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ASSOCIATION uf [of] fib R XC THE BREEDS OF PIGS WIN Sp POULTRY. oth [oh] June, 1849. il patty, Bsa, [Ba] Fenay Hall, 1 ac xsFIELD, [field] Esq... 4 - g. CSAS [CASES] Bag... Kirklees Hall. ry, Esq... Thorpe Villa. Exg.. [Ex] Huddersfield. scTeLis [scales] Esd-s End-s] Greenhead. Tee, Toothill. ee Esq., [C] osiand [and] Lodge cruel. 3nvOK, [Nov] Esg-, [Es] Metham Hall. Esq.. Woodhouse. gaaliishe [garnishee] ace, bsq. [bs. Hagerton [Horton] Hill. , Ee Rose Hill. ll ieee H aa ela [el] Wienby, [Winy] George Hotel, Huddersfield. fee F TURNER, Huddersfield. we FREDIAS [FRIDAYS] . Ne . BEAUMONT, Jun., Clare Hiil. [Hill] Mir Jes [Jess] Wat, [At] BROOK, Greenhead. ie Brook. Birkby. . PH Brovk, [Brook] Belgrave T errace. [terrace] TuoNas [Tons] BROYK, [BROOK] Colne Villa. a Tuy [Ty] CLAY. Sheepridze. [Sheepridge] Mrs p, CRusLAND. [Crosland] Crosland Moor. a P. CRUEL yes ME voy [oy] Thorp House. Me oes [ors] EasTivuoD, [Eastwood] Meltham., vy. Fi Fae Far] ye, dusk ae Fi uv. Sands. afr [far] Longley Hall. Tunbridve. [Turnbridge] oe Lust. Foundry. End Mn ee Jun., Lane Ends. we Tyusias [Enthusiast] LEADLEATTFR. [LEADBEATTER] Mirfield, 7 x M Thickholiins. [Collins] a Joey MOREHOUSE, Morezroft. [Moreover] a sie [Sir] King's Mill. ae 7c, Bans, (Jouzh [Joseph] House. i. JeNTLEY [Bentley] SHAW, W vodticld [vertical] House. SYRI [SR] Milnsbridye. [Milnsbridge] Mfr. r AX NUAL [ANNUAL] SHOW Hh OR THE ABOVE sssOCIATION [association] vote ste CRICKET GROUND, on ard [ad] day of 1850, when the following 'ved [bed] fur competition -- POULTRY. Porte fet [get] 2 Gulden Pheasant Hens Cack [Jack] 10 do. do, 5 r Pheasant Hens Cock 19 be offer GS. pe 8 d. pide [side] Bat Baar [Bar] of any 886; Pures [Purse] 5 4 4 wed Best do. do. 119 O Bost [Best] fanyage, [Fanny] pure, largebreed [large breed] 3 de. 110 ofanvece. [offence] pure,small brecd [bread] 30 6 do. o 110 fanrege, [fang] pure, 3.0 [3] . do. de. 1 10 Boar of any age, of any other Beas [Bea] eh ON 8 Best do, do. 110 eee [see] est Sow of apy [pay] aye, of any other ah 38 a do. do. 110 not exceeding 14 months cee [see] ws ..2 dn. do. 1 suw, [saw] not excceding [exceeding] 14 months - wee .2 ost [out] de, dv. 1 OU fthree [three] Piss. of one litter, Wo. .. 1 do do. U10 [U] uee [use] Pics, of one litter, old a j 10 de. do. G19 [G] re Pi of any age 110 wt We .. 015 we Fie. Ue property or a Le- [Lee] ee OES [ORS] 20-0 [20] i Best de, do. 110 do, do. 1 O do, do. 015 O do, do, 010 do. do. 5 O a a Q Q G vu Q G x ee. do. 35 Pot the rat Hons and Cock ... 10 Sesond [Second] Best da. do. 5 art dest [des] 2 Dorkiez [Dorking] Hens and Ceck [Neck] ...... 10 Nv I 2 do. 5 B a Cock U1) Se a do. 5 Lh Spanish Hens atl [at] Cock ... 2. u 10 Re Jest da, do. 5 ih um Chine Hens and Cock 19 de, ao. 5 0B nish [ish] Hens and Cock we ee GIG 3 aon [on] 5 re wourch [Church] Liens .. 610 co, 5 U sand Cock oiyv [ivy] 6 est che, do 8 OY os 2 Has and Cock of any other cee [see] 910 6 de. do. 3S G aml [am] qt ae ge hs sand Cuck [Suck] of any other Peed ay tf of Lalour- [Labour- Labour] he a Best des, de. sto [to] Baton Dons wud [Wed] Cock one eee [see] Sead [Sea] Best PCCM [CM] Lest a co eat esc [es] eran [ran] ee de. do. Cock land 2 of any breed ang [an] 2 Palisa [Pails] . and 2 Palle [Pall] a. lst. [last] hee [her] of a Mew BED yaa [aa] g do, do. 7 6 du, do. 5 9G Puy [Put] St ao. do. 2 6 oy ES Chany [Chan] breed or eress [press] 2.0... 5 6 Be Gon [On] nnn [Inn] 02 6 vet teu [te] Glany [Gland] brecl [break] or eross [cross] ...... 