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Zz NO. the Editor of the Huddersfield Chronicle. To 5, y HANNAH, of this town, has tuitous [Titus] statement R t to obtrude a most gra [ga] nounce [ounce] the Immediate Publicati [Public] cought [cough] a ia yourad [you rad] ertising [Advertising] columns of Satur- [Star- Stirring] HERRING and REMINGTON, of an elaborately inher [inter] ors '3 privat [private] a this statement, if unexplained, FULL LENGTH Por [Or] TRAIT cit oct [act] on mY character, I imagine you, as OF THE a ppm 10 ili [ii] i (2s cs, wil not be to publish LATE, RIGHT HON. SIR ROBERT PEEL, 7s jou [joy] to hear the othe [the] BART Pa he public to ith [it] . reviously [previously] to my marriage with Miss from the celebrated Picture. tai [ta] fs oe ae eon [on] of Agreement (not a Stamped Pickersgill, Eaq., [Esq] R.A., ta i tie bloke ris [is] a uted [ted] 7th June, 1831, was signed, whereby Of Mezzotinto, [Stint] by Gzonce [Since] RaPHAEL [Raphael] Warn, Esq. , that we would, when required, in due Published una Stee [See] inches by 20 inches, ino [in] in Joli [Joel] Pe under the immediate se a eee [see] Wien [Wine] Lite oa friends of the late lamented Pane OF the personal annanh, [anon] . pois [pots] 10 Joh oe fnteest, [finest] when so trannferned [transcend] TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, a pater [Peter] for mny [may] said wife for life, and after her Arrtist's [Artist's] Proofs... 8 Proofs...... Guingas. [Guineas] J cildren, children] if any, and on the youngest attain- [attained] ee Letters ea 2 her Yen s Mr. Li l ve waited personally u i ane, [an] the principal should be divided amongst friends, but is prevented by indisposition rns [ns] ty-0m them, that, from his t experi [experience] r ing i ie . hat, great experience and long-standing in cme [me] ecards [cards] saw or heard of this document until thjs [this] business, they may rest assured that Proofs, & gferwards [afterwards] the above splendid i fod [food] by hie ae jpevel [level] as ber. [be] 1849. e spien [spine] ngTaving, [paving] su plied b him, will be ath at] af December d, and Twenty per Cent. below the ublighed [obliged] ri 1008 no transfer of the above sum, nor any A Subscription Book is now lying at his Establishment set a sit was ever mentioned or proposed or ten Noe HUDDERSFIELD, for the reception of Sub- [Sub] for signature by any person whatever, and S ames. me over refused to sign any such document. zo 'et no doubt that it was understood by all NOTICE. a I soon as there should be any living issue of I iw (Directors of the STANDARD LIFE a should be entitled to the principal money. - in CE COMP ANY, he ee ae os tis [is LETHWAITE, [HEBBLETHWAITE] of the Chronicle 3 wer [we] to , ja tae [tea] i Mel known todehn [modern] that in the sage Of avila [avail] proposed to setile [stile] 1000 of my own consent to settle the 999 upon trustees (his sister) and her issue, but which a4 T end rn i efit [fit] oF my VYE [BYE] ed w do. on onah [on] continued to pay my wife the interest of ub never asked for, and never received any ne jther [other] principal or interest. It is, however, true ie eas [was] anxious (after we had two children) to get pi at of her brother's hands, and she ultimately ae om to pay her the principal, although it was rts [its] extending over a period of five or six years, eye paid to her in 1841, vs never made known to me until December, Mr, Hannah found the Memorandum of Agree- [Agree] 3 he calls a draft settlement), and as soon as the fir was made known to me I at once replied 'I will omoney money] and place it in a bank to the credit of and Iam [I am] still ready to obey the directions af equity as to a Settlement, but I am not willing ilmuak, [Alma] who states that he compounded wit qs in 1846, and is again insolvent in 1850, should the trustees of such Settlement. ' ey little remarkable that this Memorandum of cut, or draft settlement as Mr. Hannah calls it, lt by him, the trustee, for a period of ars, [as] and then found by him just at the period an to press wy clarm [Clare] against him, and threatened ie tankruptey [bankruptcy] . . (ny wife's portion) I might have contented replying, that the whole matter is entirely the business of my claim against Mr. Hannah; no need to conceal anything, I have detailed facts, so that the public will be able to see 4 the mst [ms] of Mr. Hannah's insinuation, that he, is liable to pay over again the 999, in seven 'much forthat [forth] portion of Mr. Hannah's advertisement, not atall [stall] concern him, and can only have been 244 hold of in the desperate hope with which a drown- [drawn] oui [our] catches at a dui [Du] now for the real subject-matter between Mr. Han- [Han] oh and myself, ie year 1846, Mr. Hannah states he compounded Creditors. It is not true, however, as he alleges, then volunteered to assist him in his difficulties. tae [tea] te me, and represented that the West Riding wt Banking Company, who had a mortgage on his property, for 2,000, were pressing for payment, ening [ending] to sell the which he then repre- [prepare- praiseworthy] beworth [worth] 6,000, This is the property which, in his itof [it] last Saturday, Mr. states to be weoperty, [property] which brings in a rental of 210 a- yl aly [al] a hundred lots of building ground iyet [yet] the Bankers refused it as a security for 2,000, assured me that he could pay off the Bank by instal- [instead] aud [and] that the Bankers would give him tinte, [tite] if I his surety. I at length assented, and took of the Bankers' mortgage. I was required, also, Se them a deed of covenant u pon [on] my oun [on] real estate, payment a thee balance, with interest, by Bul [Bull] ins ts, of 500 ann or 125 we. This was in March, 1816, Of eines [Wines] I expected 'tainah [tain] would punctually pay the instalments. Did eu He paid six only of those quarterly instal- [installed] piid [paid] the remaining ten. had this mortgage quite twelve months when came to me, and represented that his agent 'uaet [at] had an opportunity of selling part of the ' lots to advantage, and begged that I would con- [cont] xt him a re-conveyance of the mortgage, as the 'wuld [would] sell better if it should appear to be unen- [Union- unless] ss i the same time assuring me that J should le And I am now ashamed to teas sg utterly