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4 THE TO THE RATEPAYERS RESIDING WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE HUDDERSFIELD IMPROVE- [IMPROVEMENT] MENT [MEN] ACT. T would indeed be a want of cou [Co] to m [in] fellow-townsmen if I did not acknowledge their kind- [kindness] ness in placing me at the head of the poll at the recent election for siz [six] Improvement Commissioners. To have had - recorded in my favour 776 votes is a mark of renewed con- [chronic] ich [inch] I did not ex aes [as] rae not been done the ratepayers could have desired, it has been my wish from first taking office to endeavour to carry out the Improvement Act in all its in- [integrity] tegrity. [integrity] Again thanking both my Comuttees [Committees] and the ayers, [Ayres] I remain your obliged friend, THOMAS FIRTH, Jun. 94, Kir [Kirk] 3rd day of 9th kgate, [gate] month, 1852. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. FELLOW-TOWNSMEN AND RATEPAYERS,- [RATEPAYERS] 'yes honour you have conferred upon me by electing me as one of your representatives at the Board of the Improvement Commissioners is one which I appreciate as a mark of your confidence, and for which I tender you my warmest thanks. I shall endeavour to dis- [discharge] charge the duties of the office with due regard to economy and efficiency in every department, and in a manner which I trust will meet with your approval and support. ain, [in] Gentlemen, your obedient servant, fremain, [remain] MARMADUKE GREENWOOD. Albion-street, Sept. 3rd, 1852. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE BOROUGH OF HUDDERSFIELD. FELLOW TOWNSMEN, . B' your voluntary act I have for the third time been nominated to thaghonour [agony] of one of your Improvement Commissioners, and by your votes I have again been elected to that position. My past course has been actuated by a desire to promote your interests in carrying out the provisions of the Improvement Act, and my purpose for the future is to endeavour, by a faithful and independent discharge of the duties of the office, to secure a continuance of your con- [confidence] fidence. [confidence] With my very best thanks for the honour just conferred, believe me to remain, Fellow-Townsmen, Yours, very obediently, THOMAS MALLINSON. Buxton-road, September 3rd, 1852. HUDDERSFIELD IMPROVEMENT. KX pursuance of The Commissioners Clauses Act, 1847, [W, which is incorporated in The Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field Improvement Act, 1848, [W] I DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that at the ELECTION of IMPROVEMENT COMMISSIONERS (held on the Second day of September instant,) for the town ot Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield [Huddersfield] aforesaid, in the place of those Commissioners who went out of office by rotation on that day, the following PERSONS were DULY ELECTED as COMMIS- [COMMS- COMMISSIONERS] SIONERS [SINNERS] for the said Town, and I do hereby Return them as such Commissioners accordingly, viz. [viz] THOMAS FIRTH, (Tea Dealer.) JOHN FIRTH. JOHN LABREY. [LABOURER] MARMADUKE GREENWOOD. JOSEPH TURNER. THOMAS MALLINSON. JOSEPH BROOK, Returning Officer. Dated this 3rd day of September, 1852. TO THOMAS MALLINSON, ESQ., CONSTABLE OF . HUDDERSFIELD. E, the undersigned Inhabitants of Hudders. [Udders] ficld [field] and the neighbourhood, request you to call a PUBLIC MEETING of the Inhabitants to adopt an ADDRESS of CONGRATULATION to SIR JOHN WILLIAM RAMSDEN, Baronct, [Baron] on attaining his Majority. Joseph Armitage. John Starkey. John Brooke. Joka [Joke] Sutcliffe, eorge [George] Armitage. T. Pe 'Josiah Bateman, Vicar of Huddersfield. John Haigh, Incumbent of St. Paul's. Joseph Brook, Chairman of Improvement Commissioners. George Crosland and Sons. Joseph Brook. George Mallinson and Sons. Samuel Routledge. Armitage Brothers. William Harris, Magistrates, William Willans, Robert Butterworth, J.C. Laycock. Oldfield, Allan, and Co, E. L. Hesp. Thomas Cliffe. William Jacomb. Josh. Beaumont and Sons. Thomas W. Clough. George D. Warcus, [Marcus] Alfred Bantoft. [Benefit] Alfred Smith. Joshua Kay. George Hall. John Lancaster. Law Walker. John Booth and Sons, James Burman, John Firth. Richard Heslop. Luke Swallow. John S. Tolson. Samuel Oakes. George Calvert. William Kaye. Richard Scholes, William J. Clarke. Joseph Haigh. Thomas Kilner. William Atkinson. Kilner, Mellor, and Co. Brown, Longworth, and Co, F. Schwann, J. W. and H. Shaw. John H. Ramsbotham, [Ramsbottom] M.D. Thomas Hayley. William Barker. Hebblethwaite and Lister. Joseph Shaw. Samuel Hirst and Co. William Haigh. William Moore and Son, Thomas Varley. James Armytage. J. andT.C. [and.C] Wrigley andCo. [and co] Farrar and Booth. William Greenwood. Charles Spivey. Richard Armitage and Co, Postlethwaite Bros. and Co. Thomas Robinson. Edward Walton. George Robinson. William Richardson, Brook, Freeman, and Batley. Jacob Fell. Jeremiah Riley. William Ford. David Marsden. John Fox. William Kilner. Jas. Penistone, jun. and Co, Hastings Brothers. Whitworth and Clarkson. Thomas Pitt. Liddell Brothers. Joshua Lockwood. John H. Kilner. Benjamin and James Sheard. Richard Barker. Swain and Webbs. [Webb] William Vickers. J; andG. [and] Hinchliffe, Shears and Gowland. L. Weatherburn. Benjamin Brown. Thomas Marshall. Edward Fisher and Co. John H. Walker. Tetley Brothers, Edward Learoyd. W. P. England. Thomas J. Wigney. [Wine] Joseph Robinson, T. Simpson Bradley, Waters Hardy. In compliance with the above requisition, I hereby appoint a PUBLIC MEETING to be held in the GuiLp- [Guild- Guildhall] HALL, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, the 8th instant, at Eleven in the forenoon. THOMAS MALLINSON, September 2nd, 1852. Constable, MAJORITY OF SIR J. W. RAMSDEN, BART. RIZES [PRIZES] to be COMPETED FOR in the Fields below LonGLeEY [Longley] HaLL, [Hall] on WEDNESDAY, September 15th, 1852. Games to commence at Three o'clock precisely. Donkey Racr-A [Race-A] Set of Donkey Cart a PoLE-New [Pole-New] Hat, or Leg of Mutton and Trim- [Trimmings] mings. [mines] A RacE [Race] BLINDFOLD-A Wheelbarrow. HivuRDLE [Hurdle] Race on Foot-Trousers, Braces, and Waist- [Waistcoat] coat. Donkey TOURNAMENT-Ist [TOURNAMENT-Its] Prize, Coat, Vest, and 'Trousers (cloth) 2nd Prize, Ditto, ditto, (fustian). Stanpine [Standing] Hich [Which] Leap-Hat and Silk Handkerchief, Runnine [Running] High LEarp-Waistcoat [Pearl-Waistcoat] and Pair of Shoes, Rouwninc [Running] Lone Lear-Silver Watchguard. [Watch guard] Foot Race-Ist [Race-Its] Prize, Silver Watch 2nd Prize, Metal Teapot 8rd [ord] Prize, Carving Knife and Fork, Sack fice [five] (Men)-Looking Glass. Ditto (Boys)-Cloth Cap and Pair of Shoes. SINGLE STEP-Ist [STEP-Its] Prize, China Tea Service and Tray Ynd [And] Prize, Copper Kettle 3rd Prize, Pair of Brass Candle- [Candlesticks] sticks, Snuffers, and Tray. . BELL IN THE Rinc-Bed [Ring-Bed] Quilt. Poxy Hvurb e [Harbour e] Race, for Ponies not exceeding 13 hands, owners to ride-lst [ride-last] Prize, Silver-mounted Riding Whip; 2nd Prize, A Riding Whip. STEEPLE CHASE ON FooTt-Silver [Foot-Silver] Watchguard. [Watch guard] Hontinc [Hunting] a Pic--A Pig. In addition to the above Prizes each of the Competitors will receive a Medal. Persons willing to compete in any of the above Games may learn the regulations, and enter their names, on any Wednesday or Saturday evening, between Seven and Nine o'clock, at the Room over the Excise Office, in the George Hotel Yard. No Entry can be made after Saturday, the 11th September. None but those regularly entered and approved of will be allowed to compete. HE HOLMFIRTH CATASTROPHE SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR THE RELIEF OF THE SUFFERERS. David Haigh and W. S. Thornton Buxton Road Subscriptions from Stainland Pee ere eer [er] rere [ere] rrr [re] ery [very] COTTISH [SCOTTISH] EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. INCORPORATED BY SPECIAL ACT OF PaRLIAMENT, [Parliament] 10 Vict., [Vice] c. 35. Heap Orrice, [Price] 26, St. ANDREW SQUARE, The REPORT by the DIRECTORS to the TWENTY- [DENTIST] FIRST ANNUAL MEETING, held on 4th May, showed the following to be the position of this Soctety [Society] THE SUMS ASSURED amounted to ......... 