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8 THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1850. must be also essential to our ascendancy, Not cheapness Instead of the cross Instead ef only going to Rome without respect to goodness, for that is not cheapness-but with our Puseyiteish [Pursuits] parsons, we shall go to Constanti- [Constant- Constant] that cheapness which has relation to value and to excel- [excellent] nople [noble Instead of the steeple, with its peal of merry- [merry] 4 jois [Jos] in form throughout. The number of columns, varying in length from fourtecn [fourteen] fe toned bells, we shall see the M4d'neh [Mid'ne] or Minaret, with lence, [Lance] and which arises out of them. I need not tell our the Mueddin [Medina] raised between heaven and earth, to bid us that an article may be low-priced and dear 411 Go to Bath And, after this, and the warm water, pp Suc [Such] THE LOC [LOCK] A L CHRONICLE of cheapness, 'whether in low or more expensive goods. a3 S3- 3222 ssl [ss] . ry eo Ss . ' Goodness and general excellence, of course, include firmness 8 r BER [BE] 12, 1850 ii se SATURDAY, OCTO. [OCT] 2 and durability of fabric, permanence and excellence of 2 23 7252532 [W] colour, tastefulness and elegance, and richness 23 4a 38 32 S GREAT EXHIBITION OF 1851. and beauty of finish. And are not the means and advan- [advance- advance] 5 ws g 2S #58 S223 [S] 27 To W. Es ., CHAIRMAN OF THE HUDDERSFIELD tages [ages] we possess for producing these qualities of excellence ge As CoMMITTEE [Committee] FOR PROMOTING THE EXHIBITION. and cheapness in our fabrics, such as can be nowhere sur- [Sir- sure] A #25-Si23 [25-Sir] ' 1, a My Dean sir,-My first letter-following your example passed Would our manufacturers like to be put down 3 32 ge 775 i be i i i SSSRSBS [MESSRS] in being addressed to the Editor of the Chronicle-was de- [second] second to any manufacturing nation on the face of t 1 82 2 signed to second your exezllent [excellent] intention of rousing and earth, in point of general intelligence, skill, energy, ae 3 22 3 operatives to 6S 3s 235 animating our Woollen Manufacturers to a deeper conviction indomitable perseverance And are cae [car] Vien [Vine] Ba 2 . [C] e am2- [am] 3 232. a Se of the importance of the contest; and the unequalled in powers of industry 1s no io whos [who] 2m 3 3 BES. [BE] 2. 2 a5 i. ' ommenda [amend] as 2 .323 object of this is to present to their attention, and to urge English artisan, a passport and a 1 tn dustry [industry] its rewar [reward] din ae 52g [G] SEP StS [St] 5 Ltt [Let] i i i S ver [Rev] 5 2523 23252 W] P5355 [P] 32- still further upon their earnest consideration, such reasons ever labour commands a pric', [price] a a t a advan [advance] 22 2S .. . aa 5 are no Iocal [Local] advun- [adv- advance] Ss Sets aS SF and arguments as may be likely to induce them to make the markets of the world val our machinery, and our 23 9s larger and more effective preparations of those various tages, [ages] our climate, our capital, an ete [tee] asst i t t- ' #3 ea ineral [mineral] wealth, in many respects superior, and in all Sh 2727 Taz [Ta] se se fabrics which constitute the staple manufacture of our dis- [dismay] mera mare] 'a a f our rivals 2 2 3343 p 77 ur os 5 See SE trict, [strict] and with the success or failure of which must be Tespects [Respects] equal to those of o . FS 2375 257253 S33 [S] . . What have we then to fear, either in exhibiting our SH yP 5.52282 associated too by far the vreatest [greatest] extent in this neighbour- [neighbour] Sy ss S 2 f. bi- [bird] RQ 2 SS . oy eps [es] fabrics, or in competing with the world, ifjour [Fiji] vast comb i a a hood our honour or our disvrace [disgrace] at the Great Exhibition. sy a oo e352 [e] 58 t2 2 35 T have taken the libert [liberty] of i ibine [bone] this letter to you as nation of advantag.s [advantage.s] be but properly and judiciously used. t So he liberty of inseribing [insuring] tals [salt] 2 spas o.4 a Fla 3-77 r . we A wi nittes. [notes] witha [with] view to All the materials of success are within our grasp, and at 3 2257 2 SS the Chairman of the Committee, with a view ' Se 2324 tls [ls] . ae faj [far] our