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Advertisements and Notices

DAWSON, Grocer and Tea Dealer, King « Street, Huddersfield, is in immediate want of a tespectable Youth as an APPRENTICE.

G T. WRIGHT, Tea and Coffee Merchant, A, Huddersfield, is in immediate WANT of a respectable and well-educated Youth as an APPRENTICE. One who has served part of his time would be treated with.


in immediate want of an experienced MILLINER and MANTLE MAKER, Also, a Clever ALESWOMAN, for the Bonnet Room.

Personal application preferred.

\ N Y WANTED, a steady, respectable, active MA.N

as WOOL Salesman. — apply by letter, prepaid, er personally, between the hours of Twelve and Two #'chck any week day, (Tuesdays excepted) at the Counting House of Armitage Brothers, Huddersfield.

WANTED, by a Young Man, 21 years of W a6, and bly connected, a SITUATION, e'ther in Hudderstiel or the Neighbourhood, as Bookk2eper, Fraveller, or in a Warehiouse. — address, by letter, a) W. W., at tlie Chronicle Office.

\ WANTED. at the Huddersfield and Upper Agbrize Infirmary, an Active, Steady, Middleaged Man, to act as MAN Nurse. — application to be made to the Weekly Board, on a Friday, at Eleven o'clock in the Morning.

Huddersfield, 2nd April, 1850,

WANTED to PURCHASE, a Second Hand LITHOGRAPHIC PRESS, large size. — Address, Skyrme and Micklethwaite, Chronicle Office, Huddersfield, stating lowest price.

WANTED, within Half-a-mile of the Post Office, 2 SITTING and LODGING ROOM, Furpished or Unfurnished, at 4 moderate rate, with attendance, J:e., for a Single Nan. — address Y. Z., at the Post Office, vith situation, ters, ke, Huddersfield, 5th April, 31850.

NEVERAL SUMS OF MONEY to lend out t3 on pexsonal security for short periods. — For particu'ars, anplv at the Oiticss of Mr Thos. Robinson, Savings' Pank Buildings, Huddersfield.

4 NCHOR FIRE AND LIFE OFFICE, and Lo the ALBION LIFE OFFICE. Agent for Hudosfield, Thomas Robinson, Savings' Bank Buildings.

ANOUNTY VOTE — One Share in Cobden's Row or Sale. — for particulars, apply to Thomas Robinso.., Savings' Banik Buildings, Huddersfield. TO MANUFACTURERS AND FINISHERS. A Bors 200 yards of FIELD TENTERS to be a

DISPOSED OF, in good condition. — Apply to Mr. Jeaumonr Taylor, Macauley Street, Huddersfield.



A attends (with Mr. ROGERS) at HUDDERSFIELD avery WEDNESDAY, at Mr. Comber's, Market Street.

Mr. Drury's permanent residence is at 4, Ferguson #treet, (near the Infirmary), Halifax.

N.B. The poor attended gratuitously EVERY MORNING hefore Ten o'clock.

Mr. D. is in want of'a respectable YOUTH as APPREN"tICE. — Apply as above.

WILLIAM TURNER, COOPER AND PORTER MERCHANT, No. 13, WESTGATE, HUDDERSFIELD, (Opposite the Cherry Tree Inn), EGS to return his sincere thanks for the patronage bestowed upon him for nearly 20 years, and Ropes to merit a continuance: of past favours, b a FOBACCO, SNUFF, & CIGAR ESTABLISHMENT, WILLIAM TURNER, JUN.,

ESPECTFULLY informs the inhabitants of . Huddersfield and its neighbourhood, that he has Opened a Shop on the same premises as those occupied b his Father, as above, for the Sale of TOBACCO, SNUFF, 4nd CIGARS, and hopes, by selling the best articles, to ¢ecure a share of publie patronage.

Meerschaum Pipes, Gicar Cases, Snuff Boxes, &e., in great variety, and every article warranted. of first-rate ajuality.

Observe the address, — No18, Westgate: (opposite the Cherry Tree Inn).

