Holmfirth Town Hall Company Limited

The Holmfirth Town Hall Company was a private company formed in the 1830s to build a meeting hall in Holmfirth, which became known as the Town Hall. The cost to the shareholders of maintaining the building was to be offset by the income from renting out the meeting rooms for lectures, public meetings, and concerts.

The company was registered as a limited company on 27 March 1866 with seven shareholders and a nominal capital of £2,000.[1]

By 1896, Holmfirth Urban District Council was considering purchasing the building from the company and negotiations were entered into. Eventually an offer of £1,250 "for the town hall and all the furniture and effects" was made. However, the two parties failed to reach an agreement on a clause relating to permission being sought from the Local Government Board. In June 1899, the company bought a successful prosecution against the district council to recover £35 in costs relating to solicitor's fees.[2]

The company was wound up in 1902:[3]


NOTICE is hereby given, that a General Meeting of the subscribers of the above named Company will be held at the White Hart Hotel. Holmfirth, on Monday, the 28th day of July next, at 3.0 o'clock in the afternoon precisely, to receive the Liquidator's report showing how the winding up of the Company has been conducted and its property disposed of, to hear any explanation that may be given by the Liquidator, and to pass a resolution as to the disposal of the books, accounts, and other documents of the Company. Dated this 18th day of June, 1902.

ARTHUR E. HOLMES, Liquidator.

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