command, and the only possible risk to that success, ee BSS, [BAS] Set sw 2. attract to it that attention and weight which it cannot fu a 3.52 -55 to derive f crated d position. The anxiety 22d to our continued and permanent pre-eminence, must S2 FSD [FS] 22 tise ties] aeriv [arrive] Vo singiished [distinguished] ae ' 4 . zs J.T Sas [As] ecrive [receive] Irom [From] your distingt [distinct] st arise from our not making the bestj [best] possible use of them. SS gs32 [gs] 2357 277 W] t ite. [it] which you and the other gentlemen of the [C] oat oe at at at ta FS a St 22S [S'S] FG tH -oxertions [exertions] in this creat [great] Let no unworthy jealousy of the prosperityjof [prosperity] other nations, S4 735 [W 2225 7 2 naturally feel for the success of our exertions in tals [salt] great , i SS 8382 - ys lly ll] in woollens-apy [woollens-pay] cars to me sufi- [sf- finds] induce us, on the one hand, to act a part unbecoming our i ee eM Ea BE SLs [Ls] itlon-especially [Italian-especially] in F 7. a ee ee 222 3si-- 2 [so-- 2] competit [competitor] Se ty my own huinble [humble] efforis [efforts] to Manufacturing celebrity, by shrinking from the Exhibition; 328 3224222222 [W] ser [se] sity [city] i s2 ins ve wou [you] z 27 - cent to sata [sat] at under the wing of your and let us not on the other, imagine that our manuiac- [maniac- maniac] 4 432259532 25227 [W] Q Ss ec a oT a s sais57- sis- aspen] pen aL aor [or] committee is actuated br the most ters [tees] are so perfect and full-blown, as to Le capable of nnd [and] 5 32 aH 373 [W] 2 mt chat YOU Cece [CE] ee ee ee x Sain [Sin] ee 7 26 S233. [S] 5 2 conten' [content] te solicit we that all our manufacturers bat decay; but let us be resolved, under the ey's SH oe ne Gh, w 22 3 pH ise a xtreme [extreme] s wie [we] thi [the] 1 iY Manutact [Manufacture ee ee . ig fe sie [Sir] ee ar bo tke [the] mark, by being pointed to the fret of the Exhibition, with a fair field and no favour, and in S o a 2 54 ld be up to the mark, by belag [label] porte [port] Tn . (JQ a) SST ea Oe ED OO aa te world is actually preparing the face of the world, to re-2stablish [re-establish] and settle fora long a 3- SFT [SOFT] eee [see] ie Gey [Ge] ant PO to ec nfacturing [manufacturing] pre-eminence and suprc- [spec- spec] 82 A222 [A] 53223 its prodigious ag zresate [rest] of artistic power, bility, [debility] and skill, to come, our mani eee [see] y 22 2f wae [we] ahortle [Hotel] a) sis oy arith, [Frith] ou OF macy. I cannot believe that our manufacturers in this eG 2 775 to be placed very shortly in Juxta-position [Just-position] W ith [it] our own, a 4 F y cm 232554 . Is hiti [hit] Fits Works of Indust [Industry] 1A aeighbournood, [neighbourhood] after all the considerations that have been i J, 33 222552522 A World's Exhibition its Works of Industry and Art eat fre [re] 3 on YF hee [her] Os an mle [me] iuden [iden] ent. [end] to their minds, in various ways, and by varivus [various] us [C] aa 5 Z2-- - ras [as] uy gran a-AN TU) IV JUagnier [Jagger] . ary [art] 3 s Was a he ne col i ae may né en oe of on writers, will be so insensible to their own interests, or so rl 2, Bait. ae Oil yy OUP [UP] Me i rory [tory] ea x & Cay SSF [SS] Fs i Warthy [Worthy 0] 5 akin i. iy the wenern [newer] wl utterly regardiess [regards] of success at the Exhibition,Bas not to 5 25 ae ass, 2s it is strikingly indicative of the generous an ees [see] F B22 [B] 47745 22222 me aA thi [the] Sof [Of] Prince AT ort' [or] wi id wh th place themselves at once, and without delay, ina position rl 22 222 [W 223 [W E rorld-wide [world-wide] sympathies of irinee [iron] Aiberts [Alberts] mins [mind] yur [your] L ni sic we val 1 4 al nt of our race Contes [Contest the honowrs [honours] to be awarded, as well as to secure to x p i a ae 252232 [W 3 material, intellectual, and moral advanceme [advance me] f our rac [ra] aera [area] Be. SLs [Ls] 2s. 2 Ae wand 7 our its full and legitimate share of the future bone- [benefit] fhe [he] 427,435,222 The progress of industry and of art, of literature and of 27st [st] 4 2 . ay teeta [teeth] tha [that] las fits tobe [tone] reaned. [earned] w BR aZE [axe] 7 . science-of everything that can illustrate the Jand [And] ef his a we 1 ae wl F Anti 'Ae well be. sanposed [supposed to claim his attention It is my deliberate conviction, after much thought and re 4 22 ZRF [RF] Se 3 adoeptio [adoption nivpat [navigate] we SunOS [Suns] to china Bis acventic [accent] oy #2 2 4 al s 5 4 3s iin [in] B Th Hihness's [Highness's] patriot reflection cn the subject, that the great Exhibition will Ti ee i 32 222 2st [st] ; interes [interest] 2 Ris [Is] Roval [Royal] 'tighness's [Highness's] patriot- [patriot] . - and exeite [excite] his ae pe ESS [ES] wall a scree us, far more than it ean a d our rivals. Far be from ly s are and exalte [exalted] 3 arrow or mere selfish idea. - i ism, so rare and one vee [see] yen we be m4 a me, however, the wish, that it should not subserve the A Ns it of pee ent [end] ftier [tier] and broader character than any mere i A 4 . - te 4 cran [can] ue bi th to that ie 4, Sreat [Great] interests of mankind, in every rezion [region] and clime of the i es selfish object could inspire. has given birth to that project [C] ot de a 2 2 [C] c Ive qi ee 1 sti [st] tat Ve earth, that it should uot [not] benefit and bless the whole human i es . s already charmed into action, and stinulate [stimulate ER 22 nah Nhe [He] a mua [ma] Le race. England should have a heart for the world. I am SDS [ADS] tea 2. 33 22 ' nourable [honourable] rivalry, all the nations of the te wt oe 23 a peaceful i on mu 2 na ays [as] a nO s Or t not for turnin [turning] back to the black night of barbarism. We li 1 ms a7 3S 2h se o 2 ' worl [work] ion for such 3 ete [tee] as 2228 i earth. To have set ese m [in] owed of such pur [our] rust not give up our lead in the civilization of the globe. Ih if 2 S4S [SIS 2S 7; romptel [prompted] labours and results which cau [ca] ys BR E ; pose to bere yours ed be ou not We have an unenviable name for our naval and military as ea Co S225 [S] 5 e738 [e] fall 4 an A the ene sy ae prowess. TI would coinmute, [coin mute] and redeem it, by premoting [promoting] il th i ie i i a SLse [Sales] 5-3 Si2 [Sir] 7s 8 onity [ont] rinec2 [rink] and the goniy [going] e English SS3 [SS ES SO s33 [s] 2 the dignity of a princes and tae [tea] geaius [genius] of the Mngiish [Anguish] a. seywhere-on [severe-on] all the great continents, and in the Islands wih [with] i 23 sag a 5 a3 . L su ee ah j awh [ash] a of the ocean, the arts of industry and peace, by binding i a Il) 23 a ere is yet f os 'tod with the pro- [prior] ie ; ESeB [ESE] . a yet a polat [plat] or Nek [Ne] than, wi aie [are] tovether [together] all nations with the golden chain of commerce, of i Fi 2377035323 2 jecte [eject] xhibition [exhibition] concerning w nea [ne] there are some o our friendly intergourse, [intercourse] and reciprocal G20D [GD] WILL. i fl --- bit Sez [Se] 2 2 3 3 s - manufacturers who are not. quite at ease, and respecting Finis coronat [corona] opus al i th -- Cialis which Iam [I am] anxious that they should be mere fully satisfied. Believe me, my dear sir, (ll 1 Mi H hae) [he] 23 .2 Sse [Se] They have some lingering doubts cbout [about] its wisdom and Most yours, ie. meta Hi i EF eS 32 S53 [S] a oO. ali Wye i --- S23 S] 235-3 [W-3] 22 ts okey [key] are somewhat avprehensive [comprehensive] anger and nae I ti te S243 [S] 7 324t [t] tt ae and W., i at prenens [Pyrenees] of da ee and Ch House, Honley, near Auddersfield,Oct. [Huddersfield,Oct] 10. 1850. i i it T We i to BEET vw Sign uactures, [lectures] from so extensive 'Tne [Te] time tor making application for space expires on the ( il Hl i i AVL [AL] ies [is] ht 3 aee2is [Ear's] 352 a a3 7. an exhibition of our various products to our foreign rivals. 21st October inst. iI i i EI Ga pes [peas] tees i 3 S e 24 23 32 tat . 