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The BHudders [Shudder] 4. 4 a cla [cl] Ciro [Cairo] oye [oe] AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTISER SATURDAY, JULY 6, 1850. nM cle [ce] Price 43d. co 18 EBY [BY] GIVEN, that a se 7 18 ae eed [ed] THE UNITARIAN situated at BaTH-BUILDINGS, [Bath-BUILDINGS] in the Parish of ip, in the county of York, in the District of 21d d] Union, being a Building certified accord- [accorded] 1 Place of Religious Worship, was, on the zw Lat [C] te of June, 1650, DULY REGISTERED ot EMNIZING [MINCING] a pursuant to ct of och and 7 is Twenty-sixth day of June, 1850. CQOKSON JACKSON] STEPHENSON FLOYD, Superintendent Registrar. gwed [Wed] tn 8 pe Act qiwess [prowess] IDING [RIDING] REGISTRATION ASSOCIATION. -pDERSFIELD [Huddersfield] DISTRICT BRANCH ryt [rt] ASSOCIATION. THOS. ROBINSON, Esq., Savincs' [Savings] Bank BUILDINGS. to varti [vat] -. con will give information to parties applying to Ur. rs Gonnected [Connected] with the registration, and te CT mn the followin [following] ig points - Whether the names of such parties are already on 'he resister ich [inch] will confer th linds [kinds] of property whic [which] confer the county pi a hich, [which] from their great number and com- [franc] franc cannot be easily specified in an advertisement. ee 'gill also give information to parties having pro- [brother] other parts of the riding, and will facilitate their same. . pun. een [en] will also be furnished to parties having a ras [as] OF ic so to do, Which, when filled up, Mr. R. will of and see to their being duly served upon the wEST-R [West-R] ny in ete [tee] application is requested, as the time for commences on the Ist [Its] of July and extends pe ith [it] of that month only. Wi, has a few Freeholds to DISPOSE OF, Qualify the Purchasers. ae Bank Buildings, Swi [Si] adersficld, [Huddersfield] June 21, 1850. akin THE HUDDERSFIELD ASSOCIATION FOR THE BREEDS OF PIGS AND POULTRY. Established 9tk [9th] June, 1849. President. p. N. R. BATTY, Esq., Fenay Hall. Vice-P residents. WR, C. STANSFIELD, Esq., M.P. H, W. WIcKHAM, [Wickham] Esq., Kirklees Hall. W. W. Battye, Esq., Thorpe Villa. JouN [John] SUTCLIFFE, Esq., Hu dersfield. [Huddersfield] Josera [Joseph] Brook, Esq., Greenhead. FIRTH, Esq., Toothill. GEORGE CRUSLAND, [CROSLAND] Esq., Crosland . Esq., Meltham Hall. JuskPH [Joseph] STARKEY, Esq., Woodhouse. GroRcE [Grocer] ARMITAGE, Esq., Edgerton Hiil. [Hill] Jeremiall [Jeremiah] Ritey, [Riley] Esq., Rose Hill Treasurer. -,T. J. WicxeEy, [Wicket] George Hotel, Huddersfield. Secretary. Mr. Frepertc [Repertoire] TURNER, Huddersfield. Committee. Mr. JosepH [Joseph] BEAUMONT, Jun., Clare Hill. Mr, Cuas. [Cas] Wa. Brook, Greenhead. Mr. Frep. [Free] 8S. Brook, Birkby. Mr. Brook, Terrace, Mr. Brook, Colne Villa. Mr. Junx [June] Sheepridge. Mr, T. P. CROsLAND, [Crosland] Crosland Moor. Mr. Jonx [Jon] DovciLt, [Deficit] Thorp House. Mr. Josuta [Just] Eastwoop, [Eastwood] Meltham. Mr. . Floyp, [Floyd] Sands. Mr. ALexaxpER [Alexander] HaTHorn, [Hawthorn] Longley Hall. Mr. Bess. Hey, Turnbridge. Mr. HENRY Foundry. Mr. F. R. Juxes, [Jules] Jun., Lane Ends. Mr. Tuomas [Thomas] LEADBEATTr&r, [Lambert&r] Mirfield. Mr. JouN [John] Matiinson, [Matins] Thickholiings, [Collins] Mr. Sipvey [Spivey] MuREHOUSE, [Warehouse] Morecroft. [More croft] Mr, James Nortu, [North] King's Mill. Mr. T. C. Ruopes, [Ropes] Clough House. Mr Beyxriry [Bribery] Woodfield House. Mr. MatrHew [Matthew] Sykes, Milnsbridge. SECOND ANNUAL SHOW OF THE ABOVE ASSOCIATION Vill [Bill] be held in the HUDDERSFIELD CRICKET GROUND, on aivsY, [Daisy] the 25rd day of August, 1850, when the following ris [is] will be offered for competition - PIGS, ptt [pt] 2 8. 3 Pe LASs [Lass] .-For the Best Boar of any age, pure, large breed .. ast [at] Second Best do. do. 110 -For the Best Sow of anyage, [any age] pure, 3 Second Best do. do. 110 For the Desi [Dis] Boar of anyage, [any age] pure, small breed 3 Second Best do. do. 110 For the Best Sow of anyage, [any age] pure, small breed 3 Second Best do. do. 110 For the Best Buar [Bar] of any age, of any other wes [West] ota [oa] owe 3 Second Best do. do. 110 for the Best Sow of any age, of any other 583 a eee [see] Second Best do. do. 110 'Tor the Best Boar, not exceeding 14 months old, small breed ees [see] sive [side] as Second Best do. do. 1 .-For the Best Sow, not exceeding 14 months vld, [old] small breed vee [see] we 2 Second Best do. do. 1 For the Best Pen of three Pigs, of one litter, under nine months old, sis sae [sea] LaF [La] Second Best do. do. 010 -tor the Best Pen of three Pigs, of one litter, under four months old. ee 1 Second Best do. do. 010 --For the Best Store Pig of any age ... .. 110 90 Porth Best do. vee [see] ..015 For the Best Store Pig, the propert [property] buuriny [urinary] Mon. F operty [property] of a tae [tea] 2 Second Best do. do. 110 Third Best do. do. 1 Fourth Best do. do. 015 Fifth Best do. do. 010 Sixth Best do. do. 5 For POULTRY. or the Best 2 Golden Pheasant Hens Cock 010 For thy Second Best do. do. 5 the Best 2 Silver Pheasant Hens Cock 010 i Fur the pond Best do. do. 5 the Best 2 Chittaprat [Chartered] Hens and Cock ...0 [10 L-Fur Second Best do. do. 5 ' Best 2 Dorking Hens and Cock ... ... 010 For th Second Best oO. do. 5 tie Best 2 Malay Hens and Cock... ... 910 Foy the Toad Best do. do. 5 2 Spanish Hens and Cock ... ... 010 For the cond [con] Best do. do. 5 Best 2 Cochin China Hens and Cock 010 O L Pur [L Our] the (od Best do. do.0 [do] 5 sie [Sir] Sest [Sets] 2 Polish Hens and Cock ... ...010 Fe the Bod Gest [Est] 0. do. 5 wd. Spangled Hamburgh [Hamburg] Hens se ne ae O10 [O] tl Best do. 5 we Set 2 Game Hens and Cock ... ... 