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THE REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS, Fron [From] LIVERPOOL 'to AUSTRALIA, Tu SUCCEED THE LUCY, qs oes [ors] FOR Port Philip aud [and] Sydney, the splendid New He MANCHESTER FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. 98, King Street, MANCHESTER. Established, 1824,-Capital, [W,-Capital] 'One Methion [Meth ion] Sterling. This Company is the enly [only] Fire Assurance Office that is empowered to divide Profits with the Insured annually. No charge made for new Policies-Lusses [Policies-Losses] by fire, occa- [occur- occasioned] sioned [signed] by Lightning, ure [re] made good. Receipts fur Insurance are in the hands of the regpective [respective] Agents, and the Premiums on Anrual [Annual] Policies must be pam [am] within fifteen days after the saine [sane] are due, or the Policies heeome [home] void, and of no effect. Applications for new Agencies to be addressed 'to HERBERT SPRING, Secretary. AGENTS HUDDERSFIELD......Mr. JouN [John] Hatcu, [Hat] Share Broker. Bradjord [Bradford] omas [mas] Holmes, Draper, Frigate-Buiit [Frigate-But] Ship, ARGYLE, JAMES IRVINE, COMMANDER Now Loading in the Salthouse Dock, and will Sail on the 15th of Apr'l. Rates of Passage for each Person abave [above] Fourteen Years of Ave, Including Provisions and all requisites, except Budding and Mess Utensils, 18 Guineas Steerage......14 Guineas. To he followed by the THAMES Rennie, Commander, 'tor Adelaide and Port Philp [Philip] 'to sail in May. 7 For Dietary Scales and full information respecting 'the Celunics, [Lungs] apply to Mescrs. [Messrs] J. 8 DE WOLF Ca, JAMES M. WAL- [LAW- and ,, John Darlington, Solicitor. 'TiiiW, [Tie] Tower Chambers, Liverpogl [Liverpool] or to Helifag [Halifax] 39 WF. Holroyde, Solicitor. E. G. LISTER Co. oe George Stanstield, [Stansfield] Huddersfield, Thomas Bolton. PIANG [PING FORTE AND MUSIC ESTABLISHMENT, 16, COMMERCIAL-STREET, LEEDS. M ZSSRS. [MESSRS] SIMMS, in returning thanks to the nobility, gentry, and public of Leeds and the West 4 iiding, [Riding] for the distinguished pitronaze [patronage] and support they have received, beg to state that they 'have disposed of thir [their] business to Mr. R. MELLOR, of Huddersfield, thorough knowledge of his profession aul [al] the business of and Music seller enables them with much confidence to introduce him as their successor, and for whom wc a continuance of the favows [favours] which they have-sv Ifberally [Liberally] received. 36, Cormimercial-strect, [Commercial-street] Leeds, PIANO FORTE AND 16, COMMERCIAL STREET, MUSIC ESTABLISHMENT, 28, CROSS CHURCH STREET, LEEDS. HUDDERSFIELD. MI R, RICHARD MELLOR, Prorrssor [Professor] cr Mrsic [Music] and Music Srrzer, [Series] respectfully announces to V3 the nehibiy, [newsboy] sentry, and public of Leeds and the West Riding, that he has PURCHASED the BUSINESS SIMMS, Mnsie [Minis] Scilers, [Sellers] 16, Comniercial-street, [Commercial-street] Lecds, [Leeds] where he hopes by his thorough knowledge of the trode [trade] aud [and] mode of conducting business, to merit a liberal share of A LARGE STOCK OF PIANO FORTES SELLING OFF AT REDUCED PRICES. 'Tne [Te] prevent Steck [Stock] in Leds [Leeds] consisting of HORIZON TAL GRAND COTTAGE, CABINET, SQUARE, and CRAND [GRAND] SQ CALE [LACE] PIANRY [PANTRY] FORTES, New vid [id] Second-band, by Broapwocp, [Broadwood] CoLLARD, [Collard] ALLIxoyY, [Alex] aid other esteemed Makers, is ose [one] ORered [Ordered] nt GREATLY HELUCED [HELPED] FRICES, [PRICES] in order to make room fora large and valuable New Stock of first- [first] peu [pee] expressly inanutacturing [manufacturing] for hini [hon] by the principal Gnureat [Great] Loudon Makers, and which it is his inten- [intend- intense] fe. ty n il at the luwest [West] rumunerating [remunerating] profit. A LARGE STOCK OF PIANO FORTES FOR HIRE. INSTRUMENTS TUNED, REPAIRED, ond [and] TAKEN in EXCHANGE. New Mrstc [Mrs] from London TWIct [Twice] a-WEEK. A Fine-tuoned [Fine-toned] ORGAN, of six stops, (suitabic [suitable] for.a small Church or Chapel,) FOR SALY [SAY] or HIRE. Aly. [Al] Mular [Mule] leas to stede [stated] that is Teaching cnc [cc] Music Exstahliahount [Excellent] at Hudderstel [Huddersfield] will be carried om by hinmsdf [himself] and Sisters as STEPHENS' PATENT REGISTER STOVE GRATE, TF 7 AND i 43 , 1 PIERCE'S M4 PATENT wtf [wt] ' Hy - 4 3 PYRO [PRO] PNEUMATIC 1 WARM AIR li AND i VENTILATING tapes ps Frertes [Frees] Mot Air Store, STOVE, MAY BE SEEN IN USE DAILY FROM TEN TO SIX CUCLOOR, [CUCKOO] T THESHOW [The show] ROOMS, No 16, NEW STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, WHERE A LAsGE [Large] STOCK OF THEM IS CONSTANTLY KEPT ON HAND. 77 RENEZER [RENEE] TEORNTON, [THORNTON] TRONMONGER, [IRONMONGER] &e., haviug [having] undertaken the AGENCY for the fs SALE oi the above STOVES in the three Towus, [Towns] viz. HUDDERSPLELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] and WAKEFIELD, thelr [their] ccapeetive [captive] 2 bes to call the attention of parties rey [re] Steves [Stevens] to the fact, thut [that] the above of the wind yet fi the aud [and] with fiether [further] partionlers, [partition] forwarded free (by post) on Stephen's Patent Register Crete A Fin gt 1 T - 4 Ny EN q a3 1 HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTISER, TO BE CONPISUED [CONTINUED] WEEKLY, PRICE FOUR-PLNCE [FOUR-PLACE] HALF-PENNY. CAREY 4 oe as aie [are] sw ( 'HE position of Huddersield, [Huddersfield] in relation to the other towns of the West Riding and of the adjoining county of