14 eo. t We al Ra They are fearful lest it should possibly prove injurious to oo my ih Ph Hh i Qu 332252 3 ae 4 5 i fis S22323n2 [Sn] ourselves, whilst ii may entirely to the advantage BATHS FOR HUDDERSFIELD. iil [oil] Hitt WP iy 2 33 5 2S7P [SP] 2542 s i of other nations; and, especially, lest the Exhibition of It was our intention to have written a few lines hl (i mE i SS 37S [S'S] 22s [S's] a 13 3 en ray Tah [Th] aft, ; SB She 3 our woollen fabrics, of first-rate excellence aud [and] beanty, [Beatty] On this subject, in support of the very able coin- [con] Ui NWI [WIN] ih ih -- ee ij 3 3 F for the careful TAS [AS] (oid [id] OF Our uri [ur] ng compet [compete] iturs, [its] munications [communications] which have appeared in our columns, i il mM itt [it] i aE - A ill s5 3 232 Zs ' TE wink wes [West] fat I i; Ss HHH [HEH] Sa. ot Sat should be a deliberate walk into the lion's mouth, and pointing out the great deticiency [deficiency] which all adin't [din't] it Hl i i Hi 1 Spm [Sm] Ea 53 z- thus be an act the most completely suizidal. [suicide] to exist, as far as regards cheap bathing accommo- [accommodate- accommodate] ih i Hil [Hill] f lf LENS oa i 33 ats qe . wees Wi H Mi, Ses [Se] sa 23 I feel desirous to examine these questions, and if possible dation [nation] for the district and in eorroboration [corroboration] of the ult Hi ee Hi Ep OF 28332 2 we La ates r pss [pass] j nf a to settle them; because, I know that there are some of our as adduced by OME [ONE] correspondents, that in every ih i ee 32235 wes [West] . rei [re] athine [thine] i Sr 7 manufacturers who ought tu take the lead in prenaring [preparing] for b, se a a th pers [per] the facility hed [he] bathing nas [as] been Hill i 13 - ag ain [in] So git w a rodue [produce] i Per 222.27 ic the Exhibition, who, up to this moment, ar2 [are] hesitating on a Within the [C] [C] classes, Vali [Vale] iN ui if 35 8225322 we 2G oe vue the success of the effort has been greater even than ili [ii] ' Bebe [Be] 525707 a such, or on similar grounds. hI x a it Wi ni z te ay a te Faw [Saw] e reasonable expectation warranted so much sc in i it S225 [S] y,3252 [y,W] z I would ask them, what is the chief clement of manufae- [manufacture- manufacture] e 1 4 Hi 2227424525 aoe [are] tee ae gp some of the places we could name, that second it MN eS turing success Is it not clewly [clearly] the production of a wood .) ; Hi SHA 2. ey Co suites of baths have been determined on-the in- [ina] Ha mS 25 a5..352 [a5..W] it articie-a [article-a] fabric in all points we l inanazed [annexed] and perfect ot Pp . 1 wll [will] HA Sasa [Sass] 3 SS agzo-l [ago-l] 5s Is not this the very obizct [object] at which thee constantly aim. COMe [Come] from the first being sufficient not only for the Wt i Me 1 HIS 25973222 ; s the obiect [object] at which thev [the] constantly aim, a 323 [W T 8 ee ee interest on the capital invested, but also for all a At ANNU [ANN] NS Be353 [Be] ,5253 733 [W] ard [ad] for the attainment of which their anxieties and inven. [vein] wae [we] saves HLM [HIM] att [at] TTT [TY] RITA dk miata [moat] ait [at] ges [ge] i tion [ion] are continually on the stretch. B id expenses of inanagement, [management] and an overplus [overalls] bes'de. xl i Alle [All] 4 ae (Ee Eo iaivy [ivy] ne Stretena. [Street] ub Would any s i Qa T- manufacturers be ctraid [trad] sit; ee Wow at or We were also about to urge this great want 1 pon [on] Ki if P Ee 42 ae Lurers afrald [afraid] of Xiitoitine Sitting] suco [such] anu [any] article, w i i' 1 Ar com ih sw p ote [ot] saat [sat] to thea [the] eons [Sons] ng Shen [She] By anne', Wa the attention of the people of Huddersfield, and to 255 5 a) i eir [er] warebouses-in [warehouse-in] our market-or in any 4 x Se 25. oF ra Le Barger [Barker] or mans peiat [peat] out the means by which the desider [desired tum 5 2472 Sess [Less] art of Europe, or awormdl [Wormald Are they not anxious, 0 an . 4 4 me habit Worst they not anxtous, [anxious] ou Gould be accomplished but as our floating th ughts [its] i ee & CO 7, to ex suca [such] specinens [specimens] of superior mani 4 5 ' 23.523 27 2 22532 fact see is a har ve Superior MAU [MAY] on the subject were being gathered inte [inter] focus, and eo og a-3 332 d sh t air custoncrs-t. [castings-t] ars [as] Bae [Be] ; ' i 47 Ana fo t sal all comers. (definite shape attempted to be given to our crude MN 225323 5236 ae. or ond [and] an ek ve may good pro- [conceptions] conceptions, a communication regarding the matter LT ah . eo ya Pe Means ai i 2 s 3s Fae [Far] SMa [Sa] rm -. har wenn [went] G00 [G] i. ane [an] be te means of sxtendins; [extending] reached us, which threw ail our pre-conceived ideas ult