Honley Wood Bottom, Honley

Honley Wood Bottom, or simply "Wood Bottom", is the area on the north-western side of Honley Old Woods.

the Royal Oak in the 1890s

It encompasses the valley-side below Wood Bottom Road, including Granby Farm, and then runs south-westwards towards the boundary with Meltham, taking in Woodside Cottage and the former Royal Oak beer house.

In the valley, Hall Dike (which then becomes Mag Brook) forms the boundary line between South Crosland and Honley.

The name was also used for the small hamlet that was once predominantly centred around the Royal Oak.


Murder of Eliza Winterbottom (1931)

On the afternoon of Monday 26 October 1931, 38-year-old Eliza Winterbottom of Wood Bottom was returning home from Meltham Mills with her teenage daughter, Hilda, when they were met by Charles Lappage who, until recently, had been courting Eliza. Lappage told Hilda to "go and fetch your granddad". Before Hilda got to her grandfather's house, she head a gun shot.

Eliza's father, Tom Winterbottom, and Fred Howarth, the licensee of the Royal Oak, were quickly on the scene and found that Eliza had been shot in the head. West Riding police spent the next two days searching for Lappage before finding "a cap, a coat, and a double-barrelled sporting gun" near Meltham Mills Reservoir. After spending almost an entire day dragging the reservoir, Lappage's body was recovered — he had apparently committed suicide about an hour after shooting Eliza.[1]

