The Palladium, Honley

The Palladium was a picture house situated on Eastgate in Honley.


The Palladium picture house was opened in May 1915 and had a single screen with seating for around 500.

According to newspaper reports, the building was well ventilated, with a fireproof main hall that could be fully evacuated in 45 seconds. The Chronicle declared that, when completed, "it should be one of the finest picture-houses in the district." Films were screened each weekday evening from 7pm to 10:30pm, and three shows on Saturdays at 2:30pm, 7pm and 9pm.[1]

In October 1931, the Palladium placed an advertisement in the local press to sell a "baby grand piano" in good condition.[2]

On the evening of 12 May 1938, Gilbert Harrop was winding a film in an upper room at the Palladium when it suddenly ignited. Unable to extinguish the fire, it soon spread to other film canisters. Harrop and his assistant were trapped in the room and escaped by breaking the window and jumping on to an adjoining roof. Fortunately, the cinema was otherwise empty and Huddersfield Fire Brigade soon brought the blaze under control. Harrop was reportedly "slightly burned about the face and head."[3]

At a meeting held on 24 February 1947, the Holmfirth Urban Council rejected an application from the proprietors of the Palladium for Sunday opening of the cinema.[4]

It is believed that the Palladium was still open in the 1960s, but had closed by 1980.

In 2016, the building was home to the Pheonix Squash and Fitness Club.[5]

Early Screenings

Some of the films screened in the early months of the cinema, compiled from listings in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner:

  • October 1914 — Rip, the Dog Detective, The Terror of the Air, Colonel Heeza, Liar, The Corporal's Kiddies, How Mosha Came Back, From the Lions' Jaws, The Evil We Do, His Wedding Day, Rocambole in the Mysterious Count, Sheltering an Ingrate, Circle of Adversity, Ivy's Elopement, The Mystery of the Ladder of Light, In the Days of Trafalgar, Through Trials to Victory, Risen from the Ashes, How to Keep a Husband, and The Way to Happiness
  • December 1914 — The Express Messenger, A Telephone Strategy, The Stone in the Road, His Country's Honour, Santa Claus and the Clubman, Cameo of Yellowstone, While Shepherds Watch, The Girl at His Side, and The Pseudo Sultan
  • January 1915 — In Tune with the Wild, The Terrible Lesson, Susanne's New Suit, Pimple and the Stolen Invention, The Heroine of Mons, The Mystery of the Amsterdam Diamonds, By the Sun's Rays, The Fatal Mallet, Her Kid Sister, The World at War, The Old Curiosity Shop, When a Woman Loves, The Hand of Fate, Broncho Billy and the Gambler, Sammy at the Masked Ball, and Their Only Son
  • February 1915 — It's a Long Way to Tipperary, The Horse Thief, A Canine Rival, A Race for Life, Two Little Britons, Our Enemy's Spy, Jack's Awakening, Fun on the Sands of Blackpool, Fatty's Finish, and The Quarry Mystery


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