foolish as to consent to siqn [skin] Matt to SOHN [SON] Hannan of my mortgage, wethout [without] ee slalling [sling] oF acy [act] money, and without so much as a ty that fect [fact] ued used] in the month of February, 1847. Mr. tn sulicitor, [solicitor] Mr. Laycock, is cognizant of every Us, ; Was thus without an atom of security, I yng ng] the instalments to the Bankers Mr. tuse [use] being that he could get no remittances meets, 1848, Mr. Hannah applied to me for a at tu for wages, on the plea that, in the absence ees [see] Abraham Hirst, the Yorkshire Banking am his checks, but, that I should be repaid fies [firs] returned home. TI lent SCparate [Separate] we cs 60 as Ren 's 60, 60, and 80. These ee how two years without security I became Mite all other means of no effect, I sored [sores] te with bankruptcy; and he, at ty foe securing a ae, a mortgage upon the Jamaica Nis [Is] mye [me] Z 4 contingen [continent] ceeding [feeding] This was in Jannary [January] 1859. [W. ce, not ex . Tye here mention, in proof of my disinterested- [disinterested] Si mitted [fitted] this mort; [more] ve, and every other docu- [dock- Duke] ee ied by Mr. Hannah's solicitor (in whom, hit, go fae [far] and still have, the most perfect confi- [confer- confidence] done), he was concerned, everything would ZWe. We] which Ut, to ny surprise and consternation, 'yay. poe to Jamacca, [Jamaica] for enrolment, in hand fore 2b to this hour, been returned to Sr he heat Lumerous [Numerous] applications, no wet, withs [with] ofit. [fit] I am, therefore, as I believe, at Stub being security, my claim upon Mr 1,895 1,W] 2s. 1d., less what I may recover hed [he] bil [bill] n Hirst, in a suit for contribution upon boc [box] el i his yen known to himself Mr. Hannah has to give the history of this the POS I may, therefore, be allowed Tey Mr. Hannah ver, [Rev] 1847 'a Bal [Ba] 2 red me to put m [in] ep rt Exchange for 500, at three thy es tedly [Teddy] refusing (upon the persuasion of 4 then on her death-bed), I consented mt tins request, I went with him to his friend, be would ee merchant, of this town, who pro- [profit] fyi [fi] three boon 7 On this condition I consented, an eget [get] parties to the bill. Hist hie eg Bill was dishonoured. I applied 2 Was son f, but he excused himself, saying, ld stan [san] ha aud [and] begged of me to renew the Bill bo a wen himself responsible for the half. wL, express; gave the Bankers my check for fine and a opinion of Abraham Hirst's ld bunk to them that I would at once uh yt ae rapt Four or five days after this barwigg) [brig] Hirst, and the Manager of the ine [in] to me handing back my cash- [sheet] eet [et] Abn [An] ut I would renew the Bill, on condi- [condition- condign] Pg Me, ify [if] irst [first] would still hold himself jointly rey [re] Bl, ang [an] I am sorry to say, I did the Com. Since been compelled by the od, pany, [any] to pay it-with expenses- [expensiveness] gy Pear to the Ay, pr aking [King] Sul) [Su) th at Mr. a problem that a Banker 2 bill Jor [Or] 500 at four mouths in pro- [prose] ae cash. But if it should happen m [in] Hirst was at that time con- [con] T. Hannah, and that i me ore h, it was ; r. Hirst's Security had been that the maneuvre [manure] was [C] Bankes braham [Braham] Hirst, whatever Ving, [Vine] eee [see] fy. eT S Negligence, or of my extra- [extras] ian and y t Mh, Y Own interests, ing (abraham [Abraham] Hirst is sole di has at Huddersfield . my claim, I do Remarks. Of course I have ; 10 any manner to answer reg further than they will ree [ere] ng plain statement of facts. I Sy (the [C] abandon the mortgage of the Jamai [Jamaica] y tor of the Jamaica r of nie [nine] i paying the bill, if Mr. Han- [Han] PORTRAIT OF THE LATE SIR ROBERT PEEL. R. LOMBARDINI d r. KR. Mick Office, their AGENT in HUDDERSFIELD. Also, that Mr. M. will be happy to afford every information to moe ae to effect Tite Assurances. on to parties wishing 2, King William-street, London July, 1850. ; iS Se meee [mere] MELLOR'S PIANO-FORTE AND MUSIC ESTABLISHMEN [ESTABLISHMENT] T, 28, CROSS-CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, And 16, Commercial-street, Leeds. ME -MELLOR, Proressor [Professor] of Music and Music-SELLER, respectfully announces that he has on hand an extensive assortment of PIano-FortTES [Pianos-Fortes] for SALE and Hire, which he has carefully selected from the celebrated Manufactories [Manufacturers] of Messrs. BRoaDwoop [Broadwood] and Sons, COLLARD and CoLLarp, [Collar] ALLIson, [Allison] LUFF, and OETZMANN, [OTTOMAN] And which are unrivalled for richness of tone, elasticity of touch, elegance and durability of structure. Some of the NEw [New] MopEL [Opel] InsTRUMENTS [Instruments] are exhibited for the first time in Huddersfield, and a great Reduction in Price has in most instances been attained, by the appli- [apply- application] cation of machinery, and the adoption of a still greater division of labour in their construction. SHOW ROOMS UP STAIRS. SECOND-HAND PIANO-FORTES. 8. 4. A 6 Octave Rosewood Cottage 14 00 A6 Octave Upright, by Broadwood............... 13 A6 Octave Square, by ditto One Ditto, by Stodart [Started] and Son ..... 53 Octave Squares, from PIANO-FORTES TUNED, REPAIRED, AND TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. A Fine-Toned CHAMBER ORGAN for SALE or HIRE New Music from London twice a-week, on which from 20to [to] 30 per cent discount, for cash, is allowed from the published price. A quantity on hand at Half-price. BaNnDs [Bands] SUPPLIED. 8. d. CoRNOPEANS, [Europeans] by Pack and other makers, from... 115 to 5 guineas, TROMBONES, alto, tenor, and bass 110 to 2 12s. 6d. wasn [was] sae [sea] 3 19 itto, [into] the very best lish, [Lush] reduced to... VIOLINS from... Eng jane [Jane] 2 6 Several fine old Italian Instruments from ........ 20 to 5 guineas. VIOLONCELLOS 110 Agent for the sale of the Parent HARMONIUM. Every urticle [article] in the Music Trade at the lowest price. INSTRUCTION IN MUSIC. Wr. Merton pives [pies] Loasone [Sloane] iti [it] thie' [the] Music -The Piano-Forte, Tboro [Bro] Bass, and Singing, at the residence of Pupils ;-also at his Establish- [Establishment] ment, [men] assisted by Miss S. MELLOR, on Tuesdays, Wednes- [Wednesday- Wednesdays] days, and Saturdays, where, in addition to their Private Lessons, pupils have the advantage of practising together- [together] a plan which has long been approved by the best masters for stimulating pupils and improving them in keeping 28, Cross CHURCH-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. ANNUAL DIVISION OF PROFITS. NREAT [GREAT] BRITAIN MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. 