Census Returns

occupation and age is shown in parentheses


Wood Bottom Martin Wimpenny (fulling miller 70), Hannah Wimpenny (65), Walter Wimpenny (fulling miller 30), Harriet Wimpenny (25) and William Parkin (journeyman miller 20)
Wood Bottom John Gledhill (cloth dresser 40), Nancy Gledhill (burler 35), Alse Gledhill (burler 17), George Gledhill (cloth dresser 15), Joseph Gledhill (woollen piecer 14), Mary Gledhill (10), John Gledhill (7), Ben Gledhill (3) and Emma Gledhill (9 months)
Wood Bottom Joseph Wimpenny (fulling miller 30), Alice Wimpenny (25), Sarah Wimpenny (6), George Wimpenny (4) and William Wimpenny (1)
Wood Bottom Zephaniah Wood (cloth dresser 45), Hannah Wood (40), Mary Wood (cotton warper 19), Richard Wood (cloth dresser 15), Charlotte Wood (12), John Wood (9) and Martha Wood (3)
Wood Bottom John Mallinson (wool dyer 30), Hannah Mallinson (30), Henry Mallinson (5), Martha Mallinson (4), Mary Mallinson (2) and Maria Mallinson (7 months)
Wood Bottom James Gledhill (cloth dresser 35), Grace Gledhill (burler 35), Sarah Gledhill (woollen piecer 13), Henry Gledhill (11), Hannah Gledhill (9), Charlotte Gledhill (7), Ann Gledhill (5), Levina Gledhill (2) and Allen Gledhill (2 months)
Wood Bottom Charles Wood (woollen engineer 65), Mary Wood (53), Mary Wood (wool picker 20), Charles Wood (wool teaser 15), Sarah Wood (wool picker 25), Hannah Woodhouse (woollen piecer 15), John Woodhouse (woollen piecer 13) and William Hadfield (teazle setter 15)
Wood Bottom George Crosland (woollen weaver 24), Ann Crosland (23), Mary Crosland (2), Elizabeth Crosland (12 weeks), Charlotte Crosland (12 weeks) and Jessey Sowerby (4)
Wood Bottom Henry Beaumont (woollen weaver 30), Sarah Beaumont (30), William Beaumont (7) and Jane Hirst (silk piecer 15)
Wood Bottom George Beaumont (woollen weaver 50), Charlotte Beaumont (40), Henry Beaumont (10) and Sarah Beaumont (7)
Wood Bottom Joseph Wooffenden (farmer 40), Hannah Wooffenden (34) and George Wooffenden (1)
Wood Bottom Abraham Beaumont (woollen weaver 40), Rachel Beaumont (35), Hannah Beaumont (11), Allen Beaumont (6), Helliot Beaumont (3) and Ann Beaumont (1)
Wood Bottom Matthew Beaumont (engineer 30), Frances Beaumont (25), Ephraim Beaumont (7), Esaw Beaumont (3) and Zelpah Beaumont (1)
Wood Bottom Matthew Beaumont (farmer 76), Elizabeth Beaumont (76), Joseph Beaumont (woollen weaver 27), Mary Beaumont (12)
Wood Bottom Samuel Dransfeld (woollen weaver 40), Hannah Dransfeld (cotton picker 45) and William Dransfeld (shoe maker 20)
Wood Bottom Hannah Armitage (burler 20) and Hannah Lum (77)
Wood Bottom Bettey Berry (46), George Berry (wool carder 19), George Berry (woollen piecer 18), Godfrey Berry (wool carder 15), Ann Berry (20), Elizabeth Berry (woollen piecer 12) and James Lees (shoe maker 20)
Wood Bottom Thomas Whitehead (woollen weaver 35), Lucy Whitehead (30), William Whitehead (woollen warper 12), Joseph Whitehead (10), Seth Whitehead (8), Enock Whitehead (5), Jonadab Whitehead (3) and James Whitehead (5 months)
Wood Bottom Sarah Ranfield (60), Michael Ranfield (woollen slubber 25), Jonadab Ranfield (joiner 23) and Sarah Ranfield (burler 15)
