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The BHndder [Bender] oS hronicle [Chronicle] AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTISER. An 19. NO. SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 1850. gs Price 44d. Zo LEGAL NOTICES. HE APOLLO GYM Vx for the STREET ASTUM, [ASYLUM] DS HALES BY ME. SALES BY MR. BRADLEY. sTRICT [strict] COURT OF BANK- [BANK] AY, (SATURDAY) August 3. ae NaN a -- ra, BUILDINGS, Masta [Mast] the Hate of General Exercises Practised in ny SALE OF FOREIGN WOOLS NEWSOME-CROSS, NEAR HUDDERSFIBLD. [HUDDERSFIELD] Me 3 ON uddersfie [udders fie] e al ose [one] whic [which] practical Sanaa [Santa] i ay SS AT CATTLE DEALERS, AND HERS. ie Master of Cloth Merchant Vigour to. tho muscles ot tac [ta] tested to give tone and GRAND MUSICAL FESTIVAL HUDDERSFIELD. FINO [FINE] be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WALTER is t apm [ap] Before Mr. Commissioner WEsT. [West] healthy system, y, and thus promote a ST. JOHN'S CHUR [CUR] CH GOLCAR TO WOOL MERCHAN [MERCHANT] TS, MANUFACTURERS, &c. T . i i 9 te Debts and Choice of Assignees, on of August instant. Debts, and Bankrupt's Final Exa- [Ex- Exports] pets oF Proof Meee [Mere] 16th day p03) [p] yy Proof of a y of September next pay, the 13th day of Sey [Se] atl [at] ven in the Forencon. [Conference] . Be GEORGE YOUNG, Official Assignee. SAM. L. BOOTH, Solicitor. .. th August, 1859. rads atter [utter] of the Petition of WILLIAM x residing at Crosland Moor Bottom, in the mdbury, bury] in the County of York, for the last 4 of oe wards, and carrying on the business of sa Mechanic, Commission Agent, Broker, and ange, [age] gion Gin] DY given, that the County Court of York- [York] ee dorstield, [Horsfield] acting in the matter of this Petition, at x the a ckSO [cos] sane. ke a final order thereon, at the said epee eth 'day of August, instant, at Ten o'clock f 7 on the Ht sly, unless cause be then and there on precisely, he the contra ni' W 'R. JONES, Jun., Clerk of the said Court. RD AND WILLIAM MORTON'S ASSIGNMENT. HEREBY GIVEN, that by Inden- [Indian- Endangering] pearing [paring] date the Fifth day of August, instant, aa be tox, [to] of Catterick, in the County of York, pak) [Park] yy Monto [Mont] of the Town and County of the gi Wi Woollen Drapers and Co- [Cost] Ts are ASSIGNED to certain Trustees therein ss heir and each of their Real and Personal whatsoever and wheresvever, [everywhere] upon the ca jn mentioned, for the benefit of such of the Trsté [Trust] ot the said Edward Morton and William Morton (ralitor [reality] ayte [ate] the said Indenture. . a ice hereby further given, that the said Inden- [Indian- Intend] god te at my Office, in Huddersfield, for inspection a ton by the Creditors, and only such as shall exe- [exp] pi ene me within the time therein mentioned will be (ae mes yny [any] benefit thereunder. ew By Order, .S. FLOYD, Solicitor to the said Trustees. treet, [street] August, 1830. 18 A sth [st] KENDAL AND CO.'s AFFAIRS. roTICE [notice] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that by In- [Indenture] jenture, [entire] bearing date the second day of August iN Davip [David] KENDAL and SoLomoNn [Solomon] PrtcHFORTH, [Preacher] both a in the County of York, Woolstaplers [Wool staplers] (sur- [Sir- sure] gnuers [numbers] of Charles Halstead, late of Huddersfield 4, Woolstapler, [Wool stapler] deceased), carrying on business at aforesaid, under the style or firm of David and Co. have ASSIGNED to certain Trustees all their and each of their real and personal and Effects whatsoever and wheresoever, upon sts [st] therein mentioned, for the benefit of each of the s of the said David Kendal and Company, as shall ve the said Indenture. And all persons who now indebted to the said firm of David Kendal and Co. cach [each] partners, or surviving partners as aforesaid, to pay their respective debts (where alone a indischarze [indecision] can be given), at the Counting-house Abraham Hirst, in Cloth Hall-street, Huddersfield dorexad. [directed] nd not to any party connected with the said im [in] of David Kendal andCo., [and co] orto [root] any other person except at the said Counting-house. seid [said] THOMSHever, [whomsoever] Dated this eighth day of August, 1850. By order. . W. BARKER, Cc. S. FLOYD, f Solicitors for the said Trustees. Huddersfield, Sth [St] August, 1850. HEINDUSTRIAL [He industrial] AND GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE AND DEPOSIT COMPANY. 100,000, LN 40,000 SHARES OF 2 10s. EACH, 2 WaTERLOO-PLACE, [Water-PLACE] PaLL [All] Matt, LONDON; AND 27, CORPORATION-STREET, MANCHESTER. Reyitered [Registered] pursuant to Act 7 and 8 Victoria, c. 110. Jorenabling [Grumbling] all Classes to participate in the advantages dLife [life] Assurance, by granting Policies as low as 5; by Premiums in Quarterly, Monthly, or Weekly Pumments; [Payments] by making beneficial provision where cir- [circumstances] cumstances [cum stances] prevent the Assured from paying all the Frauiums [Frames] and affording other important advantages litherto [hitherto] unattainable by means of Assurance Companies.) tus. us] bya [by] Weekly payment of One Shilling, a person age may Assure 149 3s.; if 30 years of age, I and if 40 years of age, 89 7s.-to be paid to ler [Lee] lumilies [families] at death. braMouthly [brotherly] payment of One Shilling, a person 20 years ie ay Assure 34 11s. if 30 years of age, 27 7s. 6d.; years of aye, 20 13s. 6d.-to be paid to their aluuis [alias] in like manner. brs [Mrs] Quirterly [Quarterly] payment of One Shilling, a person 20 may Assure 11 12s. 6d.; if 80 years of age, aud [and] if 40 years of age, 6 19s.-to [1st.