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The No. 6. GRAND CRICKET MATCH. HUDDERSFIELD. FAIR. L ENGLAND cersus [census] HUDDERSFIELD AND . DAL [DALE] TON. HIS interesting Match will be Played on the Cricket Ground, on the 13th, [the] 14th, [the] and h of May inst. The Sides will consist of Eleven Players ted from the most celebrated Players of England, and teen of the members of the Huddersfield and Dalton 'ccd [cc] Clubs. This is the first match in the north of in which any club has eontended, [intended] unassisted, with P creat [great] players of the south. The Eleven of England be chosen from the following - Captain Latour, [Labour] Parr, N, Felix, Esq., Wisden, A. Mynn, [Mann] Esa., [Sea] Adams, Box, Guy, Clurke, [Clarke] Martingell, [Martin] F. Pitch, Chatterton. Hillyer, lc Huddersfield Eighteen will te chosen from the OWInE [Wine] - G, Armitage, A. Crossland, J. Annytaye, [Annuity] Esq., J. Crossland, G, Berry, W.. Crossley, John Berry, F. D. Fenton, Esq., Joseph Berry, W. Kaye, i, Bootlrevd, [Bottled] Cc Learoyd, Esq Esq., J. Noble, (3. Brook, J. C. Thomas, Esq., Brock, Esq., J. Tho mas, James Brook, Esy., [Es] W. S. Turnbull, Esq., Juln [July] Brook, Esy., [Es] John Wilson. Wickets will be pitched each day at half-past Ten. ple [le] accommo lation [accommodate nation] will be provided for Ladies, and ce aliotted [allotted] for Carriages. Retresinnents [Represents] will be supplied on the ground. Admission each day, 6d. and 1s. 'ickets [tickets] for the three days, 2s. 6d., which may now be H on application to Mr. Shepherd, King-street, or any of p plavers. [players] Paice [Price] will be on the ground, and have strict orders to [C] into custody all trespassers on the walls and adjoining bunds, [funds] TEATRE, [THEATRE] HUDDERSFIELD. (Livensed [Licensed] according to Act of Parliament). MOSLEY, LESSEE AND MANAGER OF THE WEST YORK THEATRICAL CIRCUIT. present SATURDAY Evening, May 11, 1850, Shakspere's [Shakespeare's] Tragedy of A M L E To conclude with CATHARINE PETRUCHIO. [PETRARCH] part of Hamlet and Petruchio [Petrarch] by Mr. Cas. DILLON, being for the BENEFIT of Wk. AND MRS. CHARLES DILLON, And the last night of their engagement. H T, On Monday, May 13th, [the] that Popular Actor, MR. GEORGE OWEN, vis engaged for Six Nights, will make his first appear- [appearance] ance [once] in the character of C H EL i tI After which, THE LOAN OF A LOVER. ig under the Patronage of the Gentlemen of the Hudderstield [Huddersfield] c LU B. CRICKET TvrEsDay [Tuesday] Evening, May 14th, [the] Shakspere's [Shakespeare's] Play, called THE MERCHANT OF VENICE. luck by Mr. GEorGE [George] OWEN. (Being his second appearance.) To conclude with the Grand Romantic Melo-Drama, [Mel-Drama] called the WOODMAN'S HUT; Or the Burning Forest. May 15th, [the] 1850, Shakspere's [Shakespeare's] R I E U. Wrepxespay [reposes] Evening, J Historical Play, called G H EN RY V iid; [id] Or the Fall of Cardinal Wolsey. Wolsey Mr. GEORGE OWEN. With other Entertainments. og Sd a Ou Tutrspay [Tortures] Evening, May 16th, [the] HE IRON CHES [CHEST] T, Mortimer ce Mr. OWEN. To conclude with GREEN BUSHES. F Evening, May 17th, [the] the performances will bz tur [tue] the Brnerir [Brine] of Mr. Gzorcr [Score] OWEN, and the lust night but ere of his engagement. T bE. au ives of Adinission [Admission] -Dress Boxes, 2s. 6d. Pit, Js. ; ty, Gd. Second Price at Nine o'clock Dress Boxes, No Half-price to Pit or Gallery. heaps sepa [sea] en et HaLr-past [Hair-past] Six, Performance to commence SEVEN o'clock aye, 9 'ing strictly prohibited. Pass-out Checks not trans- [trans] sn Tickets may be had of Mr. Bond, Printer, &c , cet, oppusite [opposite] the Post Office, Huddersfield. TOPESSOR [TOPS] SENFELD. [SENSELESS] S PHILOSOP [PHILIP] HICAL [Hi cal] HALL, bis pena, [pen] p EVENING (Saturday), and Monday, Tuesday, wy tuesday, [Tuesday] and Thursday Evenings. PY PERFORMANCES on Tuesday, Wednesday, and