14, WATERLOO-PLACE, axe '52, Kina [King] WILLIAM-STREET, IT Y. THE RICHARD HARTLEY KENNEDY, ESQ.-DeEprvuty [ESQ.-Deprived] CHAIRMAN, This Society is established on the tried and approved rinciple [principle] of Mutual Assurance. Funds are accumu- [acme- accumulated] fated for the exclusive benefit of the Policy-holders, under their own immediate superintendence and control. The Profits are divided annually, and applied in reduction of the future Premiums. . At the Annual General Meeting, held on the 9th instant, an elaborate and highly satisfactory report of the state of the society's affairs was submitted to the members, where- [whereupon] upon it was resolved, unanimously, that an allowance of Thirty r Cent. should be made on the Premiums payable on all Policies on the participating scale, on which five or more yearly payments had been previously made. Credit is allowed for half the Annual mium [mum] for the first five years. The following Table exemplifies the effect of the present reduction - Age Annual Reduction Annual when Amount premium of Premium Assured. hitherto paid. 80 per Cent. now payable. 8s. d. &. 8. d 8. d. 20 1,000 20 17 6 6 5 3 14 12 3 30 1,000 25 13 4 714 17 9 4 40 1,000 3318 10 3 6 23 14 10 50 1,000 48 16 8 1413 34 3 8 A. R. IRVINE, Managing Director. 14, Waterloo-place, 10th May, 1850. MEDICAL REFEREE FOR HUDDERSFIELD DISTRICT. Messrs. ROBINSON and SON, High-street. AGENT. Mr. JOHN BROOK, Registrar, Buxton-road. And for INDIA AND LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, for Assurance of InvaLID [Invalids] and Healthy Lives. MEDICAL REFEREE, . WILLIAM JAMES CLARKE, Esq., Kirkgate. AGENTS. DANIEL CROSLAND BATTYE, Esq., Solicitor; and Mr. JOHN BROOK, Buxton-road. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. jesars. [Jesus] WILKINSON and Co., Surgeons, beg to say that they have ae connection with any person or persons in Leeds, who style them selves Wilkinson and Co.-Messra. [Co.-Messrs] Wilkinson and Co. can only be consulted daily at 2, Back-green, Huddersfield and 1, King Cross- [Cross street] street, Halifax. DELAY NOT s are dangerous, All parties suffering Foes clay of a private nature should consult Messrs. WILKINSON Co., SURGEONS, at their Medical Estab- [Stables- Establishments] lishments, [establishments] 2, Back GREEN, HUDDERSFIELD, and 1, KING CROSS-STREET, HALIFAX, where honour and a speedy cure may be relied upon. Attendance daily at the above Establishments. WIxrnson [Wisconsin] Co.'s PURIFYING DROPS, an astonish- [astonishing] ing discovery for the cure of every stage and symptom of the venereal disease, price 4s. 6d. per bottle, can only be had of the following agents - Halifax.-Mr. Wilson, bookseller, &c., Huddersfield.-Mr. Dewhirst, di Dewsbury.-Mr. Hunter, chemist ate Lawton, chemist of Kirkgate. Barnsley.-Mr. Waterfield, bookseller, &c. Bradford. -Mr. Tetley, chemist, Leeds-road; and North Bridge. &c., King-street. and i and druggist, Bottom Mr. Sutcliff, chemist, &c., Westgate. Hebden Bridge.-Mr. Garforth, bookseller. Keighley.-Mr. Akeds, [Asked] Stamp Office. Todmorden.-Mr. Farrar, hair dresser. Rochdale.-Howarth, &c., wholesale druggist. ' Heywood.-Mr. Alston's boot shoe establishment. Colne.-Mr. Hodgson, chemist, &c. Dencaster.-Hough, [Doncaster.-Hough] chemist, &c., Corn Market. Leeds.-Mr. Green, bookseller, Briggate. ah openly to never has been Knottingley.- [Knottingley] Mr. Greenhow, chemist, &c. co Mica, Tbunal, [Tribunal] T ghall, [hall] of ony [on] claim before pontefract.-Mr. [Pontefract.-Mr] Farrer, chemist, &c., Roper-strect. [Roper-street] Of Course, not notice Hamet, [Hamer] chemist, c. oy ah, ati [at] ti a hemist, [chemist] &e. Sit bet gat [at] Hi vate [ate] Thee Haylee [Hale] rr ae a ceationse, consecration] &c., Peter-gate. A t oe a y; Ce) . hi t, , tt tine mando [mind] Suan [Sun] Mr re my . Tan ie of censure or esteem we ingley.-Mr. [angle.-Mr] Dunn, chemist, &e. and Bireate, [Bret] ty a Yo Mark N Names, and 1 'Ur most, Obedient servant, Or you will meet. ; August 9 1g59, [G] THOMAS HAYLEY. All Letters punctually attended to, and Medicines sent to any part of the Ki ae 1 3 of a 'Every Teacher of the Young ought to have it; but there are thousands 21,NEW SEM [MES] portunity [port unity] of announcing 'time ROMAN HIP, SITZ, [SIT] and 5 IAKE [TAKE] the present o SHOWER, SPONGE, ion of the Public. have received a large Assortment of BATHS, &., to which they invite the GRAND ST. JOHN'S UNDER THE PA THE RIGHT HON. THE EARL OF CAR R. COBDEN, & JOSEPH ARMITAGE, ESQ. J.P. r at AGE, ESQ. J.P. ES BROOK, JUN. ESQ. F. SCHWANN, ESQ. 229. P. CROSLAND,' ESQ 2 HE Public are most respectfully informed that. above Church, on WEDNESDAY, the 14th day. ot AW ropriated [appropriated] to the FESTIVAL. CB, GOLCAR. sm JOSEPH RADCLIFFE, BART. - SEREMIAH [JEREMIAH] RILEY, 2 C. FENTON, ES 3 2 DSICAL [MUSICAL] FESTIVAL will be held in the WST', [WEST] 1850, the surplus proceeds of which will be app. Enlargemoti√©- [Enlarged- the National School The selection of Music from the works of Handel Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, &e. PRINCIPAL VOCAL PE MISS BIRCH, MRS. SUNDERLAND, MISS Doors to be open at two o'clock in the Afternoon, the performance to commence at half-past two. No money to dre [Dr] at the doors. N.B.-On the above occasion, a SPECIAL TRAIN will leave Huddersfield Marsden, callin [calling] all the Stations, and to return immediately after. aie [are] at Ong, [On] ot om 6 ESTABLISHED 1772. SONS' GENERAL FURN HING W NEW WELLS, WAKEFIELD. WEE AREHOUSES, [WAREHOUSE] GOODS DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE. At this Establishment parties furnishing have the o portunity [port unity] of selecting eve i i advantage not offered to the same extent by any other House out of London, ny a Furniture,an The Stock comprises- [comprises cabinet] CABINET FURNITURE AND UPHOLSTERY. CARPETS AND HEAR BEps, [Bes] MATTRESSES, AND BLANKETS. Paper-HaNGINes. [Paper-Hanging] mx Russ. MANTLE, ToILETrE, [Toilet] &c., GLASSES. DaMasKs [Damasks] AND MOREENS, [MOREEN] PassacE [Passage] CLoTus, [Cloths] MaTTINGs. [Mattings] GENERAL FURNISHING HarpwakE, [Harp wake] &v. Show Rooms are replete with every possible variety in each respective department, suited to the tastes and cire [cure] ces [ce] of all purchasers, and no expense is spared by the Proprietors to intain [Indian] their lone- [lonefoyupplying] foyupplying [supplying] Goods of sound materials and workmanship. pe man cir long-established character ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PURCHASED, S HOLDSWORTH & 66 A C A Ss E O FU N O G 0. 