History of the Church of St. John the Baptist (1929) by Legh Tolson

History of the Church of St. John the Baptist, Kirkheaton, Yorkshire, and Annals of the Parish was written by Legh Tolson and published in 1929.

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A PDF copy of the book can freely downloaded from Kirkheaton.info (registration required).

Copyright Status

Under the terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, the copyright of literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works in the United Kingdom expires at the end of the period of 70 years from the end of the calendar year in which the author (or last author) dies.

Legh Tolson died in 1932 and copyright on his works expired at the end of 2002.


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  1. Topography and Trade
  2. Feudal History
  3. Origin, History, and Architecture
  4. Additions and Alterations
  5. Church Furniture
  6. Church Plate
  7. The Organ and Church Music
  8. The Bells
  9. Stained Glass Windows
  10. Heraldic Glass Described by Dodsworth in 1629
  11. Heraldry Now in the Church
  12. Mural Inscriptions
  13. The Fire in 1886
  14. The Churchyard, Epitaphs, Gates, Stocks, Cucking-Stool
  15. The Church House
  16. The School
  17. The Rectory
  18. Patrons of the Rectory of Kirkheaton
  19. Rectors
  20. Minor Ecclesiastics and Curates
  21. The Parish Clerk
  22. Registers, Briefs and Benefactions
  23. Bequests Exhausted or Lost
  24. Terriers and Churchwardens Accounts
  25. Halls and Families
  26. Conclusion