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Xo. 10. on Gch [Ch] June, 1850, THREE aawnay. any] the 16th June,. will be preached (D. .).in-the abeve [above] dock) by the Rev. J. HAIGH 17 een [en] uo St Paul's. 3 3 o'clock) by the Pev. [Rev] W. G. GIBSON, Incumbent of Longwood. EvENtNG [Evening] (62 o'clock) by the Rev. J. Mc.GHEE, He Rector of flolywell-cumn-N [Holywell-cumin-N] eedingworth, [unworthy] Hunts. a TIONS TINS] will be made on each Occasion towards ee the DEBT which at prefSent [present] remains on the APTERS [ALTERS] vON [on] nO OWLAS [ALAS] ee A(SEMENT [A(SEMEN] FOR THE MILLION. F. BYWATER (Pyrotechnist to her On epicious [spacious] Majesty Queen Victoria). has the to the Gentry and Public of Hudders- [Udders- Hudson] nd is yicnity. [county] that he purposes, on the Evenings of AND TUESDAY NEXT, re gal Ith, [It] 1 50, giving Two Superb Displays of FIREWORKS, ig cue CuickeT [Cricket] Grousp, [Group] Hatrrax [Hatred] Roap, [Soap] will be on a seale [sale] of magnificence far surpassing sur [Sir] of the kind ever produced in this part of the ' The principal works are selected from those rare, aud [and] tich [rich] devices which Mr. Bywater had the orof [roof] producing. forthe [forth] entertammext. [intermixed] of her Majesty . the Cuart. [Cart] fur whiek-he [week-he] received' the most' flattermg [flatter mg] of royal approbation, and which Lave since een [en] hiwed [hired] in diferent [different] parts of the counsry [country] before upwards spectators with-uzbounded [with-bounded] applause. . order to meet the means of the Artisan and Mechanic, thus enable every man to give his family a great treat; Wine also convinced from long experience, that cheap- [cheap alone] alone cau [ca] insure success, Mr. Bywater has fixed the ve uf [of] admission to these superb displays, at the lowest viz. -TworencE [viz. -Conference] EacH, [Each] and Children in care of dis, under Ten Years of Age, ONE Penny. Purtng [Putting] bo commence ata [at] Quarter past Nine o'clock. Duors [Doors] open at Half-past Seven. CIGARS AND CHEROOTS OF FIRST-RATE QUALITY. vurks, [Turks] with the latest improvements, by G. F. Bywater, Kelvin Grove, Sheffield.. R. JUSEPH [JOSEPH] POOLE, cf the Cross Pipss [Pipes] , Ixy, [Ivy] MANCHESTER-ROAD, begs to announce to the of Huddersticld [Huddersfield] and neighbourhood, that he has a CRICKET FIELD OPEN, fur Matches to be rd, upon reasunable [reasonable] terms.-Apply as above. A GARD. RA PRIESTLEY, Accrioyeer, [accrue] APPRAISER, 123, Upperhead Row, and GENERAL ACCUENTANT, [ACCOUNTANT] lersticld [articled] ENT [EN] ate PaText [Patent] and Desicns [Designs] Onfice, [Office] 4, Trafalgar re, London. JETON [ETON] for INVENTIONS in the United Kingdom and otek [tote] Countries. THE INDUSTRIAL AND GENERAL ASSURANCE DEPOSIT COMPANY, halen [hale] Puce, Pall Mall, London.. 7 virectors [directors] beg to intimate the appointment x Mr, BENJA [BANK] M IN LOWER, of 2, Mee ET WaLk, [Walk] for HUDDERSFIELD, froin [from] whom copies of spectus prospectus] and every information may be obtained; on application. ba ane [an] WM. THOS. WOODS May. 1858, Resident Direstor. [Director] Bra THOMAS SHIRES, t BS AND IRON FOUNDER, IH sak, [ask] tS, HUDDERSFIELD, vith [with] meen' [men] WASHING MACHINE, 'gn te so that double the quantity of aWactin [acting] ated [acted] in this machine than. th the bal, [ba] Tne [Te] now made. Steam will be in- [inly] ing of Suap [Soap] alone will be very great, 'erable [enable] caned 1.4 very superior manner, and at Ting iM tine, money, and labour. aan [an] Che the of his Machines at any place st Cloths are made, either Fancy or Plain. Ung [ING] as furty [forty] pairs of Wood ones as well, ; tuke [tue] it back without extra nil last as ty ti i les le] himself to ER dues nut answer, HE ILLUMI [MILL] ' 5, KING-ST HESL [HEAL] yp hee [her] the Pablie [Pale] gar 2 uf [of] lies