MS) he ee 7 ons ata [at] hive) tz 137 ae ds pe i ASS 4 25; sa 332 2 eir [er] connexions an 1 esta [east] But mld [Mold] tiey [tie] into confusion. The tone of our correspondent i si Wit pea 248 5 230.0 ds fr ei 9 habe [have] 7 1 ge ; Ste motto aS .2c - earn te then trese [trees] goods fram [farm] their reeuls [rules Car the curious objections which he starts the dread ul Nae Pi PS i is Hey conceal them from thei, [the] under ordinary consequences even to our common faith which he it -- ee ohne [one] 2222322552225 z stances, if they were desirous to do so, any more than our predicts, from the simple providing of proper baths, Ij yl i 2 sie [Sir] HFSS [HAS] SBR [SIR] i j spe [se] fp, 7 an vs Sone [One . 2 a Sti [St] ty wll [will] Be rivals can hide theirs from us Can we hide our goods and the strange mode he recommends to cure those mh. ee y , from those to whom we sell them, and consequently from who differ from him of what he calls fiddle-faddle fiddle-saddle j 4 - Fla 2 i 7 all the world-oods [world-goods] the most excelent, [excellent] the most perfect and fantastic notions, naturally made us pause, ii SS ' oh ee ee a 4 aw 3 . i 4 a ae ih 5 ro He BT - we can produce The thing is impossible, and as absurd vid [id] disconcerted all our plans. What to do with ay 'all f ne she a2 Ss 3333 re igs [is] j ro Hlth [Health] a ye l - ii as impossible. I feel almust [almost] ashamed to put these quos- [ques- quo sour] Our correspondent, we scarcely knew but when sy i i j i i 37S [S'S] i Ht i my eA 232 a 2 one ar 7 os r yy ij -- a ote [ot] S 5 i tions. [tins] The obvious answer to the n is the utter extinctiun [extinction] e reflected that he could not possibly be aay [say] other 4 a i la i HH fF a hae [he] 54 a ae vary ys oh th aS 22-27 25 - of all objections of this class. Our object in making yoo [too] ls than that much-hear d-of-but never-seeil [never-seeing] peisouage [passage] eM i M ee a t Ay e BESH [BEST] EEL Ez S33 [S] ot j tte [te] cpxre [creep] ui i f a A Sas [As] i, 3 re XO tue na wm Ss -- . is to show them that we may self thr, [the] and the more they the oldest inhabitant h te that, his 835 Ings ll i ft i is S15) [S] fe 7 ae 3 - . . ws wis vs uch [such] 7 ie alt ae S258 [S] 2-25 2-2-5 are exhibited the better, in proportion to their rea aia [ais] ne wise Saws thoug [though] ee ES cre [re] At HRI [HI] al (il 3K - . stances, we determined to let him have fair p ny Fim [Firm] ea Ki 4 ah i BSS [BAS] S432 [S] si- and sterling excellence. We have nothing to fear but froin [from] hi sus 3 ite [it] alti [alt] i me a x fy. Se Fx 5ZZS [ZS] opt pte [pre] 5 and teil [tel] his own complaints in his own langiaace. [language] rr; vy 3 gio [go] mn 24972732 24 atual [actual] inferiority-from the absence of goo-lness [goo-less] anid [and] of ex- [ext] ry, t is itis [its] 1 edt [ed] ; ee ee) - 4 rt a eo eY. te ie oe iiere, [ere] then, is his lucubration-just as we receiveil [receive] it. vate [ate] 3 Ss St hy 4 25.22 232 cellence [excellent] in our fabrics. This-inferiority, defeetiveness, [effectiveness] ail a i Pos [Post] rTsrss [redress] TO THE EDITOR OF THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE. 5 SSE 5 Se want of goodness and general exsellence [excellent] in our wovilleus, [Woodville] . a a 3 ie e258F75 [of] 52 55 a would be a just and most reasonable wronnd [round] of alarin. [alarming] Sir.-I see that a correspondent of yours is deter- [deter] 4 i ih 3 4 3 pa-R52 FS2 [pa-R FS] 3 72 7 . Jus [Us] a SEG [SEE] OF MAFIOS [MAVIS] tT to write the public of Huddersficld [Huddersfield] into the con- [con] ih i 3 i Bs353227 ES [BS ES] 2 either at home or abroad at the Exhibition or anywher2 [another] that public baths are required for the greasy and 1 y 3 eK, x st .iti [st .it] - else. But if, on the contrary, they are sujerior [superior] to those sons of toil; that is, another set effort is i 3 a To es zi . opis [otis] Loa [Lo] i ra 3 si 3S 2i of other nations-in texture, in desizn, [design] in colour, in finish, aude [aide] to involve the town in more expense. I venture 1 5 'at 22 ZS 32 7- . eq Ste w fog 1 ct ABE FSS SS] I should as soon be alarmed lest the mountains should ali, 2 Sir, what need is there for this I am old 3 333 4 78s 3S as feel the slightest concern lest our rivals should damaze [damage] to remember when no one thought of bathing, i aK, LN 225222, 23-57 our tradeé-gob [trade-gob] ws of our pre-emi [pre-mi] sal aad [and] when it was held that a good eoat [eat] of grease on the Ie se 3 2 ee PB Fe pre-eminence, or supplant us in in was as good as a coat of another but more costly cael [cal] BS og S25 [S] gS a ay . re 2 . 