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q THE CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1850. ESTABLISHED 1836. NOTICE --EXTRAORDINARY LOW PRICES. ONE OF THE FIRM MAY BE CONSULTED AT HUDDERSFIELD, EVERY THURSDAY, AT MR. GEORGE BROOK'S, WEST PARADE, (Opposite the Bee Hive.) ATTENDANCE DAILY, 32, COOPER-STREET, MANCHESTER. LITTLE INFORMATION RESPECTING THE TEETH, by Dentist, (of the Firm of EsKELL [Skill] and Sons, Dentists,) No. 32, Cooper-street, ne Artificial Teeth fixed on the New Principle of Self adhesion. jntstitution, [institution] Manchester. It is well known that there exists a feeling of delicacy on this subject, from being given, even where the necessity for so doing is apparent. . F. ESKELL, [SKILL] Surgeon opposite the Mechanics' which often prevents the advice of friends One of the uses of this advertisement, thereiore, [therefore] may be to afford an opportunity for performing that act of kindness by referring to or enclosing a copy of it, either avowedly or otherwise. Any part of the information here give will be best to insure for it individual regard, and which lasting benefit. In this refined age, in all stag importance; the loss of teeth not only destroys the When the teeth are lost, it is impossible property to me 4 wea [we] ca, as it no longer digests. Besides this effect upon the general health, with pieces without being masticated, the its power of contraction, and becomes the vacancies occasioned by closely to each other, the features missing teeth cause those remaining to ne to be drawn from their original positions, m [in] may be communicated in such a manner as may thus, by directing attention to the subject, prove a NEGLECTED STATE OF THE MOUTH HIGHLY DETRIMEN [DETERMINE] TAL TO HEALTH. es of life, in every grade of society, a good. state of the mouth is of the greatest of the features, but is highly detrimental to health. use of solid food; and if the stomach is then loaded to the most distressing indigestions, [indigestion] the stomach loses become loose, or to approximate too and the countenance to appear wholly distorted. To remedy this, recourse should be had, with as little delay as possible, to the Dentist's aid, who (supposing him skilled in his profession), Teeth, upon such unerring principles as the features gradually restored to tha [that] and, though last not least, answering Mr. F. ESKELL'S [SKILL'S] Incorro [Encore] colour to those le difference. These teeth are any teeth or stumps, or are fixed from one besides attending to the general state of the mouth, will supply Artificial to defy detection, whilst the pleasing gratification is experienced of seeing that uniformity so essenuially [essential] requisite to youth, beauty, and agreeable appearance, satisfactorily for all the purpose of mastication and artic [attic] . dible [Bible] and Aartificial [Artificial] Teeth, of surpassing beauty, can be matched so closely in shape and '1 the mouth, and are formed so exactly to nature, that the closest observer cannot detect the ft in f to acomplete [complete] set, upon the new principle of self-adhesion, without extracting any pain whatever; and, being incorrodible, they possess the superior advantage of never i They adapt themselves over the most tender gums, or remaining roots, without the least tion. [ion] changing colour or dacaying. [decaying] cect [cent] the adjoiming [adjoining] teeth.- [teeth] Artificial teeth fixed on the above principle, from 10s. each in, and serve to support an U partial or whole sets accordingly. tooth ; The effect of the ON CARIOUS TEETH. most beautiful countenance, with carious, discoloured teeth, prejudices the minds of all beholders. It conveys an idea that the individual is extremely negligent of those observances so necessary to cleanliness and health. -On the contrary, advice be obtained, impressions musi [music] follow, j ious [sous] teeth are filled (see stopping decayed teeth, next paragraph), and some necessary dental Othe [The] usual result of a one mouth and sweet breath will be produced; and the most favourable however homely a person may be, far more agreeble [agreeable] than the most alluring beauty, with teeth i th-the usual concomitants of neglected teeth. Coes, [Cows] 2 as 2 ae Suovedancutn [Stanton] for Filling Decayed Teeth is superior to any composition hitherto made use of. It is applied porated [ported] with the outer preventing the approaches of shell; thereby arresti [arrest] that dreaded ma i te, like paste to the cavity of the decayed tooth, hardens into an enamel, and becomes incor- [incur- incurring] in a.aats [a.ats] state, the progress of decay, converting a decayed tooth into a sound one, and y, the toothache. Disease of the Teeth is frequently occasioned by a collection of what is called tartarous [Tartars] matter, attaching itself to the parts of the tecth [teeth] not exposed to the patient; and if this tartarous [Tartars] itself by degrees the natural conseq [consequent] friction in masticating food, or from a constitutional predisposition on the part of matter (which is constantly forming) is allowed to accumulate, it will speedily insinuate between the teeth and gums, and thus destroy that connection which is necessa [necessary] uence [fence] of further neglect is, firsily, [firstly] extensive inflammation, indicating the for their support; ealthy [healthy] state of the mouth; and, secondly, from the gradual loosening of the teeth, the successive loss of one tooth after another; in such eases, Scaling the Teeth i adopt this method and, entirely from the fear of having is indispensably necessary. Many persons, from their extreme sensitiveness, are reluctant to itirel [trial] to undergo what they have been accustomed to consider an operation, continue to deprive themselves of the comfort of clean teeth, and to incur the hazard of, perhaps, being almost toothless at a comparatively early age. This is a totally groundless fear. The cleaning of the teeth with to th e, if skilfully performed, need occasion no pain which the most delicate person would in 'the least adapts and Fil Fi] afford immedate [immediate] and permanent pleasure; so much so, that those who have once experienced it will need no argument to induce them, at any time to repeat it, in case it should become in any degree necessary. CLEANING THE TEETH. i rvation [ration] of the Teeth cannot be commenced too early. Children should be taught to make it oF tention [mention] aly [al] atlotion [at lotion] and those who have grown up in the neglect of it should immediately resolve no longer to delay attending to it. ; the Teeth (which is often done unconsciously), It should always be remembered that, as nothing ismore [Lismore] easy than to contract a habit of neglecting so nothing is more easy than to overcome such a habit. A simple rule laid down and adhered to of attending to them every day (for a fortnight), would, in most cases, prove sufficient and when once they have been restored to a proper state, the comfort such a practice affords would, in most cases, effectually pre- [prevent] vent its being, on any after occasion, omitted. With regard to Tooth Powders and Lotions, a vast variety of pretensions have, many of the for a short time, all Teeth, without injuring the enamel. Almost every one i imes, [mes] been advanced if properly prepared, however, their efficacy is undoubted but, unfortunately, of sre [are] Teoth [Teeth] Powders which are offered for sale, with the promise of rendering the Teeth beautifully white, perform, that is promised, at the expense of a permanent and irremediable injury to the Teeth for they often contain a quantity of tartaric or other acid, which effects a gradual decomposition of the enamel. sp tions [tins] do not contain any hurtful ingredient, and can be confidently recommended for cleansing and beautifying CHILDREN'S TEETH. . is aware, that from about the age of six or eight years, children begin to loose their temporary and Mr. Eskell's [Skill's] prepara- [prepared- prepared] the acquire their permanent Teeth. This is a very important period as to its with the after part of life and parents can scarcely perform a greater service to the persons of their children n by having their Teeth frequently inspected, in order to correct, whilst possible, any irregularity of formation. In conclusion, Mr. F. Eskell [Skill] begs Attendance from Ten till Five o'clock. to observe, that he can be Consulted on all branches appertaining to the profes- [profess- profession] sion, without charge, at his residence, No. 32, Cooper-street, nearly opposite the Mechanics' nstitution, [institution] Manchester, ificial [official] Palates made in a superior manner badly-applied Teeth Re-modelled Extracting, Sealing, &c. Children's Teeth Regulated Schools attended. Attendance daily, 52, Cooper-street, nearly opposite the Mechanics' Institution, Manchester; and also in HUDDERSFIELD, EVERY