Wood Bottom James Wild (clother dresser 40), Nancy Wild (40), Henry Wild (15) and Ellen Wild (10)
Wood Bottom Thomas Rayner (woollen weaver 35), Mary Rayner (31), Hannah Rayner (10), William Rayner (9), John Rayner (3) and Thomas Rayner (1)
Wood Bottom Hannah Dyson (70), Henry Dyson (woollen weaver 30), Charlotte Dyson (woollen weaver 15) and Thomas Moorhouse (woollen weaver 50)
Wood Bottom Jonas Bates (woollen weaver 35), Jane Bates (30), Henry Bates (15), Mary Bates (13), Martha Bates (woollen weaver 12), Jane Bates (10), Ellen Bates (6), Lucy Bates (4) and Charlotte Bates (2)
Wood Bottom Jane Smith (55), Christopher Smith (woollen spinner 30), Godfrey Smith (mechanic 20), Easther Smith (burler 15), John Smith (woollen piecer 14), George Smith (8), Wright Smith (5) and Ingham Smith (3)
Wood Bottom John Charlesworth (woollen slubber 40), Mary Charlesworth (40), James Charlesworth (woollen weaver 20), Joshua Charlesworth (woollen carder 13), Henry Charlesworth (woollen piecer 11), Wright Charlesworth (woollen piecer 9), David Charlesworth (4) and Caroline Charlesworth (2)
Wood Bottom George Ranfield (woollen spinner 25), Hannah Ranfield (25), Mary Ranfield (3) and Elizabeth Ranfield (1)
Wood Bottom John Pemberton (woollen weaver 40), Betty Pemberton (burler 30), Mary Pemberton (7), James Pemberton (5) and Sarah Pemberton (1)
Wood Bottom William Parkin (farmer 59), Mary Parkin (63) and Harriet Parkin (22)
Wood Bottom Waid Wood (tanner 45), Ruth Wood (45), James Wood (tanner 20), John Wood (tanner 19), Mary Wood (18), Henry Wood (15), William Wood (12), Jane Wood (10), Joseph Wood (7), Ellen Wood (5) and Walter Wood (2)
Wood Bottom Sidney Sykes (woollen spinner 30), Betty Sykes (30), William Sykes (woollen piecer 13), Hannah Sykes (12), George Sykes (10), Dowell Sykes (7), Livewell Sykes (5) and Dowell Sykes (2)
Wood Bottom James Sutcliffe (woollen weaver 30), Hannah Sutcliffe (30), Ann Sutcliffe (5) and John Sutcliffe (4)
Wood Bottom John Dearnley (farmer 75), Hannah Dearnley (50) and Mary Dearnley (cotton warper 20)
Wood Bottom Simeon Smith (woollen weaver 25), Frances (25), Charles Smith (2) and John Smith (6 months)
Wood Bottom Charles Smith (farmer 55), Sarah Smith (cotton picker 14), Hannah Morton (75), Martha Earnshaw (cotton picker 27), John Earnshaw (6), William Earnshaw (4), Amanda Earnshaw (2), Jonas Taylor (cloth dresser 32), Alice Taylor (23) and Grace Taylor (4)
Wood Bottom George Broadbent (agricultural labourer 26), Ann Broadbent (27), Joseph Broadbent (5) and Right Broadbent (6 months)
Wood Bottom George Eastwood (woollen spinner 40), Bettey Eastwood (40), Charles Eastwood (shoe maker 18), Mary Eastwood (woollen weaver 16), Joseph Eastwood (woollen weaver 14), John Eastwood (8), Herbert Eastwood (6), Emma Eastwood (4) and James Eastwood (1)
Wood Bottom Widow Hirst (75), Martha Hinchcliffe (20), Mary Mellor (5), Mary Lees (48) and Benjamin Lees (wool carder 50)
Wood Bottom Joseph Brook (woollen weaver 35), Hannah Brook (cotton picker 30), Lot Brook (7) and Ann Brook (5)