-to] be in like paid at death, HHERRED [HURRIED] ANNUITIES also will be granted in consideration the like payments. ,, lya [lay] Weekly payment of One Shilling, a 'ais of ave may secure an Annuity of 9 13s. 6d., to Cat ov; or 23 14s. 2d., to commence at 60 years -teeeivable [terrible] Annually until death. A person aged bei [be] fh by the like payments, receive 5 2s. 8d. wee lis, [is] 10d. from 60 years of age; and if 40 'Ms ol age, 8d. from 50, or 7 4s. 4d. from 60 bes. He until death. Wauthly [Earthly] payment of Two Shillings, a person aged Jat [At] twelve an Annuity for Life of 48 lls., [ll] to com- [come] Ae or 11 2s. 8d., to commence at 60 years of aged 30, may, by the like payments, id from 50, or 6 10s, 8d. from the age of and if 40 vears [ears] of age, 19s., to commence from to commence from 60 years of age. are also offered by the or under which the entire Pre- [Prevent] ven, Paid in one sum, the whole of which (after one a will be retuned, with a stated increase, at fourteen ic, ue Whenever required, on the Policy being ann or the full amount paid may be borrowed on security of the Policy alone. ca Pe aged 20, on payment of 3 9s. 9d., will ithe, [the] 10 at Death (on Policy ' whatever is required), and after the y j back 3 9s, d., or after the sixth [C] OF ane [an] 4., as shown in Table, and surrender the wud [Wed] eer [er] the full amount of Premium paid, rest, On securite [security] . A bey at convenience. sig of He Policy only, repaying TSN [TEN] Qirad [Grad] rig payment of 4 0s. 10d., or, aged 2M with ef 14s, 8d., would each receive a Policy 'dh advantage of withdrawing or borrowing er, benefits of Bank th Mle [Me] min ao Ste ay 1 ay thus be as rar [rae] money for the benefit of survivors in ath; [at] a Cash Fund, as much at command as oor [or] 4 ee at said to combine the the advantages of a Savi [Save] Sa sum of de ted jn Saad [Said] conte [cont] Savings' Bank, available for temporary tnually [annually] tucreasing [decreasing] Provsion [Provision] for Old Age. 4S To AsstRE [Assure] 100 oN A LIFE. Se WITHOUT PROFITS. nual annual] Half-Yearly ing' Premium. - 7h 4 head 8 a. O16 [O] 8 7 3417 6 jo 0190) [W] 09 8 3711 8 ' 01010 40 8 5 21,9, 1 48 012 4 43 12 11 Pig 4 o14 [o] 4 47 6 8 3174 4138 5 01611 51 9 1 1405 5 sol tea ut 4 ied () 411 60 17 SE 814 [W] in 2 6519 9 Ta WITH PROFITS, pp ue Half-Y, uarte [art] i SS Premiuin [Premium] os iF i 8 dl) g eo qs -& d. 3 d. 8. d. S245) [S] ow 4 G S10 [S] 3642 4 127711191 [W] 011 0 39 9 3 6 (214 [W] 5 124 6 012 5 42 810 ge 3 1711 2 4516 6 Plan 112 ow wien [wine] 5 4 81) 118 019 4 54 6 6 2,51 1 3 3) 5815 7 615 3 60 18 6 618 3 Pr teen 310 8 diy, day] Uses, SESS SEAS] Ti Foun [Found] of and eo A Lat the chief Om, be obtained tuitously, [gratuitously] on filgge' [file' Corporate ne 2, Waterloo-place, Pall Mall, Wing on-street, Manchester; or of the Bry, [By] x 7 Mirigiq [Magic] Here, POWER, 2, Market-walk. liam met Accountant, Sa sd bea pipe 3 Kin Bron [Brown] ai 83, Kirkgate and x. ies [is] ok Ha eald, [Dale] 199, Kirkgate. 'i 7 gs Park-row, VY, King's Head Bip [Sip] eld [ed] yg 800 and Mars bs ic land easega' [ease] q has ohn [on] hae [he] 72, enters, E e stig, [sig] uel [eel] Oliver, M.A, 2H to Wa the appoint Mer, [Mr] t of Agents to. be ad- [ad place] Place, fe a Esgq., [Esq] Resident Di Ty Apparatus of every descri [describe] tion [ion] mad i particular Case. Fencing, Bi oe Department, and The Testimonials the Pupil's Broad Sword, Calesthenic, [Calisthenic] jancing, [dancing] either Private or in received are from Wm. Turnb [Turn] John Taylor, M.D., Robert Cameron, M.D. Ww a Gree Free] wood, Esq., s n, J. T. James Sangean [Sang] a pes [peas] Win 2. -, Surgeon, John Dow, uel [eel] Booth, surgeon, and Richard Esq., Ee La pect [pet] oie [one] oe of the highest res bility [debility] are kindly per- [per notice] NOTICE. HE Directors of the STANDARD LIFE T ASSURANCE COMPANY, beg to inform the in- [inhabitants] habitants of Huddersfield and its vicinit [vicinity , that they have eppointed [appointed] Mr. R. MICKLETHWaITE, [Micklethwaite] of the Chronicle Office, Pin HUDDERSFIELD. Also, that Mr. M. ppy [Pp] to afford every inf ti ti ishi [ash] Tike [Like] es ry information to parties wishing 2, King William-street, London, July, 1850. (THe [The] YORKSHIRE FIRE AND LIFE IN- [INSURANCE] SURANCE [ASSURANCE] COMPANY. Established at York, 1824, and Empowered by Act of Parliament.-Capital 500,0001. TRUSTEES. Lord WENLOCK, Escrick Park, G. L. Esq., Sheriff-Hutton Park, ROBERT Swany, [Swan] Esq., York. BaNKERS-Messrs. [Bankers-Messrs] SWANN, CLouaguH, [Clough] Co., York. ACTUARY AND SECRETARY-Mr. W. L. N EWMAN, [WOMAN] York. The STEADY and ENCREASING [INCREASING] support which this Com- [Company] pany [any] has received during the TWENTY-FIVE years of its establishment, is the best proof of the confidence which the public reposes in its STABILITY and LIBERALITY. The attention of the public is particularly called to the terms of this Company for LIFE INSURANCES, And to the distinction which is made between MALE and FEMALE Lives. The following extracts from the Tables (complete copies of which, with the Rates of the intermediate Ages and for terms of years, may be had on application at the Office in York, or of any of the Agents) will show the Annual Pre- [Premiums] required for securing 1001. payable on the decease od - EXTRACT FROM THE TABLE OF PREMIUMS FOR INSURING ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. Age next A MALE. A FEMALE. A MALE. A FEMALE next next, -- Birthday. jWhols [holes] Life Premiums Birthday. Whole Life Premiums 10 176 154 46 311 6 3 3 2 13 19 3 17 50 419 313 3 16 111 3 1 810 53 411 6 426 20 114 4 111 6 56 5 4 414 23 117 113 8 60 6 6 512 6 26 203); [W] 116 2 63 740 [W] 6 9 6 '30 25 119 9 66 8 40 710 8 33 28 6 2 210 7 10 4 9 7 6 36 213 26 4 73 1116 2 11 2 6 40 219 9 210 7 13619 8 3 5 3 217 2 80 15 12 10 ' ExampLe.-A [Example.-A] Gentleman whose age does not exceed 30, may insure 1,0007. payable on his decease, for an an- [annual] nual [annual] payment of 221. toe and a Lady of the same age on ae the same sum, for an annual payment of 91. 17s. 6d. FIRE INSURANCES Are effected by this Company, on the most moderate teryis. [treys] FARMING STOCK INSURED WITHOUT THE AVERAGE CLAUSE. AGEN'TS. [AGENT'TS] HUDDERSFIELD......R. T. KOBINSON, [ROBINSON] Solicitor, Market Place. DEWSBURY..........- C. R. Scholes, Solicitor. HALIFAX. ...........- Charles Claye, [Clay] Cheapside. HOLMFIRTH ......... Martin Kidd, Solicitor. ROCHDALE ..........