Holme Electric Company, Limited

The Holme Electric Company Ltd. was established in 1915 by Holmfirth woollen manufacturer Charles Tinker.

Electricity was generated from a turbine installed in a temporary building on the former site of Rake Mill, and made use of the existing mill race. Tinker had initially paid for the turbine in order that his house at Lanehead, Holme, could be supplied with power.

The company was formed "for the purpose of generating and supplying electricity in the district of Holme" in June 1915, with an initial capital of £1,000 divided into 1,000 equal shares. The first directors were Charles Tinker, H. Howard, C. Beardsell, R. Calvert and H. Hadfield.[1]

In September 1915, Tinker offered to supply electricity to the Holme School.[2]

According to an article published in the Yorkshire Evening Post in 1919, around 200 local villagers paid an annual charge of 30 shillings to light their home with up to three bulbs. Extra light bulbs were charged at 4 shillings each.

The operation was handed over to the Holme Urban District Council in 1919, and the company was voluntarily wound up in January 1920. The Electrical Review journal noted that Tinker had purchased all of the company's shares (valued at a total of £900) prior to the handover.

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