5 O the Bel Best Go. 026 ome [one] Pest 2 Parker Hens and Cod... G10 [G] t de, we 5 O RCPS [REPS] a G19 [G] 6 F eee [see] Gt, bee 05 Ne, Geese aint [aunt] Gander. ow... G10 [G] Forthe [Forth] poet Best do, eee [see] 650 vg 010 forthe [forth] Bove [Above] 05 a eels wdivake [dike] 2 1. O10 [O] O MEOH [ME] Dost 1 OF the Bese [Bees] 5 Dudiines [Dines] 18 Second Bost [Best] wees 05 Stuck ae wg LOCK Re, ithin within] the description of any of the ue eet [et] 2 - S Connnendation [Connection] (where deserv- [deserve- deserves] Stock Posmay [Postman] al sos eck ec] of au description, must be made of the th of Acces [Acres Next and 1 Likes xy 82 Dar [Dr] of Si, an party Exhibiting Wo MONTHS oat the, '; bred by the Exhititor, [Exhibition] aoe [are] YS CUPrvent [Prevent] ves [bes] alt ved [bed] by the Tr 'cut year, which are now due, vow Secretary, or any of the Sheste [Chester] cut. WER [WE] the Sy Lye tat iii EB aa annexed, and Forms of Ey order to the Secretary. . ee the Comanittee. [Committee] . se RELDERIC [FREDERIC] SE hd 4 Mey [May] yr see J MY, a TURNER, Secretary. hand from 1 to 100 each. pattern at similar prices. SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 1850. ER. cet HOLMES BROTHERS, RAL [AL] AND FURNISHING IRONMONGERS, 21,NEW STREET i call Rs bey of Drawing, Dining, Breakfast; and. Bed . 3 and CHIMNEY PIECES, . KITCHEN RANGES and COOKING APPAR [APPEAR] cA on ATUS, [ATES] GAS CH 8 FE DI WITH BELL-PULLS AND FINGER-PLATES TO PENDANTS, bee ERS [ER] IN ORMOLU, VRE [RE] BLACK, WITH FIRE IRONS TO SUI T; PAPER MACHIE [MACHINE] AND JAPAN IRON THA [THAT] TRAYS. TABLE aw DISH COVERS AND DESSERT KNIVES AXD [AND] FORKS, OF THE WN London Tea Urns, Bronzed, Brass, and Copper Kettl [Kettle] NEWEST SHAPE 8, & a. gk A es, Metal Tea and C icks, [Hicks] T i Shower, Sponging, Hip, and Sapper Baths, at such Oe rina [rain] th Candlesticks, Tilette [Toilet] Furniture, Se 8 te DAY'S PATENT WINDGUARD. [Wind guard] Bo sicoas [oasis] to School, Bed Hose Koehn [John] aN elation has bosn [bose] applied wih [with] ; ols, [old] N ms, Kitchens, iG. SOLE AGENTS FOR SYLVESTER S PATENT RADIATING GhOVE [Give] - which may now be scen [scene] in use at their Show-rooms, , BELL-HANGING AND GAS FITTING, SMITH WORK, IRON AND TIN PLATE WQRKERS, [WORKERS] ee 4 ILE MARBLE AND STONE CHIMNEY PIECES, MONUMENTS, TOMBS, BATH BE SCS [SECS] Fe ee golicit [solicit] ast [at] of their extensive STOCK of CHIMNEY PIECES, in . e st. Foreign an iti [it] i ign [in] and. 4 manship [man ship] cannot be surpassed, Being the only ion of dete [dee] ee of the aad [and] being. all the machinery, they are enabled to offer their stock at very low prices. Maxbdle [Maxwell] Chimney Pieces. Marble Baths, Monuments, Tombs, Washstands, Table Tov', &c., made to any SHOW ROUMS [ROOMS] AND WORKS, STANLEY-STREET, NEAR THE NEW BAILEY, SALFORD, M4BCHESTER. [MANCHESTER] . ESTABLISHED 1772. M ot 49 4 ' S HOLDSWORTH SONS GENERAL FURNISHING WAREHOUSES . NEW WELLS, WAKEFIELD. d he Aids batting iy CARRIAGE FREE. - ishment [nourishment] parties furnishing have th uni advantage not offered to the saine [sane] extent be any other House ott [ot] of bene [been] every article of Flows F oe The Stock comprises- [comprisesABINET] ABINET [CABINET] FURNITURE aND [and] UPHOLSTERY, 7s AND Hr 5. MATTREsses, [Mattresses] AND BLANKETS, AND JR ART Rog [Roe] MaNTLE, [Mantle] TUILETTE, [TOILET] &c., GLASSEs. [Glasses] DaMAsks [Damasks] AN Mo ; PassaGE [Passage] CLOrHs, [Cloths] MatTINcs. [Mattings] ND MOREENS. [MOREEN] old Furniture, an The Show Rooms are replete with ev ib i i Ao. ery [very] possible variety in each respective department, 'suitél [suit] to the tastes and circumstances of all purchasers, and no e3 se is a ' for supplying Goods of sound materi [matter] 7 and