'Twould [Would] take but few arguments clearly to show If you want a nice coat that will fit every limb That Monopoly finds it a case of no go. I certainly wish you may get it of hin, [in] , Since Mosks [Moss] Son have appear'd in the field, E. Mosks [Moss] Son are the men for a fit, His doom, in a matter of trade, has been seal'd; And so (when you look at their dress) you'll admit And all who have rioticed [riot iced] his movements must know 1 They fashion their various articles so That' tis [is] now all U-P and a case of no go. That rivalry finds it 'a case of no go. Monopoly tries (as he always has done) Monopoly fain would elicit your aid. To equal the of Moses Son, And do a remarkably flourishing trade; But look at his garments It needs not a quiz But how can the gentleman ever suppose - To see how deficient Monopoly is; That people would pay a high price for such clothes, Compare them with Moss' and then you will know Moses Son charge a price that is low, That his struggles to please are a case of no go. And hence does he finds it 'a case of no go. OBSERVE E. MOSES AN D SON, TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS, 19, THORNTON BUILDINGS, BRIDGE -STREET, BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE. Branch of their London Establishment, 154, 155, 156, 157, and 88, 84, 85, and 86, opposite the Church, Corner of C Minories ae 5 City, London, all communicating and forming one vast Establishment. AUTION.-E, [AUCTION.-E] ES SON, regret having to rd the Public against imposition; having learned that the untradesman-like [tradesmen-like] falsehood ot being connected with het, [get] or It's all the same been to in many instances, and for obvious reasons. They have no connection with any other House in or out of London, except their Branch ablishments, [establishment] 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield; and 19, Thornton's Buildings, Bradford, Yorkshire; and those who desi [dis] (genuine and ie Clothing, &c., should call at, or send to, either of their Branches, or to the Minories and ; London. TakE [Take] Establishment is Closed from sunset Friday till sunset Saturday, when business is resumed twelve o'clock. BARNES'. NOTES ON THE GOSPELS. 'omplete [complete] and Unabridged for Half-a-Crown. ENJAMIN [BENJAMIN] L. GREEN has great pleasure in t ing Ministers, Superintendents, and Teachers, throughout the Kingdom, for the successful reception with which his pro to issue a Cheap Edition of these invaluable Notes for Sunday-school Teachers have been met. In order to y with the wishes of numerous Corre- [Core- Correspondents] spondents, [respondents] he announces, that THE SUBSCRIPTION LISTS WILL BE RE-OPENED TILL TUESDAY, AUGUST AFTER WHICH DATE NO SUBSCREBERS' [SUBSCRIBERS] NAMES CAN BE 5 eens [seen] a PHEN [PEN] BE RAISED, . 3 The Commentary of ALBERT BARNES is universally ool [oil] Teachers. who have not been able to procure it. To meet unabridged, carefully and handsomely printed, will be IN FIVE SIXPENNY PARTS; Each Part containing from 160 to 190 pages, crown 8vo. [vi] No expense will be spared to make an elegant as well as a cheap Book, The humblest Sunday-school Teacher will thus be enabled to possess this inestimable work; and that on the easiest terms; for many who might be scarcely able to spare Half-a-Crown or Three Shillings at a time for a Volume, would be glad to set by a monthly Sixpence for such a boon. . TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. I. FOR THE PARTS.-Payment for Part I. to be made at ONCE to the party who receives names in each school or co tion [ion] for Part II., immediately the subscriber receives Part I., and so on to the completion of the work, II. FOR THE VOLUME.-Ha the amount to be paid at ONCE, and the other half on December 6th. The number of Copies required in each School must be sent on or before August 6th, accompanied by a Post Office Order, payable at the General Post Office, to BENJAMIN L. GREEN, taking care distinctly to state the mode of con- [conveyance] veyance [conveyance] by which the Copies are to be sent. . It is suggested that, wherever practicable, an arrangement be made with some Draper or other Tradesman who is fre- [re- frequently] quently [frequently] receiving parcels from London, for having the copies enclosed. . The work is now in the Press; Part I. will be issued on September 1, and the succeeding Parts on the Ist [Its] of each sub- [subsequent] sequent month, till completed.-The Volume will be ready in December, strongly bound in cloth, price THREE SHILLINGS to Subscribers ONLY. The Principal features of this Edition are,- [are] I.-And pre-eminently its unequalled CHEAPNESS. II.-Its CORRECTNESS; for . 1,.-Every reference is verified which has been found Laces oF previous Editions being incorrect. - 2.-The whole of the Notes have been carefully revised by the Rev. Samuel Green, Author of the Biblical and Theological Dictionary. . . III.-Each Gospel is preceded by a brief INTRODUCTION, givirg [giving] an account of its peculiar characteristics, IV.-The PuNcrvuaTION [Privation] of the Text has been revised throughout, and the PARAGRAPHS marked. V.-The ConTENTs [Contents] OF Each are given at its commencement. These are omitted in every other Edition. VI.-HeEab1ncs, [VI.-Banks] DESCRIPTIVE and ToPpoGRAPHICAL, [Topographical] are printed over the text. VIl.-Nearly [Vi.-Nearly] ONE THOUSAND REFERENCES ARE ADDED for the purpose, not of setting forth verbal coincidences, but o illustrating the general scope of the passage. VIII.-Monky [VIII.-Money] is reduced to English value. IX.-A TaBULAR [Table] HARMONY OF THE GOSPELS is introduced. TWO SUGGESTIONS. . I.