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THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 1850. 1 DISTRICT NEWS . (Continued from the 7th page. ), HOLMPIBTH. [HOLMFIRTH] Orrxec [Correct] oF THs [The] Branca [Branch] RatLway.-It [Railway.-It] is now definitely arranged that the Holmfirth Branch of the Huddersfield aad [and] Penistone Junction Line of Railway is to be formally by a public dinner and. genaral [general] celebration, at the Hause [House] of Mr Dysan, [Dyson] ths [the] White Hast Inn, on the 2448 of the present month., The goweornment [Government] r tzaversed [deceased] the line on Tuesday-last, and saser sase] that. 1t was Tho very handsome. statéon-house [station-house] 'is nearly com- [comets] Yets, [Yet] and all the other conveniences.are entirely ready- [ready] Pre Nic.- [Nic] A of aome [some] forty ladies and gentlemen, the very elite of Holmtirth's [Holmfirth's] citizens, made up a gay pasty to Cook's Study,' situated a couple of miles frect [direct] the village, on Wedpesday [Wednesday] last. The-weather was beastifally [beautifully] and brilltantig [brilliant] tire for the cecasions [occasions] and a Pe wory [work] pleastrt [plasterer] and social Wasspent [Spent] amongst tite rurrazr- [rural- courtier] tie of Ramsden ell Only a. single oocwred, [occurred] and this falling upon a party happily netericus [notorious] foy [oy] taking ewasy [easy] casual contratemps [contemplate] pl tly [ty] and in goad past, galy [gal] exnhanced [experienced] the picasurable [pleasurable] cxcitamant [excitement] of tha [that] A band of music, with tha [that] dance, ami [mi] other délightfat [delightful] attractions, were part an percel [parcel of the-harmonious whole; and' all wort marry as csatiguoes [contiguous] ta Holmfirth, present ta the lover Salen, price other locality the oa my otter wm om al wa desite [desire] to gee ant'to appreciate fully the somtrment, [statement] test Goed' [Good] mad the country, though mean made the town, would'do well to leave, for the nonce, them pent-up d wollmzs, [d Williams] and'ruralise [and'realise] for a seaaon [season] on the moors of Holm-. Tur West York YEOMANRY CAVALRY -At a sksoting [a shooting] bout which took place amongst a portion of P this corps, at Huddersfield, yesterday week, at targa [tartar] practice, the prize sword was awarded to Mr. John bat gemtleman, [gentleman] eldest son of the late Mr. Wm. Moorhouse, of Scholes, Holmfirth. AtROCITY.--Early [Atrocity.--Early] in the morning of' Sanday last, seme. [see] villains entored. [entered] the garden of Jonathan Wylie, Esq., the. schoolmaster at Holmfirth, and did immense by wilfully of fruit trees, and committing hor [or] depradations, [depredations] amongst the vegetable creation, to extent of some pounds in value. Tho revengeful act ig Supposed to have arisen in consequence of Mr. Wylie bering [being] shot a hen, in the garden, on the previous day.. MAGISTRATES' COURT BS4-Y [BS-Y] 25 . Qn the bench, J.. Charlesworth; W. L. Brook, and J. Mborhouse, [Moorhouse] Esqrs. [Esquires] TkespassErs.-The [Trespassers.-The] chief constable, Mr. Dransfield, brought up James and Lot Hinchlif, [Hinchliff] two six-foot-three im [in] their stocking feet men, from the wilds of Bradshaw, the former charged with tregpass trespass] in search of game and conies, [cones] with a gyx [gym] in Bradshaw, a few days previously, the latter on a similar charge, with the omission of the gun. Jafges [Judges] pleaded hard that. he was only looking after a black- [blackbird] bird's nest, and that in,truth this was the head and front of his offending. His logic however did. not avail him. A neighbour bore testimony to. his. peeping and. prying ar tthe [the] rocks and on,the.ground,, evidently for nebley [noble] prey -blackbirds. The beach indeed thought the case made out, and so fired him 5s., with 12s. 6d. costs.-The- [Thee] e against. Lot was not proven, and he was quently.discharged. [frequently.discharged] . Bigamy.-A red-haired, dirty-looking sample of alow. [low] named Pat Fynzx [Frenzy] appeared on the information, af Hannah Conolly, his second wile a now of course-a 'single woman, to answer a charge of bigamy, havin [having] martied [married] her after a. fortnight's at St. Church, Holmfirth; on the 22nd .Ogtober [October] last, his former wife-Mrs. Fynn, No. one-being then alive. The princi- [Prince- principles] - witness on this occusion, [occasion] was Bridget, wife of Patsy 'donald, [Ronald] now. and some years past, living at Holin- [Hollin- Holmfirth] firth, who hadiknown [Haddington] the prisoner from her earliest recol- [recoil- recollection] Ieetdon.. [Eton] She remembered it beingsaid [being said] that he was mar- [married] ried [red] jn the summer of 1833, at Mount Bella Catholic Chapel, im [in] Ireland. Meoting [Meeting] with him in England last September, abe [be] inquired of him as to his wifeand [wife and] family. He remarked that be had lately been living in Warrington, and that. whilst there, had heard his wife was d and his children; living with one of his sisters in Ireland ithin [within] a few days after this conversation, Patrigk [Patrick] came to lodge at her house, accompanied .by Hannah Conolly, and here -they remained until the following month, when they were merried, [married] in her Freseace, [foresee] at St. John's Church. Both wives were in the court.. The tirst [first] one, having received information in Lreland [Ireland] af his whereabouts, at once came over with her two gvrviv-. [Grove] ing children, armed.with.a marriage cestificate [certificate] fromthe. [from the] riest [rest] of Mount Bella, Pat appeared to ve exhibi [exhibit] ited [tied] of taste in.déserting [in.Advertising] his lawful gpousea [grouse] good-looking woman, for Miss Conolly, who although interesting in appearance, was.anythigg [was.anything] but handsome. Tho prisoner was remanded for.want of. i idence, [evidence] and was brought up again last Saturdaf.. [Saturday] KIRKBURTON. TRINITY.. TSETOTALISM [TEETOTALISM] AT KIRKBURTON feast which. lias [has] been famed far and wide for feasting and drinking, has. at been visited by the welcome guest-Teetotalism. Gomme [Come] four or five months ago three Lectures were delivered in Kirkburton, on the-evils of intemperance and 'the advan-. [advance] tages [ages] of sobriety, by