and no expurlse [expense] is spared by the Proprisiors [Proprietors] to maintain their long-established character R. G. H. J. COCKBURN again, with the palpitation of the heart, nervous headache, deafness, my friends with complete oe ke cannot speak of them In ddleworth...... [Saddleworth] - . ry ict [it] a weg [we] Mears for supplying Goods of sound materials and workmanship. P return of Summer, takes the pleasure of informing the noises in the head and ears, pains in almost. every part tog high fares et oes [ors] aie [are] W. H. Huster. [Hunter] Mar sden, [sen] ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PURCHASED. Ladies of HUDDERSFIELD and adjoining localites, [localities] that his the body, chronic inflammation and ulceration of the sto- [to- stolidity] LEWSDUTY, [LEST] AvOVs [Avis] To Mx, Hick, teens F, NDS [NS] Na D Sima [Sims] oF ae BOTANICAL EXTRACT will be found an mach, eruptions on the skin, scrofila, [scrofula] consumption, dropsy, Sir.-I have great pleasure in giving my testimon [testimony] y of the ex GTO [TO] an 'E FRE [FER] PARTS OF ENGLAND. invaluable remedy, and the only one that will be proved rheumatism, gout, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy; oionce [once] of your Pills fur the Tic Dolorenx. [Larynx] I was freqnently [frequently] ise [is] DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO. ALL I CE os efficacious after all other means have been tried, without after eating, or at sea, low spirits, spleen, general debility, with this unpleasant complaint, but have not ee TEAS AT WHOLESALE PR the least good arising from them, for effectually removing paralysis, cough, asthma, inquietude, sleeplessness, Anvo- [Avon- Uniform] from it since taking a box of your pills. I cannot too strongly Heaton Lodge .. TEA WAREHOUSE, 2 BUCKLERSBURY, [Bucklers bury] CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. all Blotches, Freckles, Pimples, Tan Spots, and other luntary [voluntary] blushing, tremors, dislike to society, unfitness for tecommaitd [committed] tema [tea] aa Wa. Herworrn. [Heron] Mirfield E 43 J in the year 1830. Its SUCCESSFUL PROGRESS Cutancous [Contagious] Eruptions, and quickly vestoring [restoring] the complexion siudy, [study] delusions, loss ut memory, blood to the akefield, [Wakefield] June 12th, Laeds, [Leeds] Jan, 27, 1847 Dewsbury a m1 7 in year 100U. [U] ot a ws an Ay holy. ess [es] fear, Indecision. Te ee ee ct UTLEY cee [see] cee [see] aS ESTABY, [ESTATE] ISHMENE [NOURISHMENT] our antici [anti] ations [nations] The Patronage of the Public has elevated tts [its] position to us oviginal [original] bloom of health. i ae of 'ke. The best Siz,-I [Six,-I] think 1t due to you and the public to give my test yponey [pone] cl. during TWENTY YEARS has gratiued [gratitude] our pe [C] The application of the Oriental Botanical Extract is of a Wretchedness, iG lia li] sally, as it is the only food mony [money] in favour of your excellent Pills for the Tie Doloreux. [Dolores] Churwell [Howell] ......... to one of the Larcest [Largest] in the TRADE. TERUG [DRUG] most agreeable and soothing nature, and afier [after] once or food for infants and nvahas [canvas] genera 17 88 aoe [are] he bat suficred [suffered] every winter for many years, but have not had the Wortley Our main object has been, and still is, to supply the pee on ort [or] pnd [and] assuming as such Nn tice [ice] using, a pleasing and surprising change will be per- [per which] which never turns acid on the weakest stomach, but im- [in- absolutist] slirhtest [slightest] attack for the last two Winters, during which time L feeds 2. wae [we] JSINESS [BUSINESS] ona [on] W ir PCALK, [CLARK] it 1s necessary to hare apyears [years] to be. it is ebvions [Evans] that to do BUSI [BUS] wholesale apy-Hances. [pay-Chances] In Actommodateon [Accommodation] are siiticie [suicide] n conformity with these ideas, our Locality was chosen in a bye thoroughfare, where Space and I '4 to carry on trade to ANY EXTENT, but without those merciless dud cnormous [Commons] expenses pressof [press of] Russia, her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, and lead ceived, [received] and in a fow [ow] days the complexion will assume a delightful roseate and youthful appearance, and at once sive [side] remedies) speedily and permanently removes dyspep- [dyspepsia- dyspepsia] sia, [si] (indigestion), constipation, acidity, cramps, spasms, parts a healthy relish for and dinner, and restores the faculty of digestion and nervous and muscular energy to the most enfeebled.-DU BARRY CO., 127, New ual [al] cure. TESTIMONIALS. have occasionally taken the pills.-Yours obediently, - Mr. Hick, Waketieid. [Wakefield] Cuas. [Cas] NELSON, Princess Street, New York, Dec. 14, 1546. Manchester...dp. Ashton ......... 7 Pool for Otley ar Knarusbro...... [Nursery] nce [ne] prove to the patients its wonderful and lasti [last] six boxes 5 inseparably attached to Reiail [Retail] Shops in yirominent [prominent] situations, wrercby [wreck] an Lviravagant [Extravagant] rendered necessary. E P . asting [Astin] Bond-street, London. Sir,-When I left Wakefield I brought with me six boxes a Harrogate ...... 5 inseparably attache fo ja a Posizion [Position] tu supply the PabMc [Public] on the Best and Mosr [Most] EcoyomicaL [Economical] Terms-in fact, The preparation will be found highly beneficial in pre- [present] Agent for HUDDERSFIELD your Tie Pills, one of my funily [finely] having suifered [suffered] very soy oe Ripon Hence it will Le sccn [skin] mae br was all intermediate Profits ave suced. [sued] serving the complexion from the disagreeable appearance Be 5 from that complaint. I find 1 have been too liberal in supplying Thirsk a fo supply at LV ret [re] Hail, by wien [wine] oye. [oe] P it often presents irom [from] exposure to the sea air, and, atthe [Arthur] Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, Chemist, Market-place. my friends, who have all derived the greatest relief from them. Neweastle......... [Newcastle] 4 The immense varicty [variety] of have deratle [treadle] af A canter (3, Person, whose 0) The felluwing [following] are our present quotations - Ad 748 s. ad. GREEN TEAS. ad, Salt water remedies. I hereby certify, that having examined 'Du Barry's Revalenta [Prevalent] Stations. BLACK TEAS 9 8 BAS, [AS] s. d Dr. Cockeury [Cookery] ith [it] th . Arabica,' [Arabic] I find it 'to be a pure vezetable [vegetable] Farina, perfectly whole- [whole to] TO BE HAD OF THE FOLLOWING AGENTS [AGENTS] . Common Tea -. 4 Common Gren [Green] 3 r. COCKBURN can, with the greatest satisfaction add, some. easily digestible, likely to promote a healthy action of the Hv Mr. WILMAN, Mr. SHILLITO . (The duty on, all being 2s. 2 id, renders comment t FOOD cece [ce] and also prove by thousands of testimonials received by stomach and bowels, and thereby to cotmteract [contract] dyspepsia, con- [collision] A Ramaden. [Ramsden] Lomax. A Train leaves Manchester at S 19, 2 on the quality of this tea wancccssary.) [necessary] Young Hyson [Dyson] 3 4 him, during the last ten years, from all parts of the king- [constipation] stipation, [station] and their nervous cousequences. [consequence] seal Chemist Bevjord [Bedford] My. I Hick. Heckuo.thirike--My, [Heck.thirteen--My] Booth. 