Huddersfield Band of Hope: Diary (Feb 1875 to Mar 1877)

The following diary was kept by Joseph Nicholls (1855-1907), a wool sorter who later became a paper bag maker.[1] Nicholls was involved with the Huddersfield Band of Hope by 1871.

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The diary was kindly loaned to by Patricia, a descendant of Joseph Nicholls' family, to be digitised before being deposited with West Yorkshire Archive Service.

A PDF version of the diary can also be downloaded.

Notes and References

  1. He was born on 4 March 1854 in Huddersfield and married Mary Jane Jackson on 8 November 1876. He later moved to Nottinghamshire where worked as a patent medicine & drug manufacturer (1901 Census) and died there on 19 May 1907.