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AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTISER - ce Date aA a veers a To wt ' ' 0. 7. SATURDAY, 1850. .. Price 4d. FZ. SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, a WV LIAM LORANDO [LANDLORD] JONES, begs [C] ae te . a otek [tote] Poi phe [the] Tao field eee [see] to inform the inhabitants' of dae [de] HATS AT EXTRAORD [EXTRAS] ARY [ART] PRI [PRO] CE s . SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. 7a Main, One Upright Purifier, and Two field and its vicinity, that a CAST from the BUST which AT ws HERE certain in which exaggeration is all but impossible, nor need we go far f ; pits, EO and Hi vee [see] poder. [powder] he ie ingely [angel] Modelled of the late Right Hon. SIR ROBERT G. BAYLDO [BALD] cat stance of this at the present moment. Thee special announcement i which the attention of the Bradford, and pel [Peel] Learoyd, Lane, Hu Siationer [Stationer] Now se fot [for] FUBLIC [PUBLIC] INSPECTION at Mr. Hardy's, 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET, DERSFIELP. [DEVELOP] Yorkahire [Yorkshire] people is now invited, refers to the Winter, or rather, the and Winter Stock of E. Moses and Son- [Son] Ae 9 9 HA oe Hint. few th V3. a Stock which certainly possesses recommendations scarcely to be exaggerated. ; . yNUAL [annual] DIVISION OF PROFITS. -REAT -REST] RED UCTION [AUCTION] IN SUMMER TS. The est. Hat, from hree-and-a-half [free-and-a-half] to four The Yorkshire ible able] have had one opportunity of judging with reference to the proprietors' merits in this re. AN ounces weight, t has been selling at 9s. is reduced to 8s.; Light Zep [Sep at 12s. is reduced to 10s. 6d.; and E. Moses and don 1 confident that th d the Yorkshire public will improve upon acquaintance. The Wow EAT BRITAIN MUTUAL LIFE pn Sigh asd [as] Deeb [Dee] Paramatte, [Para matte] at 5s. 9d., are reduced to 4s. 6d.; Drab ee Hats, at 5s. 6d., are reduced Stock of 1849-50 [W-50] (exesllent [excellent] ae was) 'will be cen [cent] by that of 1850-51. [W-51] Gr ASSURANCE SOCIETY. The List of Price wits na are eriucerl [ariel] to oe. it Briti [Brit] é 'Whe [The] The extent and varietygf [variety] this Stock of Autumn and Winter Clothing will enable the purchaser to make a selection gr TE RLOO-PLACE, [LOO-PLACE] am 52, Kinc [King] WILLIAM-STREET, 7 BOWS A ND ME NS a i rE re NEED P Toe Pa Be. as he may desire, instead fe confining himself to the narrow limits of an inadequate assortment it too often the casa [case] ITY. [IT] a EDUC ICES; that. the choice of is li 's choice, which, in point of fact, is no choice a '4 eat IMPERIAL FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE 7 rare ne hat. the a purchaser is little more than Hobson's choice, which, in point o ARTLEY KEN a gi Han B NEDY, [DENY] ESQ.-Drrevty [ESQ.-Treaty] OnatrMan, [Normanton] is established on the tried and approved nis [is] iat [at] 'or the i sare [are] yr the AD , society vn It AS ar it is oe Mutual Assurance. smmediate [immediate] superintendence and control. Premiums. all Polici [Police] yearly pine yea allowed for half the Annual Premium for the ert [et] five YOaTS [Oats] following Table exemplifies the effect of the present The Funds are accumu- [acme- exclusive] exclusive benefit of the Policy-holders, under he ;ided [died] annually, and applied in reduction of nual [annual] General Meeting, held on the 9th instant, and highly satisfactory report of the state of afiairs [affairs] was submitted to the members, where- [where resolved] resolved, unanimously, that an allowance of should be made on the Premiums payable on the participating scale, on which five or had been previously made. Annual Reauction [Reduction] aU Age Amount) Premium of Premium hel he] jitherto [hitherto] paid. 30 per Cent. now payable. Assi [Ass] ase [as - - 84 8. a 1,000 20 17 6 6 5 3 14 12 3 n 1000 23 13 4 714 17 9 4 You 33 18 4 10 3 6 23 14 10 2 7 000 #3 16811413 34 3 8 i A. R, IRVINE, Managing Director. 14 Waterloo-place, 10th May, 1850. yEDICAL [medical] REFEREE FOR HUDDERSFIELD DISTRICT. Messrs. ROBINSON and SON, High-street. AGENT. Mr. JOHN BROOK, Registrar, Buxton-road. And fo coMPANY, [company] yr. JOHN INDIA AND LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE for Assurance of InyALID [Invalid] and Healthy Lives, MEDICAL REFEREE. WILLIAM JAMES CLARKE, Esq., Kirkgate. AGENTS, TANIEL [DANIEL] CROSLAND BATTYE, Esq., Solicitor; and BROOK, Buxton-road. HE IN 21, DUSTRIAL [Dust rial] AND GENERAL LIFE ASSURANCE AND DEPOSIT COMPANY. 4pITAL, [capital] 100,000, IN 40,000 SHARES OF 2 10s. EACH 9 WaTERLOO-PLACE, [Water-PLACE] MALL, LONDON; AND CORPORATION-STREET, MANCHESTER. pursuant to Act 7 and 8 Victoria, c. 110. for enabling all Classes to participate in the advantages of Life Assurance, by granting Policies as low as 5; by accepting Payments Premiums M18 [M] 1s. an io 4s.; and manner paid at tow 50, or Teas of age, receiv [receive] uence [fence] at 50 ; ve 2 Ss Sears. and er 8 Fs, delivered up; or the full amount paid may be borrowed on security of the Policy alone. aged 20, on payment of 3 9s. 9d., will assuring 10 at Death (ox which Policy yuent [yet] whutecer [whatever] is required), and after the at interest, dither y wv vs, Fi nur [our] 0) with es gq ent [end] of ' aud [and] Prewicas [Pricks] to Asscre [Assure] 100 on a Srncie [Since] Lire. 'ther [the] Advant [Advent] Thus a person eecive receive] a Policy or way borrow the full amount of Premium 'the same manner, his system Premiums in Quarterly, Monthly, or Weekly ; by making beneficial provision where cir- [circumstances] cumstances [cum stances] prevent the Assured from paying all the ; and affording other important advantages hitherto unattainable by means of Assurance Companies.) Thus, by a Weekly payment of One Shilling, a person 'i years of age may Assure 149 3s. if 30 years of age, d if 40 years of age, 89 7s.-to be paid to their families at death. By a Monthly payment of One Shilling, a person 20 years age may Assure 34 11s. if 30 years of age, 27 7s. 6d.; ndif40 [diff] years of age, 20 13s. 6d.-to be paid to their ianilies [aniline] in like manner. By a Quarterly payment of One Shilling, a person 20 of age may Assure 11 12s. 6d.; if 30 years of age, if 40 years of age, 6 19s.-to [1st.