'HE ANNUAL REVENUE AND THE ACCUMULATED FUND 688,531 LARGE ADDITIONS have been made to POLICIES. For example, a.Policy for 1000, Dated Ist [Its] March, 1832, becoming a Claim after payment of the Premium in the present year, would receive 1514, and Policies of later i ition. [iron] Oar trioonial [triennial] Awocation [Action] ee plaee [place] 8 1st March, 1853, when an additional Bonus wi ec . POLICIES RENDERED INDISPUTABLE. The Directors have arranged that Policies may, under certain conditions, be deelared [declared] on any ground poset [post] ever, after being of five years' endurance, and the Assur [Assure] be entitled to travel or reside beyond the limits of Europe, eet [et] payment of extra Premium for such travelling or residence. ROBT, CHRISTIE, Manager. AGENTS, ow, HUDDERSFIELD-JAMES HERON, West Riding Union Rocldale-J. [Rochdale-J] W. Harris, Solicitor. ew .- G. West Riding Union Bank, Watefieid-Charles [Waterford-Charles] Hicks, Bare and N oe Solicitors. Parkinson, Sharebroker, [Share broker] Fradford-Charles [Bradford-Charles] Heron, 24, Kirkgate Legal Notices. i N OnE [On] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Persons having any CLAIM against the late Mr. JosEPH [Joseph] SYKES, of Millbridge, [Mill bridge] near Heckmondwike, Corn- [Corn miller] miller, deceased, are requested to forward particulars of such Claims. And all Persons INDEBTED to the late Mr. SYKEs, [Sykes] are requested to Fay ae Accounts to Mr. THOMAS MITCHELL, of Liversedge Hall; or Mr. Jonn BIELBY, Espersykes, [espouses] near Malton, Executors of the late Mr. Sykes. WILLIAM WATTS, Solicitor, Dewsbury. 26th August 1852. TO THE DEBTORS AND CREDITORS OF THE LATE MR. JOSEPH DICKINSON, DECEASED. A LL PERSONS having any CLAIMS or DEMANDS against the late Mr. JoserH [Joseph] late of Wood, near Holmfirth, gentleman, at the time of his death, are requested to send or deliver the particulars. thereof with the nature of their securities if any) to the undersigned. And all persons whe [the] stood INDEBTED to the said JosEPH [Joseph] DICKINSON, at the time of his death, are requested to PAY the amount of their respective DEBTS forthwith at my office. By Order of the Executors, MARTIN KIDD, Solicitor. Holmfirth, 3rd September, 1852. OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between us the undersigned James Dawson, of Boyle Hall, in Kirk- [Kirkheaton] heaton, [Heaton] in the county of York, and Richard Waller, of Dalton, in the parish of Kirkheaton aforesaid, carrying on business as Corn Millers and Dealers at Dalton Mill, in Dalton aforesaid, under the firm of Dawson and Waller, was DISSOLVED on the 6th day of March last, by mutual consent. Dated this 18th day of May, 1852. JAMES DAWSON. RICHD, WALLER. Witness, BENJAMIN CHADWICK. IN WILLIAM WORTHINGTON'S ASSIGNMENT. OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Trustees under the DEED of ASSIGNMENT, dated the 4th day of March last, executed by WILLIAM Wor- [Or- Washington] THINGTON, [NOTHING] of Huddersfield, in the county of York, Woollen Cloth Merchant, for the benefit of his Creditors, will MEET at my OFFICE, on Fruipay, [Friday] the 17th day of September instant, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, to DECLARE A DIVIDEND of bis ESTATE and EFFECTS. The Assign- [Assignment] ment [men] now lies at my Office for the signature of such of the Creditors as have not already executed the same and any who may neglect or refuse to execute the same before the above day, will be excluded from all benefit to be derived therefrom. The Dividend willbe [will] Paid at my Office, on or after Tues- [Tuesday] day, the 21st of September instant. By Order, E. L. HESP, Solicitor. Huddersfield, ist [its] September, 1852. N the matter of JOSEPH WINTERBOTTOM, oi Huddersfield in the county of York, Spinner and Doubler, Dealer and Chapman, a Bankrupt. Before Mr. Commissioner AYRTON. MEETING for PROOF of DEBTS, and Bankrupt's LAST EXAMINATION, atthe [Arthur] Leeds District Court of Bankruptcy on Monpay [Monday] the 13th September, 1852, at twelve o'clock at noon. H. P. HOPE, Official Assignee. W. BARKER, Huddersfield, Solicitor. BOND AND BARWICK, Leeds, Agents. HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1852. Liverpool Sale. LIVERPOOL WOOL SALES, . T be SOLD by AUCTION, on Tuvrspay [Trap] Next, at Two o'clock, at the BRoKERS' [Brokers] SaLr [Sale] Room, 10, NortH [North] JOHN STREET, 500 bales Adelaide ex Reward and Albatross, 50 ditto Sydney ex Arad. [Ara] 200 ditto fine Buenos Ayres and Entre [Enter] Rios. Also, on Frmmay, [From] the 10th instant, at Two o'clock, 800 bales East India. 350 ditto Buenos Ayres, Cordova, Oporto,Barbary, &v, 1400 bales WOOL, Apply to ABRAM [C] Co., Wool Brokers, Liverpool. T be SOLD by AUCTION, on THURSDAY, the 9th September, at Browne, HuntTER, [Hunter] Co,'s OFFICE, OLD HALL-STREET, Liverpool, 800 Bales AUSTRALIAN WOOL, comprising some very choice marks, just arrived per Arab, from ydney, [Sydney] and Reward and Albatross, from Adelaide, Apply to BROWNE, HUNTER, Co., Brokers. On Fray, 10th September, at Browne, HUNTER, and Co.'s OFFICE, 390 Bales EAST INDIA WOOL, Apply to BROWNE, HUNTER, Co., Brokers, Liverpool. DECISION OF THE THREE GREAT POWERS, H's IMPERIAL MAJESTY, the Emperor of all the Russias, [Russia] has commanded the Prince Vol- [Wilkinson] konsky [Kinsey] to confer the following unprecedented distinction on Isaac Reckitt and Son, communicated through the Russian Consul in London. (TRANSLATION.) St. Petersburgh, [Petersburg] 20th of July, 1850 Isaac REckITT [Reckitt] and SON, manufacturers of Hull, sent, on the 6th of May last, to his Majesty the Emperor, some samples of theirnewly [their newly] improved Starch, and the result of the examination which has been made is that this article exhibits a high degree of perfection, and, in consequence, his imperial Majesty has deigned to order us to request you to express his satisfaction and his thanks to Messrs. I. REckrTT [Reckitt] and Son. Accept, Sir, the assurance of my most distinguished consideration, Signed, PRINCE VOLKONSEY, [WILKINS] - Minister of his Imperial Majesty's Household. In ene tei [te] eee [see] AWARD for the superiority of their Starch, they were specially requested by the Royal Commissioners to allow their Starches to remain in their hands, to exhibit in the new Industrial Museum of Arts and Manufactures, as specimens of what British skill can effect in this department in addition to these honours, the United States Government made direct application to I, Recxrrr [Rectory] and Son, that specimens of their Starch might be deposited in the National Museum at Washington. The above totally unsolicited Testimonials are a far more honourable evidence of superiority than those bought of oe Laundresses, which some parties parade before the public. Hie. in asking for RECKITTS' [RECRUITS] PATENT