5 a 5 7 5 the markets of the world. But I am told that we shal [shall xind. [mind] If your correspondent had lived in those times. a iN 3 33s 2 2es2 [es] 20 offer them an opportunity-that we shall present them with and had had to wear (for almost a lifetime) buckskin tia Tatty 3 wi i nao [no] S237 [S] Ste ee sn cc es A A ty 2 252 [W Fitts [Fits] facilities for imitating our excellence, and for copying our unmentionables (of course without linings), he would lave il i ge Si Nt Sy Bo 2S fete ne aria a i i ' goods. My answer to this is, let them imitate them if they 20W W he iter [iver] than talk about pats as a means of pro- [pro] i I a Fie a as gates Ss 35722 . 1 Fi ra rork, [rock] ap 'Rm F ei - 2 222 a can-let them copy them if they be able. My prayer is, inoting [nothing] health oiwould [oi would] Lave learnt that work, aud [and] i ae st bi FSS8o [Fess] sa Sa that th 1 boo ts-that th k 'rood oatmeal porridge, and drink-sops, with an occa- [occur- Cape] Pe Qe le e's Fiz [Fi AY 2 07 sts-thne [st-the] . i ut A nts [its] F- S3S SIS 27 - at they may always be our they may keep dose of epsom-salts, [Epsom-salts] would have kept hia [his] in Lis [Is] 3 Py 5 e323 [e] Ft F- - up their reputation, and drive a good trade. I recommend pealth, [health] without any of the fiddle-faddle [fiddle-saddle] of warm baths. ai SiS [Is] ls our manufacturers to give them enough to copy, and to But times are woefully changed. Men even are turned FI eh 3s keep them at ut. But as to the idea of beiug [being] in any into Misses, and eat and drink coffee and tea-slops ie om 38732532527 ,2iiiti c- [it c] way concemed [concerned] about exhibiting our goods, lest our rivals daily, instead of the good solid food we used to have. 3 a 2 2 r nk 75 oe 5 Z3225 [Z] 23 should copy them; a well dressed man might, with as The title of haver-cake-lads [have-cake-lads] Row misnom-r. [mason-r] 5 3 x s 2 es much propriety, talk of hiding the cut of his coat, or 24 having washed out our insides with wishy-washy [wish-washy] 3 2,372 S335 [S] F-F 2 . 22-5 fi the fashion of his pants, lest the profunum [profound] cul [cl] us sho [so] uld [old] swill, it seems to be discovered that we cannot have Is ee 3 2483 have the effrontery to eo 6 this t f ass health unless we wash the outside as well. Warin [Waring] ablu- [able- able] 3 Sis sx Ml talk of y ris [is] bi te 1 farmer might as tions [tins] are to be provided for us, instead of a. doctor. AT a rm SI Malet [Male] 507 SES [SEA] well talk of a canopy for -his fields, lest his neighbour Why don't they propose to boil us at once Wik [Wil] Sh Sh s3273 s] 2 SS 35 2-7 2 soe [se] a a Tih. [Th] 5 Sot ome [one] a should look over the hedge, and copy his improvements. I do hope, Sir, that you will endeavour to put a stop a Sly ile) til po sc oe '3 Qe a tests What should we say if the manufacturers of Birmingham, to this sort of nonsense. Whenever is ittoend [ditto What wit Sa OS BPS ; f Spi [Si] ; Een [En] 6.45 4 2337 3322-2i- W W-2i- and] and of Sheffield, of Spitalfields, and of Manchester, who steam engines, railroads, telegraphs, and one sort of Si Sit is i S35 [S] send out their goods to every quarter of the globe, were to uew-fangled [new-tangled] thing or another, peoples' heads are comn- [con- coming] iB qi SSSEF23 [SAFE] ' - eater 5 i do RS2f [RSS] S257 [S] a transmit with their guns, and their cutlery, their silks, and pletely [lately] turned. In the days I speak of, we a Sy 5 --- 3238s a 3 253 [W 23 37 their cottens, [cottons] a strict injunction that they were not to be thousht [thought] of padding a from home; aa could SIR - wre [re] 2 agg [ag] . 5 2 7 ', 2 Syst [System] 2s Su FS exhibited-that they were of the very best quality, and the find on ou gh to do at home-and at Sune [Sun] 0] ae 5 ah F N BS 32 52 2222 most perfect finish, and that, therefore. 