Honley Feast (1893)

The 1893 Honley Feast began on Sunday 24 September.

In February 1893, the Huddersfield School Board "decided that in future all the Board schools be closed on Monday and Tuesday in Honley Feast week."[1]

Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (11/Sep/1893)

The Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway advertised Honley Feast rail excursions to the South Coast "watering holes" as well as Peterborough, London, and Cambridge.[2]

The Chronicle noted that the recent coal strike meant that many local mills were only working part time to conserve their stocks, so their closure for the feast would "prove a welcome respite."[3]

For feast week, the Theatre Royal had a "special attraction" — the late Charles Reade's drama, "It's Never Too Late To Mend" performed by Mr. John Wainwright and Company.[4]

On the Tuesday of the feast, a benefit rugby union match took place at Fartown between the Huddersfield team and one comprised of players from the district teams. Kick-off was at 3:30pm and admission was charged at 3d. and 6d.[5]

On the Tuesday evening, the 1893/94 season of Subscription Concerts began at Huddersfield Town Hall with the performers including Madame Fanny Moody, Miss Lily Moody, Mr. Charles Manners[6], and the Meister Glee Singers. Also on the bill was Miss Frieda Simonson, "the wonderful eight-year-old pianiste."[7]

In their summary of the feast, the Chronicle reported that the miner's strike was the likely reason why this was a noticeably smaller event than previous years and visitor numbers were down. However, "those who have been able to celebrate the feast have done so in the usual hearty manner." The fairground was muddy due to occasional rain and was described by the newspaper's reporter:[8]

There were of course, the usual swings, roundabouts, shooting galleries, cocoanut stalls, and pea shows, all of which were extensively patronised. The organs attached to the roundabouts merrily ground out all the latest popular music hall songs, each apparently doing its level best to drown the noise made by the other. The inevitable fat woman, wonders of the deep sea, boxing saloons, and circuses were of course not absent, and the proprietors thereof made as much noise as ever in their efforts to attract audiences.

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