Wood Bottom Simeon Smith (agricultural labourer 50), his wife Frances (44), and their children John (slubber 20), Hannah Maria (silk winder 18), Emanuel (woollen worker 16), Christopher (woollen cloth finisher 13), Sarah (silk worker 11), Emma (9), Alice (7), James (5) and Astha (1)
Wood Bottom Hannah Dearnley (widow 71), her married daughter Mary Broadbent (39), her husband Charles Broadbent (farmer & slubber 44), and their children Levi (8), Hannah (6) and Ann (2)
Wood Bottom Henry Haigh (engine tenter 26), his wife Elizabeth Ann (21), and their children George (2) and Jane Ellen (3 months)
Wood Bottom Luke Clegg (silk spinner 30), his wife Mary (29), and their children Aquila (3) and Sarah Hannah (1)
Wood Bottom Wade Wood (farmer of 20 acres 71), his wife Ruth (65), their children Joseph (farmer 27) and Mary Ann (38), and her son George Henry (12)
Royal Oak John Wood (beer house keeper 41), his wife Harriet (42), their children William (11), Ruth Mary (5), Jane (2) and Walter (3 months), and their servant Sarah Norton (24)
Wood Bottom empty property
Wood Bottom Joshua Woodhouse (woollen cloth weaver 33), his wife Mary (32), and their daughters Joseph (11), Martha (8), Ellen (5) and Ann (2)
Wood Bottom William Dransfield (cordwainer 42), his wife Mary Ann (41), and their children Hannah Mary (10), Brook (7), James Edward (4) and Samuel (1)
Wood Bottom Mary Raynor (widow mangler 57) and her children Hannah (cotton thread inspector 29), John (cotton bobbin turner 23), Thomas (joiner 21), Edwin (gardener 18), Mary (cotton thread ticketer 12), Ann (10) and Earnest (3)
Wood Bottom Edward Scott (farmer 45), his wife Margaret (42) and their children William John (farmer 19), Thomas (16), Mary Ann (12), Margaret (6) and Robert (2)
Wood Bottom empty property
Wood Bottom John Bottomly (wool dyer 48), his wife Sarah (57), and their daughters Hannah (cotton thread winder 19), Mary (cotton thread winder 17) and Sarah Jane (9)
Wood Bottom Elizabeth Pemberton (widow 50) and her children Mary (cotton thread winder 27), James (woollen slubber 23), Samuel (woollen slubber 18), Sarah (cotton thread packer 21) and William (woollen piecer 13)
Wood Bottom Joseph Roberts (green grocer 33), his wife Mary (38), their daughter Elizabeth (woollen piecer 13), Charles Gledhill (7) and Cornelia Gledhill (4)The last two are marked as "son in law" and "dau in law", which seems odd!
Wood Bottom two empty properties
Wood Bottom George Ranfield (woollen spinner 47), his wife Hannah (48), and their children Mary (silk winder 23), Elizabeth (silk winder 21), Alfred (gardener 19), Emma (silk winder 17), Joseph Garside (woollen piecer 13), Allen (10), Lucy (7) and Eliza (4)
Wood Bottom Ellen Clough (woollen ? knitter 28)
Wood Bottom Robert Heap (woollen cloth manufacturer 36), his wife Mary (36), their children Alexander (13) and John William (11), and their servant Elizabeth Naylor (18)
Wood Bottom Joseph Woffenden (farmer 41), his wife Moriah (54), their son George (farmer 21), and their niece Emma Shaw (14)
Wood Bottom Abraham Beaumont (woollen cloth weaver 60), his wife Rachiel (58), and their children Allen (labourer 26), Hannah (woollen cloth weaver 32) and Elliot (labourer 24)
Wood Bottom William Renshaw (wool dyer 74), his wife Sarah (73), and their grandchildren William (woollen cloth weaver 19), Samanda (cotton reeler 13) and Amberdine (11)
Wood Bottom John Hobson (slubber 22)
Wood Bottom William Easter Hobson (woollen scribbling engineer 49), his wife Sarah, and their daughter Elizabeth Ann (cloth burler 17)
Wood Bottom James Gledhill (woollen cloth finisher 57), his wife Grace (57), and their sons Allen (18) and Joseph (11)
Wood Bottom Bryan Morehouse (agricultural labourer 46), his wife Hephzibah (45), and their daughters Emma (silk winder 19) and Ann (woollen winder 15)
Wood Bottom Walter Wimpenny (woollen cloth miller 51), his wife Mary (41), his daughters Ann (13), Ruth (8) and Frances (5 months)
Wood Bottom John Gledhill (widower woollen cloth finisher 58) and his children Benjamin (woollen cloth miller 32), Sarah Ann (18) and Arminel (silk winder 15)
Wood Bottom Joseph Wimpenny (farmer 53), his wife Alice (50), their children George (wool sorter 24), William Henry (21) and Hannah (16), and their servant Sarah Wood (41)