-- T. F. Dearden, Solicitor. . SADDLEWORTH ...... James Platt, Prospecton, [Prospect] Upper Mill. ......... A. G. Eastwood, Solicitor. CURES FOR THE UNCURED Herreways [Heresy] OINTMENT AN EXTRAORDINARY CURE OF SCROFULA, OR KING'S EVIL. Extract of a Letter from Mr. J. H. Alliday, [Holiday] 209, High-street, Chelten- [Cheltenham- Cheltenham] ham, dated the 22nd of January, 1850. To Professor HOLLOWAY. Srr,-My [Sir,-My] eldest son, when about three years of age, was afflicted with a Glandular Swelling in the neck, which after a short time broke out into an Ulcer. An eminent medical man pronounced it as a very bad case of Scrofula, and prescribed for a considerable time without effect. The dis- [disease] ease then for four years went on gradually increasing in virulence, when, besides the ulcer in the neck, another formed below the left knee, and a third under the eye, besides seven others on the left arm, with a tumour between the eyes, whieh [which] was expected to break. During the whole of the time my suffering boy had received the constant advice of the most celebrated medical Gentlemen at Chel- [Che- Cheltenham] tenham, [Denham] besides being for several months at the General Hospital, where one of the Surgeons said that he would amputate the left arm, but that the blood was so impure, that if that limb were taken off it would be then impossible to subdue the disease. In this desperate state I determined to give your Pills and Ointment a trial, and, after two months perseverance in their use, the tumour gradually began to disappear, and the discharge from all the ulcers perceptibly decreased, and at the expiration of eight months they were perfectly healed, and the boy thoroughly restored to the blessings of health, to the astonishment of a large circle of acquaintances, who could testify to the truth of this miraculous case. Three years have now elapsed without any recurrence of the malady, and the boy is now as healthy as heart can wish. Under these circum- [circus- circus] consider that I should be truly ungrateful were I not make you acquainted with this wonderfil [wonderful] cures edicines [medicine] after every other means fai [fair] ea by your m [in] (Signed) vy. H. ALLIDAY. [HOLIDAY] CURE OF ACUTE RHEUMATISM OF FOUR YEARS STANDING. Extract of a Letter from Mr. John Pitt, Dudley, 19th Jan., 1850. To Professor HOLLOWAY. Sir,-It is with the test pleasure that I write to thank you for the benefit I have received from your Pills and Ointment, which have completely cured me of the Rheumatism, under which I suffered for this last four years -at times I was so bad as hardly to be able to walk. I had tried every kind of medicine that was recommended without receiving any benefit. I at last thought I would give your medicines a trial, and purchased from Mr. Hollin- [Alchemist] chemist, of this town, two Boxes of Pills, and two of Oint- [Ont- Ointment] ment, [men] and in three weeks, through them and the blessing of God, I was restored to health and strength, and am now as well able to walk as ever I was in. my pe. Tam well own in this parish, havin [having] n sixty-five year t, with an exception of ten I served in the 24th Regi- [Reg- Regiment] ment [men] of Foot. (Signed) JOHN PITT. CURE OF A BAD LEG OF MORE THAN SIXTY YEARS STANDING. . Barker, of No. 5, Graham's-place, Drypool, near Hull, had ulcers on his leg from the age of eighteen until upwards of eighty, and although for many years he had sought the first advice in the country, nothing was found to cure-them. He very often suffered most excruciating pain for long periods together, which incapacitated him from attending to his business. He had given up all hopes of getting a cure, when at last he was persuaded to try Hol- [Ho- Holloway] Toway's [Two's] Pills and Ointment, which he did, and however wonderful it may appear, the leg was thoroughly healed by and by continuing to use the Pills alone after his leg was well, he has become in health so hale and hearty as now to be more active than most men of fifty. N B.-The truth of this extraordinary statement can be vouched for by Mr. J. C. Reinhardt, 22, Market-place, Hull. February 20th, [the] 1850. CURE OF A DESPERATE CASE OF RINGWORM OF SIX EARS STANDING. ' Lima, 13th of November, 1849. eminent Surgeons in Lima (the capital covered with Ringworm for more than xhausted [exhausted] all his art in his endeavours succeeding, he consulted among his their means, One of the most of Peru) had a child six years; in vain he e or to effect a cme [me] cat celebrated medical practitioners of the brethren, D D i thing was found to do the child service. en. oat ee pe suaded [sided] by Mr. Joseph P. Hague, the English i druggist, residing at No. 74, Calle [Call] de Palacio, [Palace] chemist allowa [allow] Ss Pills and Ointment, which was done, and after using six large Pots of the Ointment, with a propor [proper] tion [ion] of the Pills, the child was radically cured, to t sur- [Sir- surprise] prise of the whole medical profession. ate name of the parent, from motives of delicacy, is withheld. The Pills should be used conjointly with the Ointment in most of the following cases - Legs Yancers [Lancers] Sealds [Seals] - Bal [Ba] Breasts Contracted and Sore Nipples Burns Stiff-joints Sore-throats Bunions Elephantiasis Skin a BiteofMoschetoes Fistulas Scurry ag and Sand-Flies Gout Sore-hea [Sore-he] Coco Bay Glandular Swell- [Swell tumours] Tumours Chiego-foot [Chi ego-foot] ings Chilblains Lumbago Woun [Won] Chapped Hands Piles Yaws Corns (soft) Rheumatism ietor, [it] 244, Strand, near Temple-bar, aed [ad] Oy ne al respectable 'vendors of Patent Modicines [Medicine] throughout the civilized world, in Pots and Box on Is. 2s. 9d., 4s. Ue. or and fs. cao [Co] i . ns for the guidance of Patients are affixed to each Pot or Box. B THE RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF ARLISLE CARLISLE] JOSEPH ARMITAGE, ESQ. J.P. W. W. BATTYE, ESQ. J.P. GEORGE ARMITA [ARMITAGE] F. SCHWAN [SWAN] N, ESQ Be Public are most respectfully informed that a above Church, ou WEDNESDAY, the 14th propriated [appropriated] to the Eni [En] Music from the works f H . PRINCIPAL PERFORMERS - MISS BIRCH, MRS. SUNDERLAND, ap The selection of THE CHORUS WILL CONSIST OF NEARLY ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS MR. PARRATT WIL PRESIDE AT THE ORGAN. Tickets of Admission-Reserved Seats, 7s. 6d. ; s of Words, 4d. each, to be had of Mr. Hardy, ddersfield [Huddersfield] at the National School, Golcar Doors to be open at two o'clock in the taken at the doors. N.B.-On the above occasion GE, ESQ. J.P. UNDER Leader and Conda [Coda] Aftern [After] R. COBDEN, ESQ. ot AUGUST, 1850, the surplus proceeds of which will be Gallery, 5s. ner, [ne] 3 and of the Committee. 'the performance to commence at half-past two. No money to , a SPECIAL TR will at all the Stations, and to return immediately after. -7 PATRONAGE OF SIR. JOSEPH RADCLIFFE, BART. JEREMIAH RILEY, ESQ. J. C. FENTON, ESQ. CHARLES BROOK, JUN. ESQ. T. P. CROSLAND, ESQ. MUSICAL FESTIVAL will be held in the 2 the National School. aydn, [and] Beethoven, Mendelssohn, &c. WOOD MR. LOCKEY and MR. MACHIN. r-MR. ly of Church (east end), 3s. ditto (west end), 2s. arket-place, [market-place] und [and] of Mr. Brook, Stationer, Westgate, leave Huddersfield at half-past One, for Marsden, alling calling] the to S. a T HATS AT EXTRAORDINARY PRICES, ' ar G. BAYLDON'S, . 