INATED. [UNITED] CLOCK, MELT, HUDDERSFIELD. he has alwars [always] ont Le sg Ades [Ads aid Gentlomen's. [Gentlemen's] (; 7 ab AND SILVER WATCHES 8 Ase [As] hanshi, [hash] and at the lowest CaSH [Cash PRICES - Fir Rat 2 CLOCKS suitable for Offices, es dtl [Ltd] nS. ha 7 kes [keys] this iS, A&G. to mution [motion] the public against us sieve ' Had boas to and other Advertising me- [C] 45 he Gary oe Horm [Home] ther [the] that he -keeps only such of rosommerd. [resumed] i 5 OYrele [Oriel] 'ty aid Watches has always. been Ladd) Hpi [Hi] Men aC from Patis, [Paris] whe [the] hee [her] has engaged a first-rate 2 tm ; ch, ho weyes [eyes] af Geneva, Payer COMplicated [Complicated] a the ce, do and that now any difficult; ean be time possible. Ly Wok 'G-TEW me LN THE TOWN KEPT ON Po. TH ; OR ER Pi ... SILVE [SILVER] 8 PATENT SPECTACLES. Pomi [Pom] or B R PLATR [PLATE] vr Bb tg 5) 4lquets, [bouquets] Dinner Parties, Ke. hed [he] f ARRAN GED FOR JUNE. oa AVY [NAVY] 2 4 1 June, 1830 ition [edition] at Half- [Half past] past Wie, [We] 40 50 US Fork the Sealey [Sale] aime [time] 6 45, a of 4 30 a in time for the Trains Soyth [South] and -To leave the Nine o'clock in the From NORMANTON, Nine o'duck in J th j une [one] e mormung [morning] predaely, [prettily] Lermingkam [Birmingham] at 2.0 [2] tw ee ea AND BACK, Roan, Hs. -Ils. [Is] 6d; 83. 6d.. 12s, 6d. 7s. 6d. - 88. 64. 7s, Od. -- Ms. 64. 11s. 6a 6d. 138 Od. 10s. ' - 10s. Od. Jean of age Half price. at 60 am, - JOHN CUTTLE s to inform. his Friends and Various Watches that are puffed 148 had considerah [consider ah] jence [hence] erable [enable] experience 4 SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 1850. eld [ed] Chr [Che] AND WEST YORKSHJRE [YORKSHIRE] ADVERTISER. GILBERTS NEWLY-NNENTED [NEWLY-ENTERED] RATENT [PATENT] SLIPPER BATH URREREES [ARREARS] every other. From its péeuliar. [peculiar] constraction,. [construction] a much smaller q tity [tit] of water is J reayi [ready] y- thus greatly economizing both trouble In using this. the- positi [the- post] comfortable, and the facility of gettingin [getting in] and out very.great.. Any one possessing the BATH, Swi [Si] of the greatest economy ane [an] nay eter [enter] the public. highly recommended by the Medical Profesion. [Profession] SOLD. BY EBENEZER THORNTON, ' STOWE, GRATE, AND FENDER W No. 16. New-street, Huddersfield. HATS HATS HATS EAGLETON'S FASHIONABLE HAT DEPOT, No. 20, CROSS-CHURCH-STREET. DECIDEDLY THE HUDDERSFIELD MART E. EAGLETON, Harter, [Carter] respectfully thanks 'the gentry, and publie [public] ot F response to his éarlier [Earl] announcements, and assures them it will be bis cantinued [continued] exdaaxour [exodus] expose all fallacies, and supply such Geods [Goods] only as will yield complete satisfaction. Es . ,J-E- E. has pleasure in calling present attention to his superl [super] Stock of. French. H ATS, unequalled in this for price.and quality. 'The most fanciful may meet. with their wishes-in; shape- [shape and], [style] His- outh's [out's] and Children's HATS are-unrivalled.for saitability [stability] and adaptation to age and To prevent. disappointment, be to observe the Address - EL. EAGLETON, HATTER, No. 20, Cross Church-street, the Sign of the Large Goldén [Golden] Hat. A T C HES A N D JEW ER. Y, 16, MARKET PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD. f W RICHARDSON begs to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that his.St LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S GOLD AND SILVER. PATENT LEVER AND HORIZONTAL WAT [WAR] of first-rate quality and workmanship which, from his. practical knowledge, he WwW [WW] kis [is] replete with ES end 8 4. q 8 Gentlemen's Gold Levers 10 10 Ladies' Gold Levers from .. 8 10 Ditto Silver GO. 310 0O Ditto do. Horizontal 4 4 3 se .