Honley Feast (1914)

The 1914 Honley Feast began on the weekend of 19/20 September.

Huddersfield Daily Examiner (22/Sep/1914):

This year's Honley Feast has probably the quietest and least notable on record. The introduction of the new local holiday during the first week in September dealt a severe blow at this ancient institution, but the war has done even more to seal the doom which many people regard as inevitable. It was evident from the appearance of the streets yesterday that very few people were taking holiday. This was as it should be, because short time in the factories has now almost disappeared, and the Government contracts are finding plenty of work for the textile operative. The seaside resorts have been much less extensively patronised than usual. Blackpool has perhaps done better than most places — it has certainly done better during the whole season than the Isle of Man — though the people have not spent by any means as freely as usual. One of the ways in which Honley Feast is observed — that of providing pickled cabbage with the Sunday joint — has been well kept up, and there have been fairly large crowds at the fair-ground in St. Thomas's Road, but in other respects the festival has been very disappointing.