workmenship [workmanship] by the Proprictors [Proprietors] to maintain their long #stablished [established] character ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PURCHASED, i i J WATCHES A N D JEW ELLER [SELLER] Y, 16, MARKET PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD. RICHARDSON begs to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that his St LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S GOLD AND SILVER PATENT LEVER AND HORIZONTAL WAT [WAR] of first-rate quality and workmanship which, from his practical knowledge, he 8s. d. Gentlemen's Gold Levers 10 10 Ladies' Gold Levers from Ditto Silver do. 310 0 Ditto do. Horizontal ............... 4 64 Vv. R. takes this opportunity of informing the Public, that first-rate workmen, such as he eg ploys, never found any difficulty in repairing Foreign Watches satisfactorily AND TO DENY WHICH (AS A CERTAD [CERTAIN] PARTY HAS DONE) IS AN INSULT AND LIBEL ON THE TRADE; BUT AS THERE ARE NO FRENCH WORKMEN EMPLOYED IN THIS TOWN, THE PUBLIC WILL NOT BE DELUDED BY SUCH FALSE REPRESENTATIONS. fr N.B.-JEWELLERY aad [and] PLATE REPAIRED, with despatch and care, by a WoRKING [Working] a KEPT ON k is replete with THE PREMISES. A large assortment of BRAHAM'S PATENT SPECTACLES always on hand. No AGENcyY [Agency] REQUIRED for this Artige, [Attic] as the patent is out long ago.- [ago] Fiat Justitia. [Justice] NO. 10, TOP OF KING STREET, HUDDERSFEELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] WHOLESALE AND RETAIL oe CARPET, RUG, DRUGGET, AND GENERAL DRAPERY W& TOUSE. W D. and 8. HENSHALL, in returning thanks to the Gentry, Clergy, and Thajii [Thai] e a itatite [statute] of Had- [Huddersfield] dersfield [Huddersfield] and its vicinity, for the many favours bestowed upon them since Opening the above Establismm.; [Established] ant, beg to inform them, that Mr. S. H. has just returned from London, Manchester, and other ses [se] where he has made extensive Purchases of Goods suitable tor the approaching Season, consisting of a large ment [men] of Plain and FANCY SILKS, SATINS, SATINETTES, [INTESTINES] ALPACAS, LUSTRES, BALZERINES, [BLESSINGS] PRIN [PRIM] FED MUSLINS, And a great variety of Novelties for Dresses. Long and Square SHAWLS, in Paisley, Barege, [Barge] &c., &c. Plain and Fancy Cravats, &e., &c., &e. ALSO, A WBLI. [BL] SELECTED STOCK OF 2 PRINTS, DE LAINES, [LINES] TABLE LINENS, Ris [Is] BARNSLEY SHEETING, TICKS, TAPERS, dc. W. D. H. wish particularly to draw attention to their STOCK OF TAPESTRY, Brussels', Kidderminster, 2-dths, [2-deaths] and 5-Sths [5-Ths] Stair Carpets, Rugs, Printed and Plaid Druggets, [Druggist] Ke., in great variety, being the largest and best selected Stocx [Stock] in the West Riding, and which they are now oflering [offering] at such Prices as cannot fail give cvery [very] satisfuc- [satisfied- satisfaction] tion [ion] tv Purchasers. a RUGS MADE TO ORDER ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. 3 FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED, AN D PNERY [NERY] ARTICLE OF FAMILY MOURNING ALWAYS ON HAND. Ss T E M T H TaN [Ta] H E s Y enabies [enables] E. Moses and Son Yo keep their depét [depot] on Undoubtedly nothing at all But 'the system they go on. E Y G Db Oo WN E. Moses and Son never fog That support will still figer [tiger] on; The firmest reliance they phice [price] In the system they go . The garments of Moses are good, Aud [And] stylish, and so on; Which recommendatious [recommendations] form part Of the system they go on. Choice, fashion, and canita cloth, [cant cloth] And cheapness, and so of Are snch [such] that they need n& to blush Por [Or] the system