- W. R. takes this- [this opportunity] opportunity of informing the Public, that first-rate workmen, such as he exgploys, [exploits] never found any difficulty in repairmg [repair mg] Foreign Watches satisfactorily AND TO DENY A CERTAIN INTERESTED, PARTY HAS DONE) IS AN. INGULT. [INSULT] AND. LIBEL ON THE TRADE; BUT AS THERE ARE NO FRENCH WORKME [WORKMEN] SNELOYED [deployed] IN THIS TUWN, [TOWN] THE PUBLIC WILL NOT BE DELUDED BY SUCH FALSE REPRESENTATIONS. x. ' -B.-JEWELLERY and PLATE REPAIRED, with despatch and care, by a WORKING. ah KEPT ON -THE PREMISES. eo cee [see] large assortment of BRAHAM'S PATENT SPECTACLES always on hand.. N 0. AGENCY. Ja for this Article, as the patent-is out long ago.-Fiat Justiias. [Justice] ee ss FURTHER ATTRACTION AT No. 28, MEW-STRHAET, [MEW-STREET] HUDDERS [UDDERS] FI D.. S SHAW. begs to announce his Second Return this season from the London and other Markets, 'hI, and would specially draw. the attention of the Inhabitants of thissTown [Huston] and Neighbourhood to Hie very extensive ' and superior display of the LA VT E 8S T N W E L TIE & In Mantles, Jackets, &c., of the most Fashionable designs. 7 A large delivery of the New Long Barege [Barge] SHAWLS also-Cashmeres and Paisleys Cheap. An extensive assortment of Muslins, Balzarines, [Bulgarians] Poplins, &c., &c., along with a variety of New Asticles [Articles] for Fancy esses. [eases] a ' 4 S. 8. would here call particular attention -to his aa S Fr L KE D E P A R T MM WN pe Which is replete; and Ladies before making purchases are invited to inspect this steck. [stock] 4 - A very choice stock of Rippons. [Ripon] FLowrers, [Flowers] Parasois, [Parasols] GLOVES, CHEMISETTES, [CHEMISTS] Neck Tiss, [Miss] &c, ke. a variety; of Novelties too numerous to mention. 2 BONNETS in RICE, CHIP, DUNSTABLE, end FANCY STRAWS, in all the Newost [Newest] Shapes.. The is NOW OPEN for the Inspection of the above Mogetics.. [Medics] '5 BL SHAW,. 28; Saw-sreger. [Saw-Serer] NO. 104, TOP OF KING STREET, HUDDERSFI [HUDDERSFIELD] . WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CARPET, RUG, DRUGGET, AND GENERAL. WAREHOUSE. D. and S. HENSHALL, in returning thanks to the Gentry, Clergy, and-Inhabitants of Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] - dersfield [Huddersfield] vicinity, for the many favours bestowed upon them since beg to inform them, that Mr..S. H. has just returned from London, Manchester, an made extensive Purchases of Goods suitable for the approaching Season, consisting of a large assortment of Plain and FANCY SILKS, SATINS, SATINETTES, [INTESTINES] AGPACAS, [ALPACAS] LISTRES, [LUSTRES] BALZERINES, [BLESSINGS] PRINTED. MUSLINS, And a great variety of Novelties for Dresses. Long and Square SHAWLS, in Paisley, Cashmeres,, Barege, [Barge] &c., Ke Plain and Fancy Cravats, &c., &c., Ke. AISO, [ALSO] A WELL SELECTED STOCK OF PRINTS, DB. LAINES, [LINES] TABLE LES ENG pe BARNSLEY; SHEBTINGS,; [SHEETING] TICKS, DIA [AID] &e. W. D. S. H. wish particularly to draw attention to their STOCK OF TAPESTRY; Brussels', 4-4ths [4-this] Kidderminster, 2-4ths, [2-this] and 5-&ths [5-&the] Stair C. ts, Rugs, Printed and Plaid ets, [es] &c., in. greats variety, being the largest and best selected Stock in the West Riding, and which they are now offering at such.Prices as-cannot fail te give every satisfac- [satisfaction- satisfaction] ion to Pure en os RUGS MADE TO ORDER ON THE. SHORTEST NOTICE. FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED,. AnD [And] a Ae ARTICLE OF FAMILY MOURNING ALWAYS ON HAND.. ROCKING H RSE [H RE] BAZAAR, 97; CROSS CHURCH-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, AND SPRING GARDENS, BUXTON.. F. ANZANE, [ANNE] . TOY MERCHANT, AND DEALER IN GENERAL. FANCY GO . that. he has ESPECTFULLY [RESPECTFULLY] announces to the Inhabitants of Huddersfield. and neighbourhoo [neighbourhood] R REMOVED his Establishment from 26 to 27, Cross CHURCH-SrREET, [CHURCH-Street] which