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. REAT REST] REDUCTION IN SUMMER HATS.-The Zephyr Hat, from three-and-a-half to four ounces weight, that has been sellin [selling] k and Drab Paramatta, [Pratt] at 5s. 9d., are reduced to 4s. 6d . 3d.; Boys Satin Velvet Hats, at 4s. 6d., are reduced to 3s. 9d. The above List of Prices will be found such as never have been offered to a British Public. BOYS' AND MEN'S CAPS AT REDUCED PRICES. at 9s. is reduced ESTABLISHED 1772. HOLDSWORTH SONS' GENERAL FURNISHING WAREHOUSES NEW WELLS, , GOODS DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE. At this Establishment parties furnishing have the o advantage not offered to the same extent by any other House The Stock CaBINET [Cabinet] FURNITURE AND UPHOLSTERY. BEpS, [Bes] MATTRESSES, AND BLANKETS. MANTLE, TOILETTE, &C., GLASSES. PassaGe [Passage] CLOTHS, MaTTINGs. [Mattings] e Show Rooms are re ces [ce] of all supplying Goods of sound materials and workmanship. - ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PURCHASED, O T H plete [plate] with every possible variety in each respective department, suited to the tastes and purchasers, and no expense is spared by the Proprietors to maintain their long-established character E Welcome, new moon I love to view Thy smiling form-indeed I do For dark and dreary is the night Without thy all-enlivening light. The twinkling stars may brightly shine, But still we want a light like thine ; A light which renders nature gay, And gives to night the charms of day. But let me know, while thus I sing, What tiding thou hast come to bring. The best philosophers declare That thou can'st alter foul to fair ; Or rather, that thy changes show Whether it will be fine or no. OBS ERV [REV] E during TWENTY YEARS has to one of the LARGEST in the TRADE. Our main object has been, and still is, to supply the Public on TRADE TERMS. Great undertaking appears to be, it is obvious that to. do BUSINESS ona [on] WHOLESALE SCALE, it is necessary to have wholesale appliances. In conformity with these ideas, our Locality was chosen in a bye thoroughfare, Accommodation are sufficient to carry on trade to ANY EXTENT, but without those merciless and enormous expenses inseparably attached to Retail Shops in prominent situations, whereby an Extrava [Extra] Hence it will be seen that we are in a Position to supply the Public on the BEST and to supply at First Hand, by which all intermediate 19 TO SPORTSMEN. E. MOSES and SON beg to call particular attention to their immense STOCK of SHOOTING, FISHING, and LIGHT OVER-COATS r , adapted for this season of the year, House in Yorkshire. 3 E. Minories and Aldgate, City, London, all DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND. TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. TEA WAREHOUSE, 2, BUCKLERSBURY, [Bucklers bury] CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. ras [as] ESTABLISHMENT was commenced in the year 1830. Its SUCCESSFUL PROGRESS gratified our anticipations. The Patronage of the Public has elevated its position CauTion.-E. [Caution.-E] MOSES SON, regret having to untradesman-like [tradesmen-like] falsehood ot being connected wi instances, and for obvious reasons. i Branch Establishments, 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield; and 1&,'F desire genuine and Cheap Clothing, &c., should Aldgate, City, London. Fixes NoticE.-This [Notice.-This] Establishment is Closed from ly twelve o'clock. The 2, Bucklersbury, [Bucklers bury] Cheapside. Gs ONE AGENT IN EVERY Town APPO [APP] arge [are] Establishments, call at, Pre The immense variety of 'l'EAS [l'WAS] now imported into this country, demands the most scrutinizing caution. have Considerable Advantages, as from the extent of our Trade we are enabled to employ a Qualified and Experienced Person, whose sole duty is that of carefully Selecting, Tasting, i The following are our present quotations - BLACK TEAS. s. d. GREEN TEAS. s. d. Common Tea 2 8 (The duty on all being 2s. 24d. renders comment Common Green 3 on ae quality of this tea unnecessary.) go Young Hyson [Dyson] 3 4 Sound Congou [Congo] Tea is will mix with the 3s hleak [leak] (A good tea for economical and large con- [Cornwall] will mix with the 8s. black.) sumers.) [Summers] Fine Young Hyson. [Dyson] Strong Congou [Congo] 3 (We recommend this with the 3s. 4d. black.) (A tea very much approved of.) Fine Souchong Tea 3 Super Young Hyson [Dyson] 4 (Pekoe flavour. Strongly recommended.) Fine Hyson [Dyson] 4.0 [4] Fine Pekoe wove & (This tea is more in pute [pure] than any other; it is Gunpowder Tea 44 avery [very] superior ton, The finest Young Hyson [Dyson] 5 Finest Pekoe Souchong 44 est GF LPYSON [LESSON] (This is a high class tea.) (This is fit for any use.) Finest Lapsang [lapsing] Souchong 5 0 Fine Shot Gunpowder ........cccscssessesseess 6 (This is rare tea, very scarce, of an extraordi- [extraordinary- extraordinary] ; nary flavour.) The finest Gunpowder imported ......... 7 COFFEES. The Coffee Market is very uncertain-prices changing daily. We quote the present prices 8. ad. Fine Ceylon Coffee 1 Fine Plantation (recommended) 1 2 Finest Java Coffee (superior coffee) 14 Finest Cuba Coffee (strongly recommended 1 6 Finest Mocha Coffee 1 8 Our Coffee is roasted by the latest improved patent machinery. Much discussion having recently taken place in Parliament about CHICORY, we are induced to keep the best imported, at 8d. per Tb, on sale for those who prefer its admixture, Having briefiy [briefly] alluded to the Principle on which we conduct our business, we Hotel Keepers, Schools, and all nts. [its] os me Note.