010 i For the mood Best do. do. 5 breed ' Hens and Cock of any other Second Best do do. 5 toe Best 2 Hens and Cock of any other ing Mug the property of a Labour- [Labour] 010 Send Go, da 07 6 pond Best do. do. 5 yyy [ty] fourth Best do. do. 2 6 Seon [Son] Bantam Hens and Cock ... ... 010 Best do. .0 [7 6 Chickens of any breed erel ere] and 2 Pullets) aes [as] .. 9010 oud Best do. do. 7 6 Fup Up] the ard [ad] Best do. do. 5 Cocker on 3 Chickens of any breed Mage te property of 010 Tee Best do. do. 07 6 pod Best do. do. 5 For the ourth [court] Best do do 2 6 He Best Cock of ' . Sec '& Ol any breed or cross ...... 05 Pur Our] the Eo Best do on. 02 6 So Hen of any breed or cross 5 Por Or] tg Bead Best do. 1... 2 6 i St Turkey Hens and Cock 010 For the Best do 5 zz Scan Turkeys 010 Mo the Band Best do. we tate [rate] 5 Soom [Room] Geeseand [Geese and] Gander... 1... 010 Bee er tac [ta] Bend Best do 5 rE Best 3 . Second Benes [Bees] ses [se] ae 010 For the Bes nd Bestdo, [Best] 0) 5 Sec, 2 Ducks and Drake 211 [W 010 eBat [beat] se 7 ee 5 Vt 3 Ducklings Send Bae [Be] 88 8 EXTRA STOCK. hot within the descripti [description] ses, [se] Bi 1 ription [option] of any of the bons [bond] of Commendation (where deserv- [deserve- deserve] op ES for Ge '. of any description, must be made AY, the 10th of AUGUST NEXT; and ws ee the party Exhibiting Two MONTHS Uy iptions Options] for show Unless bred by the Exhibitor ived [ives] 'or the current Vear [Year] Which 4 tite, [title] by the Tr year, are now due, b, is casurer, [ca surer] Secretary, or any of the Sheote [Sheet] 7; May the Rules annexed, and Forms of By to the Secretary. 7 order of the Committee 3 FREDERIC eld, [ed] May 25, 1850 TURNER, Secretary. EDUCATION. ---- - TRE [RE] MISSES CLAY respectfully intimate to Z their Friends that the Duties of their Establi [Establish] will be RESUMED on Monpay, [Monday] J uly [July] 29th. [the] New HUDDERSFIELD. ALBION-STREET ACADEMY, FOR CLASSICAL eT 'HEMATICAL [MEDICAL] - MERCIAL [COMMERCIAL] PURSUITS. AND COM DEARDEN to announce that th e Scholastic Duties of his Establishment will be RESUMED on Monpay, [Monday] July 15th. [the] Cards of Terms and most respectable Ref. be had at the Academy. pee oneness ey CLASSICAL COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, HOLMFIRTH. ME BURTON continues to receive a limited ; number of Young Gentlemen to Board and Educate in the Greek and Latin Classics, the various branches of Mathematical Science, English Literature, and all the ne- [necessary] cessary [necessary] parts of a liberal, intellectual, and systematic Edu- [Ed- Education] cation, on the following terms - Pupils under T are of aoe [are] upils [Pills] under Ten years of age ............ 22 Guineas. Pupils above Ten)... a Weekly ig No Extras except for Stationery. 7 French, German, Music, and Drawing on the usual oe by approved Masters. ns uarter's [quarter's] Notice is required or payment fo prior to the removal of 'a Pupil, 7 on paym [pay] 8 Quarter GRAMMAR SCHOOL, BARKISLAND [Bark island] NEAR HALIFAX. Me ROUSE begs to announce that this SCHOOL will be RE-OPENED on the 24th of July. The course of Instruction comprises the Classics, Mathe- [Mate- Mathematics] matics, [Matins] Arithmetic, Geography, History, English Grammar, &c.; Writing, Drawing, Land Surveying, the French Lan- [An- Manage] age, &e.; and the Terms are from 24 Guineas to 28 uineas [guineas] per Annum. The Salubrity of the Situation is not exceeded by that of any other part of Yorkshire. Pupils of a delicate constitution have here been restored, im [in] numerous instances to vigorous health. The School, as conducted by the present Master, has long possessed the high honour of being recommended by the Right Honour- [Honourable] able Lady Mary Horton and the Venerable Archdeacon Musgrave, MAKING PLACE HALL. WILLIAM DOVE, PRINCIPAL. Me DOVE will be assisted by the following RESIDENT MASTERS. A Graduate of Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow, or Dublin, who has distinguished himself in Classics. A Commercial Master, who, from long practical expe- [exe- experience] rience, [reins] has a thorough knowledge of Book keeping, by Single and Double Entry, and is well versed in Mental Calculations and Commercial Correspondence. A superior English Master. A Mathematical Master. A Writing Master. A Master excelling in Mental and Short Calculations. A Drill Master (non-Commissioned), who takes charge of the young Gentlemen during the hours of recreation. A Dancing Master, who, in addition to attending to his own Classes, assists the Drill Master in taking charge, &c. A Land Surveyor. A native of France or Germany. A Music and Singing Master. A Drawing Master this gentleman attends one day each week-all other are resident. A Puysician, [Physician] from Halifax, attends the Academy monthly, whose province is to attend to the health of the Pupils, without any extra charge to the Parents. ACCOMMODATION FOR ONE HUNDRED BOARDERS. NO DAY SCHOLARS RECEIVED. Prizes amounting to 30 will be awarded at the termina- [terminal- termination] tion [ion] of every Half- [Half year] Year. 'The Schoo) [School] will RE-OPEN on WEDNESDAY, the 24th July, 1850. Address,-Box 7, Post-office, Ripponden, near Halifax. Making Place Hall, July, 1850. HOLMES BROTHERS, 21,NEW STREET, ARE the present opportunity of announcing that th e . SHOWER, SPONGE, ROMAN HIP, SIT inspection of the Public, Ss was SLIPPER have received a large Assortment of BATHS, &c., to which they invite the 28, NEW-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. SHAW begs to pall attention to his guperb [superb] Stock 2 of NOVELTIES, adapted for the present on, consisting of an extensive and choice rtmengof [Redmond] PRINTED MUSLINS, BAREGES, [BARGES] BA POPLINS, DELAINES, [DEALINGS] ALPACCAS, [ALPACAS] RIBBONS, PA LS, FLOWERS, GLOVES, MANTLES, Love oni [on] Square BAREGE [BARGE] SHAWLS, in all the Newest Styles and i - . lo g --S i i i is invited, a8 the whole are quite new. oF oveny [even] Gescription [Description] 0. wilh [will] an . 