THURSDAY, at Mr. GEORGE BROOK'S, West Parane, [Parade] (opposite the Bee Hive, from Ten till Five. PRESERVED AND RESTORED. DR. COCKBURN'S ORIENTAL BOTANICAL EXTRACT. Under the immediate patronage of her most gracious Majesty the Queen, her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians, the Empress of Russia, her leading Members of R. G. H. J. COCKBURN again, with the return of Summer, takes the pleasure of informing the Ladies of HUDDERSFIELD and adjoining localites, [localities] that his ORIENTAL BOTANICAL EXTRACT will be found an invaluable remedy, and the only one that will be proved efficacious aiter [after] all other means have been tried, without the least good arising from them, for effectually removing all Dlotches, [Blotches] Freckles, Pimples, Tan Spots, and other Cutaneous Eruptions, and quickly restoring the complexion to its original bloom of health, The application of the Oriental Botanical Extract is of a most agreeable and soothing nature, and after once or twice using, a pleasing and surprising change will be per- [perceived] ceived, [received] and in a few days the complexion will assume a delizhtful [delightful] roseate and youthful appearance, and at once prove to the patients its wonderful and lasting efficacy. The preparation will be found highly beneficial in pre- [preserving] serving the complexion from the disagreeable appearance it often presents trom [from] exposure to the sea air, and, atthe [Arthur] same time, frequent recourse to bathing. In those cases the Oriental Botanical Extract is also especially recommended to be used immediately aiter [after] by all persons who are in any way troubled with cutaneous eruptions, and who resort to salt water remedies. r. COCKBURN with the greatest satisfaction add, and also prove by thousands of testimonials received b him, during the last ten years, from all parts of the king- [kingdom] dom, tbat [that] the surprising and healthy qualities of the Oriental Botanical Extract know no equal, and have never been known to fail, but after various other quack remedies for the complexion had been resoried [resolved] to, ruinous both to health and pocket, without deriving any benefit, but in many cases doing the patient great injury, the Oriental Botanical Extract triumphed in a complete and perma- [Perea- permanent] nent [sent] cure. Dr. CocKBURN [Cocking] begs to place before his fair readers generally the following testimonials, selected out of some thousands received from all parts of the globe, proving the wonderful and surprising efficacy of his Oriental Botanical Extract but. it is quite impossible, in the short space of an ordinary advertisement, to give more than a very brief sample. TESTIMONIALS RECENTLY RECEIVED. Copy of a Letier [Letter] received from Lady B-, Park-lane, London, April 10. Park-lane, London, April 10th, [the] 1850. Lady B-- forwards her compliments to Dr. Cockburn, and has much pleasure in thanking him for the great service she de- [derived] rived from the application of his delightful and excellent prepara- [prepared- preparation] tion [ion] for the complexion; in fact, she cannot express herself in terms sufficient for benefits experienced. Lady B-- will feel oblized [obliged] if Dr Cockburn, at the earliest convenience, will forward her half a dozen 4s. 6d. bottles, being about to leave town, and not wishing to be without so valuable A post-office order is herewith enclosed for the amount. Testimonial received April 11th, 1850. Cavendish House, near Windsur, [Windsor] April 10th, [the] 1850. Mics Beauchamp's respects to Dr. George H. J. Cockburn, and is now enabled to forward him, with a great deal of pleasure, this letter, from the good she has recently derivea [derived] from using his truly wonderful Botanical Extract for the skin, together with his ex- [excellent] cellent [excellent] advice, which she cannot thank him sufficiently for, but which shall not be forgotten to be recommended by her wherever it is required. Miss Deauchamp [Beauchamp] will thank Mr. G. H. J. Cock- [Cockburn] burn to acknowledge the receipt of the cheque now sent. Exiract [Extract] of a Letter March 17th, [the] 1850. Bristol, March 16 h, 1850. Mr. Cockburn,-Sir,-Having been recommended to make a trial of your Botanical Extract, I purchased of my townsman, Mr. Ferris, chemist, Union-street, a small bottle, to remove a great many eruptions and freckles on my skin, and which I can only say, with thanks to you and pleasure to myself, exceeded my most sanguine expectations; for I had, before making use of your excellent Extract, resorted to several things I saw adver- [aver- advertised] tised, [tied] but without making any improvment [improvement] in me. I shall not, Sir, feel any hesitation to answer any reference you may think fit to make to me; and allow me to thank you once more for the great benefit I have received from the use of your valuable pre- [preparation] paration.-I [reparation.-I .-I] remain, Sir, your obedient and oblivzed [obliged] servant, THomas [Thomas] H. CLemENTs. [Clement] Extract of a Letier [Letter] received January 7th, 1850. St. Albons, [Albion] January 3, 1850 G. H. J. Cockburn to accept her best efficacy she has derived from using bis and she can only say, that wherever the TIC DOLOREUX [DOLORES] CURED. pas painful affection of the facial nerve isa spe- [se- species] cies [ties] of Neuralgia, which comprises similar affections in other parts of the body. It is characterised by acute pain, attendant with convulsive twitchings [teachings] of the muscles, several hours. and continuing from a few minutes to All persons affected with this painful and tormenting malady are recommended to try HICK'S CELEBRATED TIC PILLS, Which have invariably been found to produce and effectual cure. TESTIMONIALS. To Mr. John Ford, Chestexfidd. [Chesterfield] ; Sir,-I have recommended Mr. Hick's Pills for the Tick to all my friends with complete success. I cannot speak of them in too high terms of praise.-Yours, &e., Shrewsbury, Nov. 8, 1846. W. H. Hunter, 8 I hai [hair] 1 oe a testimony of the ex ir.-I have great pleasure in giving my testimo [testimony] cellence [excellent] of your Pills for the Tie Doloreux.. [Dolores] I was frequently afflicted with this unpleasant complaint, but have not suffered from it since taking a box of your pills. I cannot too strongly recommend them.-Yours, &c., Wakefield, June 12th, 1847. Miss Wiltshire begs Mr. thanks for the surprising Botanical Preparation ; Wma. [MA] HEPworRTH. [Hepworth] Briggate, Leeds, Jan. 27, 1847. Sir,-I think it due to you and the public to give my testi- [test- testimony] mony [money] in favour of your excellent Pills for the Tic Doloreux. [Dolores] I ae er feat tat Wate [Water] auras eee [see] ightest [lightest] attack for the [C] winters, during which time have occasionally taken the pills.-Yours obediently, Mr. Hick, Wakefield. Cuas, [Cas] NELSON. . Princess Street, New York, Dec. 14, 1846. Sir,-When I left Wakefield I brought with me six boxes of Zour [Our] Tic Pills, one of my family having suffered very severely pis that complaint. I find I have been too liberal in supplying Pleas who have all derived the greatest relief from them. ward them friend Walker have twelve boxes, and he will for- [foremost] most astonishing by next steamer. The Pills have wrought the To Mr. Hick. Cures.-Y ours Wakefield me Aaa [AA] ENRY [HENRY] W. WATSON. TO BE Hav [Have] oy THe [The] Mr. J. Hck. [Ck] . Mr. Gloyne Heckmondwike-Mr. [groundwork-Mr] Booth. Me Gia [Gin] Sons, Brigga [Briggs] wt Mr. Cardwell may also be had. [C (2 Pickles, Kirkgate; where HICK'S CELEBRATED CouGH [Cough] LOZENGES Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, her Royal the Aristocracy both of the English and Continental Courts of Europe. Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, and opportunity occurs of recommending it, she shall do so, knowing wich [which] the greatest confidence that it is quite harmless and most beneficial. Extract of a Letter received Feb. 21, 1850. Cumberland Terrace, Rezent's [Regent's] Park, London, Feb. 21, 1850. To G. H. J. Cockburn, Esq.-Sir,-I have much pleasure in forwarding you this testimonial respecting the wonderful efficacy of your Oriental Botanical Extract for the Complexion. I was, Sir, previous to using it, troubled with a great many spots and eruptions on my skin but I am pleased to say that after a few applications of your Extract according to your directions, that every unpleasant appearance forsook my skin and in a very short space of time a perfect cure was made. I shall not feel any objection, if you think proper to make this public, and I have the honour to be, Sir, yours most faithfully, C. A. SEymour. [Seymour] Copy of a Letie [Let] received March 19th, [the] 1850. Duke-street, Liverpool, March 18, 1850. Dear Sir,-I should feel ungrateful after the service I have re- [received] ceived [received] by the use of your Oriental Extract, did I not thank you for the same. I have to inform you that seeing it adverti [advert] in several Liverpvol [Liverpool] newspapers, I was persuaded by a friend to try it, although at that time I felt assured it would only be a wasie [was] of money and trouble, having had recourse to so many things without doing me the least good, but at last I determined to give it a trial, and accordingly obtained a 2s. 9d. botile [bottle] from Messrs, Eyre and Co., Steel-street, as one of your agents in this town, and I can only say with much pleasure that after a few ap- [applications] plications [applications] I perceived a pleasing change, and in a short time a perfect cure was the result; for which I beg you to accept my best thanks.