Lancaster, to its classes of meuufectures [manufacturers] a degree of exceeding that of Py (lier [lie] town inthe [another] As the contre [centre] ofa [of] dseriet [desired] con prising near 80U,CL0 [U,CL] embracing as it devs [des] etwe [ewe] pineal brarches [branches] of the siqqde [sighed] traces of Yorkshire and with its Merchants, Mar tucturers, [Mar lecturers] aud [and] inhabitants realy [real] ceectruted [secreted] for their cid [id] ski in the leading branches of induetre, [industry] it has been for many s curs matter that a ha sheakd [shed] not sooner lave mic ex'sivnce, [ex'since] with the view efficiently promute [promote] its lecal [local] intereris, [interest] upd [up] iuster [oyster] that manwbctaring [manufacturing] taste and skill which have opened the markets of the 2 world fo its varied products. Lewis hus [his] three Ducal News, apers [appears Sheffeld [Sheffield] two; Dor [For] easter [Eastern] two; Walefeld [Wilfred] two; and Halifax and Bradford 7 TL tach, [each] Huddertield [Huddersfield] bas [as] ne ove [over] LOssessud [Possessed] a Newspay [New spay] er ut all-cacey-t [all-case-t] en attend-t made some years ard [ad] vhich [which] was for resscns [reasons] well krewas-ther [crews-the] chi it far surpasses Doncaster, Halifix, [Halifax] and in extent ond [and] variety of its ner [ne] in the non ber [be] ef iis [is] habitants. ond [and] in the in portance [importance] and rmaagnitude [magnitude] of Dansecuous. [Damascus] With a Railway it directly with the Capital of the Cotton fully my leted, [Ltd] ered [red] it dees, [seed] Urcugh [Church] a d'striect [d'street] teeming with busy artizars [artisans] engeped [engaged] in marnutueturing [manufacturing] pursuis [pursuits] to those of Huddersteld, [Huddersfield] thoe [the] cen [cent] Le no longer a that.a vor [or] p LUCAL [LOCAL] JOUNSAL, [JOURNAL] ide [de] tifed [tied] with the inte- [inter- intents] of the town ard [ad] swro ding [Sr ding] district is absuhitely [absolutely] necessary, and, it etficicut y [efficient y] corducted, [conducted] will meet with a large eo Fublie [Fable] Patroniae. [Patronage] the eriy [erie] Locat [Local] Niweporen [Reporting] of the District, the Chronicle will an active and lively zeal in support of all euated [actuated] to benebt [benefit] U.e and swrourding [surrounding] district; and in a calm and terperate, [desperate] but independent spit, tate [rate] to give its where the interests cf the avn [an] are ccensidtcd, [constituted] nor rear to utter a word of censure othe [the] conceive that those b.terests [b.interests] are menaccd [managed] or assailed. iddesreld [desired] being already ene [one] of the fist towns in the West Riding, the Chronicle will watch over every measure provement [improvement] in the already commenced, net with the View te promote the interests ef any individual vss, [ss] hut in the Lepe that its efforts will in some accelerate those which men of varied views are excrting [exciting] thumscives [themselves] to reatise [treatise] ior [or] the vitimate [vitiate] wdvantuyve [advantage] of the v Lole [Sole] tewn [ten] and order that this may be done were effectually, the Circniede [Corned] will, frou [four tin [C] te Uime. [Time] pluce [place] before its erdersaample [example] HTS of the proceedings of tbe [the] Waterworks Comn.issic [Con.Isaac] ners, [ness] Board cf Guardians, and Local Governing be cles, [close] with o view to create velter [Walter] interest chan [can] that bitherto [hitherto] evinced among Ratepayers of in the conduct of Lecal [Local] Atiaivs. [Affairs] In carrymg [carry mg] out this, winch the Proprietors conceive to be the first duty of Jcuhelists, [Cyclists] t ol anticipating the support of the iesGing [asking] men of all other feading [reading] town in the West Hiding, and indeed the whole of the important rviesent [recent] 1 or. inchiding [in chiding] Aancudby [Abundance] rkburten, [Kirkburton] Clayten [Clayton] West. ord [or] Barnsiey, [Barnsley] to the East; Golear, [Golcar] Leugwood, [Lockwood] r 1), tMaithwaite, [Slaithwaite] Marston, and S to the West; Lindiey, [Lindley] Stainland, Rastrick, Brighouse, Mirtield, [Mirfield] aud [and] oe 1. os) I - a io the Borth ond [and] Lockwood, Honley, Holnifirth, [Holmfirth] ond [and] Penistone, to the South; with the dense intermediate Be. oot [not] industry, are oh soiy [so] dependent on journals published at a distance for anv [an] record of their Views on the leading ut gus [us] of the Phot [Hot] want the Vropietors [Proprietors] of the piedge [pledge] ther [the] selves to supply. On these grounds they i. rtanted ranted] in expect uae [use] Gf pul. [Paul] Be support, inssmmuch [inasmuch] as the (hrenelĂ©e [Henley] aspires to be tHE [the] Locan [Local] ORcaN [Organ] and intinential [Continental] diste [dist] Lot, strictiy [strictly] speaking, at present possess a single Local Newspaper. Public Meetings will, from time io tire, be given in the coluiuns [Collins] of the as they arise, with- [with undue] undue preferenec [Preference] to any jarticular [particular] party or sect. of the People wil [will] be espcuscd [aspect] and encouraged, and all movements to produce the ' sirable [sir able] will be cuby [Cuba] oid [id] in the columrs [columns] of the J OLITICAL [POLITICAL] espect [respect] and advecsey [advice] of the willbe [will] of a Gecidedly [Decidedly] Liberal character, free from offensise [offensive] in- [inch] 1c, Perfect Freedom of Trade, Economy and Retrenchiment [Retrenchment] in the State, with Civil and Kelivious [Oblivious] Liberty, will ofits [fits] leading