-An early opportunity should be taken of laying the proposal before the Teachers, so as to obtain at once the name hi Subscriber. OMe [One] An active and. energetic young man, one of we Teaphers, [Teachers] perhaps, who knows and values 'Barnes' Notes, ted to obtain Subscribers from the members of the Church. nn. ENCOURAGE SUCH EFFORTS, A PRESENTATION COPY, COMPLETF, [COMPLETE] AND HANDSOMELY BOUND CLOTH, will be forwarded to any Individual who ORDERS TWENTY-FIVE COPIES. SENIOR SCHOLARS AND BIBLE CLASSES. Te Publisher is very glad to notice, that in many of the Schools from which he has received a return, a large number of fhe [he] Copies are ordered by Senior Scholars in Bible Classes, i BENJAMIN L, GREEN, 62, Paternoster-row, London. acknowledged as the most useful for Sunday the wants of this large class, The Notes on the Four GosPELs, [Gospel] issued Monthly, TO SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, HATS HATS HATS BAYLDON'S FASHIONABLE HAT WAREHOUSE, . B. returns his thanks to his friends and the public for the decided preference given to his Hats, over all others, and begs leave to inform the Public, that he has just receiv [receive] a new assortment of Infants', ', and Gentl [Gentle] 's HATS, of every description, of the Newest Shapes. . a B wishes to make it known to his friends, that his Fancy Hats, in Black and Drab, is of the Newest Styles, and at such Prices as never offered to the Public. LIST OF PRICES te in Sha [Shaw] splendid i -mad. 4s. 6d to 5s. 6d. at 6s. and 7s. 6d. beautiful Velvet, Fashionable in Shape, and splendid in Cte, [Ce] made Som [Some] well, 'at 8s. 6d., and 10s. A well assortment of French and Satin Velvet Naps, in every Style and strength, at 12s. the richest, First-class Hats that can be made, complete with every variety of style, and all i rfect [perfect] in ventilation, having no superior in qualiiy [quality] at any price. tithe above List of Prices will be found such as haa [has] neve [never] before been offered, and places all Competition at an immense distance. TUESDAYS ONLY, FROM 11 UNTIL 5 O'CLOCK, No, 8, KIRKGATE, HUDDERSFIELD, R. L. E. FRANKS, Spectacle Maker, Lecturer on the Eye, &c., feels pleasure in stating that he has M engaged Apartments at Mescrs. [Messrs] AssorT [Assert] Co.'s, TOBACCONISTS, NEAR THE OLD CHURCH, OPPOSITE THE Pack INN, HUDDERSFIELD, where he will attend professionally on TUESDAYS ONLY, with a selection of his vm SPECTACLES AND EYE-GLASSES. . F. adj Spectacles to defective Sight, on principles acquired in an extensive practice, so as to give the greatest assistance scientific means can accomplish, in preserving Eyesight to the latest period of life; and as a proof of ability, Mr. F. respectfully requests attention to the following copy of Testimonial from the Faculty of Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield [Huddersfield] and neighbourhood - Mr. Franks, the Optician, having delivered Public Lectures in this town on the Anatomy and Physiology of 'he Hunan Eye, combined with the abuse of Spectacles, we, the undersigned Surgeons, are of opinion that he has devoted much time and attention to study the subject, therefore have much pleasure in recommending Mr. Franks as an Optician to those who may require the assistance of Spectacles. Cameron M.D....... John Dyson...........- [Dyson] Surgeon J, T. Bradshaw ......... Surgeon...... Huddersfield. J. BE. Fosbrooke...... [Brooke] Surgeon ' [C] Wm. Greenwood ....... Surgeon...... Huddersfield. John Machill..........Surgeon [Marshall..........Surgeon] G. Robinson Sons....Surgeons..... Huddersfield. Charles Sykes Surgeon, ' Samuel Booth ............ Surgeon...... Huddersfield. 6 J, Roberts Surgeon 66 J. Surgeon...... [Huddersfield. J, Roberts Surgeon.. ' Jonas Hellawell ......... 5 M...... Huddersfield. John Roberts ......... Surgeon 6 J, MD. sevens Mold Green Edward Trotter ......Surgeon 6 J. Surgeon...... Almondbury. SO Martin Surgeon Goodall..............- [Goodall] eon...... [on] kwood. [wood] Benjamin Beeley.....Surgeon ' Richard Allatt...........- [Allatt] Surgeon...... Paddock. les [le] Trotter......- [Trotter] Surgeon '6 Edward Lees.......... .-. Surgeon...... Honley. 'T, H. Martin ......... Surgeon i itting [sitting] their S les [le] tc Mr. Franks' examination, will meet candid opinion and he will not a tne [te] proving their superiority. Any article purchased and not approved will be exchanged. N.B.-NO HAWKERS EMPLOYED. Gr OBSERVE-ABBOIT [OBSERVE-ABOUT] CO,'S TEMPERANCE HOTEL, KIREGATE, [KIRKGATE] ON TUESDAYS ONLY, SALES BY MR. THORNTON. r. WENTWORTH PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD. THORNTON respectfully informs the In- [Inhabitants] habitants of Huddersfield and its neighbourhood, that he has received instructions from Mons. V. L. Chemery, [Cherry] (who is leaving the town in consequence of having been aes [as] to Marlborough College), to SELL by AUCTION, on MonDay [Monday] next, the 5th day of Auaust, [August] 1850, Al the Bed-room, Dining-room, and Drawing-room F ITURE, [TRUE] Kitchen Requisites, Piano Forte, and a 8 LIBRARY of BOOKS. e to commence at Eleven o'clock the Cottage Piano orte [ore] to be sold at Three o'Clock. GREAT SALE OF FURNITURE, AT THE PHILOSOPHICAL HALL, HUDDERSFIELD. TS be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. THORN- [THORNTON] TON, on THURSDAY and FRIDAY next, the 8th and 9th days of August, the following New and very Valn- [Van- Valuable] able HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIANO-FORTES, CHIMNEY-GLASSES, BRUSSELS, KIDDERMIN [Kidder min] STER, [STEER] anil [ail] other ee end BARTS RUGS - omprismg-Splendid [imprison-Splendid] four-post Mahogan [Mahogany] Bedsteads, bot, eo and ess [es] nine Chests oe gany [any] wers, [were] ash-stan [ash-san and ing- [establishing] tables with Marble Tops, nineteen Dreasing-glasses [Dressing-glasses] tn French-polished Mahogany Frames, twelve bf in rich Gilt and other Frames, ten Loo Tables, in Wallnut, [Walnut] Leader and a) Rosewood, and Mahogany; one splendid Marqnctoor [Manufactory] Table THE CHORUS WILL CONSIST OF NEABLYOME [NOBLE] HUNDRED PERFORMERS inlaid with Fancy Wood ining, [dining] Easy, and Gondola MR. PARRATT WILL CRE [RE] noes geen [green] with Baten [Bate] ring. Seate, [State, and. Maho- [Mao- Matt] A dmission-Re [mission-Re] ube, [be] 7a. Se Body of Church (east end), 38. ditto (west end), 28 two splendid Maho [Mao ; 5 of Words; 44. sath, [sat] bo Beret Naty [Nary] Sa Marker. 