-I am, dear Sir, yours obliged, M. PankeEr. [Parker] Extract oj a Letter received March 11, 1850. Union-street, Bristol, March 10, 1850. Mr. G. H. J. Cockburn, 27, Aldgate, London.-Sir,-I take with great pleasure an opportunity of forwarding a Testimonial respecting the great benefit I have received from the use of your invaluavle [invaluable] Oriental Botanical Extract, aud [and] I shall not thiak [think] it but my duty to recommend it for use to all my fmends [friends] and others, who are troubled with any unpleasant eruptions on their skin, for I can say this, after trying every other preparation, and deriving no use from them, I was induced by a lady to make a trial of your Extract, and I cannot express my feelings in admiration sufficient for the good results that ensued for pre- [previous] vious [pious] to making use of it I was ashamed to go out into any society -my complexion being quite discoloured, by eruptions and spots; but after only using it twice, I even then perceived a great altera- [alter- alteration] tion [ion] for the better, and in a short time so improved that all my acquaintance were surprised and more, your Extract, to use, instead of being a trouble, is quite pleasant, and also an addition to the toilet. Hoping you will pardon this intrusion and freedom, I am, Sir, yours, respeci ully, [respect ally] Marianne Durant. The Oriental Botanical Extract is prepared according to the age of the patient. Dr Cockburn, therefore, requests parties will obiain [obtain] it according to the following instruc- [instruct- instructions] tions [tins -No. 1, for the use of persons from 12 to 18 years of age; No. 2, for all persons from 30 to 50. Dr. Cockbnrn [Cockburn] can be consulted by letter, on all diseases ot the skin, or patients remitting him his usual fee, by post- [post office] office order or ovherwise. [otherwise] Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail, by the sole proprietor, Dr. G. H. J. Cockburn, 27, Aldgate, London, in bottles, at 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each, with full directions for use also by the following wholesale London chemisis [chemists] - Messrs. Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon-street; Messrs. Edwerds [Edward] and Co., St. Paul's Churchyard; Mr. J. Sanger, 150, Oxford-street Mr. Thomas Proui, [PRO] 222, Strand Messrs. Sutton and Co., Bow Church-yard; Messrs, Hannay and Co., 63, Oxford-street; Messrs. Butler and Co., 4, Cheapside. Messrs. J. and R. Raimes, [Raines] Edinburgh; Mr. D. Campbell; Glasgow; Messrs. Pring and Co., Dublin. Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, chemist, Wholesale and Retail Agent for HUDDERSFIELD. Mr. Hunter, chemist, Dewsbury. Messrs. Bolton, Blanshard, and Co., wholesale and retail agents, York. Messrs. Reinhardt and Sons, chemists, wholesale and retail agents, Leeds. Mr. Hough, chemist, Doncaster. . Priestley, chemist, Pontefract. . Hall, chemist, Barnsley. . Sewell, chemist, Sheffield. . Wright, chemist, Chesterfield. . Blackburn, chemist, Bradford. . Wilkinson, chemist, Halifax. . Butterworth, chemist, Todmorden. . J. M. Clitton, [Clifton] chemist. Delph. . Hick, chemist, Wakefield. And all other respectable chemists in the Unitcd [United] Kingdom CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC, Messrs. WILKINSON and Co., Surgeons, beg to say that thzy [they] have no connection with any person or persons in Leeds who siyle [sole] them' selves Wilkinson and Co.-Messrs. Witkinson [Wilkinson] and Co. can onty [ont] be consulted daily at 2, Back-green, Hudderayjield [Huddersfield] and 1, King Cross- [Crossed] siret, [sire] Halifax. DELAY NOT OR delays are dangerous. All parties suftering [suffering] from cases of a private nature should consult Messrs. WILKINSON Co., SURGEONS, at their Medical Estab- [Stables- Establishments] lishments, [establishments] 2, Back GREEN, HUDDERSFIELD, and 1, KING CROSS-STREET, HaLirax, [Halifax] where honour and a speedy cure may be relied upon. Attendance daily at the above Establishments. WILKINSON Co.'s PURIFYING DROPS, an astonish- [astonishing] ing discovery for the cure of every stage and symptom of the venereal disease, price 4s. 6d. per bottle, can only be had of the following agents , Halifax.-Mr. Wilson, bookseller, &., North Bridge. Huddersfield.-Mr, Dewhirst, druggist, &e. King-street. Dewsbury.-Mr. Hunter, chemist and druggist. Wakefield.-Mr. Lawton, chemist and druggist, Bottom of Kirkgate. Barnsley.-Mr. Waterfield, bookseller, &c. Bradford.-Mr. Tetley, chemist, &c., Leeds-road; and Mr. Sutcliff, chemist, &c., Westgate. ; Hebden Bridge.-Mr. Garforth, bookseller. Keighley.-Mr. Akeds, [Asked] Stamp Office. Todmorden.-Mr. Farrar, hair dresser. Rochdale.-Howarth, &c., wholesale druggist. Heywood.-Mr. Alston's boot and shoe establishment. Colne.-Mr. Hodgson, chemist, &c. Doncaster.-Hough, chemist, &c., Corn Market. Leeds.-Mr. Green, bookseller, Briggate. Knottingley.-Mr. Greenhow, chemist, &c. Pontefract.-Mr Farrer, chemist, &c., Roper-street, Goole.-Mr. Harnet, [Garnet] chemist, &c. Selby.-Mr. Glew, chemist, &e. York.-Mr. Marsh, stationer, &c., Peter-gate. ipton.-Mr. [upon.-Mr] Irving, chemist, &c. Burnley.-Mr. Munn, chemist, &c. Bingley Mr. Dunn, chemist, &e. 3 Mark those Num' [Sum] N and Or serious disappointments you will moot' All Letters punctually attended to, and Medicines sent to any part of the Kingdom, DU BARRY'S HEALTH-RESTORING FOOD FOR INVALIDS AND INFANTS, Het [Get] RESTORED without Medicine, inconvenience, or expense, to the most nervously delicate, dyspeptic, constipated, bilious, debilitated, or shattered constitution. Six Indispensibles [Indispensable] to Invalids, delicate Persons and In- [Infants] fants. [ants] Protected by Royal Letters Patent, ARABIAN REVALENTA. [PREVALENT] Price-llb [Price-ll] 1s., 2s. 9d., 6lb. [lb] 5s. 3d., 12Ib. [ob] 10s. LENTIL POWDER. Price-llb. [Price-ll] 1s, 4d., 3lb. [lb] 3s. 6d,, 6lb. [lb] 6s. 6d., 121bs. [bs] 12s. ERVALENTA. [EVENT] In canisters, 1lb. [lb] 2s., 3lb. [lb] 5s. 6d., 6Ib. [ob] 10s., 12 1b. 18s. Du Barry's PULMONIC BON [ON] BONS. [BINS] A nice, safe, and effectual remedy for coughs, colds, asthma, and all affections of the lungs, throat, and breath, are of unrivalled excellency. In boxes, Is. 1 d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d.; or, post free, 1s. 4d., 3s. 3d., 5s. 2d. Du Barry and Co., sole Licensees for Nevill's Patent FLOUR OF LENTILS, as prepared, and highly improved, by Du Barry and Co., 127, New Bond-street, London. It is packed in canisters suitable for all climates, 1lb. [lb] at 1s., 3lb. [lb] at 2s. 9d., at 5s. 3d., 12 b. at 10s. Each canister bears the seal and signature of Du Barry and Co., in full, without which none can be genuine, and the imitating of either is felony. The above farinaceous foods, as prepared by Du Barry and Co., will be found very useful to invalids and delicate -hildren; [children] but THE REMEDY for dyspepsia (indigestion), constipation, acidity, cramps, spasms, fits, heartburn, diarrhea, [diarrhoea] nervousness, biliousness, affections of the liver and kidneys, flatulency [flatulence] distension, palpitation of the heart, nervous headache, deafness, noises in the head and ears, pains in almost every part of the body, chronic inflammation and ulceration of the stomach, eruptions on the skin, scrofula, consumption, dropsy, rheumatism, out, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, after eating, or at sea, low spirits, spleen, general debility, paralysis, covgh, [cough] asthma, inquictude, [indicted] sleeplessness, invo- [into- involuntary] luntary [voluntary] blushing, tremors, dislike to society, unfitness for study, delusions, loss of memory, vertigo, blood to the head, exhausiion, [exhaustion] melancholy, groundless fear, indecision, wretchedness, thoughts of self-destruction, &c., is Du Barry's delicious health-restoring food for invalids and nts, [its] THE REVALENTA [PREVALENT] ARABICA, [ARABIC] Discovered, exclusively grown, and imported by Du Barry Co., 127, New Bond-street, London, sele [see] owners of the Revalenta [Prevalent] estates, and of the patent machinery by which alone the curative principles of the plant can be de- [develop] velo [vole] This light delicious breakiast [breakfast] farina (without medicine of any kind, without inconvenience, and without expense, as it saves 50 times its cost in other more expen- [expense- expensive] sive [side] remedies) speedily and permanently removes the above disorders. It never turns acid on the weakest stomach, but imparts a bealthy [healthy] relish for lunch and dinner, and restores the faculiy [faculty] of digestion and nervous and muscular energ [energy] to the most enfeebled. 