he has fitted great markets of the world-Paris, London, and Birmingham-with 4. SPLENDID STOCK OF SILVER AND SILVER PLATED GOODS ualled. [called] The PAPIER [PAPER] MACHIE [MACHINE] DEPARTMENT is superb, and at such prices as cannot fail to His METAL AND COAO0DS& [CARDS] Cannot be surpassed for Cheapness and Quality. Ladics [Ladies] and Gentlemen's DRESSING CASES, in Resewood, [Rosewood] Mahogany, Russia Due, and Morocco. Ladies' CARD CASES, in Shell,-Papier [Shell,-Paper] Machié, [Machine] and Morocco. The STOCK of JEWELLERY is strongly recommended as being very cheap, and of first-rate quality FRENCH CHINA, and every kind of BOHEMIAN GLASS, in gncient, [ancient] modern, and uniqte-patterns, [United-patterns] at remarkably low prices. MECHANICAL FIGURES, Musical Boxes and Time Pieces, Accor- [Accord- According] dians, [Diana] aud [and] Tunbridge Goods of every imaginable class Newly-mvented [Newly-mended] TOYS in endless variety, and very cheap. Marro -SMALL [Marr -SMALL] PROFITS AND QUICK. RETURNS.. Remember-the Address -ANZANI, ROCKING HORSE BAZA [BAZAAR] 27, Cross not be eq ive. general satisfaction. heer [here] ba TUESDAYS ONLY, FROM 11. UNTIL 5 O CLOCK, No. 8, KIRKGATE, HUDDERSPIELD.. [HUDDERSFIELD] i i back R. L..E. FRANKS, Spectacle Maker, Lecturer on the Eye, &., feels pleasure in stating that hehe [he] rt aud [and] Layo [Lay] Od. 2, A Apartments at Messrs. ABBOTT Co.'8, NEAR THE OLD CHURCH, OPPOSITE THE Pack (is tren [ten] wos [wis] Gs. bs. ot Is Honse [House] Ine [In] where he will attend professionally on TUESDAYS with a selection of his gy Yeurs [Years] of age half-price, weknewn [weakening] 1 ge. id Brose Band oi SPEGTRACLES [SPECTACLES] AND EYE-GLASSES.. T Rip. Mer [Mr] F adjuzis [adjust] Speetacles [Spectacles] 6 defective Sight, on principles acquired in an extensive practice, so as to give the ERM NG Haw greatest assistanee [assistance] gcientifie [scientific] means can accomplish, in preserving Eyesight to the latest period of life; axd [and] as a way. 25th CHAM [CHAN] AND BRISTOL. 'woof of ability, Mr. F. respectfully requests attention to tie fullowing [following] copy of Testimonial from the Faculty of Hud- [HUD- HUD] wy at dune, 1850.-To [W.-To] leave Normanton dersfield [Huddersfield] and'neighbourkood [and'neighbourhood] Mr. Franks, the Opticaan, [Optician] ha ing aelavzred [Alfred] Public Lectures in this town on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Eye, combined with the abecec [abeyance] of Spectcles, [Spectacles] we, the wadersignuad [undersigned] Surgeons, are of opinron [opinion] that he has devoted much tine and attention to study the swhyect, [select] thergore [there] have much pleasuse [pleasure] in recommending Mr. Franks as an Optician to those who may rege [reg] the assistance of Spectacles. R. Cameron M.D.......Hu John Dyson............ J.T. Bradshaw ......... Surgeou...... [Surgeon] Huddersfield. J. B. Foebrooke...... [Brooke] Surgeon...... Milnes i Wm. Greenwood ....... Surgeon ..... nite. [note] John is Surgeon...... Lindley. Sk mh --Rurgeons..... --Surgeons] Robert... Surgeons... Gelear. [Clear] J. Clousb............... [Clubs] Sungeon...... Surgeon] Huddersfield. s oe a Jonas Hellawall [Hellawell] .........Surgeon...... uddersfidld. [Huddersfield] Ce Mold Gree. [Free] Bdward [Edward] Trotice [Trot ice] Surgeon. Newmil [Newmill] J. i 'Burgeon......Almoudbury. [Burgeon......Almondbury] T..Martin ..............Sargeom .....Helmfirth. [Surgeon .....Holmfirth] Lock woods. Benjamin Beeley ....Surgeon...... Helnfirth. [Holmfirth] Richard Aliaté ....... [Alias] .... Surgeon......Paddeak .. [Surgeon......Paddock] Trotter........Sargeon...... [Trotter........Surgeon] Holmfirth, Edward P H. Martin ...... ...Surgeon...... Holmfirth. Partie [Parties submitting their to Mr. Franks' examination, wil meet with a candid opinion and he wild pot recommend his own without first proving their superiority. Any article perchesed [purchased] and not approved will be exebhaged.' [exchanged] N.B.