8 55, Stulybridye [Stalybridge] 3 to, 2 Sound Congow [Congo] Ter [Te] 3 (This will mix with the 8s, black.) dom, [don] that the surprising and healthy qualities of the Anprew [Andrew] URE, [RE] M.D., F R.S., &e., 'Analytics emist. [mist] Dewsbury-Mr. Gloyne. Brighous-Mv. [Brighouse-Mv] Cardwell. te een [en] en 5 bi 2 36, 2 (A good useful tea for economical and larve [lave] con- [con oriental] Oriental Botanical Extract know no equal, and have niéver [never] Dr. Harvey presents his compliments to Mess s. Du Bamy [Bay] and Zecds-tcinhardt [Sects-Reinhardt] and Sons, Briggnte; [Briggate] Macgowan, [McGowan] Woodhouse x ars [as] 9 17, 7,9 Be. ti ite [it] ) Fine y oung [young] Hrson [Harrison] eee [see] cee [see] been known to fail, but after various other quack remedies Co., and has pleasure in reconnnending [recommending] their Revalenta [Prevalent] Food,' Lane; Topham, Wade Lane; Pickles, Kirkgate; where 3.38 105, Bradley 951 Wen Strong Congou [Congo] 3.4 (We recommend this wich [which] the 3s. 4d. black.) for the complexion had been resorted to, ruinous both to it has been singularly useful in many obstinite [obstinate] cases of diarrhzea, [diarrhoea] may also be had ae 10 17, Mirfield ly, 3 52, lu ob (A tea very mich [much] approved of.) Super Youne [Young] Hvs [His] health and pocket, without deriving any benefit, but in 28 also of the opposite condition of the bowels and their nervous HICK'S CELEBRATED COUGH LOZENGES Bathy [Bath] 1021, 411, 1041, Morey [More] Fine Svachong [Searching] Tea 3 8 PUPCY [PAPACY] LOUNG [LONG] TLYSOD [SOFTLY] 4 many cases doing the patient great injury, the Oriental couse [course] on AU Ist, [Its] 1849 10 31, 21, 1051, Wortley 10 oT, 427 rn eae [ear] Strongly recommended.) 40 Fine Fyson [Dyson] 4 [C Botanical Extract triumphed in a complete and perna- [pena- pena] eS A FEW CASES. CURES FOR THE UNCURED ih 5. ME sivas [siva] eases gia [Gin] ig nent [sent] cure. From the Right Hon. the Lord Stuart de Decies. [decides] oo ---- (This tea is move in repute than any other; it is Gunpowder Tea 4 4 Dr. CockBURN [Cocking] begs to place before his fair readers Dromana, [Roman] Capoquin, [Captain] county Waterford, Feb. 15, 1849. OLLOWAY'S [HOLLOWAY'S] OINTMENT. LEEDS, HUDDERSFIELD, a very superior tea.) ae . Gentlemen,-I have derived much benefit frum [from] the use of the Finest Pekoe 4 4 The finest Young Hyson [Dyson] 5 0 generally the following testimonials, selected out of some 'Revalenta [Prevalent] Food.' It is only due to the public and to yourselves iA KING'S nn (This sca [ca] hich [which] Claes [Class] ten (This is fit for any use.) thousands received from all parts of the globe, proving the 45 state. that you are at liberty to make any use of this commu- [com- common] AN EXTRAORDINARY CURE OF SCROFULA, OR KID Finest La san Souchone. [Souchong] 5 wonderful and surprising efficacy of his Oriental Botanical nication [nation] which you may think proper.-I remain, gentlemen, EVIL. Newcastle... dep. [de] (This i 'pare tea, very scares, of an extraordi. [extraordinary] Fine Shot Gunpowder 6 0 Extract but it is quite impossible, in the short space Of an your obedient servant, STUART DE DECIES. [decides] of a Letter from Mr. Alliday, [Holiday] 209, High-stveet, [High-street] Cheltea- [Chelsea- Shelters] Thirsk su nary favour.) The finest Gunpowder imported 7 ordinary advertisement, to give more than a 4, Park-walk, Little Chelsea, London, Oct. 2, 1848. hen, dated the 22nd of Junucry, [January] 1830. ary [art] sample, Twenty-seven years' dyspepsia, from which I had suffered To Professor HOLLOWAY. cc Me . . COFFEES. TESTIMONIALS RECENTLY RECEIVED, great pain and inconvenience, and for which I had eousultod [resulted] eldest son, when about three years of age, was Pool for Otley... The Coffee Markct [Market] is very uncertain-prices changing daily. We quote the present prices s. d. advice of many, his been effectually removed by your exccllent [excellent] afflicted with a Glandular Swelling in the neck, which after ----- Fine Cevlon [Ceylon] Coffee 10 Copy of a Letter received from Lady B-, Park-lane, London, April 10. Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] Food in six weeks' time, &., &c. VEE [EVE] Se id ical [cal] Leeds 3 ri Pe on eeu [eu] 08 Fe esse wee ET ESS [ES] SE Ss 50 Nee Fe 960 Wise 6.5 cena [cent] sews 9 Park-lane, London, April 10th, [the] 1850. Parker D, BixcHaM, [Bigamy] Captain Royal Navy. a short time broke out into an Ulcer. An eminent medica [medical] eas [was] dep. [de] ito [to] in Plantation (recommended) sen eng sas [as] 1 . AD 1850. man pronounced it as a very bad case of Scrofula, and Wortley ............ ' Lady B- fi ds h 1 P nes [ne] (1 cote, ady [day] orwar [owe] er compliments to Dr. Cockburn, and a Aug 1849 iy ny Churwell [Howell] Finest Java Coffee (suncrivr [sanctuary] Coffee) cee [see] 1 4 i . Louisa-terrace, Exmouth, Aug, 17, 1S49. [S] a ae ee 5 with Pap. T Rie. [Tie] ell Finest Cuba Coffce [Coffee] (stronely [strongly] recommended 1 6 has much pleasure in thanking him for the great service shé [she] de- [dear] Dear Sir,-I will thank you to send me, on receipt of this, two prescribed for a considerable time without BUECK [BECK] neds [ness] Morley ee C a pa Joon [John] (strony [strong] VY recommended) cence [Cents] cee [see] cee [see] cee [see] rived from the application of his delightful and excellent prepara- [prepared- prepared] é NE te ia Book. ue ty ease then for four years went on gradually increasing in oh inest [inst] Mocha Coffee 1 8 tion [ion] for the coinplexion [complexion] in fact, she cannot express herself in en-p at its be efi [if] dal [al] effects have Leen [Lee] duly ap reciated [recited] virulence, when, besides the ulcer in the neck, another Dewsbury ......... Our Coffee is I Lest (un patent terms sufficient for benefits experienced. Lady B will fee 28sure [sure] you that its beneficial effects have bee y app 2 . Pew Y ar Coffee is roasted Ly the latest Gaproced [Proceeded] patent machinery. oblived [obliged] if Dr Cockburn, at the carliest [earliest] convent y il f seal by, dear sir, most respectfuliy, [respectfully] formed below the left knee, and a third under the eye, Mirfield ...... Much discussion having recently taken place in Parliament about CHICORY, we are induced to keep the best jor [or] half a dozen 4s. 6 1. bottles. being about to lene [Lee] town, and Toons Kno, [No] Mijor-General. [Major-General] besides seven others on the left arm, with a tumour between ui eo Luise [Louise] 7 2 Ste eee [see] ee) eas [was] ee 3 vee [see] whic [which] we WEY [WE] imported, at 8d. per Ty, on sale for these who piefer [prefer] its admixture. not wishing to be without so valuable a friend. A post-office Letter froia [fora] the Venerable Archdeacon of Ross. the eyes, which was expected to break. During the whole MTrildersteld Having bricfiy [brick] alluded to tlie [tie] principle on which we conduct our business, we respectfully solicit the attention of order is herewith enclosed for the amount. Aghadown [Again] Glebe, Skibbereen, [Siberian] county Cork, Aug. 22, 1849. of the time my suifering [suffering] boy had received the constant .. Hote [Hotel] Ke pirs, [pits] Schools, and all Large Establishiacits, [Established] who will derive considerable adcuntages [advantages] from these arrange- [arrange testimonial] Testimonial received April 1th, [the] 1850 Dear Sir,-I cannot speak too favourably of tue Revalcuta [Reflect] advice of the most celebrated medical Gentlemen at Chel- [Che- Chelsea] oiear ear] ments. [rents] ARTE 2 Arabica. [Arabic] Avex. [Ave] Stuart, Archdeacon of Russ. tenham, [Denham] besides being for several months at the General Slaithwaite Note.-Tras [Note.