50,000 testimonials, some of whic [which] are given below, leave no doubt of its restorative virtues. TESTIMONIALS, It has the highest approbation of Lord Stuart de Decies; [decides] the Venerable Archdeacon Alexander Stuart, of Ross-a cure of three years' nervousness; Major-General Thomas King, of Exmouth; Captain Parker D. Bingham, R.N., of No. 4, Park walk, Little Chelsea, London, who was cured of twenty- [twenties] seven years' dyspepsia in six weeks' time; Captain Andrews, R.N.; Captain Edwards, R.N, William Hunt, Esq., ister- [sister- sister] at-Law, [Law] King's College, Cambridge, who, after suffering. sixty years from partial paralysis, has regained the use of his limbs in a very short time upon this excellent food the Rev. Charles Kerr, of Winslow, Bucks-a cure of functional disorders; Mr. Thomas Woodhouse, Bromley-recording the cure of a lady from constipation and sickness during pregnancy; the Rev. Thomas Minster, of St. Saviour's, Leeds-a cure of five years' nervousness, with spasms and daily vomitings [vomiting Mr. Taylor, Coroner of Bolton Captain Allen-recording the cure of epileptic fits; Doctors Ure [Re] and Harvey; James Shorland, [Holland] Esq., No. 3, Sydney-terrace, Reading, Berks, late surgeon in the 98th Regi- [Reg- Regiment] ment-a [men-a] cure of dropsy James Porter, Esq., Athol-street, Perth -a cure of 13 years' cough, with general dedility; [debility] J. Smyth, Esq., Lower Abvey-street, [Abbey-street] Dublin Cornelius O'Sullivan, M.D,, F.R.C.S., Dublin-a perfect cure of thirty years' indescribable agony which had resisted all other remedies and fifty thousand other well-known individuals, who have sent the discoverers and inporters, [Importers] Du Barry and Co,, 127, New Bond-street, London, testimonials of the extrordinary [extraordinary] manner in which their health has been restored by tnis [this] useful and economical diet, after all other remedies had been tried in vain for many years, and all hopes of recovery abandoned.-Morniig [abandoned.-Morning] Chronicle. Analysis by the celebrated Projessor [Professor] of Chemisiry [Chemist] and Analytical Chemist, Andrew Ure, [Re] M.D., F.R.S., &c., &c. - London, 24, Bloomsbury-square, June 8, 1849. I hereby certify, that having examin [examine] Du 's Health Restoring Food,' I find it to be a pure vegetable Farina, perfectly wholesome, easily digestible, likely to promote a healthy action of the stomach and bowels, and thereby to counteract dyspepsia, constipation, and their nervovs [nervous] consequences. ANDREW URE, [RE] M.D., F R.8., &., Analytical Chemist. St. Saviour's, Leeds, Dec. 9, 1847, For the last five years I have been in a most deplorable condi.ion [condition.ion] of health, having been subject during that period to most seveve [severe] pains in the back, chest, right and left sides, which produced vomiting almost daily......Next to God, 1 owe you a great debt of gratitude. I have not had any sickness at the stomach since I commenced your Food, &c., &c.-I remain, gentlemen, yours very truly, Rev. THomas [Thomas] Minster, of Farnley Tyas, Yorkshire. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 11th Sept., 1849. Gentlemen -I am using your Food with great success. I commenced I could not take a meal of any descriniion, [description] bv. was sure to suffer 9 eai [9 ea] pain afier [after] it from indigestion, 1 suppose, but thenk [then] God much bevier. [never] I have recommended your Food to a great many omy [my] fellow sufierers.-ALEx. [sufferers.-Ale] CALDER, Sergeant Royal Sappers anc [an] Miners, Ordnance Survey, Dewsbury. 2, Princess-street, Manchescer, [Manchester] rd month, 19th, [the] 1 49. Respected Friend,-- [Friend] I think no one who had received 'or seen so much good and comfort result from i. as in my case, would be without it in sickness. Thou art at. liberty to use this letter as thou thinkest [thinks] best, and I will cheerfully answer any inquiries.-I am, thy friend, EpDwarp [Edward] CorBETt, [Corbett] ty En gineer, [engineer] &. 3, Sydney-terrace, Reading, Berks, Dec. 3, 1847. Gentlemen,-I am happy to be able to inform you that the per- [person] son for whom the former quantity was procured, has derived very great benefit from its use; distressing symptoms of long standing have been removed, and a feeling of restored health in- [induced] duced. [duce] Having witnessed the beneficial effects in the above- [above mentioned] mentioned case, I can with confidence recommend it, and shall have much pleasure in so doing whenever an opportunity oTers. [others] -I am, gentlemen, very truly yours, JaMEs [James] SHORLAND, [HOLLAND] late surgeon, 96th Regiment. Stainbro', [Stain bro] Barnsley, Aug. 11th, 1849. Gentlemen,-My sister and myself have derived much benefit from your Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] Food. We both of us have suffered much from nervousness and debility, but are thankful to state Wwe [We] are now much stronger ahd [had] calmer than before. Please send another 10lb [lb] canister, &c.-B. M...... Schoolmaster. Royal Hotel, St. Heliers, Jersey, Nov. 4, 1849. My dear Sir,-Ii is not to be told all the benefit your Food has been to me; and my litt [list] e son cries for a saucer of it every morn- [morning] ing-he [he] never wanied [wanted] a doctor since it came into the house. I consider you a blessing to society at large.-Most faithfully yours, 21, Queen's-terrace, Bayswater, London, Nov. 22, 1849. Mr. Dampier [Damper] will thank Messrs. Du Barry and Co. toseud [tose] him another canister of their Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica, [Arabic] it agreeing so well with his infant. (This infant was six days' old whea [when] it com- [commenced] meaced [menaced] living on the Fuod). [Food] Devon Cottage, Bromley, Middlesex, March 31, 1849. Gentlemen,-The lady for whom I ordered your food is six months advanced in pregnancy, and was suffering severely from indigestion and constipation, throwing up her meals shortly after eating them, having a great deal of heartburn, and being constantly obliged to resort to physic or the enema, and some- [sometimes] times to both. Iam [I am] happy to inform you that your Food pro- [produced] duced [duce] immediate relief She has never been sick since, had but little heartburn, and the functions are more regular, THos. [This] WooDHUtSE. [Woodhouse] Pool Anthony, Tiverton, Nov. 8, 1848. All that I had suffered from for twenty-five years, and which no medicine could remove or relieve, seems to vanish under the ihfluence [influence] of Revalenta. [Prevalent] I enjoy sound and refreshing sleep, which, until now, I could not procure. Nervousness is passing away rapidly, and I am much more calm and collected in every- [everything] thing I do, and it has quite sweetened my rtemper. [temper] affords me pleasure to do for ovhers [others] what, before, I did not dare to do for nervous irritation, é&c. W. R. REEves. [Reeves] Athol-street, Perth, May 2, 1828. Some time has now elapsed since the lady (wno [no] had been an invalid for thirteen yea-s from wand of accompanied with cough and general prostraiion [prostration] of strenz-h) [strength-h] for whom I procured your Arabiac [Arabic] Food has been using ic daily as directed, and I am happy to say that it has produced a mosi [moss] saluiary [salary] chanve [chance] in her system, &e. JAMES POTTER. Haddington, East Lothian, March 8, 1849. Dear Sir,-Your excellent Arabica [Arabic] Food has com- [completely] pletely [lately] restored my stomach, nerves, and liver, which had been disordered for nearly twenty years past, and my health is now everything I corld [cold] wish, an 80 these three months past, &&. ANDREW FRASER, Important Caution.