-TEAS ARE DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO ANY Part oF ENGLAND, Pounds; but the Carriage of Coffee is not Paid, Returning our best thanks for past favours, further, patronage and recommendation. we refer to N a aia [ais] a Price eave, MO S ARNG ANG] D.. TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND GENERAL. , THORNTON BUILDINGS, BRIDGE.STREET, YORKSHIRE. Branch of their London Establishment, 154, 155, and 83, 84, 85, them, or 'It's all the same concern, has been resorted to in many y have no oa 19, ee other House in or out of London, except their 's Buildings, hire Friday till sunset Saturday, when business is resumed rofits [profits] are saved. who will derive considerable advantages from these arrange- [arrange unless] unless accom [com] INTED UPON [UNITED UPON] APPROVAL OF REFERENCES, to 8s.; and the Light Zephyr, at 12s. is reduced to 10s. 6d.; ;. Black and Drab Shell Hats, at 5s. 6d. are reduced WAKEFIELD, rtunity [Trinity] of selecting out of London. comprises- [comprises carpets] CaRPETS [Carpets] AND HEaRrtTH [Health] Rucs. [Russ] PapPer-HANGINGS. [Paper-HANGINGS] DaMASKS [Damasks] AND MOREENS. [MOREEN] GENERAL FURNISHING HARDWARE, &vU. every article of Household Furniture,an E W M Whatever thou fortellest [fullest] there- [there rainy] Rainy or dry, or foul or fair- [fairly] My overcoat from MosEs' [Moss] Mart, ill act a kind protector's part. The over-coats which MosEs' [Moss] make A two-fold quality partake. Yes being waterproof and light, Their double qualities unite. Whatever, therefore, you denote, I'm gafe [safe] with such an over-coat. And glad I am I purchased one Of those famed tailors, M. and Son, Who, in their articles have won The meaning compliment-' Well done O N. at prices fully forty per cent lower than any other ws 42..N on Corner of 86, opposite the Church, unicating [communicating] and vast Establishment. rd the Public against imposition; having learned that the ord, Y and those who nail send to, either' oft ranches, or te the Minories and . ota Eh, and assuming as such an where Space and ant Profit is rendered necessary. ost [out] EcoNoMIcAL [Economical] TERMS-in fact, In this we and appropriating Teas for consumption, respectfully solicit the attention of when the quantity ordered exceeds Six panied [pained] by Tea. our system of business as a satisfactory inducement for your MANSELL, HORNE, AND CO. mi must be to P actuall [actual] OLDFIELD'S PATENT PIECING MACHINE. 'R. OLDFIELD begs to inform the Woollen Manufacturers generally, that his PATENT PIECING -MACHINE can now be Premises of Messrs. OLDFIELD and ALLAN, Lockwood seen at work on the This Machine does away entirely with Billy-Piecers- [Pieces] a more even thread-the Slubber [Slumber] can do more work for THRE [THE] Eighty Ma commen [common] be made without by Messrs. SEELEY's, 54, over-square ; Mossrs. [Messrs] NISBET [LISBETH] and Co., Berners-street. sent with each subscription, the remaining when the book is ready for delivery. From county this remittance of 20s. will be most SAND COPIES, and being corrections. It ffice [office] Order. d a considerable saving is effected. ; anufacturers [manufacturers] are requested to examine tt for themselves, Huddersfield, 11th July, 1850. NEW AND CHEAP EDITION OF THE REY, THOMAS SCOTT'S BIBLE. rae Prop rietors [proprietors] beg to announce that thi [the] SECOND S p UBSCRIPTION [SUBSCRIPTION] EDITION of Re MAS SCOTT'S COMMENTA [COMMENTS] now been seg [se] en and will be READY tor DELIVERY before th CLOSE of the PRESENT YEAR. For the information of those who may have overlook the former advertisement, the Proprietors will now repegt. [respect] that, having filled up the First Subscription of FivE [Five] THoj [Tho] inundated with father applicg [applicant] tions, [tins] which they were unable to supply, they were cory [cor] pelled [celled] to make for a SECOND SUBSCR [SUBSCRIBE] TION [ION] EDITION the list of which, (limited to Thousand Copies) is now rapidly filling up. 4. The complete book is offered, in this subscription only E GUINEAS, compete in ae a ve 5,000 in six e q volumes, with abow [bow] ie vid [id] Illustrations, and a copious Topical Indeg [Indeed] It is also the only complete edition, with the lag never been sold, till now, for less th Six Guineas in boards but is now offered, TO SUBSCRIE [SUBSCRIBE] ERS [ER] ONLY, for the very low price of THREE e number of copies is limited, and the printing hg. Sa ced, [ce] 4 is requisite that applicstion [application] ston [ton] 4 Subscribers' names are receiy [receive] Fleet-street, or 2, Messrs. HaTCHARDS, [Richards] 1 4 Hanover-s Piccadilly ag A deposit of Stim. [Tim] 43a. [a] ' easily made by 5 mony [money] in favour of your excellent Pills for the Tic Doloreux. [Dolores] I i. have occasionally taken the pills.-Yours obediently, t contaigg [contain] - TIC DOLOREUX [DOLORES] CURED. yas [as] painful affection of the facial nerve is a spe- [se- species] cies [ties] of Neuralgia, which comprises similar affections in other parts of the body. It is characterised by acute pain, attendant with convulsive twitchings [teachings] of the muscles, and continuing from a few minutes to several hours. All persons affected with this painful and tormenting malady are recommended to try HICK'S CELEBRATED TIC PILLS, Which have invariably been found to produce aspeedy [speedy] and effectual cure. TESTIMONIALS. To Mr. John Ford, Chesterfield. Sir,-I have recommended Mr. Hick's Pills for the Tick to all my friends with complete success. I cannot speak of them in too high terms of praise.-Yours, &e., Shrewsbury, Nov. 8, 1846. W. H. Hunter. To Mr, Hick, Sir.-I have great pleasure in giving my testimony of the ex- [excellence] cellence [excellent] of your Pills for the Tic Doloreux. [Dolores] I was frequently afflicted with this unpleasant complaint, but have not suffered from it since taking a box of your pills. I cannot too strongly recommend them.-Yours, &c., Wakefield, June 12th, 1847. Wa. HEPworRTH. [Hepworth] Briggate, Leeds, Jan. 27, 1847. Sir,-I think it due to you and the public to give my testi- [test- testified] suffered every winter for many years, but have not had the slightest attack for the last two winters, during which time I Mr. Hick, Wakefield. Cuas. [Cas] NELSON. Princess Street, New York, Dec. 14, 1846. T left Wakefield I brought with me six boxes of one of my family having suffered very severely complaint. I find I have been too liberal in supplying who have all derived the greatest relief from them. my friend Walker have twelve boxes, and he will for- [from] em to me by next steamer. The Pills have wrought the mishing [missing] cures.