Wood Bottom Simeon Smith (farmer of twelve acres 59), his wife Francess (53), and their children Hannah M. (silk worker 28), Emmanuel (woollen cloth weaver 26), Sarah (silk worker 21), Emma (silk worker 19), Alice (silk worker 17), James (bobbin turner 15) and Astha (cotton worker 11)
Wood Bottom Hannah Dearnley (widow farmer of eight acres 82), her daughter Mary (51) and Mary's children Levi (fettler 18), Hannah (16), Ann (12), Emma (9) and John (6)
Wood Bottom Joseph Redfearn (silk dyer 43), his wife Judith (32), their daughter Elizabeth (2), and lodger James Broadbent (cotton comber 17)
Wood Bottom Luke Clegg (silk thrower 40), his wife Mary (37), and their son Aquila (13)
Wood Bottom Waid Wood (farmer of twenty acres 79), his wife Ruth (75), their unmarried daughter Mary Ann (48) and her sons George Henry (tanner 22) and Frederick Francis (9)
Royal Oak John Wood (timber merchant & beer seller 50), his wife Harriet (52), and their children William Wade (timber merchant 16), Ruth Mary (14), Jane (12) and Walter (10)
Wood Bottom Jane Hirst (washer woman 35), and her sons Tom (7) and John William (1)
Wood Bottom Mary Ann Dransfield (widow 51), and her children Hannah M. (20), James Edward (silk winder 14) and Samuel (11)
Wood Bottom Walker Dyson (groom 28), his wife Emma (25), their daughter Selina (2), and Emma's sister Nancy Robert (knotter 22)
Wood Bottom William Lockwood (railway labourer 53), his wife Hannah (48), and their daughters Martha (cotton worker 19), Alice (cotton worker 17), Mary (15), Ann (11) and Emma (8)
Wood Bottom Betty Pemberton (widow 60), and her children Mary (cotton thread winder 36), James (cloth weaver 34), Sarah (cotton thread packer 32), William (cloth weaver 24) and Martha (4)
Wood Bottom Tom Platt (railway official 40), his wife Mary Ann (42), their children Emily (11) and Albert (6), and his mother-in-law Martha Sutcliffe (widow 68)
Wood Bottom Richard Longbottom (labourer 38), his wife Mary (32), and their daughter Eliza (2)
Wood Bottom Mary Ann Hirst (widow burler 50), her sister Sarah Crosland (burler 46), and Mary's Ann's children George Henry (cloth weaver 21) and Tom (woollen spinner 17)
Wood Bottom Joseph Hirst (cloth weaver 57), his wife Sarah (48), and their children George (weaver 24), Elizabeth (cotton worker 21), Edwin (17) and Martha (12)
Wood Bottom George Ranfield (woollen spinner 57), his wife Hannah (56), and their children Alfred (sizer 29), Joseph (weaver 24), Lucy (silk winder 18)
Wood Bottom Edwin Mellor (woollen cloth weaver 43), his wife Ann (42), and their children Malinda (cotton dresser 15), Emily (12), Clara (10), Comsley (7) and Albert (4)
Wood Bottom Robert Heap (woollen manufacturer 46), his wife Mary (46), their son Alexander (bookkeeper 23), and servant Sarah Birkhead (15)
Wood Bottom Maria Woffenden (window farmer of twenty acres 64), her son George (30), and farm servant Charles Shaw (52)
Wood Bottom Abraham Beaumont (labourer 70), his wife Rachel (68), and their children Hannah (burler 40), Allen (labourer 37) and Elliot (labourer 34)
Wood Bottom Ben Thornton (cloth fuller 23) and his wife Selina (27)
Wood Bottom Alfred Broadbent (cloth finisher 55) and his wife Harriet (53)
Wood Bottom William C. Hobson (widower engineer 59) and his children Mary (knotter 34), John (engineer 32) and Elizabeth Ann (26)
Wood Bottom Benjamin Healey (woollen weaver 25), his wife Elizabeth A. (burler 28), and their children Arminal (1) and John Frederick (1 month)
Wood Bottom John Boothroyd (30), his wife Mary (36), and their son Herbert (6)
Woollen Factory Walter Wimpenney (cloth fuller 61), his wife Mary (57), and their daughters Ruth (dress and bonnet maker 18) and Fanney (10)
Wood Bottom Thomas Hobson (teamer 58), his wife Sarah Ann (49), and their children Mary (feeder 25), Martha (silk winder 19) and Tom (cloth finisher 14)
Wood Bottom Joseph Wimpenney (woollen spinner 38), his wife (33), and their children Mary Jane (10), Samuel (6) and Rosenna (3 months)
Wood Bottom Joseph Wimpenney (cloth fuller 64), his wife Alice (60), their children William Henry (31) and widow Hannah Robinson (26), Hannah's son Arthur Robinson (1), and servant James Hadsworth (labourer 14)
Wood Bottom George Bates (woollen cloth finisher 41), his wife Hannah (40), and their children Ben Albert (cloth finisher 18) and Elizabeth Louisa (8)
Wood Bottom David Moore (woollen cloth finisher 60) and his wife Ann (59)
Wood Bottom Allen Heap (woollen cloth manufacturer employing 120 men 33), his wife Emma (35), and his children Ellen Ann (7) and Charles Albert (5)
Wood Bottom Joseph Bottomley (wool dyer 33), his wife Esther (29), and John William (1)


