Honley Workhouse, Thirstin Road, Honley

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  • location: off Thirstin Road, Honley
  • status: no longer exists
  • category: municipal building

Site of two workhouses in Honley, which were also reportedly used by the neighbouring townships of South Crosland and Netherthong. The first was in existence by 1703 and was replaced with a new building in the 1760s. The workhouse was reportedly demolished in the 1860s or 1870s and a row of terraced housing (Victoria Place) was then built on the site.

According to local historian Mary Jagger:[1]

The houses in Thirstin, known as Victoria Place, now occupy the site of the old Workhouse which was demolished over 50 years ago. Previous to that old erection, there had been a building of some kind standing upon the site. The first mention that I can find of this Workhouse is that on February 8th, 1703, a town’s meeting was held empowering the Chapelwarden and Overseer to repair the gates and building. Evidently there were no master or mistress appointed, Poor Laws at that time being in a continual state of change. The next interesting event was, that an advertisement was ordered to be sent to the “Leeds Mercury” inviting applications for the post of Master and Mistress. It was also decided that the inhabitants of Crosland should join with Honley for the purpose of carrying on the building in future as a regular Workhouse under control of Honley Chapelwarden and Overseer, Crosland at that period being under Honley with regard to its civil and religious affairs. This building was in use until 1763, when a new erection was contemplated. In an old agreement, dated December 3rd, 1763, made between Chapelwarden and Overseer and William Booth and William Pogson, the two latter undertook the work. It is interesting to note the value of labour and material at that date.

The following is a copy of the old agreement:—

That the said William Booth and William Pogson shall erect a building in Thirstin in the manner and form following, viz:— The same wideness of the old building and to roof with the same, and in length hollow eight yards four, three lights windows in the lower room, one yard six inches high, and one foot six inches wide each light, and to be arched over with brick in the inside and four windows in the upper rooms, one fire-place in each room, the low room firestead to be four feet wide, and the chamber to be thirty inches wide to be run up the rig, and that they, the said William Booth and William Pogson, shall find all materials except bricks, paving, slate and scaffolding, lime and mortar, and to sample in workmanship the house of George Batley, and to finish and complete the same in or before the 24th day of June next ensuing — for and in consideration of the sum of fifteen pounds, five shillings.


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Notes and References

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