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THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1850. Public 'Notices. - BIBLE SOCIETY AN oar ar axl [al] MEETING of the ai and FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY will be held in the PaitosorHicaL [Philosophical] Haiti, HUDDERSFIELD, en THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10th, [the] 1850, when THE REV. GEO. BROWNE, Secretary, will attend as Deputation from the Parent Society. Chair to be taken at half-past Six o'clock in the Evening. B collection will be made in aid of the Funds of the Society. RE-OPENING OF KIRKBURTON PARISH CHURCH. ue above Church having been Restored and greatly Improved, will be RE-OPENED for Divine Service, on THURSDAY NEXT, October 10, 1850. THE REV. HUGH STOWELL, M.A., Honorary Canon ot Chester, and Incumbent of Christ's Church, Salford, will preach in the forenoon; and THE REV. WILLIAM SINCLAIR, M.A., . Incumbent of St. George's Church, Leeds, will preach in the afternoon. The Services will begin at Half-past Ten and at Three e'clock. On the following SunDay, [Sunday] October 13th, THE REV. RICHARD COLLINS, M.A., Vicar, will preach in the forenoon ; THE VEN. CHARLES MUSGRAVE, D.D., Archdeacon of Craven, and Vicar of Halifax, in the after- [afternoon] noon and THE REV. J. BATEMAN, M.A., . Vicar of Huddersfield, and Rural Dean, in the evening. The Services will begin at Half-past Ten, Three, and Half-past Six o'cloc... [o'clock] . Collections will be made after each Service towards Fiquidating [Liquidation] the heavy debt on the Church. WESLEYAN REFORM. N SUNDAY, Octoser [October] 6, TWO SERMONS will be preached by THE REV. W. GRIFFITH, Jcw., [Cw] In the ParLosorHicaL [Philosophical] HaLt, [Hat] HUDDERSFIELD, in the morn- [morning] ing at half-past Ten o'clock, and in the evening at Six. A Collection will be made after each service to defray expenses. A MEETING WILL BE HELD AT HONLEY, on Monpbay [Monday] EVENING, October 7, in the PRIMITIVE METHO- [METHOD- Methodist] Bist [Best] CHAPEL, when Addresses will be delivered by W. GRIFFITH, Jun., and several other talented friends of Reform. . Chair to be taken at half-past Seven o'clock. Tickets Gratis) to be had from Messrs. George Mallinson and oseph [Joseph] Thornton, Honley Joseph Lees, Deadmanstone ; and Joseph Taylor, Netherton. A MEETING FOR BOTH CIRCUITS Will take place in the PHILOSOPHICAL HaLL, [Hall] HUDDERS- [UDDERS- HUDDERSFIELD] FIELD, on WEDNESDAY, the 9th inst., to be addressed by THE REV. W. GRIFFITH, MR. MARTIN, of Manchester, and other Gentlemen Chair to be taken at Seven o'clock. Tickets to be had of Messrs. John Kaye, Lockwood; Joseph Thornton, Honley Joseph Lees, Deadmanstone; Joseph Taylor, Netherton Edmund Mellor, Crosland Moor James Var- [Variety] Jey, [Hey] Slaithwaite Thomas Hustler, Longroyd Bridge and of Mr. Pilter, [Pilate] Bookseller, King-street. Society Tickets will also admit to both Meetings. d a 2, FRETS GREAT EXHIBITION OF 1851. ORMS [ARMS] for ing up by Parties requiring SPACE in the GREAT EXHIBITION, should be applied for immediately, and may be had of any of the Secretaries, or of Mr. W. WILLANS, Chairman of the Huddersfield Committee. Huddersfield, October 4, 1850. HE MELTHAM ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTING AND ENCOURAGING THE LABOURING CLASSES TO KEEP AND FEED GOOD BRED PIGS. OPEN T0 MELTHAM, MELTHAM MILLS, AND GREAVE. Established 16th September, 1850. President. JOHN MALLINson, [Mallinson] Esq ., Thickhollins. [Collins] Vice President. Mr. Josaua [Joshua] Eastwoop, [Eastwood] Meltham. Treasurer. Secretary. Mr. Edwin Eastwood. Mr. Joseph Taylor. Cominittee. [Committee] Charles Brook, Jun., Esq. Mr. William Eastwood. Mr. John Bray. John Mallinson, Esq. Mr. Robert Beaumont. Mr. James Taylor. Mr. Joshua Eastwood. Mr. George Watson. Mr. Edwin Eastwood. Mr. Benjamin Woodhead. Mr. James Earnshaw. The FIRST SHOW of the above Association will be held in Bray's CROFT, contiguous to the Rose and Crown Inn, on SATURDAY NEXT, the 12th of October, when the following Prizes will be offered for Competition - os. d. Class 1.-For the best Pig, under six months old, belonging to a labouring man ......... 10 Second best, ditto 10 Third best, ditto 010 Fourth best, 5 Class 2.-For the best Pig, under nine months old, belonging to a labouring man ......... 10 Second best, 1 Third best, ditto 010 Fourth best, 5 Class 3.-For 7 pest Pig, tener [tender] twelve months old, belonging to a uring [ring] man ...110 Second best, 100 Third best, ditto 010 Fourth best, 5 Class 4.-For the best Pig, of any age, belonging to a labouring man 110 Second best, ses [se] 100 Third best, ditto cc vee [see] 010 Fourth best, 5 N.B.-Ribbons will be awarded to Pigs commended, not having obtained a Prize. FOR EXTRA STOCK, DISTRICT UNLIMITED. Extra Stock shall consist of Six Classes, viz. -1st Class, Store Pigs under nine months old; 2nd Class, Store Pigs of any age; 38rd Class, Breeding Sows under nine months old; 4th Class, Breeding Sows of any age; 5th Class, Boars under nine months old; 6th Class, Boars of any age. For all Extra Stock, Ribbons of Commendation (where deserving) will be awarded. Free admission to Members of the Association, on show- [showing] ing their cards. Admission to Non-Members, at Ten o'clock, on payment of Sixpence; ditto, at two o'clock, Threepence, Cards of Membership, Rules, and Forms of Entry, may be had on application to Mr. JosepH [Joseph] Secretary. All Stock intended for Show must be entered with the Secretary, on or before the 8th day of October, and must be on the Show Ground not later than Nine o'clock, a. m., on the morning of the Show, and remain there until Four o'clock, p.m., of the same day. STATE OF THE TEA TRADE. TE SUPPLIES of BLACK TEA, imported this Season (1850), [W] are very large; but in real true and fine Qualities the proportion is small. The Consumers will soon find this to be the case; therefore, sound judg- [judge- judgment] ment [men] in the selection will be amply rewarded. Our connection was formed on the Standard of excellency of Quality, at Moderate Prices, which, with practical knowledge and attention to business, has been productive of an extensive trade. Families are now supplied with Tea and Coffee, through the medium of our appointed Agents, in various parts of the United Kingdom, at the annexed List of Prices, direct from HAMILTON AND DAVIES, TEA Market, 1, RANELAGH-STREET, [RALEIGH-STREET] LIVERPOOL. BLACK TEAS. Strong Black-leaf 4 Choice Souchong, strong and full-flavoured ...... 44 Choice Pekoe-flavoured 4 8 Best Black GittO [Ditto] 5 GREEN TEAS. Fins Hyson [Dyson] Twankay [Tank] 4 Fine Young 5 Choicest Ouchain [Chain] 5 8 The Finest Gunpowder 6 8 Good Costa 1 Fine East India-picked quality ..................... 1 4 Choice Mocha or AMAICA [JAMAICA] 20... 