ER Thursday, at Two o'clock. . KR ORGINSKI [ORGANS] ROSENFELD, he ereat [great] Polish Professor of Natural Magic, begs to Vin. [In] tue Gentry and Inhabitants of Hudderstield [Huddersfield] ba that at the request of several influential giving wonderful and unparalleled 2 UGGS, [EGGS] he intends NEC [NECK] Ry bat ROMANTIC ENTERTAINMENTS, the fallacy of N ecromancy, [romance] Demonology, and ost, [out] On the above Evenings, os MYSTERIEUSES, [MYSTERIOUS] ag oe and unparalleled Wonders of Natural Med before the most illustrious Personages ne Ws Gat [At] WATER, or Fishiaz [Fishing] Extraordinary, a he) at Wonder, at Roseypp [Rose] [C] Tespectfully [Respectfully] invited to take Wine with 1 which, ae out of his INEXHAUSTIBLE BOTTLE, h Why. to Wine, he will produce Braudy, [Brandy] aracoa,, Arabia] nee W hiskey, [Whiskey] Rum, Geneva, English tating [eating] Gin and Peppernint. [Peppermint] Would be up ge Of Performance eech [each] Keening. MN the lie ny Impossible to present to the public, et idea of 41, Of 22 advertisement, anything like a te, to of the many wonderful feats performed each ENF [END] ELD [LED] scone and delighted audiences, igre, [ire] colin [Colin] 3 therefore, respectfully invite an early the ereatest [greatest] oo persuaded that the Performance must Company 4Staction [station] to all who honour him with hy aes [as] S Aj ay, 7 a oor [or] o nar [near] Seats, 2s, Back Seats, 1s.; Gallery, Hal past Seven o'clock the Wonders to com- [confide] Fichide [chide] as near Me The Perforraance [Preference] is arranzed [arranged] Ten. o'clock as possible. Carriages to alt THE were not, but come and see BAND oe BOTTLE [C] tw dteadauce [deduce] euch [such] Evening. eh Pores hedaman [haman] attends Private Families, if [C] i Huddersti [Hurst] SATURDAY, MAY 11, 1850. d AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTIS [ADVERTISING] GENERAL AND FURNISHING 21,NEW STREET, PR SPECIFULLY [SPECIFICALLY] call attention to their STOCK of Drawing, Dining, Room STOVE GRATES and CHIMNEY PIBCES, [PIECES] i KITCHEN RANGES and COOKING APPARATUS, .GAS CHANDELIERS, PENDANTS, and BRACKETS, LOCK DOOR-KNOBS, WITH BELL-PULLS AND FINGER-PLATES TO MATCH, CORNICE ENDS AND CURTAIN BANDs, [Band] FENDERS IN ORMOLU, BRONZE, OR BERLIN BLACK, WITH FIRE IRONS TO SUIT; COAL VASES AND BOXES, t PAPER MACHIE [MACHINE] AND JAPAN IRON TEA TRAYS, TABLE AND DESSERT KNIVES AND FORES, DISH COVERS OF THE NEWEST SHAPES, London Tea Urns, Bronzed, Brass, and Copper Kettles, Metal Tea and Coffee Pots, Candlesticks, Toilette Furniture, Ke., Shower, Sponging, Hip, and Slipper Baths, at such prices as place them within the reach of all. -' DAY'S PATENT WINDGUARD. [Wind guard] . The Windguard [Wind guard] is guaranteed to cure all smoky Chimnies [Chimneys] caused b wind, and for Ventilation has fen applied with great success to Schools, Nurseries, Bed Rooms, Kitchens, Larders, Stables, &ec. ist [its] SOLE AGENTS FOR SYLVESTER'S PATENT RADIATING STOVE GRATES, - which may now be seen ix use at their Show-rooms. IRONMONGERS, Breakfast, and Bed BELL-HANGING AND GAS FITTING, SMITH WORK, IRON AND TIN PLATE WORKERS, be NOTICE OF REMOVAL. & THE TEA ESTABLISHMERT, [ESTABLISHMENT] 92, KIRKGATE, HUDDERSFIELD. ( T. WRIGHT respectfully informs his friends, the public of Huddersfield, and its vicinity, that . from increase of business, he has been under the necessity of removing to more commodious premises, situate at 2, KinkGATE, [Kink gate] late in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Hammond, and directly opposite to Mr. G. Hall, Chemist and Druggist, and would take the present opportunity of tendering his thanks to those who may have favoured him with their patronage, hoping to merit a continuance of the same. 1 - The Stock of Teas which G. T. W. has selected from the London and Liverpool Tea Sales; for the opening of his New Establishment, are acknowledged by most competent judges to be the finest imported the jast [east] two or three seasons, and which consist of Assams, [Assam] Souchong, Oolongs, [Longs] Scented Orange, Pekoes, Capers, Ménong, [Morning] Congous, [Congo] Gunpowders, &c. . 