Messrs. Ibbutson, [Obtain] and Town-. send, but the. moetings [meetings] on these occasions were. thinly tat- [attended] tended, nevertheless a few persons signed the pledge, and formed themselves into a committee, astablished [established] a society, engaged the services of J. C. Booth; Temperance Tuwn, [Town] Misdonary [Missionary] of Huddersfield for.several nga; [na] whose geal, [gale] apd [ap] eloquence in the cause he has espoused, have-been the means of reclaiming many dtankards. [standards] In order to keep steadfast those.who had been reclaimed; the committee -de-. having series of mocking which. Jpenced on [pounced on] the 26th of May. On day, amegt-. [amt] s ag was held in the open air at Highburion, [Highburton] when ne themselves at ihe [the] poss the movement, in o ition [edition] a won rar [rae] ies [is] B of 'nut brown ale, a quantity of which thoy [tho] freely distributed. On Tussday [Tuesday] evoning [evening] (woek) [work] their first Temperance. festival took place, commencing with a Tea Party, in. the Mechanica' [Mechanics] Institation [Institution] upwarda.of [upwards.of] 350 i aat [at] down to drink of the. cup that..cheas [that..Chas] but not intoxi- [into xi- intoxicates] cates. [ates. After the.tes [the.te] a. ion paraded through the 8, headed by the Holmfirth Téuporance [Temperance] Brass Band, ach [each] also enlivened the proceédingwat [proceedings] the table. At half- [Belfast] ast [at] seven 0' the py meeting of the society was take the aie [are] After some een [en] ne called upon to mur. [Mr] gome [home] riate [rate] re the chairmen on the old Trinity nod the new, and of the latter, the meeting was addregsod [addressed] by Measrs. [Messrs] ' J; C., Booth, (of Huddarstield), [Huddersfield] Edwin Miller, (of 'J Townsend (of Kirkburton) several teusper- [temper- temperance] ance [once] mélodiés [melodies] were sung-during the evening by Sykes, (of Holmfirth), Moss, (of Almo [Also] 5. and the chairman the band also enlivening the meeting at intervals By strains of lovely melody. Aftar [After] a vote of thanks to the ladies, the chairman, 'and speakers, the band played the national anthem, the people joining with Temperance words, and 'the-mesting [the-meeting] then separated. y Mr. addressed asagmbiled [assembled] in the Wesleyan. l-room, are, a ASSAULTS UPON THE CoNsraBLE.-At [Constable.-At] the H Guildhall, on Tuesday last, and W. W Battye, TS. , Henry Wilson was ty Glover, the. constable, on the following the officer's statement it app that, about one o'clock on the morn- [morning] ing of Wednesday, the 29th ult., the officer wes. [West] lating [laying] the to and keeping a look out, it Being the gail fail] and of Trinity, when he met the defend- [defend] t, who the of whom shoved up ainst. [inst] the officer, withthe [with the] intention of pushing him down. The officer stated tha [that] -of annoyance was daily being practiced [practice] towards him bya [by] number of the Burtoners. [Buttons] It appeared that the. only party who was-with Glover at tho time-wea Jobn [John] Thornton, eve of the ordinary consta- [constant- Constance] Wes, [West] who had declined to come asa wi mg that aa he was.a- butcher, doing businces [business] Fossons, [Lessons] it. would 'inyure [insure] in the ald-constebler,, [al-constable] who were determined power to annoy the in the execution of his nightly essaulted [assaulted] the officer; and from the dif. [if] cw shy seh [she] mg theectuel [actual] parties, he was unable to Bpreasedit-es [Present-es] fom [from] de the execution uf [of] hin [in] Gti [Gt] lower with pwith [with] Waving marked Joseph Ke . ( 'weretharged [weathered] end disgrderly [disorderly] in a tees naderafald [travelled] tefore.G. [before.G] Armitage, B..N..R . young man named- [nimble] bel [be It. may be fourlanly [feelingly] aserted [asserted] that the fishas [fish] . was gation, [nation] 100 guireis [Gores] were subseribed [subscribed] an' presented to hi ; Beach, to make good Lis [Is] loss, by neon on the f URowing [f Rowing] day. betore [before] them.- [them] Bradf [Bradford] '29th [the] of May. under the following' cirommmstances. [circumstances] It a that soon after parting with Wilson the constab [con stab] 'met the three defendants-in-thisease, [defendants-in-this ease] who were creating a noise Newton-comm abusing the officer, and ut, out his hand, on whieh [which] the constable shook hands with im [in] and ntgved on.. [vented on] All the three parties called after him, making use of offensive letguage, [language] Kaye threatening the officer for having, been inatrumental [instrumental] in, preferring, a of rook agninst [against] his sor. [Sir] The defendartscalled two witriemses, [witnesses] whose testimony went to show that Newton; ittade [citadel] up-to-thaofficer, [up-to-office] and shook hands with lim, [lime] butthat- [that- button] ne aBasive [abusive] language was mada [made] use of by either of-the parties. The bench, however, discredited thi [the] testimony, aent'fined [sent'fined] the defendants five shillings each and expenses, Mr. Rockle [Cockle] rothwart [Howarth] the coustable [constable] in the exeeution [execution] of 'hs duty the more determined will be the course of action on the part af thes [the] bench in supporting him-in the proper discharge of his duty, fur 0] are quite determined-not to allow you to imsalt [insult] and ift-want [it-want] the officer withimpunity. -Throe [with impunity. -Throe] other mor [or] rramed, [framed] Marsden, Marlég [Marl Kendal; and John Pay, afi [af] from Knkburton,, [Kirkburton] wore-charged by Glover with creating a breach of the peace in thak [that] village, om the night ot Teasley, [Beasley] tie 28d Fiom.Glover's [From.Glover's] statement it would appear that while he stood near the stalls, close to tho Rockey [Rocket] will, the defsadarts [defendants] threw stones towards the direction in which he stood, which hit an exhibition of end'thes [end'the] ren away, ae the offtase [offices allezed, [alleged] witl [will will] the view to dtew [drew him after tHem, [the] whien, [when] as-on- [Indies] tise [ties] forpaer [former] Qegaviona; [Navigation] they would have stoned him, but in this they did'not sacceed. [succeed] This manceuvering [severing] was continuedion [continued ion] for some time, but without success, and later on in.the evening some of the same parties overturned three stalls in the market-place. Two of the parties said they had been at a teetotal lecture all the evening, and Day denied having had-anytizing [had-anything] to do with the proceedings which gave rigs to the-present charge. What made against all the more; proklematic [problematical was their own admission that they all threo [three stapt [stat] together the samanight., [savant] The-Berch [The-Beach] considered the case against all the three parties proved, and ordered them to find sureties, themselves in 10, and one surety of 5, asa rantee [Santee] for their good behaviour in future.