1 8 The Coffee is secured in Tin Foil, and put w in of jib and 3b, and 1b and Tin Canister Barnet (No Charge made for the Canisters.) SOLE AGENT FOR HUDDERSFIELD ..GEORGE HALL,............. DRvUGGIST [Druggist] Admaston [Admitting] ......... RICHARD Tea Dealer. Boston E. HARWOOD, Druggi [Drug] Bransby JOHN ROK, [ROCK] Postmaster. Burton-on-Trent...JOHN SIMPSON, ............... Tea Dealer Beverley CHARLES KEMP, .................. Stationer. Bridgnorth H. LONG, Aen [An] Confectioner. Chapel-le-Dale ...JOHN PROCTER, ............... Tea Dealer. ockermouth [mouth] and Son, ...Stationers, Derby J. BRENTNALL, ............... Confectioner, Grimsby GEORGE CROFT, Chemist. Hall oie [one] J.C. REINHARDT, Chemist. Halifax W. DYER, Chemist. Manley rs. A. ALLEN, ............ Confectioner, Hereford ............ Henry 8. DUGGAN, emist. [mist] CNAM [CAM] ec EDWARD GREAVES, Druggist. re W. TAYLOR, Confectioner. J. C. Druggist. GEORGE HOoPER, [Hooper] ist. [its] Market-Drayton ...ADAMS and PoWELL, [Powell] pers. [per] Maryport...... .....5. and M. WHITE, ............ Tea Dealers. JOHN TAYLOR, Chemist. OWEN SHON, [SON] cece [ce] ces [ce] Draper. WM. CLEGG, Tea Dealer. Oswestry EDWARD ............ Confectioner. Preston oo. THOMAS HEAPS, .................. ist. [its] ee JAMES BOOTH, Rawtenstall ......... GERARD Raws, [Raw] ............... Tea Dealer. Bandbach [Sandbach] ............ LNIDOP, [LONDON] Printer. JouN [John] HODGSON, Tea Dealer Phoriton [Phaeton] JOHN SHAW, Tea Dealer. Warrington ng Rr. WHITBY we ra Isaac GREENBURY,............... ist. [its] OHN [ON] ee er. Workington 2 pms, [ms] Tobacconist. Applications for the Commission to sell the above Com- [Company] pony eas [was] and Coffees by one le party, in each oe in the United Kingdom, will have attention. AGENT POINTED IN EACH TO UNLESS MADE AGREEABLE TO EACH PARTY, wx ---- WAKEFIELD AND AVETERLANDS [NETHERLANDS] TURNPIKE HE NEXT MEETING of the Trustees of the WAKEFIELD and AUSTERLANDS [ISLANDS] TURNPIKE ROAD will be held, by adjournment, at the RosE [Rose] AND Crown Hore, [Horse] in HUDDERSFIELD, on THURSDAY, the Tenth day of October next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. order, . EDWARD LAKE ESP, Clerks to the said T. H. BATTYE, Trustees. Huddersfield, 26th September, 1850. BRITISH PLATE GLASS. Rome BROTHERS, UPHoLsTERERS [Upholsterers] AND le Sr CABINET MAKERS, 14, NEW-STREET, H ODDERSFIELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] 'onti [into] to supply the trade with BRITISH PLATE GLASS. Silvered 'and Polished, of the finest quality and clearness, at the Manufacturers' Prices. Also, LOCKHEAD'S [LOCKED'S] PERFORATED GLAZING PLATES to any dimensions. CABINET-MAKING ESTABLISHMENT, SHORE, HUDDERSFIELD. RAR. [TAR] J. IREDALE, Casrvet-Maxer, [Croft-Maker] UpuHot- [Upright- Upholsterer] STERER, [STEER] &c., SHORE, HUDDERSFIELD, In returning his best thanks to the Public of Huddersfield and its Vicinity, for the very liberal support he has hitherto received at their hands, begs to inform them, that to his SPLENDID STOCK OF FURNITURE he has made very extensive additions, J. I. respectfully requests of his Friends and Patrons the favour of a call, when he is confident an of his Stock will give general satisfaction. OPENING OF BEST'S TEA WAREHOUSE, No. 3, MARKET-WALK, HUDDERSFIELD. ENBY [DENBY] BEST (late of the firm of Best and Co.) gratefully acknowledges the patronage of his Friends during his two years connection with the above firm, and now respectfully solicits for himself a continuance of their future favours, which he hopes to merit by careful attention, good articles, and reasonable prices. TEAS Carefully selected and judiciously blended, COFFEES Of the finest growth and home roasted. Ground Cocoa Niss, [Miss] used by Homeopathists. Spices of every description. CIGARS- [Cigars the] The choice sorts of the day. Rough Cut Cuba and Sheffield Tobacco. Tadely's [Citadel's] Tom Buck Snuff, &c. &c. No. 3, MARKET-WALK. Stimnila [Testimonial] Similibus [Smiles] Curantar. [Currant] HOMCOPATHIC [HOMEOPATHIC] DEPOSITORY, No. 10, KIRKGATE, HUDDERSFIELD, (Immediately above the Parish Church.) DAY BUTLER respectfully announces to his Friends and the Public, that he has constantly on hand Genuine Homeopathic Medicines, Tinctures, Plasters, and neat Family Cases of Remedies, adapted to the various works on Domestic Practice, from the most approved Homeopathic chemists inLondon [London] and Manchester. Homeopathic Prepared Cocoas, Tooth Powder, Arnica [Inca] Cerate, [Create] Pomade and Cream for the Hair, &c. &c. Books, Pamphlets, and Tracts on the Principles and Practice of Homeopathy, by the most eminent authors. D. B. wishing to furnish the friends of Homeopathy with every facility for fully carrying out its principles, has determined to make his Depository available for that purpose by keeping a regular supply of the above articles. Homeopathic Depository, No. 10, Kirkgate. Jeet [Meet] CROWN HOTEL, NEAR THE TOWN HALL, HOLM FIRTH. AMES W. MACDONALD begs to return his thanks to the Inhabitants of Holmfirth, and the Public generally, for the very liberal support he has en- [enjoyed] joyed since he opened the above Hotel, and takes this opportunity of assuring them that the house has been most beautifully fitted up, re-painted, &., and will be found by Commercial Gentlemen especially, to combine the elegance and comfort of home with a close proximity to the Railway, being within about three minutes' walk of the station. J. W. M. has selected a first-rate stock of Wines, Spirits, Ales, &c., and hopes, by the strictest attention to the requirements and comfort of his friends, to obtain a con- [continuance] tinuance [Finance] of their patronage and support. In addition to the usual apartments of the Hotel there is a LARGE AND COMMODIOUS ROOM, suitable for Estate and general Auction Sales. WELL-AIRED BEDS. GOOD STABLING AND COACH HOUSE ATTACHED. An elegant One or Two-Horse CaB [Can] ready at the shortest notice. J. W. M. has great pleasure in intimating that a GLEE CLUB, of superior talent, is being established at the Hotel. N.B.-For the convenience of Private Families, J. W. M. has also ensured a constant supply of ALE and PORTER, in small casks, from the Lockwood Brewery, at the follow- [following] ing prices -- ALE, 6 gallons and upwards, 1s. Porter, ditto, a 1s, 2d. and Is. 6d. per yal. [al] 1s, 2d. and Is. 6d. per gal. TO ADVERTISERS. 66 HE LEEDS TIM E OF THIS DAY (SATURDAY) is printed with a NEW AND ELEGANT TYPE. Bee LEEDs [Leeds] Times, being one of the most extensively irculated [circulated] of the Yorkshire journals, announcements in- [intended] tended for general publicity, if not inserted in its columns, fail to come before a very large portion of the community. 1,000 POUNDS OF SECOND-HAND MINION TYPE, in good condition, TO BE SOLD in Lots to suit pur- [our- purchasers] chasers. Price Sixpence per pound. Specimens can be forwarded to any part. JOHNSON'S TYPOGRAPHIA, [TYPOGRAPHY] Or Compositor's Guide. 2 Vols., beautifully illustrated. Price 5s. 6d.