8. would here call particular attention to his Stock of BONNETS, in LUTON, DUNSTABLE, RICE, CHIP, and FANCY STRAWS, as t care is taken in al being i i Assortment of BLACK BONNETS constantly on hand. [C] Pt the most Fashionable Styles.-A. large MILLINERY, BONNETS, and MANTLES made to 8 28, NEW-STREET, 2 upon the Premises, with the greatest dispatch. SAMUEL SHAW. '& HATS HATS8 [HATS] EAGLETON'S FASHI0 [FASHION] NOBLE HAT DEPOT, No. 20, CROSS-CHUS [CROSS-THUS] H-STREET. Sea . DECIDEDLY THE HUDZ [HUD] ERSFEELD. [AFIELD] a E. EAGLETON, Harter, [Carter] respectfully thanks e response to his earlier announcements, and assures them. and supply such Goods only as will yield complete satisfaction. .J. E. E. has pleasure in calling present attention to his superb Stock in this locality for price and quality. The most fanciful may meet with their wishes in shape and style. His Youth's and Children's HATS are unrivalled for suitability and adaptation to age and appearance. To prevent disappointment, be particular to observe the Address - J. E. HEAGLETON, [HAMILTON] HATTER, . No. 20, Church-street, the Sign of the Large Golden Hat. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CORN WAREHOUSE, 17, CROSS CHURCH-STREEE, [CHURCH-STREET] HUDDERSFIELD. a HOPKINSON begs to call the attention of the Public of Huddersfield and Neighbourhood to -HATS a aoe [are] al of French HATS, most certainly unequalled the List of Prices below - Best Herts [Hearts] Amber Mal [Al] eS a erts [arts] Amber Towa [Town] 38 2 Strike, Yorkshire Malt ........... 2 10 ditto. a FLOUR. . est Biscuit Flour .......... 8 per Stone. Best Double Super 6 ditto. Fine French ditto 10 ditto. Common Flour 2 ditto. Oat Meal, best 6 ditto. Sharps, Bran, Barley, Oats, Beans, Wheat, &c., &c., equally low, Fig Meal, various sorts, 13s. 6d. to 16s. per Pack. Domestic Salt per Pack............. 2s. 9d. Common Salt per Pack 2s. HATS HATS HATS BAYLDON'S FASHIONABLE HAT WAREHOUSE, . 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET,;HUDDERSFIELD. B. returns his thanks to his friends and the public Zor [Or] the decided preference given to his Hats, e over all others, and begs leave to inform the Public, thatthe [that the] has just received a new assortment of Infants', Boyes Youths', and Gentleman's HATS, of every description, of thé [the] Newest Shapes. . B. particularly wishes to make it known to his friends, that lis [is] Fancy Hats, in Black and Drab, is of the Newest Styles, and at such Prices as never offered to the Public. an LIST OF PRICES - Well-made Hats, from 4s. 6d to 5s. 6d. at 6s. and 7s. 6d. beatiful [beautiful] Velvet, Fashionable in Shape, and splendid in Colour, warranted to wear well, at 8s. 6d., and 10s. A well of French and Satin Velvet N aps, [as] in every Style and strength, at 12s. the richest, First-class Hats that can be made,complete with every variety of style, and ail the new improvements, perfect in ventilation, having no superior in'qualiiy [in'quality] at any price. The above List of Prices will be found such as has never beforgibeem [Belgium] offered, and places all Competition at an immense distan [distant 2 BOY'S AND MENS' [MEN] CAPS AT REDUCED PRICES. ce. WATCHES AND 16, MARKET PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD. W RICHARDSON begs to acquaint his Friends the Public, that his Stock is replete with LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S AND SILVER PATENT LEVER AND HORIZONTAL WATCHES of first-rate quality and from his #gactical [critical] knowledge, he can recommend. &. 8. d. a &. s. d Gentlemen's Gold Levers from.......... ssesesseeeeeee [assesses] 1010 Ladies Gi 8 10 0 [10] Ditto Silver GO. 310 O Ditto 440 W. R. takes this opportunity of informing the Public, that firs any difficulty in repairing Foreign Watches satisfactorily AND TO HAS DONE) IS AN INSULT AND LIBEL ON THE TRADE; BUT AS THER [THE] TOWN, THE PUBLIC WILL NOT BE DELUDED BY SUCH FALSE REPRES [REPRESS] N.B.-JEWELLERY and PLATE REPAIRED, with despate [despite] THE PREMISES. A assortment of BRAHAM'S PATENT SPECTACLES 4 Article, as the patent is out long ago.- [ago] Fiat Justitia. [Justice] care, by a WosKING [Working] JEWELLER KEPT ON UDDERSFIELD [HUDDERSFIELD] COLLEGE, (incorporated with the Univorsity [University] uf [of] Luudun.) [Laden] PATRONS. The Most Noble the Marquis of NORMANBY, The Right Hon. the Earl of CaRLISLE. [Carlisle] The Right Hon. the Earl GREY. The Right Hon. Sir C. Woon, [Soon] Bart., M.P. Sir GEORGE STRICKLAND, Bart., M.P. W. R. C. STANSFIELD, oe M.P. E. Jun., Esq., M.P. R. Cospen, [Cos pen] Esq M.P. JoHN [John] SUTCLIFFE, Esq. ....,.. President. WILtiam [William] WILLANS, Esq. .... Vice-President. FREDERIC SCHWANN, Esq. ... Treas urer. [err] Tuomas [Thomas] Pitt, Esu. [Use] ............ Honorary Secretary. Rev. J. LL.D., Principal. MASTERS. Upper School. T. K. Favts, [Facts] Esq. English, Classical, and Mathe- [Mate- Thereof] Rev. J. Morcan, [Morgan] M.A. matical [medical] Masters. Mons. CHEMERY, [CHERRY] B.L.... French Master. Mr. R. D. Gooc#......... [Good] Commercial and Writing Master. Lower School. Mr. G. MzaBy, [Baby] Trin. [Tin] Coll., Dublin .... Senior Master. Mr. J. Bates, B.A Junior Master. Extra Subjects. Rev. J. Morgan, M.A. .......... Chemistry. Mr. Li. SULAU [SLAY] German. . Mr. R. D. GOOCH ..............0066 Mechanical Drawing. Mr. G. D. TOMLINSON............ Ornamental Drawing. Mr. J. HARRY Drilling. Assistant Secretary-Mr. E. BattYe. [Battye] The general course of study, in the Upper School, com. rises Scripture History and Evidences; the Greek, Latin, English, and French Languages; Arithmetic, pure and Commercial; Writing; the principles of Book-keeping ; Algebra; Geometry Mechanics practical Mensuration ; Trigonometry; the Elements of Natural and Experimental Philosophy Ancient and Modern History Geography, Physical, Descriptive, and Commercial; Composition, and Elocution. . The terms for the general course, in the Upper School, are Ten Pounds per Annum for the Lower School, Five Pounds Ten Shillings per Annum; to nominees of Pro- [Proprietors] prietors, [proprietors] Nine Pounds and Five Pounds per Annum respec- [respect- respectively] tively [lively] to be paid half-yearly in advance. An entrance fee of Half-a-Guinea is also charged, for the purpose of raising a fund for procuring Philosophical Apparatus and a Library for the use of the Pupils. . Students preparing, after matriculation, to graduate in the University of London, Fifteen Pounds per Annum. Extras.-Chemistry, Two Guineas German, Two Gui- [GI- Guineas] neas; [near] Mechanical and Ornamental Drawing, Two Guineas each per Annum. The discipline of the College is maintained without cor- [corral] ral [al] punishment. . a dadition [addition] to the distribution of prize books and certi- certain- certificates] ficates [certificates] of merit and honour, the following Medals are offered for annual competition . A Gold Medal, of the value of Five Pounds, by the Right Hon. the Earl of Carlisle, for the best English Essay. Silver Medals, to the amount of Four Pounds, for the promotion of Classical Literature, by W. R. C. Stans- [Stand- Stansfield] field, Esq., M. P. Silver Medals, to the amount of Five Pounds, for pro- [proficiency] ficiency [deficiency] in Mathematical and Commercial knowledge, by John Sutcliffe, Esq., President. . A Silver Pen, for the best specimen of Penmanship, by W. Willans, Esq., Vice-President. The following Masters receive pupils of the College, as Boarders, on moderate terms -Dr. Milne, Belgrave-terrace; Mr. Faulls, [Falls] College; Rev. J. Morgan, Elmfield-house; Mr. Meaby, [Meany] Newhouse; Mr. Chemery, [Cherry] Wentworth-place. Applications for admission of pupils, and nominations, to be addressed to the Principal, or the Honorary Secretary. The College will be RE-OPENED on Monpay, [Monday] the Di f July. Teepe [Peep] y THOS. PITT, Hon. Sec. Huddersfield, June 26, 1850. J. BAIRSTOW, PRINTER, BOOKSELLER, BOOKBINDER, AND NEWS-AGENT, 37, CROSS CHURCH-STREET, ETURNS [RETURNS] thanks to the Inhabitants of Hud- [HUD- HUD] R dersfield [Huddersfield] and Neighbourhood, for the extensive and liberal support he has been favoured with during the last -ears-and, in soliciting their continued patronage, woul [would] fully eall [all] attention to his STOCK of BOOKS. . The STOCK of STATIONERY consists of Ledgers, Day Books, &c., ruled and bound on the premises, and for quality of paper, durability of binding, and cheapness, cannot be surpassed. Acount [Account] Books ruled and bound on the shortest notice. ; J. B. would particularly direct the attention of the Public to his CIRCULATING LIBRARY, h Containing upwards of 3,000 Volumes, by the best authors, including the works of Dickens, Bulwer, [Buller] Currer [Cure] Bell, Thackeray, Ainsworth, Cooper, Sir Walter Scott, Jane Porter, &c., &c., in addition to which are the Monthl [Month] and Quarterly Periodicals, Westminster Review, Edinburgh Review, Bentley's New Monthly, Fraser's Magazine, Blackwood's Magazine, Art Journal, Atheneum, [Athens] &c. &c. The LONDON and PROVINCIAL NEWSPAPERS Supplied on the several days of publication. SCHOOLS AND MECHANICS' INSTITUTES Furnished with Books, Paper, &c and every other requi- [require- requisite] . site on the most reasonable terms. Books AND Music PaRcELs [Parcel] FRoM [From] LONDON AND INSTANT RELIEF AND A ASTHMA AND CONSUMPTION, COUGHS, COLDS, AND LUNGS, ARE INSU [INST] D' LocOocK's [Cook's] PULM. [PLUM] CURE OF COUGH, AND COMPLETE RESTORATION OF VOICE. 7, Alicia-street, Sculcoats, [Cyclists] Hull, Jan. 9, 1847. Sir,-Having been cured of a most obstinate hoarseness and cough (which for a considerable time totally deprived me of the use of my voice) by means of Locock's [Cock's] Pulmonic Wafers, and having spent pounds in seeking relief, but all to no purpose, I scarcely know how to express my gratitude for the surprising and sudden change they have wrought upon me. I feel the least I can do is to assure you it will give me unfeigned pleasure to satisfy any one who favours mne [men] With a call, as to the wonderful efficacy of these wafers. (Signed), J. MEMELL. [Meme ll] CURE OF DISORDERS OF THE BREATH AND NIC WAFERS. G CURE OF ASTHMA OF TEN YEARS' STANDING. Princes-end, Tipton, March 20, 1846, Sir, -I Mave [Nave] for the last ten years been afflicted with an asthma, dt ing which time I have tried every known remedy, the best medical advice possible for me to get. e spent from 40 to 50 on medical advice to no avail; and I gave up all hopes of ever isease [disease] removed, until I was recommended to try Wafers. I purchased two small boxes and one large one, months since, by which I am now perfectly cured, and to return many thanks, &c. (Signed,) HENRY BISHTON. To Mr. John J. Williams, chemist, Tipton. IMPORTANT TO ALL WHO SING. . CURES OF CONSUMPTION IN (From S. Petrsall, [Perusal] Esq., Her Majesty's Concerts, and Vicar-Choral of Lichfield Cathedral.) Gentlemen,-I can myself speak of your Wafers with the . 