9 KIBRBKGATE. [KIRKGATE] OBSERVE -THE TEA ESTABLISHMENT, 2 HOLMES BROTHEBRBS, [BROTHERS] ; od. HATS Chrom [Chrome] cle [ce] HATS ---- en ee ee Price 44d. HATS THE APPROACH OF WHITSUNTIDE. EAGLETON'S EXTENSIVE AND FASHIONABLE HAT DEPOT, No. 20, CROSS-CHURCH-STREET., E. EAGLETON in leaving fully announces he is JUST RECEIVING at his NEW SHAPES, in Men's, Youths', and Children's, for the present with a discerning public the absurdities to which he has felt necessitated to refer in his former advertisements, (and which he now publicly challenges,) most respect- [respect extensive] Extensive Emporium, large PARCELS of HATS, ENTIRELY of manufactured expressly to his own orders. J. E, is convinced they excel all others in the neighbourhood in beauty and style. , Observe -EAGLETON'S FASHIONABLE EMPORI [EMPIRE] UM, No. 20, Cross-Church-street. WATCHES A N D JEWELLERY, 16, MARKET PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD. WW, RIGH.ARDSON [RIGHT.ARSON] begs to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that his Stock is replete with AND GENTLEMEN'S GOLD AND SILVER PATENT LEVER AND HORIZONTAL WATCHES 8 d. Gentlemen's Gold Lavers [Laver] 1010 Ditto Silver GO, 310 W. R. takes this opportunity of informing the Public, any difficulty in repairing Foreign Watches satisfactorily ; an insult and libel on the trade ; by such false representations. and to deny which. (as a certain interested but as there are no French workinen [working] employed of first-rate quality and workmanship which, from his practical knowledge, he can recommend. 8s, 4. Ladies' Gold Levers from 10 9 Ditto do. Horizontal 4490 that first-rate workmen, such as he employs, never foun [found] perty [petty] hus [his] done) ix in this town, the public will not be dedudaé [deduce] N.B.-JEWELLERY and PLATE REPAIRED, with despatch and care, by a WORKING JEWELLER KEPT ON THE PREMISES. A large assortment of BRAHAM'S PATENT SPECTACLES always on hand. Article, as the patent is out long,ago.- [ago] Fiat Justitia. [Justice] No Agency iz required for this HOUSES AND SHOPS TO LET. Tyo [To] excellent HOUSES AND SHOPS to LET, opposite the Rose and Crown Hotel. There is a large CELLAR, suitable for Wine, Spirits, or Porter Vaults, which can be Let with either. For further particulars apply to Mr. Moore. TH E ILLUMtiINAT [Illuminated] ED Cc LOe eé [Le eé] kK, No. 5, KING STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. A HESLOP begs to inform his Friends and the Public that he has always on hand a) LARGE 2, ASSORTMENT of LADIES' and GENTLEMEN'S GOLD and SILVER WATCHES of first-rate work- [workmanship] manship, [man ship] and at the lowest CaSH [Cash] PRICES; also a Large Assortment of CLOCKS suitable for Offices, Libraries, Drawing ooms, [rooms] &e re R. H. takes this opportunity to caution the public against the very inferior and low-priced that are puffed off in the various Periodicals and other Advertising mediums, and begs to inform them that he keeps such Articles as he can with confidence recommend. As the repairing of Foreign Watches has always been difficult to English workmen, he has engagedia [engaged] first-rate work- [workman] man from Paris, who has had considerable experience in the watch manufactories [manufacturers] of Geneva, thate-now [that-now] any foreign watch, however complicated and difficult, can be put in proper repair in the shortest time possible. THE ONLY WORKING-JEWELLER IN THE TOWN KEPT ON THE PREMISES. SOLE AGENT FOR BRAHAM'S PATENT SPECTACLES. SILVER PLATE FURNISHED FOR BANQUETS, DINNER PARTIES &e. & HATS HATS HATS BAYLDON'S FASHIONABLE HAT WAREHOUSE, 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. ( B. returns his thanks to his friends and the public for the decided preference given to his Hats, e over all others, and begs leave to inform the Public, that he has just received a new of Infants', Boys', Youths', and Gentleman's HATS, of every description, of the Newest Shapes. . G. B. particularly wishes to make it known to his friends, that his Fancy Hats, in Black and Drah, [Drag] is of the Newest Styles, and at such Prices as never offered to the Public. 