-Published at 30s. Leeds Times Office, Oct. 5th. THE GREAT HULL FAIR. HE LAST CHEAP TRIP to HULL and BRIDLINGTON this Season, to leave NoRMANTON [Normanton] STATION, on THURSDAY NEXT, October 10, 1850, at 7 30, a.m., returning from HULL the same Evening, or Friday the 11thb...... [th] at 6 p.m. BRIDLINGTON, on Saturday the 12th ................ at 3 p.m. N.B.-First and Second Class Passengers only to Tull will be allowed to stay until Friday, the 11th. FaRES [Fares] FROM NORMANTON TO ist [its] Class. 2ndClass. [Nicolas] 3rd Class, Hull and back............... 4s. 6d. ...... 3s. 6d. ...... 2s. 6d. Bridlington and back..... 6s. Od. ...... 5s. Od. ...... 4s. Od. Children under Twelve years of age, half-price. THE LAST GRAND EXCURSION TO LONDON, ON THE MIDLAND RAILWAY. A Special Train will leave NORMANTON for LONDON on SaturDayY, [Saturday] 12th of October, 1850, at half-past Nine o'clock in the morning, and return from EvsToN-SQUARE [Stone-SQUARE] LONDON, on FRipay, [Friday] October 18, at half-past Six in the evening. FARES TO LONDON AND BACK covered. 1st Class. 2nd Class. 3rd Class From Leeds and Bradford... 31s. 6d. 21s. 14s. 6d. From Normanton, Swinton, and Sheffield ................. 28s. Od. 18s. 12s. 6d. Children under Twelve Years of Age Half-price. BraDForD.-A [Bradford.-A] Special Train will leave at 7 45 a.m., calling at all the Stations to Leeds. LEEDS-By Special Train leaving at 8 45 a.m., and reaching Normanton at 9 15 a.m. For further particulars see Hand Bills, or apply at the Stations. DEAFNESS AND SINGING IN THE EAR AEFFECTUALLY [EFFECTUALLY] CURED WITHOUT PAIN OR OPERATION. TE of this wonderfully discovered Remedy into the Ears of those afflicted with Deaf- [Deafness] ness for forty or fifty years enables them to hear a watch tick at arm's length. DR. JAMES VERBRUGAN, [VERBENA] Consulting Surgeon to the Institution for Cure of Deafness, begs to offer this valuable discovery to the public from benevolence, rather than gain, and will forward it, Carriage Free, to any part, packed in a small Case with full Direc- [Direct- Directions] tions, [tins] on receipt of Five Shillings in Postage Stamps, orb Money Order, addressed to Dr. JAMES VERBRUGAN, [VERBENA] Beaufort-buildings, Strand, London. This is not one of the usual quack advertisements, but a genuine article, prepared by one who has devoted his whole life to the study of of the Ear, and who daily ap- [applies] plies it in his private practice and all the Ear Infirmaries in the presence of eminent Physicians, who have been utterly astounded at its wonderful effect, being perfectly painless, even to an infant, or the most delicate constitu- [constitution- constitution] tion. [ion] . TEETH, TEETH-ESTABLISHED 1836. M8& FREDERICK ESKELL, [SKILL] Sureron [Surer on] -&. DENTIsT, [Dentist] of 32, COOPER-STREET, MANCHESTER, has arrived in HUDDERSFIELD, in consequence of the numerous applications for his professional aid. Hemay [Hem] be consulted EVERY THURSDAYat [Thursday] Mr. GEORGE BROOK's, WEst [West] Parabz, [Parable] from ten till five. Attendance daily at their establishment, 32, Cooper-street, nearly opposite the Mechanics' Institution, Manchester. Filling decayed teeth with Eskell's [Skill's] celebrated White Terra Paste, which never changes colour, and makes a decayed tooth into a solid substance, useful for mastication and articulation, preventing toothache, and lasting many years. , Loss oF TEETH.-Mr. Eskell [Skill] continues to supply the loss of teeth, without springs or wires, upon his new system of self-adhesion, and without extracting any teeth or stumps, or giving any pain whatever. At the following 8. d. 'A single artificial from 010 A Bet. nae ae from 5 5 A complete set of natural teeth, on finegold [fine gold] plate 15 00 An entire set of natural or terro-metallic [terri-metallic] teeth, ighly [highly] finished in the first style, with fine gold sockets, usually charged 40 guineas 20 Loose teeth fastened, whether arising from old age, the use of calomel, [Colonel] or neglect. . Mr. F. A. Eskell's [Skill's] method combines all the modern im- [in- improvements] provements [movements] of Paris and Berlin, Notices. YY ANTED, 2 500d Tot Mates ont tae [tea] W Characte [Character] ages Sixteen Guineas a year. r will be strictl [strictly] investigated.-Apply, by letter or personally, to Mrs, H Mason. Groby Ld om Axhton-under-Lyne. [Ashton-under-Lyne] M8 - DANCINC, [DANCING] EXERCISE, AND DEPORTMENT. R. DONBAVAND [ABANDON] to inform his Pupils, Friends, and the Public of Huddersfield, that he is forming his CLASSES FOR THE WINTER QUARTER. Particulars may be known on application to Mr. Hardy and Mrs. Kemp, Booksellers; or, to Mr. DONBAVAND, [ABANDON] at his residence. Commercial-street, Oct. 4, 1850. DAGUERREOTYPE OR PHOTOGRAPHIC a PORTRAITURE. portals by this most inimitable process, with all the most recent Improvements, are TAKEN DAILY, and in all weathers, at Mr. COOKE'S, Braprorp- [Drapery- Prepared] ROAD END, near HILLHOUSE. Portraits for Lockets, Brooches, Bracelets, &c., &c. Portraits in Oil, or by the Daguerreotype, and choice Engravings or Paintings faithfully copied. Prices, from 10s. 6d. Specimens may be seen at Mr. Brown's, Bookseller, Market-place Corner. GYMNASIUM, RAMSDEN-STREET. - DANCING. M LE BLANC feels pleasure in announcing that he has secured the professional assistance of M. L. Giant, of London, for this department, who will teach all the Dances, as danced at Buckingham Palace, Almacks, [Alpacas] &c., including 'La Polka, Mazurka, Schot- School- Scottish] tiche, [tithe, Cellarius, Cellars, 'Valse, [Vale] Deux [Dix] Temps, &c., more especially The Minuet de la Cour, [Our] et Cabot, as danced at her Majesty's Ball. The JUVENILE CLASS will assemble at Ten o'clock, a.m., and at Half-past Two, p.m., on Saturdays. The PRIVATE and ADULT CLASS as per arrangement. Parties requiring Tuition, will please to forward their Cards to Mr. LE Bianc, [Bank] Ramsden-street. The FENCING, GYMNASTIC, and CALISTHENIC CLASSES as usual. PHILOSOPHICAL HALL, HUDDERSFIELD. M. JULLIEN'S [JULIEN'S] GRAND CONCERT, On MONDAY, OCTOBER 7th, 1850. JULLIEN [JULIEN] has the honour to announce to e the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field, that he intends giving a GRAND CONCERT on Monpbay, [Monday] 7th October, accompanied by the eltte [letter] of his Unri- [Uni- Unrivalled] valled [called] Band. VOCALIST, MISS DOLBY. Principal Solo Performers -Mons. CoLLINet, [Client] Mr. PraTTEN, [Pattern] Herr SONNENBERG, [PERSONNEL] Herr IKELHIEMER, [OKLAHOMA] Mr. HarPeER, [Harper] Herr Sommers, [Summers] Mr. WINTERBOTTOM, Mr. REY- [Reynolds] NOLDs, [Colds] Mr. Horton, Herr ConRAD [Contra] Banp, [Bank] &c., &c. Leader, Mr. Principal Cornet-4-Piston, Herr Koenie. [Genie] . 5 Toone open at half-past Seven. Concert commence at ight. [it] Tickets to be had of Mrs. Kemp, Bookseller, 44, New- [New street] street.