-NO HAWKERS EMPLOYED. Account. at) Wakefield. r OBSERVE-ABBOIT. [OBSERVE-ABOUT] C0.'3 TEMPERANCE HOTEL, KIREGATE, [KIRKGATE] ON TUESDAYSSQNLY,. [TESTIMONIAL] is- [is exceedingly] exceedingly findi [find] it an. article 1 3 4 er Ba ning [nine] the above Establishment, other where. he. has up, from the. three 'Of a mostcostlpchgracter. His ASSORTMENT 'of GENERAL FANCY ARTICLES is first-rate, and fer price can- [can] ' A R E N T A N With cight [eight] young children you may well suppose, It costs me something to provide them clothes; And.doubtless you gach [each] a number- [number must] Must, necessarily, my means encumber; But, after all, though ev'ry one's a lad, The expense of dress is not so very bad. Pray how is that (say you), I rather wonder, May be you buy their dress a great deal under. so (say I), you have exactly hit it, CauTion.-E. [Caution.-E] MOSES SON, regret having to detsire [desire] Aldgate, Cit TAKE till twelve o'clock. T O be LET, with Immediate Possession, a capital HOUSE, with Bam, [Ba] Coach-house, Harness- [Harness room] room, and Stable adjuining, [adjoining] situate at THE WELLS, recently soccupied [occupied] by Mr. James North, Corn Miller. ALSO, a commodious WAREHOUSE, and a Two-stalled Stable, situate as above. For rent and other particulars, apphs [apps] to Mr-. Gothard, Drvysalter, [translate] No. 7, Beast Market, Huddersfieldi. [Huddersfield] Huddersfield, May, 1850. FREEHOLDS IN. MELTHAML. [MELTHAM] O be SOLD by AUCTION,. by Mr. JOHN LANCASTER, at the Wuite [Quite] Swan Inn, in MEL- [MELTHAM] THAM, [THAN] in the county of York, on WEDNESDAY, the 12th day of June, 1850, at Six o'clock in the Evening, or more Lot or Lots, as may be. agreect. [agreed] upon at the time of sale, and subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, - All that valuable Scribbling and Fulling. MILL, situate in Meltham aforesaid, called Spink's Mires Mill, with the Steam-Engine, Engince-House, [Engine-House] Boiler, Water-Wheel,. Shafting and Going Gear, and. the three pairs of Stocks and one Driver therein Also, the valuable Water Privi- [Privy- Privileges] leges Lees] belonging thereto. '. And also, all those Five DWELLING-HOUSES, ad y, London. ' Ligining [Lightning] the same, in the occupations of Mr. Rawcliffe, Surgeeny- [Surgeon- Synagogue] George Creasy, [Crease] and others; together with the Barn, Stable, 'Mistal, [Mistral] and other Out-buildings and Con- [Conveniences] veniences [conveniences] belonging. And also, all that Close of LAND, on which the said Mitt stands, called the Upper Spink's Mires Close, with the Mill-Dam therein, containing, with the site of the said Mill, la. Ir. 12e., [e] and occupied. by Mr.. Ravecliffe.. [Radcliffe] The sevePal [several] Tenants will shew the-Premises .and further particulars may be had of the AUCTIONEER; of Mr. JONEs, [Jones] Surveyor, Birkhouse, noamHuddersfield; [Huddersfield] or on application to Messrs. FENTON AND JONES, Solicitors, Huddersfield or Nr. HIGHAM, Solicitor, Brighouse. ' Huddérsfiet, [Huddersfield] 24th May, 1850. LEASEHOLD PROPERTY AT PADDOGH. [PADDOCK] T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the Georcre [George] HoreL, [Hotel] HUDDERSFIELD, on WEDNEsDay, [Wednesday] the 19th day of' June, 1850, at Six o'clock in the Evening (subject to such.conditions as will and there produced), All that Excellent Newty-erectel [Newry-erected] MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING HQUSE,. [HOUSE] with the Cloth Warehouse, Press ,Garden, Stable, Carriage House, and other requisite Out- [Offices] offices, spacious Yard and Appurtenances, situate in Mill. gate, at- [at paddock] Paddock, near Huddersfiekk, [Huddersfield] at present in the possession of Mr. John. Armitave, [Armitage] cloth