-Trays] art DELIVERED Carriacr [Carriage] Free To any Part or EXcLanp, [Explain] when the quantity ordered exceeds Six Cavendish House, near Windsor, April 10th, [the] 1850. Aghadown [Again] Glebe, Skibbereen, [Siberian] county Cork, Aug. 27, 1819. Hospital, where one of the Surgeons said that he would f eas was] now imported into this country, demands the most scrutinizing caution. In this we as from the extent of our Trade we are enabled to employ a Qualined [Qua lined] and Experienced e duty is that of carefully Selecting, Tustiig, [Trusting] and appropriating Teas for consumption, Pounds; but the Carriage of Coffee is not Paid, unless by Tea. Returning our best ihanks [thanks] for past fvours, [fours] we refer to our system of business as a satisfactory inducement for your farther patronage and recommendation. 2, Bucklersbury, [Bucklers bury] Cheapside. MANSELL, HORNE, AND CO. ta ONE AGENT IN EVERY Town APPCINTED [APPOINTED] CPON [CON] APPROVAL OF REFERENCES. Te YORKSHIRE FIRE AND LIFE IN- [INSURANCE] SURANCE [ASSURANCE] COMPANY. HE INDUSTRIAL AND GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE AND DEPOSIT COMPANY. same time, frequent recourse to bathing. In those cases the Oriental Botanical Extract is also especially recommended to be used immediately after by all persons who are in any way troubled with cutaneous eruptions, and who resort to Miss Beauchamp's respects to Dr. George H. J. Cockburn, and is now enabled to forward him, with a great deal of pleasure, this letter, from the good she has recently derived from using his truly wonderful Botanical Extract for the skin, together with his ex- [excellent] cellent [excellent] advice, which she cannot thank him sufficiently for, but which shall not be forjotten [forgotten] to be recommended by her wherever it is required. Miss Beauchamp will thank Mr. G. H. J. Cock- [Cockburn] burn to ucknowledge [knowledge] the receipt of the cheque now sent. Extract of a Letter veceived [received] March ith, [it] 1850. Bristol, March 1th, [the] 1850. Mr. Cockburn,-Sir,-Having been recommended to make a Hauirax,-Mr, [Harris,-Mr] P. H. Wilkinson and Mr. J. H. Kershaw. Analysis by the celebrated Professor of Chewistry [Chemistry] and Analytical Chenist, [Chemist] Andrew Ure, [Re] MLD., [MILD] Le., Le. - London, 24, BloomsLury-square, [Bloomsbury-square] June &, 13849. Sirs,-Having had an attack of bad fever about three years ago, I have ever since been suffering from its effects, producing excessive nervousness, pains in my neck and left arm, and gene- [general] ral [al] weakness of constitution, which has prevented me in a great degree from following my usual avocations these sensations, added to restless nights, particularly after previous exercise, often rendered my life very miserable; but I am happy to say, that having been induced io try your farina about two months since, Iam [I am] now almost a stranger to these symptoms, which I confidently hope will be rsmoved [removed] entirely, with the divine bless- [blessing] ing, by the continued use of this food. I have an objection that my name should appear in print, which, however. in this' Please let my friend Walker have twelve boxes, and he will for- [forward] wird [ward] them to me by next steamer. The Pills have wrought the most astonishing cures.-Yours respectfully, To Mr. Hick, Chemist, Bewry [Berry] W. WaATsoN. [Watson] Wakeficld, [Wakefield] England amputate the left arm, but that the blood was so impure, that if that limb were taken off it would be then impessible [impossible] to subdue the disease. In this desperate state I determined to give your Pills and Ointment a trial, and, after two months perseverance in their use, the tumour gradually began to disappear, and the discharge from all the ulcers perceptibly decreased, and at the expiration of eight months they were perfectly healed, and the boy thoroughly restored to the blessings of health, to the astonishment of ' a large circle of acquaintances, who could testify io the Stalybridge ARR ARPA a8 A THIRD CLASS 10 30a.m., [a.m] HUDDERSFIELD ut mediate Stations.-Aise, [Stations.-Ise] a THIRD DERSFIELD [HUDDERSFIELD] for LEEDS at 1 45; dleworth [Saddleworth] ..... ificl [incl] actly [act] Stockport, AsHtON [Ashton] Leese Droy sden [Dry sen] ......... Clayton Bridge .. Park ooo [too] Miles Platting ... ... ar. ro - trial of your Botanical Extract, I purchased of my townsman, . ie ie ine [in] h of ca Be ee ec Pe Thr [The] Bax, [Ba] - Established at York, 1824, and Empowered by Act of Ferris. chemi [chime] y, 122, instance, is overcome for the sale of suffering humanity.-Il am truth of this miraculous case. ree [ere] years have now Liverpool ...... ar. Parliament.-Caj [Parliament.-Can] jital [vital] 5 OU, 0002. CAPITAL, 100,000, IN 49,000 SHARES OF 2 10s. EACH. a chemist, Uniop-susat, [Union-Susan] on eral [Earl] es ere 4 sirs, your obedient servant, elapsed without any recurrence of the malady, and the boy Crewe ............. TRUSTEES. 3 only say, Sith to you and pleasure to myself, exceeded ALExs. [Ales] Stuart, Archdeacon of Ross. is now as healthy as heart can wish. Under these cireum- [cream- cireumMacclesfield] Macclesfield Lord WENLock, [Wenlock] Lscrick [Crick] Park, 2, WATERLOO-PLACE, PALL Matt, LonDON; [London] AND my most sanguine expectations; for I had, before making use of King's College, Cambridge, Oct. 15, 1849. stances I consider that I should be truly ungrateful were I Chester .. G. L. THompson, [Thompson] Esq., Sheriff-Hutten [Sheriff-Hutton] Park, RoverT [Robert] Swann, Esy., [Es] York. BaNKERS-Messrs. [Bankers-Messrs] Swann, Co., York. ACTUARY AND SECRETARY-Mr. W. L. Newman, York. The STEADY and ENCREASING [INCREASING] support which this Com- [Company] pany [any] has received during the TWENTY-FIVE years of its establishment, is the best proof of the confidence which the public reposes in its STABILITY and LIGERALITY. [LIBERALITY] The attention of the public is particularly called to the terms of this Company for ; LIFE INSURANCES, And to the distinction which is made between MALE and FEMALE Lives. The following extracts from the Tables (complete copies of which, with the Rates of the interniediate [intermediate] Ages and for terms of years, may be had on application at the Office in Work, or of any of the Agents) will skow [snow] the Annual Pre- [Premiums] Miums [Mums] required fur securing 1001. payable on the decease of- [of extract] EXTRACT FROM THE TABLE OF PREMIUMS FOR INSURING ONE UUNDRED [HUNDRED] POUNDS. 9 4s.; and if 40 years of ace, 6 19s.-to [1st.