SOLUBLE STARCH. Sold in llb., [ll] 3lb., [lb] 31b., [b] and Penny and Halfpenny Packets. Manufactured by Isaac Recxrrt [Regret] and Son, Hull, and sold by Grocers, Druggists, &c. STEAM HULL. OR ST. PETERSBURG and COPENHAGEN (Carrying Post- [Post office] Office Letter Bags), the spendid [splendid] and Powerful first-class Steam-Ship LION, J. F. Kruger, Commander. Is intended to leave HULL, on THURSDay [Thursday] EVENING, Sep tember [member] 16th, [the] after Nine o'clock,. BROWNLOW, PEARSON, and Co., Hull. FOUR TIMES WEEKLY TO BELFAST, LONDONDERRY, AND THE NORTH OF IRELAND, via FLEETWOOD CHEAPEST AND MOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE. EHOW [HOW] IRST [FIRST] Class Steamers leave cA Thy FLEETWOOD FOR BELFAST ie Se et Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Evening for PORTRUSH and LONDONDERRY every Saturday Evening See BRaDSHAW'S [Bradshaw'S] GUIDE, page 141, Passengerscan [Passenger scan] now book through from Huddersfield (Lan- [An- Lancashire] eashire [shire] and Yorkshire Company's station) to Belfast at the following fares -Ist -Its] Class Railway and Saloon of Steamer, 27s.; [S's] 2nd ditto and ditto, 20s. 6d. 3rd ditto and Steerage of Steamer, 7s. 9d. STEAM TO DOUGLAS, ISLE OF MAN, via FLEETWOOD, EVERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY. beautiful and very swift Steamer CAMBRIA; JOSEPH HuMPHREYS, [Humphreys] Commander; is appointed to Sail as under - From FLEETWOOD to DOUGLAS, every Tuesday and Thursday at Noon, and Saturday at 2 p.m, From DOUGLAS to FLEETWOOD, every Monday, Wednesday, aud [and] Friday Mornings, at nine o'clock. Fares -Saloon, 6s. Steerage, 3s. . Through Tickets to Douglas are issued at Huddersfield and the principal Stations of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. Ist [Its] Class and Saloon, 16s. 9d. 2nd Class and Steerage, 7s. 9d. At Fleetwood, the Railway Carriages go alongside the Steamer, thus avoiding porterage, cartage, &c. . , KEMP CO., Fleetwood. STEAM TO AUSTRALIA, Under arrangements with the Melbourne Gold and General Mining Association. HE well-known Screw Steamer SARAH SANDS, iA 1300 tons register. A Wm. C. THoMPsoN, [Thompson] Commander, (4 IN will leave LIVERPOOL On the Fourteenth of September next, cailing [calling] at QUEENSTOWN (Cove of Cork), and thence be despatched on the Mighteenth [Eighteen] of September, via the CaPE [Cape] OF Goop for MELBOURNE and SYDNEY, On and after the 1st of September next, Passengers and Parcels, &c., may be booked for the Cape. The character of the Sarah Sands has been well estab- [stables- established] lished [wished] for safe and expeditious voyages. Her accommoda- [accommodation- accommodations] tions [tins] are spacious and most conveniently arranged for health and comfort of the passengers. Intermediate or steerage passengers will not be taken. Rates OF PassaGE.-First [Passage.-First] cabin class, 55 to 60 gui eas [was] 5 second cabin, 25, 30, and 35 guineas Children under four- [fourteen] teen years, half-price. Particulars of reduction in the charges for shareholders and tributors [tributes] of the Melbourne Association may be had on application at the Offices, or from the Agents of the Association. RETURN TICKETS at a reduction of 20 per cent on the return e. - Ordinary parcels are charged from 1s. 6d. and upwards; periolicals [periodicals] and printed books, at 6d. per lb.; and news- [newspapers] papers, at 3d. per lb. Further information may be obtained on application at the Offices of the Association, No. 9, King's Arms-yard, London; at the Agency, 47, Tower Buildings East, Liver- [Liverpool] pool to any of the Agents of the Association; HENRY ROWNRIGG, [BROWNRIGG] 137, Leadenhall-street, London or CHARLES ODDIE and Wm. C. THompson [Thompson] and Co., Fenwick Cham- [Chan- Chambers] bers, [bees] Liverpool. and . FREDERICK TURNER, Huddersfield. Zi OSTRALTIAN [AUSTRALIAN] ROYAL MAIL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY'S LINE OF IRON SCREW SYDNEY, calling at the Cape of Good Hope, King George's Sound, Adelaide, and Port Philip.-The splendid steam- [steamship] ship MELBOURNE, 1,800 tons, 300 horse-power, JaMES [James] ARTHUR Cox, Commander, will be despatched from London, on the September, and from Plymouth on the Third of October, to load in the East India Dock. These steamers have most magnificent and spacious saloons for the accommodation of the passengers, to whose comfort every attention will be paid. The table will be supplied on the most liberal scale. Each vessel will carry an experienced surgeon. The rates of passage to the Australian colonies are in the first cabin eighty guineas second cabin forty guineas, exclusive of wine, beer, or spirits, which can be obtained on board. All goods must be down on or before the Twenty-siath [Twenty-sixth] of September. For further particulars, and to engage freight or passage, apply to the Company's Agent, AS. WALTON, Jun., No. 17, Gracechurch-street, IN London. EMIGRATION TO AUSTRALIA. FROM THE SOUTH DOCK, SUNDERLAND, FOR PORT PHIL- [PHILLIP] LIP AND SYDNEY. HE magnificent new British-built clipper Barque, SIR WILLIAM FFOLKES, [FOLKS] , 550 tons, copper fastened and coppered, FREDERICK GoBLE, [Globe] Commander, Will sail from the South Dock about the Sixteenth of September. This splendid vessel is now fitting out, having been built expressly for the trade, and will be replete with every comfort, having all the latest improvements; has lofty decks, being 7 feet clear, and will be fitted out for the accommodation of passengers regardless of expense, the berths being all enclosed and separate cabins provided for families; is amply ventilated on the most approved principles. The ship, fittings, stores, cooking apparatus, will all be passed to the entire satisfaction of her Majesty's Emigration Agent. 'The dietary scale on the most liberal terms of the best possible quality, and every description of medical comforts supplied. All provisions cooked at the ship's expense. The vessel will carry a thcroughly [thoroughly] compe- [come- competent] tent surgeon, and properly fitted life boats. The captain isa man of great experience, and thoroughly conversant with the trade. A well selected library of useful and entertaining works will be provided gratuitously for the use of the passengers. The entire accommodation will be at the uniform rate of Twenty Guineas per adult; children under 14 years of age half price, but a preference of after cabin berths will be given to the first applicants at a trifling advance. Passengers residing at a distance of twenty miles will be conveyed to Sunderland free of expense. with 50lbs [lbs] of l me fyrther [further] particulars as to Freight or Passage, apply JOHN CORBY Ship Broker, .S.