Huddersfield Chronicle (12/May/1855) - Holmfirth Flood Orphan Fund

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On Friday week, the 4th instant, the annual meeting of the trustees of the above fund was held at the Elephant and Castle Inn ; the trustees present were the Rev. J. Fearon, of Holme Bridge parsonage ; Mr. Joseph Firth, of Carr Hill ; Mr. Thomas Firth, jun., for Captain Nelson of Huddersfield ; Mr. C. W. Sikes, of Huddersfield ; and the treasurer, Mr. James Charlesworth. The accounts of the treasurer were read over, examined, and found correct ; and amongst the important items is — the central committee having generously voted the sum of £25 for incidental expenses connected with the orphan fund, the sum of £120 18s. is now annually paid on account of the orphans, and the following are the recipients :— Mary Ann Mettrick aged 9, Wilson Mettrick 3, Ruth Crosland 3, Johnson Cartwright 15, Emma Cartwright 8, Hannah Maria Cartwright 5, Hannah Hartley 13, Ann Shackleton Green 14, Mary Earnshaw 4, Ann Earnshaw 3. Grateful are the inhabitants of this district for the unparalleled munificence of a Christian and philanthropic in thus enabling the relief committee, among the primary objects of their care, to provide for the poor "orphans" who were left fatherless and motherless, and even homeless, through the awful calamity ; this fund must, therefore, be regarded by all as one of peculiar interest ; and truly "grateful" are the children, who testified their gratitude by evincing thankfulness to the trustees, thus nullifying the remark that "the inhabitants of Holmfirth have shown nothing but ingratitude.”