-to] be in Ii wey [we] sme [same] sagen [sage] or re ae most severe pains in the back, chest, right and left sides, which with an exception of ten years I served in the 2th [the] Reci- [Rice- Rich] - A Marte [Mare] A FEMALE. A MALE. A FEMALE, anc [an] age, Se é in like every unpleasant appearance forsook my skin and in a very -omiiti [omit] ass fect [fact] tz oa Si P year ANCASHIRE [LANCASHIRE] ANT RAS [AS] ELEE [LEE] Ase [As] next sate AF J Age next ee ee manner paid at death. short space of time a perfect cure was made. I shall not feel any ae Of aratitude. [gratitude] Thee not ied [id] wae [we] adc [ad] ot ee GF (Signed) Joun [John] Prrr. [Parr] ADP - Birthday. Whole Life Premiums Birthday. Whole Life Premiums Drererrep [Draper] ANNUITIES also will be granted in consideration objection, if you think proper tomake [to make] this public, and Ihave [Have] the stomach since 1 commenced your Food, &e ., &e-I remain, CURE OF A BAD LEG OF MORE THAN SIXTY YEARS of the like payments honour to be, Sir, yours most faithfully, C. A. SEyMouR. [Seymour] gentlemen, yours very truly SRANDING [STANDING] ALR [ALE] LISS EL E ( ny e . Roy 8 i NDING, [ENDING] i a 4 5 i ns iw 6 a Thus, by a Weekly payment of One Shiling [Shilling as, Copy of a Letter received March 19th, [the] 1850. Rev. THomas [Thomas] Minster, of Farnley Tyas, Yorkshire. Mr. Barker, of No. 5 Graham's-place, Drypool, near Liverpool wee e wt i 1 9 3 a 2 DATA 95 S-piace, [S-place] ypeol, [Peel] og 1 1113 1 W 1] 8 53 411 6 4 2 6 20 years of age may secure an Annuity of 9 13s. 6d., to poor gi re pee oe igre [ire] Cesar Gentl [Gentle] I Ine [In] vou [you] Foud [Found] with creat [great] roses, Before Aull, [All] had ulcers on his log from the age of eighteen until Middieon [Middleton] e 2 621 8 200 114 4 111 6 56 5 4 0 414 Commence at 50 3 or 23 14s. 2d., to commence at 40 years oy thie [the] Gat [At] of peak Ona [On] did the ou fT commenced 1 sould [should] not taka [take] a meal of any bat was UPWards [Upwards] of eighty, and although for many years he had Oldham dy 6 oe i a i 8 6) 6 4 4 6 of age-receivable Annually until death. A person aged for the samo. [same] I to inform you that seeing it advertised in sure to suffer great pain after it from indigestion, I suppose, but S Ught [S Ought] the first advice in the country, nothing was found to Blue Pits...) 2 6 33. 8 i 2 (29 8 116 2 63 7 40) G9 6 30 years, may, by the like payments, receive 5 2s. 8d. several Liverpool newspapers, was persuaded by a friend to try thank God I am much better. I have recommended your Food cure them. He very often suffered most exeruciating [excruciating] pain B 41) 3 5 ele [Lee] 3 iss [is] ele [Lee] ow 7 ito [to] oal [oak] or 8 from 50, or ete [tee] 10d. from 60 years of age; and if 40 although that ee I felt assured it would only be a waste to a 'arent [rent] many af my fellow ALEX, Sergeant j for long periods together, which incapacitated him from S zal [al] 1 5 a 5 oR Be years 2 0s. 8d. from 50 7 4s. 4d. from 60 Of Money and trouble, having had recourse to 50 many things Royal Sappers and Miners, Ordnance Survey, Dewsbury. attending to his business. He had giv [give] p all S ESOS [SOS] Bc S 3 seule [seale] a8 itis [its] 2 years of age, Is Or 4d. from 7 L y iz dnan [dan] r usiness. [business] e had given up all hopes of p47 [p] 40 219 9 2 10 6 i3 1 9 years of age-receivable until death. before, without doing me the least good, but at last I determined 2, Priuceso [Prices] otroot, [root] Manchester, 3rd month. 19th. [the] 1849, getting a cure, when at last he was persuaded to tes [te] Hol- [Ho- Holford] Fodmea [Formed] oe ' a3 219 210 3 By to give it a trial, and accordingly obtained a 2s. 9d. bottle from Respected Friend,- [Friend] I think no one who had received or seen r's Pills and Ointme [Ointment] li rey [re] a . 43 35 38 217 2 80 15 12 10 ya monthly payment OL Two Shillings, a person aged Messrs. Eyre and Co., Steel-street, as one of your agents in this so good and comfort result from it as in my mother's case mies [miles] hs en intment, [Ointment] which he did, and however Do dp Sai [Said] ais [is] ' Gentleman whose age does not od 20 may receive an Annuity for Life of 4s lls., [ll] to com- [cotton] town, and I can only say with much pleasure that after a few ap- [would] would be without it in sickness. Thou art at liberty to use this AY appear, he leg was thoroughly healed by Heb. Bridge 3 i m8 50 ELE [LEE] conn [con] wi a2 ag efor [for] mene [men] at 50; or 11 2s. 8d., to commence at 60 years of plications [applications] I perceived a pleasing change, and in a short time a letter as thou thinkest [thinks] best, and I' will cheerfully answer any 'heir means, and by continuing to use the Pills alone after Mythomrd.'3 [Method.'3] 8 7 , may insure om. payable on ecease, [cease] for an an- [manage] age. A person aged 30, may, by the like payments, perfect cure was the result; for which I beg you to accept'my inquiries.-I am, thy friend, Epwarp [Warp] Corsert, [Cost] Sanitary En his leg was well, he has become in health so hale and Luddenden nual [annual] payment of 22 10s.; [1st] and a Lady of the same age receive 2 8s 4d from 50, or 6 10s. 8d. from the age of best thanks.-I am, dear Sir, yours obliged, M. ParseER. [Papers] gireor, [gore] &c. hearty as now to be more active than most men of fifty, Sowerby Be ' ean [an] secure the same sum, for an annual payment of 60 years; and if 40 years of age, 19s., to commence from Extract of a Letter received March 11, 1950. 8, Sydney-terrace, Reading, Berks, Dec. 3, 1847. B.-The truth of this extraordinary statement can be an AMI. 17s, 64. 50, or 8 7s, to commence from 60 years of age, Union street, Brstn, [Boston] March 10,1850, to be able to inform you that the per vouched for by Mr. J. C. Reimbardt, [Reinhardt] 2 Market-place, Elland ..0 6 11) 7 3 . deriv [drive] land ...... -- 7 ae ete [tee] ' shouse [house] Ti Lat FIR NSURANCES [INSURANCES] Other Advantages are also offered by the Mr. G. H. J. Cockburn, 27, Aldgate, London.-Sir,-I take very great benefit from its use; distressing symptoms of long G Bro a RE I SURANCES [INSURANCES] ACCUMU [ACME] me nb Sys [Says] yo OF with great pleasure an opportunity of forwarding a Testimonial standing have been removed, and a fecling [feeling] of restored health in- [February] February 20th, [the] 1850. Cooper Brg [Beg] Are also effected by this Company, on the most moderate ACCUMULATIVE SYSTEM, under which the entire Pre- [Respecting] respecting the great benefit I have received from the use of your duced. [duce] Havin [Having] witnessed the beneficial effects in the above- [above cure] CURE OF Hindderefd. [Hundred] Sol Qual [Equal] po terms. tnium [tim] is paid in one sum, the whole of which (after one invaluable Oriental Botanical Extract, and I shall not think it miantioned [mentioned] enser [enter] I can with confidence recommend it, and shall A CASE OF HANGWORM [Hang worm] OF BEX [BE] arrival...) 8 5 i FARMING STOCK year) will be returned, with a stated increase, at fourteen but my duty to recommend it for use to all my friends and have much pleasure in so doing whenever an opportunity offers. YEARS STANDING. departure i INSURED WITHOUT THE AVERAGE CLAUSE. 27, CORPORATION-STREET, MANCHESTER, Registered pursuant to Act 7 and 8 Victoria, c. 110. (For enabling all Classes to participate in the advantages of Life Assurance, by granting Policies as low as 5; by accepting Premiums in Quarterly, Monthly, or Weekly Payments by making beneficial provision where cir- [circumstances] cumstances [cum stances] prevent the Assured from paying all the Premiums; and affording other important advantages hitherto unattainable by means of Assurance Companics.) [Companies] Thus, by a Weekly payment of One Shilling, a person 20 years of age may Assure 149 3s. if 30 years of age, 118 1s.; and if 40 years of age, 89 7s.-to be paid to their families at death. By a Monthly payment of One Shilling, a person 20 years of age wey [we] Assure #34 et if 30 years of age, 27 7s. 6d.; and if 46 years ofage, [age] 20 18s. 6d.-to be paid ir families in like manner, Paid' to the By a Quarterly payment of One Shilling, a person 20 years of age may Assure 11 12s, 6d.; if 30 years of age, days' notice whenever required, on the Policy being delivered up; or the full amount paid may be borrowed your excellent Extract, rescrted [resorted] to several things I saw adver- [aver- advertised] tised, [tied] but without making any improvment [improvement] in me. I shall not, Sir, feel any hesitation to answer any reference you may think fit to make to me; and allow me to thank you once more for the great benefit I have received from the use of your valuable pre- [preparation] paration.