Honley Feast (1872)

The 1872 Honley Feast took place between Sunday 22 September and Wednesday 25 September.

Huddersfield Chronicle (14/Sep/1872)

In the weeks before the feast, Wallace's — Tea Merchant and Grocer of 30 Buxton Road — advertised that anyone purchasing tea during the upcoming Honley Feast would receive an equal weight of sweets.[1]

On 20 September, Huddersfield magistrates granted special dispensation for several public houses to remain open until midnight during the feast from 23 to 25 of September.[2] The request had been jointly made by the following innkeepers in the Lockwood area and allowed them to remain open after the usual closing time of 11pm:[3]

  • George Hirst of the New Inn
  • Nathan Carter of the White Lion
  • W. Hanson of the Bridge Inn
  • E. Brown of the Red Lion Inn
  • John William Bradley of the Swan Inn
  • Joseph Branch of the Shoulder of Mutton Inn
  • Henry Thornton of the Railway Tavern
  • Benjamin Jordan of the Bath Hotel

Following their success, a further four publicans also applied to extend their opening hours but these were turned down.[4]

In their write-up of the feast, the Chronicle began by stating, "It is a characteristic of Yorkshire people to enjoy themselves in their own way. They will brook no dictation as to what they shall eat or drink, still less as to how they shall amuse themselves." It went on to say that Honley was "a feast of whirligigs, shooting galleries, swinging boats, marionettes, giantesses, dwarfs, acrobats, fruits, sweet-meats, and apple tarts", along with "a liberal allowance of John Barleycorn." Once again, it was noted that Lockwood had become the main attraction of the feast, however Honley was "still noted for its feast beef, of which there has been plenty."[5]

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