-Yours respectfully, r. Hick, Chemist, HENRY W. Watson. Wakefield, England TO BE HAD OF THE FOLLOWING AGENTS [AGENTS] HuppERsFIELD-Mr. [Huddersfield-Mr] WILMAN, Mr. SHILLITO Hola [Hole] Lomax. te; Pickles, Kirkgate; where 'Y HICK'S CELEBRATED COUGH LOZENGES T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the WAREHOUSE of the late GEORGE Dyson and Co., Importers of Foreign Wools, situate in the YARD, opposite the Wellington Inn, in WesTcaTE, [Westgate] Hup- [Up- Huddersfield] DERSFIELD [HUDDERSFIELD] (close to the Railway Station), on WEDNES- [WEDNESDAY- WEDNESDAY] DAY, the 14th day of August, 1850, at Three o'clock in the afternoon precisely, ABOUT 220 BAGS OF FINE SAXONY, LESIAN, [LESION] AND PRUSSIAN WOOLS in Fipé [Fie] Condition, and will be sold in Lots to suit purchasers. ted Catalogues may be had four days previous to the by application at the above-named Warehouse, or of fe Auctioneer, Queen-street, Hudderstield. [Huddersfield] The Wools may be inspected on Tuesday, the 13th, and on the day of sale until 'Two o'clock. ELIGIBLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, IN NFW-STREET, [NEW-STREET] HUDDERSFIEFD. [HUDDERSFIELD] T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the house of Mr. T. Wigney, [Wine] the GrEorGE [George] Horen, [Horne] in HUDDERSFIELD, on MonpDay [Monday] the 26th August, 1850, at Six o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, All that. jal [al] Stone-built WOOLLEN MILE; (four storeys high), situate on the east side of, and fronti [front] to New-street, in Huddersfield with the Boiler-house, Dry- [Drying] ing Stove, Warehouses, Stable, and Outbuildings connected therewith, and an excellent STEAM ENGINE, of sixteen horses' power, with Boiler of twenty-three horses' wer, [we] io ether with the principal Shafting and Going Gear thereto longing. Andalso, [And also] altthat [altar] excellent DWELLING-HOUSEattached [DWELLING-House attached] to the said Mill, with the Yard and other Conveniences enjoyed therewith, as the same are now in the possession of Mr. Joseph Schofield. The above Premises are Leasehold under the late Sir John Ramsden, Baronet, for 60 years, renewable every 20 or 40 years, for ever, subject toa [to] small Annual Ground Rent, and Fine certain on renewal they possess a frontage of 63 feet to the principal Street of the Town, and extend Eastward 144 feet, are well arranged for carrying on a considerable Manufacturing Business, and might, at an easy expense, be applied to any other business requiring a first-rate situation in the important Market Town of Huddersfield. The Purchaser will have the option of taking the valuable Woollen Machinery at a fair valuation. A portion of the Purchase-money may remain on Security of the Premises, if required. Further Particulars may be had, and the Premises and Machinery viewed, by application to Mr. JosEPH [Joseph] ScHo- [School- Schofield] FIELD, on [on] the Premises or Mr. LancasTER, [Lancaster] Auctioneer, Hudgersfield [Huddersfield] or at the Offices of MR. HIGHAM, Solicitor, Brighouse. August 6th, 1850. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES, SITUATE IN HIPPERHOLME-CUM-BRIGHOUSE [HIPPODROME-CM-BRIGHOUSE] MIRFIELD, BRIGHOUSE, AND SKIRCOAT, [SCOTT] In the County of York, embracing the Slead [Lead] House Estate, Slead [Lead] Syke Mill, and Village of Slead [Lead] Syke, in Hipper- [Hippodrome] holme-cum-Brighouse, [home-cum-Brighouse, -cum-Brighouse] Dwelling-Houses and Closes of Land in Mirfield, Dwelling-Houses in the Town of Brighouse, Cottages at Salterhebble, [saleable] in Skircoat, [Scott] near O be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER (by order of the Trustees of the will of the late John Holland, Esq., deceased), at the Horet, [Horst] in BRIGHOUSE, on FRIDAY, the 16th day of August next, at Two o'vlock [o'clock] in the afternoon, in Lots, and subject to conditions, . Theea ital [The ital] MANSION, called Slead [Lead] House, late the residence-of the said John Holland, deceased, replete with fixtures, in excellent repair and condition, and ready for immediate occupation, with the Vinery, [Very] Conservatory,- [Conservatory] Gardens, Pleasure Grounds, Plantations, gach-house, each-house] Stables, Barn, Mistal, [Mistral] and all other requisite attached, and upwards of Forty Acres of valuable and productive MEADOW PASTURE and ARABLE LAND adjgininge [adjoining proposed to be divided into Lots to suit pur- [our- our] Also, the substantial and extensive stone-built MILL, called Slead [Lead] Syke Mills, with the large and commodious WAREHOUSES, Five DWELLING-HOUSES, GAS- [GASWORKS] WORKS, and other Buildings, Steam Engine, Shafting, Steam and Gas Pipes, and other Fixtures, Reservoir, and all other requisite Conveniences and Appurtenances ad- [adjoining] joining and belonging to the said Mill. Also, the V GE of SLEAD [LEAD] SYKE (in convenient Lots), comprising Eighteen excellent Cottages, Shops, ens, productive Orchard, and Smiths' Shop, adjoining the Brighouse and Denholme-gate Turnpike-road. The above Property is situate in the Township of Hip- [Hippodrome] perholme-cum-Brighouse, [performer-cum-Brighouse, -cum-Brighouse] central between the towns of Halifax, Bradford, and Huddersfield, about One Mile from the Brighouse Station, on the main line of the Lan- [An- Lancashire] cashire [Lancashire] and Yorkshire Railway, and the same distance from the Lightcliffe Station of the West Riding Union Railway. The Premises are plentifully supplied with water, well- [welded] roaded, [road] contain a valuable bed of stone, now in the course of being worked, and present most desirable investments. IN MIRFIELD. All that capital MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] situate at Lee Green, in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Hallas, with the Garden, Barn, Stable, and other Outbuildings thereto belonging, and about Four Acres of excellent LAND. Also, Eight COTTAGES, in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Hallas and others. IN BRIGHOUSE. All those Three capital and substantial MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or DWELLING- [Dwelling houses] HOUSES, situate in the best and most important part of the Town of Brighouse, being imme- [Mme- immediately] diately [lately] fronting the George Hotel, and the Turnpike-roads from Eland to Wakefield, and from Huddersfield to Brad- [Bradford] ford, and comprising an area of 372 superficial square yards, and now in the occupation of Mr. Newstead and others. AT SALTERHEBBLE, [saleable] IN SKIRCOAT. [SCOTT] Nineteen COTTAGES (in suitable Lots), now producing a rental of upwards of 50 per annum, and in the occupa- [occupy- occupation] tion [ion] of William Fletcher and others. Plans and particulars may be had at the White Swan Inn, in Hajifax, [Halifax] the Sun and George Inns, in Bradford, Inn, in Huddersfield, the Royal Hotel, in Brig- [Brig] d further information obtained upon application to MrfSamuel [Samuel] Washington, of Lightcliffe, land Agent or Offices of RUDD and KENNY, Solicitors