Huddersfield Chronicle (01/Feb/1868) - Holmfirth: Death of Mr. Joe Perkins

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Death of Mr. Joe Perkins.

We have again to record the death of another well-known musician, named Joe Perkins, of Cliffe, which took place on Monday last. He was interred on Thursday at the Holmfirth Church burial ground, and was followed to the grave by a great number of his musical friends, and the Rifle Corps Band, which played the "Dead March" on the route. He was a man who had his eccentricities, but he was generally respected. All who knew him were aware of his musical abilities. When a young man, he was considered one of the best tenor singers of the neighbourhood. He was the leader and conductor of the great choral society, at Holmfirth, some thirty years ago ; when he was engaged as choir master at Meltham Mills Church, and left there to go to Carlisle Cathedral as tenor singer. Some time afterwards he left Carlisle, and came back to Meltham Mills. Since then he has been engaged at various times as conductor of the Holmfirth and Meltham choral societies. During his life he composed a number of songs, glees, services, and instrumental pieces. Amongst the most popular of his songs which have been published, are — "Hope Brothers Hope" — "O, where is the Land of the Brave and the Free?" — "Holmfirth Flood" — "Pretty Flowers," and "The Merry Mountain Child."