5 Lichfield, July 10, 1845, greatest confidence, having recommended them in many Gentlemep,-A [Gentlemen,-A] lady of distinction having pointed out to cases of pulmonary consumption, and they have always me the qualities of Dr. Locock's [Cock's] Wafers, I was induced to afforded relief when every thing else has failed, and the make trial of a box, and from this trial I am happy to give patients having been surfeited with medicine, are delighted my testim [times] in their favour. I find, by allowing a few to meet with so efficient a remedy, having such an agree- [agreeable] able taste. J, MAWSON. of the Wafers (taken in the course of the day) to eradually [gradually] dissolve in the mouth, my voice becomes bright and clear, and the tonefull [Fulstone] and distinct. Thev [The] are decidedly the most 13, Moseley-street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. efficacious ofany [of any] I have ever used. S. PEARSALL. [Pears all] TO SINGERS AND PUBLIC SPEAKERS they are invaluable, as a few hours they remove all Hoarseness, and wonderfully increase the power and flexibility of the Voice. THEY HAVE A PLEASANT TASTE. Price Is. 14d., 2s. 9d., and 11s. per Box. Agents -DA SILVA anp [an] Co., 1, Bride-lane, Fleet-street, Logdon. [London] Sold by all Medicine Vendors. Pp ware And are the only remedy recommended to be taken by Ladies. They fortify the constitution at all periods of life, and in all Nervous Affections act like a charm. They remove all OsstRUcTIONs, [Instructions] HEAVINESS, FATIGUE on SLIRT [SKIRT] EXERTION, PALPITATION of the Heart, LowNess [Lowness] of Spirits, WEAKNESS, and ALLAY Parn. [Par] They create APPETITE, and remove INDIGESTION, HEARTBURN, WIND, HEAD-ACHES, GIDDINESS, &C. In HysTERICAL [Hysterical] DISEASES a proper perseverance in the use of this Medigine [Medicine] will be found to effect a Cure after all other means have failed. ',' Full Directions are given with 'every Box. NotE.-Those [Not.-Those] Wafers do not contain any Mineral, and may be 'either dissolved in water or whole. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS; OBSERVE -There are various Counterfeits of this Medicine in the form #f MrxtuREs, [Mixtures, Pints, &c. Purchasers must therefore observe that none are genuine but WAFERS, and that the words- Dr. Locock's [Cock's] WAFERS, are in the Stamp outside each Box. 4 The counterfeit Medicines have words on the Stamp so nearly resembling 'these as to mislead the unwary. Purchasers Price 1s. 1 d., 2s. 9d., and 11s. per Box. must therefore strictly observe the above caution. The 2s. 9d. Boxes contain nearly Three of the small size, and the lls. [ll] Boxes Five of those at 2s. 9d. AGENTS FOR HUDDERSFIELD-Mr. JACOB FELL and Mr. ENGLAND, Chemists. TUESDAYS ONLY, FROM 11 UNTIL 5 O'CLOCK, No, 8, KIRKGATE, HUDDERSFIELD, L, E. FRANKS, Spectacle Maker, Lecturer on the Bye, feels pleasure in stating that he has engaged Apartments at Messrs. ABBOTT Co.'s, TOBACCONISTS, THE OLD CHURCH, OPPOSITE THE Pack Horse Inn, HUDDERSFIELD, where he will attend professionally on TUESDAYS ONLY, with a selection of his well-known 4 SPECTACLES AND EYE-GLASSES. Mr. F. adjusts Spectacles to defective Sight, on principles acquired in an extensive practice, so as to give the greatest assistance scientific means can accomplish, in preserving Eyesight to the latest period of life; and as a proof of ability, Mr. F. respectfully requests attention to the following copy of Testimonial from the Faculty of Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield [Huddersfield] and neighbourhood i Mr. Franks, the Optician, having delivered Public Lectures in this town on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Eye, combined with the abuse of Spectacles, we, the undersigned Surgeons, are of opinion that he has devoted much time and attention to study the subject, therefore have much pleasure in recommending Mr. Franks as an Optician to those who may require the assistance of Spectacles. R. Cameron M.D....... Huddersfield. John Dyson -3........- Surgeon...... Honley. J. T. Bradshaw ......... Surgeon...... Huddersfield. J. E. Fosbrooke......Surgeon......Milnes [Brooke......Surgeon......Milnes] Bridge. Wm. Greenwood ....... Surgeon...... Huddersfield. John Machill...........Surgeon......Lindley. [Marshall...........Surgeon......Lindley] Robinson Sons....Surgeons..... Huddersfield C] Charles Sykes'......... Surgeon...... lear. [real] Samuel Booth ............ Surgeon...... Huddersfield. J, Surgeon...... Golcar. J. Surgeon...... Huddersfield. J, Roberts ...3......... Surgeon...... Slaithwaite. ' Jonas Hellawell ......... Sanger seven Huddersfield. John Surgeon...... Linthwaite, 66 J. Mold Green. 6 Edward Trotter ...... Surgeon......Newmill. J. Surgeon...... [Almondbury. Martin .....;........Surgeon...... Holmfirth 6 W. Surgeon...... Lockwood. Benjamin Y .....Surgeon...... Holmfirth. [C] Richard Allatt............ Surgeon......Paddock. Charles Trottep....... [Trotter] Surgeon......Ho . Edward Lees........... Surgeon...... Honley. H. Martin 4....... Surgeon...... Holmfirth. tacles [tables] to Mr. Franks' examination, will meet sith [Smith] a candid opinion and he will not t proving their superiority. Any article purc [pure] and not approved will be exchanged. N.B.