merchant. thereto, well caloulated [calculated] and intended for a Finishing MILL or FACTORY., four stories high, besides good Attics, with STEAM ENGINE, sixteen-harse [sixteen-hare] power, Shafting and going Gear, andd- [and- Randall] all other the privileges- [privilege sand] and appurtenances -attnehedi [attended] thereto, and late-in the ession [session] of the said 'John Armitage, and containing altogether an area of 1,566 square yards. The whole of the Premises are of recent erection, most substantially built, and finished regardless of expense, in lete [let] repair, well supplied with good water, and replete With fixtures, possess-a.large south frontage, and are well arranged for carrymg on [carry mg on] Manufacturing or Mercan- [American- Mercantile] 'tile HBuainess; [Business] oaly [only] ene mile from the market town of 'Huddérsfeld, [Huddersfield] and 'are leasehold under the Trustees of Sir JJohn [John] William Ramsden, Baronet, at a moderate ground rent. A considerable part of the Purchasc-money [Purchase-money] may remain on security of the Premises, if required. The Premises may be viewed, a plan. inspected, and further information had of the Auctioner; [Auctioneer] or of Mr.. LAYCOCK,. King-street, Huddersfield. oe ee. ae MIRFIELD, HOPTON, LIVERSEDGR, [LIVERSEDGE] AND BRIGHOUSE. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES AND, ADVOWSON,. [ADVISING] IN LOTS.. f Q be SOLD. by AUCTION, by Mr.. JOHN j PANCASTER [LANCASTER] (subject to conditions to be produced tatveach [attach] sale), The ADVOWSON [ADVISING] of the PARISH CHURCH of MIRFIELD, consisting of Gkb2 [GB] Land in Mirfield and Cartworth, and certain small payments in lieu of Vicarial [Vicarage] 'Tithes, Also, DWELLING-HOUSES, Closes of LAND, and plots of eligible BUILDING GROUND in Mirfield, Liversedge, and Brighouse, and the Wood called Whitley Woad, in Hapton.. . The Property at MIRFIELD consists of about 180 Acres, divided in 65 Lots, presenting most desirable sites for resi- [rest- residences] dences [fences] and commercial purposes. Woop [Wool] contains 55a. [a] 2r. lp., or thereabouts, and will be offered in one Lot. The Extates at [Estate at] Mirfield and Hopton will be offered for sale, at' the BLack [Black] BULL, MIRFIELD, on WEDNESDAY, the 26th June instant, at Two o'clock in the afternoon. The Property at LivERSEDGE [Liversedge] consists of Dwelling Houses, af Land, and plots of Building Ground, containing iabout [about] 40 acres, divided into Twelve Lots, The Property at BRIGHOUSE consists of the. Black Swan Inn, with Outbuildings, and several Closes of Land, and plets [lets] of Building Ground, containing about 13 acres, di- vided [sided] into Fifteen Lots, suitable.for mill sites and other purposes. 'The Sale of the Livereedga and [Delivered and] Brighouse Estates will take at the. Buack, [Back] Swan InN, [In] BricHousk, [Brighouse] on the 22 h June-instant, at Three o'cloek [o'clock] in the TROON. Deporiptive [Descriptive] pasticylarg, [pasturage] with Plans, showing the Estates as dividedy [divided] for Sale, may be had fourteen days jprior [prior] to the Sale, of Mr. Lancaster, Huddersfield, the Aue. [Sue] ;, at the Black Bull Inn, MixGeid; [Mixed] the Black Swan Brighouse; of Mr. Henry Hok, [Ho] Land A Wakc. [Wake] field; or of Mesara, [Measure] SEHOLEY [SOLELY] and MARSDEN, Solicitors, Wakefield, by whom all necessary information will be 'given... Wakefield, 5th Juno, 185Q.. [Q] genuine and Cheap Clothing, &c., should call at, or send to, either of their Branches, Shop, aad [and] ether Mercantile. Premises adjoining, 'with the And also. all. that. Spaciaus [Spacious] STONE BUILDING near . 