Huddersfield Chronicle (01/Nov/1884) - Local News: Presentation to Mr C.P. Hobkirk

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


Presentation to Mr C.P. Hobkirk.

On Saturday evening a meeting was held in one of the drawing-rooms in the George Hotel for the purpose of presenting to Mr. Hobkirk — late of Huddersfield, and who has gone to reside in Dewsbury — with a very handsome silver tea and coffee service, and an address. The latter, which was beautifully illuminated and in book form, was signed by the presidents of the Huddersfield Literary and Scientific Society, the Naturalists' Society, and the Paxton Society. The chair was occupied by Mr. G.W. Rhodes, and there was a fairly good attendance. Mr. E.F. Brook read letters of apology for non-attendance from Mr. S. Learoyd, Mr. Zossenheim. and Mr. J.F. Johnson. The chairman, in his opening remarks, referred to the efforts pus forth by Mr. Hobkirk some 30 years ago in order to establish the Huddersfield Literary and Scientific Association on a firm basis. He also dwelt on the manner in which be had worked for it ever since, and on his efforts on behalf of the Naturalists' and Paxton Societies. Mr. James Drake spoke to much the same terms, referring especially to the good Mr. Hobkirk had done in publishing his history of Huddersfield. He expressed his regret that Mr. Hobkirk had left the town. Addresses were also delivered by Professor Harley, Mr. G. Brook, Mr. Johnson, Mr. E.F. Brook, Mr. G.P. Porrett, and Mr. E.A. Beaumont, after which the presentation was made by the chairman. Mr. Hobkirk having thanked those present, a vote of thanks was accorded to the chairman and the proceedings closed.