-There being now diyect [direct] commynieatjon [communication] tween Levis and Sunderland, by the Leeds Northern Railway via Hartlepool, goods can be shipped at Sunderland at 4 yery [very] ad & Saloon, 14s. 2nd Class and Steerage, lls. [ll] 3rd Class and. A sr pee MOTHERS MOTHERS MOTHERS HE Best Medicine in the World for Infants and Young Children is ATKINSON and BARKER's ROYAL INFANTS' PRESERVATIVE, which has now been established nearly sixty years, and can be confidently recommended to both rich and poor as a perfectly safe and agreeable remedy. Itisa [Its] pleasant and efficacious carmi- [cam- cumulative] native, affording instant relief in, and effectually removing those ing and numerous complaints to which infants are liable-as affections of the bowels, flatulency, [flatulence] difficult teething, the thrush or frog, convulsions, rickets, &.; is an admirable assistant to nature during the progressof [progress of] the hoop- [hooping] ing cough, measles, the cow pox or vaccine inoculation, and safety immediately after birth. It is no misnomer cordial -no stupefactive, [defective] deadly narcotic but a veritable preservative of infants. Mothers would do well in always having this valuable medicine in the nursery. In short, whether this medicine enters the palace or the cottage, the proprietor feels an honest conviction of its power to assuage maternal pain for infant suffering-to convert that pain into gladness, that suffering into balmy repose. It is equally efficacious for children in English cholera, spasms, pain in the bowels, and other complaints of the intestines, owing to wind or obstructions in the digestive organs. It is much recommended by the faculty. It has proved an invaluable boon to thousands of the human family in various parts of the globe, establishing itself as a favourite in every clime, and earning a well-deserved reputation as one of the best family medicines on record. Prepared only by RoBERT [Robert] BARKER, Ollerenshaw Hall, Chapel-en-le-Firth, Derbyshire, late of Manchester (chemist to her most gracious Majesty Queen Victoria), in bottles at 1s, 13d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and 11s. each. Sold by all the patent medicine houses and wholesale druggists; also by all druggists and medicine venders [vendors] throughout the United Kingdom. CavuTIon. [Caution] Observe the names of Atkinson and. Barker, on the government stamp. Established in the year 173. THE ROAD TO HEALTH OLLOWAY'S [HOLLOWAY'S] PILLS CURE OF A DISORDERED LIVER AND BAD DIGESTION. Copy of a Letter from Mr. R. W. Kirkus, Chemist, 7, Prescot-street, Liverpool, dated 6th June, 1851. To Professor OLLOWAY, [HOLLOWAY] Sir,-Your Pills and Ointment have stood the highest on our sale list of Proprietary Medicines for some years. A customer, to whom I can refer for any enquiries, desires me to let you know the particulars of her case. She had been troubled for years with a disordered liver, and bad diges- [digest- digestion] tion. [ion] On the last occasion, however, the virulence of the attack was so alarming, and the inflammation set in so severely, that doubts were entertained of her not being able to bear up under it fortunately she was induced to try your Pills, and she informs me that after the first and each succeeding dose, she had great relief. She continued to take them, and although she used only three boxes, she is now in the enjoyment of perfect health. I could have sent you many more cases, but the above, from the severity of the attack, and the speedy. cure, I think, speaks much in favour of your astonishing Pills. (Signed) R. W. Kirxvs. [CVS] AN EXTRAORDINARY CURE OF RHEUMATIC FEVER IN VAN DIEMEN'S LAND. Copy of a Letter inserted in the Hobart Town Courier, of the lst [last] March, 1851, by Major J. Walch. Margaret M'Connigan, [M'Consign] 19 years of age, residing at New Town, had been suffering from a violent rheumatic fever for upwards of two months, which had entirely deprived her of the use of her limbs during this period she was under the care of the most eminent medical men in Hobart Town, and by them her case was considered hopeless. A friend prevailed upon her to try Holloway's celebrated Pills, which she consented to do, and in an incredible short space of time they effected a perfect cure. CURE OF A PAIN AND TIGHTNESS IN THE CHEST AND STOMACH OF A PERSON 84 YEARS OF AGE. From Messrs. Thew and Son, proprietors of the Lynn Adver- [Aver- Advertiser] tiser, [tires] who can vouch for the following statement. To Professor OLLOWAY; [HOLLOWAY] Aug. 2nd, 1851. Sir,-I desire to bear testimony to the good effects of Holloway's Pills. For some years I suffered severely from a pain and tightness in the stomach, which was also accom- [com- accompanied] panied [pained] by a shortness of breath that prevented me from walking about. I am 84 years of age, and notwithstanding my advanced state of life, these Pills have so relieved me, that I am desirous that others should be made acquainted with their virtues. I am now rendered, by their means, comparatively active, and can take exercise without incon- [income- inconvenience] venience [convenience] or pain, which I could not do betore. [before] (Signed) Henry Cor, North-street, Lynn, Norfolk. AN EXTRAORDINARY CURE OF THE GRAVEL, AND A MOST DANGEROUS LIVER COMPLAINT. Copy of a Letter addressed to J. K. Heydon, Esgq., [Esq] Sydney, New South Wales, dated February 25, 1851. Str,-A [St,-A] Mr. Thomas Clark, a settler at Lake George, was for a considerable time seriously afflicted with a com- [complaint] plaint of the Liver, together with the Gravel. Ilis [Ills] medical attendants, after trying all their skill, candidly told him that his case was hopeless, and any further efforts useless. In this situation, and when expecting every day would ter- [te- terminate] minate [minute] his existence, a friend recommended him to try Holloway's Pills, and asa forlorn hope hedid [headed] so, The first dose gave him considerable relief, he therefore persevered in taking them according to the directions, and is now restored to perfect health. He will feel great pleasure in confirming this statement, or even make an affidavit to the - same effect, should it be required. (Signed) Wa. JongEs, [Jones] Proprietor of the Goulburn Herald, New South Wales. WONDERFUL EFFICACY OF HOLLOWAY'S PILLS IN CASES OF DROPSY. Persons suffering from Dropsy, either about the turn of life, or at other times, should immediately have recourse to these Pills, as hundreds of persons are annually cured by their use, of this direful complaint in its different stages, when all other means had failed. These celebrated Pills ave wonderfully efficacious in the following conplaints, [complaints] . Ague Female Irregulari- [Irregular- IrregulariScrotula] Scrotula, [Scrofula] or King's Asthma ties Evil i Bilious Complaints Fever of all kinds Sore Throats Blotches on the Fits Stone and Gravel Skin Gout Secondary Symp- [Stamp- Symbol] Bowel Complaints Head-ache toms Colies [Coles] Indigestion Tic-Douloureux [Tic-Dolores] Constipation of the Inflammation Tumours Bowe Jaundice Ulcers Consumption Venereal Affections ebility [debility] Lumb Worms of all kinds Dropsy Piles Weakness, from Dysentry [Dysentery] Rheumatism whatever cause, Erysipelas Retention ofurine [of urine] &c, &c. Sold at the Establishment of Professor 244, Strand, (near Temple Bar,) London, and by all re- [respectable] spectable [respectable] Druggists, and Dealers in Medicines throughout the civilized World, at the following prices-ls. 1 3d. 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., 11s., 22s., and 33s. eac [each] x. Thereisa [Therein] considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B.- Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each box. CavTION.-None [Caution.