Honley Feast (1900)

The 1900 Honley Feast began on the weekend of Sunday 22/23 September.

In July 1900, the Huddersfield Trades and Labour Council petitioned for tradition to be broken and for the Honley Feast to be moved "from September to the second week in August." Their argument was that the various feasts disrupted the manufacturing industry and they would benefit from their being a single "general holiday for the Huddersfield district" in August, when the days were longer and less likelihood of poor weather.[1] By August, the South Crosland District Council were publicly in favour of the change, whilst the Meltham District Council were against it.[2] Ultimately, the petition was rejected.

In the week before the feast, the Chronicle predicted that the year's feast "promises to be quite as successful and enjoyable as any of its predecessors."[3]

On the Monday of the feast, a benefit rugby union match was played between Huddersfield and St. Helens at the Fartown ground. The following day, the Huddersfield second team took on the South Street team.[4] The first match attracted over 3,000 spectators and St. Helen won by 15 points to 2.[5]

The attraction at the Empire Theatre during the feast week was "A Little Vagrant", with Miss Ivy Ramsden in the title role. As the Chronicle noted, "it is almost sufficient to say that the main incidents of the plot are taken from 'Oliver Twist'."[6]

The Huddersfield Board of Guardians met on Monday 8 October and they noted their thanks to "Miss Siddon for a gift of tobacco and snuff and 1lb. of sugar and 2oz. of tea to the inmates of both Workhouses [Deanhouse and Crosland Moor] for Honley Feast."[7]

In late November, the Town Clerk of Huddersfield wrote to the various district councils regarding the previous proposal to change the date of the Honley Feast. The Chronicle reported that Holmfirth saw no reason to change it and Kirkburton felt it would not especially affect their district.

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