-John Kaye, jun., son of one of the above named defendants, was next iwith [with] having assaulted Glover an the nightiof [nation] the 25th af May, by throwing a large flint stone after him, with the-intention to injure the officer. The constable stated that on Sunday evening, the 25th ult. he left Mr. Ellico's [Ellis's] watchman and was passing up towards. Mr. Redfearn's, when ho met with a man who pretended to - be drunk, wantedito [wanted] converse with him. Glover 'some plot was and walked forwards. When he. got. near a place called' China. the defendant stood out fronr [front] the corner, and threw a large flint stone, which missed the officer, as the night being remarkably clear, he distinctly saw the missile thrown, immediately after which Kaye made his escape behind the buildings. It was at- [attempted] tempted without success, to rebut this testimony, and the Bench inflicted 1 and 12s. expenses, or, in default of pay- [payment] ment, [men] one month at the Waketield [Wakefield] House of Correction. WAKEFIELD. The Rev. J. Taylor, head master of the Wakefield Grammar School, has been admonished by the governors undue chastigement'or [chastisement'or] his.own son, a-boy of thirteen years 'ofage [age] THE GREaT [Great] Monday evening, Mf J Dunning delivered.a lecture in the Muasic-saloon, [Music-saloon] explana- [explain- explanatory] tory [tor] of the nature andi [and] objécts [object] of the.great exhibition of 19915, Ji. Holdsworth; Esq., mayor, in the.chait. [the.chair] The leeture, [lecture] whick-was [which-was] avery [very] able one, seemed much. to delight thie [the] audience which, we are-sorry to say, was not very humerous; [numerous] towards the close, however, the attendance The ex-mayor, G. W Harrison, Esq.,. moved a vote of thanks to Mr. Danning [Canning] and'the cHtairman,. [chairman] which wasseconddd. [second] by Dr..Atkinson.. MEETING OF. THR.COUNCIL.-A [THE.COUNCIL.-A] meeting of this body took place in the Court-house, on Saturday last. After the usual preliminaries, it-was resolyedto [resolved] levy a borough-rate- [rate] at 2d. inithe [another] pound Lest year it.was 4d., and the year revious [previous] to that.6d.. -The returns were ordered to be made y the overseers previous to. laying a watch-rate at the. next. Council meeting. The sepert.of [Sept.of] the sanitary com- [committee] mittee [matter] was algo [also] reogived. [received] There was no- [another] other business of importance. Narrow E tare oF Mr. WaTertox, [Waterworks] oF WALTOI [WALTON] a southern contemporary we learn that our distinguished neighbour, who is at present making a tour through some parts of the continent, fortunately expe- [exe- experienced] rienced [experienced] one of those hair-breadth of which his travels afford. so many remarkable in- [apply] ppily, [ply] however; he was. rescued; anc [an enabled to proceed to Brussels; having-suffered-no further (we are glad to say) than the inconvenience of a temporary immer- [Simmer- immersion] sion, and tlic [tic] momentary- [momentary alarm] alarm inseparable from tla' [ta] occurrence. oe ' SERIOUS ACCIDENT To Mr. CHARLESWORTH, OF CHAPEL- THORPE Sunday evening, as this gentleman was walking in one of his fields, he was suddenly attacked hy a cow, which broke several of His-ribs,. and would'in'all probability liave [have] Killéd'him [Killed'him] on the spot, but a woman, who saw the'danger he was in, with great courage, took a hedge tunate [tuna] gentleman now lies dangerously ill. Boy DrowxEp.--On [Dregs.--On] Sanday last an inquest-was held at the Sun Inn, Wrengate,.on [Wren gate,.on] the body of Georze [George] Howgill, aged nine yerrs.. [years] Dec 'andi [and] three- [three more] more of his com- [companions] anions were bathing in the river Calder, on Friday night last. He was turning round the bridze [bridge] at the bottom of the Mill Goit, when he fell in and was drowned Verdict Accidentally FaTaL [Fatal] ACCIDERT [ACCIDENT] IN. Lee, Esq., held an inquest at Baxdéey, [Baxter] on Monday last, at the Bingley Arms,.on the bedfof [Bedford] Richard San m, plasterer and whitewasher, from Leeds. Daceased [Deceased] and another man were -whitowashing [Washington] Bardsey-Church on Friday afternoon, when the plank oe which. they-were sprung and snapped in two. Doceased [Deceased] fell withshis [wishes] head against the stove, his neck, and died minutes after. He was a married man with a family of three children. The jury returned .a-verdict of accidentally killed. i x Prize Ficat [Fact Discustine [Discussing] Exursirioy.-On [Excursion.-On] Toesiay [Today] last, one of those disgraceful and brutalizing scenes-a prize fight -came- [came off] off at a. place appositely enough led Gaping Goose, Rombald's [ribald's] Moor. The combatants were named Sergeant (of Huddersfield) and Willimson [Williams] Halifax), who bzwisedand'battered [assistant'battered] each other for the space -of 17 minutes, in the- [the presence] presence of 15,000 persons, attracted from all parts to witness this dligeusting [digesting] and worse than beastly exhibition. Multitudés [Multitude] of persons were travelling from three and four o'clock in tho-morning to- [toward] 'ward 'the arena of unmanly strife.- [strife] Of these no small num- [sum- number] 'Ber [Be] went from tho lowest districts of Bradford; and'on their return home-remained linzering [lingering] about the corners of streets and in tho public houses-til alate [late] hourin [honour] the evening. The tight was for 50 asidé, [aside] and'was won by Sergeant. The fight took place about noon, the surroundinz [surrounding] neizh- [neigh- neighbourhood] bourhood [boyhood] was thronged- [thronged with] with characters hours before that time, it seems very strange that the authorities did not interfere to prevent it This knack of bruising is called the manly art of eelf-deferce [eel-defence] we hope, hevever,- [however,- however] that other and far better demonstrations of manliness will characterise Si classes in the'new era opening up Wueat [Wheat] From Van Diemey's. [Diemen's] Lanp.