-NO HAWKERS EMPLOYED. Parties submitting their S) recommend his own without TWICE A WEEK, GILBERT'S NEWLY-INVENTED PATENT SLIPPER BATH URPASSES [PASSES] every other. From its peculiar construction, a much smaller quantity of water is required, thus greatly economizing both trouble and time. In using this BATH, the position is exceedingly comfortable, and the facility of getting in and out very great. Any one possessing the BATH, will find it an article of the greatest economy and luxury ever offered to the public. It is highly recommended by the Medical Profession. SOLD BY EBENEZER THORNTON, STOVE, GRATE, AND FENDER WAREHOUSE, No. 16. New-street, Huddersfield. A L P A Cc A Cc A T S. When first Alpaca Coats came up, Which proves I did not do amiss I wonder'd what they were, In a coat like this. Seeing that these new over-coats I used to think the Blouses good, A Creed such a J j es A year or two ages nd off I went to M. and Son Coats And asked if I might look at one. But these Alpaca ye One of these coats was brought me down I wonder-not that MosEs' [Moss] Mart From crowded shelf, Jig cranmgm'd [Cranmer'd] chock full in ev'ry part. And, looking at it, I resolved. 2 'x C] Due fagb [fag] sirpris'd [surprise'd] me very much gy That U tg fast must be bE SS AE That these superior Sum ts and- redit [and- credit] did-'to MOsEs' [Moses] Mart. Should beso [best] cheaply sold. 'The summer coat I bought is fit T saw at once why Moses' Mart .. For wet or dusty weather Is cramm'd [cream'd] chock full in every part. And 'tis [is] so very light that I Compare it to a feather; OBSERVE E. MOSES AN D SON, Aldgate, City, London. TAKE till twelve o'clock. TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS, 19, THORNTON BUILDINGS, BRIDGE STREET, BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE. Branch of their London Establishment, 154, 155, 156, 157, and 838, 84, 85, and 86, opposite the Church, Corner of Minories and Aldgate, City, London, all communicating and forming one vast CauTion.-E. [Caution.-E] MOSES SON, regret having to guard the Public against imposition; having learned that the untradesman-like [tradesmen-like] falsehood ot being connected with them, or It's all the same concern, has been resorted to in many instances, and for obvious reasons. They have no connection with any other House in or out of London, except their Branch Establishments, 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield; and 19, Thornton's Buildings, Bradford, Yorkshire; and thos [this] desire genuine and Cheap Clothing, &c., should call at, or send to, either of their Branches, or to the Minories and tablishment. [establishment] those who oTICE.-This [notice.-This] Establishment is Closed from sunset Friday till sunset Saturday, when business is resumed NEW IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT, 32, KING-STREET. WOMERSLEY begs to inform the Public that he keeps constantly on hand a very Choice Selection of GENERAL and FURNISHING IRONMON- [IRON- IRONMONGERY] GERY [GREY] GOODS, of a first-rate quality and design; and which, on inspection, will be found to contain some of the Cheapest Articles in the Trade The Stock comprises STOVE GRATES, RANGES, FENDERS, FIRE IRONS, &c., suited for every kind of room and dwelling; Improved Cooking Ranges, &e. Best Japanned TEA TRAYS, TEA COFFEE POTS, Urns, Kettles, Dish Covers, Coal Vases, Hat and Umbrella Stands, Superior Cutlery, Door Mats, &e. &c. The Latest Improved Shower, Hip, Spunging, [Spinning] and other BATHS, at very reduced prices-with every other descrip- [Scrip- description] tion [ion] of Birmingham and Sheffield Goods in the Trade. Also, the Improved Patent WEIGHING MACHINES, of a very superior quality, adapted for any situation, or any description of goods. Bell-Hanging, and all kinds of Smith's Work, executed with the greatest care and punctuality. JOHN WINTER, LAND AGENT, ESTATE AUCTIONEER, AND GENERAL VALUER, SaLE [Sale] Rooms, Spring-street, Huddersfield. South-street. a wat [at] fos [fis] 7 THE DENTIST TO THE LATE KING OF FRANCE, RESIDENT IN HUDDERSFIELD. SCHOOL OF DENTISTS. HEVALIER [CHEVALIER] BERNASCONI [BENSON] De La BARRE, French Practical Engineer-Dentist and Botanical Chemist, of 30 years' experience, Si trova [drove] di Nuow [Now] di ritorno [return] da parigt [parity] e Londra, [London] ove [over] dimard [dimmed] 28 Anniin [Tannin] continua practica, [practical] inventor of various improvements in Dentistry, extensively known by the Nobility and Gentry of England and France, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, is now in Huddersfield, making Sets and partial Sets of most beautiful Teeth of surpassing beauty and durability, and admirably arranged to nature, which have been for many years success- [successfully] fully used, and excited great admiration in the Royal Court of France, who constantly favour him with their distin- [distinct- distinguished] guished [gushed] patronage, and who consider his system of supply- [supplying] ing artificial teeth to be superior to any in use by other members of the profession, in being better adapted for mastication which is most essential to health, and more favourable to strength, besides giving to the speech a pleasant articulation and amore [more] youthful appearance to the countenance. They are so constructed as to adapt themselves over the most tender gums without extractin [extract] the roots or stumps, or any other painful operation, an by a peculiar new method of modelling are fixed and removed with the least trouble, and without fear of injuring them. Those ladies and gentlemen who have been so unfortunate as to suffer from misfits or clumsy made teeth, under the hands of other practitioners, have now an oppor- [upper- opportunity] tunity [unity] of securing a perfect fit. M. DE La BaRRE's [Barre's] TERMS & 8. d. Tooth Extracting ... 