-I [reparation.-I .-I] remain, Sir, your obedient and obliged servant, Tuomas [Thomas] H. CLEMENTS. Extract of a Letter veceived [received] Tth, [The] 1850. St. Albans, Janwary [January] 3, 1850 Miss Wiltshire begs Mr. G. H. J. Cockburn to accept her best thanks for the surprising efficacy she has derived from using his Botanical Preparation and she can only say, that wherever the opportunity occurs of recommending it, she shall do so, knowing path Ane [An] greatest confidence that it is quite harmless and most eneficial. [beneficial] i. Extvact [Extract] of a Letter received Feb. 21, 1850. Cumberland Terrace, Revent's [Recent's] Park, London, Feb. 21, 1850. To G. H. J. Cockburn, Esq.-Sir,-I have much pleasure in forwarding you this testimonial respecting the wonderful efficacy of your Oriental Botanical Extract for the Complexion. I was, Sir, previous to using it, troubled with a great many spots and eruptions on my skin; but Tam pleased to say that after a few applications of your Extract according to your directions, that others, who are troubled with any unpleasant eruptions on their skin, for I can say this, after trying every other preparation, and I now consider myself a stranger to all complaints, except a hearty old age. Iam [I am] as well as ever I was, and even quite free from the vexatious and troublesome annoyance of an eruption of the skin, of which I had suftered [suffered] for years, and which my medi- [med- medical] eal [Earl] attendant had declared incurable at my time of life. About sixty years ago I had a fall from my horse hemiplegia was the consequence my left arm and leg were paralysed, also my left eyelid and the eye was displaced. From 1789 these dilapidations have resisted all remedies, until now, at the age of 85, by two years' use of your delicious Breakfast Food, my left arm and leg have been rendered as useful to ne as the right, and the lelt [let] eye- [eyelid] lid restore to health, the eye so much so that it requires no spectacles, &c. I deem this extraordinary cure of much import- [importance] ance [once] to sufferers at large, and consider it my duty to place the above details at your disposal in any way you think will promote the welfare of others.-Faithfully, WILLIAM Hunt, Barrister-at-Lew. Winslow, Bucks, Jan. 22, 1S4S. [1ST] I have found it to be a simple though very efficacious aud [and] plea- [pleasant] sant [san] food, doing good to my own and others' functional dis- [disorders] orders. Rev. CHARLES KERR, St. Saviour's, Leeds, Dec. 9, 1847, For the last five years I have been in a most deplorable condition of health, having been subject during that period to -I am, gentlemen, very truly yours, James SHORLAND, [HOLLAND] lite surgeon, 96th Regiment. not ts make you acquainted with this wonderful cure, effected by your medicines after every other means had failed. (Signed) J. H. ALLIDAY. [HOLIDAY] CURE OF ACUTE RHEUMATISM OF FOUR YEARS STANDING. Extract of a Letter frou [four] Mr. Juhu [July] Piti, [Pit] Dudley, Wth [With] Jan., 1850. To Professor HOLLOWAY. S1z,-It [Size,-It] is with the greatest pleasure that I write to thank you for the benefit I have reccived [received] from your Pills and Ointment, which have completely cured me of the Rheumatism, under which I suffered for this last four years -at times I was so bad as hardly to be able to walk. I had tried every kind of medicine that was recommended without receiving any benefit. I at last thought I would give your medicines a trial, and purchased from Mr. Hollin, chemist, of this town, two Boxes of Pills, and two of Oint- [Ont- Ointment] ment, [men] and in three weeks, through them and the blessing of God, I was restored to health and strength, and am now as to walk as ever I was in my life. Iam [I am] well known in this parish, having been sixty-five years in it, Lina, 13th of November, 1849. One of the most eminent Surgeons in Lima (the capital Binningham [Birmingham] London. te A THIRD CLASS FIELD and Maprspen [Prosper] ats 9 32a.m.; [a.m] and 2 30 p.m., arriving culling at all the intermediate dersfield [Huddersfield] 7 2, 2 5, 213, 7 56, Slauithwaite [Slaithwaite] 7 Saddleworth 7 2, 242, sz ley 7 57, 257, 8 5 ' 9 25, 3 35, 9 5, Ashton s lu. by 8 55, Clayton ui. 3 2h, Platting 350, 3.30, 9 10, Manuchesicy [Manchester] Liverpco [Liverpool far at 10 20, 6 55 rod A Train leaves Leeds at 6 1 bE Churwell [Howell] 6 14 Mirfield. .ar Kr ' ivi [iv] re i 2 , 4 Dewsbury 3 AGENTS. at interest, on security of the Policy alone. deriving no use Zo them, I was induced by al ly to make a Stainbro', [Stain bro] Barnsley, Aug. 11th, 1849. of Peru) had a child covered with Ringworm for more than tl y- HIUDDERSFIELD......R. [HUDDERSFIELD......R] T. ROBINSON, Solicitor, Market Thus a person aged 20, on payment of 3 9s. 9d., will ia sufficient for the good that tore fone [one] on eva [ave] ama [am] Food. it erry [Berry] mauelt [malt] six years in vain he exhausted all his art in his endeavours Morley - Place. receive a Policy assuring 10 at Death (on which Policy vious [pious] to making use of it I was ashamed to go out into any society much from nervousness and debility, but are thankful to state a cure. Not succeeding, he consulted among his Churwell [Howell] ... . DEWSBURY............ C. R. Scholes, Solicitor. no further payment whatever is required), and after the my complexion being quite discoloured, by eruptions and spots; we are now much stronger ahd [had] calmer than before. Please send brethren, the most celebrated medical practitioners of the Wertiey [Wetter] - FAX. Charles Claye, [Clay] Cheapside. first year may receive back 3 9s. 9d., or after the sixth but after only using it twice, I even then perceived a great altera- [alter- alternate] another 10Ib [ob] M......Schoolmaster. city, but nothing was found to do the child service. When ponds. nes [ne] 5 2 HOLMFIRTH ......... Martin Kidd, Solicitor. yeur [year] 3 15s. 2d., as shown in Table, and surrender the Hon for Ene [One] beties, [bites] and in 8, short time se oe my Royal Hotel, St. Heliers, Jersey, Nov. 4, 1849. he was persuaded by Mr. Joseph P. Hague, the English Horley 2 ROCHDALE ............ T. F. Dearden, Solicitor. Policy; or may borrow the full amount of Premium paid, instead of being a trouble, is quite pleasant and nee an ndgitne, [nadine] My dear Sir,-It is not to be told all the benefit your Food has chemist and druggist, residing at No. 74, Calle [Call] de Palacio, [Palace] Wow 3S vi SADDLEWORTH ...... James Platt, Prospecton, [Prospect] Upper Mill. at the usual interest, on security of the Policy only, repaying to the toilet. , been to me; and my litt.e [list.e] son cries for a saucer of it every morn- [Morton] to try Holloway's Pills and Ointment, which was done, and Normantn. [Normanton] Ss TODMORDED [ADMITTED] ......... A. G. Eastwood, Solicitor. the Loan at convenience. Hoping you will pardon this intrusion and freedom, I am, Sir, ing he never wanted. 5 doctor Sate it into the house. I after using six large Pots of the Ointment, with a propor- [proper- properties] Leeds Hun A person aged 30, on payment of 4 0s. 10d., or, aged Yours, respectfully, MARIANNE DvRANT. [Front] sours. you a blessing to society at arge.--Most [are.--Most] faithfully tion [ion] of phe [the] Pils, the ar radically cured, to the sur- [Sir- sure] Le ANNUAL DIVISION OF PROFITS. 