-None] are genuine unless the words Hollo- [Hollow- Holloway] way's Pills and Ointment, London, are engraved on the government stamp, pasted onevery [every] pot and box; with the same words woven in the water marks of the books of directions wrapped round the medicines. Also, be careful to observe that the address on the labels, to the covers of the pots and boxes, is Strand, London, (and 2xot [sot] 240, Strand, London ;) and that there is no initia [initial] as H, or any other letter before the-name Holloway, nor is mend this in the word Genuine on the labels, is so perfectly innocent, that it maybe given with the greatest Wo be Het. [Get] O be LET, ROOM and POWER at the CHEMIcAL [Chemical] WoRES, [Worse] LEEDS-RoaD, [LEEDS-Road] Huddersfield. O be LET, that old established House called the ALBION HOTEL, in Huddersfield, with the Stables, Coach-houses, and inclosed [enclosed] Yard, suitable fora eab [ea] proprietor. A portion of the premises may be easily converted into a brewery. ., Apply to J. SPuRR, [Spurr] on the premises, O be LET, GREENHEAD MANSION, HUDDERSFIELD, lately in the occupation of Joseph Brook, Esq. There are excellent Gardens and Pleasure Grounds, and a large Park attached. Possession can be had on the Ist [Its] of November next, or sooner if necessary. This will be found a most pleasant and desirable family residence. . All full particulars may be obtained from Mr. HaTHORN, [Hawthorn] 'Longley Hall. July, 1852. O be LET, a good substantial and well- [well finished] finished DWELLIN' [DWELLING] G-HOUSE, of modern construc- [construct- construction] tion, [ion] No. 5, South-parade, Huddersfield, with Two Rooms on the und [and] floor, Cellar, and Cellar Kitchen, 'Three good and convenient and Two Attics. May be entered to in a fortnight. For Rent and other particulars, apply to Mrs. TayLor, [Taylor] New North-road, or to Messrs, FENTON, JONES, and RayNnER, [Rayner] Solicitors, Huddersfield. 4th September, 1852. CORN MILL. O be LET, and may be entered upon imme- [Mme- immediately] diately, [lately] a CORN MILL, in good working condition, at which a good trade is now carried on, late in the occu- [occur- occupation] tion [ion] of Mr, Joseph Sykes, deceased, situate at MILL RIDGE, near Heckmondwike, in the county of York. The Mill is situate within about two hundred yards of the Liversedge Station, seven miles of Bradford, nine miles of Leeds, three miles of Dewsbury, six miles of Huddersfield, eight miles of Halifax, and eight miles of Wakefield. There is an abundance of Coal in the immediate neigh- [neighbourhood] bourhood. [boyhood] The Mill is four stories high, with Drying Kiln, &c., Steam Engine, 30-horse power, Water Wheel, 19 feet dia- [aid- diameter] meter, 12 feet wide, and 12 feet fall, containing six pair of French Stones, two pair of Greys, and one pair of Shellers, [Sellers] Malt Rollers, Bean Splitters, one patent Dressing Machine, one Common Ditto, one patent America Screen, one Fan, Sack Tackle, &c. Near to and very convenient for the Mill there is a good DWELLING-HOUSE, Garden, Barn, Stabling for six horses, Waggon Sheds, Piggeries, four Cottages, and about eleven acres of excellent Land, in first-rate condition. The above premises may be entered to immediately, and the Tenant may have the option of taking the crops ata [at] valuation. To view the same apply on the premises, and to treat for the same, to Mr. THOMAS MITCHELL, Liversedge-hall ; or Mr. JoHN [John] BEILBY, Espersykes, [espouses] near Malton. WILLIAM WATTS, 26th August, 1852. Solicitor, Dewsbury. P TRIPS IN SEPTEMBER. To LONDON, to LONDON, by the Great Northern s for 5, 7,10, 12, or 14 days, next Saturday, September llth, [loth] trom [from] Hull, Selby, Leeds, (Marsh-lane Station,) Mil- [Milford] ford Junction, Knottingley, and all other stations on the York and North Midland Railway. Also from Doncaster, Retford, Newark, Nottingham, Grantham, and Stamford, at very low fares, Bills at all the stations. To SCARBRO', this (Saturday) evening, September 4, for several days, from the Wellington Station, Leeds, Normanton, and Castleford, at half-past 4 o'clock, arriving about half-past 8. Fares from Leeds, 4s. 6d., 5s. 6d 7s. 6d.; Normanton and Castleford, 4s., 5s., 7s. Returns Special from Scarbro' on Monday morning, September 6th, at half past 5 o'clock, arriving about half-past 8. Passen- [Passed- Passengers] gers [hers] can also return by Special Train on Wednesday, Sept. th, or Friday, Sept. 10th, [the] at 3 o'clock each afternoon. September is the best month for visiting Scarbro'. Lo HULL on Monday Morning next, September 6, for 1 or 2 days, as follows -From Leeds and Woodlesford, at 9 o'clock, 3s., 4s., 5s.,; Normanton and Castleford quarter past 9, 2s. 6d., 3s. 6d., 4s, 6d.; Burton Salmon and Mil- [Milford] ford Junction, half-past 9, 2s., 3s., 4s. Selby, quarter to 10; Howden, 10, Is. 6d., 2s. 6d., 3s. 6d. Returns from the same evening at 5 o'clock, or on Tuesday after- [afternoon] noon, September 7th, at 2 or 6 o'clock. The last Trip this Season to THORP-ARCH, Monday morning, September 6. Fares only Is. Starts from Wellington Station, Leeds, at 10 a.m, returns at 6 same evening, To CHATSWORTH next Tuesday, September 7th - From Selby at 720; Milford Junction, 7 50; Castleford, 815; and from all other stations on the York and North Midland Railway. Fares, first class, 8s.; second class, 6s, To BRIDLINGTON, next Wednesday morning, Sep- [September] tember [member] 8th., for 1, 3, or 6 days. From Leeds, at 9 a.m., fares 4s., 5s., 6s. From Normanton and Castleford, 9 a.m., fares, 3s. 6d., 4s. 6d., 5s. 6d. This trip will be the most pleasant of the season. Balloon ascent, Fireworks, Flower how, &c., &c. To NEWCASTLE and other TOWNS, next Saturday afternoon, September llth. [loth] From Leeds, N ormanton, [Normanton] and Castleford, at 3 o'clock for 2,3, or 5 days. Fares to Thirsk, 2s., 3s., 4s. Richmond, Darlington, and Hartle- [Hartlepool] pool, 2s. 6d., 3s.; 4s. 6d. Durham, 3s., 4s. 6d., 6s. 6d. Sunderland, Shields, and Newcastle, 3s. 6d., 5s., 7s. Ke- [Returns] turns on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. To SCARBRO', on Monday Morning, September 13th, [the] for 1, 3, or 5 days. From Leeds and Normanton, at 9 o'clock, at same fares as with the trip to-day. To SELBY and HOWDEN, on Wednesday Morning, September 15th, for 1 day, from the Wellington Station, Leeds, as 9. Fares to Selby and back, 1ls.; [ls] Howden and back, Is. 6d. Tickets and bills for all the trips at the stations. Children under 12 half-fare. T. CLAPHAM. THE CITY OF GLASGOW LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, '2 ESTABLISHED IN 1838, Constituted by Act of Parliament in 1842, Protecting Capital 600,000. OFFICES, 40, St. Vincent-place, Glasgow. 19, St. Andrew-square, Edinburgh. 120, Pall Mall, London. business of this Company embraces Life Assurance in all its branches, and offers peculiarly favourable to policy holders. 1. The assured are entitled to participate largely in the ofthe [of the] Company, immediately from the date of their olicies, [policies] 2. The profits of the Company are distributed among the assured annually. 3. The assured may have their share of the profits added to the sum on their Policies, or the value thereof may be pe to them at once in cash, or deducted from the Annual remium. [premium] 4. The Premiums charged are moderate for every des- [description] cription [eruption] of assurance. 5. No entry money is charged. 