-to] be in like at death. DEFERRED ANNUITIES also will be granted in consideration like payments. Thus, by a Weekly payment of One Shilling, a tiyears [years] of age may secure an Aunuity [Annuity] of 9 13s. ye d., to 00; or 23 14s. 2d., to commence at 60 years Annually until death. A person aged wars, may, by the like payments, receive 5 2s. 8d. 2 13 17s. 10d. from 60 years of age; and if 40 2 0s. 8d. from 50, or 7 4s. 4d. from 60 ats of are-receivable until death. bramonthly bra monthly] payment of Two Shillings, a person aged rean [near] Annuity for Life of 4s 1is., [is] to com- [come] or 11 2s. d., to commence at 60 years of & A person aged 30, may, by the like payments, 4d from 50, or 6 10s. 8d. from the age of lif [if] 40 years of age, 19s., to commence from d., to commence from 60 years of age. tages [ages] are also offered by the DEPosIT Deposit or AUCUMULATIVE CUMULATIVE SysTEM, [System] under which the entire Pre- [Premium] mnium [minimum] is paid in one sun, the whole of which (after one year) will be returned, with a stated increase, at fourteen days' notice whenever required, on the Policy being rad receive back 3 9s. 9d., or after the sixth 2d., as shown in Table, and surrender the paid, ittheusual [usual] interest, on securit [security] 'y of the Policy ouly, [only] repayi [repay] tte [te] Loan at convenience. aged A person azed [zed] 30, on payment of 4 0s. 10d., or, payment of 4 4s. 8d., would each receive a Policy the advantage of withdrawing or borrowing may thus be said to combine the benefits of Asstrange [Strange] with the advantages of a Savings' Bank, as Sum of money for the benefit of survivors in death; a Cash Fund, as much at command as in a Savings' Bank, available for temporary continually increasing Provsion [Provision] for Old Age. WITHOUT PROFITS. Aunwl [Annual] Half-Yearly uarter [quarter] Single Premium, Premium. ean Premium. 8 6. 8 d. 8. d 12 9) 01611 8 7 3417 6 7 31610 W] 019 9 8 3711 8 3 316 11 W 11] 5 01010 40 8 5 g 5,2 5114 012 4 481211 g 0 184 [W] 014 4 47 6 8 2.410' 2.W] 113 5 01611 51 9 1 5 5519 7 wo 2 290 [W] 1 411 6017 5 ee 111 2 6519 9 he WITH PROFITS. pimwal [pimply] Half Yearly Quarterly Single emium. [premium] Premium Premium Premium. le w S sd) 3 a. 8. d 8. de 5 5) 019 4 6 910 3612 4 9 011 39 9 8 6 61 012 5 42 810 3'42) 171 014 2 4516 6 5,7 112 4 016 5 491311 1318 2 019 4 54 6 3 2510 13 3 5815 7 216 1.8 6 6318 3 6 8 310 115 8 69 5 8 b yy 4 ee ky 1 1 ef 1 ty, th jp With F hal [al] Inf orms [arms] of Proposals, &c., and every tuitously, [gratuitously] on may be obtained Usdin [Using] at the chief Office, 2, Waterloo -place, Pall Mall, ving [vine] Manchester or of the ir AGENTS - Wig SMIELD-BEN, [SHIELD-BEN] BOWER, 2, Market-walk. Mirfieia [Mirfield] Boh [Bo] ae William -Thomas Hai [Hair] 6 ig, 33, Kirkgate. Se Bromley, y Stal [Sal] Yong W. al feo [fe] Wd to Mar ig 'eg ot Leffel [Level] and Watery WM THos. [This] ROF [FOR] P tng [ng] SSOR [SIR] LISTON, 48, Cuauron [Curing] SrReet, [Street] OD Teceip, [Receipt] aflect, [affect] enable ladies and tl hat all may be will aes Hervey, Accountant. Onnsby. [Inns] uel [eel] Wimpenny. Savings' Bank. Heald, 199, Kirkgate. 7, Park-row. W illoughby, [although] King's Head. Marsland, Solicitors, Feasegate. [Feast] Beal, 72, Fargate. [Forget] ham. uel [eel] Oliver, M.A. for the appointment of Agents to be ad- [adipose] Woops, [Woods] Esq., Resident Director, Place, Pall-Mall, London. RIMO [ROOM] 9 Lamb and Ward Hayes, NY MADE EASY; R HOW TO WIN A LOVER. Square, London, will send free to any stamps, plain mtlemen [element] to win the de- t of thirteen uncut Ons of as Ma many of the o ite [it] sex as their Fag The process is simp [sim] but so captivat- [captivate- captive] ae wo a 2 P 3 Or tion, [ion] while the most fickle or wet a readily bow to its attraction. Young and a i Tess, as well as the peasant, are alike sub- [suits] its j wines and last, though not least, it can Such ease and delicacy that detection is iB ty Removed fro . Sear mt Hastings Street. Beware of igno- [ing- conceiving] sceiving serving] an answer are requested to write and COMPANY, ESTABLISHED, 1803. SUBSCRIBED AND INVESTED CAPITAL, ONEMILLION [One million] SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS. HE Rates in this Company have been framed on the Lowest Scale consistently with security to the Assured, and so as to enable the Company to meet all their Losses prompily. [promptly] Any Instructions for Policies with which the Company may be favoured will be punctually attended to by GEO. LANCASHIRE and Co. Share Brokers, Agents for Huddersfield. IMPORTANT TO THE WORKING CLASS. DEFENDER FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE OFFICE. Registered pursuant to 7 8 Vic., cap 110. 34, NEw [New] BRIDGE-STREET, BiackFriirs, [Blackfriars] Lonpon, [London] EsTABLISHED [Established] 1846. CAPITAL, ONE MILLION STERLING, RIcHARD [Richard] ATTENBOROUGH, Esq., Chairman COTTERELL, Esq., Deputy Chairman. Managing KELDAY, [KELLY] Esq. This Company, in order to extend Life Assurance to that class of persons who have hitherto been debarred from par- [participating] ticipating [anticipating] in its benefits, have made arrangements for the Assurance of Lives by Weekly and Monthly Payments, for we purpose they have had calculated the following ables [able] - FOR THE ASSURANCE OF 100, PAYABLE AT DEATH. & Weekly Mnthly [Monthly & Weekly Monthly, Weekly Muthly [Monthly] prem. [pre] prem. [pre] prem. [pre] prem. [pre] prem. [pre] prem. [pre] s. d. s. d. s. d, s. d. 8. d 8. d. 20; 9 3 1 1 2 4 1 50; 1103 7 5 25 195 3.5 40; 1 4 5 2 55 2 8 9 301 1 310 145 1 6 6 5 210 ll 5 EXAMPLE A Person, aged 30, may, by a weekly pay- [payment] ment [men] of Is., or a monthly payment of 3s 10d. secure to his family, at his death, the sum of 100, or by larger or smaller payment may secure a proportionate sum. A person may also bya [by] small weekly or monthly payment secure to himself on attaining the age of 50, 55, 60 or any other age the payment of a stated sum, or in case of his earlier death, the same sum would be paid to his family. cases of sickness or want of employment the Direc- [Direct- Directors] tors will give Credit. for the Premiums, which will remain asacharge [charge] upon the Policy for such period as may be agreed upon at 5 per cent. The duty of every man to make such provision for the benefit of his family as his circumstances will permit, is universally acknowledged. To effect this important object to the best advantage and with the least inconvenience, there are no means which can be adopted so secure and so beneficial as that of Life Assurance, which is now brought within the means of every working man. The weekly or monthly payments required are so small