features. . Paver the Ch. will Le so conducted es to become a welcome companion in the Domestic Circle, a af te eolianns [Orleans] beng [being] weekly d clto [colt] Literary and Reading of a sclect [select] and interesting character. bod Devainsirent [Transparent] will he wider matey a eomyetent [competent] literary writer; aud [and] the prineipal [principal] events in ven [en] with Music, Scierce, [Science] end the Fine Arts voner [vine i be duly ebronicieu. [bronze] ADVIRTISING [ADVERTISING] MEDICH, tre [te] v Newspaper pubiished [published] in Hudersfeld, [Huddersfield] and circulating ait [at] andoubicdly [undoubtedly] wil, [will] canene [Canon] Me 2 w fe, beng [being] the ons [on] carts, Minvfitarers. [Manufacturers] Men, Tiadesincu, [Design] and the Public gene- [gene lobe] lobe found a valabie [valuable] means for obtaining thavextensive [extensive] publicity which is the cbject [object] of every Advertiser. lew [Lee] to carry ont [not] this effciatly, [official] the Propriew s [Proprietor s] have purchased a superior class of New Type, by a mere attinetive [attentive] display of Business (under the personal will be secured then has been attempted in the journals ef the West super of cne [ce] of the Miding, [Riding] The aunouncements [announcement] . 2 eden, [even] and therchy [they] for the Clreniele [Clarence] Une [One] advertising iavours [favours] of Hudderstickl [Huddersfield] ard [ad] ite [it] surruund- [surrender- surrender] 7 outset , [C] jyBaTES [Bates] In Paurram [Paramour] reports of th Ve RARY [RAY] of th Leosietiveu [Positive] discussions thereon will be recorded. o FOReiGN [Foreign] INTELLIGENCE of the week, up to the evening of yniblication, [publication] will be supplied, em- [ember] Ube [Be] bending fcutres [Futures] of rating ont [not] of the poiltice [police or fiscal arrangements of Fureign [Foreign] States, written tole more attractive ud viear [vicar] then tLe [the] vchuubous [vibes] records inserted in the majority of daily and weekly prints. at dhion [don] te these featmes [feat mes] -wiele [while] Contain an acevrete [Everett] Table Uf [Of] Arrivaks [Arrival] and Drrarreres, [Arrested] rist [rest] of the ixict [exact] of SHARES, ai LTS in the leading Cominercie) [Commerce] Towns; end, by urranguments [arrangements] with the principal cat comnpnication, [communication] the will ley [le] before tacir [tacit] Peuders [Peters] the Leading Events of interest in ali depart- [departed] se Ler [Lee] local ws geteral. [general] vypte [vote] the of ction. [action] fe. laws I suitable Premises in Choncery [Chancery] Lene, [Lee] commanding an entrance from ut su mou [mo New Street, to the Market Place, where the (7 will Le published curly every vs wttsenerts [dissenters] far the fvud [fund] hy the Propitotors, [Proprietors] SRYRME [SUPREME] and MICKLETHWaItg, [Micklethwaite] Chronicle ciety. [city] O22, [O] iw ile, [le] aaah. [aaa] Eyal [Royal] Levksc [Levick] duis [dis] ane [an] News Aponte [Appoint] ee me Upper ata [at] J 4 now heard. Jo wertising [wetting] Dublie [Dublin] will be carufully [carefully] aud [and] judiciously arranved, [arranged] in order the more icadiiy [Acadia] tu catch the cye [ce] of the ExT [Ex] wil [will] be vorefelly [carefully] svrumarivod, and, where the interesis [interest] of the Riaing [Riding] are directly in- a v ' yy a Pd, aah wow ch HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY APRIL 6, 1850. It is commonly thought that this is a 2007. REWARD. . 7 HEREAS, [WHEREAS] James Robinson, of nddersfield, [Huddersfield] in the County ef York, Orchill [Or chill] and Cudbear [Cud bear] Manu- [Manufacturer] facturer, [factory] trading under the name, style, or firm of James Robinson and Co.; at Huddersfield aforesaid, has obtained ' Her Majesty's Royal Letiers' [Letters] Patent fur England and Scot- [Scotland] land, dated the 29th wand. 30th days of August, 1849, -for the Manufacture of Gudbear [debar] and Orchiil. [Chill] j Reward is offered to any petson [person] or persons who shall give such information, 'and preduce [produce] such evidence as-shall, on Trial at Law by the said James Robinson, lead to the conviction of any party or parties infringing upon such Patents. Auy [Any] person or persens [persons] suspecting an infringement of the Patents. and wishing to give information thereof, are requested to apply at the Offices of Mr. Thomas Robinson, Attorney-at-Law, Savings' Bank Buildings, Huddersfield. Dated this 28th day of February, 1890. SCOTTISH WIDOWS' FUND AND LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. EPORT [PORT] of the Procedure at the Thirty-Sixth Annual General Court of this Society, held on the Sth [St] March, 1850) [W) the-Hon. Lord Cockburn in the chair. The THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL GENERAL COURT of this Societv [Society] was held in Edinburgh on the 5th March, 1850. The Hea. [He] LORD COCKBURN in the chair. The Manager read to the Court various statements rela- [real- relative] tive [tie] tu the Socict 's [Society 's] affairs, from which it appeared- [appeared] 1. That during the year 1849 the total number of policies actually passed and issued was 600, covering insurances to the extent of 422,065. 11s. , 2. That the penta [pent] of this Society at 31st [st] December, 1849, was 2,167,506. 9s. 1d., having increased during the year to the extent of 112,957 16s. 2d. 3. That the ammuai [ama] revenue of the Society at the same date was 30,5371. 