Huddersfield Chronicle (05/Aug/1854) - Netherton: Village Gala

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Village Gala.

On Saturday afternoon last some 500 of the young of both sexes in Netherton and the locality recreated themselves in a field near the village, after being confined in the mills throughout the week. A platform was erected, on which the Kirkburton band took their places, and poured forth spirited music, to which the young females danced very gracefully with their partners of the other sex. In other parts of the field the young men engaged in sack-racing, leap-frog, and other manly sports. Again, the young girls, not engaged in dancing, made the circuit of the field at "Duck under the water-kit," and other pastimes, all calculated to keep in exercise both body and mind. Towards nightfall several variegated balloons were sent up, but, with the excepting of one, they took fire ere they got out of the field. This is the first gala which has been got up at Netherton, and the surplus money is to be laid out in the purchase of instruments, music-books, &c., for the local brass band.

Huddersfield Chronicle (05/Aug/1854) - Netherton: Village Gala


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