6. Licences are issued to parties proceeding to foreign countries on very moderate terms. No extra premium is charged for residence in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, &c., &c., andthe [and the] extra premiums for the sea voyage to these countries are moderate. Copies of the. Company's Prospectus, forms of appli- [apply- application] cation for assurance, &c., &c., may be obtained on appli- [apply- application] cation to fhe [he] Agent of the Company for Huddersfield, Mr. JOHN DODDS, Dyke End Lane. DISEASES OF THE CHEST. R. WM. BURLAND, Surczon [Surgeon] and Ac- [Act] f COUCHEDR, [couched] 158, Park Lane, Leeds, celebrated throughout England for the very successful treatment of Diseases of the Chest and Abdomen, viz. -Consumption (Phthisis), (Phrases] and all Diseases of the Lungs, Diseases of the Liver, Stomach, Mesentery, Heart, Spleen, and Kidneys; Female Complaints, &c., &c. Having cured himself of consumption nine years ago, caused by the too arduous duties of a public medical ap- [appointment] pointment, [Ointment] and hundreds of cases since, both of consump- [consumption- consumption] tion [ion] and other diseases, by this scientific and strictly harmless method (known only to himself), after having been declared incurable by the most eminent medical men, including the following physicians in London, viz. -Sir James Clarke, physician to her Majesty; Drs. [Dr] Walsh, Wil- [Williams] liams, [liam] Watson, Roe, Forbes, and others. To persons pre- [predisposed] disposed to consumption, as prevention is better than cure, it is of the greatest importance that a few doses of the medicine should be taken occasionally, especially after colds, which will arrest the progress and remove the pre- [premonitory] monitory symptoms of this cruel and, hitherto considered, fatal disease. In addition to diseases of the chest and abdomen, the above treatment has been found equally suc- [such- successful] cessful [useful] in most chronic diseases, attended with debility and emaciation, or internal or external ulceration, &c., &c. Where a personal interview is thought impracticable by distance, detailed particulars of the case are indispensable, though patients may be visited at any distance by special agreement. At home for consultation until noon, daily. VERY. ULVERMACHER'S [EVERMORE'S] PATENT PORTABLE HYDRO-ELECTRIC CHAIN, for personal use, con- [constructed] structed [instructed] to be worn on the body under the garments, is the most wonderful discovery in medicine and electricity of the present day. It relieves without shock or any disagreeable sensation, instantaneously-the moment it is applied-acute nervous pains, such as head, ear, and tooth-ache, rheumatic pains, tic-doloureux, [tic-Dolores] &c.; and by its mild but continuous and perceptible action on the body, diseases of years standing, such as gout, local paralysis, nervous complaints, liver diseases, &c., disappear as if by a miracle. It precipitates metals from their solutions, decomposes water, deflects the magnetic needle, in short, shows all the phenomena of a powerful The instrument producing these effects weighs about two ounces, can be folded up in a pocket- [pocketbook] book, is always ready for instantaneous use, and will last a man his life-time, guarding himself, his family, friends, &c., against that immense number of complaints and diseases in which mild streaming Electricity is a perfectly safe, certain, and wonderfully specdy [speedy] remedy. The price of 2 complete chain is from 4s, 6d. to 26s. 6d. Marvellous and incredible as may seem the above facts, any person can freely and very easily convince himself of their truth at any of the depdts [Depots] beforehand. The inven- [invent- invention] tion [ion] has been exhibited with the greatest suecess [success] before the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Surgeons, the Royal British Association, the Academie [Academies] Nationale [National] de Medicine at Paris, and other institutions of the highest order. The proprietors are in possession of the most flat- [flattering] tering [tearing] testimonials in writing from many of the first men in the profession, and the chains are already taken into use in most of the hospitals in London, Full description of this wonderful discovery, with the highest references, num- [sum- numbers] bers [bees] of cases cured, &c ,may be had through any respectable chemist, or on application (by letter, for two stamps), from the head depdts, [Depots] 103, Leadenhall-street, and 71, Regent- [Regent street] street, London. F that emi [mi] OF, MEWNIG, [MEANING] Resident Manager. rom that eminen [eminent] ysician [physician] of Gny's [Any's] Hos pital, [capital] Dr, Golding Bird, M.D., FS, &e.,-T can scarvely [scarcely] recom- [com- recognise] nious [nos] invention str [st] i ht tot tos nely [newly] te the notice of Sale bp Auttion. [Auction] IMPORTANT SALE OF SCULPTURED MARBLE AND ALAB [ALAN] ER CENA ws of R. MOORE begs to intorm [inform] the Love the Fine Arts, Geatienen [Generation] Furnishing, and the Pub- [Public] lic [li] in general, that he has received an important con ment [men] of SCULPTURED MARBLE aad [and] ALAB [ALAN] rie [tie] ORNAMENTS, just Arno, se Leghorn, comprising magnificent J Groups, Figures, and Animals, copied by artists of mene [men] ledged [ledge] merit from the most famous classical Origin the museums at Rome, apie [pie] and Florence, which he will offer for SALE by AUCTION, on Frmay [From] and SaTUR- [Star- Saturday] DAY, September 10th and 1lth, [th] 1852, in the WAREHOUSE, CLtoTH [Cloth] Hatt [That] Huddersfield, lately occupied by Ambrose Lockwood. In Bardiglio, [Bodily] Siena, Verde Prato, [Pratt] Elba, and Agate Mar- [Marbles] bles-combined [bales-combined -combined] with the most pure and fine Florentine Alabaster, and carved by some of the first artists in Tus- [Us- Tuscany] cany-will [any-will -will] be found a splendid pair of Etruscan Vases in Bardiglio [Bodily] Marble, 5 feet high, copied from the Gallery at Borga, [Borg] at Rome; the Warwick Vase, copied from the celebrated Original in the British Museum, in solid Verde Prato [Pratt] Marble Tasso [Tass] de Naples, Aristotle, Mercury, Fonts, Vases of all dimensions, Hebé, [Here] Etruscan and Medici Vases of various kinds of Marble and sizes, Lions, Jewel-stands, Baskets, ke. - In fine Florentine Alabaster, a magnificent Statuette of the Greek Slave, after Power; large group of the Triumph of Venus, with beautiful Garden Pedestal, after Canova [Nova] Eve at the Fountain, from the Original by Bailey the Three Graces, Cupid and Psyché, [Psyche] Bacchus and Ariadne, Boys in Love, after Pampaloni, [Sampling] Diana and Endymion, Diana returning from the Chase, Venus de Medicis, [Medicine] Venus Canova, [Nova] Dancing Girls, Hebé, [Here] Etruscan and Flower Vases, Jewel and Fancy Boxes, Watch Stands, Paper Weights, Candlesticks, Taper Stands, and other Decorative Articles, which for beauty of design and supe- [sue- superiority] riority [priority] of execution cannot be surpassed, if equalled. Mr. Moore can strongly recommend parties to embrace this very rare occasion for embellishing apartments with these elegant and choice articles of verte. [vere] . Sale to commence at Eleven,-Open for inspection at Ten each day. Gurnpike [Turnpike] Moads. [Roads] BIRSTAL [BRISTOL] AND HUDDERSFIELD TURNPIKE ROAD OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the above Road will be held at the house of Mr. Thomas Jennings Wigney, [Wine] the GEorRGE [George] in Huddersfield, on HURSDayY, Thursday] the Twenty-third day of September instant, at Twelve o'clock at noon, pursuant to adjournment, By order. J. C. FENTON, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Huddersfield, 1st September, 1852. HUDDERSFIELD AN ee TURNPIKE A OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the above Road will be held at the house of Mr. Thomas Jennings Wigney, [Wine] the GEORGE HoTEL, [Hotel] in Huddersfield, on 'THURSDAY, the 'Twenty-third day of September instant, at Twelve o'clock at nocn, [non] pursuant to adjournment, By order, J. C. FENTON, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Huddersfield, 1st September, 1852. LOCKWOOD AND MELTHAM TURNPIKE ROAD. OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the above Road will be held at the house of Mr. Thomas Jennings Wigney, [Wine] the GEORGE HoTEL, [Hotel] in Huddersfield, on THURSDAY, the Twenty-third day of September instant, at Twelve o'clock at noon, pursuant to adjourument. [adjournment] By order. J. C. FENTON, . Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. Huddersfield, 1st September, 1852. NEW PROVISION STORE. FOR THE SALE OF HAMS, BUTTER, CHEESE, AND J BINGHAM begs leave to inform the gentry e and inhabitants of Huddersfield, that he will on Tus [Us] Day (SaturDAy) [Saturday] OPEN A PROVISION STORE in the house in Westgate, lately occupied by Mr. B. Stanley, in the stocking trade. Every article will be guaranteed of the very best quality, and will be sold for cash at the lowest possible profit. No cecond [second] price. Ritchey's [Richer's] celebrated Lights for kindling fires will also be kept, and sold at One Penny per Package. Westyate, [Westgate] 4th September, 1852. BATH HOTEL, LOCKWOOD, NEAR HUDDERSFIELD. SILVER CUP or PINT, value 5, will be BOWLED FOR, on the Bata [Bat] BowLine [Bowling] GREEN, on Friday, the 10th of September.-Entrance, 5s. To commence at 13 a.m. Refreshments will be provided. THE LOCKWOOD ASSOCIATION FOR PROMOTING THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE BREEDS OF PIGS AND POULTRY, AND ENCOURAGING THE CULTIVATION OF Gi NERAL [GENERAL] GARDEN PRODUCE. Pee SECOND SHOW of this Association will be held on SatuRDAy, [Saturday] the 25th of September, 1852, in a field belonging to Mrs. Moore, situate near SwaN- [Swan- Swan lane] Lane, Loge woes. A GENERAL MEETING of the Subscribers and Friends of the Association will be held in the Town's ScHOOL, [School] on WEDNESDAY NEXT, the 8th of September, at Eight o'clock, p-m., when all persons who intend to become Subscribers are requested to attend; and those Subscribers whose sub- [subscriptions] scriptions [descriptions] are not already paid, are also requested to attend and pay the same. 'The last day on which Stock can be entered for the Show is MonDay, [Monday] the 13th instant on that day the Secretar [Secretary] will attend at the Town's School from Five to Eight o'clock p-m., for the purpose of receiving Entries, Persons not being Subscribers wishing to enter Stock for Show will be charged 2s. 6d. for each Entry. All Stock for Show must be on the Ground before Ten, a.m., on the day of Show, and remain until atter [utter] Six o'clock, p.m. The Public will be admitted to the Show at Two o'clock, p.m., upon payment of 6d. each. Children under 1 halt- [halt price] price. Any further information, as also Forms of Entry, List of Prizes, and Copies of the Rules, may be had on application to the Secretary. By Order of the Committee, ; THOMAS ABBEY, Sept. 3rd, 1852. Secretary. HE HUDDERSFIELD LITERARY SOCIETY, held at Temperance HoteEL, [Hotel] ALBION-STREET, will RESUME its weekly meetings on FRIDAY NEXT, at Eight o'clock, p.m. Parties wishing to become members mnay [may] apply at the above place, COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, HE WEEKLY LECTURES will be RE- [RECOMMENCED] COMMENCED in the Hatt [That] of the InstiTUTION, [Institution] on FRIDAY NEXT, September 10, when the Rev. E. BoDEN, [Boden] B.A., Vice-Principal, will Resume his Course on Che- [Chemistry] mistry. [misery] The Subject for the present Quarter will be THE METaLs. [Metal] The Lectures commence each Friday Evening, at Seven o'clock, and the attendance of all friends of the Institution is respectfully invited. W. J. READ, M.A., Principal. THE CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1852. - THE MAJORITY OF SIR J. W. RAMSDEN, BARONET. THE arrangements for celebrating the majority of the youthful heir to the Huddersfield Estates have under- [undergone] gone several modifications and alterations from what we gave as a general outline in our last; nor are those arrangements as yet, we believe, to be considered as finally settled, it being the desire of the young baronet's advisers to meet the wishes, not only of their own immce- [ice- immediate] diate [date] tenantry, but of the inhabitants generally on the estate, in the festive proceedings intended to inaugurate Sir John's majority. With this object in view they have already modified their arrangements in several impor- [import- important] tant [tan] particulars, among the most notable of which is not to defer the Tuesday's market, as at first proposed, but to celebrate the event on the day following. This point was readily conceded on it being represented to the resident agent that the postponement of the market would materially interfere with the arrangements of the merchants, manufacturers, and tradesmen of the district, as was also a suggestion for a more liberal pro- [provision] vision in the dinner tickets to be presented to each of the tenants. We also believe that other suggestions, made by some of the public authorities and by the leading inhabitant millowners, [milliners] which have been made more recently, are also receiving the best consideration of the young baronet's representatives, and we doubt not that any further hints which may be thrown out at the public meeting on Wednesday next, will not be without their due weight and influence on the same parties,- [parties] foremost among which we trust will be some due pro- [provision] vision for the rational entertainment and amusement not only of the young baronet's immediate tenantry, but for the great bulk of the inhabitants also, in whose welfare the landlord of this estate cannot but feel a lively iuterest, [interest] and with whose prosperity his own interests as a landlord are so closely allied. We have reason to know that the great bulk of the millowners [milliners] are anxious that their hands should enjoy a holiday on the occasion, without any reduction in their well-earned wage, and we also believe thas [has] it is in con- [contemplation] templation [temptation] to secure to them some agreeable memento of the event, not only in the way of suitable recreations, but also by providing for them some ample entertain- [entertainment] ment, [men] and thus place them in an equally agreeable position with their more affluent fellow -townsmen, These, and many other alterations and extensions of the programme are, we have reason to know, in con- [con] templation, [temptation] and, until the arrangements approach to 4 more final character it must be obvious that an comments on the mode in which this loc [lock] tival [vital] is to be celebrated would be premature. Og this, however, we feel assured, though it Would be unreasonable to expect that any final programme meet with perfect uuanimity [unanimity] of feeling, that it not only the wish of the young baronet's representatives but also one in which he has expressed a lively desing [design] that the festive proceedings connected with his majority may be of a rational and recreative [re creative] character, a available to all classes. Impressed with this feeling the High Constable hag already made several suggestions, which haye [hay] 4 readily concurred in by the agents of the estate Otherg [Other] equally deserving attention are embodied in an exc, [ex] ent [end] letter from the same gentleman in our present num [sum] and there will doubtless be further practical developed at the approaching public meeting calle, [call] for adopting an address of congratulation to the Founs [Found] baronet. With such a spirit of unanimity and vading [Fading] all classes we may safely predict that each oe our fellow-townsmen will have it in his power celebrate the day as a general holiday, withou [with] feeling of independence sacrificed or moral violated. -- A CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FOR Hrp. [Hop] DERSFIELD. [HUDDERSFIELD] A reference to the letter of Mr. Mac. LiNsoN, [London] inserted in another part of this dq.' 