that every man may afford his sixpence or shilling per week, and thereby have the great and happy consolation of thinking that he has made such a provision for his widow and family as will prevent them from being a burthen [Burton] upon others, when death may deprive them of his support. FIRE INSURANCES Ofevery [Of every] description taken at the most moderate rates. Farming Stock Insured at 2s. 6d. per cent. Prospectuses, Forms of Proposal, Tables of Rates, and every other information may be had on application to EDWARD COOKE, Law Stationer and Accountant, 17, Cross Church-street, Agent for Huddersfield and Neighbourhood; Mr. John Mellor, Assistant Overseer, Hollin Hall, Kirkheaton or to Geo. Jagger, Assistant Overseer, Honley; John Siddal, Bookseller, &c., Cleckheaton; Benjamin Ellis, Post Office, Gomersal. Agents required in all the villages around Huddersfield. Applications for the appointment to be addressed to Mr. E. Cooke, 17, Cross Church street, Huddersfield. CURES FOR THE UNCURED OLLOWAY'S [HOLLOWAY'S] OINTMENT AN EXTRAORDINARY CURE OF SCROFULA, OR EVIL. Extract of a Letter from Mr. J. H. Alliday, [Holiday] 209, High-street, Clelten- [Carlton- Cheltenham] ham, dated the 22nd of January, 1850. To Professor HOLLOWAY. Srr,-My [Sir,-My] eldest son, when about three years of age, was afflicted with a Glandular Swelling in the neck, which after a short time broke out into an Ulcer. An eminent medical man pronounced it as a very bad case of Scrofula, and prescribed for a considerable time without effect. The dis- [disease] ease then for four years went on gradually increasing in virulence, when, besides the ulcer in the neck, another formed below the left knee, and a third under the eye, besides seven others on the left arm, with a tumour between the eyes, which was expected to break. During the whole of the time my suffering boy had received the constant advice of the most celebrated medical Gentlemen at Chel- [Che- Cheltenham] tenham, [Denham] besides being for several months at the General Hospital, where one of the Surgeons said that he would amputate the left arm, but that the blood was so impure, that if that limb were taken off it would be then impossible to subdue the disease. In this desperate state I determined to give your Pills and Ointment a trial, and, after two months perseverance in their use, the turnour [Turner] gradually began to disappear, and the discharge from all the ulcers perceptibly decreased, and at the expiration of eight months they were perfectly healed, and the boy thoroughly restored to the blessings of health, to the astonishment of a large circle of acquaintances, who could testify to the truth of this miraculous case. Three years have now elapsed without any recurrence of the malady, and the boy is now as healthy as heart can wish. Under these circum- [circus- circumstances] stances I consider that I should be truly ungrateful were I not to make you acquainted with this wonderful cure, effected by your medicines after every other means had failed. (Signed) J. H. CURE OF ACUTE RHEUMATISM OF FOUR YEARS STANDING. Extract of a Letter from Mr. John Pitt, Dudley, 19th Jan., 1850. Professor HOLLOWAY. . ean ie is with the greatest pleasure that I write to thank you for the benefit I have received from your Pills and Ointment, which have completely cured me of the Rheumatism, under which I suffered for this last four years -at times I was so bad as hardly to be able to walk. I had tried every kind of medicine that was recommended without receiving any benefit. I at last thought I would give your medicines a trial, and purchased from Mr. Hollin- [Alchemist] chemist, of this town, two Boxes of Pills, and two of Oint- [Ont- Ointment] ment, [men] and in three weeks, through them and the blessing of God, I was restored to health and strength, and am now as to walk as ever I was in, my life. I am well known in this ish, having been sixty-five years in it, with an exception of ten years I served in the 24th Regi- [Reg- Regiment] ment [men] of Foot. (Signed) JOHN PITT. CURE OF A BAD LEG OF MORE THAN SIXTY YEARS STANDING. Mr. Barker, of No. 5, Graham's-place, Drypool, near Hull, had ulcers on his leg from the age of eighteen until upwards of eighty, and although for many years he had sought the first advice in the country, nothing was found to cure them. He very often suffered most excruciating pain for long periods together, which incapacitated him from attending to his business. He had given up all hopes of getting a cure, when at last he was persuaded to try Hol- [Ho- Holloway] olway's [always's] Pills and Ointment, which he did, and however wonderful it may appear, the leg was thoroughly healed by their means, and by continuing to use the Pills alone after his leg was well, he has become in health so hale and hearty as now to be more active than most men of fifty. N B.-The truth of this extraordinary statement can be vouched for by Mr. J. C. Reinhardt, 22, Market-place, February 20th, [the] 1850. CURE OF A DESPERATE CASE OF RINGWORM OF SIX YEARS STANDING. Lima, 13th of November, 1849. One of the most eminent Surgeons in Lima (the capital of Peru) had a child covered with Ringworm for more than six years; in vain he exhausted all his art in his endeavours to effect a cure. Not succeeding, he consulted among his brethren, the most celebrated medical practitioners of the city, but nothing was found to do the child service. When he was persuaded by Mr. Joseph P. Hague, the Englis [English] chemist and druggist, residing at No. 74, Calle [Call] de Palade, [Parade] to try Holloway's Pills and Ointment, which was done, an after using six large Pots of the Ointment, with a propor- [proper- proportion] tion [ion] of the Pills, the child was radically cured, to the eee [see] prise of the whole medical profession. The name of the parent, from motives of delicacy, is withheld. The Pills should be used conjointly with the Ointment in most of the following cases - Cancers Scalds ve Bad Contracted and Sore Nipples Burns Stiff-joints Sore throats Bunions Elephantiasis Skin Diseases BiteofMoschetoes Fistulas Scurvy ie and Sand-Flies Gout Sore-hea [Sore-he] Coco Ba Glandular Swell- [Swell tumours] Tumours Chiego-foot [Chi ego-foot] Ulcers Chilblains Lumbago Wounds Chapped Hands Piles Yaws Corns (soft) Rheumatism the Proprietor, 244, Strand, near Temple-bar, London. and by all respectable vendors of Patent Medicines throughout the civilized world, in Pots and Boxes, at . 28. 