Huddersfield Chronicle (03/Nov/1900) - Carlile Institute, Meltham

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


Carlile Institute, Meltham.

The first of a series of concerts, which it is proposed to hold during the winter months, took place in the Carlile Institute, Meltham, on Monday evening. There was a large attendance, and the concert was heartily enjoyed. An excellent programme was rendered by the members of the Taylor Hill Primitive Methodist Choir, who were under the able conductorship of Mr. Seymour. The performers were regaled with the warm encomiums of the audience for their admirable interpretation of the following glees "Lullaby." "The Singers," "Old Daddy Long legs," which was repeated in response to an encore ; and "Good night, thou glorious sun." They also gave the anthem "The sun shall be no more." Miss A. Mallinson sang "When the heart is young" and "The swallows," being loudly recalled for the latter. Miss A. Ellam sang "The children's home," Mr. Seymour gave "Three joiiy sailors," and Mr. L. Windle rendered "The toilers" and "A brigand bold." Miss Mallinson and Mr. Seymour contributed the duets, "Down by the silvery brook" and "Sol Fa," and received an encore for the former. The quartet, "Regular royal queen." was given by Misses Mallinson and Battye and Messrs. L.W. and L. Windle, who were loudly recalled. Miss M. E. Sykes was very successful in her recitations, "Curfew shall not ring to-night" and "Having company." The duties of accompanist were tastefully and judiciously discharged by Mr. Haigh Littlewood. The proceedings concluded with the National Anthem.