-Of late many ignorant persons, actuated by cupidity alone, have attempted to foist upon the public, flour or porn of Lentils, in imitation of Du Earry's [Barry's] invaluable Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] food (a farina posses- [possessing] sing the highest curative Peeples [Peoples] of any substances ever discovered, and of which Messrs. Du Barry and Co. are the sole proprietors and possessors). These imitative imposters have not hesitated to copy our advertisements, and puff as CURATIVE that which (though unobjectionable as food when properly prepared) possesses no more curative virtues than a piece of bread. Nor can they show a single curative effect, whilst Du Barry's Revalent [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] food has cured fitty [forty] thousand persons of bigh [big] respectability, even in cases where all other remedies had failed and all hopes of remvery [rem very] abandoned. But they invariably refer to the Old Testa- [Taste- Testament] ment [men] as their great authority forgetting that the only re- [reference] ference [France] there made to Lentils is Esau's fraud upon his brother Jacob; and the public is le to infer that these imitators, intent upon following Esau's example, wisi [wise] to perpetrate a wholesale fraud upon invalids. A full report of important cures of the above and nany [many] other complaints, and a copious extract from fifty thowand [thousand] testimonials, from parties of the highest respectability, is sent gratis by Du Barry and Co., on receipt of two stamps. In canisters, with tull [till] instructions, weighing 1b. at 2s,9d. ; 2lb. [lb] at 4s. 6d.; 5Ilb. [alb] at 11s. 12Ib. [ob] at 22s. super-reined quality, 10lb., [lb] 33s.; [S's] and 5 b. 22s.; [S's] suitabl [suitable] ked [led] for all climates. Canisters forwarded by DU BARRY and (Oo. on receipt of Post-office or Bankers' orders. The 12lb.and [lb.and] 10lb. [lb] canisters carriage-free to any town or railway stetion [station] connected by rail with London. Du Barry and Co.,127, New Bond-street, London also of Fortnum, [Fortnight] Mason. and Co., 182 and 183, Piccadilly, Purveyors to her Majesty the Queen, 182, Piccadilly; Hedges and Butler, 155, street Barclay, 95, Farringdon-street Edwards, 6), St. Paul's Church-yard Rumsey, [Ramsey] 3, Queen-street-place Sut- [St- Sutton] ton, Newberry, Sanger, Hannay, 63, Oxford-street and through all respectable grocers, chemists, medicine vetdors [vendors] and booksellers in the kingdom. Agent for HUDDERSFIELD, Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, CHEMIST, MARKET-PLACE P. H. Wilkinson and Mr. J. H. Kerhaw. [Kershaw] BaRNSLEY,-John [Barnsley,-John] Ray. BEVERLEY,-E. Pipes, North Bar-street. i BraDFoRD,-John [Bradford,-John] Pratt, W. J. Thomas, Niln [Nile] Maud and Wilson, M. Rogerson, F. M. Remmingtm. [Remind] DewsguRy,-T. [Dewsbury,-T] M. and C. Brooke. LEEDs.-Reinhardt [Leeds.-Reinhardt] and Sons, 76, Briggate. PoNTEFRACT,-James [Pontefract,-James] Brice, Druggist. SHEFFIELD,-T. Watson and Co. WAKEFIELD,-G. E. Smith, York,-Bolton, Blanshard, and Co. BIRMINGHAM,-Phillpott [BIRMINGHAM,-Phillip] and Son, 28, High-street. LIVERPOOL,-T. Nixon and Co., 1, Castle street. MANCHESTER,-T, Nash, John Dalton-street. DoncasTER,-R, [Doncaster,-R] Hartley. 2s. 9d., 48. 6d., and 11s. each box. Post free, 2s., 58., and 12s. COPAIBA [COPIES] AND CUBEBS [CURBS] ENTIRELY SUPERSEDED. A TRAY'S CELEBRATED BALSAMIC PILLS, for the cure of Gonorrhea, [gonorrhoea] Gleets, [Glees] Im. [In] Strictures, Seminal Weakness, Whites, Pains in the Loins, Affections of the K.cneys, [K.canes] Gravel, Irritation of the Bladder, or and other diseases of the onion ASSAES, [ASSES] uentl [until] forming, in recent cases, a hare in the ap of a few days; they have also been found decidedly efficacious in cases of Gout and Rheumatism, and an excellent remedy Self-abuse. ; A mild diuretic, a soothing balsamic, a powerful tonic, and an excellent invigorating Times. . The unprecedented success that has attended the admi- [admit- administration] nistration [registration] of these pills, since they were made public, has acquired for them a sale more extensive than any other proprietary medicine extant and the circumstance of their entirely obviating the necessity of having recourse to those disgusting, nauseovs, [nauseous] and in many Cases highly injurious medicines (as copaiba, [copies] cubebs, [Curbs] &c.), has obtained for them a reputation unequalled in the annals of medicine. Within three years priorto [Priory] being advertised, thesepills [these pills] were employed in private practice in upwards of 1,800 cases, many of them most inveterate-in many thousand cases since, and in no one instance known to fail or to produce those un leasant [pleasant] symptoms so often experienced while taking copaiba, [copies] and that class of medicines usually resorted to in those com- [complaints] plaints. The proprietor pledges himself that not one par- [particle] ticle [tile] of copaiba, [copies] either resin or balsam, cubebs, [Curbs] or any other deleterious ingredient, enters their composition. Copaiba [Copies] and cubebs [Curbs] have long been the most commonly employed medicines in the above complaints; but, from the uncer- [under- uncertainty] tainty [taint] in their effects, together with their utter inefficiency in many cases, are fast declining in reputation-and from the unpleasant symptoms invariably preduced [reduced] from taking copaiba, [copies] especially in the early stages of the complaint, many of the most able practitioners condemn it as danger- [dangerous] ous, [us] and a medicine not to be depended upon. Many persons, after having suffered more from the effects of the remedy than the virulence of the disease, and after a patient but painful perseverance, have been compelled to relinquish its use, the whole system having been more or less affected, and the disease as bad, if not worse than at the commence- [commencement] ment. [men] As regards cubebs, [Curbs] it is true that those violent effects are not experienced as while taking copaiba, [copies] but they seldom effect a cure unless more active medicines are admin'stered. [admin'steed] The Balsamic Piils [Pills] are free from any of the above objections-they act specifically on the urinary pas- [passages] sages-and, [and] from their tonic properties, tend to strengthen the system and improve the general health. They require neither confinement nor alteration of diet (except abstinence from stimulants where considerable inflammation exists), and, as experience has amply proved, they will effect a cure sooner than copaiba [copies] (the dangerous results of which, in the inflammatory stages, are too well known to need furcher [further] comment), or any other medicine in present use, and ma be considered the only safe and efficacious remedy in stages of these disorders. In addition to these advantages, the very convenient form in which this invaluable prepara- [prepared- preparation] tion [ion] is offered to the public, must also be considered a desideratum. ; Prepared only by M. O. WRay; [Way] sold wholesale and retail at 100, Great Portland-street, Oxford-street, London, re- [removed] moved from No. 118, Holborn Hill; Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, Market-place, Huddersfield; Mr. Lockwood, Wakefield ; Wood, Birmingham; Noble, Boston; Drury, Lincoln; Hobbs, druggist, Cambridge; Haldon [Hilton] and Lowndes, Alden and Slatter, [Latter] Oxford; Proctor, Cheltenham; Cross, Bath; Ferris and Score, Bristol; Tucker, Worcester; Sutton, Nottingham Holyoake, E. Bufton, [Burton] Mottershead [mattered] and Ro- [Roberts] berts, [Brest] John Standriag, [Standing] Manchester; Jones, Liverpool; Baines and Newsome, Leeds; Price and Payne, Leicester; Anthony, Hereford; Whittaker, Sheffield; Willerton, Co- [Coventry] ventry [entry] Cook, Ipswich; Harris, Northampton; and by all patent medicine vendors in the United Kingdom. Physician's advice gratuitously, from eleven till one, every day. Surgical attendance every evening from seven till puissance, [nuisance] nine. Consultations, on payment of the usual fee, from two to six, p.m. Borsond [Boston] residing in the remotest parts of the country can be treated successfully, on describing minutely their symp- [stamp- symptoms] toms, age, habits of life, &c., and enclosing a remittance for advice and medicine, which can be forwarded to any part of the world, securely packed, and carefully protected from observation. All letters to be addressed to M. O. WRAY, 100, Great Poriland-street, [Portland-street] Oxford-street, London. CAUTION.-Sufierers [CAUTION.