they gafon. [gallon] Yhe [The] public, with facts te these, we Monopoly strugules [struggle] in vain To keep his tilse [tile] show en; E. and Son are his match, Through the system they go on. Of system they OBSERVE E. MOSES AN Di OY, TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS, 19, THoxNTON's [Thornton's] BUILDINGS, BriIDGE-STREET, [Bridge-STREET] BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE. Branch of ineir [one] London Establisnmont [Establishment] 154, 155, 156, 157, and 83, 84, 85, and S6, opposite MINCRLES [MINERALS] and ALDGATE, City, Loxpon, [Loxton] all communicating and forminy [forming] one vast Esta lishment. [East enlistment] CauTion.-E. [Caution.-E] MOSES SON regret having to guard the Public against imposition, havng [having] learned that the untradesman [tradesmen] like falsehood of being connected with thein, [then] or 'It's all the same concern, has becom [become] resorted to in many insiances, [instances] and fur obvious reasons. They have no connection with aay [say] other House in or out of Bondon, [London] except their Branch Establishments, 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield and 19, Thornton's Buildings, Bradford, Yorkshire and those who desire genuine and Cheap Clothing, &c., should call at, or send to, either of their Branches, or. to the Minories and Aidgate, [Aldgate] City, London. Tak [Take NoticE.-This [Notice.-This] Establisament [Establishment] is Closed from sunset Friday, till sunset Saturday, whép [whip] business is resumed till twelve e'clock. 2 Their aid will bestow onf [of] E. Moses aud [and] Son, who arg [ag] proud e Church, corner of x 7 i TUESDAYS ONLY, FROM 11 UNTIL 5 O'CLOCK, No. 8, KIRKGATE, HUDDE [HYDE] VV R. FRANKS, Spectacle Maker, Leeturer [Lecturer] on the Eye, &c., feels pleasure in g we engaged Apartments at Messrs. ABBOTT Co.'s, TCBACCONLSTS, [TOBACCONISTS] Neal THE OLD CHURCH Horse Ixx, [Xx] HUbDERSFIELD, [Huddersfield] where he will attend professionally on TUESDAYS ONLY, well-known ; SPECTACLES AND EYE-GLASS Mr. F. adjusts Spectacles to defective Sight. on principles acquired in an extensive pracie, [price] so as to give the greatest avionitific [scientific] means can accomplish, in preserving Eyesight to the latest peifod [period] of life; and as a proof of ability, Mr. F. respectfully requests attention to the following copy of Testimonial. fromthe [from the] Faculty of Hud [HUD] dersfield [Huddersfield] and neighbourhood - ptng [ping] that he has OPPOSITE THE Pack h a selection of his Ss. Franks, the Optician, having delivered Public Lectures tithes town on. the Anatom [Anatomy] ak Physiotogy [Physiology] of the Human Eye, combined with the abuse of Spectacles, we, the undersigned Surgeons, arejof [Oregon] opinion that de has decoted [devoted] much time aad [and] attention to study the subject, therefore have mach pleasure recommending Mr. Franks a3 an Optician to those may r uive [five] the axsistance [assistance] of Spectacles. R. Cameron oo. M.D.......Hudderstield. [M.D.......Huddersfield] Jeb [Job] Dyson............ Surgeon...4.Honley. J.T. Bradshaw ......... Surgeon...... Huddersfield. J. E. Fosbrookce...... [Brooks] Surgeon... Milnes Bridge. Wm. Greenwood ....... Surgeon...... Huddersfield. John Machill.......... [Marshall] Surgeon... 4 -Lindley, G. Robinson Sons....Sargeons..... [Sons....Surgeons] Huddersfield. Charles vkes vies] ......... Surgeon...7,.Golear. [Surgeon...7,.Golcar] ' Samuel Booth ............ Surgeon...... Huddersfield. J. Roberts ............. Surgeon... .Golcar. . J. Surgeon... Huddersfield. oy Roboris [Roberts] Surgeon -of Slaithwaite. Jonas Hellawell ......... Huddersfield. John Roberts ......... Surgeon i J. Gardiner................M.D.......Mold Green. Edward Trotter ...... Surgeon.. 