3 LIST OF PRICES - Well-made Hats, from 4s, 6d to 5s. 6d. at 6s. and 7s. 6d. beautiful Velvet, Fashionable in Shape, and splendid in Colour, warranted to wear well, at 8s. 6d., and 10s. A well assortment of French and Satin Velvet Naps, in every Style and strength, at 12s. the richest, First-class Hats that can be made,complete with every variety, of style, and all the new improvements, perfect in ventilation, having no superior in qualiiy [quality] at any price. ea The above List of Prices will be found such as has never before been offered, and places all 3 oe immedlate [immediate] distance. BOY'S AND MENS' [MEN] CAPS AT REDUCED PRICES. NO. 104, TOP OF KING STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CARPET, RUG, DRUGGET, AND GENERAL DRAPERY WAREHOUSE. WwW [WW] D, and S. HENSH [HENS] ALL, in returning thanks to the Gentry, Clergy, and Inhabitants of Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield [Huddersfield] and its vicinity, for the many favours bestowed upon them since Upening [Opening] the above Establishment, beg to inform them, that Mr. 8. H. has just returned from London, Manchester, and other Markets, where he has made extensive Purchases of Goods suitable for the approaching Season, consisting of a large assortment of Plain and FANCY SILKS, SATINS, SATINETTES, [INTESTINES] ALPACAS, LUSTRES, BALZERINES, [BLESSINGS] PRINTED MUSLINS, And a great variety of Novelties for Dresses. Long and Square SHAWLS, in Paisley, Cashineres, [Cashmeres] Barege, [Barge] &c., &c. Plain and Fancy Cravats, &c., &e., &e. ALSO, A WELL SELECTED STOCK OF i PRINTS, DE LAINES, [LINES] TABLE the ie gees, BARNSLEY SHEE TINGS, TICKS, al re Ce W. D. S. H. wish particularly to draw attention to their STOCK OF TAPESTRY, Brussels', 4-4ths [4-this] Kidderminster, 2-4ths, [2-this] and 5-Sths [5-Ths] Stair Carpets, Rugs, Printed and Plaid Drvggets, [Drafts] &c., in great variety, being the largest and best selected Stock in the West Riding, and which they are now offering at such Prices as cannot fail to give every satisfac- [satisfaction- satisfaction] tion [ion] to Purchasers. RUGS MADE TO ORDER ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED, AND EVERY ARTICLE OF FAMILY MOURNING ALWAYS ON HAND. ROCKING HORSE BAZAAR, i 27, CROSS CHURCHI-STREET, [CHURCH-STREET] HUDDERSFIELD, AND SPRING GARDENS, BUXTON. F. ANZANT, [ANCIENT] JEWELLER, TOY MERCHANT, AND DEALER IN GENERAL FANCY G ODS, ESPECTFULLY [RESPECTFULLY] announces to the Inhabitants of Huddersfield and neighbourhood, that he has REMOVED his Establishment from 26 to 27, Cross CuURrcH-SrREEt, [Church-Street] which he has fitted up, from the three great markets of the world-Paris, London, and Birmingham-with F . A SPLENDID STOCK OF SILVER AND SILVER-PLATED GOODS, Of a most costly character. His ASSORTMENT of GENERAL FANCY ARTICLES is first-rate, and for price can- [cannot] not be equalled. The PAPIER [PAPER] MACHIE [MACHINE] DEPARTMENT is superb, and at such prices as cannot fail ta give general satisfaction. His METAL AND CABINET GOODS Cannot be surpassed for Cheapness and Quality. Ladies and Gentlemen's DRESSING CASES, in Rosewood, Mahogany, Russia Duc, [Du] and Moroceo. [Morocco] Ladies' CARD CASES, in Shell, Papier [Paper] Machié, [Machine] and Morocco, The STOCK of JEWELLERY is strongly recommended as being very cheap, and of first-rate quality. FRENCH CHINA, and every kind of BOHEMIAN GLASS, in ancient, modern, and unique patterns, at remarkably low prices. MECHANICAL FIGURES, Musical Boxes and Time