40, on payment of 4 14s. 8d., would each receive a Policy The Oriental Botanical Extract is prepared according to a To os Prise OF the whole medical profession. The nan e of the SONS... 2 ov RE 4 T BRITAIN for 10, with the advantage of withdrawing or borrowing the age of the patient. Dr Cockburn, therefore, requests yyy. [ty] Baan [Bean] teres [trees] 8, Bayswater, London, Nov. 22, 1849. parent, from motives of delicacy, is withheld. Harrogate 3 A AIN [IN] MUTUAL LIFE ' wae [we] g 3 I ore, Tr p thank Messrs. Du Barry and Co. tosend [to send] him The Pi 27 . Scarbro' l ASSURANCE SOCIETY im [in] the ONE GH. parties will obtain it according to the following instruc- [instruct- instructor] another canister of their Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica, [Arabic] it agreeing so well e Pills should be used conjointly with the Ointment in wall oo... - 14, WATERLOO-PLACE, AND 52, Kine WILLIAM-STREET This system may thus be said to combine the benefits of tions [tins -No. 1, for the use of persons from 12 to 18 years of with his infant. (This infant was six days' old when it com- [commit] Most of the following cases Bridlingtn. [Bridlington] ; try. Life Assurance with the advantages of a Savings' Bank, as age; No. 2, for all persons from 30 to 50. menced [mended] living on the Food). Bad Legs Cancers Scalds THE CHISHOLM. Kinase it provides 2 sum of money for the benefit of survivors in Dr. Cockbnrn [Cockburn] can be consulted by letter, on all diseases Devon Cottage, Bromley, Middlesex, March 34, 1849. Bad Breasts Contracted and Sore Nipples Edinburgh RICHARD HARTLEY KENNEDY, ESQ.-Derury [ESQ.-Derry] Cuatruan, [Curtain] the event of death; a Cash Fund, as much at command as ot the skin, or patients remitting him his usual fee, by post- [post_Gentlemen] Gentlemen,-The lady for whom I ordered your food is six Burns Stiff-joints Sore-throats ' if deposited in a Savings' Bank, available for tempo office order or otherwise. months advanced in pregnancy, and was suffering severely from Bunions Elephantiasi [Elephantiasis] in Di Sundays. . porary [temporary] indigestion and constipation, throwing up her meals shortl [short] P Asis [Ass] Skin Diseases . This Society is established on the tried and approved US 42d a continually increasing Provsion [Provision] for Old Age. Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail, by the after eating them, having a great Weal of heartburn, and bette [better] BiteofMoschetoes Fistulas Seurvy [Scurvy] 'Train leaves Manchester in the mori [more] principle of Mutual Assurance. The Funds are accumu- [acme- compromise] PREMIUMS TO ASS 100 Ss L sole proprietor, Dr. G. H. J, Cockburn, 27, Aldgate, London, constantly obliged to resort to physic or the encma, [enema] and some- [some and] and Sand-Flies Gout Sore-heads 5 'aoe [are] ea en ee ted for the exclusive benefit of the Policy-holders, under UMS [US] BE ON A SINGLE LIFE. in bottles, at 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each, with full directions times to both. I am happy to inform you that your Food pro- [Proctor] Coco Bay Glandular Swell- [Swell tumours] Tumours 533, 87, Lith [With] hee [her] ens te 5 their own immediate superintendence and control. The WITHOUT PROFITS for use also by the following wholesale London chemists duced [duce] immediate relief She has never been sick since, had but Chieco-foot [Check-foot] ines [ones] Ul Todmora [Moderator] Ueborough [Borough] S 47, 3 20,5 1. Profits are divided annually, and applied in reduction of Age. inal [ina] 6 Binal [Final] Messrs. Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon-street; Messrs. iittle [little] heartburn, and the functions are more regular, &e, Chilblains Lumbago Wounds dp Is er Ste oS 8 Se en the future Premiums. Premium. Premium. Promiuny, [Promissory] Premium, Edwards and Co., St. Paul's Churchyard; Mr. J. Sanger, Pool Anthony. TS HOS. WOODHUUSE. [WOODHOUSE] Chapped Hands Piles Yaws royd [road] 9 20, 6 14, 850, Ludden [Sudden] Foes 2 At the Annual General Meeting, held on the 9th instant, 150, Oxford-street Mr. Thomas Prout, 222, Strand Messrs. All that I had suffered froma [from] pass Nov. my 1848. Corns (soft) Rheumatism Bridge 9 32, 11 29, 6 27, 9 vu, N De an elaborate and highly satisfactory f th te of d. d Sutton and Co., Bow Church-yard; Messrs, Hannay and ri r twenty-five years, and which Sold 6 35, 97, Elland 9 45, 1140, 8 u,v Le. oral lactory [factory] report of the state o .s d. .8s d& .8d 8. d. I no medicine could remove or relieve, seems to vanish under the old by the Proprietor, 244, Strand, near Temple-bar 6 48, 9 20, Cooper Bridce [Bridge] lu i, LL oo. [C] the society's affairs was submitted to the m [in] rs, where- [where] 11 Co., 63, Oxford-street; Messrs. Butler and Co.,4, Cheapside. infuence [influence] of Revalenta. [Prevalent] I enjoy sound and refreshin [refreshing] L ' Pie a 1 eee [see] ge WU te TE ke m [in] it was resolved, unanimously, that ome [one] of oS 1 6 10 9 a Messrs. J. and R. Raimes, [Raines] Edinburgh; Mr. D. Campbell; which, until now, I could nob procure Nervousness is eae, [ear] th ndon, [don] and byall [ball] respectable vendors of Patent Medicines Mist Larios, [Rosario] 12 1, 7 2 94M. [M] dp 12 9 eo Ve 9 3 2 2 a 1, ii 4 G25 [G] Seat surrey Thirty por [or] Cent. should be made a the payable 30 216 115 010 10 yt 8 Glasgow; Messrs. Pring and Co., Dublin. away a idly, and I am much more calm and collected he Is. lid... 3. aa an Ten bs Sao [So] cage tk at 1017, 9-40 tee ran BO oe on all the participating scale, on which five or 385 2 7 5 1 4 5 012 43 12 11 Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, chemist, 13, Market Place, me pleasure to do for others what, before Tata [Tat] not tow i8 a very considerable saving in taking the larger sizes. 9, Leeds W. Ra. to 43. to 15, Thr [The] Credit in fe ie Previously made. for th 4 2 1 i a 1 a 5 agent for Hope to do for nervous irritation, &c. W. R. REEVEs. [Reeves] for the guidance of Patients are affixed 7 25, 10 5 Neorbury [Canterbury] ar ee ip Ann remium [premium] itor [it] the Mr. Hunter, chemist, Dewsbury. 5 o each Pot or Box. lane 7 ba RU, &irst [first] fi 9 Southwick Park, Fareham, Hants, [Hats] Oct. 31, 1848. e, 10, 80, York 7 30, Hull s Neweu [New] The following Tabl [Table] lift i 2 1 i be Mosers, [Moses] Bolton, Blanshard, and Co., wholesale and retail Gentlemen,-I sincerely thank you for your kind atten- [attend- introduction] reduction the Present 60 518 9 814 [W] 111 2 6519 9 a Reinhardt and. Sons, chemists, wholesale and a a bomen [omen] taking' the ee Vy in S Tue Ripon Prorectionists [Protectionists] anD [and] LorD [Lord] SraNLEY [Stanley] wee - Sess [Less] eplorable [deplorable] a condition as can we imagined. I was me Ri Al NLEY.- [NILE.- NILE] Age Annual Reduction Annual retail agents, Leeds. confined to bed, and so weak that I could neither stand [C] tupon [upon] Protectionist Association has written to Lord Ba gene when Amount of Premium Age WITH PROFITS, Mr. Hough, chemist, nor walk, suffering severely from flatulency, [flatulence] constipation, Stanley, requesting his lordship and the other protec- [protect- proceeding] Edinburgh 6 a hitherto paid. 30 per Cent. now payable. Annual Halt Teany [Tawny] Quartedy [Quarter] Mr. Priestley, cl eit, [it] onte [one] and indigestion, and being compelled to have recourse to tionist [station] leaders in parliament to take steps for pushing 11 5 530 314 z neon remium. [premium] muum. [mum] mum. Mr. Hall, chemist, 'Sheff [Sheriff] 4 aperients [parents] every second or third day and upon one occa- [occur- Oct] out the free-trade principle a little further than it is noe [one] Son 20 1.000 20 i7 . sdalé sedakl ad Dale steal ad] ad a Chant Cheste [Chest] field sion Sarge no ies [is] en senen [seen] dose within twenty- [twenty at] at present extended. They remind his lordship that Searbro' [Scarbro] .. 