4 Newmill. ' J. Sarzeon......Almondbury [Surgeon......Almondbury] Murtitt [Marriott] W. Goodall ........... ..Surgeon......Lockwood. Benjamin Becley.....Surgeon.,-. -Holmfirth. [Buckley.....Surgeon.,-. -Holmfirth] Richard Allatt............Surgeon......Paddock. Charies [Charles] 'Trotter....... Surgeon....;.Holmtirth. [Surgeon....;.Holmfirth] i Edward Suryeon...... [Surgeon] Honley. T. H. Martin ......... Surgeon.. ...Holmfirth. arties [parties] submitting their Spectacles to Mr. Frauks' [Franks] examination, will meet with a candid op Bion and he will not ren [en] nen [ne] his own ithout [without] frst [first] proving their superiority. Any article purchased and not ap ed will be exchanged. N.B.-NO HAWKERS EMPLOYED. e- OBSERVE-ALBOTT [OBSERVE-ALBERT] TEMPERANCE HOTEL, KIRKGATE, ON rtespa [rte spa] YS ONLY. I ZV ly 13 in. af ui g .Prig A) i a. The. sd Clients HATS aro alc [al] for part of the country, and having all the asa Price 430. highly recommended by the Medical Profession. STOVE, GRATE, HATS HA DECIDEDLY E. bas pleasure in calling present attention 4 his J. , ROCKING HO F. AN satisfaction. His. cheap, and of first-rate quality. -- - WELL GREEN, IN SALFORD. ELIGIBLE COTTAGE, PROPERTY FOR UNRESERVED SALE. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. THORN- [THORNTON] TON, at the house of Mr. Henry Brown, the RED Lion Inn, Lockwoop, [Lockwood] in the parish of Almondbury, and county of York, on WEDNESDAY next, the 5th day of June, at Seven o'clock in the Evening, (subject to such conditions of sale as will be then and there produced,) All thase [these] Three Stone-built DWELLINGS (now oceupied [occupied] as Five), with the Garden Ground and Out-conveniences, situate at Well-green, in Salford; sow in the tenure or occupation of Enoch Dawson, Law Bedford, James Haigh, Widow Beaumont, and Widow Bottomley. The above Dwelling-houses are situate in the best part of Well-green, in moderate repair, and in the occupation of industrious tenants. There is a small annual payment to make to the Trustees of Sir J. W. Ramsden, Bart,, for Ground-Reats. [Ground-Tears] . Tne [Te] above being Property held as security by a Com- [Commercial] mercial [commercial] and Building Society, any party purchasing the same will-be-allowed, on paying up the aizgars [Cigars] due to the 'society, and the surplus purckase-mone [purchase-money af any), overand [Overend] above what is due to the society, to became a member, and pay off the balance according to the rules of the sociviy, [society] leavicy [leaving] the Property as security. ; The Fismises [Misses] may be viewod [viewed] by permission of the tenants in possession ond [and] further information had by applying to the AUCTIONEER or to . , Mr. ROBINSON, Solicitor, Savings' Beyk-buildings, [Bey-buildings] Huddersfield. HOLMBRIDGE, NEAR R. TINKIER [TINKER] respectfully announces, that he has received instructions to offer, for unreserved SALE by AUCTION, at the Waccon [Wagon] Horses yy, HOLMBRIDGE, on WEDNESDAY next, the 5th day of June, The following WAGGONS, CARTS, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY, &c., &e., namely -a capital deuble- [double- debilitated] shafted Waggon, with broad wheels, 6 inches on the tire, patent arms, side boards, and other requisite fittings; one light single-shafted Waggon, with whcels [wheels] 6 inches on the tire, patent arms, side boards, .; a two-horse Cart, with patent arms, and complete fittings; a broad-wheeled Cart, 6 inches on the tire, and iron