Pieces, Accor- [Accord- According] dians, [Diana] and Panbridge [Pawnbroker] Goods of every imaginable class. Newly-invented TOYS in endless variety, and very cheap. Morro -SMALL PROFITS AND QUICK RETURNS. ' Remember the Address -ANZANI, ROCKING HORSE BAZAAR, 27, Cross Church-street. f H A T M U Ss T I Ss A YY If any one ask me how business is done Suppose I am asked if the garmegts [garments] can vie By Moses Soy, With the Lonpow [Loop] supply-; if I'm asked what the various garments display, If they equal this dress in each possible way, Pray what must I say Pray what must I say ig You must say that E. Moses Son in their trade You must say that the dress at the Bradford Depét [Depot] Does decidedly so. ervine [even] of aid. eae [ear] 4 That in cloth and in make their Fespectable [Respectable] claim That the garments they sell, which are thoroughly good, Display all they should. If I'am asked whether Bradford can boast of a Mart, With garments so smart- [smart] Or whether there's any so good in their way- [way pray] Pray what must I say Was precisely the same. Suppose I am asked, in additionj ip [addition ip] this, If the price is amiss- [Miss] 4 If the people of Bradford expenifively [extensively] pay, Pray what must I say a You must say that the prices of At the Bradford Depit- [Depot- Depth] That buyers have gain'd by the aid they have lent Some fifty per cent. You must say, if a person should question you so, Decidedly For it wouldn't [would't] be truth with respect to the dress If your answer were yes. OBS ER V E -E. MOSES AN TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND GENERAL OUT 19, THORNTON's BUILDINGS, BRIDGE-STREET, BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE, Bran i Establi [Establish] 155, 156, 157, and 83, 84, 85, and 86, opposite the Church, corner of ch of soe [se] Establish all communicating and forming one vast Establishment. E MOSES SON rezret [regret] having to guard the Public against imposition, having learned that the BE falsehood of being connected with them, or It's all the same concern, has begn [ben] resor'ed [resort'ed] to in many ead [ad] fo ious [sous] rea ns. They have no connection with any other House in or out of; London, except their Branch Esta [East] 36, Fo rate, Sheffield and 19, Thornton's Buildings, Bradford, Yor [Or] and those who canine and Cheap Clot sng, [ng] Ke., should call at, or send to, either of their Branches, to the Minoxies [Minories] and gate, City, Lon don is Establishment is Closod [Closed] from sunset Friday, till sunset Saturday, business is resumed AKE 2 a oe teappotntment-Observe.- [appointment-Observe.- Observe] This Establishwent [Establishment] will be Closed on Friday net. Moses are low Ss ON, 'TERS, [TEARS] Bay lh), resuming busincse, [business] as usual, on Saturday May 18th) [the] till 12 o'clock. WANTED A RESPECTABLE YOUTH AS CASHIER, O be SOLD, a Small STEAM-ENGINE, of about 4-horse power, with Condenser, and capable of being worked by either high or low pressure built by Ludlaw [Ludlow] and Son, and is in good working order.-Apply to Mr, WaTERS [Water] Harpy, Huddersfield. TS be LET, or SOLD, and may be entered to immediately, a compact and genteel FAMILY RESIDENCE, situate near the Three Nuns, in MIRFIELD. The Dwelling House comprises two Front Rooms, with a southern aspect with two excellent Kitchens, and com- [commodious] modious [odious] Lodging Rooms above, and Attics.