Honley Feast (1915)

The 1915 Honley Feast began on the weekend of 25/26 September.

In 1912, it was decided that the districts would move to a standard holiday week — sometimes referred to as the "uniform holiday" — which was to be the first full week September.

Huddersfield Daily Examiner (22/Sep/1914):

In the Honley district, too, work will proceed as usual, the firms there, notably Messrs. John Brooke and Sons, of Armitage Bridge Mills, still clinging to the observance of Honley Feast. That famous local holiday, by the way, is as late this year as can be. By a rule, which is inexorable as the laws of Medes and Persians, Honley Feast begins on the first Sunday after the 19th of September, and as that date falls this year on a Sunday, the feast commences on the 26th inst. For those who keep this time-honoured holiday there will be the attractions of a fair in St. Thomas's Road, this will commence on the 25th inst., and close on the following Tuesday.