43 b it. Wow, even the tender of the power-loom and the IS 3 a 5 12 et finis 1 erefirs. [ere firs] thay [that] ani [an] y se SES [SEA] inspe [inspect] yt lest the Pag [Page] inust [inst] not 2 piecer of the factory, can go gadding about the country is -- ate S52 [S] EFS [ES FS22 7 [FS 7] my a a1 el - 7 Pp et lest the manufacturers of similar articles in the on these cheap trips, as they called are getting S sf 74 5-52 various countries to which they were sent should attempt flown notions into their noddles, and acquiring ali the ans S2E2SS3 [SEUSS] eo2352 [e] to mmitate, [imitate] copy, or excel them Should we not set them airs at seventeen of a five and twenty-er, in the times I ot D SESLALS [SEALS] SASH F557- [F- Down] down as proper subjects for Bedlam Did not Ibrahim speak of. How can people settle to work in such a ae [C] SS Pacha [Pasha] come over from E.sypt, [E.Sept] and carry back with him to whi l-about, [who l-about] harry-skurry, [harry-Surrey] galivanting [galvanising] system as we have il o - the City of the Nile, a most extensive assortment of our ab last brought about Impossible. And, now to incnd [inland] i i 3, QR SS 3 Sh ave warn pDaths- [deaths- wap [ap] for te i a a a oe fs various manufactures-the richest and most splendid that 1b, we are to have wai'in [was'in] ok ae op warm baths 02 tae [tea] Ane [An] 5 23S [S'S] S32 [S] 328 ie 22 2 our country could supply. And did not our inanufacturers [manufacturers] as the cant phraseo [phrase] ogy [oy] of the day bas it a 2 ce S27 [S] 2S 75 5 7 sa with . sys [says] 2 ay se Ti refied [refined] z vie with each other in exhibiting to him their goods, and we are to have these wa) a sm ut oer [per] ee i ISA Ss i 3 el 25 5 5 x En A warin [Waring] bath for two-pence. The proposer of i 9342 2, Ff - in showing him over their establishments Have not the 3 x - Ht) A Bei [Be] but ty aeleated [elevated] aarti [art] such a mad scheme is in my opinion, highly deserv- [deserve- deserve] 1 S - S3 S3S522 052, [S3 SS W] 2 a 7, salar [salary] rs 2 2 . Say a ee 86 ected [acted] articles of great ing of a very cold bath, to cure him of his fantastic Hs Oo GY Ban costliness from both England and France, to be exhibited notions, In ihe [the] days I speak of, when a man showed as z to their countrymen in the heart of Asin [Sin And has not signs of a cracked brain, he was put through a course of uN) Wi 1S, oe mei [me] SS2505 [SS] EN 227 [W Fie the Emperor Nicholas just laid under contribution the good rough piiysic [physic] and his head well soused in cvid [cid] Wit fil [fi] ae te 7m ie a aS 2 33 3 232 [W] utmost science and skill of our best naval engine-makers, water. If he was obstropoulous, [unscrupulous] his ride was pretty Wd S i Kp i mK 2 SPST [SPAT] i . i i ca, i i So Sz mA and our most eminent shipbuilders, to furnish him with a Well tatooed-and [tattooed-and] he was either soon cured, or it was dt 5 SS a i Mt i S 2 Stes [Sets] S232 [S] 23 3 ate yacht of light draught and great beauty, to flannt [Flint] gaily 800n [n] seen that he was incurably mad-and there was 323 [W 22 over the waters of the Neva And all this, and ten times cud of it. There was then only need to chain Mi A 2325 22 2 2.742 more, without a word, or a line abot [about imitators and him up ina, good strong cell, that he might do no i Az a a a 2235 copyists ; mischief. But now, people half-cracked are move ry m [in] 32 3 S272 [S] . si FF Es SS sen 7 3a ' notice taken of than wise men. Nay, they venture to SS WS i Beas [Bea] And shail [hail] our manufacturers or our merchants, who poke their lunacy into our very faces, by putting in print Mor [Or] Za5 [Z] Sx 22 22 i export our woollens to every rezion [region] of the globe, be afraid proposals for warm baths for the working people. Mei [Me] m 3 3 af 3 22 325 [W] to exhibit their best productions and their primest [priest] goods in 424 other half-cracked people read the rubbish, and i SPP [PP] 3 ia 3 t 2 wae [we] El . Ls rr ee 7 lie the capital of our own country, merely because those who 58 t thing must be done. Ah' woe's me I've seen ree [ere MAK [MAKE] AS ez 4222 1 on sa sc havea [have] right to purchase