-aA [Lane.-aA] vessel arrived from Launceston, Van Diemen's Land,. has. brought 358 jquarters [quarter] of wheat consigned, and also 287 quarters of whéat [what] ite [it] order, as a portion of her cargo, the produce of that dis- [discount] jwnt [went] colony. This isan [isa] unusually larze [large] supply of grain ftom [from] Van .Di '2 Land, the importations from that place generally being. -bags to a limited extent, and the present large arrival ia bulk from that quarter is, jof [of] some interest and importan e. [important e] BURGLARY IN THEHOUSE [The house] OF AN INDEPENDENTMINISTER, [Independent minister] j-On Sunday morning last, during the hours af morning jaervice, [service] the houce [house] of the Rev. James Griffin, 3; Richmond. 'terrace, Stretfor [Street] d New-road, Manchester, was entered by door, im [in] the absence of the family, by.means ot felaekeys, [flakes] an moveable pety, [petty] consistins [consisting] of plate, a gold watch, rin; [in] ke valued at 100; W] taken away. A man, drassed [dressed] in black, waseeon [Watson] coming out of the house after Mr. Griffin and family had laft [last] for 'bia [ba] chapel, which is situated in t e-Rusholme-road. As a proof of the esti- [est- estimation] mation [nation] in which the rev. gentlemen is held by his congre- [Congress- congretherefore] therefore, , As Baupesnoem [Benson] at Monday -would- [would] be happy couple (the son and daughter of t siding in the nei [ne] at the parish church in that the brideamatds [bridesmaids] and'as many brideamen [bride amen] ; iiterr [terr] thie. [the] Wat, [At] ie accompanied by and upon being yman [man] af to the object of their i that He wag come to get n a - Upon beinz [being] rete [rate] produse [produce] the neces- [NeWS- suspend] . espiant [spent] enedict [Benedict] seemed thunder-. head. said, I papel [paper] og . party being informed of their mistake, were ubliged [obliged] to reterm [term] home with the Kymeneal [Menial] sites un- [Unified] vied by license irkburten [Kirkburton] the same night, viz., oi. the eee [see] The expectant benedict [Benedict] had the satisfa [satisfy] Justin time to get-married of that establishment, for exceeding his duty by inflicting . stances. From what cause or means we are not informed . that Mr. Waterton fell from Dover.pier into the' 2a. stake from the fenee [fence] and beat the animal off. The unfor-. [unfair] of two farmers re. . gbbourtioed.ef [gibbeted.ef] Dundry). presented them- [them] . eee [see] SOCIETY FOR IMPROVING THE. CONDITION. OF THE LABOURING CLASSES.. A meeting of the friends of this-seeiety [this-society] was held on Thursday, im. [in] St.. Martin's-hall, Long-acre.. Onithe [Another] plat- [platform] form.were. [were] Lord John Russell, the Marquis of. Westminister, [Westminster] the Earliof [Earl] Harrowby,, Lord Ashley; Earl of Waldegrave, Viscounis [Viscount] Ebringtow, [Bronte] Robert. Grosvenor,, Sir H.. Verney,.M.P.,.Mr. Pusey, M.P., &e. ut Dord'J. [Lord'J] on taking the chair, said; y et is, not, that the good which, we can achieve has yet been achieved, but. that thie [the] suciety [society] is the beginning of a great change which is of the utmost importance ta this country.. (Cheers.) -In the villages and rural parts of this kingdom to be observed that the proprietors have in many. quar- [quay- quarters] ters [tees] learnt to turn them attestion, [attention] to thie [the dwollings-of' [dwellings-of] the labouring classes. (Hear, hear.)' Thoy [Tho] the evils which have resulted from the crowding ofth [of] rellings, [wellings] and they havetaken [have taken] steps which will be of the utsnest-impart- [insensate-impart- importance] ance, [once] not only in immediately promoting, the comfort and -welfase [welfare] of the lahoering [labouring] mem [men] and their famtilies [families] who have to live-in.titese [live-in.tite] cottages, but inditectly, [indirectly] by tend- [tending] ing to promote many other goodworks [good works] (hear, hear), suchas [such] and decency of the domestic relations, attendance on Divine worship, andthe [and the] religion and morality of conductof [conductor] the great mass of the people of this country. (Cheers.) In large towns those objects can hardly be left to individual pruprictors, [proprietors] and can hardly beswecessfilly [successfully] accomplished by their effortse. [efforts] Itis [Its] therefare [therefore] an object of the utmost importange [important] they there should he a society which should turn its this subject, and which, by ex- [exhibiting] hibiting [biting] what can be done to improve the dwellings of the labouring classes, willseek [will seek] to ebtain [obtain] for them benetits [benefit] they have.not hitherta [hitherto] enjoyed. (Hear, hear.) As civilization goes on,.we have not only. the advantages but the evils of. civilization and, unless we exert ourselves to counteract those evils among the people-the greatest of which is their overerowding [overcrowding] in insufficient dwellings-ynlesa [dwellings-unless] we exert our- [ourselves] selves. from, time to time to. counferact [contract] those evils; our boasted civilization, instead of promoting religion, instead. the laws, will tend to leave a great class of population with-- [with] out sufficient means either for the comforts they ought to; have or for religious instruction, and thus place them in the state of the worst parts of less civilized. society. (Loud cheers.) The meeting was next addressed by the Eaxl [Earl] af Haxrowby [Hereby] and.the Rey. .Mr..Champneys-;.and on [Mr..Champagnes-;.and on] the noble chairman rising to put the resolation [resolution] whish [which] those two gentlemen had moved and seconded, a regular scene ensued in conse- [cone- consequence] quence [Queen] of Mr..G. W. M. Reynolds, the chartist, who was not a member of the society, persisting in his right to ad- [address] dress the meeting. The chairman protested against Mr. Reynolds being allowed to speak, and ultimately succeeded in inducing him to sit down, though not before the chartist advocate had been nearly overturned by the Earl of Har- [Harrowby] rowby.