9d., 4s. 6d., 11s., 22s., and 38s. each. There ea ste considerable saving in taking the la sizes rger [Roger] sizes. N.B.-Directions for the guidance of Patients are affixed to each Pot or Box. se ESTABLISHED 1772, S HOLDSWORTH SONS' FURNISHI [FURNISHING] . WAKEFIELD ING WAREHOUSES, NEW WELLS, GOODS DELIVERED CARREAGE [CARRIAGE] FREE. At this Establishment parties furnishing have the opportunity ofseleeting [insulting] every article of Household Furniti [Furniture] advantage not offered to the same extent by any other House out of Z ion. The Stock compris [comprise] Cabiner [Cabinet] FurNITURE [Furniture] AND UPHOLSTERY, Beps, [Bes] MaTrresses, [Mattresses] anp [an] BLANKETS. MantTLE, [Gentleman] TOILETTE, &C., GLASSES. PassaGE [Passage] CLotus, [Cloths] MatTTINes. [Matt tines] Can Show Rooms are replete with every possible variety in each circumstances of all purchasers, and no expense is spared by the Prop for supplying Goods of sound materials and workmanship. ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD FUR HaRpwargE, [Harper] ku. BUILDING FOR THE EXHIBITION OF OF ALL NATIONS, 1851. ry ATHENZEUM [ATHENS] of Saturpay, [Saturday] August 31st, [st] contained a PERSPECTIVE VIEW of Mr. PAXTON'S DESIGN for the Building as finally approved by her Majesty's Commissioners, and now in course of erection in Hyde Park. THE ATHENZUM [ATHENS] of Saturday, the 7th of September, contained A VIEW of the SOUTH FRONT, A VIEW of the EAST FRON' [FROM] A PORTION on an ENLARGED SCALE, And a GROUND PLAN. Several Journals having published Views of a building which it was supposed would be the Building erected, the Publisher of THE ATHENZUM [ATHENS] considers it proper to state that the Views announced above have never before been seen by the public, and are totally dissimilar to those engraved in the Professional Journals. THE ATHEN2UM [ATHENS] is published every Saturday, and may be had, by order, of any Bookseller, price 4d., or stamped to pass free by post 5d.; and contains [contains] REVIEWS, with extracts, of every important New English Book, and of the more important Foreign, Reports of the Learned and Scientific Societies, with Abstraeta.of [Abstract.of] all Papers of Interest. AUTHENTIC AccouNTS [Accounts] of all Scientific Voyages and Expediti [Expedition] CRITICISMS ON ART, with Critical Notices of Exhibitions, Pi Collections, New Prints, &c. FOREION [FOREIGN] on Literature, Science, and Art. Music anp [an] Drama, including Reports on the Opera, Conce [Once Theatres, New Music, &c. BiocraruicaL [Biographical] Notices of Men distinguished in Literature, and Art, ORIGINAL Parers AND PoEms. [Poems] Pe MISCELLANILA, [MISCELLANEOUS] including all that is likely to interest the informed and intelligent. THE ATHENZUM [ATHENS] is so conduted [conducted] that the reader, however, far distant, is, in respect to Literature, Science, and the Arts, on an equality in point of information, with the best-informed circles of the Metropolis, The Publisher will on this occasion send a single copy.on recetpt [receipt] of five postage stamps. Office, 14, Wellington street North, Strand, London. 3 DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO ALE' PARTS OF ENGLAND. TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. . TEA WAREHOUSE, 2, BUCKLERSBURY, [Bucklers bury] CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. Sas [As] ESTABLISHMENT was commenced in the year 1830. Its SUCCESSFUL PROGRESS during TWENTY YEARS has gratified our anticipations. The Patronage of the Public has elevated its position to one of the LARGEST in the TRADE. Our main object has been, and still is, to supply the Public on TRADE TERMS. Great and assuming as such an undertaking appears to be, it is obvious that to do BUSINESS WHOLESALE SCALE, it is nec [ne] to have wholesale appliances. In conformity with these ideas, our Locality Wes [West] chosen in a bye thoroughfare, where ypace [peace] and Accommodation are sufficient to carry on trade to ANY EXTENT, without those merciless and enormous expenses inseparably attached to Retail Shops in prominent situations, wh yan Extravagant Profit is rendered necessary. Much discussion having recently taken place in Parliament about CHICORY, we are induced to keep the best imported, at 8d. per Ib, on sale for those who prefer its admixture. Having briefly alluded to the principle on which we conduct ouf [of] business, we respectfully solicit the attention of Hotel Keepers, Schools, and all Large Establishments, who will derive considerable advantages from these arrange- [arrangements] ments. [rents] . Note.-TEaS [Note.-Teas] ARE DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO ANY Part OF ENGLAND, when the quantity ordered exceeds Six Pounds but the Carriage of Coffee is not Paid, unless accompanied by Tea. . . Returning our best thanks for past favours, we refer to our system of business as a satisfactory inducement for your furth [Firth] ge and dation. [nation] er patronage and recommendation MANSELL, HORNE, AND CO. 2, Bucklersbury, [Bucklers bury] Cheapside. a ONE AGENT IN EVERY TOWN APPOINTED UPON APPROVAL OF REFERENCES, a ESTABLISHED 1888. NOTICE --EXTRAORDINARY LOW PRICES. ONE OF THE FIRM MAY BE CONSULTED AT HURDERSFIELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] EVERY THURSDAY, AT MR. GEORGE BROOK'S, (Opposite the Bee Hive.) ATTENDANCE DAILY, 32, COOPER-STREET, MANCHESTER, LITTLE INFORMATION RESPECTING THE TEETH, by Mr. F. ESKELL, [SKILL] Surgeon A Dentist, (of the Firm of EskELL [Skill] and Sons, Dentists,) No. 82, Cooper-street, nearly opposite the Mechanics' Intstitution, [Institution] Manchester. Artificial Teeth fixed on the New Principle of Self adhesion. It is well known that there exists a feeling of delicacy on this subject, which often prevents the advice of friends from being given, even where the necessity for so doing is apparent. One of the uses of this advertisement, therefore, may be to afford an opportunity for performing that act of kindness by referring to or enclosing a copy of it, either avowedly or otherwise. Any part of the information here given may be communicated in such a manner as will be best to insure for it individual regard, and which may thts, [this] by directing attention to the subject, prove a lasting benefit. uns [us] NEGLECTED STATE OF THE MOUTH HIGHLY DETRIMENTAL TO HEALTH. In this refined age, in all stages of life, in every grade of society, a good state of the mouth is of the greatest importance; the loss of teeth not only