Huddersfield Chronicle (06/Feb/1869) - District Intelligence: Honley

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HOLMFIRTH FLOOD. — Yesterday (Friday) was the anniversary of the Holmfirth flood, and as the old adage, “February fill dyke,” was fast verifying in the forepart of the week, it brought vividity to the minds of the inhabitants residing on the banks of the river Holme the terrible calamity which devastated the valley 17 years ago, and many timid minds fear the repetition of it from the great quantity of water above Holmfirth, which they consider hangs in terrorum over the valley. But, happily, there seems to be no grounds for fear, as from the recent examination the reservoirs are reported to be in a safe state, and are calculated to withstand any great fall of rain which may happen, so that if “February till dyke, either with black or white,” should be fully verified, people may sleep in their beds with confidence, and without fear of a repetition of 1852.