-There is a small GARDEN and Lawn in front of the Premises, ren- [en- rendering] dering [during] the same a comfortable and compact Residence for a respectable family. The Tenant may have the option of taking a small quantity of LAND, together with a StaBLE, [Stable] which adjoin the premises, and now in the hands of the owner of the property, if he desire it, at a reasonable Rent; and also a COTTAGE, adjoining the above premises. For Rent, or to view the premises, application may be made to Mr. Horatio of Beeston, near Leeds, the Owner; to Mr. Beaumont, Cooper Bridge Railway Station or to Mr. Tuomas [Thomas] LEADBEATTER, Solicitor, Mir- [Mirfield] field, near Dewsbury. Mirfield, near Dewsbury, May 8, 1850. STONY BANK, NEAR HOLMFIRTH, AND VALUABLE BEDS OF COAL. O be LET, from year to year, or for a term of 1.All that MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] DWELLING HOUSE, or TENEMENT with the Garden, Barn, Stable, Mistal, [Mistral] Cart Shed, and other Outbuildings and Appur- [Appear- Appurtenances] tenances [tenancies] to the same, belonging, situate, and being at and called Stony Bank. Also four Closes of LAND, nsar [near] to the said Messuage, [Message] containing together Nine Acres (more or less), now in the possession of Mr, Thomas More- [Morehouse] house, the owner. The tenant may, if required, be accommodated with about 20 acres more land, situate at a convenient distance from the said messuage. [message] The above Premises are well supplied with excellent wa- [water] ter, [te] and present a desirable situation fur a manufacturer, being distant within a mile from Holmfirth, six miles from Huddersfield, well-roaded, [well-road] and only about 300 yards from the Mytham [Lytham] Bridge Station on the Holmfirth Branch of the Huddersfield and Sheffield Junction Railway. Lot 2.-All that TANYARD, containing 50 Pits, with the Cabin, Drying Shed, and other Appurtenances thereto belonging, situate at Srony [Stony] Bank aforesaid. Together with two Closes of LAND, adjoining thereto, containing 4 acres (more or less), This lot is well supplied with water, and eligibly situated for a Tanner, or by a moderate outlay of capital may be converted into a Brewery, for which it is well adapted. Lot 3 -All those two beds of COAL called the Hard Bed and the Soft Bed, lying under 20 acres of land, situate at Top-o'-TH'-HILL, in Thurstonland, near to the north end of the Thurstonland Tunnel, on the Huddersfield and Sheffield Junction Railway. This Coal may be got and delivered on the said Railway at a trifling expense. Possession may be had immediately, if required, and fur- [further] ther [the] particulars may be obtained on application to Mr. MoreHOUvsE, [Warehouse] of Stony Bank aforesaid, or at the Offices of Mr. FLOYD, Sortciror, [Sorcerer] Huddersfield and Holmfirth. Albion Street, Huddersfield, Ist [Its] May, 1850. ZESCULAPIUS, [SCALPS] RE Property of Jouxn [Join] Esq., Thickhollins, [Collins] near Huddersfield (havin [having] proved him- [himself] self a sure foal-getter), will SERVE MARES this season, 1850 -Thorough-bred Mares Five Guineas each, and 5s. the Groom Country Mares Two Guineas each, and 2s. 6d. the Groom. is a dark Bay, rising eight years old, stands 16 Hands high, with beautiful Symmetry, and good Action, pas got by Old Physician, dam by Bay Comus, [Comes] grandam ry Tramp. OLD Pavsteran [Plastering] was got by Brutandorf [Bradford] (which beat the best Horse England ever produced, viz -Longwaist), -Long waist] by Blacklock, out of Mandane [Demand] by Potato, and was the Sire of the following Winners -Doctor Caws, Aristotle, David, Gallipot, [Gallipoli] Maria Day, Apothecary, and Tho Cure (which ran second for the Doncaster St. Leger), and several other first-rate Horses, and was scld [sold] by Mr. L. Hescltine [Resulting] to go abroad, for 2,500 Guineas, after covering in England at a Guineas each Mare, at Mr. Theobald's, at Stockwell, in urrey. [Surrey] . OLD Bay Comus [Comes] was got by Comus, [Comes] his dam by Sancho, winner of the St. Leger in 1804; grandam, Vesta, by Del- [Helping] puna, [pina] out of Faith by Pacelot; [Pace lot] Faith was the dam of Mr. Garforth's Grey Mare Marcia. Oip [IP] Puysictan [Physician] ran fourth for the Doncastor [Doncaster] St. Leger in 1832, at the same Meeting won the Scarborough Stakes, beating a Field of Six, and a Sweepstake, beating Three ; at York, in 1833, won the King's Purse of 100 Guineas, beating Tom Boy and two others at the same Meeting won the Silver Tureen, beating Nitocus [Notices] and Emancipation ; in 1834, won the King's Purse of 100 Guineas, beating the Consol, [Consul] ard [ad] at the same Meeting walked over for a Sweep- [Sweepstake] stake of 25 Sovereigns exch, [each] and ak the same Meeting won a Sweepstake, beating two others, The Moncy [Money] to be Paid ov or before the last Round. JESCULAPIUS'S [SCALPS'S] ROUTES - Monbays.