Huddersfield Chronicle (12/Sep/1868) - Municipal Elections Extraordinary

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


A number of the newly-elected councillors having been raised to the aldermanic bench, vacancies have arisen, and, in several of the wards where there are to be extraordinary elections, strong contests are again expected.

Annexed are reports of meetings which have been held:—


A meeting was held, last night, at the York Hotel, Northgate, Mr. J.C. Laycock, jun., presiding. There was a moderate attendance of ratepayers. On the motion of Mr. John Collins, and seconded by Mr. George Clayton, Mr. Richard Porritt was nominated as a representative for this ward.

There was no opposition to the nomination.


A meeting of burgesses was held at Mr. Senior's schoolroom, East Parade, on Wednesday night, when Mr. Wm. Marriott, manufacturing chemist, was nominated as a fit and proper person to represent the ward in the place of Mr. J. Priestley, who has been appointed an alderman.

Mr. Marriott has issued an address to the burgesses.


In this ward there is every probability of another severe contest. A meeting of the "advanced" party has been held at the Black Bull Inn, and the name of Mr. Barraclough, linen draper, was put forward; and, as yet, we believe, no one has been named in opposition, but the "independent" party have it in contemplation, we believe, to bring out an opponent.


A meeting of burgesses was held on Tuesday night at the house of Mr. William Boocock, the Victoria Tavern, Lockwood Road, for the purpose of taking steps to fill up the vacancy in the Council caused by the elevation of Mr. A. Crowther to the position of alderman. Mr. Benjamin Shaw occupied the chair. There was a good attendance. It was agreed that, inasmuch as Mr. R. Roberts had been withdrawn on a previous occasion to prevent a contest between him and Messrs. Crowther, Dale, and Crosland, that gentleman should be elected to fill the vacancy; but the committee expressed a determination to bring forward their man — Mr. John Shaw — at the forthcoming election on the 1st of November.


For this ward there is at present, we believe, only one candidate in the field, viz., Mr. Law Hopkinson, manufacturer. Last night (Friday) a meeting was held at the Black Horse Inn, Dalton. Mr. Joseph Wild presided. Mr. Tom Walker nominated Mr. Hopkinson to fill the vacancy caused by the election of Mr. H. Brooke to the position of alderman.

The nomination was seconded by Mr. J. Lee Walker, and carried unanimously,


A meeting of the Liberal Central Committee of the above ward, was held at the Fountain Inn, Newsome, on Wednesday evening. Mr. C. Booth occupied the chair. The following resolution was unanimously passed:— "That the members of this committee beg to return their most sincere thanks to the deputy returning officer, Mr. N. Learoyd, for the impartial and straightforward manner in which he conducted the election of counsellors for this ward." A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the evening's proceedings.


Last night a meeting of the burgesses of this ward was held in the Methodist New Connexion Schoolroom, Paddock, to nominate a fit and proper person as councillor, in the place of Mr. Jas. Crosland, who has been appointed an alderman. The room was crowded. Mr. Alfred Sykes was appointed chairman.

Mr. Crosland moved, and Mr. E.J. Blackburn seconded the following resolution:— "That this meeting deprecates certain gentlemen, calling themselves a committee, rescinding a resolution passed at a public meeting of the ratepayers, August 13th, without consulting the body of burgesses." This proposition led to explanations and counter explanations from the supporters of the late candidates, and a scene of hubbub and confusion, intermingled with gross personalities, ensued that has not been witnessed at Paddock for many years. The speakers, and they were numerous on both sides, were assailed with groans, hisses, catcalls, yells, and other discordant sounds deafening to hear. It was urged that as Paddock already possessed an alderman and two councillors, it was only right and fair that Edgerton should have the fourth man. This was resented, on the ground that offers had previously been made to the Edgerton gentlemen to have one representative, but that the parties residing in that locality having rejected Mr. Varley and ignored the committees of the other candidates, that locality was not worth consideration. After a lengthened meeting four persons were proposed as fit candidates to represent the ward, viz.:— Mr. W. H. Dyson, Mr. E. Stott, Mr. G. Dyson, and Mr. B. Hanson. In the midst of great confusion a show of hands was called for, when it was evident that neither Mr. W. H. Dyson or Mr. E. Stott possessed the sympathy of the meeting. The choice, therefore, lay between Mr. Ginethon Dyson and Mr. B. Hanson. On the second show of hands the numbers appeared so evenly balanced the chairman could not give a decision. This led to renewed disapprobation, and, in the midst of uproar and confusion, a vote of thanks was passed to the chairman, and the meeting terminated.