Wood Bottom Emmanuel Smith (woollen weaver 45), his wife Ellen (39), and their sons Frank (5) and Fred (6 months)
Wood Bottom Frances Smith (widow 74) and her unmarried children Hannah (48), Alice (mill hand 37) and Arthur (farm labourer 32)
Wood Bottom Mary Broadbent (retired farmer 71) and her son Levi (gamekepeer 38)
Wood Bottom Tom Earnshaw (stationary under engineer 33), his wife Hannah (36), and their son Lewis (6)
Wood Bottom Benjamin Dawson (gas fitter/stoker 32), his wife Ann (32), and their children George F. (10), Filphah (8), Harriet A. (6) and Mary A. (4 months)
Wood Bottom Mary Clegg (widow washer woman 58) and her grandson Harry Clegg (8)
Wood Bottom William W. Wood (farmer 37) and his father John Wood (retired farmer 70)
Royal Oak Elijah Hobson (widower beer house keeper 51), his children John W. (general labourer 30), Allias J. (cotton thread winder 16) and Clarissa Mouney (27), Clarissa's daughters Mary A. (6) and Edith (2), and boarders Alfred Broadbent (general labourer 75) and Lot Sanderson (general labourer 48)
Wood Bottom Luther Patterson (fettler 29), his wife Levenia (22), and this son Couldsworth (10 months)
Wood Bottom John Sykes (bobbin turner 44), his wife Hannah L. (43), and their children Mary A. (bobbin ticketer 12), Florence (8) and Harold (1)
Wood Bottom Ard Senior (woollen weaver 44), his wife Esther (39), and their children John (thread winder 20), Alice (cotton doubler 16), Herbert (bobbin counter 14), Clara (12), Eva (9), Felicia (7), Marrion (5), Watson (3) and William H. (1)
Wood Bottom William Pemberton (farm labourer 52) and his sister Sarah (packer of cotton thread 43)
Wood Bottom Jane Hirst (widow 56) and her children John W. (bricklayer's labourer 21), Charles A. (worsted twister 18), Sam (worsted twister 16) and Mary H. (cotton ticketer 12)
Wood Bottom John C. Stead (woollen weaver 37), his wife Jane (33) and their children Mary (14), Charlotte (12), Harvey (10), John S. (8), Ruth F. (6), Martha (4) and Archer (2)
Wood Bottom Fenton Sykes (wood yard labourer 41), his wife Hannah (42), his stepchildren Mary (errand girl 14) and Emily (cotton doffer 11), and his children Ellen (cotton ball ticketer 18), William H. (woollen pattern warper 16), Giles (13), Florence (3) and Frank (2)
Wood Bottom Albert Hall (master tailor 49), his wife Mary (44), and their daughters Emily A. (13) and Ethel B. (8)
Wood Bottom Jonas Roebuck (woollen weaver 27), his sister Sarah (15), his brother-in-law Dyson Walker (woollen weaver 27) and his wife Ellen (22) and their son Herbert Walker (3)
Wood Bottom Hannah Ranfield (widow 77), her sons Alfred (sizer 49) and Joseph (mill hand 44), and her granddaughter Eliza A. Longbottom (silk winder 22)
Wood Bottom Edmund Parkin (worsted designer 32) and his wife Miriam (32)
Granby Farm David Morton (farmer 38), his wife Mary A. (45), their children Fred (15), Arthur (13), Annie (10), Ben (8) and Ernest (6), and servants Joshua Barker (23) and Sarah J. Shorley (21)
Wood Bottom Allen Beaumont (labourer 55) and his sister Hannah (housekeeper 60)
Wood Bottom Robert Bolton (75) and his wife Sarah (73)
Wood Bottom John Hobson (widow woollen engineer 52), his children Alfred (card cleaner 19), Walter C. (card cleaner 17) and Cescelia (14), and his sister Elizabeth A. Hobson (housekeeper 47)
Wood Bottom John Heap (commission agent 52), his wife Mary (54), and their children Joshua W. (mill hand 18), Sarah A. (mill hand 14) and Asenath M. (12)
Wood Bottom Joah Gledhill (woollen weaver 41), his wife Emma (40) and their son Herbert (4)
Wood Bottom John Boothroyd (farm servant 52), his wife Mary (55) and their son George (woollen cloth finisher 13)
Wood Bottom Arthur Mellor (engine tenter 26), his wife Emily A. (30), and their children Clara (4) and Albert (2)
Wood Bottom Tom Lockwood (30), his wife Sarah A. (29), and their daughters Fanny (5) and Arthur (2)
Wood Bottom Alice Warrington (37) and her children Adelina (cotton winder 18), Sarah (cotton winder 17), Alfred (silk dyer 14), Ethel (12), Emma (10), Harold (9), Willie (7), Arthur (4) and Albert (1)
Wood Bottom Ben Turner (coachman 28), his wife Mary J. (22) and their daughter Annie (4)
Hollroyd's Cottage Martha A. Moorhouse (widow 67)
Wood Bottom 2 empty properties


