Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce

The Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce was established in 1853.


Discussions regarding the subject had been ongoing for several years, with Netherton manufacturer Joseph Wrigley writing to the Huddersfield Chronicle in December 1850 to ask "Why Should Not Huddersfield Have a Chamber of Commerce!".

On Monday 11 October 1852, a meeting of "bankers, merchant, manufacturers, and others" was chaired by the town's chief constable, Thomas Mallinson. The following proposals were passed:[1]

  1. "That in the opinion of the meeting it is desirable that a Chamber of Commerce be established in the town and neighbourhood of Huddersfield."
  2. "That £1 entrance, and an annual subscription of not more than £1 11s. 6d. constitute a member."

The Chamber of Commerce was formally established in May 1853.[2]

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