7 8 0) é 'a e nag a4 O10 [O] R419 [R] 4 2, eight hours, under medical advice. ere was a giddiness various manufactured goods still enj [end] o Harrogate 5 30 1,000 2513 4 714 17 9 4 20 117 6 019 41 0910 3612 4 Mr. Blackburn, chemist, Bradford. in my head I i g still enjoy a protective ogate [gate] I ; stig [sig] y head and a singing in my right ear, that when I duty against fo sb ork... [or] 5 40 1,000 3318 4 10 3 6 23 1410 eee [see] ae od 2 Sap Be chants Balen. [Bale] tumed [timed] my head on the pillow, it resembled the sound pro- [brother] their conviction that uotline [outline] teed State it as - 50 1,000 48 16 8 1413 si 3 8 7 Mr. Butterworth, chemist, Todmorden. duced [duce] by the slight touch on a musical glass. I had a pain ret [re] f would sooner lead to the Leeds Hun po A. BR. IRVINE. 3 ine [in] Di a i ib i i a Mr. JM. ae hee [her] Delphs [Delph] and asort [sort] of fulness [Furness] across the chest, a sore throat and a iti [it] shin a attempt to push free- [free] wae [we] a he ta [C] eter [enter] Mr. Hick, chemist, oes [ors] slight cough; bnt [bent] the pain around my loins was so to its extreme limits. Lord Stanley replies that ne a 14, Waterloo-place, 10th May, 1850. 45 314 1 118 2 019 4 54 6 And allother [another] respectable chemists in the United Kingdom. tn5 [tn T could not remain' ya rene he cannot advocate th i hi Horbury 19 os th tion [ion] for te é ocate [Oct] the restoration of prote [Porte] BS eae [ear] 50 4 8il [il 2 510 [W 13 3) 5815 7 all night long. 'The principal the pain seemed to Principle as the one recommended 'to him, namely note 9 is Messrs. ROBINSON and SON, High-street. 60 618 8 310 118 8 69 5 8 S4MUEL [SAMUEL] WARBURTON, of No. 11, St. Markatret, [Market] Wood- be just below the ribs on my left sido, [side] and about three conflict between different classes and as to that parti. [part] Worley. 6 ig) AGENT house, near Leeds, in the County of York, gentleman, do solemnly inches from the back bone. I commenced taking the cular [circular] interest most hostile to the corn-laws-the cotton 8 22 Mr. JOHN BROOK Registrar Buxton-road Prospectuses, with Forms of Proposals, &c., and every ged [ge] ehh [he] tA am ahs [has] owner of, ie house, ne Caring and evening Dolled in water and salt, existing antics upon foreign articles en tering [tearing] a ono 6 26 gat [at] ois [is] , we additional information, may be obtained gratuitously, on 13, algar-street, [agar-street] i ap greatly im- [in- into] into competition wi em are so trifling that their en. Dewsbury. 6 38) 9 22) 22 pw Oe -- gs my ng-house has been teranted [warranted] and occupied by the firms of Wilkinson ed d flatulen [flatulence] d ti far ung [ing] er en oe i And for INDIA AND LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE 2PPlication [application] at the chief Office, 2, Waterloo-place, Pall Mall, (94), or Wilkinson, Royle and Co.,.for of twelve years. P have not tasted a pill or drug bf any kind cmes [comes Tam, 7 Temoval [Removal] would produce no appreciable effect. 21099 O82 [O] YS COMPANY, for Assurance of INVALID and Healthy Li London 27, Corporation-street, Manchester; or of the And that no person or persons of the name of Wilkinson, nor any , Love is to a wise man what Scotl [Scott] i c oS TS , MVES. [MES] the following firm calling themselves Wilkinson and Co., and residing either at much stronger, can walk steadier, and less like a drunken se cotland [Scotland] is to a Scotch- arrival...) 6 6 6 58 9 43 12 8 156 414 WILLIAM JAMES CLARKE. AGENTS Halifax, Huddersfield, or Bradford, in the ne County qf York, man, &c. &c. JOHN VASS, [BASS] Land Steward. re 3 he takes pleasure zz it when he's out of it. departure 6 29, 9 25 11 52) 1 sv Jes [Jess] - ite [it] Esq., Kirkgate. HUDDERSFIELD-BEN. BOWER, 2, Market-walk. coer [core] on hed [he] connectio [connection] Ege [Age] Athol-street, Perth, May 2, 1848. eon [on] AXP [AP] on are informed that a most Cooper Bdg [Big 6 8 6 55 .. 4 DANIEL CROSLAND BATTYE, Faq, [Far] Solicitor; ana Halifax james [James] Hervey, Accountant. ment. [men] SAMUBL [SAMUEL] WARBURTON. 1 oman [man] for thirteen pears fom [from] mand [and] ct Bom [Bo] iB the vicinity Of the Lager Beervaulis [Beaulieu] one 624 7 9 22 9 7 itor; [it] an Mirfield-William Ormsby. in the County of York; man inv [in 'or m [in] years from wand of digestion, va on the AINE, [SINE] 000. 2a Spee [Pee] fe) el EP Mr. JOHN BROOK, Buxton-road , 34 Taken, declared, and subscribed at y Schuylkill, near Fountain Green. A col North Dean 6 30 7 15 9 5412 17 2 17 45 . olmfirth-Samuel [Holmfirth-Samuel] Wimpenny. 1848, accompanied with cough and general prostration of -.; coloured boy was lage [age] Se as DELAY Bradford-Thomas Haig, 33, Kirkgate. eis [is] Sk eae [ear] ay BrAELES, [Bales] Solicitor, Leeds. strength) for whom I procured your Arabiac [Arabic] ood [od] has been sized by ihe [the] men in Potton, were heating pitehin [putin] 23 3 501 i 24) 2 23) 4 T . Birstal-George [Bristol-George] Bromley, Savings' Bank. URE [RE] GUARANTEED.- [GUARANTEED] WILKINSON, Sing it daily as directed, and I am happy to say that it liquid. They were scalded in ne thrust into the boiling Luddenden 7 33 le 2s ak VOR OR] delays are dangerous. All parties Wakefield-Lamb and Heald, 199, Kirkgate. ROYLE, and C be ulted [Ltd] at their resi. [rest] 228 Produced a most salutary change in her system, &c. Up to l 'oh most shocking manner. Mytholmrd [Mytholm] 739) [W] wf 2 rm and Co. may cons C JAM POTT p to last night the perpetrators of this inh [in] Heb. Bri [Bro] 7 2u7 [u] from cases of a private nature should consult Messrs. Leeds-Edward Hayes, 7, Park-row. dence, [dene] 13, TRAFALGAR-STREET, LEEDS (Surgery, 57, Nile- [Nile] ES POTTER. had not been arrested.-Pennsylvani [arrested.-Pennsylvania] uman [man] outrage Toe z 47.10 1112 3s 2 . 'WILKINSON Co SURGEOKS, [SURGEON] at their Medical Estab- [Stables- Establish] York-Wm. [Wm] Willoughby, King's Head. he street), ffom [from] nine in the Morning till Ten at ight, [it] and Haddington, East Lothian, March 3, 1849. Buruley [Burley] en 8 1 ne sa 2 3 lishments, [establishments] 2, Back GREEN, hi ae ee and 1, Kine Bolton- [BoltonRichardson] Richardson and Marsland, on Sundays till Two. They are, in consequence of increased Dear Sir,-Your excellent Arabica [Arabic] Food has com- [como] do. dp 7 40; 9 50 12 20) 2 20) 1 CRoss-sTREET, [Cross-street] HALIFAX, Ww. on nour [our] and a speedy cure Sheffield-Michael Beal, 72, Fargate. [Forget] practice, reluctantly, for ihe [the] obliged to discontinue pletely [lately] restored my stomach, nerves, and liver, which had TIME T ABLES. [BALES] Walsden [Wilson] ... 13 ... we 5 bp may be relied upon. Attendance daily at the above Bipon-Jokn [Ripon-John] Fleetham. their usual visits to Bradford, Halifax, and Huddersfield. mn disordered for nearly twenty years past, and my Littleboro' [Little] 826) [W] 2 SoM [Some] Establishments. Ol Samuel Oliver, M.A. however, to state, that communications addressed health is now everything I could wish, and h Rochdale... 