-Sufferers] are earnestly cautioned against dangerous imitations of these pills by youthful dishonest quacks, who have impudently assumed the title of Doctor, and dared to infringe the proprietor's right by advertising spurious compound under another name, the use of which can only bring annoyance and disappointment. PAINS IN THE BACK, GRAVEL, LUMBAGO, RHEUMATISM, GOUT, INDIGESTION, DEBILITY, STRICTURE, GLEET, [FLEET] &c. R. DE ROOS' COMPOUND RENAL PILLS have in many instances effected a cure when all other meanshad [mean shad] failed, and arenow [arena] established by thecon- [then- the consent] sent of everypatient [every patient] who has yet tried them, as well as by the FACULT [FACULTY] THEMSELVES, as the most safeand [safe and] efficacious remedy ever discovered for the above dangerous Complaints, and Diseases of the Kidneys and Urinary Organs generally, whether resulting from imprudence or otherwise, which, if neglected, frequently end in stone in the bladder, and a lin- [in- lingering] gering [gearing] death These pills are not offered as a panacea for every ill, but for the Gout and Rheumatism, Depression of Spirits, Excitement, Blushing, Dislike of Society, Incapacity for Study or Business, Loss 01 Memory, Confusion, Giddiness, Blood to the Head, Drowsiness, Sleep without Refreshment, Groundless Fear, Indecision, Irresolution, Wretchedness, Thoughts of Suicide, Nervousness, and even Insanity itself, when (as is often the case) arising from or combined with Urinary Diseases, they are unequalled how necessary is it then, that persons thus afflicted should at once attend to these important matters. By their salutary action on acidity of the stomach-they correct bile and indigestion, purify and promote the Renal secretions-thereby prevent- [preventing] ing the formation of Stone, and establishing for life a healthy performance of the functions of these organs. May be obtained at ls. 14d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d. and ls., per box, through all Medicine Vendors in the World, or should any defficulty [difficulty] occur, they will be sent free on receipt of the price in postage stamps by Dr. DE ROOS. TESTIMONIALS AND CASES, To prove the genuineness of which Dr. DE R. solicits enquiry from the persons themselves. Thomas Chatty, Butterleigh, Tiverton, had, from an ap- [apparent] parent complication of disorders kept his bed for many weeks, and was given vp by all the doctors in the neigh- [neighbourhood] bourhood, [boyhood] who where alike puzzled as a last resource he was. persuaded to try a 2s. 9d. box of these pills; lon [on] before they were finished was he enabled to walk out an about, and is now happy in adding his testimony to their astonishing properties. Robert Johnson, Ludlam Street, Bradford.- Your valuable pills have so improved my friend in Scotland, that he has solicited me to send him another box, which he feels assured will cure him; you can use our names as you think proper, that others suffering may be convinced of their value.-Direct to Dr. John Farquhar, Weaver, &c. Kinross, Scotland. Mr. J. Higham, Burwell- I am happy to say that the person, though he has taken only one box, is a wonderful deal better, and wi l recommend them toany [tony] one sosuffering. [so suffering] N.B. Persons wishing to consult the Doctor, in any case, may do so by enclosirg [enclosing] 1, by Post Office Order, payable at the Holborn Office, or otherwise, with a detail of the symptoms &c. for which Advice and Medicines will be sent. Patients corresponded with till cured. Address, WALTER DE ROOS, M.D., 35, Ely place, Holborn-hill, London. Hours, 10 till 1, and 4 till 8. Sunday excepted, unless by previous arrangement. Sold by England, chemist, Wilman chemist, King St., and Spivy, [Spivey] Huddersfield. Hunier, [Hunter] chemist, Dewsbury. Eolton, [Bolton] Blansbard, [Blanshard] and Co., Micklegate, York. Hobson, Leeds Times Office, Briggate, Leeds. Hough, chemist, Brook and Co., Gazeite [Gazette] Office; Walker and Co., and Hartley, Doncaster. Priestley, chemist, Ponieiract. [Pontefract] e Hall, chemist, Pybus, Eookseller, [Bookseller] Market Place, and Hall, Barnsley. Whitaker, 22, F te, Sheffield. Wright, chemist, J. Pike, Dunhill, Chesterfield. Blackurn, [Blackburn] chemisi, [chemist] Pratt, chemist, and Remmington, chemist, Ivegate, [Negative] Bradiord. [Bradford] Wilkinson, chemist, Leylandand [Leyland] Son, Corn Market, Halitax. [Halifax] Butierworth, [Butterworth] chemist, Todmorden. Cli.ton, [Cl.ton] chemist, Delph. Hick, chemist, Cardwell, and Examiner Office, Wakefield. And all other respectable chemisis [chemists] in the United Kingdom. for the removal of the evil effects of HEALTH WHERE TIS [ITS] SOUGHT OLLOWAY'S [HOLLOWAY'S] PILLS CURE OF A DISORDERED LIVER AND STOMACH WHEN IN A MOST HOPELESS STATE. Chapel Hall, Letter from Mr. Matthew Harvey, o Sootland, [Scotland] dated the 15th 1850. Professor HOLLOWAY. ; Tee Your valuable Pills have been the means, with Giod's [Good's] blessing, of restoring me to a state of perfect health, and at a time when I thought I was on the brink of the ve. I had consulted several eminent Doctors, who, after doing what they could for me, stated that they considered my case as hopeless. I ought to say that I had been suf- [su- suffering] fering [fearing] from a Liver and Stomach complaint of long stand- [standing] ing, which during the last two years got so much worse, that every one considered my condition as hopeless. Tas [As] a last resource got a Box of your Pills, which soon gave re- [relief] lief, and by persevering in their use fer some. weeks, together with rubbing night and morning your Ointment over my chest and stomach, and right side, I have by their means alone got completely cured, and to the astonishment of myself and everybody who knows me. (Signed) MatrHew [Matthew] HaRveY. [Have] CURE OF A CASE OF WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY OF FOUR YEARS' STANDING. mote amos [Amos] 'from Mr. William Smiih, [Smith] of No. 5, hoirets3- [Hornets- characteristic] [C] Od Lambeth, dated Dee. 12th, 1849. To Professor HOLLOWAY. Sir,-I beg to inform you that for nearly five years I hardly knew what it was to have a day's health, suffering from extreme weakness and debility, with constant nervous headaches, giddiness, and sickness of the stomach, together with a great depression of spirits. I used to think that nothing could benefit me, as I had been to many medical men, some of whom, after doing all that was in their power, informed me that they considered that I had some spinal complaint beyond the reach of cure, together with a very disordered state of the stomach and liver, making my case so complicated that nothing could be done for me. One day, being unusually ill and in a dejected state, Isaw [Is] your Pills advertised, and resolved to give them a trial, more perhaps from curiosity than with a hope of being cured, however I soon found myself better by taking them, and so I went on persevering in their use for six months, when I am happy to say they effected a perfect cure. (Signed) WILLIAM SMITH. (frequently called EDWARD.) CURE OF ASTHMA OF TWENTY YEARS' STANDING. Extract of a Letter from Mr. J. K. Heydon, 78, King-street, Sydney, dated 10th Novemoer, [November] 1849, To Professor HOLLOWAY. S1r,-I [Sir,-I] have the pleasure to inform you that many ex- [extraordinary] traordinary [ordinary] cures ot Asthma have been effected here by the means of your Pi One is that of a Lady residing near the Razorback, who after having for twenty years been unable to make the slightest exertion, suffering very fear- [fearfully] fully from shortness of breath, cougbing, [coughing] and spitting, but is now, to use her own expression, able to run up to the top of that mountain. Another case is that of Mr. Caton, Tailor, Hutchinson's Buildings, Clarence-street, who was so dreadfully bad that he was confined entirely to his bed- [bedroom] room for six months, prior to his commencing with your Pills, and attended regularly by his medical man, who pro- [pronounced] nounced [announced] him to be in a dying state, yet he, likewise, to my knowledge, has been restored to perfect health by the use of your Pills, and rubbing your Ointment night and morn- [morning] ing into the chest. (Signed) J. K. HEYDON, THE EARL OF ALEOROUGH [ALTHOUGH] CURED OF A LIVER AND STOMACH COMPLAINT. Extract of a Lsiter [Lister] from His Lordship, dated Villa Messina, Leghorn, 21st February, 1846. To Professor HOLLOWAY. S1r,-Various [Sir,-Various] circumstances prevented the possibility of my thanking you before this time for your politeness in sending me your Pills as you did. I now take this oppor- [upper- opportunity] tunity [unity] of sending you an order for the amount, and, at the same time, to add that your Pills, have effected a cure ofa [of] disorder in my Liver and Stomach, which all the most eminent of the Faculty at home and all over the Continent, had not been able to effect; nay, not even the waters of Carlsbad and Marienbad. [Miranda] I wish to have another Box and a Pot of the Ointment, in case any of my family should ever require either. . Your most obliged and obedient servant, (Signed) ALDBOROUGH. Those celebrated Pills are wonderfully ejicacious [efficacious] in the following complaints. Ague Female Irregulari- [Irregular- IrregulariScrofula] Scrofula, or King's Asthma ties Evil Bilious Complaints Fevers of all kinds Sore Throats Blotches on the Fits Stone and Gravel Skin Gout Secondary Symp- [Stamp- Simple] Eowel [Bowel] Complaints Head-ache toms Colies [Coles] Indigestion Tic-Douloureux [Tic-Dolores] Constipation of the Inflammation Tumours Boweis [Bowels] Jaundice Ulcers Consumption Liver Complaints Venereal Affections Debility Lumbago Worms of all kinds Dropsy Piles 'Weakness, from Dyseatry [Dysentery] Rheumatism whatever cause, Exysipelas [Erysipelas] Retention ofurine [of urine] &c, &e. Sold at the Establishment of Professor HoLLoway, [Holloway] 244, Strand, (near Temple Bar,) London, and by most all re- [respectable] spectable [respectable] Druggists, and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilized World, at the following prices-ls. 1 d., 2s, 9d., 4s. 6d., 11s., 22s., and 33s. each Box. There isa censiderable [considerable] saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B.