Horace Broadbent (1863-1942)

Horace Broadbent was an engineer and co-partner of Thomas Broadbent and Sons Limited of Chapel Hill.


He was born on 2 July 1863 at Milnsbridge, the son of millwright and engineer Thomas Broadbent and his wife Ellen (née Crabtree).

He married Ada Elizabeth Lodge, daughter of commercial traveller Wally Lodge, on 25 February 1892 at Buxton Road Wesleyan Chapel. The couple had one known child:

  • Brian Lynn Broadbent (1893-1983)[1]

Following Ada's death in 1911, he married Frances Josephine Snowball on 27 August 1913 at Jesmond Parish Church, Newcastle. The couple had one known son:

  • Roy Laverick Broadbent (1915-1972)[2]

Horace Broadbent of Edgerton Grove died on 20 October 1942, leaving an estate valued at £122,963.

Roy Laverick Broadbent became a noted artist and actor who co-founded the Holton Players acting troupe at Holton cum Beckering in Lincolnshire. Roy and his wife, Doreen, "were part of a small community of conscientious objectors working the land rather than going to war".[3] Their son, Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent, was born in 1949.[4]


Yorkshire Post (21/Oct/1942):

Mr. Horace Broadbent

Noted Huddersfield Pioneer of Electrical Engineering

Mr. Horace Broadbent, one of the world's leading authorities on centrifugal machines, died at his home at Edgerton Grove, Edgerton, Huddersfield, yesterday, aged 79.

Chairman of the firm of Thomas Broadbent, Ltd., Mr. Broadbent was a pioneer in the development of hydro-extraction and electric cranes and the patentee of many revolutionary improvements in the design of centrifugal machinery. His firm were the first makers of the direct steam-driven hydro-extractors, direct electrically driven extractors and of electric overhead travelling cranes.

Mr. Broadbent himself was the designer of the first electric travelling crane made in Great Britian, and was patentee of the centrifugal fraction clutches.

Mr. Broadbent was the son of Mr. Thomas Broadbent, who founded the firm as a private company in Milnsbridge. Later, the firm transferred to their present site at Central Ironworks and it was made into a limited company on January 15, 1895. Mr. Thomas Broadbent died at an early age and much of the work of developing the firm was done by Mr. Horace Broadbent, in partnership with Mr. William Hallitt, a nephew of the founder, who died in 1924.

Mr. Horace Broadbent was educated at Mellor's Academy, Huddersfield, and during the last war was president of the Huddersfield Engineering Employing Association. He was also for some time president of the Huddersfield Building Society.

He is survived by Mrs. Broadbent and two sons — Mr. Brian Lynn Broadbent, who is a director of the firm, and Mr. Roy L. Broadbent.

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