arins, [rains] fitted with hecks [Hicks] for wool carrying, &c. set. of Shelvings, [Shillings] sundry Cart Hecks, [Hicks] &e. Tron Land Roller, 5 feet broad, 18 mches [aches] diamcter, [diameter] with frame-work for additional weight, &c.; Stone Roller, with single shafts. A very neat and compact WHITE- [WHITECHAPEL] CHAPEL or FAMILY CAR; two sets of brass-mounted Harness; sundry Bridles, Martingales, Bearing Reins, Side Straps, Collars, and Collar Linings; Gig Lamps, Whips, &e., &e, A very well constructed WINNOWING MACHINE, with four sets of Riddles. A strong three- [three knifed] knifed Turnip Cutter; two Ploughs; twa [tea] sets of double Ploughing Gears and Swingle-trees; Cobble Sticks and Chains; set of Secd [Seed] Harrows; pair of Ox Harrowsa; [Harris] Drag Harrows, with Stilts; strong three-horse Fallow Drag; barrows; one Chaff Barrow; Hand Cart, &c. of Horse GEARING, comprising-Cart Saddles, Strap- [Strapping] pings, Mobs, and Collars; sets of Chain Gearing, Eack [Sack] and Belly Bands, Shaft, Middle, and Fore Arms; Coupling Reins, Head Collars, Drag Strappings [Strapping] and Chains, &c., Kc. Two oil-cloth Cart Covers; one Grindstone two Ualf [Half] ; broad-staved Ladder; two Barn Doors; Cow Chains and Frambles; [Rambles] ten Hay Truss Bands and wood handles; and a variety of other useful articles. Sale Ao commence precisely at One o'clock in the Afternéon. [Afternoon] BRIGHOUSE AND ROYD. WOODS IN T be SOLD, by TICKET, at the Waite Sway Ixy, [Ivy] in MELTHAM, in the county of. York, on THURSDAY next, the 6th June, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, (subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced,) growing, and set out for sale, in the undcrmentioned [undermentioned] Woods, in the township of Meitham [Meltham] - BRIGHOUSE WOOD, IN MELTHAM. Loi [Lo] 1.-Seven numbered.'Trees of Sycamore, Larch, and Beech; 27 Larch Poles, 60 Beech Poles, &e., 13 Scotch Fix Poles, and 3 Birch Poles, with-the Cordwoed; [Corded] as the same are marked with a scrieve [scribe] iron. IN ROYD WOOD, IN MEEFHAM. [MARKHAM] Lot 2.-Eleven numbered Trees of Oak, Ash, Larch, Birch, and Scotch Fir; 40 Oak Poles, 87 Larch Poles, 22 Ash Poles, 45 Birch, ., and 6 Firs, together with the Bark and Cordwood ag the same are marked with a scrieve [scribe] iron, Lot 3.-One hundred numbered Trees of Oak, Ash, Larch, Fir, and Birch; 109 Oak Poles, 90 Ash Poles, 667 Larch Poles, 211 Fir Poles, 131 Birch, &c., together with tho Bark and Cordwood; as the same are marked with a scrieve [scribe] iron. Lot 4.-One hundred numbered Trees of Larch, Syca- [Sycamore- Sycamore] more, Beech, Fir and Birch; 20 Oak Poles, 590 Larch Poles, 102 birch, &c., 127 Beech, and 60 Firs, together with the Bark and.Cordwood as the same are also marked with a scrieve [scribe] iron. Mr, James Crosland, the tenant of the farm at Royd, will show the Lots and further particulars may be had of Mr. Jawes [James] Woop, [Wool] Timber Dealer, Taylor-hill, near Hud- [HUD- HUD] dersfeld; [Huddersfield] or on application to Messrs. FENTON and- [adjoins] JONES, Solicitors, Huddersield. [Huddersfield] narrow whecls [wheels] and wood axle; Cart, with 4 inch tire, f two Hay Sledges and fittings; portable square Fodder Box and Racks; one Manger and two Hecks; [Hicks] two Wheel- [Wheels] A variety The following Falls of valuable TIMBER TREES, POLES, BARK, and CORDWOOD, now standing and f- GILBERT'S NEWLY-INVENTED PATENT SLIPPER BATH (ey URE [RE] ASSES every other. From its peculiar construction, a much smaller quantity of water is ' required, thus greatly economizing both trouble and time.. In using this BATH, the position is exeecdingly [exceedingly] .comfortable, and the facility of getting in and out very great. Any one possessing the BATH, will find it an article of the greatest economy and lnxury [luxury] ever offered to the public. SOLD BY EBENEZER THORNTON, AND FENDER WAREHOUSE, No. 16. New-street, Huddersfield, TS HATS FASHIONABLE HAT DEPOT, No. 20, CROSS-CHURCH-STREET. THE HUDDERSFIELD MART J E. EAGLETON, Harter, [Carter] respectfully thanks the. gentry, and public at.large, for their hearty F .. response to his earlier announceme pts, [announce me its] and assures ithem [them] it will be hi and supply such Goods only as will yield complete satisfaction. continued endeavour to expose all fallacies, superb Stock of French HATS, most certainly unequalled Moth with wishes' ah shape and style. His Youth's may Gnd [And] adaptation to age and appearance. To prevent disappointment, be particular to observe the Address - EAGLETON, No. 20, Gross. Church-stregt, [Church-street] the Sign of the Large Golden Hat. HATTER, RSE [RE] BAZAAR, ri CROSS CHUROH-STREET, [CHURCH-STREET] HUDDERSFIELD, AND SPRING GARDENS, BUNTON. JEWELLER, TOY. MERCHANT, AND DEALER IN GENERAL FANCY GOODS, ESPECTFULLY [RESPECTFULLY] announces to the Inhabitants of Huddersfield and neighbourhood, that he has REMOVED his Establishment from 26 to.27, Cross CHURCH-STREET, which he has fitted up, from the three great markets of the world-Paris, London, and Birmingham-with SPLENDID STOCK OF SILVER AND SILVER-PLATED GOODS, Of a most costly character. His ASSORTMENT of GENERAL FANCY ARTICLES is first-rate, and for price ean- [cannot] not be equalicd. [equality] The PAPIER [PAPER] MACHIE [MACHINE] DEPARTMENT is superb, and at such prices as cannot fail to give generul [general] METAL AND CABINET Cannot be surpassed for Cheapness and Quality. Ladies and Gentlemen's DRESSING CASES, in Rosewood, Mahogany, Russia Duc, [Du] and Morocco. CASES, in Shell, Papier [Paper] Machié, [Machine] and Morocco. 'The STOCK of JEWELLERY is strongly recommended as being very FRENCH CHINA, and every and uniqne [Union] patterns, at remarkably low prices. MECHANICAL FIGURES, Musical Boxes and Time Pieces, Accor-. [Accord] dians, [Diana] and unbridge bridge] Goods of every imaginable class. Newly-invented TOYS in endless variety, and very cheap. Motro -SMALL [Motor -SMALL] PROFITS AND-QUICK RETURNS. the Address -ANZANI, ROCKING HORSE BAZAAR, 27, Cross Church-street. Ladies' CARD kind.of BOHEMIAN GLASS, in ancient, modern, MPORTANT [IMPORTANT] SALE by AUCTION, of rich and valuable HOUSEHOLD Grand PIANO-FQRTE, [PIANO-FORTE] CARRIAGES, &t., the property of a Gentleman removing to London. For Particulars see Posting Bills, which will be out in a 'few gdys. [gays] WALTER BRADLEY, Auctioneer. ce, 13, Cross Church-street, Huddersficld, [Huddersfield] May 28th, [the] 1850. SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WALTER RADLEY, on Monpay [Monday] next, June 3rd, 1856, on premises of Mr. John Kirkhouse [Workhouse] French, BELGRAVF- [GRAVEL- BELGRAVFSRRACE] SRRACE, [RACE] NEW NorTH-ROAD, [North-ROAD] HUDDERSFISLD, [HUDDERSFIELD] Aye neat and valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PIAD [PAID] FORTE, FEATHER BEDS, &c. F particulars, see Posting Bills. FREEHOLDS IN MELTHAM. OQ be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mi. JOHN & ot the Waits Swan Inn, in Mer- [Mr- Martha] THAM, [THAN] in the county of York, on WEDNESDAY, the 2ch [ch] day of June, 1850, at Six o'clock in the Evening, im [in] ane [an] or 42 ei or-Lots, as may be upon at the time cf 'sal6,- [sale,- sale] and sebject. [subject] to. such conditions as will be then and there produced,- [produced] All