destroys the contour of the features, but is highly detrimental to health. When the teeth are lost, it is impossible properly to make use of solid food; and if the stomach is then loaded with pieces without being masticated, the patient is exposed to the most distressing indigestions, [indigestion] the stomach loses its power of contraction, and becomes weaker, as it no longer digests. Besides this effect upon the general health, the vacancies occasioned by the missing teeth cause those remaining to become loose, or to approximate too closely to each other, the features to be drawn from their positions, and the countenance to ap r wholly distorted. To remedy this, recourse should be had, with as little delay as possible, to the Dentist's aid, who (supposing him skilled in his profession), besides attending to the; general state of the mouth, will supply Artificial Teeth, upon such unerring principles as to defy detection, whilst the pleasing gratification is experienced of seeing the features gradually restored to that uniformity so requisite to youth, beauty, and agreeable appearance, and, though last not least, answering satisfactorily for all the putpose [purpose] of mastication and articulation. . F. ESKELL'S [SKILL'S] Incorrodible and Aartificial [Artificial] Teeth, of surpassing beauty, can be matched so closely in shape and colour to those left in the mouth, and are formed so exactly to nature, that the closest observer cannot detect the difference. These teeth are fixed from one to a complete set, upon t&e new principle of self-adhesion, without extracting any teeth or stumps, or giving any pain whatever; and, being incortodible, [incredible] they possess the superior advantage of never changing colour or dacaying. [decaying] They adapt themselves over the most tender or remaining roots, without the least pain, and serve to support and the adjoining teeth.-Artificial teeth fixed on the above principle, from 10s. each i acco [ac tooth; partial or whole sets gly. [fly] ON CARIOUS TEETH. of the most beautiful countenance, with carious, discoloured teeth, prejudices the minds of all beholders. It that the individual is extremely negligent of those observances so necessary to cleanliness and health. On the contrary, if the carious teeth are filled (see stopping decayed teeth, next paragraph), and some necessary dental advice be obtained, the usual result of a clean mouth and sweet breath will be produced and the most favourable impressions must follow, however homely a person may be, far more agrecble [agreeable] than the most alluring beauty, with teeth decayed and a tainted breath-the usual concomitants of neglected teeth. . Mr. F. ESKELL'S [SKILL'S] Succedaneum [Succeeded] for Filling Decayed Teeth is superior to any composition hitherto made use of. It is applied in a soft state, like paste to the cavity of the decayed tooth, hardens into an enamel, and becomes incor- [incur- incorporated] with the outer shell; thereby arresting the progress of decay, converting a decayed tooth into a sound one, and preventing the approaches of that dreaded the toothache. . Disease of the Teeth is frequently occasioned by a collection of what is called tartarous [Tartars] matter, attaching itself to the parts of the teeth not exposed to friction in masticating food, or from a constitutional predisposition on the part of the patient; and if this tartarous [Tartars] matter (which is constantly forming) is allowed to accumulate, it will speedily insinuate itself by degrees between the teeth and and thus destroy that connection which is necessary for their support; the natural consequence of further neglect is, firstly, extensive inflammation, indicating the unhealthy state of the mouth; and, secondly, from the gradual loosening of the teeth, the successive loss of one tooth after another; in such cases. Scaling the Teeth is indispensably necessary. Many persons, from their extreme sensitiveness, are reluctant to adopt this method and, entirely from the fear of having to undergo what they have been accustomed to consider an operation, continue to deprive themselves of the comfort of clean teeth, and to incur the hazard of, perhaps, being almost toothless at a comparatively early age. This is a totally groundless fear. The cleaning of the teeth with instruments adapted to the purpose, if skilfully performed, need occasion no pain which the most delicate person would in the least regard, and will afford immedate [immediate] and permanent pleasure; so much so, that those who have once experienced it will need no argument to induce them, at any time to repeat it, in case it should become in any degree CLEANING THE TEETH. Attention to the preservation of the Teeth cannot be commenced too early. Children should be taught to make it part of their daily ablution and those who have grown up in the neglect of it should immediately resolve no longer to delay attending toit. [toot] It should always be remembered that, as nothing ismore [Lismore] easy than to contract a habit of neglecting the Teeth (which is often done unconsciously), so nothing is more easy than to overcome such a habit. A simple rule laid down and adhered to of attending to them every day (for a fortnight), would, in most cases, prove sufficient and when once they have been restored to a proper state, the comfort such a practice affords would, in most cases, effectually pre- [prevent] vent its being, on any after occasion, omitted. With regard to Tooth Powders and Lotions, a vast variety of pretensions have, at different times, been advanced if properly prepared, however, their efficacy is undoubted but, unfortunately, many of the Tooth Powders which are offered for sale, with the promise of rendering the Teeth beautifully white, perform, for a short time, all that is promised, at the expense of a permanent and irremediable injury to the Teeth for they often contain a quantity of tartaric or other acid, which effects a gradual decomposition of the enamel Mr. Eskell [Skill] 8 prepara- [prepared- preparations] tions [tins] do not contain any hurtful Ingredient, and can be confidently recommended for cleansing and beautifying the i injuring the enam [name] Teeth, without in) CHILDREN'S TEETH. t one is aware, that from about the age of six or eight years, children begin to loose their temporary and Ra ir permanent Teeth. This is a very important period as to its consequences with the after Rt of life and parents can scarcely perform a service to the persons of their children by having their Teeth frequently inspected, in order to correct, whilst possible, any irregularity of formation. In conclusion, Mr. F. Eskell [Skill] begs to observe, that he can be Consulted on all branches appertaining to the profes- [profess- profession] sion, without c at his residence, No. 32, Cooper-street, nearly opposite the Mechanics nstitution, [institution] Manchester, from Ten till Five o'clock. 