8. 5 ditt [ditto] ate, Frames, two splendid Mahogany Sideboards, richl [rich] Hudde [Hyde] wn the National School, Goloar [Golcar] an the Coumittes. [Committees] place, and of Mr. Brook, Stationer, Westgate, Carved two very handsome Rosewood Cheffioneers [Refiners] wi Plate-glass Backs, six sets of Mahogany Chairs, Hall Chairs, several Dining Chairs, of various sizes handsome Mahogany Rocking Chairs, Mahogany Secretarie [Secretary] Cup- [Cupboard] board and Bookease [Books] with Plate-glass Doors; 888 yards of Carpet, eighteen splendid Hearth Rugs, 192 yards of Oil Cloth, and three large pieces of ditto; one Cabinet Piano- [Pianoforte] forte in Rosewood Case, one Cottage Piano-forte in Maho- [Mao- Mahogany] gany [any] Boe [Be] oe Square Piano-forte, one Old ditto; six usi Stools. [us Stools] e to commence each day at Eleven o'clock in the Fore- [Fore descriptive] Descriptive particulars may be had by Enclosing Stamps to the Auctioneer, 32, New street. SCRIBBLING MACHINERY. T BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr. THORNTON, on Monpay, [Monday] the 12th day of August, 1850, on the Premises, at ROWLEY MILL, in LEPTON, near HUDDERSFIELD (late in the occupation of Mr. John Shaw), The following MACHINERY, comprising Five Carders, Four Billys, [Bills] Four Scribblers, Straps, Xe. to commence at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon. an s qn above machinery is in Good Working Condition, ill be sold in consequence of the change in the owner- [owner of] of the mill. Auctioneer's Office, 32, New-street. Railway Materials, Earth Wagons, Stone Trucks, Carts, Goliaths, [Goldsmiths] Travelling Cranes, Crabs, Blacksmiths' Tools, a very large quantity of Steel, Iron Rails, Six Tons of Chair Pins, Planks, Timber, well seasoned Cart Wood, Sera Tron Chains, Ropes, Horse Gears, Wood-Engine Shed, c. &e. O be SOLD by AUCTION by Mr. THORN- [THORNTON] TON, on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FrRrpay, [Ferry] the 14th, [the] A5th, [5th] and 16th daysof [days] Aucust, [August] 1850, on the premises of Mir. Wuitiiam [William] Railway Contractor of MILNs [Miles] B E, and COWLERSLEY, near Huddersfield. Sale to commence at Ten o'Clock. SALES BY MR. LANCASTER. ------ VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, AT SPRING WOOD, HUDDERSFIELD. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the House of Mr. Spurr, the ALBION Hote, [Hotel] in HUDDERSFIFLD, [HUDDERSFIELD] in the county of York, on MowDay, [Monday] the 5th of August, 1850, at Six o'clock in the Evening, (in the following or such other Lots as shall be upon at the time of Sale, and subject to such con- [conditions] ditions [editions] as will be then produced) - Lot 1.-All that MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or LWELLING-HOUSE, [DWELLING-HOUSE] with the Outbuildings to the same belonging, and Garden in front thereof, situate and being at Spring Wood, in Huddersfield aforesaid, containing, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] with the site of the Buildings, 346 superficial square yards or thereabouts (more or less), and now unoccupied. Lot 2.-All that COTTAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, now occupied as Two Dwellings, with the Garden and other Conveniences to the same belonging, adjoining Lot 1 on the South, containing, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] with the site of the Buildings, and one-half of the road in front thereof, 314 superticial [special] square yards or thereabouts, and now in the occupatiod [occupation] of Thomas Cowgill and Edwin Hall. Lot 3.-All those TWO MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or DWELLING- [Dwelling houses] HOUSES, with the Garden in front thereof, an ings and other Conyeriene- [Conquering- tha [that] ga hai [hair] sy fin B and Ota said road, 666 superticial [special] square or thereabo [thereby] of which said Dwelling-houses is now in the occupation of Mr. John Frazer, Civil Engineer, and the other at present unoccupied. . The above Property offers advantages tor the small Capi- [Cap- Capitalist] talist [list] rarely to be met with, being Freehold of Inheritance, within a few minutes walk of the town of Huddersfield, leasantly [pleasant] situated on the brow of the hill, to the south of ring Wood, and well roaded [road] from the Huddersfield and anchester [Manchester] Turnpike Road, as well as by the foot-path through Spring Wood. Lots 1 and 3 present desirable residences for respectable families, being commodious, and the interiors well finished. Further particulars may be obtained, and plans of the estate seen, on application to Mr. Lancaster, the Auc- [Au- Auctioneer] tioneer [pioneer] Mr. JOSEPH Hatt, [That] Land Surveyor, Milnsbridge, (and at his Offices, King-street, Huddersfield); or, at the Offices Mr. C. 8S. FLOYD, Solicitor, Huddersfield and Holmfirth. uddersfield, [Huddersfield] 22nd July, 1850. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES, SITUATE IN HIPPERHOLME-CUM-BRIGHOUSE, [HIPPODROME-CM-BRIGHOUSE] MIRFIELD, BRIGHOUSE, AND SKIRCOAT, [SCOTT] In the County of York, embracing the Slead [Lead] House Estate, Slead [Lead] Syke Mill, and Village of Slead [Lead] Syke, in Hipper- [Hippodrome] holme-cum-Brighouse, [home-cum-Brighouse, -cum-Brighouse] Dwelling-Houses and Closes of Land in Mirfield, Dwelling-Houses in the Town of Brighouse, Cottages at Salterhebble, [saleable] in Skircoat, [Scott] near Halifax. O be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER (by order of the Trustees of the will of the late John Holland, Esq., deceased), at the RoyaL [Royal] Horet, [Horst] in BRIGHOUSE, on FRIDAY, the 16th day of August next, at Two in the afternoon, in Lots, and subject to conditions, The capital MANSION, called Slead [Lead] House, late the residence of the said John Holland, deceased, replete with fixtures, in excellent repair and condition, and ready for immediate occupation, with the Vinery, [Very] Conservatory, Gardens, Pleasure Grounds, Plantations, Coach-house, Stables, Barn, Mistal, [Mistral] and all other requisite Conveniences attached, and upwards of Forty Acres of valuable and productive MEADOW PASTURE and ARABLE LAND adjoining, proposed to be divided into Lots to suit