Huddersfield Chronicle (11/Jan/1868) - page 2

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Woollen, Corn, and Cattle Markets

Huddersfield Cloth Hall

Huddersfield Cloth Hall, Tuesday, Jan. 7th — -To-day there has been Present representatives of London and country houses, and buyers have displayed much reluctance in operating, yet the tone of the market way healthier than it has been for some time past. Some parcels of spring goods have been purchased, but as a rule they have been small; new patterna in. the better qualities of articles being most in reqnest. In low wools comparatively little has been doing. During the week only a quict business has been done in the warehouses, Orders are still difficult to obtain, but in some cases they are reported as being larger in amount than of late. The shipping trade continues in much the same condition, and the yarn trade ig sti} quiet. Wool is not in much request, few purchases having been. made,

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