7 . Palates made in a superior manner badly-applied Teeth Re-modelled Extracting, Scaling, &c. Children's Teeth Regulated; Schools attended. Attendance daily, 2, Cooper-street, nearly opposite the Mechanics' Institution, Manchester; and also in HUDDERSFIELD, EVERY THURSDAY, at Mr, GEORGE BROOK'S, aw - West PaRADE, [Parade] (opposite the Bee Hive,) from Ten till Five. 4 Proprietors themselves. - -. present Autumn and Wirter [Winter] Stock of E. Moses and Son is one which presents every opportunity of making the most satisfactory selection-a circumstance which cannot fail to act as a recommendation to the proprietors, ,The styles in which the articles are designed, are but newly invented, so that the eye will view at the present seasom [season] 'a widely different article from that which it saw last year. A vast number of Witney Over-Coats form a extremely solicitous for the Bradford public to makp [make] a trial of these extraordinary cheap, and seasonable articles, Winter Over-Coat is also to be p from the present Stock, which has certainly never been equalled, even by the An extensive stock of Boys' Over-Coats for winter wear, is equally worthy of conspicuous allusion. In these articles, as in every other kind of dress, quality, fashion, and extreme cheapness, are made points of attain- [attainment] ment [men] by E. Moses and Son. A ips [is] propsiotors [proprietors] trust that phe [the] Branch Establishment, With these . we esl cad poe denn [Dean] ae Seek OF and Son has boon, if possible, eclipsed in that of the present season; ami those who ma favour the propsietors [proprietors] wiih [with] their orders ES S A ND EAILORS, [SAILORS] CLOTHIERS, HATFERS, [FATHERS] AND 19, THORNFON [THORNTON] BUILDINGS, BRIDGE.STREET, FORD, YORKSHIRE. Branch of their London Establishment, 154, 155, 156, 157, and 83, 84,1 85,-and 86, opposite the Church, Corner of Minories and Aldgate, City, London, all communicating and forming one vast Establishment. CauTion.-E. [Caution.-E] MOSES SON, regret having to guard the Public against imposition; having learned that the untradesman-like [tradesmen-like] falsehood ot being connected with them, or It's all the same concern, has been resorted to in many instances, and for obvious reasons. They havé [have] no onnection connection] with aa other House in or out of London, except their Branch Establishments, 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield; and 19, Thornton's Buildings, Bradford, Yorkshire; and those whe [the] desire genuine and Cheap Clothing, &c., should eall [all] at, or send to, either of their Branches, or to the Minories an Aldgate, City, London. AKE Notick.-This [Notice.-This] Establishment is Closed from sunset Friday till sunset Saturday, when business is resumed till twelve o'clock. Sales bp Auction. - oo TO CLOTH MERCHANTS, WOOLLEN DRAPERS, AND OTHERS, IMPORTANT SALE OF BELGIAN, WEST OF ENGLAND, AND YORKSHIRE BROAD AND NARROW FANCY WOOLLEN CLOTHS, AT HUDDERSFIELD. THORNTON, respectfully makes known that e he has received instructions from a Firm declining business, to sell by Auction, without reserve, on FRIDAY, the 11th day of OcToBsER, [October] NEXT, in the Sale Room at the Waite Hart, in Cloth Hall-street, Huddersfield, upwards of Two Hundred Ends of Plain and Fancy Woollen Cloths, comprising Wool Black Superfine, Cassimeres, [Cashmeres] Doeskins, Olives, Browns, Greys, and Steel Mixtures, Drab Kerseys, [Jerseys] Fancy Buckskins, Shepherd Plaids, &c., &c. The whole will be on view on the morning of Sale. The Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock to a minute. Refreshment for buyers at Twelve. N.B.-Catologues [N.B.-Catalogues] be had of Mr. Buckton, printer, Leeds, or at the AUCTIONEER'S Office, 32, New-street, on and after Tuesday next. T SON, 4 Sales bo Auction. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES, IN THE PARISH OF HALIFAX, IN THE COUNTY Bs OF YORK. '0 [be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the house of Mr. William Adamson, the Wuire [Wire] Lion Inn, in HALIFAX aforesaid, on FRmay, [From] the 18th day of October, at Six o'clock in the Evening, (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract,) in the ollowing [following] or such other Lots as may be agreed upon, and subject to Conditions of Sale [Sale] Lor [Or] 1. At High Road Well, in the township of Skircoat, [Scott] in the parish of Halifax; in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Lees.-All that MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] TENEMENT, or DWE [WE] LING-HOUSE, with the Barn, Out-buildings, and Appur- [Appear- Appurtenances] tenances [tenancies] thereunto belonging; situate at or near Road Well, in the township of Skircoat [Scott] aforesaid. Also, all those Three several COTTAGES or TENE. [TEN] MENTS, [MEETS] and BAKEHOUSE, near the last described Messuage [Message] and Premises; in the several occupations of 3 on Gaukroger, Squire Sladdin, Leah Mitchell, and Joshua ner. [ne] Also, all those several Closes, Pieces, or Parcels of LAND, adjoining, or near the before-mentioned Premises, sy by the names and containing as follows (more or ess) [es] - SOWERBY BRIDGE. be SOLD. by AUCTION, by Messrs. THOMAS DAVIS.and SON, at the WHarr [Ware] Inn, in SOWERBY BRIDGE, in the Parish of Halifax, in th R. Pe Hence it will be seen that we are in a Position to supply the Public og the Best and Most EconomicaL [Economical] TeRMs-in [Terms-in] fact, Conuty [County] of York, on Fupay, [Pay] 'October 18th, [the] 1850, at Seven The Halifax 035 to supply at First Hand, by which all intermediate Profits are saved Ss o'clock in the evening, (unless previously disposed of by The Ing and 13 5 The immense variety of now imported into this country, djimands [demands] the most scrutinizing caution. In this we Private Contract, of .which due Bowes will be ee en.) and ae roe Bild [Bill] ee have Considerable Advantages, as from the extent of our Trade we gi enabled to employ a Qualified and Experienced ko ech [each] 8 then or DWELLING- [Dwelling the] The Delph Field eee [see] 217 Pe ee sole duty is that of pire [pure] Selecting, Tasting, and Trop [Top riating [rating] Teas for consumption. HOUSES, now occupied as Three, situate in The Moor 1 019 [C] tolowing [to lowing] are our present quotations Bridge aforesaid, and fronting the Turnpike-road leading -- BLACK TEAS. s. de GREEN TEAS. s. d. from Halifax to Rochdale, and now in the several tenures 9 110 Co POS. 2 8 or occupations of William Wilkinson, Thomas Radcliffe, Lor [Or] 2. . . (The, duty on all being 2s. 2 d. renders comment 3 0 and James Haigh. , At Abbott Royds, in the township of Barkisland, [Bark island] in on the quality of this tea unnecessary.) Y Hi 3 4 The above Froperty [Property] is Copyhold of Inheritance of the the parish of Halifax in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Sound Congot [Congo] TA nc noosa [nos] Manor of Wakefield, is situate in the best part of Sowerby Hirst Hebblethwaite.