pur- [our- purchasers] chasers. Also, the substantial and extensive stone-built MILL, called Slead [Lead] Syke Mills, with the large and commodious WAREHOUSES, Five DWELLING -HOUSES, GAS- [GASWORKS] WORKS, and other Buildings, Steam Engine, Shafting, Steam and Gas Pipes, and other Fixtures, Reservoir, and all other requisite Conveniences and Appurtenances ad- [adjoining] joining and belonging to the said Mill. . Also, the VIL [VI] 'con of Be Cote conventions Lots), comprisi [comprise] ighteen [eighteen] excellent Cottages, ops, productive Orchard, and Smiths' Shop, adjoining the Brighouse and Denholme-gate Turnpike-road. . The above Property is situate in the Township of Hip- [Problem] rholme-cum-Brighouse, [Rome-cum-Brighouse, -cum-Brighouse] central between the towns of alifax, [Halifax] Bradford, and Huddersfield, about One Mile from the Brighouse Station, on the main line of the Lan- [An- Lancashire] cashire [Lancashire] and Yorkshire Railway, and the same distance from the Lightcliffe Station of the West Riding Union Railway. The Premises are plentifully supplied with water, well- [welded] roaded, [road] contain a valuable bed of stone, now in the course of being worked, and present most desirable investments. IN MIRFIELD. All that capital MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] situate at Lee Green, in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Hallas, with the Garden, Barn, Stable, and other belonging, and about Four Acres of excellent LAND. Also, Eight COTTAGES, in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Hallas and others. IN BRIGHOUSE. All those Three capital and substantial MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or DWELLIN [DWELLING] G-HOUSES, situate in the best and most important part of the Town of Brighouse, being imme- [Mme- immediately] diately [lately] fronting the George Hotel, and the Turnpike-roads from Elland to Wakefield, and from Huddersfield to Brad- [Bradford] ford, and comprising an area of 372 superficial square yards, and now in the occupation of Mr. Newstead and others. AT SALTERHEBBLE, [saleable] IN SKIRCOAT. [SCOTT] Nineteen COTTAGES (in suitable Lots), now producing 'a rental of upwards of 50 per annum, and in the occupa- [occupy- occupation] tion [ion] of William Fletcher and others. Plans and particulars may be had at the White Swan Inn, in Halifax, the Sun and George Inns, in Bradford, the George Inn, in Huddersfield, the Royal Hotel, in Brig- [Brighouse] house and further information obtained upon application to Mf. Samuel Washington, of Lightcliffe, Agent or at fhe [he] Offices of RUDD and KENNY, Solicitors in Halifax. Halifax, 8th July, 1850. HATS AT EXTRAO [EXTRA] ounces weight, that has been selli [sell] the Black and Drab Paramatta, [Pratt] at 5s. its one e above List of Prices will be found such as never have been offered to a British Public, BOYS' AND MEN'S CAPS AT REDUCED PRICES, Price 44d. -- SALES BY MR. BRADLEY. TO BUILDERS, GLAZIERS, &e. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. BR AD- [RADLEY] LEY, on WEDNESDAY, the 7th tay [ta] of August, 1850, in the Square adjoining the WHITE T InN, [In] Top of Cloth Hall-street, Huddersfield. The following EFFECTS, viz. Two Large SHOP WIN. DOWS, [DOES] each 9ft. [ft] by 6ft. [ft] 3in., [in] the Squares 25in. [in] by 173i [i] with projecting sides and Shutters complete; One WINDOW, 6ft. [ft] 103in. [in] by 4ft. [ft] 10 in., Squares 18 in. by 13in.; [in] One Pair G DOORS, 3ft. [ft] lin. [in] wide, 9ft. [ft] deep Large Malt Mill for power; small Counter, with drawers and Cupboard small one good double Desk and two Buffets, nearly new; large Warehouse Scales and Beam, par root Steps, 10ft. [ft] long; one good Crane, three Crane eads. [ads] Also, the following HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE (the property of an Insolvent Debtor), six and two armed ogany [organ] Chairs, curled hair and hair bottoms; Mahogany Study Table, with four drawers, and Oil-cloth Cover; Ma- [Mahogany] pogany [mahogany] Bookcase and Drawers, Mahogany Dining Table, ditto, Chest Painted Drawers, Painted Dressing Table and Washstand, six Cane-bottom Uhairs, [Chairs] Rocking Chair, Oak Cupboard and Drawers, Room Carpet, six yards by five 3 Drugget. , Two Pair LOOMS, and other Effects. le to commence at One o'clock. Auctioneer's Office, 18, Cross Church-street, Huddersfield. TO FANCY MANU is, MERCHANTS, AND MOLD GREEN, NEAR HUDDERSFIELD. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WALTER BRADLEY, on the Premises of Mr. James Batho, Manufacturer, MOLD-GREEN, aforesaid, (by Order of the Trustees under a Deed of Assignment,) on THURS- [THURSDAY] DAY NEXT, the 8th day of August, (and following day if necessary, ) The following Ends of FANCY GOODS, PATTERN LOOMS, JACQUARD MACHINES, Reeding-on and putting Mochines, [Machines] for ditto x Silk, Woollen, Cotton, and un Si arn, [an] Counting-house Fittin [Fitton] Packing-press, and other Effects viz.,- [viz] SP In the Taking-in Room-One Measuring Table, Desk with three Drawers, Screw Packing-press, with Clogs, &e.; large Scales and Beam, sundry Iron Weights, Wood Steps, Perch, Wood Shutters, Partition and Door, quantity of Shelving, large quantity of Bobbins; Woollen, Worsted, Spun Silk, and Cotton Yarn; lot of Waste, Skeps, [Steps] &e. In Pattern-Designins [Pattern-Designs] Room-One Repeater CUTTING MACHINE, with Plates for 200 and 400 acquards [jacquards] Warp- [Warping] ing Mill and two Creels, Burling [Burning] Table, Desk and Buffet, two small Ruffets, [Buffets] Witch Pegging Frame, quantity of Jac- [Jack- Jacquard] quard [guard] Cards, German Clock, &c. In Weaving Shop-PATTERN LOOM, with six-box Lathe; three ditto, with four box Lathe; twelve Shuttles, Cutling [Curling] Table, twelve rounds of Treadle Gears, two Bob- [Bobbing] bing [being] Wheels and Swifts, one PERPETUAL MACHINE, Dubbing Board, Nelly Toy and Scray, [Stray] Lacing Frame and Stand for 200 and 400 Jacquards, one ditto for 400 Jac- [Jack- Cards] uards, [yards] Dressing Frame and Beam, Wood Partition and oor, [or] Stove and Piping, &e., &c. Also, Twenty-one sixty-shaft Witches, eighteen 120 ditto, and 300 Lags to each; fourteen 200 J ACQUARD [ACQUIRED] MACHINES, and thirteen Ends of FANCY GOODS, of recent Style and Pattern. Tn the Counting-house-Bookcase, Cupboard and Letter Rack, Mahogany Desk, with three Drawers; two Windsor Chairs, Measuring Table and Scray, [Stray] quantity of Shelving and Curtains, Partition and Glazed Door, Silk on Bobbins, quantity of Spun ditto, ream of Brown Paper, Lacing Band, Seales [Sales] and m, three Pattern Books, Writing Paper, Almanack [Almanac] and Frame, Letter Clip, Rulers, Steps, Buffets, . Fender and Fire Irons, and a variety of other Effects. Sale to commence at Ten o'clock a.m. uctioneer's [auctioneer's] Office, 13, Cross Church-street, Huddersfield. NEWSOME-CROSS, NEAR HUDDERSFIELD. TO FARMERS, CATTLE DEALERS, AND OTHERS. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WALTER BRADLEY, on WEDNESDay [Wednesday] and TuurRsDayY, [Tuesday] lth [th] and 15th August, 1850, on the Farm and Premises lately occupied by the late Mr. John Shaw, deceased, situate at NEwWsOME-CRoss, [Newsome-Cross] near HUDDERSFIELD aforesaid. All the Live and Dead FARMING STOCK and IMPLE- [SIMPLE- IMPLEMENTS] MENTS, [MEETS] GROWING CROPS, HOUSEHOLD FURNI- [FURNISH- FURNITURE] TURE, [TRUE] and other Effects, late the Property of the said John Shaw-comprising, Two Useful Draught Mares, one seven years old, the other aged, in good working condition; Two good Milch Cows, One broad-wheeled Cart, with hecks [Hicks] and shelving; Two narrow-wheeled Carts, with shelvings, [shillings] sets of and Trace Gears, One excellent Hackney Saddle, Two Pairs of Harrows, Plough, Hay Chopper, Cow Kits, and Wood Pails, Hay Rakes and Forks, Hay Knife, and sundry other Farming Implements. The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Consists of Cam ARG [ARE] and Flock J areca [area] eed [ed] SS SEES, ant Coun [Con] Chests of Mahogany Drawers, with Square and Circular Fronts; Painted and Oak Dressing Tables and Washstands, Chamber Ware, Swing Dressing Glasses, Stair and Room Carpets, Brass Stair Rods, Mahogany Dining Table, Round Mahogany Stand, six Mahogany Chairs, Eight Days Clock, in Mahogany Case; Night Chair, Painted Square Cupboard, Oak Secretary and Drawers, Iron and Brass-mounted Fenders and Fire Irons, six Elm Chairs, with Hair Seating, &ec. Windsor ditto; Rocking Chair, Square Kitchen Table, Round ditto, six Kitchin Chairs, two Arm ditto, Glass in Gilt Frame, Sun Blinds, Rollers, &c.; Green Venetian Blinds, Wine and Tumbler Glasses, Brass Bottle Jack, Copper and Iron Kettles, Tea Trays and waiters, sundry Tin and Iron Pans, Flat, Box, and Italian Trons; large and small Clothes Horse, Clothes Basket and Cord, Box Coffee Mill, Brewing Tubs, Beer Barrels, Churn, and other Dairy Utensils; Tin and Earthenware, and other useful Effects, too numerous to particularise. Also the Following GROWING CROPS, viz about 1 Acres of Oates, more or less, in a forward state; about 1120 yards of Potatoes, very promising; from six to seven Acres of After Grass; and a quantity of Hay, of this year's growth, in the Barn. N.B. The Cattle, Farmin [Farming] Implements, Growing Cro [Co] Hay, &e., will be Sold on Wednesday and the Household Furniture and other Effects, on Thursday. Sale to commence each Day at Half-past Ten a.m. Auctioneer's Office, -Church-street, Huddersfield. HEADWALL GREEN, IN GOLCAR. DESIRABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WALTER BRADLEY, at the house of Mr. James Hall, the Rose and Crown Inn, Gotcar, [Golcar] on THURSDAY, 15th of August, 1850, at Seven o'clock in the evening (subject to each conditions of Sale as will be then produced), m [in] Two ots, [its] All those FREEHOLD MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or DWELLING- [Dwelling houses] HOUSES, with the Barn, Mistal, [Mistral] Outbuildings, and Appurtenances, along with Seven Acres of Good GRASS LAND, situate at Headwall Green, in Golcar aforesaid, in the County of York, and now or late in the tenure or occupation of Mr. William Dyson and Mrs. Edmund Dyson. Lot 1.-All that MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING-HOUSE two storeys high, now in the occupation of Mrs. Dyson, with the Barn, Mistal, [Mistral] and Outconveniences; [Out conveniences] also, two Fields of Excellent GRASS LAND, known by the names of Headwall Field (being part only of Headwall Field, ag divided and shown in the ian thereof), and containing by admeasurement [ad measurement] la. 2r. 38p.; [p] and the Middle Field con- [containing] taining [training] la. 2r. 25p. [p] Lot 2.-All that MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING-HOUSE, two storeys high, with Outkitchen [Out kitchen] and Conveniences, now in the occupation of Mr. William Dyson; also, Two FIELDS, known by the names of Headwall Field being part only of Headwall Field, as divided and shown in the pen thereof), containing la. 3r. 9p.; and the Upper Cote ield, [field] containing la. 3r.17p.; [3r.p] and one other small Plot, containing about 27 perches. The above Messuages [Messages] are Stone-built, with good Arch Cellars, and all in an excellent state of repair, well supplied with a never-failing spring of pure-water, and commanding some of the most extensive and picturesque views in the West Riding. The Land is in first-class condition, well fenced with good stone walls, and the Property altogether being situate in the centre of an improving and extensive Manufacturing District, car Station, on the London and North Western Railway, and only a few minutes ride to the Market Town of Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield, [Huddersfield] affords a safe and highly remunerative invest. ment. [men] Further particulars may be obtained, and a Plan of the Property inspected, on application to the AUCTIONEER; Mr. J QSEPH [JOSEPH] 5 Land Surveyor; or at the Offices of Mr. THOMAS ROBINSON, J Solicitor, Savings' Bank-buildings, Huddersfield. JOHN WINTER, LAND AGENT, ESTATE AUCTIONEER, AND GENERAL VALUER, VA SaLE [Sale] Rooms, Spring-street, Huddersfield. RESIDENCE, South-street. RDINARY [ORDINARY] PRICES, aT G. BAYLDON'S, 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. a REAT [REST] REDUCTION IN SUMMER HATS.-The Ze hyr [her] Hat, from three-and-a- at 9s. is reduced to 8s.; and . are reduced to 4s. 6d.; Black an Fm Boys Satin Velvet Hats, at 4s. 6d., are reduced to 3s, 9d. 2 ht Zephyr, at 12s. is Drab Shell Hats, at 5s, 33 - Ete [Tee] OUHD [OD] oo nt abe [be] within a short distance of the Gol- [Gold- Gold]