-For [For] further particulars see Programme and Bills. PricEs [Prices Front Seats, 3s. 6d.; Family Tickets to admit Six, 18s. Gallery, 1s. 6d.; Promenade, Is. - ANOTHER NEW LIGHT. HOLLIDAY'S PEERLESS LAMPS. SECOND GRANT OF HER MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT, DATED FEBRUARY, 1850. HE PATENTEE of the ORIGINAL HOL- [HO- HOLLIDAY] LIDAY [LADY] LAMP having at length succeeded in completing his IMPROVEMENTS and PERFECTING the SELF-GENERATING GAS LAMP, by adapting it for the Table and all in-door purposes, can now confidently recommend his PEERLESS LAMP, as being at once the most Superb, Brilliant, and Economical Portable Light ever offered to the Public. This extraordinary Apparatus generates its own gas at 4s. per 1,000 cubic feet. Simple and easy of management, it will burn sixteen hours without attention. The size of the light can be regulated like that of common gas by a stop tap. It is made in the form of a plain Cottage Lamp, as well as in every other style of El ce, fit to adorn the Drawing-room of the Mansion and the Palace. Silent, it preserves the solitude of the Study-Sweet and Pure, it promotes the comfort of the Family Circle-Bril- [Circle-Bail- Brilliant] liant, [lint] it sheds additional lustre on the Assembly or Ball- [Ballroom] room. In short, in every attribute that can render an ARTIFIcIAL [Artificial] LIGHT an approximation to the Purity and Brilliancy of the Sun, he 'holds it peerless. May be seen Burning at 128, Holborn-hill, London; at the Works, Turn bridge, HUDDERSFIELD; or at the Branches, 28, Oak-street, MANCHESTER; Sussex-street, SHEFFIELD; and Bridge-end, BRADFORD, Yorkshire, where Prospectuses and Engravings may also bk had on appli- [apply- application] cation. ao The Public may see the PEERLEss [Peerless] Lamp burning THIS EVENING, October 5th, at Mr. B, Brown's, Bcokseller, [Bookseller] of the Market Place Carner, [Carter] at which place THE LAMPS MAY BE HAD, From 6s. UPWARDS. Huddersfield, October, 1850. LEEDS AND YORKSHIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. HE Insured in this Office are requested to take NOTICE that all POLICIES falling DUE on the 29TH [THE] SEPTEMBER should be RENEW within Fifteen Days of the 29th. [the] The RATES in this Office are framed on the Lowest Scale consistent with solid security. Any instructions with which the Company may be favored [favoured] will be promptly eir [er] attended to by agent. J. C. LAYCOCK, Solicitor, Huddersfield. HE RAILWAY ASSURANCE COMPANY, FOR GRANTING ASSURANCES, UPON PAYMENT OF A SINGLE PREMIUM, AGAINST LOSS OF LIFE OR OTHER PERSONAL INJURY ARISING FROM RAILWAY ACCIDENTS. OFFICES-No. 5, ST. JAMESS-STREET, [JAMES-STREET] LONDON. TRUSTEES. THE Ricut [Cut] HONOURABLE THE HonouraBLeE [Honourable] H. G. SPENCER. BENJAMIN B. CaBBELL, [Cable] Esq, M.P. CHARLES HOPEINSON, [HANSON] Es . BANKERS. MEssRS. [Messrs] CHARLES HopkKINsON [Hopkinson] and Co., Regent-street. SECRETARY. W. W. WItiams, [Williams] Esq. The Directors are now granting Assurances upon the following terms, namely- [namely for] For every Policy of 2,000 Ditto ditto 2 2s, And for Policies of lesser amount than 1,000, at the rate of 5s. per cent. upon the sum assured. Further information may be had on application to the Agent for Huddersfield and its vicinity. FRED. TURNER-AGENT. WEST RIDING UNION BANK SHARES, an SHIELD BANKING COMPANY'S SHARES, ya ADCOCK'S CELEBRATED MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIES. EB AND A. WOODHOUSE, Conrecrioners, [Confectioners] e beg to return thanks to their Friends and the Public, for the very liberal support they have re- [received] ceived [received] since being Agents for the above Pies, and to intimate that they have begun to receive them for the Season, fresh three times a-week. E. and A. W. also beg to announce that they have just received an excellent supply of PATENT J ELLIES. [ELLIS] LEeMon, [Lemon] ORANGE-Quarts, 2s. 6d, Pints, 1s. 9d. NoyEau, [Noyes] Puncu, [Punch] Caur's [Car's] Foor [For] (with Madeira)-Quarts, 3s.; Pints, 2s. Also, a full assortment of the finest DRIED FRUIT. FINE NEW GRAPES. LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY.. HUDDERSFIELD AND MANCHESTER SECTION. TO MASONS, JOINERS, SLATERS, [SLATES] PLASTERERS, PLUMBERS, &c. HE DIRECTORS of this Section will meet in the BoaRD [Board] Room, at the HUDDERSFIELD Station, on Frimay, [From] the 11th instant, at 10.30 o'clock, a.m., to receive TENDERS for the execution of the various Works required in the ERECTION of A STATION AT DELPH, SADDLEWORTH, according to the Plans and Specifications of Messrs. PritcHett, [Pritchett] Architects, which may be seen at the Con- [Contractors] tractors' Room, Huddersfield Station, on Thursday next, 8rd [ord] instant. Sealed Tenders, addressed to the Chairman of the Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield [Huddersfield] and Manchester Section, and endorsed Tender for Works, Delph Station, must be left with the Secretary previous to the Meeting, and intending Con- [Contractors] tractors must be in attendance. The Directors do not bind themselves to accept the lowest Tender. By order, WILLIAM GILMER, Secretary, Local Committee. Huddersfield, 1st October, 1850. fe Duty Free. HEREAS [WHEREAS] a Petition of JOSEPH M'QUEAY, [M'QUAY] for the last Six Years and upwards residing at Milnsbridge, in the Parish of Almondbury, in the Courty [Court] of York, and carrying on business at the same lace as a Woollen Cloth Manufacturer, an Insolvent btor, [tor] having been filed in the County Court of York- [Yorkshire] shire, holden at Huddersfield, in the said County, and an Interim Order for Protection from Process having been given to the said Joseph M'Queay, [M'Quay] under the provisions of the Statutes in that case made and provided, the said Joseph M'Queay [M'Quay] is hereby required to appear in the said Court to be holden at Huddersfield aforesaid, before the Judge of the said Court, on the Twenty-fifth day of October next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon precisely, for his FIRST EXAMINATION touching his Debts, Estate, and Effects, and to be further dealt with according to the pro- [provisions] visions of the said Statues And Notice is Hereby Given that the choice of Assignees is to take place at the time so appointed. All persons indebted to the said Joseph M'Queay, [M'Quay] or who have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to Mr. FREDERICK ROBERT JONEs, [Jones] Jun., the Clerk of the said Court, at hig [hi] Office, at. Huddersfield, in the said County Dated the 26th day of le 1850. JONES, Jun., Clerk of the said Court. Latest Intelligence. BY ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. Lonpon, [London] Fray NicHT. [Night] Se cl LONDON PRODUCE MARKET, YESTERDAY. Sucar-Prices [Sugar-Prices] for West India, closed same as last week, with firmness both for refined and grocery sorts. Sales to- [today] day are 467, and, for the week, 1,517 casks. Bengal, ublic [public] sales of 4,800 bags, went briskly at stiff rates, rainy yellow, 40s. 6d. to 49s. 6d. The like Mauritius, 38s. to 43s. Middling white Benares, [Bearers] 41s. 6d., and fine brown, 33s. to 34s. fined market brisk, and another advance; brown grocery lump, 51s. to 51s. 6d.