1 s, 6d., being a decrease since last year, arising froin [from] the reduction in the rte of interest during the ' currency ef the year. 4. That the number of deaths which bad occurred during the vear [year] 1849 was 111, the swms [sums] insured under the policies which have emerged im [in] consequence of these deaths being 117,622 10s,, or with bonus additions, 148,324 12s. 3d. 5. That the above sum of 117,621. 1Us., [us] and the number of deaths were in the ratio of 68 per cent. of what might have been expected, according to the tables of mortality upon which the Sucicty's [Society's] calculations are based. The accoracy [accuracy] ef the statements read having been con- [confirmed] firmed by the Auditor, The Chairman, addressing the Meeting, said-The Man- [Manager] ager [age] has now read certein [certain] papers, and made certain state- [statements] ments, [rents] which contain a faithful exposition of the exact state of our affairs. He dene so, I really am not aware what I can do te add either to your information or to your consequent contiderce [considers] in this Institution. Your confidence must depend on the fects [facts] you have heard frum [from] him; and were it not the usage that the person who cecupics [scopes] the place which I have the honour to occupy is expected to niake [Intake] sore address, I think the most judicious thing I could do weulkl [weekly] be te maintain silence. At the same time, how- [however] ever, it has often occured [occurred] to me, and it occurs to me now, that recapitulatio [recapitulation] nin [in] a quite way, and in ordinary language, of the almost technical statements made by the Manager, may sink more deeply into your minds, and be more casily [easily] carried away (applause); and therefore allow me to recall to you a few of the leading facts which you have (Renewed apphause. [applause] ) One of the first cf these-at least the ore that leads me to consider the remark have to make first-is one that I was not aware of inyself [itself] till very recently, which is the view exhibited of the progress cf this Institution by our mere numbers. do not here speak of the swns [Sons] insured, of our Investments, of our securivies, [securities] or of anything of that sort. Look at our mere number. I know no better test of a so- [society] like this being we'l manag [manage] -d,-of there not only being no susp'cion [sus'Lion] in regard to it, but that public confidence has been always on the invrexse, [inferences] than in the increase of the 1 number ef its interested members--of members, I mean, who have no interest but pure selfishness-who are .as an- [anxious] xivus [xiv us] c3 men can be to protect themselves from miscenduct, [conduct] in order that if timeously detected, it may be timevusly [timeously] Now 1 tind [tins] that in the year 1815, when the te t emrected, [erected] Suciety [Society] was instituted, we began with a smali [small] nest ege [age] o 49 (laughter); and it did not look well for the year ls that the eves laid then wereouly [weekly] 17. (Renewed lauyh- [laugh- laughter] ter). [te] Talso [Also] find that during the first six years of the Society's existence 2 2 were the sum total of our chickens. (Laughter). And here may observe that the tist [list] thing that strikes me is the yreat [great] caution with which the Rves [Revs] must have been selected, tor of the 44 members who were admited [admitted] in 1815 (35 years ago) 11 still renrain [refrain] upon the books, after dedact- [deduct- deducting] iug [ing] many who surrendered their policies, and who, fer aught we know, way 'be living still, Then of the 17 who joined thein [then] in the year 1810, after deducting many surrenderers, [surrender] i there are atifi [fiat] three won the books; and of the 212 who juined [joined] the Society daring the first six years of its existence, nearly #) surrendered their policies, but 4 still survive. (Appivse.) [apprise] These seem to mie [me] to neve [never] been well-selected lives, (hear, bear). and the result now is that, at the end of 38 yeurs, [years] the number ef our members amounts, nut io one thousand, nor to two, nor to three, nor to four, nor to tive, [tie] noreven [revenge] to six, but to nbove [above] six thousand. (Applause), We have now above 6,0u0 [6,u] tnsared [insured] lives. From this tact J dufer [defer] nothing but this-that, since we have su many jealous but uncomplaining cyes [yes] prying into us, presume that we eannot [cannot] be an il-managed body. The business done during the year 1849, after deductioa [deduction] cveral [several] policies which were cancelled, amornts [amount] to above 22,(001.; 22,(W] that is 10 say, that last year the which we effected amounted to that sum. The iumber [number] ot pelcies [policies] on these imsuraaces [Insurances] wnowmiis [worms] to 600, being ef the average over all-vhich, [all-which] Tem [Te] teld. [ted] is a Ligh [Light] no less than 7002. on every policy. The capital has increased during the rear that jis [his] now closed by above 160,000 .; [W,W] wend the total capital that xe own now amounts to 4,167,8060.; that is to shy, in round numbers, Which will be far more Consi- [Cons- Considerably] derahly [dearly] above two millions efmeney, [ermine] The statement that we have abere [aber] tvo [to] mil'ions- [ions hat] hat is to say, that We otght [ought] to hive it,-wonld [it,-would] be a very idie [die] one, if our were not well invested many ain [in] thinks he has, and he ought to hase [has] it; bet wher [her] he comes to zrasp [grasp] it, it cludes [clouds] the closing hand; and, therefore, it is of vita and all-important consequence to be tolit [toilet] in this place, that of ovr [or] Mmvesiments, [Movements] so far as we Lave discovered, we have never yet made a single bad one, (Applese). [Applause] These in- [investment] vestinents [intestines] are, for the most part, Lud [Lid] out, on real seeurity [security] --Limean [Elliman] within Scotland, the best country, in my beef, for real security in Hurepe; [Europe] and, besides this, u lative [native] por- [or- portion] tion [ion] of ovr [or] capital is invested in loans te the members, the security of their policies. What better seeurity [security] can there be thun [thin] that (Hear, hear.) A meiaber, [member] when he dies, is our creditor-say, for 1Ut4 .; [ut] and he asks fora loan of 590 [W] ifthe [if the] policy be of equal value, we ler [Lee] it to him, because we te bim [bi] out of his own money. With such a security we can advance it and as cer- [er- certain] tain [train] of its he isthat [is that] he has claims upen [upon] us. Pari [Paris] of these two millions is laid out in Bank Stock-I mean stock of the chartered Banks of Scotland and the Bank of England, which I believe is a3 secure as cau [ca] be. There is neta [neat] penny of it laid out in any bank stock of which a sit- [deposit] ' gde [de] individual i private life entertains the sligutest [slightest] doubt, ; A little ef our capite [Capt is laid out in redcomabie [redeemable] annuities, j which, by the jaw of Sectland, [Scotland] as we ell know, fall wader it is laid vut [but] on railway-mark my next werd, [ward] for this first one makes many people tremble-(a langhi-some [lang-some] of it is out on railway debentures. (Applause). Not one siin- [sion- sing] ge sixpence of it--if there was a of it, I would sell you henestly---but [earnestly---but] Lot one single farthing of it is Investe l [Invested l] in rejlway [railway] shares. Une [One] tact whieh [which] I have to state is one which, above all others, testifies the solidity of these invest- [invest] u.ents-and [u.ants-and .ents-and] it is the regularity aud [and] the provyptness [promptness] with which the interest on the loans is invariably paid. Where- [Wherever] cver [ever] an investment is not met by regular payment of the interest, let the creditor Legin [Legion] to tremble. Now, with us, we have never found the least cause for fear ur doubt. The interests, understand, are always paid almost within a day of the time. The resuit [result] T from ail this is, that nui [ni] only are these investments good, but that they are so good, that. better could not he ubtained. [obtained] My beliefs that if these investments were all now threwn [threw] leose, [lose] and the Direc- [Direct- Directors] tors were reavired [repaired] to retrace their steps,. and to get guod [good] -securities, they could, and therefore they would. de nething [nothing] but recur exactly to the securities that they have already , cbtained. [obtained] (Applavse.) [Applause] The 6,060 members of this Society Vn 3 ae, j have laid by above 2,000,000d. of as well-seoured [well-secured] money as can be secured in this werld. [world] Ow annual revenue his decreased from the recent fall of interest during the last year, but it is now above 300, 5064 The total of what we have insured amounts to ubeve [above] 16,500, 000 , ' ty. . The deatis [deaths] in 1849 are peculiarly instruetive. [instructive] In the first plave, [place] they amount tv great number, and to ; be accounted tor only by the preveleut [prevalent] pestilence, Buz [But] Yet, though they amount to 111. tliey [tile] are only 63 per eent. [sent] of our calculated probabilities, that is te say, that our sys- [says- system] ; tern is founded o.. the caleulation [calculation] that there would be 106 dea [de] as, while instead .of that, there have been eniy [en] 63, leay- [lea- laying] ing 7 per cent. over and above for the security of the Se- [Spaces] (Appiacse.) [Applause] OF die YW) who kuve [give] disd-let [did-let] the ranks oF this fact-24 have fhllen [fallen] o cholers, [cholera] The above' the class ef advances secured under rea [tea property. Some of . ie 'F we ' 'ee. visitation which afflicts only 'the.peor [the.per] and the destitute. I dare say it af- [afflicts] flicts [flits] them first, and worst; but it is by no means continec [continue] to them, for we have heard it to-day stated, that of those who died from itdast. [didst] year connected with this Society, one individual 'was ins for 5,000 ., one for one for 3,0004,, 'two for 2,00U ., [2,U] and one for 1,500 ., and that the whole 24 were insured for something like 28 WOE. aad [and] therefore, you will observe thai [that] these, apparentiy [apparently] periodical visitations, ate Menke [Monk] a lesson of prudence on the minds of men m [in] all c The sums paid by us since we began, in 1815, are above 1,164,000 and this is a fact with which I was much struck. We have distributed above 1,100,000 We have relieve to that extent the families of those members who trusted us; and the example that viven [given] by the mafager [manager] so rooral- [Royal- reciprocally] cally, [call] and with such proper 'brevity, of the benefits this Institution, made a great impression upon me, 4s have no doubt it 'did upon the meeting. The case refer to was that ofan [fan] eld [ed] member who died abroad last year, and whe [the] had imsured [insured] three times, each time for 1.0000 Well, he dies, and he has claims upen [upon] ter [te] 3,000 certain. But, besides that, his representatives wi receive consitler- [consider- considerable] ably above 2,000 23a [a] bonus, Thus, upwards of 3.0006. is secured to kis [is] family