Huddersfield Chronicle (12/Sep/1868) - Correspondence: Radical Ascendancy in the Borough

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SIR, — I presume your paper of Saturday will contain a large amount of useful information respecting the "sayings and doings" of the wise men who at present rule over Huddersfield. What they have already done has been characterised by the most shamefaced partisanship, and what they will do in the future, time alone can tell. The few honest, honourable, and enlightened gentlemen who have seats at the Council Board, are powerless to check the vindictive action taken by the advanced section.

The spirit of persecution brought to bear upon Mr. Councillor Skilbeck is a public scandal. Whatever Mr. Skilbeck may have done to secure for himself personally the hatred of these purists, the office which he held, and the intelligent manner in which he discharged its duties, entitled him to an Aldermanic seat at the Council Board. As Chairman of the Improvement Commissioners, Mr. Skilbeck held the highest public appointment in Huddersfield up to Monday last, and in discharge of the duties appertaining to that office, has worked with a will and a zeal which no body of men could with honour or justice ignore. The general complexion of the new Council, however, is not very favourable to the possession of these virtues, when called upon to exercise them in a public capacity.

What a contrast is presented in comparing the personel of the new governing body with that which was called into existence by the Improvement Act. Under the old dispensation we had such men as Joseph Brook, J.P.; John Sutcliffe, J.P.; George Armitage, J.P.; T.P. Crosland, J.P.; Thomas Mallinson, J.P.; Messrs. Jere Riley, Jere Kaye, Jos. Beaumont, Edmund Eastwood, &c. The present body includes Joseph Benson, Jas. Hadfield, Henry Hirst, jun., Edward Clayton, John Eccles, and a long list of other nobodies. The advocates for a Corporation have always talked very loudly about its dignity as compared with the Improvement Board. Query. Have they not got more than they bargained for?

Yours truly,

September 10th, 1868.

Huddersfield Chronicle (12/Sep/1868) - Correspondence: Radical Ascendancy in the Borough


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