-COFFEE -Market closes dull; BBs, [BBS] to 53s. is the value of native Ceylon. Plantation, 50 bags and 60 casks, at auction, nearly all taken in at 63s. to 70s.-TEA-Of [S's.-TEA-Of] 2,333 packages, at auction, 1,731 sold at full rates. Scented orange Pekoe. at 1d. advance. Pimento, public sale of 100 bags, went at 6d. to 63d., being stiff rates--Rum-Dull demand, at auction, 130 puncheons Jamaica taken in at 2s. 5d. to 2s. 8d. for ordinary and middling.-INnpIGo-Market [middling.-ING-Market] brisk. -Woot-Fair [Wood-Fair] business done, at fully late rates, for both British and Foreign.-CotTron-Sales [Foreign.-Cotton-Sales] for the week, 3,300 bales Surats, [Surat] at full rates, and market firm.-IRon [firm.-Iron] -Little doing in Scotch pig, and 42s. to 42s. 6d. in the value of mixed numbers.-TAaLLOW-Market [numbers.-Tallow-Market] opened quiet fe new Y. C. at 39s. on the spot. CLOSING PRICES, YESTERDAY, OcTOBER [October] 4. Funps.-Consols [Funds.-Console] for Account, -; Money, 963, 963, Exchequer Bills, 63, 66 pm. SHarEs.-London [Shares.-London] and North Western, 1153, 1163; Midlands, 443, 453; North Stafford, 92, 98 dis. ; South Eastern and Dover, 21 213; Ditto No. 4 reduced; -, -; Caledonian, 83, Do. Pref. 5 54; Great Western, 713, 723; Great Northern, 14 143; Eastern Counties, 63, 63; Leeds Stock, 49, 50; Leeds Fifths, 8, 73 dis.; New Quarters, 23, 28 pm.; Midland Halves, a dis.; York and North Midland, 25 253. onsol [Sons] market has been steady all day, closing at the opening price. Railway market has been good, and closed good, although lighter stocks are perhaps a shade beneath their highest point. LAST NIGHT'S BANKRUPTS. Thomas Horatio Jolley, fruit salesman, Farringdon-street, London. George Little, electrical apparatus maker, Holborn Bars, London; and Commercial-place, Commercial-road, New Peckham, Surrey. Thomas Fielding, hotel keeper, Flint. BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. William Johnston, farmer and corn factor, West Dray- [Drayton] ton, Middlesex, Feb. 7th.-Frederick Johnston, watch- [watchmaker] maker and silversmith, Lincoln, Feb. 14th. [the] Lonpon [London] Corn MaRKET, [Market] FRIDAY, Qctober [October] 4.-The sup- [supply] ply of wheat fresh up by land carriage. Samples and coast- [coast wise] wise, were small, but having a thin attendance of buyers, trade was still inactive at currency. Foreign wheat met limited enquiry at recent terms. Barley, 5 and peas, held for the high prices current at the commence- [commencement] ment [men] of the week, but transactions limited. Oats moved off slowly, but rates of Monday last supported. In value of flour and malt no alteration. White, 402, to 5l1s.; [L's] red, 42s. to 46s. Arrivals -English wheat, 3,990; barley, 1,620; oats, 2,580; malt, 4,390; flour, 2,030. Irish oats, 5,340. Foreign wheat, 24,910; barley, 5,890; oats, 9,330. LIVERPOOL CoRN [Corn] Market, Friday, Oct. 4th.-The attendance to-day is very small, and the demand for both wheat and flour is quite of a retail character. The prices of Tuesday last are hardly attainable. Oats and oatmeal are each rather lower; beans, peas, barley and malt un- [unchanged] changed in value; Indian corn commands full rates but the demand is slow. SMITHFIELD CATTLE MaRKET, [Market] October 4.-Beasts, 1,028; cows, 93; sheep, 8,620; calves, 323; pigs, 495.-Beef, [W.-Beef] 2s, 6d., 3s. 10d. mutton, 3s. 1d., 4s. 2d. veal, 2s. 4d., 33. 8d.; pork, 3s. 4d., 4s.-Holland-Beasts, 328; sheep, 1,780; calves, 116; Pigs, 21.-Leicester, Northampton, and Lin- [Lincoln] coln-Beasts, [Colne-Beasts, -Beasts] .-Good supply of beasts. Trade dull, at Monday's prices. Deman [Dean] Monday's quotations. LEEDS SHARE MARKET, October 4,-East Lancashire, 9; Great Northern, 14 14 16s. 3d.. 14 Thee paid). t and West Yorkshire, 7 3; Leeds an irsk [risk] Quar- [Quay- Quarters] ters, [tees] 3 pm.; ditto Extension, No. 1, 2 dis.; Leeds and Thirsk, 113, 11, 8, 9; Midland Halves, 203 dis.; North Western Preference, 113; North Western, 123 dis. London and Western, 116. LIVERPOOL SHARE MARKET (Yesterday), October 4th. -London and North Western, 116; New Quarters, 2 7-16ths; [7-this] Ditto Fifths, 24 cash; Ditto 1S 2 1-16ths; [1-this] Leeds Stock, 483, 8 Ai Leeds Fifths, 7 Sheffield, 18; Midlands, 45 Midland Halves, 202; Dovers, [Dover] 21 Ditto 4ths, [this] 74; York and Newcastle, 1 Ditto Preference, 4 3-l16ths; [3-laths] York and North Mid land, 23 . LIVERPOOL CoTToN [Cotton] MaRKET, [Market] October 4.- Sales to-day, 10,000 bales 3,000 bales on speculation. Sales ot the week, 44,600 bales, including 10,700 bales on speculation, and 2,650 bales for export, at the full prices of last week. for sheep and calves, at 2 . PRICE OF SHARES. ; FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4. As will be perceived from the annexed list, the prices of Shares has continued gradually to improve, and business has been much more extensive. Midland, York and North Midland, Oxford, Worcester, and Wolverhampton, North Western, and Great Northern Shares have most materially advanced. Railway Market in London to-day firm at the quotations. Consols [Console] precisely the same. FRED. TURNER. 8 Cont eg sae [sea] 2 Bes e PRICE we &) 8 NAME OF RAILWAY. Per Snare 8 a oko [ok] Oct. 4th. Ee ASm [As] s. stck [stock] 50 Aberdeen SE one 94 3 3 20 83 Ambgte, [83 embarked] Nott. East Junction 7d ... 7d '1 8 O 100 W] 100 Bristol [W Bristol] and Exeter.................. 69 ... 71 stck [stock 50 Caledonian SH ane [an] SH Do. Pref fixed 7 per cent. for five years, from 2Ist [list] Ang. 1848, and 6 per cent. 10 10 afterwards in perpetuity ... 54... 54 '0 [2 jstck [stock] 20 Eastern Counties 64 0. 68 2 6 25 25 East Lancashire 92 9 3 9) 64 68) Do. pref. Quarters(min. 6 pct) 7é ... 74 7 5 3 Do. Pret. [Pre] Fifths 8. Bd 10 10 25 25 Great Northern ..................... ... 145 5 0 124) [W] 123 [W] Do. Halves A Deferred......... 43 ... 43 5 6 124; 123) [W] Do. B. Guaranteed Oper [Per] cnt. [cent. 98 ... 9 6 103) [W] 125 123 [W] 5 per cent. Pref. Scrip ......... 113...12in. [] '2 [C] 100 W] Great TLE [LE] aoe [are] 72h [H] '1 stck 100 [stock W] Lancashire and Yorkshire ...... 49... 50 20 lls [ll] Ditto Fifths 8.7 1 0 50 50 Ditto Huddersfield Shef [She] 244 ... 25 'O 1 24 20 114 Ditto West Riding Union 6 ... 63d '0 [6 stck stock] 10 Ditto Preferred 6 per cent 12. ... 125 50 50 Leeds and Thirsk .................. li 11g [G] Do. Prf. [Pref] Qrs. [Mrs] 7 per cent. for 3 yrs and 6 per cent. after- [after] 123 [W] 9 wards in perpetuity ......... ..dpm [DP] '1 10 stck 100 stock W] London, Brighton, Sth [St] Coast 83... 84 stck 100 stock W] London and North Western ... 1154 ...1164 '0 [510 [W] 20 12 Ditto Fifths 2.00.00... 