-Lord [Roby.-Lord .-Lord] Ashley next addressed the meeting, amid continued interruption, and on sitting down, a Mr. Beacon requested permission to speak, but was refused permission by the chairman for the reason before assigned.-Other speakers followed, but the harmony of the.proceedings was much broken in upon by the partics [parties] in qnestion, [question] - So DEMONSTRATION AT LIVERPOOL.. A great meeting was held on Thursday, at-noon, in-the Royal J Amphitheatre, Liverpeol; [Liverpool] of the friends of Protee- [Porter- Protection] tion. [ion] The.Z2mes. [The.Messes] says there were about 3,000 persons pre sent. Among the parties present were the Mar- [Marquis] quis [quin] of Granby, Manners, M.P., Mr. Chris- [Christopher] topher, [toper] M.P., Mr. St. George, M.P., Mr. Newd [New] M.P.,.Mr. MacKenzie, M.P., Mr. G..F. Young, Professor Butt, Q.C., the Kev. Dr. M'Neill, Sir T.. Hesketh, Mr. Royds, High Sheriff of Lancashire; the. Hoa.. [Ho] H.. W. Wil- [Wilson] 'son, the Rev. J. Linton,.Mr..P. Foskett, [Foster] Mr. Chowler, [Howler] and about 250 delegates from the principal proteetionist [protection] and agricultural associations kingddm. [kingdom] 'The Earl of and' the procead- [proceed] ings [ing] By a speech in-favour of a return to-Protection. r. S. HOLME proposed the first resolution, which was reigner [reign] by the admi;sion [admit;sion] of his untaxed produce, under the present miscalled free trade policy, has been.effected at a cost ruinous to therBritish.andicolonial [British.Colonial] prodiicer, [produce] and that this-undie [this-under] encouragement of the foreigner hat reduced large masses of our industrial population to such a state of suffering and threatens to endanger the pub- [public] lic [li] undermine the stability of the institutions of the country, -The resolution was seconded' by Mr. T. Woodward, and caxried [carried] sos Mn F..Snanp [Mn F..Snap] proposed'.the second 'resolution That 'the dire results commercial policy have been al- [article] in the British colonics, [colonies] whose. planters 'and, merchants have been ruined by the,cempetition [the,competition] .of. the cheap labour of slavcholding [scaffolding andi.slavetrading [and.slave trading] countries, and that similar. resulie [result must permanently ensuc [ensue] to British shipowners, agriculturists, manufacturers, aud [and] tradésmen, [tradesmen] if the i re persist in. that. unnatural' policy which compels our poeaple, [people] a national débt, [debt] and the necessities of a high civilization, to compete in their own Home market with the protected capital and'cheap la- [labour] 'bour [our] of foreign countries. --The Rev. Dr. M'Neill seconded the resolution. ; Mr. G. F..Younc [F..Young] supported the resolution, and took oc- [occasion] 'casion [caution] to Protectionists did not believe that to 'buy in the cheapest and to sell in the dearest market was the great end and aim of human exertion. They did not believe that to set man against man, class against class, nation against nation, in fierce competition, waa.the [was.the] mode. 'by which the harmony and happiness of the human. race iwere to [were to] be aehieved. [arrived] They did not belféve [believe] that to destroy ithe [the] home market was tosccure [secure] tothe [tithe] industry of this country 'the most extensive and profitable means oftits [Outfits] developement. [development] . They did not believe that to destroy our colonies and to it strength was the means of securing that national independ- [in depend- independence] ance [once] of which we were so justly proud. They did not helieve [believe] that Richard Cobden was.the pattern of eloquence, eveh' [eve] 'though unadorned, or that John Bright was the pattern of meckness [sickness] thouch [though] he was clothed' iz drab. (Angi) [Ang] They did not believe that Sir Robert Peel was the model of political consistercy [consistency] or political integrity. (Cheers and hisses.) They did not believe that Lord John Russell, rashly brave as he was, was the personification of all politi- [plot- political] cal wigdonmand. [mandolin] prudence. They did not,believe that im- [in- implicit] plicit [solicit] reliance was to be placed'on board of trade reti [ret] ms prepared by G..R. Porter, however ably they might be cooked ner [ne] did they believe that fairness of argument and examination of statistical returns were at all times to be expected from Mr. James Wilson, although he was member of Parliament for Westbury and Editorr [Editor] of the Economist. (Cheers and laughter.) The hon. gentleman then quoted Mr. Huskisson's well known address to his constituentsat [constituent sat] Chichesterin [Chichester] 1 14, onepassage [one passage] in whieh [which] elic#-ed [eli#-ed] particular applause Wo must go back to the principles sof [of] our forefathers, and by reverting to thom [tho] we shall secure ito [to] ourselves and posterity the henefits [benefits] which they dcr.ved [Dr.bed] from them. Ho next pyuceeded [next proceeded] to combit [commit] what he termed 'the popular tallacy, [tally, that, the price of fereign [foreign] articles was enhanced in this country in proportion to the largeness of the duty. that was imposed upon them, and gave it as his Opinion that a maderata [moderate] duty imposed. upon articles of foreign growth fell upon the foreign. producer and not upon 'thehome.consumer. [the home.consumer] 'f'o the. demoralizing and-unjust 'oats Was opposed ta the- [the last] last, and he cantended [contended] that -they should have inseribed [inscribed] upon tha-hanner, [that-Hanger] just psotac- [postage- protection] tion [ion] to every interest. inthe [another] state; aa-the beat mea [me s of ad- [advancing] vancing. [dancing] the moral, social, and physical condition of the British peo [pro] le. (Great apphause.). [applause] . The reao [rear] m [in] was then put, and carried unanimously, 4 Mr. Re proposed the.third'reaslution [the.third'resolution] That 'the. firm adherence of Stanley to the principle of pro-. coupled with his well known unswerving integrity of pur- [our- purpose] - pose, entitle him to the confidence of the nation. were Professor Burt, Q.C., secondéd [seconded] the -resolution The Hon. H. W. Witsoy [Wits] proposed; and Mr.. Torr, of sLancashire, [Lancashire] seconded the next resolution, which wus [was] as follows -- That the indifferen [indifferent] 'Commons has received the urgent complaints and remon- [remain- remonstrances] strances [stances] of the people, and the want of sympathy which it 'has exhibited for the i caused by. reckless legisla- [legislate- legislation] ition, [edition] has produced d'scontent [d'content] and distrust; and forfeited ithe [the] confidence of the majority of the electors of the united ikingdom [kingdom] and that therefore 2 memorial to the Queen be (drawn up praying Her to digzolve [digestive] parliament, and that the same be si meeting. separate until 20 minutes eleven, having 1 arly [early] thous. past eleven, having lasted nearly CouLIERY [Colliery] EXPLOsION.