Huddersfield Chronicle (11/May/1867) - Netherton: Meltham Railway

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Meltham Railway.

For months past the permanent rails from the Meltham station to the Lockwood end of the Netherton tunnel have been laid ready for traffic, but the continuation was stopped in consequence of the vacuum between the tip end of the tunnel and the tip from Butter-nab. A junction between the two tips has at length been effected, and the space between them filled up, and it is asserted that the first engine will pass through the two tunnels on Monday next. Some idea may be formed of the immense mass of earth and dital moved by the small ballast engine, when it is stated that 160 waggons of earthwork have been daily removed from the Woodfield cutting for many weeks past. It is computed that not less than 4,050 tons of dital have been removed weekly by the engine for months past. The great drawback to the opening of the line is the accumulation of the immense blocks of stone on the line at Dungeon Wood, the result of the "slip" of earth last autumn.

Huddersfield Chronicle (11/May/1867) - Netherton: Meltham Railway


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