Honley Feast (1906)

The 1906 Honley Feast began on the weekend of 22/23 September.

The Leeds Mercury reported that the local feasts and fairs had "fallen on evil days" and "their appeal is solely to the taste for amusement and merry-making".

At Honley Feast there was apparently little more than a "merry-go-round and a handful of booths". Meanwhile, Lockwood was able to boast "booths, galleries, 'whirligigs', stalls, shows, and monstrosities of various sorts, about which a surging crowd slowly moved" as well as a helter skelter ride. A resident of Honley told the newspaper:

Ay, it's nowt now. This is t' poorest feast we've evver hed. But yo' mun go ovver to Lockwood yonder. T' feast seems to hev moved theer.

The Mercury finished by noting that "old customs die hard, and these of Honley Feast, hinting of the far past, deserve to be kept alive".