and, even after paying that, the Society was pias [pits] nearly 1,500 (Applause. ) The next matter which I have to state is, one for which Tam very grateful and it is, that wo have had up to this day, no litigatiean. [litigation] (Langhter [Laughter] and appleuse. [applause] ) Now, what I have stated are the material facts and what else need I say It is not my business, and 2mm [mm] sure it would be no satisfaction to yeu, [ye] if I were to beast of Hie excellence of our system, or the greatness of our success ; and still less would it give any satis'xetion [sates'section] to you if I were to do that from which every respectable society will tur [tue] ever abstain-ihat [abstain-that] of attempting to hse [he] ourselves by a con- [contrast] trast [trust] or comparison, or even by an to kindred institutions. (Amplause.) [Applause] I have stated the facts, end having doue [done] so I can do nv more. Itis [Its] for you to judge how your affairs have been mataced, [mated] and to carry away with you these resolutions or judzments [rudiments] which the stato. [state] ments [rents] you have heard are calculated to produce. My in- [inferences] ferences [references] are merely two. It seems to me in the first place, that this is a Society in which we may have perfect confidence, (Hear, hear.) My belief-kuewing [belief-ewing] as do some- [something] thiny [thin] abou [about] it, ulthouzh [although] not so much certainly-2s many others -is, that our coniidence [confidence] in it may go to this extent, that if we were to beyin [begin] car cxercer [coerce] uguin, [again] with the experience which we have acquired, know many ways in which wo might act differently, but J know ne way in which we could do better. (Applause.) Moralists have often amused selves by speculating about what a man weuld [would] do, if he was to become a bey, with allthe [health] experience of bis manhood. Ef this. society were to do so, I seriously aml [am] rirmly [firmly] believe thav [that] if we were to bein [being] our career m [in] 1515 ee . entered on the duties of the year; and now that wed passed so favourably over so very trying a erisia, [Irish] it ma. interesting to remind you that on the oceasion [occasion] when lera [Lea] first made its appearance amomy [amy] years ago, so great an alarm was excHec [Exchequer] City, meetings were held, at which the propriety of the Offices altogether during its continuance, considered and yet the amount of from . during 1849 greatly exceeded that ot 1s. oy Hitherto the career of the Scottish Provident Instite- [Institute- Institute] has been unvarying success every Succeed '. has been but an echo of that whieh [which] mrewedderd [rewarded] is, prosperity kus [us] been the theme ofall. [fall] [C] ALE Des the twelfth year of aur [air] existence, andl [and] fave aire [are] more than Four THOUSAND Policies, a tevond [tend] that of any cther [other] Seoutish [Scottish] Office at a corre [core] neriod [period] of its establishment. ' ache becn [been] led, while inquiring inte [inter] the exec epidemic ef refer to the Report, fer that the great Parent Institution in Scotland, to whose all sneceeding [succeeding] societies uwe [we] se tauch, [touch] twas struck serving that while, ia their seccuter [cutter] ath [at] year, the of Policies was less than half of what we aircaay [arc] the emuunt [amount] of their ascertained m [in] the heatfy-as [hearty-as] great, being thus in the ratio oF nearly tw ts compared with ours. This firch [Firth] progress and prosperity of our own Institativn. [Institution] lc is probable that a considerable portion of uur [our] business nay be due to the ruvages [ravages] vf che [he] h men to consider the advantages of hie Trreetors [Restorers] think they arc able to trace the offeet [feet] pecially [specially] in the case of Glasgow. So far, thus is as satisfaction but while suv [sub] many bave [ave] avalos [evils] these advanssgos, [advantages] we kaow [know] of numbers ho hare 'through procrastination, of (nis [is] kim) [kin] ow stanth [stan brought before us. Some wait the mtu [mt] birth-day, which they are destined never to see form yesohations, [resolutions] but are overtaken by (thsease [these] thev [the] can put them in practice. exanipiec [example] occurred in Liverpou [Liverpool] where one person went of signing his pro ft , but having us. a is ther [the] delay in following out the necessary ster [ste] by the prevailing disease before the wus [was] pleted. [plated] A counterpart to this occurre [occurred tip vur [our] the case of one whe, [the] from the robust state of seemed likely to be a to our Muni [Uni] years, but who met his death the very day secre [secure] ou which his policy was signed, by an brine SRE [ARE] st one eould [would] have foreseen. in this cuse, [use] his tamily [family] reaped the 1 benefit ef the u- While your Directors have endeavoured ts carr [Carr] established business of the with unitet [United] they have been anxious alse [ale] vo Su details te the exivencies [expenses] of the times, am this reference to these who visit distant tam s 1) with the oxperience [experience] which we have gained between Unet [Net] time and the year we sbeuld [build] walk in the very cur present state. y other infereuce--althoush [interference--although] iz aa that itis [its] the duty ef all of us te do all im [in] our pewer [power] to propagate a of this Institution, and still more a knowledge of the great duty, in this precariois [precarious] life, of self-preservation by insurance. Some people talk as if there were too many societies of this kind. de nut agree with them and I am perfectly certain that, if the public, and every individual in it, was adequately with the importance of insuring their lives, there woul [would] 1-7 only aot [at] be toe many, but it would be found that th wus, [was] perhaps a great deal too few. (Hear, hear.) 