them in every market of the te time when such a proposal would have been treated i ema [ma] ' . S33 [S] 2 52 Fti2 [Fit] world, whether at home or abroad, will be allowed to 7 aspect as it deserved. I've seen the time when we would have 32 them at the Great Exhibition The idea is as y worked the notion out of the head of the idle good-for- [forms] masz [mas] 4 p33 [p] 32-33 F wu. o Sw r An Qn 2 37 eS i i pages as mot y of nothing, if we could have found him out. We would i Hy sao [so] S34 [S] 2eSS [less] stl [st] flee i Oe 2 S sterly [steel] 2 3 1 ' SS as x cur manuiucturers [manufacturers] as it 1s witerly [Whiteley] puerie. [pure] But then, if have taught him the consequence of proposing such an TR 525 [W] they should hit upon some new method-upon Some grand infidel, heathenish, Mussleman [Middleman] practice O these days FOG 23 75 discovery in manufacturing-what then By allimeans [alliances] get of unfaithfulness and degeneracy Bathing; daily ablu- [able- able] i i aa Ser [Se] 4,543 323222 [4,W W] at patented, and secure all its advantages. But as they tions, [tins] are not enjoined by Holy Mother Church-are no iz B73 [B] a5 9332248 value their profits, and desire to render their prosperity portion of the Christian faith. They were imposed on o Zz3 [Z] 2 z 3233232 337 [W] permanent, let them not conceal their productions from bis deluded followers by that arch imposter-Mahomet. meh 28 sq 922353222277 [W] that great customer-the world He made bathing a religious duty and we, Christians, . Bas 32 3, bet 23 327-2 [W-2] i 7 1 i Sa WS St But if the a . are to adopt the practices and points of faith of the ee 920 24 a goodness and perfection of our fabrics be a infidel Saracens and double-wived Turks We are to 3 24 4 chief element of success, and a powerful reason for our ex- [have] have warm baths What next Why, I will tell wl hired 35 hibiting [biting] them, it is important not to forget that cheapness you. We shall have mosques-adorned with the crescent i f 25 3 7 as 32 ' g 35 2 ed 2 2 22 2 - 35 5 2 crossed by a transept 108 f point so near the centre as to d hy easpluined, [explained] the Haag wall lie 4.000000 food y will be 24 feet wide, and will ext an exhibiting surface of 21 acres; bt 900,000 superticial [special] fect [fact] of glass. TEP [PET] 2 2 3 se 3 . A 1 y D 4 a ' nat it may be high-priced and cheap. Those who buy we shall have the harem Really, Sir, our faith is en- Ali 23222 and i Le a 3 3 3 a consume our goods, both in our home and in foreign dangered. The infidels have tried almost all kinds of i nl i f FN we 2332355 Zé Z apt are sharp enough to know this. They know it in means to rob us of it. They have ridiculed and ban- [bank] A My 4 Hy HRT 29 232 most practical way, by the test of trial, and by actual tered [teed] they have reasoned and abused; now they are i i 33 oe ee capes ence, [once] For want of sufficient attention to this most going to effeminatize [effeminate] us, and wash away Cur faith with pet eS 3 bo 23 sz a2 23 2 27 important point we may easily miss our way for cheap- [cheap warm] warm water May we have power to resist so insidious ay it me oy Ni a iQ a Sa2e [Sale] 43232333 233 W] a3 aees, [ease] all other things being equal, will, in the long run, an attempt on the part of this arch-enemy of souls. Vt PA a ga 223257 2- ddecide [decide] the palm of superiority and preference. And I am, Sir, yours obediently, 23.99349,2 3233 37 y P a a although prices need not be affixed to the articles exhibited, AN OCTAGENARIAN. [OCTOGENARIAN] SoH [So] mor [or] is price to govern the decision of the Juries at the Great Old-street, October, 1850. a Exhibition yet, to my own mind, there is no view of the Now, what can we say to snch [such] an appeal How oe ee of our di Published - future prospects Woollen manufactures more adapted are we to meet such reasons What can we do Hupperarizip [Uproarious Printed and Puts jae [Jane] #o encourage us than this-that the intrinsic goodness and With such an antagonist Will any of our cor- [cores taste] by Roamer Mics 5 ra general excellence of our fabrics involve all the conditions respondents tell us Hebble placa, [place] Brvdfo [Bradford] rond, [round] all us (BS