-A [Explosion.-A] fatal explosion has la at Ushworth [Rushworth] Colliery, near Gateshead, be pee 15 have lost have their lives, and five others have keen drea-ifully [dear-fully] injured The cause of the accident is at present nvolved [involved] in mystery, and as an investigation will take place, it would' Be premature to discuss te rumours on the sub- [subject] 2ct. [act] 'Tlie [Tie] mine hag beon [been] worked by the long wall system, hich [which] is said to be a more angerivus injurious] ene than the pillar p working. On Tuesday a public meeting waa [was] held at Now- [Newcastle] , astle-on-Tyne [Castle-on-Tyne] to adopt a petition to Parliament to appoint wf mines, and th ion. P Co. of promoting morality, instead of promoting obedienee [obedience] to 'aa-follows That the encouragement given to the fo- Jure [Cure] and greatly reduce our naval power and maritime tection [section] to the Briti#h [Brit#h] and Colonial interests of the empire, - ce-with which the House of jest Sguedis [Disguise] the chairman on behalf ofthe [of the] ' Other speakers addressed the meeting, which did not- [not] petition is now in course of ' IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. HOUSE OF LORDS.. Thursday, June 6.. Arrans [Arras] of GREFCE.- [GREECE.- GREECE] public service, if on the subject....... J ; request of the noble. marquis with great reluctance, as Minister, and irt [it] his ane [an] way or angther [another] in the course of a week factory....... Under these circumstances Lord STANLEY con- [consented] sented [scented] to postpone-his mation, [nation] tikll [till] Monday week. of LANSDOWNE then nroved [proved] the second reading of the liamentarv, [Parliament] V-oaers-(Ireland) [V-ears-(Ireland] Biladministering, [Administering] by theway, [the way] question Dut [Du that befure [before] the house. a J having stated 'the reagons [reasons] which'had' indheed' [indeed] the fovern- [govern- fovernobjections] objections which, in his opinion, might be raised against it. He did not, however, intend to oppose the second reading. icaass [cass] After some further discussion, in which Earl Grey, the Earl of Glengall, [Glen gall] and the Marquis of Westmeath took part, the bill was read a second time and ordered to be commit- [committed] ted on Friday, the 21st inst. Their lordships then adjourned., 5 0.U S-E Cc 0. M.M O-N S.. Thursday, June 6. FAcTORIES [Factories] BILL.-The House having gone into com- [committee] mittee [matter] on this bill, Mr. ELLror [Elliot] on the first clause moved an amendment, or rather a substitution, in the enacting part, to the effect that young persons and women shall not employed for more than 10 hours daily between half-past 5 and half-past 8, and that it shall be lawful for them to work by sets or relays, provided that each set or relay shall during these hours be absent from the factory for not the period of work of such young persons or women shall not exceed eight consecutive hours, exclusive of between half-past 5 and 4......Sir ..Grey.ckjeeted ..Grey.ejected] to the spirit of the measure,. aad, [and] in. fact,. question whether there should .be any legislation on the subject....... Mr. FEescus [Rescues] spoke. agginst [against] the bil [bill] and Mr. EDWARDS against the amendment; the latter, as a supposter [supposed] of the bill as ht in by Lord Ashley, declared.that.he wished the altered. bill to be thrown out altogether,. upbraiding the noble. lord with having deserted the operativea...... [operative] Lord ASHLEY protested in the most solemn manner that in the compromise to. which he had eonsented [consented] he had done the best he could for the interests. of the operatives, after posed the ameridment....... [amendment] Mr.. Bkowy. [Bk] and Mr.. Bricur [Brick] Aghbonby, [Ebony] Mr. J. Williams, Mr. B.. Denisoa, [Denison] Mr. Joseph Brotherton, Mr. W. J. Fox, and .Mr..S. Crawford; and, upon 2 division, the amendment was.rejected. by 246 to 45. ASHLEY then moved the insertion of the words no child, in order to bring children. specifically under the protective action of the bill This amendment was objected to by Sir G. Grey iéewas [was] likewise o 'by Mr. Bright, Mr. M. Gibeon. [Gibson] Mr. Stansfield, Mr. Trelawny, [Tyrolean] Mr. Slaney, and Mr. Heywood and was supported by Mr. Brotherton,. Mr.. Muntz,..Mr.- [Mount,..Mr] Walter, and Alderman Sidney. as a, division. rejected by. 102 against 2.2... Mr P. ScRorPE [Scrip] moved a clause authosizing [authorising] the employment of young, persona and, women during the undes [under restrictions; which was agreed to and added'to the bill....... Another clause, moved by Mr. Bass, legalizing the employment of children of 11 years of age, occupied solely in the winding and throwing of raw silk, in all respects as young persons, was likewise The bill was then réported. [reported] ' The House again. went- [went into] into committee upon. the Metro- [Metropolitan] politan [politician] Interments Bill, progress was.made in its details than Fain reported progress; to sit again. yesterday Tiday).. [Today] - 'Tie Municipal Corporations (Ireland) Bill was read a third time and . The General Board of Health Bill and the Judges of Assize Bill were each read a second time. .. Mt S..CawrorD [S..Carried] obtained leave to bring in a Dill to provid [proved for the better securing the custom of tenant-right as practised in the province of Ulster, and for other pur-. [our] poses; and Mr. C. Lewis to bring ina bith [both] for taking an account of the population of Great Britain. - . The House adjourned at-half-past. 12 o'clock. SPORTING - NEWTON RACES. - WEDNESDAY. oT The Haypock [Haycock] STAKES of 10 sovs. [Sons] each, half forSit, [first] and 25, added once round and a distance; 3 swbstriders. [substitutes] Mr. wood's Administrator, 6 yrs. The CoLBORNE [Cologne] STAKES of 25 sovs. [Sons] each, 10 forfeit, and 50 for 2-year-ohlss [2-year-oils] colts, 8st. [st] Sib. fifliesy [fillies] . Halfa [Half] mile. 9 subscribers. 