Huddersfield Chronicle (09/Feb/1861) - Meltham

The pickled policeman in the second article was Police Constable Kinson.[1] At a magistrates session held on 19 February, it was stated that Kinson was found "lying insensibly drunk in a field between Meltham and Meltham Mills". After being wheeled home in a barrow, he apparently came to and claimed that "he had only [drunk] two small glasses of rum" at the Rose and Crown Inn.

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Coroner's Inquest.

On Thursday an inquest was held at the Swan Inn, before G. Dyson, Esq., coroner and a respectable jury, on the body of Mr. George Parkin, aged 72 years, who was found dead upon the turnpike road near Meltham Hall Lodge, on Tuesday evening between six and seven o'clock, on his return with a horse and cart from Huddersfield market. The jury found that deceased had "died from natural causes."

An Example!

As some of the hands employed at the Meltham Mills Cotton Works were proceeding from the village to their employment, on Tuesday morning, between five and six o'clock, they unexpectedly stumbled and fell over something which was laid across the way, which they soon discovered to be a man, and on a closer examination they found him to be one of those blue coat "protectors of the public safety," who, it appears, was labouring under a self-imposed burden too heavy for him conveniently to carry. After several ineffectual attempts to assist him to his residence, some one kindly hit upon the idea of a wheelbarrow, by means of which they were ultimately enabled to accomplish their benevolent object.

Notes and References

  1. Very likely the Police Constable William Henry Kinson who was assaulted by David Barker at Meltham Mills in October 1859.

Huddersfield Chronicle (09/Feb/1861) - Meltham


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