-At [Mondays.-At] Home all day. TUESDAYS,-George Hotel, Wuddersfield, [Huddersfield] from Ten o'Clock until Three and then proceeds, by way of Flockton ang [an] Midgley, te Bretton, for the Night, WEDNESDAYS.- [WEDNESDAYS] Woolley, Royston, Burton; Crown Barasjey [Barley] Dodworth, Silkstone, and to the Bose Crown, Fonistone, [Penistone] ny fhe [he] Night, RURSDAYs.-Clayton [Thursdays.-Clayton] West, Denhy [Denby] Dale, Darton ; the George Inn, Wakefield, for the Night, eta, aed [ad] tp Fripays.-Loaves [Fridays.-Loaves] Wakefield at Three oClock [clock] in the Afternoon, and proceeds, by way of Osset [Ossett] Sireet [Street] Side Ne to the Royal Hotel, Dewsbury, for the SATURDAYS.-Mirfield Elland, and Lindley Inn, and , Brighouse White Swan, Halifax 3 BREWERS, INNKEEPERs, [Innkeeper] &e. M& LANCASTER begs respectfully to inforra [inform] the public, that he has received instructions from tne [te] Trustees of Mr. Thomas Wilson's Estate, to Advertise for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, during the present Month (May), all the Valuable BREWERY PLANT, FIX- [FIXTURES] TURES, [TUES] and UTENSILS, Casks, Carriages, Horses, Cartx, [Cart] Waggons, Hay, &c., on the premises at Birkby Brewery, near Huddersfield, in the County of York, of which a more detailed account will be given in a future Advertisement. Further particulars may be had of Mr. F. TurNER, [Turner] Commission Agent, or Mr, Lancaster, Auctioneer. BANK SHARES. O be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LANCASTER, at the Georce [George] Hore, [Horse] in Huddersfield, in the county of York, on MoNDAy, [Monday] the 27th May, 1850, at Six o'clock in the Evening, (subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, ) SIXTY SHARES IN THE HALIFAX AND HUDDERSFIELD UNION BANKING COMPANY, AND FIVE SHARES IN THE HUDDERSFIELD BANKING COMPANY, The first-mentioned Shares will be sold in convenient Lots, to suit purchasers. For further particulars, application may be made at the Offices of Mr. BARKER, Solicitor, Hudderstiel [Huddersfield] TO RAILWAY CONTRACTORS PROPRIETORS, TIMBER MERCHANTS, BUILDERS, Masons, JOINERS, CARPENTERS, SMITHS, Masters, Iron FouNDERS, [Founders] CARRIERS, FARNERS, [FARMERS] Broxers,. [Boxes] &e. O be SOLD by AUCTION, (without the least reserve,) by Mr. LANCASTER, by Order of the Direetors [Directors] of the London and North Western Railway Co the Premises of the said Railway Company, called the SHEDS, situate at HILLHOUSE, rear Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field, in the County of York, on WEDNESDAY, THURsDaAyY, [Thursday] Fripay, [Friday] and SarurDay, [Saturday] the 15th, [the] 16th, [the] 17th, [the] and 18th Days of May, 1850, at Ten o'clock in the morning of each day precisely, All the Valuable RAILWAY PLANT, of every descrip- [Scrip- description] tion, [ion] with all the WAGGONS, CARTS, MACHINERY, TOOLS, and MATERIALS, lately used in the construction of the Line of Railway from Heaton Lodge Junction tuwards [towards] Marsden, on the Londonand [London] North Western Railway -Cor- [Comprising] prising upwards of 1,000 Planks, of various lengths Square and Round Timber, of all Dimensions, suitable for Builders, Carpenters, and Coal Proprietors; Plank Ends, Slaps, Balks, Joists, Floor Boards, Battings, [Batting] Seantlings, [Settling] Posts, Rails, Fence and other Wood, in large and small Lots ; 800 Centre Planks, 900 Tunnel and Culvert Centres, of va- [various] rious [riots] Dimensions a large Quantity of Oak, Ash, Ekn, [En] Larch, and other Timber, in Lots several Sets of Head Gearin [Gearing Iron and Wooden Rollers, Water Troughs and Flat and Round Ropes, 24 Iron 'Tumel [Timely] Skep [Sep] Stone Drugs and Truc [True] 60 Wheelbarrows, Sever TRAVELLING CRANES and Appendages, 10 Seis [Sets] tf Shear Legs, from 12 to 40 Feet High Double and Sinsle [Single] Purchase Crabs, Three Mortar Mills and Screens, I Casks of Cement, Quantity of Wood Sleepers, 70 Tip and othur [other] EARTH WAGGONS; Iron Chains 'in great variety, Smiths' Bellows, Four Anvils, Crow Bars, Boring Rods, Smiths' Tools; Waggon, Cart, and Barrow Felloes [Fellows] Screw Jacks, Blocks and Ropes, Serap [Sera] and other Iron, 12 Strerg [Steerage] Ladders, 23 geod [Geo] CARTS and WAGGONS, with 3, 32, 2, 43, and 6-inch Wheels several Waggon Bodies, several Sets of Wheels for Waggons and Carts, 3 Water Carts, Three Spring Carts, Two Large Goliahs, [Glass] 500 Centre Prups, [Pups] 30 Pairs of Wrought Iron Wheels and Axles, together with an immense Lot of useful Timber and other Effects usuali [usual] y ond [and] on a Plant of this description, and too numerous fur etail. [tail] The Sale will be found worth the attention of the Public, as the whole Effects must be cleared without any reserve, and are divided into Lots to suit the convenience of large and small Purchasers. And further particulars will be given in Catalogues, which may be had Four Days betore [before] by application to the AUCTIONEER, or to Mr. Lope, at the Huddersfield Railway Station. Tho Effects will have every Facility of Transit, as they are lying on the Banks of the Canal, and close upon the Railway, and near the best of several Twmpike [Temple] Roads. Any further information may be had at the Office of AUCTIONEER, or of the said Mr. LopcE, [Lope] at the Station. TO ALE AND PORTER the TO RAILWAY CONTRACTORS, BREWERS, MERCHANTS, AND CARRIERS, G. O. BROWN begs to announce that he is honoured with instructions from Messrs. G. LER [LEE] and Co., to offer for Unreserved COMPETITION by AUCTION, at Huddersfield, on TuEspay, [Tuesday] the 28th day of May, 1850, at 11 o'clock, 35 young, healthy, strong, active, and seasoned DRAUGHT which have been selected with ardless [regardless] of expense, and are to be sold in consequence or fessrs. [Messrs] G. M. and Co.'s contract on the Huddersield [Huddersfield] and Sheffield Railway being completed. . Further particulars will be published in future adver- [aver- advertisements] tisements [sentiments] and by hand bills. , Nasbro', [Sabre] May 9, 1850. Me DRURY, SURGEON DENTIST', attends (with Mr. ROGERS) at HUDDERSFIFLD [HUDDERSFIELD] every WEDNESDAY, at Mr. CoMBER's, [Comber's] Market Street. Mr. Drury's permanent residence is at 4 Street, (near the Infirmary), Halifax. - N,B. The poor attended pratuit [Pratt] usly [sly] EVERY MORNING hefore [before] Ten o'clock. 5 OMS EVERY My. D. is in want of a respectabl [respectable] TICE.-Apply [TWICE.-Apply] a8 above. pectable [respectable] YOUTH as APPREN [APPARENT] IN BANKRUPTCY, IRELAND, Pyke Mattor [Matter] ad Richarn [Richard] Botsren, [Batsmen] town o Mall, i ' ap Dealer, and Chapman, a ae 7 a Treland, Ireland] Shopkeepe [Shopkeeper] The Commissioners of Bankrupts will sit at the Cours [Course] of Bankruptey, [Bankruptcy] Four Courts, Dublin, on TuEsDAY, [Tuesday] the 4t'r day of June next, at the hour of 12 o'clock at Noon ef saj [sa] day, for the EXAMIN [EXAMINE] ATION [ACTION] OF THE BANKRU [BANK] HORSES, the greatest care and ye- [tea] A CARD. Ferguson and TQ RECEIVE PROOF OF DEBTS, of which STUNG peg - all persons concerned are to take notice. JONATHAN GRESHAM, f Agent to the Commission and 27, J . Temple-street, Dublin, ' os - . Ane [An] . 5 5 Byes x ae aoe [are] est . & a He os 7 fe t Pia [Pi] 6.3.4 x . ot ay ad p od oy wo 4, wy oe aK é fa RRS, [MRS] 'dae, [de] TEN ae eel pF Dy te a id '2 ; ' Nal [Al] eg