T° be LET, a good DWELLING HOUSE, containing two Sitting Rooms, three Bed Rooms, and Attic, now in the occupation of Mrs. Jackson, situated in #outh Parade, Huddersfield-

For Rent apply to Mr. James Booth, Market, Place.


O be LET, and may be entered to inimediately, a first-rate DWELLING-HOUSE, situate in |, Ramsden Street, Huddersfield, containing Breakfast, Dining, and Drawing Rooms, the laiter 8; Yards by 54, Four goo¢ Bed Rooms, with exceltent Attics. For farther particulars, apply to Mr. Shaw, York Place.


A BESPECTABLE FRONT HOUSE, on the ak right hand side of St. Paul's Street, now oecupied ty Miss Horsfall, and may be entered into on the First of Tay. For rem and particulars apply to Mr. Vevers' of the Globe Inn, King-street.


O be LET, and may be entered to immediately, . a WAREHOUSE and PREMISES, situated at No. 11, West Parade, Huddersfield, with good North Lights, only Three Minutes" Walk from the Railway tation, George Hotel, or the Cloth Hall. Application to be made to MrThomas Hartley, Wool Packs Inn, Huddersfield.

O be LET, situated at Broad Lane, Dalton, an excellent DWELLING-HOUSE,. containing two fitting Rooms, one Kitchen on the ground floor, four Bed

Rooms and Attics, an excellent Wash House attached, trith necessary conveniences with Cellars underneath.

Also, 5 Acres of Pasture and Mowing LAND, in four Fields, situate near to Rehoboth Chapel, in Lockwood, (late f in the occupation of Samuel Hill.)

For particulars, apply to Mr. W. G. Armytage, on the premises, or to the Prmter.

O be SOLD, a Fine Old VIOLONCELLO, in a strong case, the Property of a Gentleman having ho further occasion for it. The instrument may be seen, and further particulars had, by applying to Mr. Waters Hardy, Bockseller, 17, Market Place, Huddersfield.


'e/ M Trustees of Mr. Thomas Wilson's Estate, to Advertise for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, early in the Month of May next, all the Valuable BREWERY PLANT, FIXURES, and UTENSILS, Casks, Carriages, Horses, Carts, Waggons, Hay, &c., on the premises at Birkhy Brewery, hear Huddersfield, in the Ceunty of York, of which a more detailed account will be given in a future Advertisement. Further particulars may be had of Mr. F. Turner, Commission Agent, or Mr. Lancaster, Auctionecr.

N Gentry and Public of Huddersfield and its vicinity, that bis Unrivalled Exhibition of PARAGON MODELS is pow Oper at the British Model Gallery, near the Railway tation, Huddersfield. . ee AN Yiu) MODEL OF WINDSOR CASTLE. This elaborately finished Model has been executed from D awinys and actual admeasurements of the Castle, taken ecial permission. . . at be ourince of the Frame on which it stands exceeds feverty Gapece Bast if contains 1,428 Windows, and j 'ly Six Years in mekingee Models of Warwick, Berkeley, Kenilworth. Dudicy. and Goo Catles; Tintern Netley, Fonthill, and be i &e. Siaxley Abbeys, OPEN DAILY. |. : Admission, One Shilling each ; Children H

R. LANCASTER begs respectfully to inform


the public, that he has received instructions from the }

R. BELLAMY respectfully informs the }

MRS. J. WOODHOUSE EGS to announce to the inhabitants of Huddersfield and its vicinity, that she gives LESSONS in Useful and Ornamental DRAWING and PAINTING, at her Residence, 70, West Parade, where Specimens may be seen, and Terms known. Huddersfield, April 6th, 1850.

W dtr be MOORE



N.B. — A Register kept of Property to be Let or Sold. AGENT TO THE CALEDONIAN LIFE AND FIRE OFFICE.