6. we wee ee oe O 1 OO A Tooth stopped with Cement we oe O 1 atte [ate] 7a with Sole se ie ake [ale] 3 g Scaling and cleansing the tee ees [see sae [sea] A single Artificial Tooth... ... 5s. to 010 Improved Mineral... ... ... 15s. to 1 A Complete Set made of the Sea Horse's tusk... 5 93 on Palladium Frame ...10 9 6 on Gold Frame... ... ...15 Improved Mineral, on Gold Frame, better finished o and extra gold 2.0.0 [2.0] 20.0 [20] cee [see] cee [see] cee [see] nee nee He has in his posession [possession] an infallible remedy for curing, in a few weeks, the swelling of the neck, known by the name of Goitre, so prevalent in Switzerland and the north of Italy. Warranted to cure 19 cases out of 20, without in any way injuring the general habit. Defective palate or hollow roof of the mouth effectually remedied, at a little expense. Tic-doloreux [Tic-Dolores] and pai [pair] affections of the nerves success- [successfully] fully treated. Children's Teeth regulated, and other most delicate operations scientifically performed. Every facility afforded. No charge for consultation. Address at his La- [Laboratory] boratory, [Laboratory] Mrs. Woodhouse's, Confectioner, No. 5, West- [Westgate] gate, Huddersfield. Any gentleman, (even a lady,) or the son of respectable parents, desirous of becoming a good Dentist, have now an opportunity for instructions. In conclusion, and to meet the views of all parties, M. de la Barre begs to state that his connections in London and in towns on the continent will enable him to dispose of any kind of manufactured goods, such as are supplied from Huddersfield and its vicinity, and for this purpose he is open to barter for his professional services. ENGLISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, AND PORTUGUESE, FLUENTLY SPOKEN, AND MS. TRANSLATED. Eau SANITARIE [SANITARY] BUCCULE, [BUCKLEY] or cheap and invaluable den- [dentifrice] tifrice, [Dentifrice] for the teeth. This solution applied daily preserves and beautifies the teeth, extirpates all tartarous [Tartars] adhesion, whitens, arrests decay, and induces a healthy action to the gums. Sold in Bottles, one Shilling each. PouDRE [Poured] DENTIFRICE, or Georgian Corral Tooth Powder, a powerful Antiseptic, and effectual Detergent, and a good Astringent for loose or decayed teeth; bleeding of the gums, &c. It is purely a vegetable compound, exceedingly fragrant, and perfectly free from any mineral or pernicious ingredient it gives sweetness to the breath, and prevents and removes tartar from encrusting on the Teeth. In Boxes 1s. each, and sent to any part of the Kingdom, by Post, free. N.B.-All kinds of Pharmaceutique [Pharmaceutical] or Cosmetique [Cosmetic] pre- [preparations] parations, [preparation] whether intended for healing, removing deformi- [reform- deformities] ties, or to preserve the beauty, carefully prepared, and sold equally cheap. CoRsET [Cost] DE LA CoURT [Court] FRANCAISE, [FRANCHISE] OR ORTHOPEDIC [ATHLETIC] FRENCH STAYS, RECOMMENDED BY THE FACULTY OF PARIS AND Lonpon. [London] MADAME DE LA BARRE, French Corsetiere, [Corset] &c. &c., begs to inform the Ladies of Huddersfield and its vicinity, that she has returned from Switzerland and Italy, where she has acquired all the latest Improvements in the art of Fashion. French Stays, Dresses, Mantles, Pardessus, [Presses] Capries, [Caries] Children's Dresses, Pelerines, [Plains] Waist, Body, &c., made to order on the shortest notice. Address at her Room, Mre, [Mr] ay godhouse's, [Woodhouse's] Confectioner, No. 5, Westgate, Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] eld. [ed] THE Fasnions.- [Fashions.- Le Moniteur [Monitor] de la Mode Journal du grandmonde [condemned is received every week direct from Paris, together with any new patterns which may ap- [appear] pear in the French . Parisian Pattern Models natural size. - Supply to Ladies and Dressmakers,-it results from the use of those models that you can, with the greatest facility, obtain the true Parisian style. 2 N.B.- Apprentices, Improvers, and Stay Stitchers [stitches] Wanted, OBSERVE-ABBOTT CO.'S TEMPERANCE HOTEL, KIRKGATE, ON TUESDAYS ONLY. T be LET, ROOM and POWER, at a moder- [modern- moderate] ate Rental, at the Pappock [Pap pock] Mitts, First Room 63 feet long, 31 feet wide, 11 feet high; the Second Floor the same; the Third 63 feet long, 31 feet wide, 11 feet high; the Top Room the same, but divided by a Tenter Stone with three Tenters. The ine, [in] quite new, of 16 horse wer, [we] 20 horse Boiler, well supplied with good Soft Water. Wool Drying Room, ditto. Also an excellent House and Warehouse, Stabling, &c., adjoining, which may be had with the mill if required; the whole may be entered to immediately. . For further particulars apply to Miss Armitage, Hanover Street, Bradford; or onthe [other] Premises, to Mr. John Armitage. The above will either be let in one Lot or in Rooms. EGAL [GAL] AND COMMERCIAL LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE SOCIETIES. OFFICES, 73, CHEAPSIDE, LoNDON. [London] Advantages offered to the Assurers by these Societies -- LIFE Bonusses [Bonuses] every fifth year equal to 80 PER CENT of PRO- [PROFITS] FITS. Economy of Rates, especially for young lives. An Meee [Mere] of 100, at ngs [ng] 25, for 1 18s. 3d. per annum; or on Bonus Scale for 2 1s. 8d.; or at age 30, for 2 3s. 10d. per annum; on the Bonus Scale, 2 7s. 8d. Several New Tables have been added to the Prospectus of this Society, exhibiting features of great advantage to Assurers, and attention is especially called to the plan for acquiring Assurances by the payment ef small sums at con- [convenience] venience. [convenience] Payments