that valuable Seribbling [Scribbling] and Fulling MILL, situate in Meltham aforesaid, called Spink's Mires Mill, with the Steam-Engine, Engine-House, Boiler, Water-Wheel, Shafting and Going Gear, and the three pairs of Stue s [Ste s] and one Driver therein. Also, the valuable Water Privi- [Privy- Privileges] leges [Lees] belonging thereto, And also, all those Five DWELLING-HOUSES, aif [if] joining the same, in.the- [the occupations] occupations of Mr. Surgeon, George Creasy, [Crease] and others; together with the Barn, Stable, Mistal, [Mistral] and other Out-buildings and Con- [Conveniences] veniences [conveniences] thereunto belonging. And also, all that Close of LAND, on-which the said Mill stands, called the Upper Spink's Mires Close, with the Mill-Dam therein, containing, with the site of the said Mill, la. Lr. and occupied by Mr. Rawcliffe. The several Tenants will shew the Premises and further particulars may be had of the AUCTIONEER of Mr. JuNéx, [June] Surveyor, Birkhouso, [Workhouse] near Huddersfield; or on appiicatic [aquatic to Messrs. FENTON AND JONES, Solicitors, Huddersfield; or Mr. HIGHAM, [C] Sulicitor, [Solicitor] Brighouse. Huddersfield, 24th May, 1850. HURSDAY, [THURSDAY] 13th June, at the foKERS' [forks] 10, NortH [North] Joun-srReer, [John-Serer] OOL, [OIL] at Two THE FOLLOWING WOOL, viz. [viz] 1,000 bales and bags Entre [Enter] Rios and BuENOS [Burns] AYRES, of superior quality, and mostly fiee [fire] from burr ; 20. ,, GERMANISED GERMANS] ODESSA; 40. ,, Spanisy; [Spanish] 200. ,, East Ivpbia; [IPA] 500 ,, RUSSIAN; 200.,, OvrorTo; [Overt] Apply to ABRAM GARTSIDE Co., Wool Brokers. E NUISANCE REMOVED. VH VY Public are respectfully informed, that HNSON [ENSON] and CLIFFE's Patent SMOKE CON- [CONSUMING] SUNYNG [SUNG] APPARATUS has been found to accomplish the Combustion of Smoke, and effectually obviate the nuisance caused thereby, which has been the subject of so muth [mouth] complaint in our manufacturing towns. It also effects an important saving of fuel, without requiring an alteration ia the nwde [need] of applying the coal to the fire. - The Apparatus is in no respect complex, nor dees [seed] it require any Machinery and being very inexpensive in its first coustruction, [construction] and seldom requiring repair, it will be found worthy the attention of Mawofacturers, [Manufacturers] Dyers, Brewers, and other large consumers of Coal, who are desirous of conducting their business as free as possible from nuisance, and with strict attention to economy. Further information may be obtained at the Odice [Office] of Mr. HESP, Solicitor, Huddersfiehl.. [Huddersfield] DELAIDE [ADELAIDE] AND PORT PHILIP. . THE SIR EDMUND HEAD; Ee Tuomas [Thomas] Feran, [Fearn] Commander; 1020 Tons, now lying at Liverpool, will sail positively on the 10th June, and has a few Berths still disenzaged. [diseased] Rate of Passage in the Steerage 14. Apply to Mr. James M. Marruew, [Marrow] 9, Tower Chambers, Liverpool; or to E. G. LISTER, Huddersfield. NEWSPAPERS AT REDUCED CHARGES. HE and other Damy [Day] Papers, for- [forwarded] warded the same day as published at 21s. per Quarter, and the day after publication at 10s. 6d. per Quarter. The Tues, and other WEEKLY APERS, [APPEARS] sent by Monday's Post at 4s. per Quarter. Orders addressed to Mr. T'HamMas [T'Hams] TEBBUTT, [BUTTER] Newspaper Place, St. Luke's, London, will attention. WU EGYPTIAN DROPS. c A SPEEDY CURE for STONE and GRY [FRY] will be sent to any Person, by enclosing Te to THomas [Thomas] WILKINSON, Land More Gainsberergh, [Gainsborough] Lincolnshire, 'LOND [LAND] 100 ,, Lames', TURKEY, and other iitbp [OTB] a)