ROFESSOR STEPHENIE respectfully annnounces to the gentry and public of Huddersfield, that he has engaged the above Hall, which will OPEN on Fripay. Saturday, Monpay, Turesday, and WEDNESDAY, April 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th, and 17th, for the purpose of giving his celebrated ° CLASSICAL ENTERTAINMENT, as lendid establishment, Great pep risetitel! by him at his Windmill Street, London, with the most uiparalleled suc, cess, The Exhibition includes a grand series of Tableaux Vivans and Poses Plastiques! delineated by his Troupe of Talented Artistes, whose performances are, without exception, the first in the kingdom, and have gained the highest applause. He has ako engaged a number of Artistes from Madame Warton's Establishment, Leicester Square, London. Doors o at Half-past Seven, to commence at Eight o'clock. Tickets to be had of Mr. Brook, Bookseller. Front seats, 2s. ; second price, ls. 6d. Back seats, 1s. ; second price, gallery, 6d. Second price at Nine o'clock. An efficient Baud will be in attendance. R HOLLIDAY & CO., Turn Bridge Chemical Works, Huddersfield.

Sheffield ; Hall Ings, Bradford, Yorkshire ; and 128, Holborn Hill, Londcn.

For full particulars see hand bills. Branches ' — Bradford, near Manchester ; Sussex Street, Patentees of the Self-generating Lens Lamp.


Naphtha — mineral Sand Balls and Tablets Ditto — vegetable Soda Washing Liquor Prussian Blue Washing Powder Queen's Blue.

Packets and Loose Thumb Blue Congreve Matches Mineral Spirit Ink Liquid Ammonia Soda Ash Carbonate do. Archill — red and Blue Sulphate do. Oil Vitriol Muriate _ — do. Naphtha Lamps India Rubber Varnish Wax Lights Cudbear Ultra Marine Blue Spirits of Sak, Epsom Salts Aqua Fortis Black Lead Black Japan, &e., &c.

OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us, the undersigned James Crosland Fenton, Frederick Robert Jones, the younger, and James Armitage, all of Huddersfield, in the county of York, Attornies and Solicitors, carrying on business under the style or form of Fenton, Jones, and Armitage, was DISSOLVED, on and from the twenty-seeoud day of December last past, by mutual consent. All Debts due to and ewing from the sa d Partnership will be received and paid by the said James Crosland Fenton, and Frederick Robert Jones, the younger, by whom the said business will, in future, be carried on. Witness the hands of the said parties this third day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty. J.C. FENTON F. R. JONES, Jun. ; JAMES ARMITAGE, Witness — john S. Thornton.



'A pleasure in inviting public attention to the following

Letter, received by Messts. Thomas Milner and Son, affording another valuable ard indisputable Commerciil

Testimonial of the security of iheir


"« Manchester, 28th March, 1850.

'« Messrs. Thomas Milner and Son,

'« Gentlemen, — in answer to your application respecting the Fire-resisting Safe supplied by you, and which we have had in use several years, we have to inform you that in the extensive conflagration which took place on Thursday night, 21st March instant, and which totally destroyed our warehouse and its entire contents, we have much fpleasure in stating that the Books and Papers contained therein were preserved entire, not being the least affected. We take this opportanity of recommending your invalu: ble invention to all persons having Books, Deeds, or other valuables to protect.

"We will thank vou to send us one of your largest strong Wrought Iron "Holdfast" and Fire-resistmg Safes, with ers, an

' Remain, Gentlemen, respectfully yours, "J.P. & E. Westheap & Co.,

"Late Wood and Westheads." A large SUPPLY of the above SAFES and BOXES are constantly kept on hand, at the depot, by G. LANCASHIRE and Co., Paper and Account. Book Manufacturers,. 47, New Street, Huddersfield-

The Chronicle, April 6, 1850

A Huddersfield Newspaper; Its Necessity; And Our Policy


Two months have now elapsed since we announced to the Public our intention to establish a Weekly Journal in this town. In that announcement we remarked that "it had been for many years matter of surprise that a Huddersfield Newspaper should not sooner have been called. into existence, with the view efficiently to promote its local interests, and foster that manufacturing taste and. skill which has opened up the markets of the eivilized world to its varied products,"

The result of 2 personal canvass of the Town, since § made, has fully borne out our first impressions, and the support already promised to our undertaking is the best possible proof of the desirability and absolute necessity of a sound Local Journal, devoted specially to the interests of Huddersfield f and its surrounding district,

It now becomes our pleasing duty, out of respect to the large number of those who have honoured us with their patronage, and in candour towards those whose patronage we yet hope and expect to receive, to state as briefly and: as plainly as possibie the principles upon which our new [ undertaking will be conducted.