-Directions for the guidance of Patients in every Disorder are affixed to each Box. COLLIERY ACCIDENTS.-A few days ago the first instance of a rope breaking when regularly at work with the Four- [Forerunner] Crinier [Coroner] safety apparatus attached to the cage occurred at the Belmont colliery owing, however, to the apparatus, any accident was fortunately prevented. It would appear that the tubs, not having been properly secured in the cage, came in contact with one side of the framework of the shaft in their descent. The rope and one guide was thus broken at a distance of five fathoms from the bottom. By this derangement of the one side of the framework in the shaft the apparatus had only one guide to act upon, and it was asource [source] of satisfaction to all parties that the apparatus held the cage firmly in its position until a fresh rope was attached to the cage, when it was immediately lowered into the pit without any injury to the cage orappa- [ora- or apparatus] ratus, [rates] although called into operation under very unfavour- [favour- unfavourable] able circumstances.-Sunderland Herald, THE PrIcE [Price] oF Gas.-The return respecting the gas companies which has just been printed is an interesting document at the present time. It relates to 120 gas com- [companies] panies [Panis] in England and Wales; to nine in Scotland, and six in Ireland. In London alone there are 15 gas companies. The largest capital paid up isin [sin] the London Imperial Com- [Company] pany, [any] being 655,500., and their rate per 1, cubic teet [tee] at the latest date was 6s., the pie of coals being 15s. per ton. The City of London supplied gas at 4s. the 1,000 feet, and paid 15s. d. per ton for coals; whilst the Equitable charged 6s. per 1,000 feet, and paid only 13s. 11d. per ton. The Western Company, in London, charged 8s. per 1,000 feet the price they paid for coals is not given. prices in the country range from 3s. per 1,000 feet to 8s. The lowest price paid for coals seems to have been 5s. per ton, and the highest, at Oxford, 22s. 4d. the ton-they charged, at the latest date, 8s. 4d. per 1,000 cubic feet. e return extends to 19 folio pages, and is made up to the end of 1849. TIME TABLES. HUDDERSFIELD TO HOLMFIRTH PENISTONE. 3d Cli2d [Cloud] Cli2d [Cloud] Cij2d [Cited] Cij2d [Cited] Cl 3d Cl Hnddersfd [undeserved 7 0 9 50)11 54 2 30 4 15 7 30 Lockw [Lock] 7 5 9 55.11 58 2 35 4 19 7 35 BerryBrow [Berry brow 7 10 10 0,12 3 240) [W] ... 7 40 Honley. 7 13)10 3)12 6 2 42) 4 23) 7 43 Brockholes junction. 7 17 10 712 10 2 47) ... 7 47 Thougsbrg. [Thoughts. 7 20 10 1012 13 2 50) ... 7 40 Holmfirth 7 25 10 15 12 18 2 55 4 33) 7 55 Stocks Mr. 7 38 10 23'12 26 443; ' Shepley 7 43 10 32 12 31 4 48 Denby Dale 7 51 11 39,12 36 4 55 Penistone.. 8 1 10 49 12 46 5 5 arrival...) 9 36 1 23 5 ' Runs to Penistone on Tuesdays only. Sundays. A Train leaves Huddersfield at 6 46, 10 11, 7 25; Lockwood 6 51, 10 15, 7 29; Berry Brow 6 56, 10 30, 7 33; Honley 659, 10 35, 7 36; Holmfirth Junction 7 2, 10 40, 7 39; Holmfirth ar. 7 6, 10 43, 745; dep. [de] 7 10, 1045, 745; Stocks Moor 715 a.m., J, SAMUEL WARBURTON, of No. 11, St. Mark-street, Wood- [Woodhouse] house, near Leeds, in the County of York, gentleman, do solemnly and sincerely dzclure [declare] that I am the owner of the ducelling-house, [dwelling-house] No. 13, Trajalgar-sireet, [Trafalgar-street] in Leeds That the said deell- [dwell- dwelling] ing-house [house] has been tenonied [tenanted] and occupied by the firms of Wilkinson and Co., or Wilkinson, Royle and Co., for upwards of twelve years And that no person or persons of the name of Wilkinson, nor any Jirm [Firm] calling themselves Wilkinson and Co., and residing either at Halifax, Huddersjeld, [Huddersfield] or Bradjord, [Bradford] in the said County of York, ever resided at No. 13, Trafalgar-street, in Leeds ajoresaid, [aforesaid] nor ever tenanted the same, or had any connection with that establish- [establishment] ment. [men] SAMUEL WARBURTON. Taken, declared, and subscribed at Leeds, in the County of York, this 20th day of May, 1848, before me, GEORGE STaBLes [Stables] Solicitor, Leeds. URE [RE] GUARANTEED.- [GUARANTEED] WILKINSON, ROYLE, and Co. may be consulted at their resi- [rest- residence] dence, [dene] 13, TRAFALGAR-STREET, LEEDS (Surge 57, Nile- [Street] street), from nine in the Morning till Ten at Night, and on Sundays till Two. They are, in consequence of increased practice, reluctantly, for the present, obliged to discontinue their usual visits to Bradford, Halifax, and Huddersfield. They beg, however, to state, that communications addressed to them at Leeds, will be attended to, and to intimate that they have entered into arrangements with Dr. ROYLE, M.R.C.S., who has had vast opportunities of studying Dis- [Diseases] eases, &c. &c., having long confined his attention thereto in one of the principal Hospitals in the kingdom. He has obtained first-rate Testimonials of his skill in their treat ment. [men] A very extensive private practice has proved his success. Letters, containing 1, will be attended to, and Advice and Medicines will be forwarded. Parties who cannot apply, might successfull [successful] use W. R. and Co's PURIFYI [PURIFY] DROPS and PURI- [PURE- PURIFYING] FYING [DYING] PILLS.-A TreatisE, [Treatise] of 24 pages, embellished with engravings, is sent with them. .WILKINSON, ROYLE, and Co. have published their Me- [Medical] dical [medical] Adviser. As a proof of its utility, a large edition has been rapidly sold. Price of the Purifying Drops, 4s. 6d. per bottle; three in one, 1ls.; [ls] six in one, i 1 1s.; Pills, 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., 11s., and 1 ls. urchasing [purchasing] r box. Considerable saving is effected by 1e larger sized bottles and boxes; to be had in , at their residence; or of the following agents - HUDDERSFIELD-Mr. BROOK, Printer, 26, Buxton-road. Halifax-Mr. Hartley, bookseller 3; and Barnsley-Mr. Market-place. AUTION, [AUCTION] Unprincipled persons having copied the labels, bills, &e., relative to Witkinson, [Wilkinson] Royle, and Co.'s valuable Medicines, they caution the public that none are genuine that have not the signature of Henry Royle on the government stamp, to imitate which is felony; and they can only be obtained at their residence, in Leeds, or irom [from] any of their accredited Agents, , 7 46 p.m.; Shepley 7 24 a.m, 749 p.m.; Denby Dale 7 29 a.m., 7 54 p.m.; Penistone 7 36a.m., [a.m] 8 2 p.m; Sheffield ar. 8 41 a.m. PENISTONE TO HOLMFIRTH HUDDERSFIELD. 3d Cl(2d Cli2d [Cloud] Cli2d [Cloud] Cl 3d Cli2d [Cloud] Cl Sheffield ... 6 30) 9 55 12 54) ... 6 25)... Penistone.. 8 5 10 52 1 30 715 DenbyDale [Dental 8 13 11 0 1 38 7 23 Shepley .... 8 19)11 6 1 44 7 29 Stocks Mr. 8 23 11 10 1 48 7 33 Brockholes junction 8 28 11 15 1 53) ... 7 38) Holmfirth 8 38 11 24; 2 3 3 0 7 48 8 40 Thongsbrg. [Thongs. 8 44 11 32 2 9 3 4 7 54 44 Honley..... 8 36) 2 14) 3 9 7 59) 8 49 BerryBrow [Berry brow 8 52 11 40) 2 18 3 13 8 3 8 53 Lockwood. 8 56 11 44 2 23 3 18 8 8 58 . Huddersfd [Huddersfield] arrival ... 9 1 11 48 2 28) 3 23) 813) [W] 9 3 a t From Penistone at 8 10 p.m. on Tuesdays only. & On Tuesdays a Market Train will leave Penistone at 70 a.m., Holmfirth at 7 30, for Huddersfield, calling at intermediate stations. Sundays. A Train leaves Sheffield at 9 56 a,m., 7 26 p.m.; Penistone 10 3 a.m., 8 10 p.m.; Denby Dale 10 46 am., 818 p.m.; Shepley 10 52 am, 8 24 p.m.; Stocks Moor 10 55 a.m., 8 27 p-m.; Broekholes [Brockholes] Junction 11 5a.m.,8 40p.m.; [p.m] Holmfirth 7 15, 116a.m., [a.m] 8 30 p.m. ; Thongsbridge 7 19, 11 2.a.m., 833 p.m.; Honley7 [Honley] 25, ll5am,. [lam] 8 37p.m.; [p.m] Berry Brow7 [Brow] 29, 11 9a.m.,8 41 p.m.; Lockwood 7 34. 11 8 45 p.m.; Huddersfield ar 7 39, 11 19 am, p.m. HUDDERSFIELD TO BRADFORD, Par. Par. 2 CL) 2 CSO [CO] Manchester ... 6 0 8 1510 15 12 10) 1 45) 3 5 5 45 7 30 Leeds ...... ... 8 4010 55) 1 25 3 25 5 0) 6 30 8 20 Huddersfld) [Huddersfield] 6 25 8 3 9 1011 52 1 30 3.551 5 5 7 3 9 19 Mirfield ... 6 37 8 23 9 3812 13 1 58 4 13 5 38 7 93 9 48 Hecmndke [Hammond ... 8 30 9 4412 22) 2 6) 4 21 5 46 7 32 9 50 Liversedge 35 9 4812 25 2 10 4 25) 5 50, 73410 Cleckheatn [Cleckheaton] 8 40 9 52)12 29 2 14 4 29 5 35 7 4010 5 Low Moor 8 47 9 59 12 37) 2 21) 4 36; 6 1, 7 4610 11 Bradford .. 8 55 16 6,12 48) 2 31 4 44 6 12 7 5610 21 BRADFORD TO HUDDERSFIELD, 'Par. 2h) 26h [H] PCLT [COLT] ION SSS Bradford... 6 10 ... 9 Olu [Old] 301 1 8 3 30 4 50 635 at Low Moor.. 6 15 ... 