Huddersfield Chronicle (07/Feb/1891) - Marsden: Local Board

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Local Board.

A meeting of the Marsden Local Board was held oil Friday. In the absence of the chairman. Mr. J.B. Robinson, Mr. J. Crowther. J.P., presided, and there were also present Messrs. 8. Thorpe, J. Schofield, F. Goodall, J.S. Bower, W. Haigh, and H. Fisher. The following accounts were passed for payment :— Main roads, £191 1s. 5d. ; other roads, £139 12s. 3d. ; district account, 15s. 6d. An agreement was read and approved as to the cost of the repair of the roads in consequence of the extraordinary traffic caused by the construction of the new tunnel by the railway company. Mr. Crowther and the surveyor were appointed to wait upon Mr. Hughes, the Corporation engineer at Butterley, with respect to the extraordinary traffic caused by the construction of the new reservoir, in order to arrange for some payment to be made to the Board. Tenders were accepted from Messrs. Dempster, of Elland, for the iron work required for the new bridge, and from Mr. J. Whitehead for mason's work, and Mr. Kirk was appointed to provide the necessary iron work for alterations already agreed to at Mr. Robinson's. Letters were received from Messrs. Kirk and Whitehead resigning their positions on the Board. The following allowances were made in the district rate for poverty £3 16s empty property £35 6s. 11d. The total amount of the rate was £538 11s. 1½d. A memorial for gas lamps to be erected in Spring Hill Road was referred to the Gas Committee. The other business was not of public interest.

Huddersfield Chronicle (07/Feb/1891) - Marsden: Local Board


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