8 35,10 37) 2 13 3 ee W 'g PURIFYING DROPS, an astonish They beg, inti [into] ryting [trying] as been so Blue Pits 8 45110 46 125 30 5 discovery fer ps hehe [he] of every stage and symptom of APPlications [Application] for the sppomiment [compliment] of aga [ag] to be ad- [alto] to them at Leeds, 1 will be attended 60, to intimate that these three months past, &e. ANDREW FRASER,,' HUDDERSFIELD TO BRADFORD. Middleton 8 5610 4 132) [W] 3a 5 8 . Director, ha tered [teed] into arrangements with-Dr. R 1 3a ai. 301 1 a5 agus [Argus] the venereal disease, price 4s. 6d. per bottle, sold by 5 Water ee Hoe se 2 See me Cc S., who has had vast opportunities of studying Dis- [Dyson] In canisters weighing lb. at 2s. 9d.; 2b. at Manchester Par. (Par. (2 CL 2 CL SS CL SO SOL Manchester 9 15 ii 3B 4 asl [as] 33516 intment [Ointment] by the following agents place, Pall-Mall, ke. ke., having long confined his attention thereto 4s, 6d.; of Sib. at lls.; [ll] 12lb. [lb] at 22s. super-refined 72. s 6 O 15 10 15 12 10) 1 45 3 5 5 40 7 30 Liverpool... 10 2012 20 3 20) 3.25) -Mr. Wilson, bookseller, &c., North Bridge. one of the principal Hospitals in the kingdom. He has quality, 10Ib., [ob] 38s.; [S's] and 5lb. [lb] 22s.; [S's] suitably packed for Huadersid [Hades] 6 50 83 3 ae 55 1 25 3 251 5 0 6 20 8 20 rere [ere] Huddersfield.- Mr, Dewhirst ist, [its] &c., King-street. tained [gained] fratrate [frustrate] estimonials [testimonials] of his skill in their treat- [treat] climates. Canisters forwarded by DU BARRY and Co., Mirfield ... 6 37 8 13 9 cl 22) 3 55) 5.5 7 3 9 lo Sundays. . Dewsbury.-Mr. Hunter, chemist and druggist. COURT OF BANKRUPTCY FOR THE LEEDS obtaine [obtained] 'vate [ate] practice has proved his 2 receipt of Post-office or Bankers' orders. The 12Ib. [ob] and Heemndke [Hammond] 8 21 9 48 12 14S) [1ST] 4 6 5 27 7 10 9 48 A Desi Dis] war HF Wakefield.-Mr. Lawton chemist and druggist, Bottom DISTRICT. ment. [men] A very exter [Exeter] Oe fl ill be attended to, and L0lb. [Lb] canisters carriage-free to any town or railway station Liversedge 95 12 iy po 738 1 ee we Boo. Thoruil [Thornhill] 5 oy Maree [Mare] BUSINESS DURING THE ENSUING WEEK. will be forwarded. connected by rail with London, or to any port in Scotland Cleckheatn [Cleckheaton ... 8 30 9 56 12 22 2s 4 23 5 44 T3710 [T] Huddersfield 6 52, Cooper Bridge 6 41, Brs2 [Bros] ey.-Mr. Waterfield, bookseller, &c. Before Mr. Commissioner Ayrton. vice SY h personally apply, might successfully Ireland connected with London by steam or sailing Low Moor ... 8 37 10 29 2 11 4 29 5 51 7 3310 11 7.0, and North Dean 77. 14 Wortley y a ae Tetley, chemist, , Leeds-road; and Monpay, [Monday] July 15.-H. Hepworth, draper, Selby, first aw Co's URI ING DROPS and PURI. [PURE] vessels. Bradford...) ... (8 45 16 13 12 40 2 21 4 37 6 1) 7 4310 20 maha [aha] leaves ie the t morning Sure ae . ou iz 2 3. use te ante e 25, Morley, 7 31, tley [they] 7 41, Hebd [Head] baa te. audit, at 11. R. and I. Campion, bankers, Whitby, second FYING [DYING] PILLS.-A TREATISE, of 24 pages, embellished Agents in London Hedges ont et ge BRADFORD TO HUDDERSFIELD, 7 37, Huddersfield 11 (dep. [de] from 48), CU Sw 2 ridge a orth, [North] bookseller. dividend and proof of debts in separate estate of R. Cam- [Comfort] engravings, is sent with them. street Mason, 0., 182 an Piccadilly, honse [house] 11, Elland 8 20, Nr. Dean 325, Halas [Hallas] JP, 7 y.-Mr. Akeds, [Asked] Stamp Office. pion, [ion] at 11. W S0N. [SON] ROYLE, and Co. have published their Me Purveyors to her Majesty the Queen; Barclay, 95, Farring- [ferring- Farringdon] Par. 2C1) [C] 2 1 FC SCL [CL] SH Sowerby Bg. 33, Luddenden F. 5 39. My en 7 Mr. Farrar, hair TuEspay, [Tuesday] July 16.-H. Hepworth, draper, Selby, first dical [medical] Ads ser. se] As a proof of its utility, a large edition has don-street Edwards, Sutton, Newberry, Sanger, Evans, Bradford ... 6 10 ... 9 0 11 30 1 8 3 30 4 50 6 35 8 50 Bridge 8 49, Todmorden 99, Bumicy [Bum icy] #0. .0 Heywood. Alston's Loot druggist. dividend and proof of debts, at 11.' W. Ridler, builder, toon rapidly sold. , Hannay, and through all respectable tea-dealers, grocers, Gow [How] 6 38 9 7 11 87 1 16 257 [W] 43 8.58) Oldham 10 15 ee IIS [IS] -. 8 2 . 7 Py i 2 er a P Hodgpon, [Hodgson] chemist, ge Ke. Cowley, wef [few] Price ofthe [of the] Purifying rows, A 64, pes [peas] Ti modicine [medicine] vendors ta fown [down] and NNO NO] 4 6 29) Gal a [C] 6 a3 9.9 A Brea leaves Lando a to - i Mark oO .3 8. 5 De ee 3 . . ckmdw [Comte] 29). 11 53) 13 ornhill [Cornhill] 11 30, Mirfield 11 35, . -Mr, Green, ne Cam et, Wepyespay, [Wipes] July 17.-At the Town-hall, Hull. Mac and 1 is. re box Considerable saving is by Testimonials of the highest respectability sent gratis. Mirfield 6 37 8 13 9 27,12 0 1 38 3 ul 3 3 20 11 2 Cooper Bridge il 40, Brighouse Li 45, BY mer [Mr] be ar Greenhow.' niggate. [Briggate] Gibbon and Galbreath, [Galbraith] commission agents, Hull last ex- [ex purchasing] purchasing the r sized bottles and boxes; tobe [tone] hadin [Harding Caution -The name of Messrs. Du invaluable 6 58) 8 20 9 43.12 8) 1 56 5 35 715 [W 955 Dean, Halifax, (dep. [de] 11 48, Sowerby By, 2 15 uelhs [eels] Goole Me. Farrer, chemist, ist, [its] &c. fe. amination [examination] and proof of debts, at half-past 12. at their residence; or of the following agents [agents] food, as also that of the firm, leave been oo imitated oa ste 10 5 1 ol 230 7 ag 9 Jo bee ee ee 1D, vi . tome Roper-street. Before Mr. Commissioner West. HUDDERSFIELD-Mr. BROOK, Printer, 26, Buxton-rdad. [Buxton-road] that invalids cannot too carefully look at the exact spelling ----- ' 2 99) 7 40110 80 1.30, Manchester arrival 130, Liverpool geld a Halifax Mr. Hartley, bookseller; and Seeger aa. De (Parry's address New HUDDERSFIELD, NORMANTON, SHEFFIELD. aj x ion, in order to avol [oval] ing im [in upon 2 le ; CavTIoN. Caution] -Un rincipled [principles] persons having copied the by Ervalenta, [Event] REAL Revalenta, [Prevalent] or other spurious and injuri- [injury- ungrateful] ,,2U4dersfield [Huddersfield] 6 29, 9 25, 11 52, 8 55, 7 3.-Normanton 7 7,10 8, --Mr. Dunn, ie. at ee Pennock, v surgeon, York, certifi [certify] labels, bills, &e., P a to Wilkinson, Royle, and Co.'s ous [us] compounds of peas, beans, lentils, Indian and oat eal, [Earl] 12 30, 4 35, 7 40.-Sheffield 9 5, 12 80, 2 40, 6 15, 9 40. July 19.-Samuel Gibson, innkeeper, York, valuable Medicines, they caution the public that none are under a close imitation of the name, which have nothing dividend and proof of debts, at 11. genuine that have not the signature of Henry ot to recommend them but the reckless audacity of their igno- [ing- Huddersfield] HUDDERSFIELD TO PONTEFRACT AND GOOLE and Medicines sent SaTuRDay, [Saturday] July 20.-At the Council-hall, Sheffield.- [Sheffield] hee [her] only be fo tmliate [emulate] whisk Leds [Leeds] or vant, [van] for pigs, would ale and phich, [which] pe h Huddersfield 83, 9 20, 1 30, 5 5, 6 50.-Wakeficld [50.-Wakefield] 9 15, 11 45, Medicines Geo. Woodward caster, last examination can e obtainec [obtained] residence, admirably ada Zs, sad havoc wii [ii] 245, 531, ot . and proof of debis, [Denis] at 10, 7 from any of their accredited Agents. delicate stomach of an invalid or infan [Indian] 1564595 Pontefract 9 39, 1215, 554. 88-Goole 10 30, A Train leaves Normanton at 6 30, 3 5, say, gd Horbury 6 51. Leeds Debry [Derby] 7 2, 9 5 Leeds iS pes [peas] ley 6 30, Churwell [Howell] 6 35, Morley 6 41, Bead oe Fas Mirfield dp. 7 8, 26 een [en] a ties . 16 44, 8 56, Cooper 7 14, 9 9 its (OR) d 7 31, 930, North Dean 7 35, 35, fs Sowerby Bridge 7 43, 9 42, Loken [Token] Foot w BS mae THURSDAY, July 18.-Samuel Gibson, innkeeper, York, audit, at 11. Gorge Wilson, draper, Wakefield, certificate, Pybus, Market- [Mediterranean] eterinary [ordinary]