4 And also Two COTTAGES or ---- nicle [nice] Price 44d. DD G A R DI A N will do well, previous to purchasing their Juvenile Clothing, to inspect E. MOSES AND SON'S ENORMOUS STOCK OF SUMMER ATTIRE, Being the Largest and Cheapest ever offered in Yorkshire. YOUTHS' SUMMER CLOTHING. And Iam [I am] very happy to admit it. I deal with who provide their dress At prices most astonishingly less Before their Mart created such a noise, . Lscarcely [Scarcely] knew which way to clothe the boys; I found it difficult to dress them well, And seldom did they look respectable ; But Moses' Dress Mart tells us different tales, And now my lads dress like the Prince of Wales. . REapY [Ready ) MaDe [Made] te Musitar, [te Mustard] 2. 2. a. Tunic Suit, neatly b RR af Bart ses [se] mt 5 -Ditte, [Ditto] flor [for] quality 39 6 Ditto, ditto, superior 112 9 ussar [Hussar] Suit, consisting of Jacket, Vest, and Tunic Suit 5 TYOUSOTS [TOASTS] 02... 015 Ditto, ditto, superior quality, faced with Ditto, superior 100 1 ee 12 6 WANTED, a Respectable YOUTH. as CASHIER.. [C] BS ERVES [NERVES E .. MOS ES. A N D SON, TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS,. 19, THORNTON BUILDINGS, BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE. Branch of their London Establishment, 154, 155, 156, 157, and' 83, 84, 85, and 86, opposite the Cltarch, [clutch] Corner Minories and Aldgate, City, London, all communicating and forming one vast ablishment [establishment] guard the Public against imposition; having learaed [Learoyd] that the untradesman-like [tradesmen-like] falsehood ot being connected with them, or It's all the same concern, has been resorted'ta in many iftstances, [instances] and for obvious reasons. They have no connection with aay [say] other House in or out of London, Branch Establishments, 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield; and 19, Thornton's Buildings, except their Bradford, Yorkshire; and those who or to the Minories and oTICE.-This [notice.-This] Establishment is Closed from sunset Friday till sunset Saturday, when business is resumed IMPORTANT AND EXTENSIVE SALE OF ' MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, WAREHOUSE FITTINGS, &c. WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY next, the 12th and 13th instant, in the WAREHOUSE lately occupied by HENRY Brook and Sons, next to the Rose and Crown hotel, in Huddersfield, A large and very valuable consignment of MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising four Tudor paint- [painted] .ed Bedsteads, maple and mahogany two beautiful maho- [mao- mahogany] hgany [mahogany] Tudor Bedsteads; one four-post mahogany Bedstead, 'with Moreen Hangings and Mattress several French and 'Cottage Bedsteads; Feather Beds, Mattresses, Bolsters, 'and Pillows, and Counterpanes Rosewood and Mahogan. [Mahogany] Loo Tables; Three Sets of large Mahogany Dining Tables ; Mahogany 'Hair-seated and Hair-stuffed Sofas and Couches ; 'Two Hair-seated Settees Mahogany Chests of Drawers ; handsome sets of mahogany Hair.Seated Chairs any Hatstand; Looking Glasses, Kitchen Tables, &e. kc. Also-a very handsome mahogany SECRETAIRE [SECRETARY] and BOOKCASE, with glass folding doors, and a cellaret [claret] and new building. Also, one of the most splendid Spanish Mahogany Doors ever offered for sale in Huddersfield this beautiful piece of workmanship deserves special attentioz. [attention] Also, a large stock of WAREHOUSE FURNITURE comprising two mahogany Tebles, [Tables] 27 feet long each Ms- [Spongy] hongy [honey] Counters, Desks and Tables; nineteen Scrays,..2 [Scraps,..2] large Iron Safe Stools, Chairs, &c. Also avery [very] substantial Family Market Omnibus, and-a very good- [Gordon] ton, also, Ten Dozens of good Port Wine. , The Sale to begin at half-past Ten [] Mr. Moore can confidently invite attention to the various Articles embraced in this Sale. FREEHOLD FARM AT LONGWOOD, AND GAS SHARES, &e. T be SOLD by AUCTION by Mr. WILLIAM MOORE, at Mrs..Hanson's, the NEw [New] Inn, ELLAnr,. [Elland] on MonDay, [Monday] the 1850, at Seven.o'clock in the evening. Lot 1.