24...23pm [] 100 100 W] Manchester, Shef. [She] Lincolnsh. [Lincolnshire. 175 ... 184 Do. Pref. Guar. [Guard] 74 per cent. for 6 years from Ist [Its] July, 10 10 1849, 6 percent. afterwaal [afterward] Sh... 88 50 50 Ditto Grimsby ............... 8 ... 9 '0.16 45... 4545 '0 [15 0 50 35 Halves, int. till Jan. 1852.. [W] 214 ...203d [d] stck [stock] 25 North British Toe Th '0 [1 5 stck) stock] 5 Do. 5 per cent. Guaranteed 43...5exd [43...axed] 20 174 North [W North] Staffordshire ............... 9 ...98d [d] 20 17 JNorth [North] Western ......... cece [ce] es 124 ...12gd [Gd] 15 15 Do. Pref. (issued 4 dis)... 11g... [G] 114 50 50 Oxford, Worcester, Wolver. [Wolves. 114 ... 12 '0 [6 9 25 184 Shef. [W She] R. B. W. H. GooleN [Golden] divi [div] 18... 184 '0 [9 50 50 South Eastern Dover ......... 214...2l4xd [W...lsd] '0 [6 3 stck stock] 25 York, Newcastle, Berwick ... 164... 17 4 95 25 9 Do. Pref. G. N. E. purchase 4 ... 44d 2 6 jstck [stock 50 and North Midland ...... 224... 223 6 Of 25 10 Do. Pref. 2 ' Less Income Tax. CLOSING PRICE OF CONSOLS [CONSOLE] IN LONDON THIS EVENING, For Money, 963 3 For Account. 968, 963. BANKS. Div. per annum. 1 100 [W] 10 (Huddersfield Banking Co. ...... 163... 17 015 0 25 10 Halifax Huddersfield Union 10 ... 104 Banking Company............... 6 Of 100 [W 5 West Riding Union BankingCo [Banking co] 4 ... 44 012 0 25 1.4.0 Yorkshire Banking Company...) 44 ...5 De Fatal RAILWAY ACCIDENT NEAR SHEFFIELD.-An acci- [acct- accident] dent occurred on Wednesday morning week, on the Man- [Manchester] chester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway, about two miles from Sheffield, involving the death of a man named Thomas Shemaldine. [Sheldon] It appears that about eight o'clock on morning, a special train, consisting of empty ns, which had been despatched from Ketford [Retford] to Sheffield, was run into while passing through the Darnall tunnel, by a passenger train, returning from the Ecking- [Eking- Eckington] ton station, the junction with the Midland railway to Sheffield. The deccased, [deceased] who was acting as guard to the first train, and was standing on the hindermost [hindmost] carriage was thrown back by the collision, and falling on the line in front of the engine, was run over and killed on the spot. His head was very much crushed, the brains, &c., bespat- [be spat- bespattering] tering [tearing] the rails. The accident is attributable to the dense fog which prevailed at the time, which rendered it impos- [impose- impossible] sible to objects though only a few yards distant. -Morning Chronicle. OPERATION OF THE Factory Act at Hawick.-Mr. Walker, the government sub-ins r, visited Hawick on Friday last, to enforce the new Factory Act, when a third of those persons employed on the machines were, at a mo- [moment] ment's [men's] notice turned adrift, and in a week or two there will be no less than a thousand hands, depending on the product of those machines, thrown out of employment. Mr. Walker appeared to sympathize deeply with the deserving opera- [operatives] tives, [lives] whom he was, in a manner, the instrument of depriv- [deprive- depriving] ing of their honest labour.-Glasgow Daily Mail. THE DUKE oF NEWcasTLE.-The [Newcastle.-The] accounts received from Clumber on Thursday state that his Grace wasa [was] little better on Monday, and appeared more cheerful. On Tuesday, however, he was not quite so well; and it was not thought that any improvement had taken place. PotaToEs.-It [Potatoes.-It] is bettter [better] to plant whole moderate-sized potatoes than cut sets; the drills should be about thirt [that] y-six inches apart; plucking the blossom of the stem seems to give a considerable increase in quantity. Lusus [Surplus] Naturz.-A [Nature.-A] pure white common house 1s to be seen in company with a flock of his drab coloured brethren at Bloomfield, presenting a singular appearance when on the wing.-Essex Herald. While a large iron rib was being hoisted to its place on the Cork and Bandon [Band] Railway, one of the workmnais [workmanship] let the guide-rope, the mass fall, and cut off the head of a abourer [labourer] as if he had guillotined. An importation has just taken place by a vessel arrived at the docks from Canton, of several packages of leeches as part of her cargo. This appears to be a remarkable article of importation from China Ww TO OUR READERS. On Saturpay [Saturday] next, 12, the CHRONICLE will contain a finely-executed WOOD ENGRAV- [ENGRAVED- ENGRAVING] ING, by an eminent London Artist, of the pro- [proposed] posed PALACE OF GLASS, Intended for the reception of the articles sent tothe [tithe] EXHIBITION OF 1851, showing at one view the exterior of the above gigantic edifice, accompanied by an appropriate letter-press description. The above engraving has never before been pub- [published] lished, [wished] and will be found of quite a superior cha- [ca- character] racter, [Carter] in point of artistic design and fidelity, to any of the engravings of the above erection which have appeared in some of our local con- [contemporaries] temporaries. To ensure copies of the forthcoming number, orders should be given immediately at the Chronicle office, Market-place, or through the various Booksellers and News Agents. THE CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, OCT. 6, 1850. - -- THE GREAT EXHIBITION OF 1851. ARE OUR MANUFACTURERS ALIVE TO ITS IMPORTANCE A FORTNIGHT since we briefly alluded to the import- [importance] ance [once] attached to this coming exhibition of rival ingenuity and skill among our brethren on the Continent of Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic and we also sought, as we would fain hope with some success, to impress upon the manufacturers of this district the importance of their being fully alive to the bearing which this comparison must have, for good or for evil, on our standing as a manufacturing and commercial community. That our doubts, then expressed, as to the luke- [like- lukewarmness] warmness of many of our manufacturers, were in a great measure well grounded, is in the main con- [confirmed] firmed by a letter which appeared in our last num- [sum- number] ber, [be] from Wituram [Tram] Esq., Chairman of the Committee for this district, wherein he briefly but forcibly remarks, in reference to the indiffer- [in differ- indifference] ence [once] hitherto shown among the manufacturers in this district--'I think it not unlikely that many of our neighbours who are now indifferent about the matter will be mortified after the opening of the exhibition, by the reflection that if they had made the attempt, they could have beaten, in this parti- [part- particular] cular [circular] department, anything they saw there. If the indifference above alluded to was caleu- [clue- calculated] lated [late] to produce no more serious consequences than the self-mortification of those who had neglected to avail