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Huddersfield's Roll of Honour: 1914-1922 (2014) by J. Margaret Stansfield

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Huddersfield's Roll of Honour: 1914-1922 was researched by J. Margaret Stansfield and edited after her death by the Rev. Paul Wilcock.


Huddersfield's Roll of Honour 1914-1922 is a detailed account of 3,439 service personnel from Huddersfield who lost their lives during the First World War. Along with the biographical accounts there are many moving letters to the families of soldiers who lost their lives reflecting an attempt to bring comfort amid the darkness that their loss brought to both families and comrades alike.


  • RRP £20
  • 508 pages
  • hardback
  • ISBN 9781862181267


The book was published by the University of Huddersfield Press under a Creative Commons License (CC BY 4.0) and can be freely downloaded:

Hardback copies can be purchased from the University:

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