-A MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or FARM HOUSE, situate-at Haigh House, in. the township of Longwood and parish cf Huddersfield, with the Barn, Cow.House, and other -Farm Buildings, ocenpied [occupied] by Samuel. Bailey. Also, the Several Closes. of LAN D belonging thereto, and occupied therewith, and a parcel of WOOD LAND thereto, and consisting of the following particulars and quantities, viz. - a rr Pp. House Barn, ib Lower part of Croft 1 3 328 Great Ing neces [NeWS] 21 18 Little Ing 1 321 The Tongue ................. 12 1 Hollin Hey Clough,, (Wood Lana)...... 10 25 Lower. Hey ........... sa 1 1 3t 3 2 Lot 2.-Fifteen Shares of 20 each in the Capital Stock of the Company. For further information apply to Mr. JaMEs [James] HERON, of the 'West Riding Union Banking Company, Hudderstield [Huddersfield] ; Mr. Thomas Dearnaly, Rastrick or Mr. HIGHAM, Solicitor, Brighouse. ELIGIBLE' FREEHOLD PROPERTY IN BRIGHOUSE AND RASTRICK, RGAD [ROAD] STOCK, Ke. és be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. W. MOORE,, at the house of Mr. Thomas Scott, th Roya [Royal] HetEL,. [Hotel] in on WEDNESDAY, the 19th day of Jano, [Jan] 3850, at Seven in the Evening, the follow eligible PROPERTY, namely . IN BRIGHOUSE. Lot 1.-A Plot of BUILDING LAND, formerly part of a, Close, called the Daisy Croft (being on the south-western extremity thereof), bounded on the east by other parts of the said Close, west by an occupation road, north by tke [the] i centre of a new street, and gouth [South] by the Leeds and El nd ig a frontage of 46 feet; ind turnpike, road, to which there the same contains, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] 305 square yaids, [yards] more or less, x , IN RASTRICK, - Lot 2.--Four substantial COTTAGES, situnte -at [situate -at] Faw- [Saw- Hill] hill, near the Lower George Inn, adjoining the Leeds and Elland farnpike [turnpike] foad, [road] and occupied by John Sehoficld, [Schofield] Ann Thornton, Philip Shaw, and Samuel Buekte [Bucket] ' Lot 3.-A Plot or Piece of BUILDING GROUND, new used as a garden, situate at the east-en of the last-men- [mentioned] tioned [toned] Cottages, with the Outbuildings, now or lately oceu- [ice- occupied] pied as a Stable, having a frontage to the turnpike road ct eleven yards, or thereabouts, and cgntaining [containing] 132 squa o [qua o] yards, more or less. Lot 4.-A Substantial and Commodious FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] situate at. Spout, in Rastrick, formerly erected by Mr. Thomas Fryer, and oceupied [occupied] by him up t his death, but now by Mrs. Fryer, his widow, t gethe- [together- forthwith] with the, Garden Ground, Outbuildings, and nances [nance] thereto, near the said Messuage, [Message] together wah [was] he tr en re thuildings [buildings] and Appurtenances thereta [there] belonging, ie. by John Helm and John Dickinson. HAR ow N.B.-The last-mentioned Lot ig ied un dene ot supplied by a never t 5.-Six substantial PREEROLD [PREVAILED] COTTAGES o DWELLING-HOUSES, with the Appurtenances situa, [sta] ne the a ot aan [an] Pane, in trick, occupie [occupied by mas Singleton, d, ey Vickerman, and John. Brearly, Lot 6.-The PRINCIPAT [PRINCIPAL] SUMS of 100 and BLOCK, securce [secure] ton tha [that] Pails of the Bradford and Hue, ersfield [afield] tarmpike [turnpike] rong [ring] upon which interest at 5 jer [her] centum [cent] per annum, as. been punctually paid for many years past, . for fitrther [truth] information, apply to Mr. J. HERON, of the 'Wegt. [West] Riding Unjeg [ING] Company, Huddeisfie [Huddersfield] d ; 'Mr. DearNacy, [Dearnley] Rastrick or ' Mr. HIGHAM, Solicitor, Brighquse, [Brighouse] 29th May, 1850, bookcase tomatch, [to match] especially desirable to fit recesses in any. R. MOORE will SELL by AUCTION, on . AUPPERSFIELD [HUDDERSFIELD] 4 Lr. a aa iS VAN