'paper, in answer to the queries of a corresponiden [correspondence] ber [be] hinty [Hunt] Y Der. 'a PEQELple [People] ' poy [oy] in our last, as to the reason why further steps hara not been taken to form in Huddersfield a Chambe [Chamber] of Commerce, will show that it is by no means intended to let the project pass off as a dropped motion, but that it is purposed that enervetic [energetic] action shall be promoted when the proper time arrives. We are sure the reason assigned by Mr. for the seeming delay which has occurred since the matter was placed as it were in his hands will be felt to be a most cogent one; when to the fact stated by Mr. the attention and time of the gentlemen whose co-operation in the formation of the contemplated association have been devoted to the heavy iuties [duties] cast upon them by the lamentable disaster Holmfirth,-we call to remembrance the other taet, [tate] that the general election absorbed all the attention which might otherwise have been lirecteck [directed] to the accomplishment of this particular object, wa are sure that all interested in the success of the effort will feel glad that action was not taken unter [under] circumstances which would almost have ensured failure. It is obvious that the time has not yet been, since this project of a Chamber of Commerce was mooted, when there was any prospect that it could be prosecuted with success, from the fact that other engagements precluded our commercial men from engaging in its formation and organisation. The seasonable time however approacheth, [approach] when this duty, which commercial men owe to themselves and the advancement of their own interests (gene- [generally] rally speaking) can be undertaken. Of the desirability and of the advantages of suck an association as the one contemplated it is searvely [safely] necessary that we should speak. They must be obvious to all engaged in commercial transactions, Ts it not desirable that the commercial, manutac- [Manta- manufacturing] turing, and trading classes, should often meet together-should often commune together-anl [together-an] by well-directed general effort secure for the district every facility of inter-communication, and every advantage possible for the development of its resources, the most beneficial application of its skill, and the encouragement of its enterprising industry Are there not questions of great im- [in- importance] portance [importance] to the trade of the district, upon which no efficent [efficient] action can be taken for want of the requisite machinery, and the necessary organisation, and mutual understanding Where is the com- [commercial] mercial [commercial] library, stored with works of authority upon commercial matters, that the commercial men of this district can resort to Every parlia- [Parliament- parliamentary] mentary [monetary] session-sees poured out, from prolitie [polite] com- [committees] mittees [committees] and commissions of enquiry, reports and evidence of the most direct importance to the trading classes but where are these to be seen Measures deeply affecting commerce and manutae- [minute- manufactures] tures, [Tues] both at home and abroad, are at times intro- [introduced] duced [duce] to the attention of the legislature and pro- [progress] gress [grass] in legislation is often deferred to give time to those interested to consider the proposed schemes, and express opinions regarding them but where (in Huddersfield) is the place where these schemes may be found and examined A Chamber of Commerce may be made to supply all these deficiencies, and many others, which it would be needless to particularise. It would give the means for simultaneous and united action upon the ques- [questions] tions [tins] of the day affecting commerce, whether of a local or national character. We confidently trust that a short time will see an organisation of the nature above indicated in full operation in the town of Huddersfield. 2 & and hat Se COLLIERY EXPLOSIONS AND THE MEANS OF PREVENTION. ARTICLE I , In our last number we drew attention to the recently-issued report of the Select Committee of the House of Commons, appointed last session 0] enquire into the causes of the frequency of explo- [expel- explosions] sions [Sons] in coal mines, with a view to prevent the appalling loss of life arising from them and after setting forth the almost incredible fact, that the loss of lives in the coal mines of Great Britain amount to the enormous number of one thousand annually, we detailed some of the general conclu [conclusion] sions [Sons] set forth in that report, such as the insecurity (nay, under certain circumstances, positive danger) of the Davy Lamp-a fact established by experi- [experience- experiments] ments [rents] performed before the committee-and also the fact, established as well by experiment, that the only means of safety in mines from explosions of fire damp, which the present state of science affords, is, efficient ventilation. After setting forth from the said report these general conclusions of the Select Committee, we promised to give some- [somewhat] what in detail the particular measures the com- [committee] mittee [matter] recommended to secure this due and ventilation, and to surround the miners when at work in the bowels of the earth, with all the means of safety worthy of being relied upon. That pro- [promise] mise [Miss] we now hasten to redeem. As above indicated, the first and most essential measure for securing the comparative satety [safety] of mines, is efficient ventilation. That isa point set tled [led] in the mind of everybody who has at all examined into the question. A current of fresh air must be continually kept up, and sent through all the workings of a mine, even to its remotest part, so that the inflamable [infallible] and explosive gases as they are given off from the chinks and fissures the mine, may become diluted below the explosive point, and be also carried away by the current up the up-cast shaft. This is the simple process which has to be kept up-an adequate current vf air, and in constant action. The question then presents itself, how or by what means can this current of air be most effectually kept up To this question the members of the Select Committee addressed themselves; and on this point, as well as upon others, they did not content themselves with mere theory. They did not content them- [themselves] selves with the evidence only of parties in charge of colliery workings, and who have in use parti- [part- particular] cular [circular] modes of ventilation. They heard this evi- [vi- evidence] dence, [dene] and paid all due attention to it, as it le- [reserved] served. But they also tested by actual experimen [experience] the several systems of ventilation recommended '0 [ their notice. They resorted to the proper means to obtain practical proof of the relative etficiencY [efficiency] of these several proposed modes of ventilation. One result speedily followed from these experi- [experience- experiments] ments. [rents] The committee immediately and unani- [unanimously] mously [Mosley] came to the conclusion that any systex [system] 4 Ja