2 an LordiCaledon's [Caledonian's] Sister to Wanota [Want] Mr. J. Osborne's The Black Ductor [Doctor] The Tee eee [see] eee [see] ee cme [me] each, 10 forfeit, &e. Two miles and - subscribers, 18 of whom déclared. [declared] distance. - Mr..J. 'Clarke named Duxbury, 3 yrs., 5st. [st] 4Ib. [ob] 1 Col. Anson's Champion, 4ivrs., [rivers] 7st. [st] 2 Mr, Mercer named 6 yrs., 7st. [st] 3 ew By, ae ae JUNE 7.. 4 ctric [strict] Sr. HELENS Puna [Pina] -Harriett sive [side] 1 Stanp [Stamp] Cup -Brown Fly 1-Cocktail 0000... 2 Newton Stakgs.-Ada [Stakes.-Ada] Mary ........ 1 -Adiministrator. [Administrator] 2 PraTé [Prate] -Achyranthes [arranges] 1 Tue SETTLING AND.Oak3.--From [AND.Oak.--From] the number and magnitude of the accounts, and some unfavour. [favour] able rumours concerning thie [the] settling on 'Tuesday, at Tattersalls, [Tattersall] with strong mis- [is- misgivings] givings our Ar happy to'state, have not beer justified 'by the result for al pusttone [stone] of the partics, [parties] pointed at in the rumours' to. which- [Whitehaven] wathave [wave] re ferred; [erred] has-not ma le arrangements to his deficit, and the dangerous illness of the other, excitemant, [excitement] has put a present settlaémeatof [settlement] his aceount [account] ost [out] thness [things] wlish, [wish] noone [noon] appeared'to have anticipated. e cannot take-upon ourselves to say that it was 'feally'a [really'a] good settlin r [settling r] for it is incontestiblé [incontestable] that there was A vast deal-of nt confined to a few or a class but Matters, have been arranged beforehand, and those who were ingenvenienced [inconvenience] by th2 [the] default of others had the prudence to abstain from making bad-worse hy publishing it.. te . Se ae GRICKET, CRICKET] - ENGLAND YorssHIRE. [Yorkshire] A match will be days, between eleven of All-England and fourteen of York- [Yorkshire] shire, and wil nd dowbt [doubt] matches of the season Playess [Players] the following list -.4 2-FPrgikad [4 2-Mikado At. sq. C. H. Hoare, Esq. Parr, Wisdén, [Wisdom] r, Box, Mar- [Martin] 'tingell, [tinge] Guy, Clarke, Pilch, [Pitch] Adains. [Adkins] B. Wake, Esq., R. F. Skelton, Big., M. J. Ellison, t, Ww roe E Samson, Chatterton, Hunt, Wright, Coates, Bilis, [Bills] Baldwin. on, Jobn [John] Berry, Armitage, A. G. Berry. . . ; COURT OF BANKRUPTCY FOR THE LEEDS ycton. [cotton] lersfield [Leasehold] last examination and proof of debts at eleven. Samyel [Samuel] Firth, draper, Certificate; ab twelve, 5 . TUESDAY, 11.-R. K. Franki [Frank] tr, &e., Scar- [Scarborough] jborough [borough] Ist [Its] dividend and proof of at wiiven [woven] Wm, i wn, near Leeds last examination apd [ap] proof of debts, adjourned from 2lst [last] May last,. ak twelve o'alook, [o'look] es ig enh [en] June as the Town-hall, Bult [But] Jom [Jim] jFawce [face] -taercha [teach] Hull; i 3 athalf-pas [at half-pas] tavelva [twelve] o'clock, aban; [ban] a Before Nr. Commidsioner [Commission] W. Farpay, [Fray] June K. Holman, clot Waray' [Wray] choice of aasigness [assignees] and provfof [proof] debts at eleven eos [es] - ili [ii] i a Satuanay, [Saturday] June 15.-At the.Council-hall, Sheffidd [Sheffield] Woodward, gnnmaker, [unmake] Doneaater; [Donate] choice of as and proof of dekis, [Denis] at ten e'clack.. sez [se] Marquis of LANSDOWNE led'to postpone the motion on the thine oft Grease, of which he had given notice for thie [the] evening.. The noble marquis foun [found] this.appeal. on the injwriousefleet [unruffled] which h a discussion would have on. the public it occurred while communications were the- [French] French. and British governments Lord STANLEY acquiesced' ini [in] the in Parliament, thas [has] he Believed question between the two Governments would pe e Marquis of LANSDOWNE replied that he could only say, on his responsibility as a' Minister, that he did believe that it would be injurieus [injuries] to the, interests of the country that the digcussion [discussion] on the noble, Baron's mation [nation] should take place to-day, at a moment when the negotiations were looking towards 2 result whitirtfecontidémtly hoped might be satis- [sates- satisfy] uu 4 provided the noble say, or his responsibility Pp. PARLIAMENTARY. VOTERS (IRELAND) BILL.-The a well-inerted [well-inserted] reproof to a knotuof [Knott] garrmlous [marvellous] peers who were discussing at the bar, according to theix [their] wont, every other The noble Marquis mentto [meant] bring forward the bill, Lord STANLEY recited the less than three consecutive hours, and that on Saturdays amendment that it was in direct opposition to.the whole having sacrificed almest [almost] everything whicha.public [which.public] man held. dear to the maintenance of thia [this] great question.. He op-. supported the amendment, which. Mr.. winter months from 7, instead of from 6 to 6 the 19th to the-23rd [the-3rd] clause. The- [Great] Great Western, 57 8. 7 a . 7 2 '40, 2 Consols, [Console] 96, 3, 3, for accoums [accounts] set Heh Goxp [Goop] Cup of 100 sovs., [Sons] added toa [to] Handicap of 20 sova, [Nova] Sek [Se] ee mo 'by Dividend or Iyter- [Inter- Ottawa] 'two Heavy losera, [losers] we 'attended ' brought on ;by excessive . 'of the question, -paying and recaiving- [receiving- recaivingprosesdal] prosesdal' [professedly] with a layed [played] at Hyde Park, Sheffield, on Monday next, and following prove one of the most att active. [at active] The iff [if] be from n, Esq. .N. Felix, oh Baq., [Ba] (apt. Dallas, MonpDay, [Monday] June 10.-N. G. Bond, bookseller, &c., Hud- [HUD- Closing] CLOSING PRICE OF We cannot report an Buyers were scarce and very few x A wots [wits] any alterations for the ; nothing very-1fraterial [very-Federal] doing since ottr [Otto] have bee opened for the sale of new x, Well atterided, [attended] and the pricts [prices] are rulin [ruin ruin] h for-sale ina this -Noils [Oils] and brik, [brick] tity [tit] on hand not large.