Honley Feast (1876)

The 1876 Honley Feast took place between Sunday 24 September and Wednesday 27 September.

In June 1876, the Markets and Fairs Committee resolved to move the Lockwood part of the feast from the fields off New Street to fields adjoining Bentley Street.[1]

In advance of the feast, Henry Eastwood placed an advertisement in the Huddersfield Chronicle (23/Sep/1876) to promote the Fourth Annual Damside Athletic Sports event, to take place on Tuesday 26 September. The event attracted over 150 competitors.[2]

The Chronicle reported that the Lockwood end of the feast had drawn large crowds. Amongst the many stalls were "pea booths, temperance coffee carts, a galvanic battery, several spirometers, height and weigh apparatus, a strength testing machine, three steam velocipedes" along with several exhibitions, including "King Ostler and Jemmy Lavin's Great United Sparring Pavillion" and "Holden's Mechanical Marionettes". Also competing for attention was "the smallest child in the world" — a four-year-old weighing about 7lbs. and only 17½ inches tall — and "Miss Getz, the female Goliath". In "Professor Anderton's Royal Palace of Mystery" crowds witnessed magic performed by "Laura Anderson and David Snowden".[3]

Over in Honley, the feast "took place with less stir and crowding than in former years." In a field above the Co-operative Stores, visitors could view an "exhibition of waxwork and animal dreadfuls", a show featuring the "Great Anglo-Saxon Wonder, 18st. weight and only 36 inches high" and a "smart female" whose act consisted in "swallowing several daggers at one mouthful."[4]

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