9 7 11 37 1 16 3 38 4 57 6 43 8 58 Cleckheatn [Cleckheaton] 6 23 ... 9 14.11 46 1 2413 46 5 2 65il9 [il] 6 Liversedge 6 26) ... 9 1711 50 1 27 3 5015 7165519 9 Hckmdwk [Hadwick] 6 29) ... 9 20 11 53 1 30 3 53 5 10 6 58 9 13 Mirfield ... 6 37 8 13) 9 2712 0 138 [0 W] 4 0 514 7 6 9 20 Huddersfld [Huddersfield 6 50 8 35 9 45112 25 2 5 4 14 5 50 7 soho [Soho] o Manchester) 910) [W] ... 11 5 1 45 3 50 6 15 7 10 9 35 11 10 Leeds ...... 745) [W] ... J10 [J] 5 1 0 210 4 40) 5 55 7 45110 30 HUDDERSFIELD TO PONTEFRACT AND GOOLE. Huddersfield 6 25, 11 52, 130, 7 3.- Wakefield 7 30, 12 40 8 40, 7 40.-Pontefract 8 0, 13, 4 8. 81-Goole 90, 20, 455. LONDON AND NorTH [North] WESTERY [WESTERN] R MANCHESTER, Var Par.) 207 te. London.......dep. [ ... ... 2, oa Lh Be rn os 5 le y OF Chester .... we a lz ' Crewe....... 730 [W 8522) [W] L . Macclesfield ...... 740 919 ps . Stockport ......... 4010 15 14; 4 Livernooi [Liverpool] wrevevece [reverence] wee 9 on 45, , 5 Manchester...dp. 6 30 8 45.10 25 Ashton ....... ') 8451 9 310 2 io Stalybridge 6501910105) [W] 2 é Mossley ......... 6 58 9 16.10 56 3 2 ' Greenfield ...... 7 6921 253M [M] ' Saddleworth...... 35 3 - Marsden............ 7 27) az 2) FG Slaithwaite ...... 7 33 952g [G] 3 J Golear.... [Golcar] 7419 W] 5.2 FE ' Longwood......... 7 48 10 21145 3 2 33 ' Huddersfield ... 7 54)10 1152 CY 8 O10 [O] Il 58 ) Heaton 8 6 10 1812 5 37, vy Mirfield ............ SlllOB12w [Slow] 2, Dewsbury ......... 21 10 33 12 19) 3 45) Batley 8 25 10 37 12 33) 3 yo Morley ........... 8 32 10 47 12 33, 5 5, 2 Churwell [Howell] ......... 8 53). Wortley .........) 8 44 10 5612 42. 47 So... arr 8 50 11 O12 [O] 50 4) 7, Soon os Pool for Otley ar) 11.26 1 41) gy) 72 Knaresbro [Nursery] ...... 11 43 2 455 4 Harrogate ...... ll 43 245 4 . Ripon 12 10 232, 5 hirsk [Hirst] 06, 2 Neweastle......... [Newcastle] 3 90 ls 99 9 &# A THIRD CLASS TRAIN 10 30a.m., [a.m] HUDDERSFIELD dam mediate Stations.-Also, a THIRD DERSFIELD [HUDDERSFIELD] for LEEDS at 145 p.m., callin, [calling] ' Stations. woe BB AA Sunda [Sunday] 3, A Train leaves Manchester at 1), 340, 4... bridge 8 40, 9 0, Mossley, 43, 4 Saddleworth 9 2, 9 22. Marsden 4 - 9 43, Golcar 9 32, 951, Longwood yun. [sun] 5 105, Bradley 951, 1011, Heaton 10 2, 10 22, Dewsbury LO 12, 1032, Ragas 10 25, 10 45, Churweli [Charlie] 1031, los [lose] Woe ' 10 45, 115. cos nin [in] LEEDS, HUDDERSFIELD, AAA AR AAR [ARA] Anes [Ans] co Par. Par. Ex. 2c &, Newcastle... dep. [de. ... wf ae oe L Thirsk nee wc a Sap Harrogate ........ w e oe bo Knaresbro'...... [Nursery] sea dy Pool for Otley... ioe [ie] Leeds.......... dep. [de] 645. 9 Sule [Sale] as oS Wortley ........00.. lw sy Churwell [Howell] 656). [W] ly st Morley FB a Be ley ..... foe. TIO [TO] Lo lab Dewsvury [Dewsbury] .. oes [ors] F 14) D Sob ' Mirfield ............ 7 2 lw os 5 Heaton Lodge ...) 2.) 728 iL Bradley 0) 734) [W] gy Huddersfield...) 6 0; 7 42 10 at Longwood .........) 6 5) 2.) 11S [1ST] Golear [Golcar] ........ 610) [W] 2.) Slaithwaite 2 pw 5 Marsden ............ 6 20) 7 5910 Saddleworth ...,. 6 35) 3 lily 45.12 2 Greenfield .... 638 [W 820 1G Mossley 646) [W] S28 [S] ye Stalybridge ...... 6 53) 3 35 1L OL Su Stockport ...... ar. 7 20; 9 3011 30) L 2) Ashton ............ l we SD LL Droylsden [Dresden] ......... x. 43 l 4 Clayton Bridge 3 30 1 Park oo. 55) 0.) tm Miles Platting ...) 20 9 245 3 Manchester... ar. 715) [W] 9 S11 [S] 2 Lowy [Low] 5 Liverpool ...... ar. 9 8 10 2012 20 3 ty wig ES Crewe 9 1510 43.12 522 uy gt Macclesfield ..... 8 lo ow bs Chester ............ 10 2011 30) 245 41 Birmingham ...... 1 35 12 45) 3 30) 3 Ww s London ............ 7 4 0 7 solu [sole] ou & A THIRD CLASS TRAIN will oe FIELD and MARSDEN at 8 3 am., ze 9 32a.m.; [a.m] and another from Leevs [Leeds] for Bp open. 12 30 p.m., arriving in HUDDERSFIELD uci [ci] ys. calling at all the intermediate Stations, ee A Train leaves Leeds at 7 0, 6 45. - 7 14,657, Morley 7 20, 7 5, Butler Toy ee 7 18. Mirfield 7 43, 7 28, Heaton L 745 7 39, Huddersfield 3 7 45, - 7 56, Slaithwaite 21, S 4. Marsden 9) yo. 4. 8 42, 8 25, Greenfield 3 49, 3.51, Mossier s Ma 9 5, 8 45, Stockport ar 9 35,9 15, Asin [Sin] a 9 15, 8 55, Clayton Briage [Bridge] 9 20,9), Parks 25.6 Yun [Sun] 930, 910, Manchester far 9 35, 9 15. LANCASHIRE AND YORKSHIRE 4 MANCHESTER, LEEDS, Par, Par. Ex. Ml Ex 2 as yg Liverpool we oe BLL [LL] 5 6 0) 1 Middleton 3 6 21, 8 25 lv 32 Oldham 6 9 8 15 Blue 6 32) 8 32 lv ty 12 2 6 41) 3 37 lu Sue Littleboro'. [Little'. 6 ol) 110 57 Todmorden 7 9 3 5411 vt2 [vt] Burnley 8 23, 9 3u1l1l [ill] aw Le Do dpj'3 [DP'3] ... 830 a 2 7 21,9 311 ly Mythomrd. 3 [Method. 3] 3 725) [W] 0.) . Luddenden S 3 729) [W] 2 ous [us] 6 5) North Dean 6 12 7 43) 9 40 11 Halifax dp 6 0) 7359 911 32 1 Elland ...... 616750) [W] 2 .. Brighouse 6 24' 7 58) 9 25.11 5y 1 27 Cooper Brg [Beg 6 29 8 6 2.2 Hudderstd. [Shudder] i -- SS arrival.... 6 56 8 20' 9 4312 8 1 departure) 6253 3 9 sz 1 6 35 8 13'9 3512 Lip Dewsbury 6 45 8 22,945 liv [li] th. Batley ...... oe 825. Morley...... S3l) [Sell] ae Churwell...) [Howell] 2.5835) [2.W] 05... Wortley 1 ee 8483810 51240 2 Thornhill.. 6 45 826; 12 6 Horbury ... 655 835) [W] 2. 12 Wakefield... 7 5 845 9 5012 20 1 57 Barnsleyar [Barnsley ... 9551145, 255 2 Normantn.' [Normanton] 7 17 85510 012 su 2 Hun 745 2.) 0.) 1 York........ 8 5011 20 1 50 2 Gt arrogate ... Ll Sv) Scarbro' ll 15 2 0 Fh Hull ......... 9 5012 15 24503 Bridlingtn. [Bridlington. 2.1... Newcastle.. 103 6 4 Edinburgh 7 9 15 4 Sunduis. [Sundays] A Train leaves Manchester in the morwing [morning] 4 7 30, Middleton 8 19, 10 32, 5 1b, 7 te.) Unum [Uni] 5 0, 7 30, Blue Pits 8 32, 1042, 5 25, 30, Roca [Rica] 5 33, 8 7, Littleborough 8 47. 5 4u. 11 12, 5 58, 8 34, Burnley fur 9 40. ae 10 30, 7 45, Hebden Bridge 9 15, 6 ly, Woes 9 20, 6 14, 8 50, Ludden [Sudden] Poot [Poor] 9 2h 9 IN OR Bridge 9 32, 11 29, 6 27, 9 0, North Dean Hast 6 35, A Elland 9 44, 11 40, 6 3y, 9 12, , 9 20, Cooper Bridge 104, Ll 55.5 field ar 10 17, is, T So 49, dp 4 04 Mirfield ar 10 3, 12 0, 6 59, 9.35, Dewsbury 10 17, 949, Morley 10 27, 959, Churweli [Charlie] ly 10 37, 10 9, Leeds W. Rd. 10 43, lv 15, Thr [The] 12 5, 7 6, 941, Horbury 10 24, 7 13, 952. W ie 725, 105, Barnsley ar 11 45, 5, Normanton 7 35, 10 15, Leeds, Hunslet-lane. 1 0, 4. Yor' [Or] Newcastle 11 0. LEEDS, HUDDERSFIELD, PPL [PP] Par. Par. Ex. Mail. Ex. 2 Edinburgh 6 2. we 2 Neweastie [Newest] 11 5) 2. 0) 5 90 3 U Bridlingtn. [Bridlington. 0. 0. . Hull -. 610 3 3011 ... wes [West] T O 9 30 - H wos [wis] fase [ease] 1915 York......... 210) [W] ... 7 20 9502 -- i ee Leeds Hun) .. ...) 2. WW55 [W] Normanton; 5 26) ... 4011 15 2 25 Wakefield.. 5 30) ... 84911 35 Los ... oes [ors] ls 19 10 101 le Horbury ...) 5 40) 857140 Thornhill.. 5 50; ... ... 11 49 6 Leeds ..dp .. 6 5 2. 2.) 225 55 ... 6 S 8 40) Churwell [Howell] we OW . Morley .. , tle [te] 624. , Dewsbury 623 912 .. 1 - Mirfield... 5 58, 636 91712 Lilet [Lite] eo ee Huddersfd. [Huddersfield] - 650 650 94312 3 158 4h - departure ... 6 25, 9 101152 130 5 Cooper 6864 ..) .) th Brighouse 615652 9212 92744 Elland ......) 622) [W] 7 0. ... 3 North Dean 6 30, 710 9 4012 iT 217 Halifax 655 2 Sowerby. 720 94012 24 2 te Luddenden 7 25. 9 44.12 28 Mytholmrd [Mytholm .. 731 .. .. nad [and] Heb.Bridge ... 739)... [W] 138 BST [BEST] EYP [UP] TL Todmorden 757)... [W] 122.52. 251 52 ey ar 2310 3 125 3 25) it do. 7 3011 40 12 20 2 2 - Littleboro' [Little] 813 5. hdale. [Dale] 82 2. 5 ' Blue Pits. 8 3010 26 125 330 5 BT Middleton 845 2.) PR Oldham ar 19 O04 [O] 145 Manchester 1910 w. 1145 35H [H] 9M Liverpool .. 102011 3 30 5 2 ae Sunde [Sound] ys. . ' A Train leaves Normanton in the morming [morning] [C] Wakefield 6 10, Horbury 6 20, Thornhill nes [ne] Bole Huddersfield 6 52, Cooper Bridge 6 41, Bris [Bros] 7 0, and North Dean 7 7. 15, Worduy [Word] A Train leaves Leeds in the morning af 7 PO iF og well 7 25, Morley, 731, Batley 7 #1. Dew 7 57, Huddersfield 8 11 from 7 4) 8 ip, house 8 11, Elland 8 20, Nr. Dean 3 25, Hat oe Sowerby Bg. 8 33, Luddenden F. 3 39. ies [is] Bridge 8 49, Todmorden 9 9, Burnley Pe juli [Julia] tlebro' [Talbot] 9 29, Rochdale 9 38, Blue Pits Oldham 10 15, and Manchester 10 15. yg, Waka A Train leaves Leeds at 10 40, Normantot [Normanton] 14 uefa [if] Thornhill 11 30, Mirfield 11 35, ii) 11 23, Cooper Bridge 11 40, Brighouse 1 1 1 120, Halifax, dep. [de] 11 48, Sewer ST 15 12 25, Todmorden 12 40, Burnley. Rochdale 1 0, Blue Pits 1 5, Middleton eee [see] 130, Manchester arrival 1 30, 5 ie A Train leaves Normanton at 6 30,3 0) 0-3. 95. i jaw Barnsley 6 0, Horbury 6 51, Leeds 8 as 6 25, Wortley 6 30, Churweill [Churchill] 6 35, Morie [More i irae) [ire) Sy) Dury [Dry] 6 55 irfield [Mirfield] dp. 7 8, 9 10, pitt [Pitt] . 1 6 44, 8 56, Cooper Bridge 35 ue a 731, 330, North Dean 7 35, oer [per] ae aa Sowerby Bridge 7 43, 942, 2 OO sah [has] oe Hebden Bridge 7 59, 9 56, T 10 23, Boe [Be] pie 9 5 dp 7 45, Littlebo [Little] DS eo, ue 56, Middleton 9 7, 10 chester ar 9 25, 11 5.