themselves of this world-wide trial of skill we should be content to leave the matter to the first impressions of those manufacturers them- [themselves] selves. But the consequences flowing from such neglect involve higher and more national conside- [consider- considerations] rations-as [as] will be at once apparent to all who will carefully peruse an able communication we this week publish from another Manufacturer of this district, who is thoroughly competent to judge of the merits of this great question. It must be apparent to all that those who are the successful exhibitors-with the world for its competitors-will obtain a prestige which must in the nature of things raise their standing, indivi- [divine- individually] dually and rationally, in the commercial world- [world cause] cause a greater bias in the market for their manu- [man- manufactures] factures [factories] than before and in the same degree, or nearly so, that the demand for their articles is in creased, the demand for similar articles of those of our manufacturers who fail to exhibit will be brought into disrepute among mercantile men, especially where the article in question is chiefly in demand in Continental markets. It is in this sense that indifference or apathy is censurable and a wrong done to our national character ;-it is this feeling of lukewarmness and fancied security that we wish to dispel, and, consequently, by a timely warning, we would desire to urge on our manufacturers, whether their articles be high- [priced] prized [prizes] or low-prized-the [low-prizes-the] absolute necessity of moving-and that at once and with energy-in the manufacture of the best articles of their class, con- [connected] nected [connected] with their various branches of industry, for exhibition in the coming struggle. Unless this hint be acted upon there is great danger that their present superiority will be paralysed and snatched from them by more energetic exhibitors from other states. What may lead by activity and energy properly directed, to a vast extension of our foreign trade, will assuredly, if neglected, result in the loss of our present pre-eminence. To stand still, therefore, is to go backwards. Our thriving manufacturers, blessed with a prosperous trade at present, may feel inclined to place their arms a-kimbo [a-limbo] and lull themselves into fancied security ; but they should bear this in mind that while they are allowing their creative faculties to lie dormant, the ingenuity of the whole world is actively at work in preparing articles more or less similar to their own, and are about to throw down the gauntlet on English soil, and to lay claim to the merit of supe- [sue- superiority] riority [priority] at the threshold of our very arteries of manufacturing repute. Will English manufac- [manufacture- manufacturers] turers, [turners] who have had the courage to invite the whole world to a friendly competition on their own soil, shrink from the formidable creation they have called forth, and allow the bold and energetic spirits from other states to carry off those trophies of victory which apathy alone prevented them from grasping Speaking in a national sense we believe that they will not. With the late Sir Roperr [Roper] Pees we have no fear for England; but because we feel confident that she will do much we shall regret that, having done much, but being capable of doing a great deal more, any number of their manufac- [manufacture- manufacturers] turers [turners] should by an attitude of indifference have prevented her from doing so. Those in our own district-and we fear that there are many, who have not yet made applica- [applicant- applications] tions [tins] for space to the Local Committee have yet time to remedy the oversight, if such application be made before the 2ist [list] of the present month. Between that period and the Ist [Its] of March next (when the receipt of articles will be discontinued) there is yet ample time to prepare articles for exhibition, and make up the ground already lost. A few months will do much, if only energy and skill are combined on a given object. In order that those who may not have felt disposed to wade through the mass of information published, may know something of the nature of the conditions with which they will have to comply, we append for their information some of the most important regulations issued by the Royal Commissioners. The are as follow - The Commissioners will be prepared to receive all articles which may be sent to them, on or after the Ist [Its] of January, 1851, and will continue so to receive goods until the Ist [Its] of March inclusive, after which day no further goods will be received. Exhibitors will be required to deliver their objects, at their own ch and risk, at the building in the Park. The building will be provided to the exhibitors free from rent. In the de ent [end] of Manufactures, those articles will be rewarded which fulfilin [fulfil] the highest degreg [degree] the conditions specified in the sectional list, viz. -Ineréased -Increased] ess, [es] such as permanency in dyes, improved forms and ments [rents] in articles of utility, &. Superior quality, or supe- [sue- superior] rior [Rio] skill in New use of known materials. Use of new materials. New combinations of materials, as in metals pottery. poy [oy] of design in form, or colour, or both, wi ference [France] to utility. Cheapness, relativel [relative] excellence of production. eae, [ear] 7 These general indications are sufficient to show that it is the wish of the Commissioners, as far as possible, to reward all articles in any department of the exhibition which may appear to competent judges to possess any decided supe- [sue- sue] SS OF oi lan l tu the iin [in] le Leéine [Line] U saeh [sea] re OMMUISSi [Commission] nes [ne] riority, [priority] of whatever nature - the intention of the atte [ate] hat parang whatever form it is presented, and 0] to the distinctions of a merely Ot to give als [as] Although the Commissioners have Midas 7m, - three medals of different sizes ang [an] sea Pine Ue to instruct the juries to awarg [aware] 2 and third in degree for the aimee [aimed] them. do not wish to trammel the juries oy OF Niger but they consider that the juries wl Precise kinds of medals as a means of re ing the respective characters of the ae Ni te and not of making distinctive Wijeety [Wicket] rp. Ny, articles exhibited. ey fully OY atte ate] production is not only to be lookes [looked for my nat oe in which much cost of labour and dei. [de] ise but they encourage the exhibiting when combining quality with lorries. 2 of production. They can readily ..