14 Wood Bottom Stephen Waddington (carter 41), his wife Emily (41), and their children Fanny Elizabeth (cotton doubler 23), Ethel (cotton doubler 19), Willie (cloth finisher 17), Gertrude (cotton doubler 15), Elsie (woollen winder 13), Emily (11), Arthur (7) and Lucy (7)
15 Wood Bottom Joah Gledhill (woollen weaver 61), his wife Emma (60), and their son Herbert (bobbin turner 24)
16 Wood Bottom John Heap (retired commercial traveller for an oil merchant 72) and his wife Mary (74)
Wood Bottom Alfred Dobson (carding engineer 39)
18 Wood Bottom Matthew Kaye (widower retired night watchman 69) and his sons Jospeh (cloth dresser 35) and David (dry waller 32)
19 Wood Bottom George Arthur Miller (upholsterer 35), his wife Agnes Elizabeth (34), and their children Norman Robert (9), George Carl (8), Kenneth Leslie (5), Marjorie Violet (4) and Cyril Anthony (1)
20 Wood Bottom Sarah Kirk (62)
Granby Farm John Thomas Grayson (farmer 46), his wife Mary Alice (46), and their children Annie Maria (piecer 18), George (finisher 15), Lily (13), Willis (8), Chris C. (4) and Harold (2)
Field House Arthur Bateman Smith (rents rates collector for county borough council 38), his wife Annie (36), and their children Leslie Theodore (13) and Dorothy Irene (10)
Wood Bottom Wright Balmforth (widower finisher in woollen mill 73)
24 Wood Bottom T.F. Mellor (teamer and labourer 52) and his wife Ellen (60)
25 Wood Bottom Harry Garside (shop labourer 23) and his wife Mary Alice (comber tenter 22)
26 Wood Bottom John Henry Kenyon (silk washer 61), his wife Sarah (56), their surviving daughters[2] Elizabeth Hannah (32) and Sarah Ann (silk doubler 29), and visitor Ivyyetta Wood (silk gasser 28)
27 Wood Bottom Edwin Wood (widower retired mill worker 73), his niece Hannah Sykes (drawing frame tenter 35), and visitor Emily Armstrong (cotton cop winder 31)
28 Wood Bottom Samuel Rushworth (stone dresser 55), his wife Sarah Jane (60), and their children Dorris (cotton doubler 21), Adelaide (cotton doubler 20) and Thompson (silk dyer 16)
29 Wood Bottom Fenton Sykes (cotton dealer 61), his wife Hannah (62), and their children Giles (wool finisher 32), Florence (cotton ring spinner 23), Frank (finisher in worsted mill 22) and Arabella (silk spooler 19)
30 Wood Bottom George Norcliffe (woollen weaver 33), his wife Mary Ann (32) and their son John Arthur (1 month)
31 Wood Bottom John Sykes (retired bobbin turner 64), his wife Hannah Louisa (63) and their son Harold (silk dresser 27)
Royal Oak Thomas Haigh (proprietor 28), his wife (28) and boarder Fred Hinchcliffe (woollen mill piecer 22)
33 Wood Bottom Charley Fox Dawson (worsted cloth presser 45), his wife Ruth (43), and their children John Edward (silk dresser 17) and Doris (11)
Wood Bottom Mary Jane Brown (68)[3]
Wood Bottom Mary Ann Wright (spinster 82)
Wood Bottom spinster sisters Elizabeth Liddiard (64) and Mary Ann (68)
Wood Bottom Mary Shaw (widow 59)


Notes and References

  1. "Honley Wood Tragedy" in Yorkshire Post (28/Oct/1831).
  2. Seven of their nine children had died by 1911.
  3. Living along, although states she had 10 children, 6 of whom were still alive.