-Yarws [large.-Years] - been rffade [fade] on, the same terms as of 3d. te 6d. per gross is now demanled [demand] fully equal supply, higher There ig new a good demand for rons [tons] andthe [and the] digpusition [digestion] w buy for distag [dist] ut not favourably entertained of goods is Seturbay, [Saturday] June -. The en yet there ita [it] good steady traule, [trial] on to order in the. warehorags.. [warehouse] ber) [be] markets, and the quotations -eor [or] yrn [rn] is undinsmidhéd, [undisguised] and 'che ete. [tee] buyers having lately paid uga [ga] visit, anid [and] chased sparingly, it i3-cer min [i3-er min] that sale, had the manufacturers been able ty but owing to the nov [not] silk market consistently be done. ficles. [Giles] The trade in Wheat is stex'y [ste'y] ever last Friday. Oats Shelling and shelling 639, malt rate rates. Floating cargoes are in ni Cork or Falmteuth. [Falmouth] Indi [India] Gom-Th [Go-Th] sold or consigned away on owners' icc [cc] favouroftuyers [favourites] Rye as last ish) diffftult [difficult] of sale. moderate sales at the full prices u slowly, but without change in value. and peas each rather cheaper. day's prices, sales, hotvever, [however] limited. effect.on the millers, who operate s samples are uet [yet] plentifn [plentiful] and such Prices as befure. [before] 3,163 ;.beans,.1,185; malt, 15; rapesced [escaped] N WeASTLE-CPON-TYNE [N Least-CON-TYNE] Coax M 4.-The weather continues most brilli [bill] is a short supply of wheat both trom [from] The trade ruled With good demand. Flour was taken Hutt Corns MaRkeT, [Market] Tuesday. spring corn. LIVERPOOL CoTToN [Cotton] Marker, Tx continues a strong demand from the . lators [Lats] and exporters; aml, [am] althoneh [although] 4 28,901 bags. more stringent in their demands confidence displayed in the future hig [hi] extent, particularly in have been anneunced.. [announced] a frightful occurrence took phace [face] in ham, near Malpas, im [in] Cheshire. who lives in that place, killed one an axe. It is supposed that the wre [re] undoerrinsanity.. [undressing] and 4 good amount. of business has yeariwas [yearlings] Whitsuntalo. [Whitsuntide] Brightor [Brighton] -takings for Epsom Races. Business 2 0 3 London and N orth [North] Western, lu7d, [lund] . Share, Halt nding [ending] Dec. 31 per Share r 7 ri est p Aindint [Indignant] Paid por [or] Share. year LS -& 50 100 50 'Caledonian De 1 mh oe ene s 4 - 30.) - [C] et) oS pT OAR Fy ooco [coco] ) 3 Do. Pref 28 1 2 Great Northern Tay key 124 223 200 j 290 10d 1 . ovco, [cove] oe Great Waste n..-- y oP Ditto Fitths [Fifths] . re Ow HS ' 'ee Ditto ' Lospe [Lose ' CONSOES [CONSOLE] 16 EA a For Money, 96 96 - HUDDERSFIELD MARKET ty favourable chan Detter [Letter] 1 Marget, Thorsdia [Thursday lant [lane] wls [was] dnzm, [dons] eS those tor May NaSh Nash] pricesar [prices lok, [lo] the not at all proportiouace [proportion] with, the SEEN iy a very large amount of business done i; There is-a little more inquirysfor [inquiries] 'ws confidence that prices not regedé. [Regent] Shure [Sure] werdemand, [demand] and the spianers-are-asisine [spinners-are-arising] 4 sata [sat] ai ReeHpxLe, [Freehold, Monday. 'eo; average miurket [market] to-day ia Sannels, [Flannels] Saat [Sat] grin the same as last week's. fh the woul [would] to report, either in price or demami. [amide] MacCLESFLELD, [Macclesfield] Tuesday; June Ww. rather improved business manncun [Manning] MaviIng [Moving] firmer tone with advances on seme [see] desermeings [deserving] ... . . we may mention Italians and trst-cluss [test-class] In-throwus [In-throw] better WakgrFTELD [Waterfield Corn We have again a.good artivah [attica] of Whea, [When] Arrivals-wheat 8258, barley 20, vats 322, LONDON CoRN [Corn] MarKET, [Market] Wednesdar [Wednesday] las. . continues fine, althongh [although] the nights are wide -- Wheat-English firm at Monday's prices. rst, [rest] Mal Al] Beans unchanged in value -Pine ore arom [from] dear, brat ill-conditiened [ill-condition] forekm [fore km] partalilary [artillery] Satu. [Sat] CorN [Corn] MaRKe2 [Market] Tiesda [Tuesday] ance [once] smal [small] Weather remarkably ane [an] Indian ov LEEDS Corns Tuesdar, [Tuesday] J fair arrivals of wheat. The weather is ve Other gorts.withont [sorts.without] change m [in] value, 2 Barley nominal. Beans, peas, and she Arrivals wheac [wheat 06 firm, and Saturday's nites [notes] we Grinding barley hasan [haman] improved demu [demi x Prices. In oats and other grain there 's 1 of foreign wheat, and free sale at lus [ls virtees [virtues] pretty freely, an opwnard [opened] stances antounts .to [accountants .to] nearly gl. per Ib upen [upon] ass tiéna [ten] The sales-in the four days are o swhich [o which] 15,000 ase [as] American, Sumit, [Suit] and Pernt [Pert] culation [circulation] and for export. The impor-s [import-s] repre [prepare 7 were -Front the United States, uyr [ur] Tm. . State oF TRADE IX MANCHESTER America give a deplorable deseription [description] tte [te] - advices [advice] have caused producers ef beth ela [el] have come forward with some spirit, ant The home ovat [oat] good' effects of the charming Uae [Use] 7 r MURDEROF [Murder of] By ITS A nk about seven years of age, by striking . PRICE OF FRIDAY, JUNE 7. ; Consols [Console] and Railway Shares are better 2 slight reaetien [return] took place yesterday, va Sellers into the In notieims [Notices] i. must be borne in mind, that the ' NAME OF sai [said] Bristal [Bristol] and' Exeter- [External] role thee Aver. 1545, uni oS aitorwar [traitor] 2g im [in] nities [notes] 25 Rayeashire [Ayrshire] ....- Ba) Do. prof Qu. zen ae Do. A Dees Do. B. Guarantee 5 percent. Pref and Yorssaue [Yours] Ditto Huddierstet [Huddersfield] itty [it] West Ry ling [C] Oth [Oh] Preferred 9 for ti - LS Sap ------ Sever iene [one] 1 0 0 200) [W] 10 1B oe to 2015 2 ee 8 ol) eo Bay Ze ane, [an] change, 7 antif [anti] liter [Lister] Last. The we tem, [te] a suitBle [suitable] 5. Tee Ait i ad SE hry [hey] TM ae LST [LAST] yy Pei or exteriar, [extra] ONME [ONE] whic [which] at pt CA dear. Barley and malt moderate sule, [sale] at hist wees Tee om beid [bed] sR 3 1 ee Tosa [Toss] in Aa re - outs fon [on] ome [one] xe u th him vn le tehed [teed] - deem ie ss prep. Te - Lhe. [He] ' a sory [story] ar jeje [jee] O