- be justified in giving the same cass [cases] we thas [has] calico print, made for the Braziliag [Brazilian] h rican market, as they woul [would] F other tine de Sote [Site] or Mousselineg [Muslin] SSE cellence [excellent] of its own kind. In selecting the juries who a in i their award, the ( greatest pains to secure the services ,, En to furm [farm] a judgment, above the SUSpicion [Suspicion] uF sy or individual partiality (for whieh [which] ey Pit composed partly of English, ani [an] ee who may be expected to U wherever it may be found, aad [and] a shew itself. No competitor for a prize in to act upon a jury to award the The names of persons seleete [steel to be published when decided upen, [upon] All persons, whether beinw [being] slesiim,... [simile] manufacturers or the proprietors of yor [or] to exhibit but they must state h. they do so. They may also stato [state] thu [the] of the parties who have aided in the uni... ing the prizes, however, it will he for chu. [cu] in each individual case, how fir 2)... merit should be recognised, andj [and] )... prize should be handed to the exhibitor. of those who have aided in the productinn, [production] Prices are not to be ailixed [affixed] tu the ir... as the cost at which articles can be ve cases, enter into the question uf [of] the issn, [iss] the Commissioners, or the persons ints [inst] dication [dictation] of the rewards, may hare - possibly to take evidence, upon the sii)... [si] not consider it expedient to atfix [affix] anos, [ans] articles displayed. When the merit of his article to consist in its uh... state the price in the invoice sent tu chu, [cu] Intending exhibitors shoull [should] bear necessary for them tu obtain the Local Committee or its approval uf [of] tie... hibition [exhibition] before they can be received je Commissioners in the building. M any 4 prizes in si KTH [TH] 2 - THE COUNTY RATE Morey [More] In the last number of the (hon je o . to detail the general principles and 5) oo bodied in the Bill lately bef [be] fictmens [Fitments] avowed object of which is to of the enormous revenue now ayer [aye] of County Rate, in some degree rex [re] from whose pockets the money wns ns] other words, to introduce aml [am] act ony [on] ciple [Copley] of election and represeaturiv,, [representatives] with this gigantic means of taxationy [taxation] itis [its] in the third Estate of the Real, seership, [seer ship] in Boards of Guanlians, [Guardians] Corporations, and in almost al public authority. We also enleaw [oneal] the necessity for the public of this stron [strong] cially [call] the Board of Guardians-che oo , Guardians of the interests taking an active and decisive part ix great constitutional blot from our yen) a government, which empowers au irrespons)) [response] non-accounting body of authority , expend taxes unrestrictedly. Since the article we here allure our columns, an important meeting of from Boards of Guardians and other pers [per] ested [rested] in the question, has been heli [held ur the-Willows, in Lancashire, the object f ing being to concert operations fir 1 CENT re Par LAP VOSL [VOLS] ibe [be] Ag, trend D vail [ail] i of eT e Rett [Rest] of Parliament, with a view to seenre [seen] the th mi) the County Rate Expenditure Bill, as ieniai [ina] our last week's journal or of some measure wun [win] shall secure to the payers of County Rates x degree of representative control over ther [the] ture. [true] The meeting in question was 2 err uo tial [trial] and numerous one six members of -he J of Commons, amongst others, being taking part in the. deliberations. Lec [Le] from nine other M.P.'s were real w th expressive of the regret of the writers bility [debility] to be present. The first business of the day was 7 and reception of a report from the pointed to conduct the movement. Ln the proceedings during the last Sssun [Sun] 1 Mute ment [men] the Committee say - - oem [em] - a els [ls] poet le In presenting a report of our transuetwa [transit] session, we regret we cannot cony any decided improvement in the the question of county expenditure, occurred to disturb the unanimity whi [who] the country as to the necessity vt tion [ion] of county funds under more be remembered that in the session establishment of county financial second reading, not because a ma opposed to the principle of the meas plan and details were not considered wo hs cient [cent] attention. In order to meet leave parliament no further pretext 'vr tion [ion] of some measure of county reform, #2 24 the importunity of several members obedience to a decision of the lor [or] Jew have the bill referred to aselect [select] vu when moving its second reading. at session, Mr. Milner Gibson and that of his supporters, to leave to the arrangement of a committee uy house would record its sanction vf the sure, viz. the right of the ratepayers 1 4 expenditure by means of representativn. [representative] assented, and the second reading f te without a division. No sooner, been constituted (the majority beiny, [being] averse to any considerable change vf 4 than our apprehensions for the sucvess [success] present session were seriously excites 3 were further increased when we found chas [has] Se mittee, [matter] instead of strictly adhering tv 'ts pe merely revising the details of the bl. whole question of county expendi [expend] utterly irrelevant evidence, and proces [prices] calculated to accumulate rather than of the bill. The reason for this course v2 le committee will be at once appareut. [appeared] is known that nearly every member 2 county magistrate; and therefore, such, unwilling to part with the tutional [national] though it be-to tax withvat [with vat] ye control or responsibility. Humen [Human] trates [rates] is the same as human mull' frail, fallible, tenacious of power. The we i Parliament, to put an end to the seams which sent representatives into the po for pig-sties and sterile hills (Gatton was not passed without oppesitive [positive] those to whom that system gave po notorious that the self-eleeted [self-elected] the disgrace of our municipalities, ery [very] out innovation and true liberal and enlightened 2 the late Jonny Buacksurse, [Because] MP. for Su proposed, as chairman of the sions [Sons] to make the recipients and beate [beat] cin [in] honours responsible to the burgess terests [interests] they were called into cr ee So it now is in the case of unit have the power to tax a community ye ule [le] enabled to make an estreat street ou the PY every township throughout the seve [see] England and Wales; to have 2 il ws spending the taxes thus raised, checked, is a power at once both tinctive. [inactive] To expect this power oon [on] laid down by its possessors-to De eat ab the Leow [Low] - i sap we tu be wr out an effort to retain it-is to exper [expert i . nature has lost its most distinctive 20 and domination. No if this ref yo taxing system, so much required, we hs plished, [polished] it will have to be by oe in an unmistakable manner, 2 OY oc the principle of representative com purse. The manner in which the ' the county magistrates-albeit in the prosecution of the task a amending of a bill whose object wot asbverse [averse] en MP Ss -