History of the Meltham Industrial Co-operative Trading Society Limited (1911) - Preface

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History of the Meltham Industrial Co-operative Trading Society Limited: Jubilee 1861-1911 (1911) by A. Haigh

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In the compiling of this brief history it has been my endeavour to record as vividly as possible every event as it has taken place from time to time during the Society’s advancement and progress. My aim has also been to make it interesting to every member of the Society, both young and old — to the old in the hope that as they read they will be filled with pride that their early efforts have been crowned with success; to the young in the hope that they will be stimulated to take a deep interest in the future welfare of the Society, and that they will be prompted to study the principles and ideals of the Co-operative movement, which, if applied and carried out in their true meaning, will educate and uplift the people and tend to a more equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth.

No records of the first twenty years of the Society’s existence being obtainable, I have been entirely dependent upon many of the older members of the Society for my information.

I now take this opportunity of thanking one and all who have so kindly helped and imparted to me their knowledge of the early history of the Society.

A. H.

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