-All those Fifteen equal undivided (A good useful tea for economical and large con mix with the 3s. black.) Bridge, is well tenanted, and in a good state of repair. Parts or (the whole into Sixteen Parts or sumers. [Summers] Fine Young Hyson [Dyson] For further particulars apply at the Offices of Shares peing [being] considered as divided,) of and in all that Strong Congou [Congo] 8 4 recommend tis [is] with the Ss. 4a bic) [bi) Mr. E, M. WAVELL, Solicitor, MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING-HOUSE, with the 4d. New-road, Halifax. Out-buildings, and Appurtenances thereunto belonging ; A tea very much approved of.) iF Fine Souchong Tea Super Young Hyon [Hon] Halifax, 25th September, 1850. situate at or near a place called Avelt [Travel] Royds, otherwise (Pekoe flavour. Strongly recommended.) Fine Avbott [About] Boyds, [Boys] in Barkisland [Bark island] aforesaid. Fine Pekoe 29 oe WOOLSHOPS, [Wool shops] HALIFAX. ND 'diol [dial] and in all those several Pieces or Purcels [Parcels] of (This tea is more in repute than any other; it is Gunpowder LAND, adjoining, or near thereto, called by the n a very superior tea.) The O be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, by ana containing as follows (more or less) - Finest Pekoe Souchong 4 ane [an] t oni. [on] aed [ad] ee oN Mt tbo [to] WN i te aR A. . 6 nse [ne] jee [see] ei gee i P 4 228 te (This is a high class tea.) (Th 17th day of October inst, et Six o'clock i The near West BRAT 3 Finest Lapsang [lapsing] Souchong 5 ine [in] THURSDAY, thé [the] 17th day of October inst., at Six o'clock in Boon '(This is mere tea, vere scarce, of an extraordi. [extraordinary] Fine S Ps CROW 6 the Evening, (unless previously disposed of by Private Con- [Con the] The Field, nary flavour.) The finest Gunpowder importea [Importer] ... 7 tract, of which due notice be given,) and subject to ings and Lawn in et such Conditions as shall then and there be roduced,- [reduced,- reduced] East and near East F Cs COFFEES. 4 All those Three several SHOPS and Plantations ecco [echo] The Coffee Market is very uncertain-prices changing daily. Wée-quote [We-quote] the present prices r a HOUSES, with the extensive Warehouses, Workshops, Allotment to the Old Land called Crow Diddle Fine Ceylon Coffee Stabling, and Out-buildings attached, situate and beine [being] on TOCD [TOD] cc Fine Plantation (recoramonded) [recommended] Un ran 1 2 the southorly [southerly] side of Woolshops, [Wool shops] in the town of Halifax Allotment called Brick Green ....................... Finost [Finest] Java Cofice [Office] (superior coffee) aforesaid, and now in the several occupations of Messrs. Finest Cube 2 Cofiee [Coffee] (strong YY TecoMMende) [Recommend] Joseph Wilson, John Holt, and John Simpson, and their Lor [Or] 8 17 3 3 inest [inst] Mocha Coffee senses iia [ia] undertenants. [under tenants] Our Coffee is roasted by the latest improved patent This spacious and valuable Property is Freehold of Inhe- [One- Herein] In Barkisland [Bark island] aforesaid; in the occupation of Mr. ritance, [inheritance] presenting a frontage into Woolshops [Wool shops] of 72 feet, and extending southward 110 feet it is situate in the centre of the borough of Halifax, and in the direct passage to the New Railway Station. Further particulars may be had, and a Plan of the Property seen, on application at the Offices of Mr. E. M. WAVELL, Solicitor, New-road, Halifax. Joseph Binns.-All that FARM, called The Cut Edge Farm, comprising a MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] TENEMENT, or DWELLING-HOUSE, with the Cottage, Homestead, Barn, Stable, and Out-buildings adjoining. Also, all those several Closes, Pieces, or Parcels of LAND, called or known by the name and containing as follows (more or less) - A RP. Halifax, 26th September, 1850. Howe 'and SOS 3 Duty Free, The Day Work... 232 ' The Near Faugh [Laugh] 1014 IN THE MATTER OF THE WARLEY The Far Faugh [Laugh] 1 033 INCLOSURE. [ENCLOSURE] The Allotment at Pannier Top ..... 020 VALUABLE FREEHOLD GROUSE SHOOTINGS The Two Day's Work 1 118 AT SALTONSTALL MOOR, abe ie ean ss 1 137 '6 bon [on] exes oF AX, IN THE COUNTY OF YORK. the So einen, [linen] op allipole [Walpole] Hill .... 5 7 O be SOLD by AUCTION, by THOMAS The Bank... bg 37 DAVIS and SON, at the Wurrr [Were] Swan Inn, in The Allotment at Cut Edge. og 2 FAX, on WEDNESDAY, the 9th day of October next, at The Winn Field... 129 Five o'clock in the Afternoon (unless previously disposed of ete [tee] by Private Contract, of which due notice will be given), sub- [sub] 5 3 ae ee conditions as shall then and there be 'The Tenant will permit the several Lots to be viewed; Lot 1. 