In Loca AFFAIRS, we aim at becoming the impar-

tial chroniclers of the opinions of public men, not only in Huddersfield, but in the leading towns and densely-populated villages surrounding it, reserving to ourselves the right to comment upon their principles and the tendency o: their course of policy. To effect this latter object more completely than any of our contemporaries, arrangements are made, or in the course of being made, with a series of efficient Correspondents in the majority of the leading villages around us, whose intelligence will be drawn from authentic sources, and free from personal or party bias.

Tn Politics, our views will be decidediy Liberal and Progressive. We aim at adhering to what good men conserve from the past ; but shall, at the same time, pride ourselves on being among the foremost pioneers of improvement in the future. Where an evil exists, we shall boldly assail it, whether in connection with National or Local Government.

Free Traber will find in us consistent advocates, from a conviction of its justness in principle, and its instrumentality in bettering the condition of the great masses of the people. We desire, therefore, to: see the principle extended beyond its present limited range. If, on the other hand, the Agricultural Interest can show a clear case for Government interference, with the view to equalise the burthens of the Commonwealth, we shall be fully prepared to meet the arguments on legitimate grounds.

Conceiving that the most crying evils under whieh the masses of this kingdom labour are involved in our ill-devised social arrangements, and believing that political power should wait upon educated capacity, in order that men may use it with wisdom and sound discretion — we shall advocate, with perfect independence, a system of National Education for all, to be paid for by the contributions of all. This we shall endeavour to enforce with efficiency, and without wishing, intentionally, to give offence to those who may entertain different views.

Having a watchful eye to the reduction of National Taxation, which we conceive to have exceeded the essential requirements of Government, and the capabilities of the great body of those called on to contribute thereto, we shall support every measure of sound Reform in this department, which does not, in its consequences, imperil the efficiency of our National Defences. Against the present abuse of the Pension List we shall constantly raise our voice in terms of uncompromising remonstrance, until that class of the nation's. expenditure be thoroughly re-modelled.

Actuated by like convictions, we shall join our influence, in unison with many of our contemporaries, in support of the establishment of County Financial Boards, on the plan proposed by Mr. Milner Gibson, in the bill now before Parliament, but without pledging ourselves to all its details. We believe that some such measure is needed, in order to give the ratepayers an effectual control over the enormous sums levied on them for county purposes, and which, under a representative system, we conceive could be much reduced.

In the diversity of human opinion, we feel that we must of necessity differ in many important particulars with a great number of our readers ; but we hope sofar to show our candour and a disposition to fairness towards them, as to be ready at all seasonable times to admit an expression of their sentiments, though contrary to our own, under that portion of the Chronicle devoted to Ccorrespondence, in order that their views and arguments may receive that weight and respect to which they are no doubt entitled.

Our project, has not been commenced under a pledge to support the views of any man or class of men. Though we have no career in public to point to in the Past, we take credit for a determination to guide our undertaking with independence through the Future. Nor should our timely birth call forth any undue jealousy among our contemporaries, or lead them to suppose that we desire to supplant them by unfair means. Our legitimacy is beyond suspicion. We find it in the extent, wealth, enterprize, skill, and industry of Huddersiield itself, and also in the importance of its numerous-surrounding towns and villages.

Though we would speak with all possible respeet of the exertions of our contemporaries, we most respectfully remind the Public that so } long as our performances keep pace with our hopes and promises, we conceive it to be its duty to support the Chronicle by all legitimate means.

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