to cease at any time. Half-yearly dr Quarterly Payments received. Assurers for 999 are entitled to attend and vote at thes [the] General meetings of the Society. FIRE. All extremely hazardous risks are excluded. Lower Rates of Premium are therefore charged on various important risks. x. Rebuceros [Rhinoceros] ot 50 per cent will be made on the seventh years' Premium of all Policies continued for that period. Losses settled liberally and promptly paid. The- [Throats] ipts [its] for Policies ing due at Midsummer are in the Agents' hands, and should be paid within Fif [If] ofthat [of that] date. as HuppersFIeLD..J. [Huddersfield..J] H. KILNER J. T. BrapsHaw, [Bradshaw] Esq. Bradford .. er SRO sesseseesse. [possesses] Douglas, - Barnsley .......... rge [re] Harrison, eee [see] TD. A Halifax. Sa J. Buckie ea Oe wees Wakefield ......... Thomas Senior ...............W. Statter, [Starter] Esq. LONDON NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY. MIDSUMMER HOLIDAYS. A NNUAL [ANNUAL] EXCURSION from HUDDERS [UDDERS] FIELD to LONDON and Back, (under the sanction of the Directors,) for TWENTY-FIVE SHILLINGS, in Closed Carriages, allowing a choice of seven, nine, eleven, thirteen, sixteen, or eighteen days in town. Trains are appointed to leave the LONDON aND [and] NoRTH- [North- Northeastern] WesteRN [Western] RaiLway [Railway] Station, HUDDERSFIELD, on the Mornings of SaTURDAY, [Saturday] the 13th of July, and MonDay, [Monday] the 15th of July, 1850, at Five o'clock punctually returning from the Euston Station, Lonpon, [London] at Half-past Six, om the Evenings of July 22nd, 26th, [the] and 31st; [st] taking up Pas- [Passengers] sengers [singers] each Morning at the undermentioned Stations, viz. HOURS OF DEPARTURE AND RATES OF FARE TO LONDON AND BACK. 3rd Class. 1st Clasa [Class] .3s.d. 8. d. & Be From Huddersfield ...... 5 0-150-1150-2100 [0-W-W-W] Longwood ......... 5 6-150-1150-2100 [6-W-W-W] Golear [Golcar] .............. 5 11-150-1150-2100 [11-W-W-W] Slaithwaite ....... 518-150-1150-21090 [W-W-W-W] Marsden............ 5 23--150-1150-2100 [23--W-W-W] Saddleworth ...... 5 388-146-1146-2 [W-W-W-2] 96 Greenfield ......... 5 47-146--1146-2 [47-W--W-2] 96 ss Mosley.............. 5 55-146-1146-2 [55-W-W-2] 96 Staleybridge [Stalybridge] ...... 6 0-146-1146-2 [0-W-W-2] 9 Joining the Manchester Train at Stockport. CHILDREN under Twelve Years of Age, HaLF-PRICE. [Half-PRICE] H days, a July 13th, g (Say 22nd. ays, [as] y 13th, 9 July 22nd. wero [were] 11 days, B July 15th; [the] 3 3 Jury 26th. [the] for 13 days, 9 4) July 13th, July 26th. [the] 16 days, July 15th, [the] 8 July 3lst. [last] 18 days, (July 13th,) (July 3lst. [last] ce will be Fer a te rotum [rom] from Manchester by y Train correspon [response] wi lass of their Ti the 28rd and O7th [Other] of July and Ist [Its] of Aten [Ten] ra aka, Tickets, bills, and every information may be obtained at the London and North-Western Railway Station, Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field, and at the Stations on the Line; or of Mr. HENRY R. MARCUS, M r and Conductor, 19, Leigh-street, Liverpool. A CHEAP TRIP TO PARIS, in connection with the above Trains oe of bg ee may be obtained on application Marcus, -pai [pair] i oP Stamp. y letter, post-paid, enclosing MELLOR'S PIANO-FORTE AND MUSIC ESTABLISHMENT, 28, CROSS-CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, And 16, Commercial -strest, [street] Leeds. Me. MELLOR, Prorsssorn [Procession] of Music and MUSIC-SELLER, respectfully announces that he has on hand an extensive assortment of PIANO-FORTES for SALE and Hire, which he has carefully selected from the celebrated Manufactories [Manufacturers] of Messrs. BroaDwoop [Broadwood] and Sons, and . Lurr, [Burr] and OETZMANN, [OTTOMAN] And which are unrivalled for richness of tone, touch, elegance and durabilrty [durability] of structure. Some of the NEw [New] Instruments i the first time in Huddersfield, and a wreak Reduetion [Reduction] oy Price has in most nee been attained, by the appli- [apply- application] cation of machinery, and the adopti [adopt] ill greater division of labour in their constructen [constructed] of stil [still] SHOW ROOMS UP STAIRS. SECOND-HAND PIANO-FORTES. CoLLaaD, [Collard] elasticity of 9. A 6 Octave Rosewood Cottage is 9 A6 Octave Upright, by Broadwood.............- 13 A6 Octave Square, by ditto 1200 One Ditto, by Stodart [Started] and Son 122 00 53 Octave Squares, from 40928 PIANO-FORTES TUNED, REPAIRED, AND TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. A Fine-Toned CHamper [Chamber] ORGAN for SALE or Hing, New Music from London twice a-week, on which from 20 to 30 per cent discount, for cash, is allowed from the published price. A quantity on hand at Half-price, Mitrrary [Military] Banps [Banks] SUPPLIED, s. d. CorNopeans, [Europeans] by Pack and other makers, from... 115 to 5 guineas. TROMBONES, alto, tenor, and bass 114 to 2 12s. 6d. OPHICLEIDES [INCLUDES] 310 Ditto, the very best English, reduced to... 415 VIOLINS 026 Several fine old Italian Instruments from ........ 202 to 5 guineas, VIOLONCELLOS from............. 110 Q Agent for the sale of the Parent HaRMONIUM. [Harmoniums] Every article in the Musio [Music] Trade at the lowest price. INSTRUCTION IN MUSIC, Mr. MELLOR gives Lessons im [in] the followi [follow] Music -The Piano-Forte, Organ, Thoroug [Through] Singing, at the residence of Pupils ;-also at hi ment, [men] assisted by Miss S. MEELon, [Melon] on days, and Saturdays, wheggin [weighing] addition to Hee [Her] mie [me] eae [ear] pas a which long 'approved by the for stimulating pupils and improvi [improve] ; Time. es