in Halifax. Halifax, 8th July, 1850. SALES BY MR. THORNTON. - - SCRIBBLING MACHINERY. O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr. TH TON, on Monpbay, [Monday] the 12th day of August, 1850, onfhe [inf] Premises, at RowLEY [Rowley] MILL, in LEPToN, [Lepton] near FIELD (late in the occupation of Mr. John Shaw), 'ollowing [following] MACHINERY, comprising Five Carders, FourfBillys, [Footballs] Four Scribblers, Straps, &c. ale to commence at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon. e above machinery is in Good Working Condition, will be sold in consequence of the change in the owner- [owner] ip of the mill. Auctioneer's Office, 32, New-street. THE LAST AND FINAL CLEARING SALE, AT MILNSBRIDGE, NEAR HUDDERSFIELD, Fr 0. Railway Materials, Earth Waggons, Stone Trucks, Carts, Wood Waggons, Ro Travelling Cranes, Goliaths, [Goldsmiths] Pes, [Peas] Cranes, Double Purchase Crabs, Tools, a very large quantity of Octagon Steel, Chair Pins Chains, Timber, Planks, Wood, Wheelbarrows, Carts, Horse Gears, Nails, &c. T be SOLD by AUCTION by Mr. B. THORN- [THORNTON] TON, on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY NEXT, the 14th, [the] 15th, [the] and 16th days of AucusT, [August] 1850, on the remises [premises] of Mr. WILLIAM RIDLER, Railway Contractor of the remaining Valuable RAILWAY MATERIALS, &,, At Milnsbridge, comprising 74 Earth Waggons, 14 tons of Tron Rails, a large quantity of Timber of various descrip- [Scrip- descriptions] tions, [tins] a number of 3-inch Planks, Larch Poles, Cart Wood and Hard Wood, generally well-seasoned; Posts and Fen- [Fencings] cings, [rings] Scantlings, [Scaling] Wood Engine Shed 56 feet long by 18 feet wide and 10 feet high, and roof; 10 casks of Asfaltum [Asylum] Pitch, 3 Lime Boxes, double-purchase Crab with wood frames, 2 ditto, 1 ditto, without frame; 1 large Quarry Crane, 2 smaller ditto, 3 Travelling Cranes and Fittings, 2 large Goliaths [Goldsmiths] and Cranes, 72 pairs of 2 feet Waggon Wheels with Axles, 27 pairs of 2 feet 6 inches ditto, 23 loose Wheels, a large quantity of Sheet Iron for roofing, Blacksmiths' Forge and Brickwork, Iron Slack Trough, pair of large Bellows, Anvil and Block, Boss Anvil, Irons, Ladles, Files, Rasps. Drills, Workbench, Vice, Screw Keys, Wrenches, and Smiths' tools generally -inch Crane in, a great num- [sum- number] ber [be] of Wheelbarrows, 2 Workbenches, Carpenters' Tools. 4 Camp Frames, Fire Grates, 120 gallon cask of Vegetable Oil, 144 4-inch Felks; 12 6-inch ditto, 15 33-inch ditto, about 20,000 wood Railway Keys, 4 pairs of Cart Shafts, 34 feet of cast-iron Pipe 1 foot 3-inches diameter, 24 feet of 3-inch Iron Piping, about 25 t ton of Horse Shoes. ons of Scrap Iron, about one At COWLERSLEY, on Pripay, [Prepay] the 16th,-4 [the,-4] tons 7 ewt. [et] Octagon Steel, of various sizes consisting of 340 Bars in 62 Bundles sundry Short Pieces; 33-inch Coupling Chains ; 1 Crane Chain; 25 Ends of various ins; 20 half-inch poUpling [coupling] Chains Crane and Drag Chains 1 Double Shear Block Waggon and Cart Bushes; large Anvil; 1 bag of jock ails 1 bag 4-inch eget [get] ig bag 13-inch ditto 10 ags [as] of Sun Nails of Horse Nails rewing [Sewing] Stocks Tapeand [Tape and] Dee 7 Sees of Horse Gears 33 Pairs of Aimes [Ames] Sundry Horse Clothing Sundry New and Second- [Secondhand] hand Ropes; Bean Splitter, with Fly-wheel part Cask of Oil; smiths' Tools large and small Hammers ; Stoné [Stone] and Earth Picks; Set of Cottage Fixtures together wit a great variety of things too numerous for insertion. le to commence each day at Ten o'Clock. early attendance is requested, as the Lots are very numerous, and must be sold, as the ises [uses] are about to be given up, in consequence of the work on the Rail being completed. my aie [are] - ILNSBRIDGE, [MILNSBRIDGE] and COWLERSLEY, near Huddersfield, all . BRADLEY, on WEDNESDAY and TuurspDay, [Tuesday] 14th and 15th August, 1850, on the Farm and Premises lately occupied by the late Mr. John Shaw, deceased, situate ab NEWSOME-CROss, [NEWSOME-Cross] near HUDDERSFIELD aforesaid. All the Live and Dead FARMING STOCK and IMPLE- [SIMPLE- IMPLEMENTS] MENTS, [MEETS] GROWING CROPS, HOUSEHOLD FURNI- [FURNISH- FURNITURE] TURE, [TRUE] and other Effects, late the Property of the said John Shaw-comprising, Two Useful Draught Mares, one seven years old, the other aged, in good working condition; Two good Milch Cows, One broad-wheeled Cart, with hecks [Hicks] and shelving; Two narrow-wheeled Carts, with shelvings, [shillings] sets of Shaft and Trace Gears, One excellent Hackney Saddle, Two Pairs of Harrows, Plough, Hay Chopper, Cow Kits, and Wood Pails, Hay Rakes and Forks, Hay Knife, and sundry other Farming Implements. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Consists of Camp, Press, and other Bedsteads; Feather and Flock Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows; Blankets, Sheets, and Counterpanes; sundry extra Bed and Table Linen, Painted Clothes Chests of Mahogany Drawers, with Square and Circular Fronts; Painted and Oak Dressing Tables and Washstands, Chamber Ware, Swing Dressing Glasses, Stair and Room Carpets, Brass Stair Rods, Mahogany Dining Table, Round Mahogany Stand, six Mahogany Chairs, Eight Days Clock, in y Case; Night ir, Painted Square board, Oak Sec and wers, [were] Iron and Brass-moun' [Brass-mon] Fenders and Irons, six Elm Chairs, with Hair Seating, &c. Windsor ditto; Rocking Chair, Square Kitchen Table, Round ditto, 'six Kitchin Chairs, two Arm ditto, Glass in Gilt Frame, Sun Blinds, Rollers, &c.; Green Venetian Blinds, Wine and Tumbler Glasses, Brass Bottle Jack, Copper and Iron Kettles, Tea Trays and waiters, sundry Tin and Iron Pans, Flat, Box, and Italian Irons; large and small Clothes Horse, Clothes Basket and Cord, Box Coffee Mill, Brewing Tubs, Beer Barrels, Churn, and other Dairy Utensils; Tin and Earthenware, and other useful Effects, too numerous to particularise. Also the Following GROWING CROPS, viz about 13 Acres of Oates, more or less, in a forward state; about 1120 yards of Potatoes, very promising; from six to seven Acres of After Grass; and a quantity of Hay, of this year's growjM, [grow] in the Barn. N.B THe [The] Cattle, Farming Implements, Growing Cro [Co] Will be Sold on Wednesday and the Household and other Effects, on Thursday. to commence each Day at Half-past Ten a.m. Auctioneer's Office, 18 Cross-Church-street, Huddersfield. HEADWALL GREEN, IN GOLCAR. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WALTER BRADLEY, at the house of Mr. James Hall, the RosE [Rose] and Crown Inn, GoLcarR, [Golcar] on THURSDAY, 15th of August, 1850, at Seven o'clock in the evening (subject to such conditions of Sale as will be then produced), in Twa [Tea] Lots, All those FREEHOLD MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or DWELLING- [Dwelling houses] HOUSES, with the Barn, Mistal, [Mistral] Outbuildings, and Appurtenances, along with Seven Acres of Good GRASS LAND, situate at Headwall Green, in Golcar aforesaid, in the County of York, and now or late in the tenure or occupation of Mr. William Dyson and Mrs. Edmund Dyson. Lot 1.-All that MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING-HOUSE two storeys high, now in the occupation of Mrs. Dyson, with the Barn, Mistal, [Mistral] and Outconveniences; [Out conveniences] also, two Fields of Excellent GRASS LAND, known by the names of Headwall Field (being part only of Headwall Field, as divided and shown in the yan [an] thereof), and containing by admeasurement [ad measurement] la. 2r. 38p.; [p] and the Middle Field con- [containing] taining [training] la. 2r. 25p. [p] Lot 2.-All that MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING-HOUSE, two storeys high, with Outkitchen [Out kitchen] and Conveniences, now in the occupation of Mr. William epee also, Two 'FIELDS, known by the names of Headwall Field (being 'part only of Headwall Field, as divided and shown in the plan thereof), containing la. 3r. 9p.; and the Upper Cote Field, containing la. 3r. 17p.; [p] and one other small Plot, containing about 27 perches. . The above Messuages [Messages] are Stone-built, with good Arch ellars, [cellars] and all in an excellent state of repair, well supplied with a never-failing spring of pure water, and commanding some of the most extensive and picturesque views in the West Riding. The Land is in first-class condition, well fenced with good stone walls, and the Property altogether being situate in the centre of an improving and extensive Manufacturing District, within a short distance of the Gol- [Gold- Golcar] ear Station, on the London and North Western Railway, and only a few minutes ride to the Market Town of Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield, [Huddersfield] affords a safe and highly remunerative invest- [investment] ment. [men] i Furthey [Further] particulars may be obtained, and a Plan of the Property inspected, on application to the AUCTIONEER; Mr. J H faut, [fat] Land Surveyor; or at the Offices of Mr. THOMAS ROBINSON, Solicitor, Savings' Bank-buildings, Huddersfield. SALE BY MR. WINTER. SALE ROOMS, SPRING-STREET. HUD- [HUDDERSFIELD] DERSFIELD. [HUDDERSFIELD] O be W OLD by AUCTION, by JOHN ER, on WEDNESDAY evening, August 14th, [the] 1850 (ang [an] following evenings if necessary), upwards of hree [free] dred [red] and Fifty Volumes of BOOKS, embracing nearly gil Subjects both Political and Religious, to which the pyplic [public] is most respectfully invited. T f Sale to commence each evening at Half-past Six oO . uctioneer's [auctioneer's] Office, Spring-street. ROOM AND POWER TO LET. TO WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS, CLOTH FINISHERS; WARP MAKERS, SILK SPINNERS, AND OTHERS. T be LET, with immediate possession, at UPPERHEAD Mitts, in HUDDERSFIELD, within a short distance of the Cloth Hall, ROOM and POWER suit- [suitable] able for the above purposes, where all the necessary con- [conveniences] veniences [conveniences] for Fullipg, [Fulling] Tentering, [Entering] and Dying, may be had to a considerablg'extent, [considerable'extent] and, if required, a Separate En- [Enclosed] losed [lose] yard. Also ROOMS with a Good adapted for a Goods Warehouse. le party may be accommodated with the use bles, [bales] Carders, Billeys, [Bills] and Spinning Wheels, condition. mt and other d Keighley, iv) particulars, apply to Messrs. Lock- [Lock woollen] Woollen Manufacturers, on the ONDON [LONDON] ASSURANCE CORPORATION. Established by Royal Charter, in the reign of George I., A.D. 1720, for LIFE, FIRE, and MARINE ASSURANCES. Head Office, No. 7, Royal Exchange, and Branch Office, No. 10, Regent-street. Governor.- [Governor] WILLIAM Kine, Esq. Sub-Governor.-RosBert [Sub-Governor.-Robert] CoTEswortu, [Courtesy] Esq. Deputy-Governor, EDWARD BURMESTER, [BREWSTER] s Directors. R. Allen, Esq. John Furse, [Nurse] Esq. J. A. Arbuthnot, Esq. Samuel Gregson, Esq. R. Baggallay, [Barclay] Esq. D. C. Guthrie, Esq. G. Barnes, Esq. J. A. Hankey, [Hanley] Esq. H. Blanshard, Esq. E. H e, Esq. J. W. Borradaile, [Bradley] Esq. C. Kerr, ' H. Cayley, Esq. John Ord, Esq. A. Chapman, Esq. George Probyn, Esq. C. Wley, [Le] Esq. P. F. Robertson, Esq. Wf Dallas, Esq. A. Trotter, Esq. Dobree, [Borer] jun., Esq. T. Weeding, Esq. es Dowie, [Dower] Esq. L. P. Wilson, Esq. LIFE DEPARTMENT. Actuary.-Prter [Actuary.-Peter] Harpy, Esq., F.R.S. This Corporation has effected Assurances on Lives for a period of 130 years. Two-thirds of the entire gross profits are appropriated to the Assured, the Corporation retaining the remaining third, out of which they pay the whole expense of management, thus affording to the public advantages equivalent to those derived from mutual assurance, without liability of partner- [partnership] ship, with all the security afforded by an old and opulent corporation. Policies may be opened under any of the following plans Viz. . The Old Series, under which Assurers are admitted at very moderate rates of premium, without participation in profits. The Series 1831, under which Assurers will be entitl [entitle] after the first five years, to an annual abatement of ona [on] mium [mum] the abatement at the last valuation was equivalent to a return of more than one-fourth of the premium. The Series 1846, under which Assurers will be entitled to paxsictpaie in the ascertained profits at the end of the year 850, and subsequently at the end of every five years, and to appropriate their share thereof, either as an immediate cash bonus, as an addition to the sum assured or in any of the other modes stated in the prospectus of the Corporatio [Corporation] The first division under this series will take place on the 31st [st] December, 1850, and all Policies opened arin [rain] day will be entitled to participate pagerg [page] FIRE INSURANCES 5 every description of pro ecto [act] PS Aapom, [APO] MARINE INSURAN [INSURANCE] te, the day. OS at BS JOHN Lai [La] a Agent at HUDDERSFIELD, M 22 i