How Winky Fought for a Bride (1914)

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  • also known as: Algy Goes in for Physical Culture (original title?)
  • length: 1000 feet[1]
  • released: 31 December 1914
  • director: Cecil Birch



Winky gets a boxer to fight his rival.


The Bioscope (26/Nov/1914):

Another good comic from the Bamforth studios, Winky, upon this occasion, engaging in a tale which, at the outset, seems to promise the methods of a famous American company, then cleverly switches over to a true rendering of just such a comedy as may easily occur in a quiet Yorkshire vollage. After the bye-play between Winky and Algy, the local dude, over a damsel fair, the former engineers a cute little scheme. Hearing that a well-known boxer has arrived, incognito, for a holiday at the local hotel, Winky loses no time in scraping acquaintance, and so plans it that Algy shall imagine himself insulted by the new arrival. A further ruse brings the dude, who fancies his prowess as a physical culturist, up to the scratch in a match with “the unknown” at the local Sporting Club. The match is as clever a bit of burlesque boxing as we have witnessed, and should afford great amusement to ail. A brief sub-title, explaining Winky’s attitude at this juncture, would, we think, have been advisable. As may be imagined, the valiant Algy, after some very lenient treatment, receives a really unexpected “knock-out” and the jubilant Winky sallies forth to tell the news to the heroine, artlessly claiming all credit for his rival's defeat. Despite one or two little improbabilities, usually quite overlooked in such releases, this film should prove a distinct success, and, from a “quality” viewpoint, marks a still further advance in the productions of the company. (Yorkshire Cine. Company, Ltd. Bamforth comedy. Released December 31st. 1,000 ft.)

Kinematograph Weekly (26/Nov/1914):

How Winky fought for a Bride (C). — Winky discovers Algy introducing himself to his lady love; and uttering dire threats as to what he would do with Winky. Winky induces a well-known boxer to accept Algy’s challenge and meet him in the local sports club. Winky plays his cards cleverly, and the prize—the bride—is his. Released Dec 31st, length 1016 ft.


Research Notes

Although both the BFI Database and IMDB contain a listing for Algy Goes in for Physical Culture with a synopsis of "a weak dude takes up exercise", the only listings for this film in contemporary trade journals give it a release date of 31 December 1914 — the same as How Winky Fought for a Bride. Since the reviews for the latter mention the character of Algy and also sport, it would appear that Algy Goes in for Physical Culture was the original title.

Notes and References

  1. Sourced from The Bioscope.