Huddersfield Chronicle (06/Apr/1867) - Bradley: The Proposed Charter of Incorporation

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The Proposed Charter of Incorporation.

Last night a public meeting of the ratepayers of the hamlet of Bradley was held at the house of Mr. John Howgate, the White Cross Inn, for the purpose of considering the question of the proposed incorporation of Huddersfield, and to appoint a deputation to attend a meeting of the Huddersfield Improvement Commissioners on Wednesday evening next. S.W. Haigh, Esq., J.P., was appointed chairman, and spoke of the disadvantages of being connected of Huddersfield. After a short discussion it was resolve a deputation wait upon the Bradley Local Board on Monday next, and consult with them on the propriety of the Board appointing a joint deputation to wait upon the Huddersfield Improvement Commissioners. The opinion of the meeting, both expressed and implied, was in favour of maintaining their own independence and governing their own expenditure as heretofore. After some further discussion the meeting was adjourned till Monday the 15th inst. to receive the report of the deputation. A hearty vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the meeting.

Huddersfield Chronicle (06/Apr/1867) - Bradley: The Proposed Charter of Incorporation


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