'All that extensive PLOT or PARCEL of COM- [cassowary] Lond [Land] Sree [See] pay, be ascertained from Mr. MON LAND, situate and being upon and forming part 2 yo To treat by Private Contract, apply to Mr. OwNSwoRTH, [Owns worth] Moor-end House, near Barnsley Mr. WRIGHT, of Mas- [Brougham] brough, [borough] near Rotherham or to C. L. COWARD, Solicitor, Rotherham. Rotherham, October, 1850. emo of SALTONSTALL Moor, in the Township of Warley, in the said Parish of Halifax, and County ot York, containing by admeasurement, [ad measurement] 693 acres 2 roods 26 perches, be the same more or less, bounded Eastward by Enclosed Lands, the Cold Edge Road, other parts of the Common Lands of Warley aforesaid, and Land sold to Messrs. Abbot, Apple- [Appleyard] ard, [ad] and others, Westward by Midgley Moors, Common Lands in Warley aforesaid, and Saltonstall Moor Road, Northward by Oxenhope Moors in the Parish of Haworth, and Southward by Common Lands in Warley aforesaid. This Lot is sold subject to certain limited rights of getting and carrying away Peats by the owners and occu- [occur- occupiers] piers of Land within the said Township of Warley upon a certain part thereof, with defined roads thereto; and also subject to a bridle road or way from Saltonstall Moor Road, near Dean Head, across Fly Level to Cold Edge Road afore- [fore- aforesaid] said, near the Fly Brass Quarries, as shown upon the Sale Plan; and to the right of entry by the owners of the Cold Edge Reservoirs for the purpose of cleansing and repairing their Catch Water Drains, paying compensation for any injury occasioned thereby. Lot 2. And also all that other Piece or Parcel of COM- [COMMON] MON LAND, near to Fly Brass Quarries, in Warley aforesaid, containing by admeasurement, [ad measurement] 77 acres roods 20 perches, be the same more or less, bounded Eastward by Ovenden [Oven den] Moors, Westward by the Cold Edge Road, North- [Northward] ward by Fly Brass Quarries, and Southward by a Public Stone Quarry near to Withins [Within] Head, in the said Township of Warley. This Lot is sold subject to certain limited rights of getting and carrying away Peat from a portion thereof, with defined roads thereto, and to the right of the owners of the Cold Edge Reservoirs to enter for the like purposes as expressed in the reservations attached to Lot 1. The whole of the above Property is well stocked with Grouse, and lies between the Manors of Midgley, Oxen- [Oxenhope] hope, and Ovenden, [Oven den] all of which have for many years (along with the Moors now offered for Sale) been strictly preserved, and there is a good Inn within five minutes walk of the Ground. Saltonstall Moors are situate about three miles from Halifax, and three and a half from Luddenden Foot Station, on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. Parties desirous of seeing the Property may do so on ap- [applying] plying to JOHN GREENWOOD, of Said, near Saltonstall, tter [tater] known as Jack o' th' Slaid, [Said] and any further parti- [part- particulars] culars [circulars] may be had on application to THoMas [Thomas] BRADLEY, Esquire, Richmond, Yorkshire; Messieurs Sons, and Solicitors, Wakefield; or to Mr. J. E. NORRIS, Solicitor, September 4th, 1850. 1, Westgate, Halifax. DEAFNESS AND SINGING IN THE EARS EFFEC- [EFFECT- EFFECTUALLY] TUALLY [TALLY] CURED. Y a New and Painless Method the Hearing can be perfectly Restored, in the most inveterate case-even in those cases of forty or fifty years standing, which have long been pronounced incurable by our most eminent medical men, enabling the sufferer almost instan- [instant- instantaneously] taneously [spontaneously] to hear a whisper. Dr. FRANCIS, Consulting Surgeon to the North London Infirmary for Diseases of the Ear and Nervous Complaints, whose whole life has been devoted to the study of these distressing complaints, is enabled to guarantee a sure cure by his new remedy, even in the most inveterate case of Nervous Deafness. A few weeks will suffice to effect a perfect. cure. Dr. F. solicits from all patients at a distance a letter de- [detailing] tailing their symptoms, upon the receipt of which he will send the means of cure per return of post. Address.-Dr. Francis, 40, LIVERPOOL-STREET, KiN 's- [In 's] Cross, Lonpon. [London] TIC DOLOREUX [DOLORES] CURED. mus painful affection of the facial nerve is a spe [se] cies [ties] of Neuralgia, which comprises similar affections in other parts of the body. It is characterised by acute pain, attendant with convulsive twitchings [teachings] of the muscles, and continuing from a few minutes to several hours. All persons affected with this painful and to i malady are recommended to try ane [an] Serene HICK'S CELEBRATED TIC PILLS, Which have invariably been found to produce aspeedy [speedy] and effectual cure. TESTIMONIALS. . To Mr. John Ford, Uhesterpield. [Chesterfield] Sir,-T have recommended Mr. Hick's Pills for the Tick to all my friends with complete success. I cannot speak of them in too high terms of praise.-Yours, &e., W. H. Hunter. Shrewsbury, Nov. 8, 1846. To Mr, Hick, . Sir.-I have great pleasure in giving my testimony of the ex- [excellence] cellence [excellent] of your Pills for the Tic Doloreux. [Dolores] I was freqnently [frequently] afflicted with this unpleasant complaint, but have not suffered from it since taking a box of your pills. I cannot too strongly recommend them.-Yours, &c., Wakefield, Jume [June] 12th, 1847. Wa. Hepworrtn. [Hepworth] Brigga [Briggs] Leeds, Jan. 27 Sir,-I think it due to you an the pack le thy os mony [money] in favour of your excellent Pills for the Tic Doloreux. [Dolores] L suffered every winter for many years, but have not had the slightest attack for the last two winters, during which time I have occasionally taken the pills.-Yours obediently. Mr. Hick, Wakefield. Cuas. [Cas] NELson. [Nelson] Princess Street, New York, Dec. 14, 1846. Sir,-When I left Wakefield I with ime [me] six boxes of your Tic Pills, one of my famil. [family] suffered very severely Rave bess JOHN WINTER, LAND AGENT, ESTATE A UCTIONEER, [AUCTIONEER] AND GENERAL VALUER, so from that complaint. I find I too liberal in supplying SALE Rooms, Spring-street, Huddersfield. my friends, who have all derived the relief from RESIDENCE, South-street. Please let my friend Walker have twelve boxes, and he will for. ward them to me by next steamer. The Pills have Wrought the mis [is] cures.-Yours respectfull [respectfully] o Mr. Hick, Chemist, COALS. Wakefield, England, Watson, rae BEST FLOCKTON COAL-OLD -- HARDS. [HARD] Tn consequence of the great competition in Huddersfield 70 BE HAD OF THE FOLLOWING AGENTS [AGENTS] in coal, C. will deliver his best coal at 10s, WILMAN, Mr. SHILIL [SHILLING] HQ Owe per ton, which he has previously sold at 10s. 10d., being a A oa reduction of about eight and a half per cent. on ee a Hick. Heckme [Heck] Orders taken and accounts as by Mr. Mr. oat . JOSEPH DRIVER, Foresters' Arms, Old-street, Hud- [HUD- Haldane] Lane; Topham, Wade Lae [Law] Ww eld. [ed] may be had August 30, 1850, HICK'S CELEBRATED COUGH LO Wed V2 et fn ana Weg [We] . of Ban ord and Yorkshire generally. What prominent feature in the present Stock; and E. MosEs [Moss] and Son ara together with their newly-invented coat-the 'Beqiteme, [Become, designed solely by themselves. Every other description af urchased. [purchased] utumn [autumn] and Winter Attire, will have their.own - Ht by pn Tr