'Th. great thing is to get the cermmumnity [cement] steeped in the evr. [er] viction [fiction] that there is no way in which they cam ths [the] great duty of prudence so well as hy life insurance. men ure [re] convince that prudence is virtue, but al msi [ms] are not convinced that there is no form in which that ean [an] be practised with so small a present saucrifes, [sacrifice] con- trasted [trusted] with so great an ultimate reward. Lf you want an exainples [examples] of this, I can tell you where you are to 'ing them. You are nos to seek for them here. Yeu [Ye] mrt [Mr] among the families of those who have Been cid [id] amonyst [amongst] whom the Seciety [Society] has already distributed beyond a million of money. Go unto these ask them what they think of life insurance. 'Uh tell you that instead of thinking it unreasonable and their only pang, even at the moment when they ate periencing [Printing] the blessizys [blessing] of Life msurance, [assurance] is that the head of their houses hai [hair] net carrie [Carrie] it te a greater 'Nherefore, [Therefore] what you have te o, Gentlemea, [Gentlemen] is, in aur [air] the object and aim of wiieh. [wii] Meo [Me] stated im [in] the able observations of the of that M coring, was tu certain, as far as wo possibiy [possible] car, that the prevision expected by an assarer [assure] wi' by his funily [finely] on his death. '. 7 nar [near] Mr. ALEXANDER Keiry [Kerry] JOHNSTON, Geographer to the Green, in be up tie Re; be enjoyed 3 ; meert [meet] by the Direetors, [Directors] it Was id Stloceth [stoles] or thar [that] 5 Later ele [Lee] ct . OUT your birecters [directors] rr ke paths, nay, in the very ruts, by which we have reached ' something very like repeniing [repeating] the same sermron [sermon] tavice-ts, [advice-ts] [C] ' i ' as Was i ' days of Life Assurance Etiie [ET] calewlation [calculation] eas [was] nec. [ne] the few who ventared [ventured] beyond the buunuaries [quarries] of aud [and] all that the then existing me that these who did so shoudl [should] pay cull er toe ity, [it] Bui [Bi] in these of excessive leeun. [len] tion. [ion] rope ts found to be tuo [to] cirewuiscribed, [prescribed] even cor Cie [Ice] ti urist, [Grist] when travelers [travellers] think no more of). visst [visit] b sea. or a rainble [rabble] in the Desert, than their ioce [ice] to London, or a veyage [voyage] ty Fite, [Fire] itis [its] vs restrictions eannot [cannot] much lonyer [longer] be sbmi [semi] it bee nies [bee ties] necessary fo prepare Cor ali tuate [situate] risks. With ils [is] view a con myself convener, has been appt [app] as possible, the valne [Vale] of Mf in ex theipfluenes [influence] of climate on longevity.- [longevity] a 1 7s toe visited by prevalent ur pertoric [Patrick] ciseas [diseases 2 ff mz al 2t hes been done, It appeours [appears] Yh oul [our] remains to be cn thos [this] anpar [an par] of have litice [lice] doubt the thet [the] Posed WWh [WW] be sach [cash] as, w tS Ty muibty [minty] of the Sovtety, [Soviet] wil [will] wer [we] tuber whe, [the] from busiie [business] tu overstep the sere bi wis [is be Y in suf [su] Arie [Are] ihe [the] Ver. [Rev] of range im [in] all cases Ww ttendaut [tenant] considered that Uhe [He] propuserdt [proposed] chaste wsuuld [would] be beneticial. [beneficial] REPORT BY THE TORS Showed that SUT [SIT] new Lict [Lit] been oper [per] es Zits and che [he] Premiums anenintiss [ancients] te y 2b in the vear, [year] she hotwiihstanding [notwithstanding] Cholera, vas [as] only one Peer Cent various spheres, to urge this dut [Du upen [upon] yeur [year] friend, The tollowiny [following] progiessive [progressive] stew the urge it simply upon these two grownds, [grounds] that ne man eo 4 Wench ot the last seven yes, Was ty te avoid death, aud [and] that no man can tix [ti] its period; bao [ba] Ut om en er ivsurance [insurance] is a science which, out of individual irre [ire] In Ai Aimunui [Aiming] extracts laws of general and thus converts the precariousness of Efe [Fee] into a method of cerrectins [correctness] its ua- ) a ue pe eertainty. [certainty] These are the impressions made upon me; [C] fae [far] what yours are, I leave you te say. (Lord Cockburn 1843 Yo. resumed his seat amid leud [led] applause.) ise [is] i On the motion ef Sit James Russell, of ist [its 4 seconded by Professor Mider, [Murder] a vote ot thanks was (so bes . to the Courts of Diveeturs, [Divers] to the Trustees aud [and] oes ors] -' bearers, fur their services the pasr [past] 5 ew. 7 On the motion of Alexander Shank Cook, Esy., [Es] adeoeste, [artiste] Mn the AD. Laws 32 seeonded [seconded] by the Rev. Janes BR. Campbell, of Atbary- [Barry- Aborigine] genie Duy [Du] Abr [Bar] AL NAS DER [RED] UrLes [Rules] 2.4 street Chayel, [Chapel] the Comrt [Court] of Direvturs [Directors] of the wear Wiss [Wise] cis [is] PRO of, were appoinied [appointed] as fylows [flows] i 3 PRESIDENT. tae [tea] The Rivkt [Rivet] Elen. tue Farlor [Floor] ROSEDERY [ROSEBERY] &.T Fie 1 Fs The Hon. Lord Moscrrirr, [Morris] His Grice the Duke of ices 'ihe [the] Must Hen. the Many rTwerppare [ratepayer] KT and CB. I 'Wintcias [Winters] Gipsos [Gossips] CRaic, [Craig] Younger, of Riccartui. [Richard] MOP , EXTRAORDINARY bowtie [bowie] of Eur pe a duatler [dealer] ou the Very Rev. Princi. [Prince] MePar-; [Prepare] Williaa [William Mite lines, be. renee-anil [renee-ail] he thought it t nue [ne] '4 ios [is] Bue [Be] 203 tgs [ths] for this was te be ander [under] Reubert [Robert] G. Baillie, [Bailey] Esy, [Es] of Cul-) Jorn [John] Ravendil [Lavender] CA CEES [SEES] PSE [SE] WE Be) ee a) Crs [Cs] ves [bes] MT Cts [Its] Det [De] James M'Gregor, Esqy., [Esq] Cheair-; [Chair] Thos. is ee ee nC i men ofSoath- [office- oversized] Eastum [East] Raiiway [Railway] Charles Motion, Was verily agreul [agree] Sir John Stuart Nichardsen, [Richardson] of Arch 5 Phanks [Thanks] were woudl [would] to the tue Ls wot Pitfour, [Pit four] Dart of Aberdecuslire [Auxiliary] Trus [Truss] Pica fe ct 1 . anit [anti] Trustees, te the Ui feu [fe] st The Right Ton. the Earl of Pucci [Pics] Lag. a at 1 or 1 a i Manager of Nations Bank ESAS [SEAS] Ba 6 tees Sow os Esq., Louden; 'Sir Win Handltw. [Handled] cf Pres SS separator. water 3 Daniel Wane, Esq, Wands- von, [on] Bart wan i. --- worth, Londen [London] The Svilcitorsteneml fur Scot SCOTTISH Rev, Dro [Dr] Lob. Macuair, [Major] Paisley ianvi [Vivian] William Shuttleworth, b, PPC [PP] SS tewt [test VR, 1 j The Richt [Right] Hen, Wri. [RI] tant [tan] Anthony Murray, of Dullerie, [Duller] Lord Provest [Proves] of the He Wes, [West] Charles Co san. [an] Ex MP, M.- yuu, [you] Es ' ORDINARY DIRECTORS banker. Juices Ss Onristoph [Unrest aay [say] The i Qece [Ce] ce Gils [Giles] ws Caristoy [Curiosity] her Wood, jun, sy, i Geese Giusen, [Given] Esq. merchant, DIREC [DIRECT] Cues merchant, Deith [Death] Jas. Esy., [Es] of Pilrig, WS.) Wilsen, [Wilson] Wis ie eran [ran] os Ru William Smith, Esq., ot Carbeth [Macbeth] Sir ifay [if] OF Hass- [Has- Has] i Guthrie tora [tor] Jas rt. I Trane [Trade] BB. ey Esq., ot Manuel Tne, [Te] Cok [Co] ier, [er] Haq... [Has] Lait Lewis Alex, Wallace, Esy.. [Es] was) Henry Coerue. [Corrie] W hit chitect [architect] 'Rubert [Robert] Seurt [Set] Moneria) [Mineral] Esy., [Es] Fi James Mylne, [Milne] W-S. 3 po bas [as] Alx. [Al] Pringle. Esq., of Whyzbamk 'Alex. Thomson, Es4.. [Es] WS. Mer [Mr] ke ' dines Tytier, [Tier] Esy., [Es] of Wood Lous. Loud] G Mackay, totes 3 houselee, [house lee] W.S. i I ro Dui [Du] sy Those ar P Ey, he th SR hose Markel [Market] are new appotntinents, [appointments] f Butesuire [Desire] Boies [Bodies] Bey On the motion of Robeit [Robert] Paui, [Paul] Esq. st ut the Commier- [Commerce- Commerce] os cial [coal] Bank, a vote of thanks was proposer Hon, Chairmongn, [Chairman] Sir Gwornk [Wonk] RaAticx [Attics LL Th - ye which was received with much applause, and the Conrt [Court] users Dr. J Ah Ab 8 re Me after agjvurmed. [affirmed] Be Ts Tn L we AN, 2 oy fie JOIN MACKEN IE. Manacer [Manager] A AS JUAN Me Vat NAB, Ma na WaTsuN [Watson] ied [id] WILLIAM GEORGE Chief Clerk. PSRs [Paris] Reacher yo Edinburgh, 5, St. Andrew-s vare. [are] March 8, 1850. Ei ite [it] GLASGOW Re . ne of Rates and Forms of Proposals may be had on 47.30 Sr oN application to TN Y OTD [OLD] Be ee og D. MARSDEN and C. W. SIKES, YE SCUTTISH [SCOTTISH] PROV ef the Huddersfield Banking Company, Azents [Agents] for . DERSFLELD [HUDDERSFIELD] and surrounding Neighbourhood. FOR fipes [fines] distin [distinct] pers [per] WPA [PA] SA RASCH [RASH] iw ly - cs 14 Ty FIP [DIP] EA 3. yp oo MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE 7 SE ANDREW SQUARES Lins [Lin] S YW - The anly [any] Ofies [Offices] oho ok SCOTTISH PROVIDENT INSTITUTION. The only Otfivs [Outfit] in whieh [which] the adv ot en eee [see] SURANCE [ASSURANCE] Call be omtaimed [omitted] at Meni [Men] HE TWELYTH [TWELVE] ANNUAL GENERAL Asseodan. [Aston] attie [attire] oe an i . ae pa' 44550 tl The scddie [Caddie] Spue [Sue] x 2 MESTING [MEETING] of this Society was held in the Watcriew [Watery] sumed [sued] labs icy Edinburgh, on Wednesday, the 20th - n the motion of GEORGE TCEXBECE [TEXAS] Wee ane [an] ak oe . Bethees [Bathers] oon [on] OO Pe ENBE [BEEN] aoe [are] oF ABvey [Above] Ff. i EXAMPLES OF ANNUAL pervious [previous] ni athans, [Athens] JouN [John] Parker, the Senior Direcior. [Director] was called to the Chair, ites its] Bs res. my bel [be] 5 eae, [ear] - ; The CHAIRMAN, atver [after] congratuating [congratulating] the members on the - 4 favoui [favour] ile [le] results Lrought [Brought] out in the Report, sadi- [said- ladies] es Ff 3 t6 Felbalsau.e [Labels.e] prosperity and sucess [success] which sve [se] shown co 2 aan [an] F have attended tis [is] Soviety [Society] daring the past rear. Laninis [Leanings] . poset [post] auc [au] sect Watranted [Warranted] ty attribute, nut to the, ins y ry tat y en of the distinetive [digestive] principles of our Inscitution [Institution] havins [having] i ee Wacely [Wallace] knewn, [known] nor to the tact that we are Thus, ye fic [fi] ae now 'oy the Pes [Peas] Bae [Be] gov othe [the] Dow, uen, [en] wader the high sanction asd [as] powers for veacly [vocal] dur [Du] couferred [covered] by an Act of the but very im [in] wh sere be oa ne - ty ths whe [the] ane [an eee [see] 2 ches [che] ShiMe [Shire] Weort [Wet] of Brena [Arena] to the wise ane [an] dberal [Liberal] resolutions to 'entribns [entrance] other ne Mout [Out] or ae x we By . ate CE Ait ai Mess tors cume [came] at their lust Annual Meeting, for a Gut AM Pet eS EP ts levee ps will secure a Policy Re eb' aWs [was] forfeitures as they then nt wey [we] Be Ue tis. [is] Oh See We ot . THe) [The] Statice [States] Book or Ded [De] of Constitution of the smd [sad] BRAbeunn, [Brabourne] 2 MY 9 gta [ta] adv. kote.' [note] Soe [Se]